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DYA Prospectus Connecting the Digital Generation to Business

Digital Youth Academy Digital Youth Academy (DYA) was launched in 2012 with a vision to bring together our exciting, innovative and engaging Born Digital youths with our inspiring and hardworking businesses to create a match of two generations that can grow together within the merging digital and social world to mutual advantage. DYA has developed a suite of digital qualifications delivered by a supply chain of leading FE College Partners and Private Training Providers to bring these products to market. Substantial evidence exists to show that organisations who have embraced the Internet and social media marketing have grown their sales, profits and exports faster and further than those that have not yet taken advantage of these opportunities. DYA has developed a series of state-of-the-art, branded training programmes to enable young people to professionalise and commercialise their digital marketing, social media and networking skills and apply them to a business environment. These products are delivered under exclusive licences by our Delivery Partners across the UK.

Level 1 Social Digital Routeway

Level 2 Social Digital Apprenticeship

DYA’s solution to the Study Programme and Traineeships

DYA’s solution to supporting employers with a workforce for the 21st Century

Developed in partnership with the Awarding Organisation Edexcel, the Level 1 Social Digital Routeway is a Post-16 programme that upskills young people who want a career in Digital Marketing and Social Media. The Level 2 Social Digital Apprenticeship is the natural progression pathway.

Developed in partnership with the Awarding Organisation EDI, the Level 2 Social Digital Apprenticeship links the natural skills of the Born Digital generation with those of businesses who want to improve their online presence to grow and expand.

Candidates complete the Level 1 Diploma in IT User Skills; the Level 1 Award in Social Media and Functional Skills at Level 1 in Maths, English and in ICT. The programme also includes Jobpass which contains embedded and contextualised employability skills, such as creating a CV, presentation skills, and job hunting. The Social Digital Routeway is the perfect solution to the Study Programme, with the Diploma providing a significant main vocational learning aim around which to build a personalised journey for candidates. The programme can be delivered as a flexible parttime or full-time course and is delivered in a classroom, with content, including learning materials, workbooks and session plans being provided by DYA. Modules include: • Online Threats and Risks • Mobile Etiquette • Creating and Editing Video • QR Codes • Downloading and the Law • Community Building • Ethical Marketing • Social Media for Personal Use

Candidates undertaking the Social Digital Apprenticeship are employed on a full-time basis for the duration of the programme (minimum of 12 months). The Apprenticeship is compliant with the requirements outlined within the SASE (Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England). Candidates complete the Level 2 Diploma in IT User Skills, Social Networking for Business, Functional Skills at Level 1 in Maths and English, Level 2 in ICT and their Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR). The Apprenticeship is primarily delivered through 12 off-the-job training days, along with 64 innovative and interactive eLearning modules that are completed in the workplace. Candidates are also visited in their workplace by their tutor/assessor. Modules include: • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Risks of Social Media • Social Media Tools for Business • Marketing • Creating Content • Mobile Technology • Blogging • CRM Systems

Bite-sized Digital Marketing and Social Media Units

Youth Web Builders (YWB)

Introduction to Social Media for Business This programme is delivered at Level 2 and is equivalent to 5 QCF Credits. The following units are included: * Using Mobile IT Devices – Use of Mobiles and QR Codes - Mobile Unboxing - Mobile Applications - Mobile Technologies The majority of the programme is taught * Bespoke Software (Web Analytics) - Register with Analytic Tools via eLearning, with the completion of - Analyse Website Analytical Data work-related assignments in a tailored workbook. - Analyse Webmaster Data

Youth Web Builders is an exciting new digital programme from DYA, in partnership with O2 and Nominet Trust.

DYA’s solution to Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) and Traineeships

Developed in partnership with Pearson, the Level 2 Bite-sized Digital Marketing and Social Media Units can be delivered as a bolt-on for any Apprenticeship Framework (excluding the Social Digital Apprenticeship), short accredited taster sessions, or as a solution for Skills Support for the Workforce and / or Traineeships.

