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Ryan Sasson





The 1996 Student Yearbook Staff would like to thank Ellen Duffy, L au ra R eb ell and K ristin a McCoobery for their advice, con足 stant devotion and immeasurable time spent on making this year足 book possible. Without their pa足 tience and inspiration none of this could have happened. For all this, we would like to say a very special thanks, to all of you!




Gabe Acinapura

STAFF: Top Row: Carlos Rodriguez, Evan Green, Marco Navarette, Veronica Haydon Middle Row: Jessie Spellman, Gable Chase, Renee Moizel, Alix Smith Bottom Row: Tessa Benson, Elizabeth Heller

special thanks to Mr. Spahn, Mr. Goodin, Ms. Dadourian and Ms. Depero*

TABimm eoKi'ijTiKi The Class of 1996........................................ 5 The Anglo House....................................... 83 The Franklin House................................... 89 The Bentley House.................................... 95 The Timothy House................................. 103 Administration, Faculty and Staff


Athletics.................................................... 135 Clubs and Organizations..........................147 Special Events..........................................157 Contributors.............................................. 171 Student Boosters.......................................180 Autographs............................................... 189

The theme of the 1995-1996 Dwight School Yearbook is Dwight Culture. What does culture mean in terms of Dwight? Dwight Culture means different perspectives and different ideas. It means being able to walk down the hallways and hear conversations in many different languages. For example, in this year's Fifth Grade, only two students were born in the United States. This is not atypical for Dwight - we are an American school with a rich thread of internationality bind足 ing us together. In the Art Room, the walls are filled with student artwork reflecting different cultural backgrounds, teaching us more about the world around us. Dwight stu足 dents celebrate various holidays, wear the materials and cloth足 ing of many lands, and abide by the traditions of a multitude of nationalities. Being a part of Dwight makes us fortunate. As students, we are not stuck within the limitations of New York City. The learning experience at Dwight is as unique and different as the people who attend it, giving us a world education from our very intimate surroundings. The Dwight School 291 Central Park West, New York, New York 10024

M arco Crane


Joanna & Steph


Tim & David

To all my friends at Dwight and in India - You're second only to my family. Each one of you has given me the invaluable treasure of friendship and the beautiful gift of sincere smiles. I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU!

NA ZISH - HINDUSTAN ZINDABAD! H U M A R I M A N G E PURI KARO! Keep politicking - I'll vote for you! AZITA - I'll be watching you when you sprint to victory in the 2004 Olympics (RS. - H ow are the Ponies? Still making ***** of themselves?)

To Papa, M um m y, Bhaiya, Johnny and D aisy- You've supportrd me all these years through love, caring, and great food. I haven't always given you credit for my successes, but I want you to know that, without your guidance, I would be m eander­ ing on a lonely road to nowhere. I hope I can m ake you proud. T H A N K YOU!





Kanika Agrawal



The frame of my life Is encrusted with people As precious as jewels. W ho enrich my mind And fill my soul. Making me wealthy Beyond my wildest dreams.


To all my buds, thanks for being so kind "Why are you continually late, Mr. Spicoly?" - Fast Times at Richmond HighStuart, my friend, thanks for ail the times for all the laughs for all the ladies you can thank me later we haven't even begun. PS. "tomorrow" M cDonalds or m aybe a computer program let's do it, "whoo hee"

H ideo, thanks for the great studying habits, for the late night papers, or just for "yep you know it" thanks for being a friend PS the B picture just didn't co m e out, time to conquer Europe, then maybe after Amsterdam, the world.

Andino Y O U ARE W RONG you w ill alw ays be wrong , accept your m ediocricy just don't try to argue w ith m e I'll take you m a n !! PS. m aybe you w ere right som etim es B U T JU ST SOM ETIM ES

Acquainted with the Night "I have been one with the night I have walked out in the rain - and back in the rain I have out walked the furthest city light I have walked down the saddest city lane I have passed the watchman on his beat ans dropped my eyes unwilling to explain" - Robert Frost -

Jamie? sticky or stag, yum m y or yak these are the questions that we all ask. PS I got the couch, enjoy your next year (TEE HEE HEE)


Ashley-Crane Allen

My Two Brothers -here's to Adri, a big brother of two


Never peak -meYou have to conquer yourself before you conquer the world -me-

Alex spread the religion, cans everywhere the smell is potent, present, powerful and oppressive isn't it great, let the juice flow! PS. board certified gods of history

My Friend and Brother -my best bud in the entire world

Mr. Samuels Thanks for a long, hard ,fun 3 years "change"

dedicated, loving, and caring ^ kid could ever have.

To my Grandma, who gave me everything and then some


Through all my lile you have worked hard lo give me a good education and tried to give me the hesl of everything. I want lo thank you for being patient, loving, caring, and always believing in me. Mommy, what I am trying to say is that I LOVE YOU and I am grateful for all you have done ibr me. l^addy where ever you may be I always want you to know that you are in my thoughts, in my mind, and in my heart. I love you daddy and everything I do is for you and my mother. Mrs. Kabler, since I can remember, you have played a great role in my life and you have treated me not only with love and care, but like part o f the family. 1 want to thank you for the opportu足 nities you have given me and made my dreams possible. Lauren, my sweetheart, not only are you my friend, but my litde sister. Honey, you will always be a big part of my life and my heart. Don't ever change, stay sweet and be true to yourself and never give up on your dreams.

Jamie since the first day I cam e to this school you have been a sw eetheart and a true friend and I want to thank you for alw ays keeping it real. R em em ber you will alw ays have a friend in m e and I hope all your dreams com e true because you deserve the best.

To all those Girls who always kept on believing in me, who guided and helped me during my rough times, who turned my tears into smiles, and to the girls who will always be in my mind and in my heart. I LOVE YOU Miehi, Jackie, Cecilia, and Elizabeth. I also want to send much Love to Eillen, Lisa, and Carol.

Dr. Cham bart, not only are you a great teacher, but you have helped m e to, believe that I still have a chance to m ake my dream s com e true. I w ant to thank you for everything you have done for me and for always believing in me.

Jennifer Bailey "Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower; We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind;"


i __ ^ -"What's run it's course is common culture that confines. What takes it's place are all the sparks and inspiration that charge an individual with an individual style.


Daddy-I love you more than anything in the world.-Mom, Bill,& Charlie-even though we've had our differences, 1 still love you to death. -Sirens & Dakota- Who's the bad guy again? Tick-tock ! Much love sweetie daiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;lings ! -Alix ^ Kim - sorry no pictures dolls, but you know I love you more than make-up. -My girls- we'll always have each other! J.M.L- Thank you for showing me that I can be happy too.-My sisters; M.C.,M.L.- We'll have many more summers tCi come. I love you guys always. 10


V Born from misunderstood interpretations Concealed by the frustrated desperations Tied by the freedom of childhood Free by the chains of humanity Do not think I sit and brood on this unexpected insanity.

Amanda Bhalla 11

Joy Canter

Tomboy. Alright, call me a tomboy. Tomboys win medals. Tomboys win championships. Tomboys can fly. And, Oh, Tomboys aren't boys.

Grandma- You mean more to me then I let u know. Thanx for everything. I love you!!!

-Judy Foudy World Cham pion Soccer Player

Mom & Dad- Thanx for believing in me. I couldn't have gotten this far without the both of u !!

To my GodsisterZade, I Love Y-ou Soooo Much Dad- Thanx for always being there for me. I Love You!!

Mom- Thanx for being my mom & my friend!! I may not say it much but I Love You


Thank you for being such a great and supportive father; always putting me first. I love you " Papa Bear."



Thank you for always being there for me when I need(ed) | you. You are my dearest friend and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always love you with all my heart.


f Dad, Thank You fo r all the w n d e r f u l things you've done fo r ne. I love you!

P h ris tia n & Wowo, Yburâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;e great friends 'a t least sometimes) â&#x2013; love you both!

Shawn, Oman B>eth, Gael, Sean, Ryan, Vanessa & J a re tt, I love you guys. I'll never forgetyoul

Mom, You gave me life and so much more... Thank You. I love you!

Justin, Remember how easy it use to be.

"Friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere, but tru e friends are like diamonds... precious and rare.

RESERVED I vs|v\o \M ;

<N\Jb VMP u>lfe.

^ s ,

Tim Coombs


"Buy Low, Sell High" -Tony Montana Rise to the top & Fullfill the dream.


41 ^

IAdam- you think I don't I love you, but I really love I do. Don't forget


! â&#x2013;


Mom&Dad: you gave me the greatest gift, which is Hfe and I will always love you lor it.


1 M


Rudi- Even though you are sometimes far away, you are always in my heart, I love you. Jon-1 look back on the last several months and I always had a smile on my face, thanks for that, you truly are special.

I have been one acquainted with the night, I have walked out in the rain- and back in the rani 1have outwalked the fiirthest city light. Proclaimed the tune was never wrong nor nght I have been one acquainted with the n ig l^ -Robert Frost

I'd like to s a y thank you to: all the governmentsVdictatorships’ of all the countries I've lived in, to my parents who’ve always been there, to Pablito: we may always figlit, but like

1 AM GOD- me

wise 1 will always love you To my grandparents deceased and alive To Gerald and Sinib^ and the Taylor and Katsande families. To my good friends: Carlos, Stephanie, Jovan .^msley, Miguel, Tapiwa, Ru, Noah, Nadim, Matias. Pablo, Andre^ C'avinson and Faa izah, lo U ncle^Frai^ Ginnie and Fernando (safado) and Regina, To Duca and Sam To all the tight cushions, putty and all the bities in major cities, Alex sends his gratitudes' Punipernicke!. To all the good Pambeya o Povo, 1 o Love, Life, Music, evei-ything and anything ^

Alex de Lucena

that’s ever had an influence on me and to God, if you exist



Before I am Brazilian or American, before I am Latin or white, | before I’m fi'om New York or Harare! before I’m 17, 18 or 22. A—

Jacques Diatloff

Alex Dudelson

Shout out to: MOM & DAD

Big up to: Just, Rel, Jean 13 & Tich

Big up to: Beth, Steph. Heather & Jack...

