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Flamenco! One-of-a-kind dance troupe brings flamenco flavor to CNY.

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The number of known gangs in Syracuse, according to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department statistics from 2005.

Turn to page 3 to read how a list of agencies are trying to get a handle on the gang problem.

A woman once told me most adults would be happier to see snow than rain... I didn’t see too many happy faces this morning. ’”

- CNY Twitter user QueenSheba72

See page 6.

Ryan’s Common Council seat open

Puente Flamenco dancers Joan Dear-Houseman, Marisa Gúzman and Anna Rupert perform for diners at Laci’s Tapas Bar on Hawley Avenue. (Ami Olson)


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 Give the gift of the Bard Page 2  There’s more to ‘A Christmas Story' than familiar slapstick Page 5  Crunch love a close call Page 18

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 Regional artists’ albums make for great stocking stuffers: Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook, the Tim Herron Corporation and more  Page 7

Do you live in Syracuse and want to earn $21,224 for 11 months of work? Run for exiting Common Councilor Bill Ryan’s at-large seat, which will be open Jan. 1 and up again for election in November. Submit a resume by 5 p.m. Dec. 20 to Kathleen Joy by e-mail at or by mail to 3rd Floor City Hall, 233 E. Washington St., Syracuse, NY13202.

Finish your degree part SU. Start now. Did you start a college degree but get sidetracked by life? Now is a great time to finish what you started. Earn a Syracuse University degree part time at University College. Visit for information on how to get started.

Spring classes begin January 18, 2011.


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Dec. 9, 2010

EAGLE City beat


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Jazz Christmas show to benefit Dunbar Center

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It's a Sweet Thing!

Syracuse Jazz Fest has announced its Annual Jazz Christmas concert, a fundraiser that will benefit Dunbar Association. “A Night Before Christmas with Spyro Gyra” is planned for 8 p.m. Saturday Dec. 18 at the Palace Theatre, 2184 James St. All proceeds from the concert will go to Dunbar Association, an organization incorporated in 1935 that offers family, community and youth services to the black population of Syracuse. Frank Molfitano, director of Syracuse Jazz Fest, said funding Dunbar typically receives from United Way was cut this year, adding to the importance of the Jazz Christmas fundraiser. Tickets to the concert cost $25, $35 or $55 for pre-show reception and concert. For tickets call 395-9869, or visit the Sound Garden in Armory Square. --

Shakespeare for Christmas

Let sugar plums dance in her head while she leaves the stress of the holidays behind. Give her the gift of a E]),`* Spa gift card this holiday season.

The Syracuse Shakespeare Festival offers an off-beat gift idea for students in grades

three to 12: a week at the 2011 SSF theater camp. The SSF offers Spring KIDS (Kids Doing Shakespeare), from April 18 to 22 for students in grades three to five; and Summer KIDS from July 11 to 15 for students in grades five to 12. Both sessions are held in the Carriage House at Thornden Park and run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The programs focus on speaking skills, stage thechniques, costume and set design and construction, and Renaissance music and dance. All students of the KIDS camps will perform part of a scene from “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” the main stage production planned for August 2011. Only 12 slots are available per camp session; tuition costs $120 and includes snacks and supplies. Register by Feb. 14 and tuition costs $110 and includes a free T-shirt. For details and more information, visit - Ami Olson

Eagle accepting donations for local family

Eagle Newspapers has adopted a local family in need for the holidays, and will be accepting donations of gifts for the children. Clothes, age-appropriate gifts, gift cards, etc. will be accepted. The ages of the children in this family are: two boys, 10 and 18, and two girls, 12 and 14. A box for donations will be in the lobby of Eagle Newspapers, 2501 James St., Suite 100, Syracuse, NY 13206. For more information call 434-8889.

WARNING: • Exit 33 off NYS Thruway • Verona, NY


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Dec. 9, 2010

Wright leads effort to assess /P QMBOT gang presence, impact Of all youth referred to Onondaga County Probation Department:


are gang members


carry weapons

Source: Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department

While many individual agencies have collected information over time to suit their needs, an accredited comprehensive assessment is required for some federal grants Wright had hoped to apply for last spring. “We have lots of data, but we didn’t really have full community assessment,� Wright said. So the next step was to get other agencies on board. The group has met twice so far, Wright said, and is looking to involve even more local agencies in the effort. “It is a very, very complicated and complex issue,� she said. “From the impact of poverty, the involvement of drugs and drug trafficing, the accessibility of guns, and the hopelessness young people feel while surviving poverty.� Like any public health issue, Wright said, gaining a full understanding of Syracuse’s concerns, issues and obstacles will require “everybody’s commitment to make a change.� “A full understanding of what our community concerns are is a good start, but it’s not like we’re going to bulid one perfect strategy,� Wright said. “We can’t jump start and stop short-term plans over time, it’s got to be really concentrated effort.�

Ladies night out



ď€„ď€“ď€šď€”ď€›ď€œď€–ď€Žď€›ď€€ď€‹ď€šď€Žď€?ď€”ď€œď€”ď€˜ď€—ď€›ď€€ ď€Šď€œď€Žď€šď€œď€€ď€‡ď€?ď€? ď€? ď€?ď€›ď€œď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? ď€˜ď€š

ď€?ď€œď€€ď€?ď€˜ď€?ď€šď€€ď€ˆď€&#x; ď€Œď€šď€?ď€Žď€œď€“ď€›ď€€ď€˜ď€‘ď€€ď€‚ď€•ď€•ď€€ď€Šď€”ď€Ąď€? ď€ƒď€Žď€•ď€›ď€Žď€–ď€€ď€ƒď€Žď€šď€—ď€€ď€†ď€”ď€‘ď€œď€€ď€Šď€“ď€˜ď€™ ď€Œď€Žď€’ď€˜ď€—ď€€ď€‰ď€”ď€?ď€? ď€…ď€˜ď€˜ď€?ď€€ď€ ď€€ď€…ď€Žď€–ď€”ď€• ď€?


Long before gang violence in Syracuse killed 20-month-old Rashad Walker Jr., a group of agencies had already begun the long, tedious process of creating a comprehensive assessment of gang presence in the Syracuse community. It’s an effort Linda Wright hopes will lead to grant money to help authorities address gang-related issues specific to Syracuse – issues that have never been comprehensively looked at. Wright is the executive director for professional and community services at the Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area. “Law enforcement, the schools, and agencies all have data,� Wright said. “But we need to pull it together and look at a comprehensive report that we can take to funding sources and say, these are our issues, this is what we have to address, and these are the needs we have.� Wright has spearheaded an effort that has so far included Syracuse police and probation officers, schools and city officials, the United State Attorney’s office, Mothers Against Gun Violence, Weed and Seed, and law enforcement statistics Finn Institute to establish an assessment of gangs in Syracuse. The assessment will look at both hard data and statistics, like the number of shots fired in each city neighborhood, as well as the community feeling toward violence and gangs. “There’s not just hard data, there are also issues and feelings and sorting out the perspectives from the whole community,� Wright said.



By Ami Olson

Call (315)572-4763 for information or visit

Every weekday evening from 5 -7PM. $5/person.

ď€&#x;ď€¤ď€Łď€—ď€€ď€†ď€ˆď€€ď€›ď€žď€€ď€Œď€“ď€¨ď€—ď€žď€&#x;ď€Ľď€›ď€“ď€‚ď€€ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€€ď€?ď€›ď€œď€—ď€˘ď€€ď€˘ď€&#x;ď€&#x;ď€˜ď€€ď€‘ď€&#x; ď€ˆď€†ď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€Šď€‡ď€ƒď€ˆď€ˆď€‰ď€‰ď€€ď€Šď€€ď€Śď€Śď€Śď€„ď€•ď€Ąď€›ď€Łď€¨ď€˜ď€“ď€Ąď€?ď€&#x;ď€?

ď€? ď€—ď€žď€€ď€–ď€“ď€›ď€œď€§ď€€ď€Łď€šď€Ąď€&#x;ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€ƒď€Žď€‚ď€€ď€†ď€…ď€€ď€Łď€&#x;ď€€ď€Šď€€ď€Šď€€ď€’ď€€ď€ ď€€ď€’ď€‚ď€€ď€‹ď€€ď€Łď€&#x;


wine making/tasting parties.


Dec. 9, 2010


Viewpoints Our view

Think local, buy local... party local Holiday shoppers are out in full force now, coincidentally just as SyracuseFirst approches it’s formal one-year anniversary celebration. SyracuseFirst, a nonprofit whose motto is “think local, buy local, be local,” has gained serious noteriety and momentum in only a year (and a half), since founder and executive director Chris Fowler sprang the intensely local-first philosophy on Syracuse. Though it was technically founded in June 2009, SyracuseFirst will hold a “Buy Local Bash” to mark the end of its first full year of operations at 6 p.m. Wednesday Dec. 15. The shindig is hosted by Orange Line Gallery, at the gallery’s most recent home at 106 Montgomery St., next to Miss Syracuse Diner. Attending the Buy Local Bash is a great way to support local business, but an even more long-term opportunity is to take SyracuseFirst’s pledge -- an informal promise to the organization and community that you will redirect 10 percent of your spending to locally owned and operated businesses and producers. Ten percent? This month, that could be one Christmas gift bought from Eureka Crafts instead of the Hallmark Store, or one lunch enjoyed at SparkyTown instead of Panera. Think you can do it? We challenge you, and ourselves, to take the pledge -- and to choose the high-spending holiday season to do so! Visit for more information about SyracuseFirst and the Buy Local Bash.

