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NEWS TKE brothers accuse fellow members of hazing By RACHEL S. KARAS EAGLE STAFF WRITER

AU’s chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon is the subject of a University hazing investigation for the second time in the past year, according to members of the fraternity. Five of its brothers accused the fraternity of physically and verbally abusing pledges. Alleged practices include forcing pledges to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana; do planks, wall sits, pushups and extensive walking; drink

an entire gallon of milk in one hour or less (known as the “gallon challenge�); eat an entire jar of mayonnaise; and other tasks detailed by an active brother of TKE who asked to remain anonymous. Hazing this extensive has been common practice since the Upsilon-Omicron chapter’s inception at AU in 2008, according to the anonymous member. “We decided to come forward to the school as a group because we realized that this hazing would


TKE brothers allegedly abandoned blindfolded pledges in Cabin John Regional Park in mid-February. continue unless we acted,� five TKE brothers who asked for anonymity, including the brother mentioned above, said in a collective email to The Eagle. All five brothers separately confirmed their support of the statement. “We thought the hazing would be

over last spring after being put on probation, but it only got more severe. We all went through the hazing ourselves, in the year that we pledged, and do not want to see others be hazed and insulted like that. We are the minority.� Tau Kappa Epsilon Interna-

tional Chief of Staff Pat Gleason confirmed an investigation was underway, saying Director of Standards Adam Kearns recently visited AU and is looking into the allegations.


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April 25, 2013  

TKE investigated for Hazing

April 25, 2013  

TKE investigated for Hazing