Josh Edelman

^CizaSetfi ^ranks^t SHnsi, toujours pousses vers dt nouveau?c rivages. (Dans [a nuit etcrncCU emportes sans retour, 9{e pourrons-noiis jamais sur [ocean des ages !)eter Cancre un seuCjour? S^phonse 'De Lamartine

And so, forever driven toward new shores, Borne irretrievably into the eternal night. Can we never drop anchor for a single day On the ocean of the ages


"(Do not go gentCe into that good night. lâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;{gge, rage against the dying o f the Cight Dytan 'Thomas

What Shall We Do Now? What shall we use to fill the empty Spaces where waves of hunger roar Shall we set out across this sea of faces In search of more and more applause Shall we buy a new guitar Shall we dri\ e a more po\\ erful car Shall we work straight through the night Shall we get into fights Leave the lights on Drop Bombs Do tours of the East Contract diseases Bury bones Break up homes Send flowers by phone Take to drink Go to shrinks Give up meat Rarely sleep Keep people as pets Train dogs Race rats Fill the attic with cash Bury treasure Store up leisure But never relax With our backs to the wall -Roger Waters

"It was only that and light was all it needed and a certain cleaness and order. Some lived in it and never feltit but knew it all was nada y pues nada y nada y pues nada. Our nada who are in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada as our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada; pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee. He smiled and stood before a bar a bar with a shining steam pressure coffe machine." -Ernest Hemingway


John Gibbons

Day, I love you.





Andrew Greve

BIG Up All Massive! 26


Sean M. Griffith

Daniel Gudz

Through all the thick, Through all the thin; Through all the love, Through all the sinYou stuck with me Deep within.

You opened my doors W hen they were locked; W hen I was alone you always knocked. You pushed me forward You caught my falls You stuck me in there, even when you were sick o f it all! You worked as two For a parent o f one. W hen I felt dark. You were my sun. I want to thank you for your love so trueIf there's one thing that I can promise, it's that I will never stop loving you!

M omThank you for guiding me through life. I love you!

DadEven though I do not remem ber you in mind, I can still feel your pres足 ence. Thank you for being a part in creating me, and I hope that one day we will be re-united once again. I love you dad!

PARENTS BACK IN THE DAYS Thank you so much for your lo\ e and support. You mean more to me than I have the capabihty of expressing. I love you

/ Hi Cunestente


Pablo and Armandomy crazy brothers, I love you!

Lina Haji

Aixa-Thank you for kicking m e in the a—, m aking me do m y hom ew ork and go to class. W ho knows where I'd be without you. I love you—thats great(?)

Danny: Thank you for being there—I love you!


To our Dear Vannesa, || You have brought sunshine to all our lives. We are proud of you, and wish you happiness, today, tommorow- -and ' alwaysLove Mommy-Charles and Veronica


Special thanks to Mom and Dad



Pablo Ibanez


I thank everyone for making these years a wonderful memory. I love you all. 35

Sarah Jane Kaye


AUGIES - Ah no-Croutons-SAA-Yo-Where's ma umbrella at?-Girlfrien' Wasa happenin' hot stuff-DAA-My name is moron-I have no legs-AA-Wa-wa-wa why you pushin' me?-Mad Hieroglyphic laundry 36


. ^ o r l=)if10ST DG£S>fT Cou/H ]

-rq/1/j/i -r££"ihii=<r fisy&fya '^//c> ;


/ / /

- T v c

/:>S yc//oZ o<f-iS T '. ■ .

u^Ho is LDHqrr 2

Keren Kol-Bar ff-p O R .^ ^ o u xo^^oxo

S M P jn F l lo i/£

y o u

J ^ H iR o lE

b e lie v ^


OR / o r \

J o t s ', Ir l< n c \ * .


X io v f


R « r> ^ : X^t n e n e r

-rne /-cu^ ^ AVPrt\E//7S' r ii;



ZC '/ u .



Beth-I love you-Its in the park.. Jesse-cocktail sauce You're the best. I Luv you. Jessie- lady


friends-x-mas vacation. StephBirdland...! luv you-D oritos?!? Jack-I prom ise you I'll never throw u p !! Sarah-dancing in the streets. M y nam e is moron. Vicky-Punchy and Cha Cha BFF. Claude, even though your not French I gu ess I still lo v e you. A ngiesYo-where m y um brella at? M ad H ieroglyphic laundrey. W asa Happenin' hot stuff? Cancun. M om D ad-M erci-Je Vous Adorent. Jesse-B righton Beach. I lo v e you all-

Jarrett Livingston

The greate doing whai cannot do. M irrors she before thro

R O N N IE-Thank you for everything you've ever done for me. I'll never M om & Dad-Well, what can forget all the talks we had on the I say? I finally made it, and it beach. I Love You. w ould have been impossible without your help. Thank You for m y life. I Love You!!

You'll always miss 100% o f the shots you don't take.

M en stumble over the truth from time to time but most pick them 足 selves up and hurry off as if nothing happened. Sir Winston Churchill

I get by with a little help from my friends. -Beatles

ABS - You're the first girl I have ever loved, and you'll always be in my heart no matter where we are. Thank you for all o f the great memories we have shared.


Armando Lopez


Rachel Martin







M om m y 8c Daddy-Gracias por tod o,ojala que D ios con tin u e cu idando los los quiero siem pre!

There s no on e like you!

A ixa M oran

(Pim p Mama) You're a great friend!

You are all m y girls fo r Hfe! We've b een through a lot and w e'll go through m ore

To Vanessa and all my other peeps, I didn't and won't forget you. (V., J.,

Much love to Linda and the stankness crew!

r > p p p

NH C/3

"Ghetto Gif!" Thanx fo r k eep in it Real..

"W hen w orst co m es to worst, my p e o p le s co m e first." M ob D e ep

Thanks fo r look in ou t


( ^ l) ^

v r-fc

David M om s

SG W i' hdvoboc'n through so much, but that has only mado us stronger. You were alw ays thoro for mo no maltor what, and have made" nu' the person I am today, SM(Skyt'):Wc have been friends for as long as I can remem ber, I miss you shadow... GL:I can't wait for the d ay w e both say, "In the park." I llâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;: You are truly the best. W hen­ ever I had a problem you were alw ays there.Don't ever change. JS(Bear):You are about the only person w ho cou m ake m e laugh, w henever I am down. You alw ays listen. Thank you for being a true friend. SM: You are one of my oldest friends, and you are like the sister I never had. CB:Even though w e hardly talk anym ore. You will alw ays have a special place in m y heart.


Mom:I couldn't ask for a better mother. You have given me so much... You are not only my mom, you are my friend. Thank You. I Love You _


Marco Navarrete

11 Slll/VIAIOJ a iN l> lD

3H 1 Sa>lVd3^d A13130S



aais SIHX

)J 3




N aana^

Corinne Paternesi

Jon Pelegano

"May all your skies be blue ones May all your dreams be seen. May all your friends be true ones And all your joys completeMay happiness and laughter Fill all your days for you Today and ever after May all your dreams com e true." -Irish blessins

"W hoever you are! claim your own at any hazard! These show's of the East and West are tame compared to you, These im mense m eadows, these interminable rivers, you are im mense and interminable as they. These furies, elements, storms, motions of Nature, throes of apparent dissolution. The hopeless fall from your ankles, you find an unfailing sufficiency. Old or young, male or female, rude, low, rejected by the rest, whatever you are prom ulges itself. Through birth, life, death, burial, the means are provided, nothing is scanted. Through angers, losses, ambition, ignorance, ennui, what you are picks its way." -Walt Whitman

Jefferey Plevan

Joshua Postel

1) She's so beautiful-too bad she's my sister! 2) A N orw egian fish story. 3) The three racketeers. #

4) Back to m y siciHan roots.

\1 m -


% #

• %

« * ^

5) M om is m aking Rigatoni Bolognese today!


* i

• ^ ^4

f • ^

• ’ • •


6) Dad, his pal and the litde one.

• •


7) Sister Kristy, my favourite. 8) He listened to my advice

Lance Rao 9) The Rao Brothers J '



There is nothing like education for bringing to light, and assessing the essential inequality between one mind and another -Lord Hewart My candle bum s at both ends; It will not last the night. But ah, my foes, and oh, my freinds It gives a lovely light -St. Vincent Millay I am too evil for heaven and too good for hell, thus I am destined to live eternally. -Lance Rao

Thank you M om and Dad for everything. I love you both infinitely much.


Stephane Ravix


Thanks for raising me right mom!

I hope to see some of you in the future. I'd like to say thank you to my entire family without whom, I wouldn't be the type of person I am today. To all my friends, Armina, Gerald, Alex, Noah, Stuart, Claude, Marco, Jamie, Joanna, Irena, Jyotsna, Kanika, Faby, Ekin, Keren, Joy, Amanda, Ian, Ari, Omar, Jesse, Doug, Marco, Aixa, Lina, Pablo, Jonathan, John, Jack, Dave, Santos, Chris, Saudi, Anthony, Mike, Raul, Alex B., Jasmine, Celia, Veronica, Ivon, Melissa, Maria. Marielena, Angie, Stacey, Stefani, Layla, Robin, Anitra, Alisa, Anita, Racheal, Heather, and all those I've forgotten: Thanks for being my freinds; I'll never forget most of you.




I'll Miss most of you. Puerto Rican Forever,


hank God!!

Laeticia Rolland

We will always be together, nothing, absolutely nothing will keep us apart!

