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The Staff Editor: Lisa Eaton Co-Editor: Audrey Boros Faculty Advisor: Diane A. Lawrence-French Staff: M ark Moffett, Robert Fiouston, Lisette Bassett, Photographers: Adam Mallin, Paula Arnet, Lisa Brown, James M urphy, Paul Ronson, Christine D. Diaz, Kathy Kikkert, Ingrid Barthelemy Thanks to. Belinda Phillpot, T A A S Faculty, Eun-Ok Moon. Special Thanks to: M rs. Eleanor Hilsman.

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Reflections in sunlight, sh a d o w s in m oonlight form the im ages of what we are and can becom e





6/7H • Mr. Hope. Front row: Suzie Lauer, M ichael Chernok. Adam Wheeler, Peter Schneider. M id dle row: Rachel Schreiber, Lee Nestor, Karina Barbosa, Elissa Biegen, James Dale, Joshua Caruso, Harold Ballard. Back row: Tamara Zerember, Shira Berk, Juliana Lee, A yad Algosaibi, Paul Ouantano, Bryan Pelton. .

7T - Mr. Thorpe. From row: Michelle Sinigallis, Nicole Sigman, Eric Zahler, Sean Futterman, Heather Pruitt, A vie Weiner. M iddle row: Tsuyako Ohara, M ahm oud Arjomaud, Hayim Brodie, David Barthelemy, Andrew W ithers, Josh Keep, Greg Wetanson, C hris Matthow. Back row: Jim Eustice, Niall O'Malley. 9

7M- Mr. Martin. Back Row: Lee Klosty. Paul Abelli, C h ris Langm eyer, Elijah Schacter, Allegra De Marzio, Jon Anderson, Justine Angelis, Malcolm Johnston, Steven Jaffe, Erika Ring, Samangha Booth, Christa Kelly, Omalara Burrowes. Front Row: M ichael Shua, A d itya Dehejia

9M Hedy Berelson, Erika Ellis, Joshua Lurie, Jennifer Kyle, Rodrigo Saez. Leslie Scammell. Tony Paris, Firoozeh Ebtehadji, Ualani Kamai. Keith Galuten, G reg Knight, M a rk Franzblau. Lucas La Fontaine. Patricia Silva, Elanah Berg, Anthony Avildsen, A lyssa W ilder, M arie-Teresa Cruz. 1



u v - Mr. Newton. Back Row: Steven Magnus, Horace Cordier, Brian Hall, M onica Cocucci. av‘ r ow . George Hasimoto, Alex Gordon, Joy Wolf, Douglas Kabbash, Ian Kerner, Andrew De Mai X(ex M c Kay f x ony Brinn, M ichael Steinberg. Front Row: Pascale Giroux, Barbara Fishel

IOM - Mrs. Markow ski. Back Row: William Anderson, Steven Scammell, W arre n Meeker, Mitsuhiko Inaba, Steven Davis, Steven Reich, M ichael Plastow, Kenneth Staggers, Sung Moon, Hamish Dunn, Karen Brody. Front Row: Janine Cuffee, Tanith Carey, Lucrezia Baragli, Karen Bhatnager, Lisa Jenulis, Jonathon Levinson, Hubert Chalamish.



MB: Back row: Steven Lefler, Joshua Levine, M a rk Gillot, Elyse Taylor, Alessandra DeMeo, Gloria Aryeh. M iddle row: Bobby Fields, Andrea Francis, Emily Robin. M a rk Levitt. Front row: M ichael Sheerer, Christina Cruz.


IIT - Mr. Burrowes. Front row: Tom Ketchum. John Yuder, Zami Wilson, Honey Lewis, Keith Kahan. Joselyn W ayne. M id dle row: Kathy Kikkert, Karen Schlesinger, Fred Charles, Bernie Lazarus, Danny Day, Christine Friscia, Em ory Calhoun. Back row: Adam Grossman, John Kandel, James M urphy, Tyrone Sullivan.

IIH - Mr. Husain. Front row: Sarah Power, Adam Eisenberg, D avid Brody, Lisette Basset, Ingrid Barthelemy, Julie Overton. Back row: Lawrence Moore, Nicola Mercusa, Peter Szakats, Adam Gebb, M a rk Moffett, M atthew Elderfield, Paul W ilcox. Absent: Richard Tsu, Nina Kauder, Paul Ronson.



Flash: another instant in an instam atic, Click: another reflex set on autom atic, Snap: another moment of the life dram atic, You really should have been there it w as so fantastic.