Letters policy The Eagle welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must bear a daytime telephone number, for verification purposes only. We reserve the right to edit for space, clarification or to avoid obscenity, but ideas will not be altered. Letters should be no more than 500 words long. Letters used do not necessarily reflect the newspaper’s opinions. Anonymous letters receive no consideration. Send letters to

Another candlelight vigil? With increasing frequency local news programs have shown candlelight vigil after candlelight vigil for victims of violence in the city of Syracuse. I have to respectfully say that perhaps we’re lighting the candles but putting them in the wrong place. How many people have to die before someone realizes that this problem has been aging and fermenting like an old wooden cask of Jack DanJackson iels? When I look at where the young people live, especially young African Americans, there is little to no economic activity. The small shops that traditionally employed neighborhood children are now extinct. Face it -- your chances of seeing a prehistoric raptor in Syracuse are greater than economic justice for the inhabitants of our most challenged neighborhoods. Funds have been invested in Little Italy, Tipp Hill, Armory Square and downtown. Business districts in Eastwood and on Westcott Street are ever-changing to meet the needs of their neighborhood clients. Look at how upscale a few of the restaurants on Westcott Street have become. If you live in a challenged neighborhood

Ken Urban



there are no stores, there are no services. There are no job opportunities for these young people. Field trip suggestion: drive down South Salina Street from the old Sears Roebuck to Valley Plaza. As you head south gaze from your window at some of the buildings that appear as though they’re about to topple with the next severe weather outbreak. It’s as if entire swathes of this city were ignored when it came down to the fair and even development and maintenance of schools in poorer neighborhoods, amenities like quality of shopping and retail shopping choices. The 2005 MetroEdge report presented results of a study that showed the potential economic impact of business development within the black community and how many millions of dollars in consumer purchasing actually escape the South Side as people take their money and go to the suburbs for their goods and services. The reason the MetroEdge study was hidden from the public is that if people knew they were going to be uprooted to take down the highway and expand the university they’d raise hell. If they knew the real economic impact of those shoppers being able to buy goods on South Salina Street instead of going out to a mall, they’d understand that hawking

that report as a catalyst for development would have attracted some developers to establish businesses in these neighborhoods. In the meantime, as hopelessness escalates along with outrage, we light another candle, and another, and then another. The only way I’d participate in a candle light vigil is if we could light the candle under the asses of those whose responsibility it is to lead and govern this city and county. I’d light a candle under the Common Council for failure to deal with this growing cancer in our neighborhoods. I’d light a candle under the Onondaga County Legislature’s butts, too, and let us not leave out the Syracuse City School Board for just providing the uneven distribution of education resources that have historically negatively impacted the African American community. What would happen if people who held candles at these vigils showed up at the Common Council Chamber or lit a candle under the seats of the Onondaga County Legislature? Something would get done. Do you think Ken Jackson has the right idea? Do you disagree? Let him know at



Dec. 9, 2010

‘A Christmas Story’ opens at Syracuse Stage Appearing in “A Christmas Story” at Syracuse Stage, from left, Nicholas Deapo, Elizabeth Ann Townsend, Charles Kartali and Hunter Metnick. T. Charles Erickson, Syracuse Stage

“You’ll shoot your eye out with laughter!” is the tagline for this year’s holiday season production at Syracuse Stage, “A Christmas Story,” a theatrical adaptation of a popular film based on another story by humorist Jean Shepherd. But this production consciously aims to smuggle in deeper feeling about family relationships, what we remember and what endures, than might be apparent from some of Rhodes nancykeeferhodes@ the slapstick press photos. There’s more than pink rabbit suits going on here! Catch my review of this production at – click A&E.

Nancy Keefe


Find out what we’re up to and tell us what you want to see in print at

WEIGHT GAIN STRESSES NEW AND OLD KNEES Conventional wisdom holds that kneereplacement surgery removes a significant barrier to exercising regularly, but recent research undermines this notion. A study of 106 knee-replacement patients shows that, two years after their procedures, two-thirds of the group had put on an average 12 pounds. (The remaining third lost an average of four pounds.) Moreover, the knee-replacement patients who gained weight also displayed weakened quadriceps (thigh) muscles. Increased body weight and weakened quadriceps muscles place added stress on both newly replaced and non-operated knees. To avoid the likelihood of having the other knee replaced, knee-replacement patients are strongly urged to follow their rehabilitation and exercise programs. Being sedentary and overweight

also raises the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. Knee replacement surgery is very successful, but the success of the procedure is partly due to the rehabilitation period that follows the surgery. Rehabilitation after knee replacement begins immediately. The emphasis in the early stages of rehab is to maintain motion of the knee replacement and to ensure that the patient can walk safely. If you or a family member needs physical therapy, please call our clinic at 315-476-3176 to schedule an appointment. We are proud to offer highly trained and experienced professionals to serve you. Our office is located at 207 Pine in Syracuse. Happy Holidays! P.S. If knee-replacement patients experience discomfort while exercising, they can try swimming, water aerobics, or upper-body exercises to get needed aerobic exercise.

Syracuse • Baldwinsville • Canastota • Fulton


Make it Snappy

We’re on


Colleen Farley



Unique Opportunity to Join Our Team! An opportunity like this doesn’t come along often -- to be part of the launch of “Syracuse Woman Magazine”, a sister publication to the very successful “Rochester Woman Magazine”. Unlike any other publication in the area, our feature articles will address major topics that interest local women. Each issue will include articles on health, fashion, fitness, finance, home matters, dining, lifestyle and personal perspective as well as a spotlight on local Syracuse Woman. We are looking for a professional individual with great drive and determination to join our sales team. Must be a goal oriented self-starter with good organizational skills who believes in customer service. Past sales experience a must; position is full time but will also consider part time to bring the right person on board. We offer a compensation plan with no ceiling, benefits for full time and all the support you need to be a success. Area women are already excited to hear of the launch of “Syracuse Woman Magazine”. We’ll be excited to hear from you if you’re the right candidate. To view an online copy of our sister publication, “Rochester Woman Magazine”, visit www. Interested? Send your resume today to:


Dec. 9, 2010


For the love

What is flamenco?

No, not “flamingo,” although that’s a common mispronunciation. Flamenco is a high-energy dance and the performers need the audience to be energized too, so they can vibe off of their energy. “When you have an audience that’s really into it and clapping, it’s amazing the energy you can get from them,” Gúzman said. In addition to dancers, a typical flamenco performance often involves the following elements: flamenco guitar (classical, Spanish-style), cantaores (singers), palmas (a term for the variety of hand-clapping techniques), and cajon (a wooden boxshaped percussion instrument).

of flamenco By Gina Colonette The Eagle Intern

Syracuse is filled with arts programs and dance troupes of all kinds, but if you are looking for a flamenco group, you will only find one: Puente Flamenco. “I really didn’t think anything was going to happen, I was like, flamenco in Central New York?” said flamenco dancer Marisa Gúzman. “I didn’t realize the interest that was around for it.” But a year and a half ago Puente Flamenco began forming when Shander Bawden, a flamenco dancer, contacted Lonnie Chu and asked if they could get together to talk about the possibility of bringing flamenco to Syracuse. “The group kind of came together through the Internet, otherwise I don’t know how we would have found each other,” said Puente Flamenco manager Lonnie Chu. No one really knew what was going to come out of that Internet connection, but today Puente Flamenco has seven active members: Lonnie Chu, manager, singer and palmas; guitarists David Chu (also Lonnie’s husband), and Andy Culpepper; dancers Gúzman, Joan Dear-Houseman and Anna Rupert; and David Colegrove, cajon/percussionist and Gúzman’s husband. A variety of talents and backgrounds Each member brings a unique talent to the group, and they didn’t necessarily learn the traditional way. As Lonnie Chu says, when it comes to flamenco in Syracuse, you have to get it where you can. Gúzman’s first experience with flamenco came at age 14 when her father entered her into a competition. She learned choreography from a videotape sent by her aunt, a former professional flamenco dancer in New York City. She used her aunt’s videos to learn flamenco dancing until she went to New York City at age 21, where she studied flamenco dancing with Andrea del Conte. Although most of the group members didn’t know each other before joining, they have learned to work together and capitalize on each individual’s skills.

ami olson

Marisa Gúzman dances at Laci’s Tapas Bar, where Puente Flamenco performs the first Friday of each month. For more photos and video of the performance, visit Even having two guitarists in the group has proven convenient. David Chu said it’s a pleasure to work with Culpepper because of how talented he is. “It’s not always easy to work with other guitarists because we all have our strong preferences and/or egos,” David Chu said. “But it’s just a joy working with him because we just both enjoy each other’s playing and companionship.” Culpepper plays guitars and makes them too. His specialties are Flamenco and classical guitars. The current Flamenco guitar he plays is the first one he made, it took him three months. His second guitar took one month – that’s the one David Chu plays.

making any money, Everyone has a day job, or for some, a night job. Gúzman teaches dance classes at night, but her main priority is taking care of her three young daughters. “It’s not easy sometimes. The group has been really great about meeting here at my house,” Gúzman said. Dedication is something that comes easily for group members. Culpepper’s weekly hour-long drive from Ithaca to Syracuse doesn’t bother him; he has to go to practice. Gúzman danced while she was seven months pregnant. And David Chu spent 12 long hours to compose a song for the group to perform to. But it’s all for the love of flamenco.