"Do you realize if we played by the rules, we'd now be In gym!" - Ferris Bueiler It was fun while it lasted

"No matter where you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai '^ou can't always get wAatyott want, 6vt i f you try sometimesyou migfftjhu^ you get wliatyott need" -â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;RplBng Stones "Yep, IWe saki it before and IH say it again, Hfe moves pretty t!ast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you may miss it " -Ferris Bueiler

^(fntemBerJfigfilandl^, you Both s tiff got your measure o f use it wef f andyourfu tu re w iff BegUmus. -Juan Sanchez 'I â&#x20AC;&#x2122;rvavofvos <Kgmirez

iHeRssa, (DanieCk, ^CRson, rememSer 9fo matter what: -(Dont everchange. -1 wiCfaCways 6e thereforyou. -L o v e % }t

I will always love you

Gian Piero Rotoli

Thank you for my life. I love you more than the world. I wouldn't be where I am today if it were not for you. Dad: You are my role model and my mentor. I shaped myself after you, and it worked. Thank you for everything.

M om :

"Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse." - James Dean


"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future." - Oscar Wilde

"With an infinite supply of contradicting voices telling you what to do, it seems the only voice to listen to is your own." JES: You are my high school sweet­ heart and my first true love, you will be Anonymous. ^"Life is nothing without friendship" m my heart forever. - Cicero

I "W e la u g h e d to g e th e r W e s w o r e to g e th e r W e s tr u g g le d to g e th e r S u r e w e la u g h e d at s tu p id th in g s a n d w e s w o r e u n n e c e s s a r ily , B u t d a m n it w a s fu n ."

Alix Smith

To m y fam ily: Thank you fo r everything. I w ou ld n ot have m ad e it w ithout you! I lo v e you!

People say I live in m y own i'orld; that's O .K ., th ey know m e liere." -Steven Wright

To all m y teachers: Thank you for your sup~ ' r -

Stuart P. Stelzer

Tomorrow the world

M ..

Thanks Mom & Dad for everything. Love ya, but Dad you owe me $15 for our card game!

"The easy part about friends is making them. The hard part is keeping them throughout life" Love ya. Jack


This is too all my friends-Alex,Claude,Jessy, Doug, Rueben, Gael, Beth, Jenn, Jesse and to everyone who I missed I love you guys but most of all I love you girls and let's partyLook here..I can dance

Jack D. Sutton Claude your the best athlete, ya right and/or my boy squash the beef.

To my Brooklyn Boys: Jackie, Sammie & Phil. Luv ya guys, see ya at the pool hall.

love ya Jim and I guess yoi too Adele. Thanks alot.

Mom & Dad-1 could not have done it without you! You mean more than everything to me. 1 Love you botli!

Ekin Tan

|Gokce & Onur- My heart is always Jwith you at Ankara Koleji!

Keren, Fabiana, Jaime, Irena Maryann, Kanika, Joy- Thanks for always being there for me. I'll miss you all.

Jyotsna- Thanks jo r being my best friend I love you


(â&#x20AC;˘lines - You are the biggest part of my heart. I love you.



r a









Speak softly and carry a big stick. -Teddy Roosevelt

I d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. -Charles Houston


Melanie, I've known you for over nine years, you will always be #1 in my heart, from now to infinity - 1 will always love you.

Some men see things as the\ ar and say, "Why". I dream of things that never were and say. "Why not. "-Bobby Kenned\

r -Goodfellas -Long live the stupid club

-Mellisa and Allison -My homegirl Lexer


Back in the Anglo days with ■Joah. I— — — Gerald's angels. -Don't mess with me and my crew I want to say thank you to my family, especially my mom and my dad, even you Erin. A special thank you to all the ladies, adding to my high school experience, I love you all. Carlos, Alex, and all my boys outside of school, thanks for all the memories and may life treat you well. From Hemroids to the rest of the stupid clubPUMPERNICKEL-Brooklyn-aka-Crooklyn in effect as always. And remember behind every strong man is a woman, and boy am I diesel.

Adam Thomas "What you are speaks so loudly that 1 can't hear what you're saying -Walt Whitman GRANDPA DAD MATT










m m sp



w fiiy 'iiiiim y s

iHinoyFOBMDPPORramsyoBNiivfHi MlBBlflOMEGBODlytKllimyTHl





ILOVE YOU ALL!!! " All of us could take a lesson from the weather; it pays no attention to the criticism." -C.M. Schwab


YEAH!!! Go for it!!! And never stop!!!

F. Omar Ventegeat m

I w ould like to thank m y parents, family, and friends who have helped m e get to where I am today. W ithout them , I don't know w here I'd b e. I love you guys. P.S. M om s, P ops, Thank you fo r m y life !! "Give m e som where to stand and I'll m ove the earth." - Archm edes "To know a man, observe how h e wins his object rather than how h e loses it;For when we faU, our pride supports us, w hen we succeed, it betrays us." - Colton "The surest way not to fail is to determ ine to su cceed ." - Sheridan "I'll get by with a litde help from m y frien d s." - T he Beades


I m


David W einzweig


7o oil my friends, C a rlo s / jo a n n a , Ekin, Karen, Kr is tin a, f a b ia n a , M a r y , Corrine, Audrey, Maggie, and Sbana, iinou shall n o i be f o r g o f fo n f o r ail o f fhose le ff o u t I love U!!!!!







6 13


m 1 8

SAT 2 9


V MAiBtMkiaAmrkMABnl Fkiun

I love you forever. I hope I can always be Daddy's lit t l e girl.

s o m e T h in g s Change... ... a n d s o m e finings d o n ' t

Thank you forever/filing, no mcttfer whaf happened you were there. I hope I can always be there for il. im m m m ii

Ian Zehnder







z I

Man, ^na^u, 9appij& to

vM t fam if

fm-goa^tondssyMgv^somackmattiex icme^nss,6ttti.fgowt6atttaraTia«t, tka^tDiilehBysbeiam^fiemedmw^^ ‘Tiad^JbrsaffurtBigmciBUfirntJ^mtit persoB 1 OK. 1 b at jc«gt^ U

'To myJHends'SJM . S .C ..



L,g.. ’BJK.

•DJW., 2.Q ., u ton 't 6e th t same. jto (t year, w n agh t 6e fa r axua^ But our fiearts a rt abu a^ d o se By. J ’d rtd ssyo u g u ys, a n d V S b vtyo u g u ysfo ro K T ,

£ To Isaac, Ifa k m /s lave you, don’t he too vnM in coSege!!!! •B et/i 7 years o f tfie Best m em ories o f m y O ft fiave Been w ith you . "We've Been t/tro i^ k so mitcA over tfie years., yo u tu iS aiu u ys Be m y Bestfrien d. yo u tiM oT w ays Have a fu ^ fiiu x in m y fK ort an d in m y *Tfum^fo r Being a p a rt o f it. i (o w you i

Mom, thnli^forSeiiyammmyanddadiifiprme, Sonyfor aStJiax (ate nigfits la m ed i/ai. VS missyou, but don'tforget 2 vMaiwa^{ove you, andaki/oys vHSbt yourdaugftter. ilovcyouasrrmc/i as tfa vifvik mide worid, andSacJij^ain.


Where will we be in 2016? Kaniko Agraw al- Secretary General of the UN

Jarett Livingston- Retiring from the NBA

Stov Aharoni- World Cup MVP

A rm ando Lopez- Mortician

Crane Allen- Psychiatrist in Therapy

Rachel Martin- Cowgirl

Joanna Andujar- Still a t Club Esso's

Annie Mekertihian- Rocket Scientist

Jennifer Bailey- A cting on Broadway

Renee Moizel- Designing her own Line

Am anda Bhalla- Still Drinking Tea

Aixa Moran- Public Defender in the Bronx

Jesse Bodine- "Jocko the Clown"

David Morris- Hottest New Artist in SoHo

Joy Canter- First Woman to go Pro Baseball

Beth Mossman- Fashion and Textile Design

Parul Chaturvedi- Laughing Hysterically

M arco Navarette- Spinning a t Home

Zenny Chen- Still in School

Reuben Orter- Monkey Trainer a t the Zoo

Stephanie Cohen- G overnm ent Bond Trader

Corinne Paternesi- Referee for H.F.L

Tim Coombs- Bringing Back Pink Again

John Pelagano- Director of "JAWS 39"

Jenn Corre- Owner of Clairol

Jeff Plevan- Judge Wapner's Replacemeni

Alex DeLucena- Writing for the NY Times

Josh Postel- Deisigner of the New 787

Jacques Diatloff- Sculpting M odel Animals

Lance Rao- A Solemn Poet

Alex Dudelson- Lost in the Subway Tunnels

Stephane Ravix- Head of "Def Jam"

Josh Edelman- Slam Dunking

Carlos Rodiriguez- Playboy Photographer

Elizabeth Frankel- Social Worker

Loetitia Rollond- Happily Married

Claude Franques- Trying to Quit Smoking

Kit Rosenstein- Stuck in Virtual Reality

John Gibbons- Car Stunt Driver

GianPero Rotoli- Speaks!

Carly Gottsegen- Still dating Hideo

Ryan Sasson- In trouble with the IRS

Andrew Greve- Mr. Loverman... Andrew!

Alix Smith- Top Photographer for the Vatico

Sean Griffith- Working for the National Enquirer Daniel Gudz- Heavy Metal Superstar

Jesse Spellman- Taking over Hollywood Stuart Stelzer- Operating on Himself

Lina Hoji- Successfully saying "I told you so!"

Jack Sutton- A not-so-legit businessman

Vanessa Haydon- Producing Films with Spielberg

Ekin Tan- Playing Rapunzel on B'Way

Sung Won Hong- Playing in the Philarmonic

Gerald Taylor- Running for President

Alex Huang- Still w earing his Armani Jeans

Adam Thomas- Running against Gerald

Douglas Hutton- Resting in Peace

Jyotsna Vasisht- Playing W im bledon

Pablo Ibanez- Back in Peru

Irena Vekselberg- Happily Deported

Vanessa Katzen- Married to a DreadHead

Omar Ventegeat- Still wearing Glasses

Sarah Kaye- Admits she was born in Jersey

David Weinzweig- Lost off the Coast

Jong Ju Kim- Playing in the Philarmonic

Jamie Wright- Still Proud of her A ttitude

Keren Kol-Bar- Still Flirting

Ian Zhender- Head of CB4

Gael Lelamar- Doing Stand-Up C om edy in L.A.