An assigned Assessor will visit the candidate periodically in the workplace to check their progress, provide feedback and capture any additional evidence for the qualification. Candidates can access accredited packages:



Introduction to Social Media for Business Plus This programme is equivalent to 13 QCF Credits and includes the above two units, plus the following additional third unit: * Understanding the Potential of IT - IT Responsibilities, Risks and Monitoring - IT Systems and Collaborative Working: Google Hangouts, Skype and Virtual Meetings - Understanding the Potential of Digital Marketing and Social Media - Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

Let’s Start Building Better Digital Futures

The underpinning qualification at the heart of the YWB programme is the new Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Award in Setting up a Business Online (QCF), which is worth 8 QCF Credits and contains approximately It will give young people formal digital 60 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). The skills and direct experience in the programme is delivered predominantly workplace, while helping UK SMEs and via eLearning through DYA’s bespoke charities get online in the process. Virtual Learning Environment. The low digital capability of thousands of UK SMEs and charities is a huge limitation on their growth and productivity. 36% of SMEs are without a website, and over half of UK charities lack web design support. Meanwhile, two thirds of young people can design a website, but lack the training and experience in the workplace to be able to use these skills to get a job. The YWB programme builds a bridge between the two. The YWB programme has been designed to fit into and complement a number of vocational programmes and pathways, examples include: • Delivered as a bolt on qualification to existing Apprenticeship frameworks • Delivered as part of a work placement • Delivered as a standalone Award

For the first 12 months of delivery there is also funding available for DYA’s licenced delivery partners to support the operational delivery of the YWB programme. This includes at least 500 registrations and certificate fees, along with funding to help find and fund relevant work experience and candidate expenses.

Introducing our Commercial Programme

Over arching features and additional benefits

Introduction to Social Media for Business

Working with DYA

Alongside the Government-funded programmes, DYA also offers an exciting commercial programme of two, one-day workshops which have been developed as an exciting offer for both employers and individuals. This DYA programme is assured and accredited through the Awarding Organisation Edexcel, and has also been approved by the CPD Certification Service so that candidates can use and count their attendance towards their own Continued Professional Development (CPD). This adds extra value to what is already a truly market leading solution for employers. For these programmes, DYA offers a straightforward delivery model where the following elements are provided to our licenced delivery partners: • The course content, including professional workbooks and learning materials • A DYA Digital Coach to teach and facilitate the session • A full Certification Service for delegates (included within the price of the course)

Introducing the top Social Media Platforms to help you increase your bottom line During this one-day course the candidates will learn: • about the main Social Media platforms and how to use them: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube. • about Keywords; Blogging, leadORS (Digital Thought Leadership), Video for the Web, Risks of Social Media, Penny Power’s Top Tips and Social Media Strategy.

Introducing the top Digital Tools to help you increase your bottom line During this one-day course the candidates learn: • about the Top Digital Tools: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Pay Per Click, Content Marketing and eNewsletters. • Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me (Social Media Philosophy); Penny Power’s Top Tips and Social Media Strategy.

Access to DYA Community

DYA Community is a unique, closed network created by DYA in which our candidates learn about and practice the concept of community building and online collaboration in a safe and controlled environment. Candidates who undertake both the Level 1 Social Digital Routeway and the Level 2 Social Digital Apprenticeship use DYA Community as a learning tool to access additional resources and share ideas and knowledge whilst working on a number of shared projects and activities.

Summary of additional services included within a DYA Partnership

• Access to all DYA-exclusive products • Access to bespoke digital teaching and learning resources, including Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, Workbooks and online resources • Defined geographical area in which to deliver DYA products on an exclusive basis, offering a strategic and competitive advantage—this excludes Greater London, Manchester and Birmingham • Purpose built MI, reporting and evaluation systems • Support with capacity building to grow your digital curriculum • Local Labour Market Report—Analysis and support in the promotion of area of exclusivity • Local employer engagement specific to area of exclusivity, including support for termly employer engagement events • National marketing and promotion, with coverage on DYA’s Website, including case studies and good news stories • Supported Employer Launch Event with DYA’s Founder and Public Speaker, Penny Power and local PR • Five days training for your Curriculum Team, Employer Engagement/Sales Team and Learner Recruitment Team • Ongoing product development and regular refresh of learning materials • Access to a DYA Digital Coach • Access to DYA Learning Zone for all learners and staff and access to online DYA Community site • Named Partnership Manager, with monthly reviews and quarterly face-to-face visits

Connecting the Digital Generation to Business


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