Supporting the habit Puente Flamenco is somewhat of a hobby according to Lonnie Chu. They aren’t really

Just the beginning So far, there have been many positive reactions to Puente Flamenco. Lonnie Chu recalls

when an older man came up to the group and praised them for their performance. “He said, ‘I haven’t heard that kind of music in decades and you just brought me back to Spain’,” she said. Flamenco dancing is certainly hard to come by in Syracuse. Dan Ward, entertainment coordinator for the Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival, said he had been trying to find flamenco performers in the area for years, and to have a Flamenco troupe that is able to perform here is a “tremendous asset.” “I think it gives people a lot more opportunity to be exposed to it. I think they are top-shelf,” Ward said. In its year-and-a-half existence, Puente Flamenco has already performed at a number of places, including the Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival, Mohawk Valley Community College, Onondaga Community College, Mundy Library and their monthly spot, Laci’s Tapas Bar. And this is only the beginning for Puente Flamenco. The troupe has future goals for flamenco in Central New York; David Chu said he’d like the group to get involved in teaching. Having another regular gig is on Lonnie Chu’s mind. She said it’s a matter of seeing how much the people want it. Either way they will keep performing for themselves and the education of others. “It’s something brand new for a lot of people here and we’d just like to go out and give them a taste,” she said. Get a taste of Puente Flamenco and tapas every first Friday of the month at Laci’s Tapas Bar, 304 Hawley Ave. “Flamenco Fridays” include two shows by Puente Flamenco, one at 6:30 p.m. which requires reservations, and another at 9 p.m. Call Laci’s at 218-5903 or visit for more information.



Downtown After Dark Stock a stuffing with local tunes

The distaff drummer demonstrates her musical versatility on the CD’s five tracks by also playing electric and acoustic guitars and keyboards including piano, organ and Fender Rhodes. And of course she sings the songs she wrote, notably a rollicking “Train” and CDs make perfect stockan intriguing “Better Days.” ing stuffers, so stock up on Jocko, from More Sound Stua handful of discs issued should take a bow for the Tarby dio recently by regional recordmasterful mixing job. ing artists. russtarby@ The Super Delinquents – Strodel, Pete McMahon, ‘Hot & Sweet’ Gerry Neely, Michael Delaney Last Saturday, Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook and Peter Cappelli – plug in at 10 p.m. Friday, celebrated its new album, “Hot & Sweet,” with Dec. 10, at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Find Liz a CD release party at downtown’s Dinosaur Strodel on Facebook. Bar-B-Que. The funky disc features veteran drummer-bandleader Dave Hanlon, guitarist ‘Talkabout’ Lee Tiffault, bassist Jimmie Spivey, keyboardThe Tim Herron Corporation sure sounds ist Ed Vivenzio and vocalist Ava Andrews. more like a collective on its highly listenable Cookbook takes its “Hot & Sweet” holiday disc, Talkabout.” The folk-rock sound is crisp tour to the Cedar House in Skaneateles at 9 and clear as guitarist Herron and bassist Eric p.m. Saturday Dec. 11, before returning to McElween deliver eight delightful tunes rangthe city for a Dec. 18 engagement at Shifty’s ing from “Better Days” to “Road to America.” Tavern, 1401 Burnet Ave. For info, visit Guest artists include Charlie Orlando and Mark Nanni.

‘Nights & Weekends’

Liz Strodel plays drums for one of CNY’s top blues outfits, the Super Delinquents, but last month she released her debut solo disc, “Nights & Weekends.”




Veteran guitar man Frank Rhodes loves his rockabilly! On “Hola!’ the new disc by his trio, El Kabong, Rhodes picks wicked leads

Get out: The guide Thursday Dec. 9

The Rainbow Fish. 9:30 & 11:30 AM. Based on the children’s book by Marcus Pfister. The Palace Theater, Hamilton. Pre-register. 8241420. Beauty and the Beast: Human Animal Relations in Photo Postcards. 5 PM. Lecture and book signing featuring Robert Bogdan. Light Work Gallery. Festival of Trees Happy Hour. 5-8 PM. Casual after-work happy hour with cash bar, hors d’oeuvres and DJ Jimmy D. Festival of Trees, former Bon-Ton store, ShoppingTown Mall. $12. ‘Hijacked Holiday’ Mystery Dinner Theater. 6:45 PM. Acme Mystery Company presents. Spaghetti Warehouse, 689 N. Clinton St. $32.50 plus tax and tip. ‘Animating Reality.’ 7 PM. Arts Covenant presents special screening of documentaries experimenting with animation followed by discussion, refreshments. ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave. Free.

Wine, Women and Film: ‘Tears for Sale.’ 7 PM. Screening followed by discussion with Nancy Keefe Rhodes, The Eagle columnist. Red House, 201 S. West St. $8. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Doors at 7 PM, show at 8. With Blues and Lasers. Westcott Theater. $16. SU Wind Ensemble. 8 PM. Guest soloist Stephanie A. Rainess, guest conductors Bradley P. Ethington and James O. Welsch. Setnor Auditorium, SU. Free.

Friday Dec. 10

Project Feeder Watch. 10 AM-3 PM. Record what birds are feeding in order to benefit bird conservation efforts. Baltimore Woods. Free. 673-1350. Woodwind/Guitar Convo. 11:15 AM. Storer Auditorium, OCC. Free. Christmas Around the World. 5-9 PM. Celebrate the origins of Christmas and other winter holidays. Sainte Marie Among the

on 15 tracks, including lesser-known 1950s tunes such as “King Kong” and “Honky Tonk Hell.” El Kabong opens the disc with Moon Mullican’s “Seven Nights to Rock” and also plays kickin’ versions of Charlie Rich’s “Mohair Sam” and Eddie Cochran’s “C’mon Everybody.” El Kabong is booked Dec. 23 at the Limp Lizard in Westhill, and Jan. 16 as part of Dave Frisina’s “Soundcheck” show on TK99 live from Shifty’s Tavern.


Ithaca multi-instrumentalist Dave Davies has played with many of the area’s best acoustic swing bands including Djug Django, the Lowdown Alligator Jass Band and the Hotfoot Club. Most of these 19 tracks are Davies’ craftsmanlike compositions as performed by those carefree combos. The initial two tracks – “Street Band” and “Mudbone is Out Today” – are upbeat anthems to busking in New Orleans, which Davies did in 1980. Other highlights are the title tune, “Downstream (Where the River Meets the Sea),” “Baby Shine” and “Little Biddy Bizness,” featuring Shirley Woodcock-Kolb on mandolin. Davies plays guitar and trombone with Djug Django from 6 to 9 p.m. every Wednesday at Delilah’s on Cayuga, 106 S. Cayuga St., in downtown Ithaca; (607) 277-9143. Visit

Dec. 9, 2010

‘Mambo Influenciado’

Raised in Central New York, percussionist Craig Russo now leads his Latin Jazz Project in Springfield, Illinois. When the combo recorded its newest disc, “Mambo Influenciado,” Russo called on Sammys Hall of Fame vocalist Nancy Kelly to jazz things up. The bolden-toned scat singer vocalizes on “The Island” and “Invitation,” two tunes that blend the group’s Cuban folk rhythms with some straight-ahead swing. Ten more tracks showcase Russo’s fascination with rumba, mambo and cha-cha-cha. Roll back the rugs and let’s dance! Visit

‘Songs for Tipperary Hill’

Twelve tunes dedicated to Syracuse’s West End Irish neighborhood combine to create a special sense of community. Produced by Ed Zacholl, Joe Henson and Mike Lounsberry, the tracks include Zacholl’s “Tipp Hill Town” and the Z-Bones’ “Everybody’s Neighborhood.” Joanne Perry contributes “Song for the Stonethrowers,” Dennis Heaphy explains “That’s Why It’s on Top,” and the Tipp Hillbillies celebrate a “Box of Wine.” The venerable vocal group, the Tom Dooley Choraliers sing “Billy Barry” while Heaphy and Joanne O’Connor Balduzzi harmonize on “St. Patrick’s High School Alma Mater.” Visit