Shawn Zimberg- Top in Sales a t Modeli's 75




Did i^ou guess correctly? 1.

Ekin Tan


Amainda l^halla


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Jessie Spellman


2ennij Chen


Daniel Qudz


"^osh Edelmam


Renee Moizel


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;^emmifer ^a ile^




Armando Lopez


Marco Navarette


Andrew Qreve


Elizabeth Jrankel


Shawn Zlmberq


l^eth Mossman


T/m Coombs


QaelLe Lamer


Lina Haji


Doug HiAtton


Jennifer Corre


^on Pelegano


Stephanie Cohen


Vanessa Hagdon


Carlos t^odrigaez


"^acqiAes Dlatloff


Jeffrey Plevan


IfZeuben Orter


Jogtsna Vasisht


Vanessa Katzen


Alix Smith


Alex DeLiAcena


Adam Thomas


David Morris


Qerald Taylor


Sarah Kaye




Jarett Livingston


Joanna Andujar


'Jesse io d in e


Claude Jrangues




Alex Dudelson


Corinne Paternesi


Annie JMekertichian

^amie Wright


l^gan Sasson

JMost Likely to...

Senior Poll

succeed- Ryan Sasson ck Douglas Hutton

^est Looking- Alex Dudleson cQVanessa Katzen

be President- Adam ''Thomas

l^est Couple- Marco cÂŁ Renee, and Jarett (Ll Omar

marry a Teacher- Claude Jranques

Worst Couple- Douglas Hutton & Jennifer l^ailey

get a divorce- Vanessa Hay don

Most Hyper- Qael Lelemar cQReuben Orter

be a star- Jennifer ^ailey

Class Clown- Qael Lelemar cQReuben Orter

be on Ricki Lake- Vanessa Haydon

Loudest- Qael Lelemar cGReuben Orter

make a million- Douglas Hutton

ISiggest Jlirt- Keren Kol-l^ar cQStuartStelzer

m arry a million- ^eth Mossman

M ost Maternal- Joanna Andujar

sue for a million- ^ack Sutton

M ost Paternal- Claude Jranques

steal a million- 9an Zhender

Jriendliest- Carlos Rodriguez &. Joanna Andujar

not be happy with a million- Ryan


Quitest- Jong Ju Kim cQ.Alex Huang

be the other Man- Pablo 'Ibanez

l^est^ody- Qerald Taylor cQVanessa Katzen

be the other Woman- Carly Qottsegen

tSestLegs- Stephanie Cohen cGJarett Livingston

work for McDonalds- 9an Zhender

tSest Eyes- David Morris cGl^eth Mossman

work for Mom cQDad- Ryan Sasson

tSest Dressed- Ryan Sasson (QISeth Mossman

outclass- Armando Lopez cCPablo 9banez

M ost Athletic- Jarett Livingston cGJoy Canter

work a t Dwight- Alix Smith cGClaude Jranques

Teachers Pest- Crane Allen cQElizabeth Jrankel

win a Nobel Prize- Kanika Agrawal

Teachers Pet- Jyotsna VasishtcQ Kanika Agrawal

be misunderstood- Ekin Tan

Class Thespian- Jennifer galley cCJack Sutton

gossip- Sean Qriffith 81

¥ ! /{ /0

g'> ^'^

2 ^ - 0

- < ■V ? /I

— r '" '^





% ■




^ ;. jL -^'

^H., ;v


'■ N



Q 'x 'y

, 'x * ^

^.a U - L U -.



(L ^ S A jD ia j* ^

■ ''

n r s iT iT i I




BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Parul Chaturvedi, Kanika Agrawal, Eliza足 beth Frankel, Zennie Chen, Andrew Greve, Daniel Gudz, Annie Mekertichian, Vanessa Haydon, Jaimie Wright, Joanna Andujar, Corinne Paternisi, Vanessa Katzen MIDDLE ROW, LEFT ROW: Jong-Ju Kim, Joy Canter, Jyostna Vasisht, Ekin Tan, Crane Allen, Jennifer Bailey, Alix Smith, Shawn Zimberg, Jennifer Corre, Carly Gottsegen, Ryan Sasson, Alex Dudelson, Douglas Hutton, Jack Sutton, Amanda Bhalla, Irena Vekselberg, Reuben Orter, Ian Zehnder, Jefferey Pie van. Josh Postel, Stephanie Cohen, Beth Mossman, Aixa Moran, Lina Haji, Sung-Won Hung TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sean Griffith, Stephane Ravix, David Morris, Carlos Rodriguez, Gerald Taylor, Lance Rao, Omar Ventegeat, Gianpiero Rotoli, Jarett Livingston, Alex DeLucena, Stuart Stelzer, Claude Franques, John Gibbons, Gael LeLamer, Jesse Spellman, Sarah Kaye, Jesse Bodine, Rachel Martin, Jonathan Pelegano, Marco Navarrete, Renee Moizel, Stav Aharoni, Kit Rosenstein, Jack Diatloff, Alex Haung, David Weinzweig, Adam Thomas, Timothy Coombs, Pablo Ibanez NOT SHOWN: Armando Lopez, Joshua Edelman, Laetitia Rolland

CLASS OF 1997 'vi,

, / ' >< V,(!v*'

:M '

. ' . .

■' - . " y - t

, f”*

, ' "'. 1

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:Tessa Benson, Veronika Haydon, Elizabeth Heller, Julia Litvak, Fabiana Portolano, Gabriella Bass, Constance Garvey, Cedric Wallerson, Joey Miller, Kermit Tolbert, Cindy Scipio, Heather Clarkson, Stacey Lieberman, Gregg Ostroff, Orly Even-Tal,Carla Dau Villafana, Rosty Orach, Pamela Segal, Danielle Cairo, Greg Blumstein, Todd Novick, Keith Hyatt, Austin Stark MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTiEmily Thompson, Jennifer Lee, Jessica Schnur, Joey Angelson, Abigail Allen, Deonca Williams, Monica Salazar, Maria Navarro, Gable Chase, Christos Katsiaouni, Elizabeth Dapper, Simon Pfister, Kesi Gardner, Gairy Pelle, Jillian Schneider, Yaba Erwiah, Alexandra Garcia, Maryann Feierstein, Msemaji Granger, Maria Murray, Rona Yaari, Armina Del Toro, Jesse Modlinger, Glykeria Manis, James Besen, Michael Nixon, Nick Schutt, Jonathan Adler TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTiShimon Cymanow, Alex Flippa, Stuart Jakub, Chris­ tina Meskauskaite, Gabe Acinapura, Julian Soderini, Ryder Washburn, Giancarlo Ferrari, Cody Smyth, JuUan Casablancas, Jeff Goldshein, Dwight Smith, Scott Hefler, Jay Calderon, Stephen Sach, JuUen Koubi, Sarah Saul, Jamie Laden, Christian Pas­ cal, Stefano Ranzini, Leona Hess NOT SHOWNrBlain Namm, Greg Williamson, Andino Reynal, David Brown, Michael Cohen, Yoshinori Kobari

Anglo House Candids


Joanna & Steph Alix & Jock


he Girls The Bo'


Anglo House Candids Doug &

Guys & Girls"

"Best Looking Seniors"


Gera[st^& Jamie

Lina & Aixa

ShawcL& Ste

iJk ^

Yabba & Vanessa

Loetitla &




JackSc Addison

A EkiP, Kej^n. Jamie, J

Steph, Djhi^ & Vanessa

f )

Anglo House Candids Reuben & Gable, feRenee & Marco

Dave & Ryan

“The ^ ra m id '

Laetitia & Shawn

Yabba & Danielle



Andino & Cran' Vanessa & Steph



Reuben & Alex

Christina & Gable


BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Khalid Abdel Razig, Jesse Golomb, Amory Propp, Jeff Rothman, Emily Billett, Erin Taylor, Rachel Levy, Vesna Cvetkovic, Daniel Roberts, Ohad Leshem, Chris Mack MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mizan Ayers, Saskia Schaper, ThaUa Kelembelidis, Vivian Kamen, Rick Stern, Noelle Barry, Tania Guran, Pretar Passe, Natasha Nikolaenko, Susan Yu, Kate Soal, Caitlin Rousch, Dmitriy Litvak, Jessica DiCiccio, Maria Bonarska, Jennifer Brill, Natalie Darby, Chrishena Stanley TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonathan Levy, Paul Kim, Wilson Brandt, Todd Mallis, Eric Eastman, Paul DeLucena, Shaun Moss, Joe Axler, Carlos Gallego, Bennett Romanick, Evan Green, Brendan Carey, Thomas Dou­ glas, Maquarie Clark, Jason Weisbrod, Steven Palmieri, Addison O'Dea, Davina Coard, Flora Wolman, Bevin Murphy, Nora Wnuk NOT SHOWN: Alex Adami, Ari Antar, Eric Braune, Chris Chang, Peter Green, Kim Kyle, Egor Klimantovich, Fabrizio Moretti, Philip Pastore, Benjamin Pope, Mike Roche, Noel Ventegeat, Charlene Williams ■r













CLASS OF 1999 3


BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Samantha Wasserman, Julie Shimkin, Colleen Barry, Darius Feili, Alison Kranich, Noah Fisch, Greg Freidus, Sung Youn, Joel Friedman, Richard Pfister, Hashim Abdel Razing MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Raquel Segarra-James, Debra Goldshein, Lynnette Mimiasie, Georgette Brindle, Gerard Masci, Leslie Perez, Leora Lipton, Philip Bienenfeld, Tara O'Reggio, Lawrence Gallant, Doug Miller, Jarrett Cutter, Nikolai Shorr, Blake Fleisig, Roberto Masci TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Loyd Keeling, Wilton Callum, Aubrey Hodges, Jonathan Kurt, Ahmed Zango, Alex Kaufman, Jon Kaye, William Djuric, Josh Siegel, Peter Erlikh, Ian Reilly, Josh Blank, Shaun Dewar, Ohad Leshem, Caleb Daly NOT SHOWN: NataUe Darby, Will van Amerongen

■ ■ ■ ■

GAP Spring Line, 1996

Class? What class?

n What's everyone looking at?