I took a tube train through the subw ay syste m s. I rode those tunnels like a six foot mole. I came back out and I w as ga sp in g for air.




It’s gonna take a lot of love to change the w ay things are. It’s gonna take a lot of love or we w on’t get too far.

HAIK VARTANY A n yw a y d o n ’t take life so seriously:

Le travail est une belle chose. Ne sois pas egoiste: laisse-le a tes amis.

Forgive m y nonsense as I also fo rgive the n o nsen se of those who think they talk sense. -Robert Frost


PETER RICHARDSON CARR III Let the good tim es roll!

wnMBBmimvmminxmxm-MfiMvsRffmimiwBUkummmn> , rtr-m

rn,A-etr*->i-.T.trr??+'~-iz* cn.-. i?-*-

. , -. r



It’s a long, long road That leads to our destin y U nknow n it may be Though we travel on A n d on we go The m em ories will alw ays stay W e ’re m oving to our future.




^ a w lo t

W ithout a song-, a man ain’t got a friend. W ithout a song, the road will never end, So I’ll just keep sin gin g m y song, thank you. Elvis. Ten outstanding young men in A m erica 1970.


JAMES D. GILBERT Thanks To m y family I finally M a d e it! Thanks for your support.



HOLLY GOLIGHTLY W a s it destiny, I d o n ’t know yet W a s it just by chance, or w as it planned we met Som ething in m y c o n sc io u sn e ss told me you w ere near Now I'm alw ays touched by you r presence dear. Blondie

So if you think you know how to love me





LOU GALLAGHER Heaven to me could only be a State of constant over indulgenceW ithout morals.




t Jr

CHRISTINE D. DIAZ "T h e essence of man does not e xist before he is created. It is man him self w ho m ust create his ow n essence, at each m om ent of his life.�


MICHAEL D. ROSE W ake up to find out you are the e ye s of the world W ake now d isc o ve r that you are the so n g that the m o rning brings Robert H unter

Thanx to M r. Hill and G ordon but especially to M o m and Dad, I love you.

A n d when you’ve found another soul W h o sees into your ow n Take good care of each other. -Jac kso n Brow n e




It’s not your aptitude but your attitude, that will determ ine your altitude. Jesse Jackson

W hen the going gets tough, the tough get going. R ichard N ixon


FRED CHIAO "I just think I know m y w ants from needs better than a lot of the guys in this league.� Ray W illiam s





m & m m w r m p < a s f 3 ^ ^ (m s !S ^ e ^ .s a « m B a iK e R A J ir - ••?:.- ip v & k k *






Of m

M inute by minute by m inute . . . I have waited for this day to come; Call m y name and I’ll be gone. Reach out and I w o n ’t be there.


It’s nice to be im portant but it’s more im portant to be nice!


Y esterday all m y problem s seem ed so far aw ay Now it looks as though T h e y â&#x20AC;&#x2122;re here to stay O h-I believe in Yesterday. L en no n/M cC artne y






T onight’s the night w e’ll m ake h isto ry Honey you and I A n d I’ll take any risk To tie back the hands of time A n d stay with you here tonight.

_........ *v-» i* ^




Some rain som e shine W e ’ll make this a world for two O u r m em ories of ye ste rd ay Will last a lifetime W e ’ll take the best, forget the rest A n d som eday w e’ll find These are the best of times. Styx

Babe I’m leaving I must be on m y way The time is grow in g near. Styx


Take time to tell me you really care, A n d w eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll spend, tom orrow together.

. . . Love is the author of happiness . . . H appiness brings the gift of sh a rin g . . . Sharing reflects the beauty of friendship. -O live r Jam es




A n d a new day will daw n for those who stand long A n d the forests will echo with laughter D oes anyone rem em ber laughter? -Led Zepp

If I leave here tom orrow Things just w ouldn’t be the same I’m as free as a bird now A n d this bird you cannot change -Lynard Skyn a rd

W hat a long, strange trip it’s been -Read

RICHARD LAVANANT O n ce I spent m y time playing tough gu y scenes, But I w as living in a w orld of ch ild ish dream s, Som eday these childish d re a m s m ust end To becom e a man and to go on to dream again. B. Sp ringsteen A m anâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life is to be lead by himself, A n d by nothing else, not even by love For love is blind, just as I have beenl


O n ly those w ho dare truly live Sail on silver bird Sail on by . . . Your time has com e to shine. All your dream s are now . . . m em ories . .