Iroquois, 106 Lake Drive, & Noble Dewitt. 449Liverpool. $1. 2948. Winter Holiday Party. Giant Panda Guerilla 6-8 PM. Visit from Santa, Dub Squad. Doors at cocoa & cookies. Kid7 PM. With House on zClub Indoor Play and a Spring, Audioinflux. Party Place. 219 County Westcott Theater. $15. Route 57, Phoenix. Thewestcotttheater. $8/child, adults/free. com. 695-2211. Syracuse Crunch Festival of Lights. 6-9 Hockey. 7:30 PM. War PM. Horse-drawn wagon Tim Roth stars in “Vincent and Theo,” screen- Memorial at Oncenter. $. rides to visit with Santa 473-4444. ing Saturday at ArtRage Gallery. Claus and enjoy holiday Le Moyne College treats. Burnet Park. Free. 473-4330. Winter Concert. 7:30 PM. Classic rock and Anniversary Concert Series: SSO Brass holiday music performed by the Jazzuits and Quintet. 7 PM. DeWitt Community Church, College Singers. Le Moyne College. 445-4523. 3600 Erie Blvd. East, DeWitt. $10. The Festive Concerto. 8 PM. A celebration Brew and View at the Palace. Doors at of music for strings featuring David Morris on 7 PM. Screening “Death Wish 3,” and “Vice viola da gamba, presented by NYS Baroque. Squad;” first movie at 7:30. Palace Theatre, First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syra2184 James St. $10; $8 students. cuse, 109 Waring Road. $25; $20 seniors; $10 The Polar Express Storytime. 7 PM. Barnes

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Dec. 9, 2010





36 mos

#12059 All Rebates Applied auto, PW, PL, CC, ABS, alloys, tow hooks, Returning leasee due by August1, front & rear air bags, freedom drive off 2011, 1st pymt + tax down only, 36 months, 10,00 mi/yr road group and more......

New 2010

Chrysler 300 LX

2010 Jeep

Commander LTD.

PW, PL, CD, A/C and much more 4x4, trailer tow group, 18� alum chrome wheels, leather, sunroof, rear 3rd seat, MSRP $30,135 rear DVD. MSRP $46,830 PLUS




Safe, Reliable Transportation... ...That’s Stylin!




0 APR 0 APR 60 Months 72 Months %


Chrysler 300 & Jeep Commander

Quad Captain, Stow N Go Seating, 3 Power Doors, Dual DVD Player in Rear , Front & Side Air Bags, All Wheel Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control, ABS, Security Alarms.....and more!

on Chrysler T+C Minivan

Available in lieu of rebate




St oc k


15 In


2011 JEEP PATRIOT 4x4 MSRP - 22,435



Dec. 9, 2010

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students; free for kids.

Saturday Dec. 11

Last Chance Run & Breakfast. 8:30-11 AM. 8 mile trail walk or run and an all you can eat pancake breakfast. Highland Forest. $1.50-$3. 443-4370. Holiday Pancake Breakfast. 9 AM-noon. Pancakes, sausages, beverages, and holiday bake sale. Beaver Lake Nature Center. $2.50$4.50. 683-2519. Breakfast and Lunch with Santa. 10-11 AM and 12:30-1:30 PM. Enjoy a buffet meal with Santa as well as cookie decorating and crafts. Rosamond Gifford Zoo. $12/person, under 1 free, includes zoo admission. Pre-register. 435-8511. Trunk Show Holiday Shopping. 10 AM-4

PM. Variety of gifts and services to try. Healing Art Passages, 137 First St., Liverpool. Winter Wonderland. 10 AM-8 PM. Performances of “The Mitten” along with holiday displays and crafts. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. Included with admission. (585) 410-6365. The Adventures of Rudolph. 11 AM. Presented by Center of Ballet and Dance Arts. Mulroy Civic Center. $10-$19. 424-8200. A World of Puppets: A Christmas Carol. 11 AM. Open Hand Puppet Theater. $8/adult, $6/children. 476-0466. Jolene Rickard Lecture. Noon. Rickard contextualizes the state of contemporary Native Americans. Everson Museum of Art. Free. Elements for Kids! Noon-1 PM. Storytelling and hands-on art projects for ages 5-12 with artists from the Onondaga Nation. Everson Museum. 474-6064. Historic Horse-Drawn Trolley Rides.

Noon-3 PM. Armory Square. Free. Magic Circle Children’s Theater. 12:30 PM. Interactive children’s theater featuring Alice in Wonderland. Spaghetti Warehouse, Syracuse. $5/person. Pre-register. 449-3823. SU Women’s Basketball Game. 1 PM. Syracuse University. $. 443-2121. Gallery Walk with G. Peter Jemison. 2 PM. Walk through gallery with one of the artists in “Haudenosaunee: Elements” exhibit. Everson Museum of Art. Harpist Jennifer Byrne. 2-4 PM. Free entertainment, refreshments. Jefferson Clinton Hotel lobby, 416 S. Clinton St., Armory Square. Free. Christmas Around the World. 5-9 PM. Celebrate the origins of Christmas and other winter holidays. Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois, 106 Lake Drive, Liverpool. $1. Festival of Lights. 6-9 PM. Horse-drawn wagon rides to visit with Santa Claus and en-

joy holiday treats. Burnet Park. Free. 473-4330. Seward House Candlelight Christmas Tour. 6:30 and 7 PM. Reservations required to tour festively-adorned historic home. 33 South St., Auburn. Adults, $10; children, $8; under 6 free. 252-1283. Caroling in the Woods. 7-8:30 PM. Stroll through the woods singing holiday song and meet up with Santa. Hot drinks provided. Baltimore Woods, Marcellus. Free if you bring cookies to share. 673-1350. Big Break: Final Roung. Doors at 7 PM. Local bands Lee Terrace, The Amish Mafia, Autumn Fire and Sports compete in the final round. Westcott Theater. $10. Plucking the Christmas... Pie: Music for choir and guitar. 7:30 PM. Assorted works presented by Syracuse Vocal Ensemble. United Church of Fayetteville, 310 E. Genesee

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Sponsor: Cathedral Candle Company


Your 1 Stop Service Center

Latest Equipment Honest, Friendly People Certified Techs Great Service

* Nationwide Warranty * Transmissions Rebuilt Onsite * Convenient Shuttle Service * NYS Inspections * Oil Changes * Computerized Engine Analysis * Air Conditioning Services * Suspension, Front End Alignment * Brakes, Shocks, Struts, Exhaust System * NTS - Neighborhood Tire Store



December 17-18, 8:00 p.m. Ron Spigelman, conductor Laura Enslin, soprano Syracuse Symphony Pops Chorus Tickets: $15, $25, & $40 Adult, $5 Student Series Sponsor: M&T Bank Concert Sponsor: BTI The Travel Consultants

Cars - Trucks - RVs


Imports and Domestics

December 18, 10:30 a.m. Ron Spigelman, conductor Tickets: $10 Adult, $5 Child

Series Sponsor: Central New York Community Foundation Concert Sponsor: Carrier Corporation


Make this a December to remember with a gift of music this 50th anniversary holiday season. Gift certificates are available in any amount. Order your tickets and gift certificates today by calling the Box Office at (315) 424-8200 or order online

Ask About Our Customer Appreciation Club!! Convenient Location Off Route 81 at 303 Old 7th North Street, Liverpool. Just 5 Minutes From Downtown

(315) 472-6360


December 12, 3:00 p.m. Daniel Hege, conductor Syracuse University Oratorio Society Monica Yunus, soprano Barbara Rearick, mezzo-soprano Brandon McReynolds, tenor Jimi James, baritone Tickets: $30

Federal program expires Dec. 31; energy savings won’t Procrastinators, beware. The federal energy tax credit that allows homeowners to qualify for up to $1,500 in tax credit savings when replacing old windows expires on Dec. 31, 2010. However, the day-to-day savings you get from replacing older windows will last for years to come. “Adding energy-efficient replacement windows to a home immediately helps lower everyday energy bills and increases a home’s long-term value and comfort,” saID Tom Kraeutler, host of the national home improvement radio show, “The Money Pit.” The homeowners of this energy-efficient bay window gained a “There simply is no better tax credit from the federal government, financial assistance with time to take advantage of the preparing their taxes and lower energy bills. government’s incentives to rement projects. Deciding when to replace place your worn-out windows.” Kraeutler notes that fast-acting hom- windows is a key topic covered on his eowners can also receive up to $150 to- show. “Products in the home have a distinct ward preparation of their 2010 personal lifespan, ” said Kraeutler. “After 10 years, income tax return with H&R Block when windows should be monitored yearly to they purchase 12 or more qualifying enensure their performance is holding up. ergy-efficient Simonton windows before “When a window stops operating the end of 2010. correctly, then it’s time to invest in new “Homeowners can reduce their enwindows. Vinyl windows and doors ergy bills, qualify for up to $1,500 in fedspecified with a LoE glass package are eral energy tax credit with the company’s a viable ‘green’ option offering several Energy Tax Credit (ETC) glass packages distinct advantages. and get up to $150 toward tax prepara“They include exceptional thermal tion fees when making the decision to performance, durable recyclable vinyl, invest now in qualifying replacement low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal windows,” said Kraeutler. all adding comfort, beauty and energy “Those are three really good reasons efficiency to a home. ” to get this project done now.” For a free replacement window guidebook from “The Money Pit,” download When to replace windows former professional contractor, Kraeutler offers weekly advice to hom- to-replacing-the-windows-in-youreowners nationwide on home improve- house.php.