Locker Room Quartet

No animals were harmed in order to take this picture

You want fries with that shake?

What walkmar

The Adam s Family

Up to something

We're SOOOO close!

Yearbook meetings are so peaceful?!

Locker Jive

Snow Day!?!?!

I missed you so much last period!

More of the Franklin House..

nTR TITriTiTim V iTri

Eighth Grade w

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sun Eun Jung, Antoinette Kemp, Livia Papp, Geoffrey Schotter, Rachel Bressler SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maria Araujo, Kari Schaap, Sara Rieber, Ariel Azani, Will Littler, Heather Wallerson, Vivian Rotta, George Kamen THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Olivia Szule, Victoria Segal, Justine Fowler, JuUa Balaeskoul, David Spinner, Jawn Morales, Frankie Jo FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eryc Pelle, Justin Sharp TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ian Stickland, Anthony Garcia, Christopher Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Leary

Seventh Grade

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Faradena Majid, Christina Ranzini, Deniz Ozhan, Ben Stephens SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Olivia Starr, Brad Bongar, Yekaterine Lavrova, Jordan Gottsegen, Peter Pfister, Steven Reiss, Marshall Cohen, Albert Feierstein THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Varick O'Dea, Ana Goulianos, Lyat Mizrahi, Tytus Ciechorski, Charles Kalter FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marianne Shaper, Eric Fourier, Mat足 thew Levy, Khairunnissa Azlan TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Oliver Somoza, Ian Bursztyn, Matthew Brecher

Sixth Grade

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nandi Makatini, Anwar Azlan, Eric Clark MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shane Marcus, Nicha Ubol, Daniel Einhorn, Fadzrena Majid, Tarik Ammour TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rachel Lindenberg, Andrew Emden, Antonio Campos, Rachel Heller, Seamus Howie, Fred Schaper, Ruben Hieb, Jeff Ponzo

Fifth Grade

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Schaap, Nick Concepcion, Elena Potemkina, Pinar Ozhan SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Teddy Cirillo, Gonn Aharoni, Veronica Hartowicz, Lunga Mbatha, Shaina Bhumitra THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ashraf Rijal, Charles Paul Melone, Rachel Stephens, Stephanie Williams, Daniel Fudim TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Samir Ammour, Jamie Marcus, Andrew Smith



We're building our team skills! 100

Doing our part to serve the community.. .Feeding the Homeless

H â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

A Production for the Timothy House!

- I

Before and After

Jailhouse Rock

riiTiiiTl IfiWi

Fourth Grade

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ms. McCready, Vince Feierstein, Eduardo Garcia, Andrew Lee, Mohamed Razig, Sandra Tomlinson-Hanson, Jonathan Katz, Jake Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill, Edmund Anstey TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Seth Weiss, Polina Knyavez, Ryan Bartley, Chayanee Ubol, Ana Gak, Torrie Edwards, Jin Ho Oum

Third Grade

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stuart Walker, Timi Denloye, Arseny Knyazev, Daren Broxmeyer, Nicolo Favero, Ms. Tadler-Thompson TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Yasmin Tyrell, Diana Ciechorska, Gabriella Somoza, Betsy Gottesman, Sara Friedberg

Second Grade

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Justin Bernard, David Hieb, Alexander Volka, Minot Amory, Mr. Copeland TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shane Cawthon, Laila Johns, Lucas Trobo, Schuyler Penny, Zachary Gottesman, Luisa Azenha, Andreana Miceli

First Grade

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Christopher Landis, Max Hodak, Manuela Azenha, Ms. Wong TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Skanda Kadigarmar, Fadzeana Majid, Bryce Hunt, Noni Nbatha, Matthew Grogan, Russell Taylor


LEFT TO RIGHT: Claire O'Neill, Sandrine Vorburger, Phillip Revie, Adine Bhumitra, Atiqua Azlan, Caroline Volka, Ms. Genet

hstin loves to have his p ictu re









touch the h a ll w ith m y

f^ollerblaciing Claire in the a ir I

Claire o/i the ground!

Laila e/ijoyj'mg the Jifth Qrade's performance


Qood Jriends

C ord o f th e H ies n o

Apple picking


A w a itm g their cue!

Sehind the Scenes a t the Holiday Show He cah't hear i ^oia with th a t h a t on!

What an angel!

The l^Slizzard of '96

A lit t le s m w b r i/ig s o u t th e child in a ll o f

ia s



Look who's home at the Timothy H ouse!!

9v[i?(ing ivitfi tfie zuorCdfias a marvetCousCy darifying ejfect on a man's judgermnt. We are atC confined and pent up luitfiin ourseCves, and our sigfit has contracted to the Cength o f our noses. When someone asl^dSocrates ofichat country he tvas he did not reply, "ofAthens", But "of the lUorCd". ^his great zvorld, zvhich some stiCf reckon to he hut one e?(amp[e o f a tuhoCegenus, is the mirror into zvhich zoe must [oofiif we are to hehotd ourselves from the proper standpoint.

W i l l i e goocDi^i

M y 9-[ouse Jln ancient bridgz, and a more ancient toxuerj A zuinding stair, a chamBer arched with stone, ^ grey stone fireplace zuith an open hearth, ^farmfivuse tfiat is sfieCtercd By its zuattj A candCe and loritten page. acre o f stony ground, U^Penseroso 's (PCatonist toited on ^fiere tfie symBoCic rose can Breal^^infCoiuerj Oid ragged eCms, oCd thorns innumeraBCcj In some Cik^ chamBer, shadozuing forth Odozv the demonic rage ^fie sound o f tfie rain or sound. Imagined everything, Of every tvind that BCozus; benighted travelers T^he. stiCted zuater-fien ‘from marl^ts and from fairs Crossing stream again Have seen this midnight candle glimmering. Scared By the spCashing o f a dozen coius; ‘W.‘B. ‘Jeats

Anthony Foster Assistant Headmaster The pursuit o f wisdom requires daring

Edward Engle Headmaster Emeritus " Our Country! May she ever be in the right, but right or wrong, my countjy."

- Stephen Decatur 116

DEANS Ryna Bab Dean of College Guidance Keep your feet on the ground and reach fo r the stars!

Elizabeth Callaway Dean of Admissions Seniors, the whole world is your stage. Make the most o f it!

Doric Capsis Dean of Student Affairs "The big test o f a man is not how well he does the things he likes but how well he does things he doesn 't like. â&#x20AC;? -Vice President Richard Nixon


DEANS Elaine Chambart Dean of Special Studies The sky's the limit!

Claudette Taylor- Jackson Dean of Academics Your permanent record will follow you forever.

Elaine Natalicchi Dean of Timothy House The world gets a little better every day and a lot worse by evening

Calvin Hastings Dean of Bentley House Never put all o f your eggs in one basket

HEADS OF YEAR David Anstey Head of Year, 9th Grade What goes around comes around

Jennifer Karan Head of Year, 10th Grade "A word fitly spoken is like apples o f gold in pictures o f silver." - Proverbs

Nila Long Head of Year, 11th and 12th Grades Practice is nine-tenths


Elizabeth Callaway Dean of Admissions A Dwight student is someone special

Kristina McCoobery Director of Admissions Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Pema Shakabpa Admissions Assistant To each his own

BUSINESS OFFICE Nancy Bell Comptroller Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is nwre important than any one thing.

Nicky Sofia Business Administration Giving something o f our足 selves is one o f life's richest treasures

Lenore Newman Business Administration We can do anything we want to as long as we stick to it long enough.

Michael Gehringer Office Manager "You can't fool all o f the people all o f the time." - Abraham Lincoln

Eliza Litvak Administrative Assistant Success isn't everything, but it makes a man stand straight


Christine Maguire Office Manager An idle mind is the devil's workshop

Patty Killeen Director of Activities & Headmaster's Assistant It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Patricia Sebben Administrative Assistant

Evonne Lambert Receptionist

It takes one to know one

The dijfucult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer

Emily Newton Administrative Assistant Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings


Frank Bommer Building Superintendent

Willie Sommerville, Juan Lorenzo, Oswaldo Tomala, Mario Barrera Maintainance Staff 123


Ryna Bab Department Chair You can't judge a book by its cover 1

Jennifer Karan

Allison Napoli

A single word often betrays a good design

Take time to smell the roses

"Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other." -Euripides (480)

Deborah Cohen

Alison Matthews

Imagination was given to man to compensate him fo r what he is; a sense o f humor to console him fo r what he is not.

Always make deadline!

Laura Rebell



Bruce Kelly


Elaine Chambart Department Chair

Nila Long Where there's a will there's a way

Je pense done je siiis

Luz Giraldo Lisa West "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point."

En la mesa y en eljuego se conoce al caballero

Elaine Natalicchi Friends may come and go but enemies accumulate

Jesse Jang Luisa Valenziani

"Listen to counsel and receive instruction that you may be wise in your latter days." - Proverbs

To myself: Carpe Diem - Horace To my students: O Temporal O Mores!-Cicero

Yoichiro Matsumura A rolling stone gathers no moss 125


Arthur Samuels Department Chair WilHam Goodin ^ You go on the tennis court to play tennis, not to see if the lines are straight.


thing sorry fo r itself Edward Engle "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12

Calvin Hastings Less is more

Craig McDonald Work, work, work

Amy Garrett To understand completely is to forgive completely

Keith White

Amy Beder

Et in arcadia ego

Whats are easy, its the Hows that are difficuh


David Anstey Mathematics Chair Plus


Nicholas Didkovsky Computer Science Chair/ Director of Technology

change, plus c'est la meme chose

Sandra Darzy


Do not use: can't, should, never, stupid, fair Use: I will always do my best. That's smart!

Badgers don't fight fair, that's why God created dachshunds - Hunter Thompson

Sheldon Perlysky You are a gentleman and a scholar!