Som etim es we live no particular w ay but our own, and som etim es we visit your country and live in your home. Som etim es we ride on your horses, Som etim es we walk alone, Som etim es the son gs that we hear are just songs of our own. -Grateful D e ad

Just one more thing that I got to say is, I need a miracle e ve ryd ay. -Grateful D e ad

Som etim es the light gets so bright, it puts your eyes out. A n d then itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s d arkne ss all over again. To be alive is to be awake. There is m ore day coming. The sun is just a m orning star. -H enry D a v id Thoreau




From all that dwell below the skies, Let w ords of love and peace arise-, Let joyful son gs of praise be sung Through every land, by eve ry tongue.



* s

All the good and beauty, w onder crow ning wonder, Til m y heart and soul applaud perfection, nothing else.


Be careful w hose feet you step on today they m ight kick far tom orrow . -R .M .

SCOTT WOLPOW "M a g n a est veritas et praevalet.â&#x20AC;? H.M.


ISHKA STANISLAUS Sweet memories, flashing ve ry quickly by Rem inding me, givin g me a reason w hy I know that m y goal is m ore than a thought I’ll be there, when I teach what I’ve been taught

L 65

W e are so in the habit of w earing disgu ise s that we end by failing to recognize ourselves. -La Rochefoucauld


"Y o u have to be somewhere, so you m ight as well be happy where you are.â&#x20AC;?

"T h e re is no past and no future only a limitless now, alternately, if you understand the past you can change the future.â&#x20AC;?



If one only w ishes to be happy, T his could be easily accom plished; But we w ish to be happier than other people, and this is alw ays difficult, For we believe others to be happier than we are. Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ltalia! Sempre




ADMINISTRATION Philip R o ss D ea n of Stud e nts A n n Raparelli A d m issio n s

Irene M c C r e e r y D ep u ty H eadm aste r

far left Juan Lorenzo C usto d ia n

M id d le Thom as Sin Librarian

left Eleanor Hilsm an Secretary

Barbara Robbins G uid a nce C oun sellor

W illiam H athorne Bursar

ENGLISH Jam es M c H u g h -English

C hristine Burns -English

Elizabeth Youm an -English -H istory


D a vid M artin -English

SOCIAL STUDIES June W illiam s -Psych ology -H istory -G eography

Iqbal Husain -H istory -G eography -Political Theory

G avin Clarson -Sociology -G eography -H istory

Jerem y C a n ty -H istory -G eography

Gail G arcia -Ethics -Psychology



Diane French -C he m istry -P h ysics

Shirley Burchill -Biology

A sh o k Gupta -P h ysics -Econom ics

Left Carol M itchell -Biology

Right Charles Em erson -C hem istry -M ath


MATHEMATICS John Thorpe -M athem atics -Critical T hin king Paul Newton -M athem atics


Patricia M a rk o w sk i -M athe m atics -Com puter Science

G ary Rosenthal -M athem atics


FOREIGN LANGUAGES Hugette Zahler -French

Shirley New ton -Latin -English -E.F.L. -H istory

Left Seam us O â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Hanlon -English -Latin Right Gerald RankineGalloway -French -Latin -E.F.L.

Rodney Zagury -Spanish -French

T orrence B urrow es -Spanish


Alice Finnegan -Physical Education -Coach

M ichael O layos - Physical Education -Coach

,r fA

Colin Hope -Physical Education -Latin -M athem atics -Coach


M a ry Loughran Dram a







■ *


% v

\ ilm

IV u v

'■ W ," t*


1k M


John Cuk M u sic




BOYSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; VARSITY SOCCER At the start of the so c ce r season, the team appeared to be headed for a sensational year under the g u id a n ce of co ach Colin Hope. T his ye a rs team saw the return of ten go o d players, eight of w hom are now seniors. The team also saw the arrival of som e new players w ho a d d e d the extra strength needed to o ve rco m e m ost obstacles. B ob b y Fields led the pack of new a d d itio ns w ith his great speed and terrific defensive tactics. A lso new to the d e fe n se w as Jonathan Buchsbaum , w ho pro ved to be a useful player w ith his hustling beyond limits. The Plastow brothers, also new to the team this year proved to be a real blessing. Robert Plastow w as a key player w ho got the job done w hen called upon to do so. M ik e Plastow, w ho is slightly yo u n ge r than his brother, also had a good season. M id w a y through the season, Nicola M e rc u sa joined the team and fitted into their style of playing im mediately. Nicola really k n o w s the gam e well, and has helped the team out of hot w ater several times. Although one of the m ost talented team s in the league, our team suffered a 2-1 loss against D w ig h t in the sem i-finals, putting an end to our hopes playing in and w in nin g the League Finals against Brooklyn Friends. The T.A.A.S. yearbook staff and the rest of the stu dents are proud of our team and their achievem ents and w ish them the best of luck for next season.