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Last chance for tax credit


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Custom Built Sheds. ..

Sandy Cre Storage S ek

Need a Shed Delivered?

Call Us Today (315) 387-2092


. . . Ju s t T h e Wa y Yo u Wa n t !



Dec. 9, 2010





Dec. 9, 2010




Seneca Federal is not an average mortgage originator requests and pride ourselves as local underwriters with timely commitments.” Seneca Federal has never used credit scores as a basis for loan approval but rather base loan commitment on actual consumer credit history. This ‘traditional’ and time-tested practice has worked well for the Association, which has a foreclosure rate near zero percent. “A low foreclosure rate sometimes leads people to ask me if we are risky enough with such a low default rate,” said the president, adding that the low default rate has more to do with the rapport they have made with their customers during the underwriting process and less to do with not taking risk. “Our loans are often tailor-made to our customer’s specific needs and we build a rapport with them from the beginning, indicating that we are on the ‘same side’. We are very thankful when a customer is willing to approach us when they are having difficulty and before the loan is in default and we are able to work with finding a solution to get them through a rough time such as a job loss,” added Purcell. At Seneca Federal you always have the ability to speak directly with experienced loan underwriters

who assist you in your mortgage loan application process from start to finish, including servicing throughout the loan. The lending team is carrying on with the philosophy of individualized lending that community banks thrive on. “We are imbedded in our communities and want to offer competitive mortgage, consumer and commercial loan rates for the benefit of our customers,” said Purcell. “We aren’t a ‘cookie cutter’ secondary mortgage market lender. We understand the needs of our communities and want to provide a competitive product.” The mortgage servicing is always retained by us so our customers are assured they will work with us for the life of the loan. One example of a loan that is often tailor-made to a customer’s needs is the construction to permanent financing mortgage loan with one loan closing and a rate that is determined at commitment, before the construction phase. This loan is popular since the rate can’t change when it ‘converts’ to permanent financing later and closing costs are only paid once, upon commitment. The risk of a higher rate later after the house is constructed is removed. Another such tailor-made loan

includes a mortgage where a customer is purchasing a house in which projected renovations are included. The purchase and renovation costs are wrapped into one mortgage loan. Other features which add to Seneca’s appeal as a mortgage lender include no flood certification fees and no underwriting fees. “This culture of personalized service was instilled into us by our predecessors, so that Sen-

Why Mortgage Loans Are Better At

Seneca! Here’s what makes Seneca Federal Savings & Loan unique

Tammy Purcell Vice President Lending

Detached Custom-Built Garages

Rebecca Smith

Asst. Vice President Lending

Stop by our website at

WOOD EXTERIOR, VINYL AVAILABLE 1 Car ...............$7,590.00 2 Car .............$10,715.00

3 Car ..........$14,600.00 4 Car ..........$18,660.00

Call for Free Pricing & Specification Sheets With Full Range of Prices & Sizes

• 5’ 3500 lb. concrete with wire mesh • 2x4 studs 16” O.C. • Truss roof construction to take heavy snow and eliminate posts and beams inside • 1/2” premium plywood • 240 lb. Seal down shingles

• Quality overhead steel doors • Local-quality-conscious builders • Custom built, not a pre-fab • Prices include all concrete, work, labor and materials • No salesmen, builder will call • 5/8” premium flr. T1-11.

The Perfect Gift That Keeps Giving All Year!


• We provide traditional, local home town lending • We offer competitively priced mortgage rates • We respond quickly to pre-qualification requests • We don't use credit scores • Our underwriting is based on actual consumer credit history • We have two local experienced loan underwriters who assist you through the entire loan process • Our loans are often tailor-made to our customer's specific needs • We offer construction to permanent financing with one loan closing • We underwrite mortgages for purchases AND projected renovations all in one loan • We have local servicing, which is never sold • We have NO flood certification fee • We have NO underwriting fee

Call Tammy or Rebecca today at 315-638-0233 MAIN OFFICE 35 Oswego St. Baldwinsville 638-0233

Harry Langdon is an Authorized


H. LANGDON STORAGE...Year Round Storage...5x10’s to 10x30’s. 695-7073


Ph 695-7073

eca Federal’s continued success is guaranteed for decades to come,” she said. “We pride ourselves on providing the best possible products with the lowest possible lending

rates. As a community bank, it is our job to increase the wealth of our members through low lending rates and high savings rates, given the state of the economy at any given time,” according to Russo.

... an Ethical, Local Bank!

LIVERPOOL 105 Second St. Liverpool 457-1280

NORTH SYRACUSE 201 North Main St. North Syracuse 458-6543

ONLINE Each depositor insured to at least $250,000

Temporarily increased from $100,000 to $250,000 through 12/31/2013


“Seneca Federal Savings and Loan Association is not an average mortgage originator but it IS an average community bank,” said Katrina Russo, presidentCEO of Seneca Federal Savings and Loan Association. Sound community bank mortgage lending practices are not the source of problems that have turned the economy on its ear. Rather, the “big” banks who took part in the sub-prime lending with less than qualified applicants is what has contributed to the downturn of the economy. “It’s not all about making a quick buck,” said Russo. “Mainstream America has to start thinking beyond the all mighty buck and remember what is really at the heart of this nation, which I believe is what all communities bank’s thinking boils down to. The dream of homeownership is a dream we help make happen and it can be done in a conservative manner and still render positive results to many.” Seneca Federal is proud to provide traditional, local home town lending with competitively priced mortgage rates. “We look to competitors daily, in part, to decide where to price our mortgage rates,” said Tammy Purcell, VP–lending. “We also respond quickly to pre-qualification

Seneca Federal President–CEO, Katrina Russo left, and Executive Vice President-CFO, Wendy Bodnar


Dec. 9, 2010 From page 9

St., Fayetteville. $20; $17 seniors; $5 students. SU Men’s Basketball Game. 7 PM. Carrier Dome. $. 443-2121. Syracuse Crunch Hockey. 7:30 PM. War Memorial at Oncenter. $. 473-4444. Le Moyne College Winter Concert. 7:30 PM. Classic rock and holiday music performed by the Jazzuits and College Singers. Le Moyne College. 445-4523. Andrew Halliday Concert. 8 PM. Syracuse native singer-songwriter. Red House, 201 S. West St. $5. Reservations, 478-8634. Klezmercuse. 8 PM. Homegrown klezmer

sensation. Westcott Community Center. $10; $8 for WCC members; $5 students. ‘Vincent and Theo.’ 8-10 PM. Saturday Screenings presents film about Van Gogh and gallery-owner brother. ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave. $5 donation.

Sunday Dec. 12

Breakfast and Lunch with Santa. 10-11 AM and 12:30-1:30 PM. Enjoy a buffet meal with Santa as well as cookie decorating and crafts. Rosamond Gifford Zoo. $12/person, under 1 free, includes zoo admission. Pre-register. 435-8511.

Lessons and Carols Service. 10:30 AM. Nativity story in Scripture and song. University United Methodist Church, 1085 E. Genesee St. Free. Winter Wonderland. Noon-5 PM. Performances of “The Mitten” along with holiday displays and crafts. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. Included with admission. (585) 410-6365. Holiday Traditions Open House. Noon-5 PM. Decorations, music and self-guided tours. Seward House, Auburn. Free. 252-1283. Capernaum North. 3-5 PM. Faith-based friendship group for teens and young adults with disabilities. Liverpool First United Meth-

odist Church, 604 Oswego Street, Liverpool. Free. Pre-register. 699-7333. Handel’s Messiah. 3 PM Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. Mulroy Civic Center. $ 424-8200. Slide Ireland Christmas Show. 4 PM. Irish dancing Christmas show. Catherine Cummings Theater, Cazenovia. $24/adults, $16/18 and under. 691-3550. Annual Christmas Concert. 3 PM. Berwald Singers with conductor Ian Kirkpatrick. Trinity Lutheran Church, 140 Swansea Drive. $5, free for 12 and under. St. Nicholas Fest Christmas Concert. 3 PM. Syracuse University Brass Ensemble with

See The Guide, page 13

   

           

   

     



 

  79960

The Guide





Dec. 9, 2010

The Guide

From page 12

conductor James T. Spencer. United Church of Fayetteville, 310 E. Genesee St., Fayetteville. Free. Nations and States: Problems of Ethnicity in International Relations. 3 PM. Featuring Goodwin Cooke, retired U.S. Ambassador. Westcott Community Center. $10, $5 students. Plucking the Christmas... Pie: Music for choir and guitar. 3 PM. Assorted works presented by Syracuse Vocal Ensemble. United Church of Fayetteville, 310 E. Genesee St., Fayetteville. $20; $17 seniors; $5 students. Christmas Around the World. 5-9 PM. Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois. $1/person; free with Lights on the Lake ticket. 453-6768.

Monday Dec. 13

Monday Kicks. 10 AM-2 PM. Playful learning activities for ages 2-6. Strong Museum, Rochester. $. 585-263-2700. Christmas Around the World. 5-9 PM. Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois. $1/person; free with Lights on the Lake ticket. 453-6768. Maxwell Movie Night. 6 PM. Family friendly films. Maxwell Memorial Library. Free. 672-3661. Young Frankenstein. 7 PM. Screening of the Mel Brooks film. Temple Society of Concord. 910 Madison St, Syracuse. Free. 475-9952.