Raffaella Depero Gloria Feierstein

Never say never

Anything is possible with Faith, Hope and Love!

Carleen Graseck Do not walk before me, for I may not follow. Do not walk behind me, fo r I may not lead. But walk beside me and be my equal.


Keith White Scott Genzer

There can be only me

Petit a petit I'oiseaufait son nid 127


Henry Cadra Department Chair You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him smoke

Doric Capsis I f you try to be someone else, the best you can do is only second best - Morsen Wooten

Cheryl Keeling Winners never quit, quitters never win

Jim Cowan The price o f greatness is responsi足 bility 128

Pippa Mayell

There is more to be leamea on one day o f discomfort, \ poverty & anxiety than in at lifetime of apparent hap足 piness, security, riches & power.

Radomir Kovacevic It is easy to get ten thousand soldiers but difficult to find one general

Melanie Reid It's not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. Seneca


Michelle Hyde .ower School Chair ell me who your friends ire ami I'll tell you who \ou are.

Ellen Grayson

A stitch in time saves nine The wise old owl lives in an oak. The tnore he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Wh\ can't we he like that wise old bird?

Amy Beder

Can't means won't

Karen Pithie Knowledge is power

Eugenia Engle

"Speak gently to the young, w they will have enough to bear; 'ass through this life as best they may, 'Tis full o f anxious care!" - Lewis Carroll

John Sapp

^aste not, want not

Joyce Robinson Upper School Chair

Laura Rebell Give a girl a fish you feed her fo r a day. Teach a girl to fish you feed her fo r a lifetime

Joan Goulianos To thine own self be true

Randi Costa Better late then never

Christine Bokina It is better to learn late than never

Denise Saul

What could be more fun than reading a good book!


Nigel Urry Department Chair Well, I'll go to the foot o f our stairs!

Anothony Foster The pursuit o f wisdom requires daring

Sandra Darzy Shh! Ms. Darzy's coming!

Richard Thornley

Rebecca Wagers

Hey, these darn Yankees ain't so bad!

Land is a place to diy fish

Radomir Kovacevic The day comes to an end, but I ^ ^ e destination is distant

Sheldon Perlysky You 're a gentleman and a scholar!


Kristina McCoobery Department Chair The eyes are the windows to the soul

Emily Gitkin

Jennifer Schoenek

It s not over til the fa t lady sings

There are no small roles, only small actors.

Ellen Duffy A blank page or canvas so many possibilities

Melissa Dadourian

Serena Depero

Six of one, half-dozen o f another

^ penny saved is a penny earned


Elaine Natalicchi Timothy House Dean The world gets a little better every day.

Nancy Wong

Wendy Genet

A picture is worth a thousand words

Every Cloud has a silver lining

Robin Copeland AÂŤ

Penny Tadler-Thompson A rolling stone gathers no moss

Karen McCready It is better to fail at something than to succed at doing nothin

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE "If I can slop (me heart from breaking I shall not live in vain; If I ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain." -Emily Dickensot,

Mary Abdullah


Eve Wolfshon

Carpe Diem

Ne jugez jamais un livre par sa couverture


George Kamen, M.D. Nosce te ipsum (Know thyself)



Blondes DO have more fun!

Is It Non-Assembly or Assembly Friday?

Ears? What ears?

We can't wait for Monday's Cabinet Meeting!

What's this "sit in" for again' If you don't come for your Yearbook photo today...

Does this count for headmasters too?

,.Ms Watcha lookin' at? 134

Pick us a winner Mr. Thornley!

Where's my coffee?!


f f»f f•Im iiiiifjjim


Back Row: Tania Guran, Jessica Schnur, Fabiana Portolano, Ekin Tan, Maryann Feierstein, Keren Kol-Bar, Danielle Cairo, Abigail Allen, Nora Wnuk, Vivian Kamen Front Row: Monica Salazar, Jaimie Wright, Vanessa Katzen


Top Row, Left to Right: Mr. Capsis, Giancaiio Ferrari, Pablo Ibanez, Stav Aharoni, Jonathan Levy, Ryder Washburn, David Weinsweig, Cody Smyth, Stefano Ranzini Bottom Row, Left to Right: Carlos Gallego, Paul de Lucena, Richard Pfister, Simon Pfister, Brendan Carey, Bennet Romanick, Greg Freidus, Julian Soderini

Mini-JV Girls Basketball

Back Row; Olivia Starr, Cristina Ranzini, Antoinette Kemp, Julia Balaeskoul, Lyat Mizrahi, Sara Richer, Ms. Mayell. Front Row: Rachel Bressler, Heather Wallerson, Victoria Seigel, Olivia Szule, Marianne Schaper

Mini-JV Boys Basketball ^

Back Row: Mr. Cowan, Ariel Azani, Chris O'Leary, Eryc Pelle, David Spinner, Ian Stickland, Jawn Morales. Geoff Schotter, Anthony Garcia, Brad Bongar. Front Row: Samir Ammour, Jordan Gottsegen, Charles Melone, Seamus Howie, Charles Kalter. Not Shown: Albert Feierstein, Varick O'Dea, Peter Pfister, Stephen 138 Reiss, Jeff Pongo, Eric Fourier, George Kamen.

Boys JV Basketball

Back Row: Mac Clark, Mike Roche, Wilton Callum, David Weinzweig, Assistant Coach, John Kurt, Mr. Capsis. Front Row: Noel Ventegeat, Nikolai Schorr, Steve Palmieri, Brendan Carey, Captain. Not Shown: Eryc Pelle, Jeff Goldshein, Noah Fisch.

Boys Varsity Basketball

Bottom Row: Omar Ventegeat, Mizan Ayers, Joey Miller, Julien Koubi, Wilton Callum, Chris Mack. Top Row: Adam Thomas, Jay Calderon, David Brown, Aubrey Hodges, Jarrett Livingston, Gairy Pelle, Dwight Smith, Mr. Cadra.


Girls Varsity Basketball

Top Row- Yabba Erwiah, Ms. Reid. Bottom Row- Pretar Passe, Erin Taylor, Cindy Scipio, Joy Canter, Lina Haji. Not Shown- Vannesa Katzen.

Varsity Softball

Joy Canter Captain

Front Row- Glykeria Manis, Jamie Wright, Ekin Tan, Fabiana Portolano, Bevin Murphy. Back Row.- Mr. Capsis, Maryann Feierstein. Not Shown: Abigail Allen, Nora Wnuk, Tania Guran, Jessica Schnurr

The 1995 Baseball Team

Top Row, Left to Right: Coach Cowan, Stephen Sach, David Weinzweig, Macquarie Clark, Scott Sigal, Omar Ventegeat, Brad Zeifman, Thomas Douglas, Coach Villano Bottom Row, Left to Right: Ezra Lewis, Paul DeLucena, BrendanCarey, Bennett Romanick , Ian Zehnder, Ari Antar


Track and Field OUTDOOR CROSS COUNTRY, 1994-1995 Bottom Row: Erin Taylor. Pretar Passe, Lynnette Mimiasie, Georgette Brindle, Cindy Scipio, Mrs. Keeling. Top Row: Cedric Wallerson, Loyd Keeling, Noel Ventegeat, Fabiana Portolano, Susan Yu. Deonca Williams

INDOOR CROSS COUNTRY, 1995-1996 Bottom Row: Joel Friedman, Loyd Keeling, Mrs. Keeling, Lynnette Mimiasie, Georgette Brindle, Deonca Williams, Stephane Ravix. Top Row: Jessica Schnur, Antonio Campos, Eric Clark, Daniel Einhorn, Tarick Ammour, Susan Yu.

VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY, 1995-1996 From Left to Right: Mrs. Keeling, Daniel Roberts, Joel Friedman, Stephane Ravix, Lloyd Keeling, Deonca Williams

MINI JV CROSS COUNTRY, 1995-1996 Mrs. Keeling, Daniel Einhorn, Eric Clark, Tarick Ammour, Antonio Campos

Girls Varsity Tennis

Shawn Zimberg, Veronika Haydon, Tessa Benson, Elizabeth Heller, Zenny Chen, Joystna Vasisht, Ms. Mayell. Not Pictured - Vanessa Haydon, Julia Litvak, Rachel Martin

Boys Varsity Tennis

Front Row; Greg Williamson, Eric Braune, Dimitry Litvak Back Row: Rostyslav Orach, Alex Adami, Peter Green Not Pictured - Egor Klimantovich, Austin Stark

stu d e n t


"the Anglo House Back Row: Stuart Stelzer, Pam Segal, Glykeria Manis, Kit Rosenstein, Dr. Long. Front Row: Jeff Golubchick, Christos Katsiaouni.

The Jra/iklm House Back Row: Thomas Douglas, Erin Taylor, Ricky Stem, Pretar Passe. Front Row: Ms. Karan, Tara O'Reggio, Lynnette Mimiasie, Loyd Keeling, Caleb Daly. Not Shown: Chris Chang

th e JSe/itleu) House Back Row: Veronica Hartowicz, Brad Bongar, Rachel Stephens. Front Row: Heather Wallerson, Antoinette Kemp, Nicha Ubol.



Elizabeth Heller, Ekin Tan, Kanika Agrawal, Stephane Ravix, Jon Pelegano, Alex DeLucena, Scott Hefler, Paul DeLucena, Sung Won Hong Below: Mr. Kelly, Jesse Golomb

The n te m ry M agazine

Rona Yaari, Josh Edelman, Alex Garcia, Jennifer Lee, Emily Thompson. Not shown: Gabe Acinapura


Rollerblading Club

Timi Denloye, Torrie Edwards, Jake O'Neill, Stuart Walker, Lucas Trobo, Justin Bernard, Minot Amory, Yasmin Tyrrell, Russell Taylor, Ms. Grayson, Claire O'Neill

World Gym

Ms. Wagers, Carla Dau Villafana, Thalia Kelembelidis, Leora Upton, Tara O'Reggio, Thomas Douglas. Not shown: Ms. Dujfy, Glykeria Manis, Yaba Erwiah, Deonca Williams, Leslie Perez

Make A Wish Foundation

Mrs. Costa, Gregg Ostrojf, Jejf Plevan, Pam Segal, Nick Concepcion, Josh Postel, Ms. Beder

Prom Committee

Mrs. McCoobery, Ms. Killeen, Omar Ventegeat, Kanika Agrawal, Jamie Wright, Jyotsna Vashist, Ekin Tal, Ryan Sasson, Stephanie Cohen

The Dwight Select Choir

Jennifer Bailey, Stacey Lieberman, Erin Taylor, Pretar Passe, Elizabeth Frankel, Alix Smith, Noelle Barry, Jessie Spellman, Tara O'Reggio, Laetitia Rolland, Leora Lipton, Kanika Agrawal, Ekin Tal, Fabiana Portolano, Keren Kol-Bar, Maryann Feierstein, Zenny Chen

The Bentley House Chorus


Rachel Bressler, Rachel Stephens, Rachel Heller, Khairunnissa Azlan, Anwar Azlan, Faradena Majid, Nandi Makatini, Ms. Gitkin, Stephanie Williams, Veronica Hartowicz, Fadzrena Majid, Nicha Ubol, Lunga Mbatha, Daniel Fudim, Olivia Starr, Peter Pfister, Ana Goulianos, Lyat Mizrahi, Cristina Ranzini, Elena Potemkina, Ben Stephens, Shaina Bhumitra, Pinar Ozhan 152

Home Page Design Hearn

Scott Hefler, Ryder Washburn, Wilton Callum, Stefano Ranzini, Giancarlo Fenari, Paul DeLucena. Not Shown: Gabe Acinapura

The Chess Cluh

Polina Knyavez, Zachary Gottesman, Mr. Weeramantry, Sandra Tomlinson-Hansen, Minot Amory, Jake O'Neill, Jonathan Katz, Ryan Bartley, Justin Bernard, Jin Ho Oum, Seth Weiss, Edmund Anstey

Computer Club

Claire O'Neill, Chelsea Holman, Phillip Revie, Russell Taylor, Jake O'Neill, Andrew Lee, Seth Weiss, Yasmin Tyrell, Stuart Walker, Jonathan Katz, Ryan Bartley, Jin Ho Oum, Edmund Anstey^^^



Front Row: Pretar Passe, Erin Taylor, Yaba Erwiah, Alix Smith, Ekin Tan, Parul Chatuverdi, Ms. Cohen. Second Row: Stephane Ravix, Carlos Rodriguez, Gerald Taylor, Gabe Acinapura, Alex DeLucena, Vivian Kamen, Kanika Agrawal. Back Row: Jeff Plevan, Bennett Romanick, Elizabeth Heller, Elizabeth Frankel, Jeff Goldshein, Cedric Wallerson.

W eight T ra ih ii^g r

Back Row: Mr. Kovacevic, Ryder Washburn. Second Row: Bennet Romanic, Ari Antar, Will Van Amarogden, Peter Green. First Row: Paul DeLucena, Stuart Jakub, Jonathan Levy, Eric Braun.

W restling Cli4b Standing- Reuben Orter, Crane Allen, Mr. Kovacevic, Andino Reynal. Kyle Kim. Below: Paul Kim. Not Shown- Ryan Sasson



f t

% Back Row- John Kurt, Jacques Diatloff, Jessie Schnur, Ms. Grayson, Eric Eastman, Wilson Brandt. Front Row- Yoshi Kabari, Rachel Levy, Josh Siegal, Stav Aharoni. Not Pictured- Bennett Romanick, David Weinzweig, Todd Mallis, Abbey Allen, Carla Dau. Dave catching air! Wilson getting ready for competition!

The Athletic Club


Claire O'Neill, Zachary Gottesman, Stuart Walker, Russell Taylor, Nicolo Favero, Andreana Miceli, Gabriella Somoza, Jake O'Neill, Seth Weiss

Model lAmited Nations

Front Row: Irena Vekselberg, Gerald Taylor, Elizabeth Heller, Elizabeth Frankel Back Row: Thomas Douglas Ms. Garret, Mr. Samuels Not Shown: Gabe Acinapura, Scott Hefler, Ryder Washburn, Stefano Ranzini

Peer Sup port

Back Row: Gabe Acinapura, Jon Pelegano, Crane Allen, Carlos Rodriquez Front Row: Ms. Karan, Gabriella Bass, Alix Smith, Claude Franques

tCfiAestrian Club Maria Bonarska, Alix Smith. Not Pictured- Ms. Graseck, Seth Weiss

1 156

Into the Woods by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim

DRAMA Sarah as Lucinda, M aryann as Florinda, Jennifer as the Step Mother

THE CAST: George Kamen, Vivian Kamen, Ekin Tal, Kanika Agrawal, Sarah Kaye, Nigel Urry, Jennifer Bailey, Jessie Spellman, Noah Laney, M aryann Feierstein, Natalie Darby, Gerald Taylor, Pretar Passe, Jennifer Corre, Rebecca Mindel, Colleen Barry, Crane Allen, Alex de Lucena

:3? Jennifer as the Witch & Ekin as Repunzel Pretar as Cinderella & Gerald as Prince

Spring 1995

PRODUCTIONS Picnic by William Inge

Jennifer as M adge & Nick as Hal

THE CAST: Jon Pelegano, Tessa Benson, M aryann Feierstein, Nicic Schutt, Stuart Stelzer, Gabriella Bass, Colleen Barry, Jennifer Bailey, Jessie Spellmann, Constance Garvey, Addison O'Dea

m Colleen Barry, C onstance Garvey, Jennifer Bailey, Jessie Spellmann, M aryann Feierstein, Tessa Benson Stuart as Howard & Jessie as Rosemary

Fall 1995

I.B. Drama Production

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Jack Sutton, Jesse Bodine, Jessie Spellman, Alex de Lucena, Amanda Bhalla, Laeticia Rolland, Jennifer Bailey


















Christina JMeskausi^ite

M a s k -e ra d e

Leona Hess

Alex Garcia

Jifth cGSixth Qrade

Jahrizio Morretti

2>»« IMfk. S*>« Mt I '• « V

• >i»^ vAw





ijaba trwiah 164


M “J»s

.«, .>•<«*«•>

A*fc»«»% ««»« ^1I.i..1«|-"

JL jM ^lf Jennifer ^rill

^aithouse %pcl^ performecC f o r the ‘Timothy


‘The Inauguration o f (Divight's ‘Weather Station

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;27te !HoCiday Sdoiu

Srougfit to you 6y tfie ^motfiy 9-Couse 166

R e a d in g

Week Up! Up! and away to DC Comics!

Didn t Mr. Soahn graduate last year?

Deniz Ozhan, Ian Bursztyn, Oliver Samoza and Ben Stephens make their own books.

Can I have Wonder Woman s Phone Number?

Book number 2000! Ms. Matthews will be so p r o u d ! S t o r y t e l l e r , enchants the Timothy house with his tales.

Shiowboard and Ski \Neekend

Ridins in style to Vermont!

Ms. Grayson, Snowboarder & Ms. Duffy, Skier

Jacques Diatloff

David Wemzweig Eric Eastman

John Kurt

Josh "Chavez" Siegel Ms. Duffy

Project Open


Dwight School Kindergartners visit Senior Citizens for Valentines Day.


I L U .e


Congratulations to the Glass of 1996

T/7^ Dwight School



"LCizoBetH, We fiave zuatcfiedyou attain zvisdom, strengtfi o f character, and confidence on your patfi to adu[tfiood. We now zvisH you future ^rozvtfi an d^ eat success in wfiateveryou do! "Ede y k meiC(eur est a venirl iCmegCix) deve encore venire!

Congratidations! "Witfi Love, Mom, T>ad, and9\dicfiae[





/ f i /

(’/' /i(WH> OS'» i/iuam, .vAdv ,vct)c/t/<\’/t, .{I’f nn‘ a <s'co/H‘, * a . //o(/e//, a X i/h/h'/h/ foo, on^ i/oar/)oi/ff p/'oieio, . /('/!v AV/c/f (o ///('< //o</(’M^/o/' //0(0, I Hic/i /Kt/fH'A' (OS' fi/ne a/n/,s'/>ace a//o(o. atn/1 i/te//)// vo/ne fo /n i/u/ < On/ / ho(/h> / ' ( ntc p /'a /lim/. ^7^/ss'i-/)orn^ (j/'a/u/c/ii/i/p/'//n'.s' cAr/t, f/'/ / ti>// tf >s'traf(jA(, (OS' Ae,s( / / ca/f. (JA(/(0/f^ (jf/Ttq/('os'/, (OS' cA/AAu'/f (A), (^hi (i/(.’\s ,s'/(f(/<' .vAe’v (/((/ihute. S/ro(0(/((j t(^) A(os' nof /x'c/t *

lo /m V /z/m v > sA ^/('A (Ax(>/i/'^(/A/ (^m uo’^ tj,

[i/cf < s'Ah’ //i(ui(f(/('(/ to f/'(imccfi(A ^KMi./IwA'e's' Ae//.), Ac/' (fut(.w(//'H'/n/, y/e<ms' ((H’/t/ />(/, /io(o t iAa«)/i /v at ^/)(o((jAf 'HVtere cofn/.)eft/ion os .w (f(/At. y /e / Aofv t\s (oAerc /Ads' nKt(A’/nods'e/A> I fA(f(0('(/i‘0(‘fsj0/H' <s ' / k ’ votfA/e,i'ce/. f^('(‘(f//fc ",V(e<t(/ ,0//</'' - a /'('(//(A>/((jA(/ f 77m Ao/fo/‘ls' //((>/'(’ tA(U! />(>(/j^(/ /)/'((jAt, i)A(/(o//^' c/m/HH'fe/' (A'(/ /m'q(j fo /((jAf f 77n‘ re(os'o/t ,sAe io(o\/.>h'Ac(/o(ifr^(/Af, (Y M r fjon / r onv (o/to .s'Aouf.s “u 'm 'o fc/" S/hi^(/At(/fo ,s'<pj fA/e/'c O S ' n u H ' / i more, < ih((/e/if foacAc/', Aon or ro//, . //af/i (t/t(/ v^rc/u'A (u k / ^ I s/ h i no/. //p/inif(j f/io((/f(^(H‘, ,s'o cAiv, . //o(/v/tq(/, /( ’('(ttos'c ,s'Ah‘\s' <s'/ceA, irTccn-four, /h'^t/cA, (X tfK /, . ///p/'fAew , ,s'A(' (/((/ Acr (0(pj,

t f//f^/'/^(y, (H'f/'/((/, Ufii/A{-r /-yTAon, (^)/\'oioss'e / / cot/A/^ (JO on a/u/on, 'J /e o r /ooA/)Aofo<s', fcnnds' fcom, . \o (oon(/er re/a fitu‘,s' a // />eant. 'Ui'fA .s'(/eA a />ac/^(/ronn(/, (oAo can (/oaAf UI^Aaf (t co//(^(jc to i// Ac a // aAoaf, //(cr/a fa re ds' (t Ar((j/tf neto (Anon , /n</fAaf\s' (oAt/ (oc're ,s'o/)ron(/p/\ f/uuon.