Learn about the wintering habits of CNY animals while enjoying warming refreshments. Baltimore Woods. $8. 673-1350. Sciencenter Storytime. 10:30 AM. Story and related science activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Included with admission; free for kids under 3. Sciencenter, Ithaca. 607-2720600.

Wed Dec. 15

Civic Morning Musicals Annual Christmas Concert. 12:30 PM. Featuring Jerry Exline, Dolce Flutes and choral ensemble. Hosmer Auditorium, Everson Museum. Free.


Breastfeeding Back to Work and School. 1-3 PM. For mothers who will continue to breastfeed as they return to work or school. St. Joseph’s Hospital Room 5313. $. 448-5515. Infant & Child CPR Class. 6:30-8:30 PM. St. Joseph’s Hospital Room L-100 D. 448-5515. Teen Advisory Board. 6:30-7:30 PM. Teens can provide their input on library programs and book choices. Maxwell Library, Camillus. Free. 435-3827. ‘Tocar y Luchar.’ 7 PM. “What If...?� film series continues with “Tocar y Luchar (To Play and To Fight).� Red House, 201 S. West St. Free.

Tuesday Dec. 14

Not a Creature Was Stirring... 10:30 AM.








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!"##$ ##% & #'()(*    ÂœĂ€ĂŠÂˆÂ˜vÂœĂ€Â“>ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ĂŠ>˜`ĂŠĂŒÂˆVÂŽiĂŒĂƒ]ĂŠ}ÂœĂŠĂŒÂœĂŠĂœĂœĂœÂ°7 9Â°ÂœĂ€}ĂŠÂœĂ€ĂŠV>Â?Â?ĂŠĂŽÂŁx‡{x·Ó{Ă“{


Dec. 9, 2010


Stars are in season at the MOST

The MOST brings back two popular holiday-themed planetarium shows. Showing Saturday Dec. 18, Sunday Dec. 19 and Wednesday Dec. 22 to Friday Dec. 24, planetarium shows are $2 with regular admission to the MOST; (members get in free). A word to the wise: these shows sold out every day during the holiday break week last year! To purchase tickets in advance, call 4259068 ext. 2132





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315.386.7616 /

Santa’s Sky: The View from the North Pole, 12:30 p.m. Did you ever wonder what the sky looks like from Santa’s workshop? Or how did Santa navigate at night before the invention of GPS?

This presentation uses our Apollo star projector to give us a view of the night sky from the North Pole. We will talk about the Big and Little Dippers and how to use the North Star to find your way at night. This presentation is recommended for anyone who believes in Santa. (20 minutes, for all ages) The Christmas Star: Theories on the Star of Bethlehem, 1:30 p.m. This show tries to answer the question “What was the Christmas star?� Stories of the Christmas star have inspired people for 2,000 years. Recommended for adults and children eight and older. (45 minutes, for adults and children 8+)


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Act Sing Dance Tech



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TEENS audition for our award-winning cast and technical crew

1 &%#(,0&)'

18-month payment plans available $&+()) % %(#%( + **%(*&&(%,"


FREE exam and x-rays





++($ (315) 252-8500 ** (315) 445-9400 )-% (315) 342-5700

-Weekly TV Show -NYC Tours -College Scholarships -Paid Summer Job 05984

CALL (315)478-UNIT

To schedule an appointment online visit

#""+) (315) 487-0775 /(+) (315) 455-2411 /(+) (315) 472-4867




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Dec. 9, 2010

Service Directory General Employment

Real Estate



Apartments For Rent Wanted 09419

Help Wanted For Sale Garage Sales


Sell it local, sell it fast! To place an ad, call Ashlee Trautner 434-8889 x307 or email




1 bdrm apt., $ 595/mo., util. sep. Great location! 315-391-1712 or 315-655-9101

Rent My Florida Home on Crescent Lake with harbor and boat hoist included (7’ wide boat)

“The Bass Capital of the World� Crescent Lake, Dunn’s Creek, St. Johns River, and Lake George have restaurants and clubs along the shores and are all connected for your fishing and boating pleasure. Doublewide mobile with carport on 4 lots (3 Bedroom 2Bath) all utilities included. Must wash bedding, table cloths, towels and clean and vacuum floors, ready for the next guest, prior to leaving and before receiving your security refund.

Featuring Amarr Garage Doors & Specialty Carriage House Sales, Installations & Service M-F 8-5, Sat by Appt. 455-5736

Security and Payment in advance with signed contract.

1 Week = $750 -- 2 Weeks = $1,250 -- 3 Weeks = $1,750 -- 4 Weeks = $2,200 Two Months = $4,000 – Three Months = $5,400 (Sunday morning – 9 AM thru Friday, Afternoon - 4PM) Jan. 30th thru March 12th Daytona 500 and Bike Week– are available for $3,500

Book Early to get the dates you want Call or e-mail - Ph 607-427-2046


350 Acres of Industrial Land in the Radisson Corporate Park


For further information please go to:, Corporate Information, RFP’s and Opportunities REntALS

Ridge Line Views!


Sherrill-Oneida Valleys Beautiful Area Homesites. Acreage & Ridge-top Views. Sherrill & Oneida Vicinity. 5-10 acres starting at $22,995! Owner ďŹ nancing available.

Winter Special

Offering weekly and monthly room rentals. For more information, please call 315-655-9101. Reasonable Rates. Will consider 3 night minimum!

Your Website!

175 Katherine Street Buffalo, NY 14210 1-800-562-1332 Fax (716) 847-0338 Email:

Your Community, Your News,

Placement Director


Central New York’s premier business and residential community

Jamie K. Sather

Or Visit



Call 800-229-7843

Fishermen – Boaters – Vacationers



315-289-9878 nts/wknds or 315-445-8990 days.

4650 Buckley Road Liverpool, NY 13088 (315) 451-2430 1-800-243-9300 Direct (315) 410-2212 Fax (315) 453-7336

MID-STATE DOOR, INC. 505 Factory Ave., Syracuse Garage Doors & Openers

1 & 2 bdrms. starting at $825 heat & hot water incl., hrdwds, FM schools.


Announcing the Newest Website in Town!

Sure to Become Your Favorite Bookmark!








Dec. 9, 2010

For Sale

Service Directory


Apartments For Rent Real Estate Automotive Wanted Garage Sales Employment



Help Wanted



Contract Carriers Wanted


Sell it local, sell it fast! To place an ad, call Ashlee Trautner 434-8889 x307 or email

3PD, Inc., is a Freight Forwarder under contract with major retailers such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, OfďŹ ce Depot, etc., to provide Logistical support, solutions and warehousing needs. We are seeking established Motor Carriers to provide the last mile delivery and installation of our customer’s products. To be considered, your business must be able to satisfy our customer’s requirements and deliver outstanding customer service. If you are looking to build and diversify your current book of business and can meet our customer’s requirements then we would like to speak to you! We offer opportunities to deliver and install the product/freight which consists of appliances, furniture, building materials, cabinets, windows, ofďŹ ce supplies, and direct to home merchandise. If your company owns/leases any of the following equipment, you’re just what we’re looking for:

24’, 26’, or 28’ straight box trucks By contracting with 3PD, Inc., your business can expect: opportunities to run multiple trucks, high annual gross revenues, run multiple stops per day, 7-day freight availability in most markets, your employees home every night, weekly settlements, and exible delivery requirements. Our customer’s requirements include background checks, good driving record, valid state and/or federal operating authority, knowledge of home furnishings and installations, and strong customer service skills.

Drivers: Top Pay. + BeneďŹ ts/


To learn more about this opportunity, call Ome at 315-453-8914.


Bonuses! Regional. No-Touch. 85-95% D&H. CDL-A. 866-460-8464 or Apply YOUR DRIVING FORCE TO A NEW CAREER!


CDL drivers needed for local service company. Full time positions available. Company paid health benefits. Please mail resume with any salary requirements to: Learn To Earn


- $40,000* *Average First Year Per Employers


 $  !#"


)3.BOBHFSt10#PY 4ZSBDVTF /: or apply in person at 4UBUF'BJS#MWE 4ZSBDVTF

Sell it local, sell it fast! To place an ad, call Ashlee Trautner 434-8889 x307 or email classifieds@



Dec. 9, 2010

$$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH NOW!!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? $500$500,000++ within 48 hrs? Low rates 1-800-568-8321. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE FROM HOME. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job Placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. 1800-494-2785 DIRECTV - FREE BEST PACKAGE for 5 months with NFL SUNDAY TICKET! + NO start costs + FREE HD/DVR upgrade! New customers only, qual. Pakgs. DirectstarTV 1877665-4809. DIVORCE: $175 - $450* NO FAULT or Regular Divorce. Covers Children, Property, etc. Only one signature required! *Excludes Gov't fees. Locally Owned! 1-800-522-6000 ext. 100. Baylor & Associates, Inc. FAST IRS TAX RELIEF. Do you owe $10,000 or MORE to the IRS? We help you settle your overdue taxes for LESS! FREE consultation! 1-877-358-0489 M-F Noon - 8pm.

PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO PROMOTE? Reach as many as 4.9 million households and 12 million potential buyers quickly and inexpensively! Only $490 for a 15 work ad. Place your ad online at or call 1-877-2752726 PROFLOWERS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Gifts nad Bouquets starting at just $19.99. Go to to receive an extra 20% off your order or call 1-888-699-0560. REACH AS MANY AS 5 MILLION POTENTIAL BUYERS in central and western New York with your classified ad for just $350 for a 15-word ad. Call 1-877-275-2726 for details visit REPLACEMENT WINDOWS $179 INSTALLED 30% Tax Credit avail. w/stimulus. Energy Stat Pkg. Call Now! 1-866-272-7533 STANDARD DESIGN AND CUSTOM BUILT POST FRAME STRUCTURES. Visit us online at 1-800-940-0192. VONAGE UNLIMITED CALLS AROUND THE WORLD! Call the U.S. & 60+ countries - ONLY $14.99/mo. (for 6 months) PLUS FREE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Call 1-888698-0217.

FREE ADT-MONITORED HOME SECURITY SYSTEM & a $100 VISA gift card from Security Choice. Find out how! Call today 1877-334-5708 FREE HD FOR LIFE! DISH NETWORK $24.99/MO Over 120 chan- WRAP UP YOUR HOLInels. Plus - $500 bonus! 1- DAY SHOPPING with 866-760-1060. 100% guaranteed, deliveredHAPPILY MARRIED to-the door OMAHA COUPLE HOPING TO STEAKS! SAVE 67% ADOPT. Loving, safe and PLUS 2 FREE GIFTS- 26 stable home. 1-877-444- Gourmet Favorites ONLY 6055 HappyHomeFor- $49,99. ORDER today! Expenses paid. 888-903-5611 Mention offer 45102 AEP or www.OmaHIT BY A TRUCK? Disfigured or disabled recently by commercial vehicle? You 140 Health need our "9 STEP ACTION PLAN!" No recovery, no fee. CALL 1-877-358-6080. WEIGHTLOSS MEDICALIFE INSURANCE, EASY TIONS Phentermine, PhenTO QUALITY, NO MEDI- dimetrazine etc. Office visit, CAL EXAMS. Purchase one month supply for $80. 1through 86. Fast acceptanc- 631-462-6161; 1-516-754es. 1-800-938-3439, x24; 1- 6001; 516-938-3439, x24.

315 Articles For Sale

500 Autos For Sale

2 ANTIQUE VICTORIAN CHAIRS 34.5 high seat 15 x 19. Carved walnut back upholstered vermillion red $225 each 706-2527 or 6567610. BOX SPRING-Queen size, good condition, white $99 OBO Solvay 299-8571.

1985 Mercury Grand Marquis. 78,000 original miles. $4000 315-697-7446.

COUNTERTOPSLaminte, new, never used, terra cotta w/grey, very pretty for bath or kitchen, 3 pieces $99 OBO Solvay 299-8571. DRESSER- 10 drawers w/ large mirror, real dark wood $99 OBO (315) 2998571.

2000 WINDSTAR SEL 118K miles, Black, all power (doors, windows), CD-Radio, tinted windows, bucket seats, roof-rack, drives very well. New Tires, breaks, rotors, belt. Very reliable car. Call 315256-3351. Asking $2850 OBO. FREE COVERED AUTO REPAIRS. '98 or newer with less thank 130,000 miles. Covers towing, rentals & roadside. Protection low as $2/day! Free quote 1-888-364-3295.

DRESSER/ARMOIRE light maple excellent condition. Used shortly in infants room. Paid over $600. Sell $200 firm. 638-2686 NEW bedspread ensemble. King size beige pattern. Sham, spread & pillow covers. $100 OBO 706-2527 or 656-7610.

NISSAN GXE SEDAN 1998 Sentra 62,000 miles. Auto, PW, PL, PM, tilt steering, cruise control, AM/FM. Ruby Red Metallic Paint. New brakes & tires. $3995 OBO. MUST SELL TO SETTLE ESTATE! call 378-3162.

370 Musical Instruments

520 Autos Wanted

CLARINET, VIOLIN, FLUTE, TRUMPET, Amplifier, Fender Guitar $75 each. Upright Bass, Cello, Saxophone, French Horn, Drums, $189 each. Others 4-sale 1-516-377-7907.

395 Wanted To Buy Wanted: Old Fishing Tackle, Any Amount. Will Pay Cash. Please Call Jim at 635-6357. WANTED: Used American made guitars- Martin, Gibson, Fender, Guild, Gretsch, Epiphone and Fender tube amps. Call 315727-4979.

Visit us at

DONATE A CAR - SAVE A CHILD'S LIFE! Timothy Hill Children's ranch: Helping abused and Neglected Children in NY for over 30 years. Please call 1-800252-0561. DONATE YOUR CAR FREE TOWING "Cars for Kids" Any Condition. Tax Deductible Outreach Center 1-800-521-7566. DONATE YOUR CAR, "Food on Wheels" Program, Family relief Services, Tax Deducion, Receipt Given On The Spot, Any Condition, FREE TOW within 3 hrs, 1-800-3645849, 1-877-44-MEALS. DONATE YOUR CAR, BOAT OR REAL ESTATE. Fully tax deductible, IRS recongized charity, Free pick-up & Tow. Any model or condition. Help needy children. 1-800-596-4011. DONATE YOUR CAR, Boat or Real Estate. Fully Tax Deductible. IRS Recognized Charity. Free PickUp & Tow. Any Model & Condition. Help Needy Children. 1-800-930-4543.

520 Autos Wanted

745 Land/Lots

200 Help Wanted

VEHICLE DINATIONS UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Help us win A Pepsi Grant!! Tax Deductible 1-888-468-5964.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR REAL ESTATE IN CNY, including Schoharie, Otsego, Delaware, Chenango & Madison Counties...go to

530 Boats

RIVER RIDGE FALL FARM LAND SALE! Cabin w/4 acres on river $49,995. Major river w/5 acres - $39,995. Our most beautiful lands ever! Call now 1-800-229-7843 or visit

Customer Service/Collections - Local Company has multiple openings for customer service/Collections representatives. First and Second shift opportunities. Customer service/Collections experience with good computer skills required. Human resource and finance experience a plus. Purchasing and collections experience also a plus. Must be able to handle a heavy volume of phone calls and customer interaction. Please mail resume with any salary requirements to: HR Manager, P.O. Box 11009, Syracuse, NY 13218.

25 FT MERIT SAILBOAT with trailer. Very good condition, full set of sails: Jib; Genoa; Gennaker. Sleeps 4. $18,500 685-3177.

590 Trucks & Vans

778 Timeshares

TIMESHARE SELL/RENT TODAY. FOR CASH!! We'll find you Buyers/Renters! 10+ years of success! Over $78 million in offers in 2001 Dodge Grand Cara- 2009. www.sellativan 7-passenger. 6cyl. Call 1-877Roof rack. Trailer hitch. 554-2429. Non-smoker. Highway miles. Dependable. Great 787 Vacation for 1st time drivers. $3,000. Property 315-427-3865. 1991 CHEVY CONVERSION VAN 100,000 miles. Has rust but runs well. 6559859. Asking $2200.

700 Apartment For Rent ***FREE FORECLOSURE LISTINGS*** Over 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now 1800-749-3041. FOR RENT: 2 bedroom apartment in Erieville. Years lease. References and no pets. 662-7035 or 662-7378. FOR RENT: 2 bedroom apartment in New Woodstock, utilities included. Years lease. References and no pets. 662-7035 or 662-7378. SKAN. efficiency apt. $525/mo. 1 bdrm $700 furn./util. incl - need dep. Near Cedar House. More info 685-5353.

710 Buildings & Structures HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Contact Woodford Bros. Inc. for straightening, leveling and foundation repairs at 1-800-OLDBARN/

VACATION PROPERTY FOR SALE OR RENT? With promotions to nearl 5 million households and over 12 million potential buyers, a statewide classified ad can't be beat! Promote your property for just $490 for a 15-word ad. Place your ad online at or call 1-877-275-2726


100 100 Announcements Announcements


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE? Reach as many as 5 million potential candidates in central and western New York with a 15 word classified ad for $350! Place your ad online at or call 1877-275-2726 SECRETARYFULL/PART TIME Automust! Assist contractor Syracuse area. $8-20/hour +. Min. exp. ok. 245-4150.

280 Business Opportunities

DO YOU EARN $800 A DAY? YOUR OWN LOCAL CANDY ROUTE. 25 MACHINES/CANDY FOR $9995. INVESTMENT 200 Help REQUIRED. 1-877-915Wanted 8222. AVAILABLE IN NY AIRLINES ARE HIRING: ONLY. Train for high paying Aviation Career, FAA apprived 285 Financial program. Financial Aid if Opportunities qualified. Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation In- REVERSE MORTGAGES stitute of Maintenance 1- Draw all eligible cash out of 877-202-0386. your homes & eliminate

ASSEMBLE MAGNETS & CRAFTS AT HOME! Yearround work! Great pay! Call toll-free 1-866-844-5091.

mortgage payments FOREVER! For senoirs 62 and older! Government insured. No credit/income requirements. Free catalog. 1-888660-3033. All Island Mortgage

Call 434-1988 to place an ad!