Cotta Co 1b Mo’^s

SINCE 1389

FOR THE BEST IN SPORTING GOODS AND APPAREL Over 53 Stores Throughout The New York, New Jersey And Pennsylvania Area. Call 1-800-ASK-M0DELLS 175

Twinkling ei^es Winning smile Heart-breaking dimples

Alex - "Count LjOLdr gardem bi^ the flowers that bloom and m tb i^ the leaves that fa ll." \Ne adore yoi All our love, Mom d2 Dad

Jarett Livingston: You’ve grown into an intelligent, selfreliant young man. You've made us very proud. Always remember to be your own person. the captain o f your ship and the mas­ ter o f your soul” Love & "hoops” Mom & Dad Hey, Hey Hey!! The Yearbook fundraising is never done. If you or a family member would like to purchase one of the Class Photos, we're selling them for $20 each!! Immortalize your 1995-96 year at Dwight with a picture of you and your friends. Order any time. Call Kristina McCoobery or Ellen Duffy at 724-2146. Thank you and enjoy! 176


Congratulations Seniors! From: Mrs, Callaway, Mrs. McCoobery & Miss Shakabpa

Congratulations to Jeff Plevan and the Dwight Class of 1996

Love Mom, Dad, Bill & Sara

To The Class of 1996: Best Wishes on the road to realizing your future dreams..... The Hellers


On M a y 31, 1978, you made t w o people the happiest on the earth and you have managed to keep doing t h a t ever since, I could w r i t e pages on your achievrments from boy scouts, to karate, and ail the sports in between. But, by fa r your biggest achievem ent is the kind, considerate, intelligent son and man t h a t you have become. Your moth er and f a t h e r could not be more proud of anything we have done in our lives, as we are about you. W e th a n k God everyday for the wonderful person and son t h a t we have. W e wish you all of the best life has to offer, and hope t h a t your f u t u r e will be even better than your past. Ryan you are our life, our love, our son. Congratulations to you and the class of 1996! All our love. M o m and Dad


You have learned a lot, you have tried a lot. Keep going, be happy, and you will m ake the people around you happier. Love M om and Dad


STUDENT VANESSA K- You have m ade my senior year, the best it could possibly be! We have had some crazy nights to ­ gether and I will never, ever forget them! I love you! STEPH

^ASONare the best thing th a t has come into mi^life. We have been through so much together. 9 will Love Ljou till’ the dag 9 die. 9 love gou! -SHAWN

RYAN- Congratulations! Watching you through out these past threee years has made me so proud! The best of luck in the years ahead. Love, AMY

Jor Stephanie our love, V\Je know that ^oiAr job as the yearbook editor was not easLj, b u t i j O i A handled it like a pro. Skinnij cGPhatts


VERONIKA- You are my best friend and always will be. We have been through a lot together. I love you sweetie. Love always, SHAWN

Skinny & Phatts I know it was hard for you to get through school but you did it! I'm proud of both of you (Doug good job with the yearbook). Steph

To Valentin-1 just wanted to say thanks for all the support you have given me in the last three years. Without your love I couldn't of done it! Love always, VANESSSA H.

DR. CHAMBART-1 ju st wanted to rem ind you that I greatly appreci­ ated your help in preparing for college. Thanks so m uch, VANESSA H

R'1^2>£R.t^eoAA leeti. <^Aeai Jmt pizaAe. Hoi to- t'Ufl.


SCOTT- Get out of the office! Don't forget to m ount the hard drive. "FOCUS" GABE TESSi- Hope you liad a freat year, fiood luci( next year! Love you always, MOilllKA PS. "Tiieraiiiswaitini" "c

Listen, I k n o w in today's society g ra d u a tin g High School isn't e x a c tly the highest o f honors, BUT IT WAS HARD FOR US, SO SHUT IT!!! Thanks, S kin n y & Phatts (Doug & Jesse)

BETH & GAEL- No m a tte r w iiere we roam, I w ill always love you. Our friendship means a lo t to me! STEPH

JHRETT- One of the brighiest stars in my sky. Hll my loue foreuer, RONNIE


BOOSTERS • JOEY A- Although we are not officially ste p ­ sisters... I still consider you to be a part of my life. I will always love you. Good luck in your senior year next year. I know you'll do great! STEPH SHAWN- Congratulations on graduating! Good luck in college and with Jason! Love you always, your bestfrierxi, VERONIKA

STU J- Don't forget "oohgabooga" and Stu be good. GABE

RYAN, OMAR, JARETT, SEAN- I w on't forget our days in physics. They were oh so funny! I'll miss those days STEPH

To Ms. "K" Thank you so much for putting I up with me for 4 years, you know I'm your best project and was your first student here. Thanks so much. Love Yah, Brooklyn Boy Brooklyneeze- I'll teach it to yah. Claude- What are you doin' in my picture? Look French boy we'll always be cool. "You got burgers in this joint?" To the SY boys- The three stooges, Phil, Jackie, and Sammy, . I love you guys- Phil , you do it to yourself. Jackie, "I love her". Stretch, take care, see you on duty- busted. To Gael and Beth-1 love you girls so much, my year would have been nothing without you girls. I love you, the hang outs, the clubbing, all of it. You'll never get rid of me... To Jen and Jessie- "uhh Prom night this and that look I think I'm busy but I got time for a little dance for both of you. Love you ladies and we all know who is the better actress—>me Steph- My page better be dope. Love Yah. Jess B- Yol! it was cool but enough with the homework. You fat penguin Doug- Come to school sometime. Whip it you ciderhound Teachers-1 know you'll miss me. It will be quiet but I'll stop by sometime for a visit... To the sell out OR- You're no sellout, just a player. We'll always chill, we got fame all over, downtown, uptown. The Bear and OR will always live. NHP AS FOR ALL YOU LADIES- I'M LISTED OR YOU CAN CALL ME ANYTIME-(718) 253-0116 CONGRATS EVERYONE-1 love you all and Good luck. If you want to buy any movies, give me a call. JACK D SUTTON- PARTY OVA HERE

Ryan, You have made the last year of my hfe absolutely amazing. We have grown a lot together, and no words can express how proud I am of you. You are my first love, and I will love you forever. I love you with all my heart. Congratulations! Love always, Jessica








"Fun with the yearbook, HA HA HA................. ha."

"Slam Hunks!"

" G o.. . u m .. .Dwite?"

"We've got to stop meeting like this." 186

"This is no laughing matter"

"He's just a friend."

"When Harry met Sally"

"Ohh! No you didn't!"

UOYZ [n the Hood

'Are you girls okay?â&#x20AC;? 1 is the lonliest num ber..

1, 2, CHA, CHA, CHA

So what do you say Steph?

The Love Birds

0119065 NYPD 20 Pet. Jaywalking


Steph, workin' her magic!'











Front Row : Vanessa Haydon, joy Canter, Shawn Zimberg, Sarah Margolis, Cara Erb, Jessica Alper, Jessica Lippis, Vanessa Pergolizzi Back Row: Yair Vanono, Siaka Hinton, Craig Tamchin, Jarett Livingston, David Weinzweig, Ryan Schaeffer, Omar Ventegeat, Alex Dezen Missing from photo: Sean Griffith, Ryan Sasson, Evan Singer, Michael Smith

the Dwight School



The AngloAmerican SJntemational School Front to back; Left to Right: William Carry, Khartoon Ohan, Jennifer Bailey, Aixa Moran, h/lelanie Young, Danielle Kipness, Asma Alanbari, M ichael Payton, Miechiel Rijke, Guy Greenberg, Gerald Taylor, Kamran Feili, Pablo Cartaya, M ichael Smith. Not pictured: Stuart Stelzer, Kiva Motnyk, Anna Sunara, Siddhartha Blalock, G eorge Baker

A WORD TO THE WISE To our "Nene" We are so proud and lucky to have a son like you- We hope that you will be happy and wish you all the best in your new school. May you never have to hear again: "As-tu. Fait ton travail" Love Mom and Dad.

To fldam: Congratulations on a jobmeldane. LUith loue, Sandra and Dad

/Hinct-We are very prcuci cf yen. I eve Mem and Jetin Charles Paul- We're proud of you! Love Mom and Dad

GOLD MEMBERS Mr. & Mrs. Harry Benson The Melone Family Mr.& Mrs. Mark Rothman Rachel Lindenberg

BRONZE MEMBERS Columba Masci Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Bernard

FRIENDS Diana Hieb Lyn and David Grogan The Brown Family





Wa « S W O R T H P \ J » I .I S H I N 0 c o m p a n y / M A R C E U N B . M J S S O t'B t »4«»«










i j





Dwight 1996  

Dwight 1996

Dwight 1996  

Dwight 1996