Dec. 9, 2010



Good Sports Corcoran hosts baseball academy

Corcoran High School will host a six-week Spring Training 2011 baseball program for players in grades 1 through 12 from January 9 to Feb. 20. Corcoran head coach Bob Southworth will direct the program in conjunction with U.S. Baseball Academy. Sessions are offered in advanced hitting, pitching and catching at a cost as low as $99 for six weeks. Space is limited and registration is now under way. For more information, visit or call toll-free (866) 622-4487.

Close enough to Crunch

Out of 23 games this season, 17 have been decided by a single goal Crunch players celebrate Stefan Chaput’s winning goal, a s s i s te d by Nicolas Deschamps, against the Charlotte C heckers in North Carolina Sunday.


Private Party ad

Articles for sAle Under $250

Free Free Free

(20 words)

First Week

Private Party ad


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First Week

Articles for sAle over $250

HelP wanted, commercial, Business & real estate ads (20 words)




First Week

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Third Week


By Russ Tarby





Second Week

Third Week

Second Week

Third Week

it’s simple to Place an Ad! email copy to or call us at 315-434-1988

7 local community newPaPers PLUS online All for one low price!


How it worKs PrivAte PArty Ads inclUde:


Prepayment required. Maximum 3 ads per household per week.

commerciAl Ads:


*Ads must initially be ordered for 3 weeks. May be cancelled; no refunds. * Words over 20 @ 50¢/1st wk, 25¢/2nd wk. * Eagle Newspaper reserves the right to negate this offer at any time, for any business or individual.


Your ad will appear in

Syracuse Crunch

Of its first 23 games in the 2010-11 American Hockey league season, the Syracuse Crunch have had 17 games decided by one goal. While the close calls can be encouraging, the bad news is that of those 17 decisions just six have gone in favor of the Crunch. One came Sunday Dec. 5, in Charlotte, N.C. as Crunch center Stefan Chaput (shaPOO) tallied the game-winning goal with 2:23 left to play against his former team, the Charlotte Checkers, for a 3-2 victory. Left wing Patrick Maroon added a goal and an assist and center Trevor Smith scored his third goal in two games. Smith had netted a pair of goals Friday, Dec. 3, against the Rochester Amerks at the Blue Cross Arena, but the Crunch dropped that one – you guessed it! – by one goal, 6-5. In Rochester, Crunch Coach Mark Holick lifted rookie goalie Timo Pielmeier after the German-born netminder allowed three goals on nine shots. Veteran J.P. Levasseur didn’t do much better, allowing three more Amerk scores on just 13 shots. At least the Crunch offense was firing on all cylinders, taking 41 shots at Amerks goalie Jacob Markstrom, who rejected 36 of them. On Sunday in North Carolina, Pielmeier returned to his stellar self between the pipes, turning away 34 of 36 shots and was named the game’s first star for his winning effort.  Chaput, the hero of the third period, started the season with Charlotte but was traded

along with Matt Kennedy from the Carolina organization to the Anaheim organization in exchange for Ryan Carter on Nov. 23. It looked as if Sunday’s game was headed to overtime until Chaput swatted in a rebound from a Nicolas Deschamps shot during a pileup in front of the cage with 2:23 left in regulation.  Charlotte pulled goalie Justin Pogge for an extra attacker with just more than a minute to play, but the Crunch held on for the win.  Syracuse returns home to War Memorial at 7:30 Friday, Dec. 10, to take on the lastplace Adirondack Phantoms, and will face off here against the Binghamton Senators at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 11. Ticket prices range between $13 and $22; 473-4444;

Sample wine Saturday When the Syracuse Crunch take on the Bridgeport Sound Tigers this Saturday, fans 21 and over will have the opportunity to sample Riunite Lambrusco and Riunite D’Oro wines. Riunite Wine Sampling Night will take place beginning at 6:30 p.m. Saturday Dec. 11, when doors open through the second intermission outside of Memorial Hall located on the first floor of The Oncenter War Memorial Arena.



Dec. 9, 2010

Kennedy joins EMA

Rochelle Kennedy has been hired as an assistant account executive at Eric Mower and Associates. In her role, Kennedy will work with EMA’s Public Relations and Public Affairs and Insight teams. She has previously held PR internships in both New York City and

Boston. Kennedy earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. She lives in Syracuse. --

Junior League raises $15K for food pantries

The Junior League of Syracuse, Inc. has raised $15,000 for 15 local food pantries. Based on the United Way Needs Rochelle Kennedy Assessment, the JLS identified 15 food

Silver Edition

Happy Holidays

Great Gift Idea For... Bill to: _________________________________________

Happy Hour

Name___________________________________________ Address _________________________________________ City ___________________ State ______ Zip __________ Phone __________________________________________ MasterCard or Visa ________________________________ Exp Date ______________ 3 digit security code ________

After Hours at the Festival of Trees Cash Bar, Hors D’oeuvres, Music

December 9, 2010 5.00-8.00pm ShoppingTown Mall Dewitt $12 at the door

Send to: _______________________________________ Name___________________________________________ Address _________________________________________ City ___________________ State ______ Zip __________ Phone __________________________________________

Send to 2501 James St., Syracuse, NY 13206 Checks payable to Eagle Newspapers Call 434-8889 ext. 342 Offer will be $30 for a year. As our gift to the sender we will extend their subscription by one month.


(Includes admission to the Festival of Trees)


Church Food Pantry; Huntington Family Center Food Pantry; Rescue Mission Soup Kitchen; St. Lucy’s Food Pantry; Salvation Army Food Pantry; Samaritan Center Soup Kitchen; Syracuse Northeast Community Center Food Pantry; Temple Society of Concord Food Pantry; Valley Worship Center Food Pantry; Westminster Presbyterian Food Pantry.



Presented by the Everson Museum of Art Members’ Council

pantries with the greatest need. A check for $1,000 was presented to each of the 15 food pantries on Dec. 10. The 15 pantries selected are: Catholic Charities ParkSide Commons Food Pantry; Dunbar Center Food Pantry; Elmwood Interfaith Food Pantry; First English Lutheran Church Food Pantry; Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry; Hopps Memorial CME EAGLE





Business briefs


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s me



Open Sunday, December 19th, 2-5 pm 374 South Midler Avenue Syracuse, New York 13206 463-8858 • 1-800-836-4661




A Taste of



Syracuse’s Oldest Antiquarian Book Shop

Books End

Cleaners () “Family Run and Serving Syracuse For Over 50 Years� 2000 Grant Blvd. SyracuSe, ny 13208



“ Tis The Season To Be Jolly, In and Around Syracuse�

• Current • Used • Rare • Out of Print • Hardcovers • Paperbacks • Book Search Service


~ Always Buying Any Size Collection ~ We Will Appraise Large Collections

210 Walton St. Syracuse, NY 471-4601

visit our website:

Holiday Hours

SPORTING GOODS 625 Burnet Ave, Syracuse • 472-7874 OPEN SUN 11-4, M-TH 9:30-6, FRI 9:30-7, SAT 9:30-6

Mon-Fri: 11-8, Sat: 12-6 2533 James St. (Eastwood) 463-9422

Open 7 Days: M-Sat 10-6 • Sun 11:30-5

Monday~Saturday 10am-9pm


Sunday noon-6pm

2443 James St.• Eastwood (Across from Palace Theatre)

Psychic Readings:


A wide variety of items for your spiritual needs

Largest Selection of Vintage Clothing in CNY!


Come check out our Meditation classes too!



Massage Therapy and Energy Work    


Seven Rays Bookstore!

742 S. Beech St. Syracuse, NY 13210 315-422-6294 * M-Sat. 11-7

“I Can’t Believe It!

Curtain Climbers Consignment

I Bought This Necklace And These Earrings For

50% Off At

Bersani’s Gallery� #&34"/*("--&3:tǛ 44"-*/"453&&5 dOwNTOwN SyrACuSE HOurS: MONdAy THru FrIdAy Ǜ"/%4"5Ǜ

New York optometric

Baby Furniture Toys Clothing Preemie To Pre-Teen

222 Walton St. • Armory Square • Syracuse • 424-9137

Special Holiday Catering Available

Pizza & Wings

Homemade Lasagna Chicken & Eggplant Parmesan Baked Ziti

(315) 478-3937

BBQ or Baked Chicken Roast Pork & Lamb Chicken Cordon Bleu and much more!

116 e washington St. Syracuse, NY 13202 – Parking Available – 1201 West Genesee Street Syracuse, New York 13204 315-428-1153

6325 Thompson Rd., Syracuse, NY 13206 • 315-463-9900 5846 S. Salina St., Syracuse, NY 13205 • 315-469-9999

The eagle Dec 08, 2010  

syracuse, city, schools, cny

The eagle Dec 08, 2010  

syracuse, city, schools, cny