Ml Back Row: C o a c h C o lin Hope, H a rry Hall, Robert Plastow , H aik V a rta n y, Robert H ouston, Philip Shelly, Jonath an Bu ch sbaum . Front Row: C h r ist o p h e r Knight, R ic h a rd Lavanant, E d m u n d Low son, P a triz io B ia nchi, Robert Fields, Hubert C halam ish , M ic h a e l Plastow , N icola M e rc u sa .


BOYSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; VARSITY SOCCER A t the start of the so c c e r season, the team appeared to be headed for a sensational year under the gu id a n ce of co ach Colin Hope. T h is yea rs team saw the return of ten go o d players, eight of w hom are now seniors. T he team also saw the arrival of som e new players w ho a d d e d the extra strength needed to o ve rco m e m ost obstacles. B ob b y Fields led the pack of new a d d itio n s w ith his great speed and terrific de fen sive tactics. A lso new to the d e fe n se w as Jonathan Buchsbaum , w ho p ro ve d to be a useful player w ith his hustling beyond limits. The Plastow brothers, also new to the team this year pro ved to be a real blessing. Robert Plastow w as a key player w ho got the job d o ne w hen called upon to do so. M ik e Plastow, w ho is slightly yo u n ge r than his brother, also had a go o d season. M id w a y through the season, Nicola M e rc u sa joined the team and fitted into their style of playing im m ediately. N icola really k n o w s the gam e well, and has helped the team out of hot w ater several times. Although one of the m ost talented team s in the league, our team suffered a 2-1 loss against D w ig h t in the sem i-finals, putting an end to our hopes playing in and w in n in g the League Finals against Brooklyn Friends. The T.A.A.S. yearbook staff and the rest of the stu dents are proud of our team and their achie vem ents and w ish them the best of luck for next season.



Back Row: C o a c h C o lin Hope, H a rry Hall, Robert Plastow , H a ik V a rta n y , Robert H ouston, Philip Shelly, Jonathan Bu ch sbaum . Front Row: C h r ist o p h e r Knight, R ic h a rd Lavanant, Ed m u nd Low son, P a triz io B ia nchi, Rob ert Fields, Hubert C ha la m ish , M ic h a e l Plastow , N icola M e rc u sa .


MINI J.V. SOCCER The m ini J.V. so c ce r team had a disappointing season. W e lost all our gam es. N evertheless the team played enthusiastically and to the best of their ability. W e hope next season that we will be able to get our revenge. Particular m ention should be m ade of the o utstand ing a ttacking com bination of Paul Abelli and A d a m W heeler as well as the solo defence of A ri Kissiloff (know n as the "L a c k m a n â&#x20AC;? to his team matesl)

Back Row: Rodrigo. Saez, D a v id W a rs h a w s k y , T o m W a lsh M a rk W ilson, Tom Silbert, Joshua C aru so. M id d le : A d it y Dehdjia, Jonathan Taylor, A ri K issiloff, Leland Lud in gton, Stefan Zerem ber. Front Row: Paul Abelli, A d a m W heeler.


MINI J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM The mini J.V. basketball team co n siste d of two 'large' eighth graders, eight large seventh gra ders and one star of a sixth grader. Posting a w inning re co rd w as difficult with a lot of inexperience in the team but a convincing 49-17 win over R hodes school looks forw ard to better results next year. M ichael C hernock, the Dr. J. of the six grade, show ed his court sense and ability to score from all angles. W ith M a rk W ilson and 'U se le ss’ Eustice rebounding well, the team show ed it’s class 'in s id e ’ and 'o u tsid e ’.

Back Row: Josh Keep, Joon Seo C h oi, Steven Jaffe, Jim Eustice, A d i Dehejia, M a rk W ilson. Front Row: A d a m W heeler, M ic h a e l C h e rn o c k Paul Abelli, M alco lm Johnston.


BOYSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; VARSITY BASKETBALL This season the B o y s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; V a r s it y Basketball team w ent th rou gh som e hard times. T hese you ng m en fought from start to finish only to fall a few points behind in the end. T heir defense w as the m ain thing to be proud of. T h e y sc o re d above six ty points in several gam es, w h ic h is a lot for a high school team. To lead the pack of our new recruits, we have Jason Hunt, D arryl H ayne s and senior H a rry Hall. N e xt we have five juniors w ho did their share on the team. Firstly Em ory Calhoun, V ic to r Smalls, and M ik e Scott, w hose g o o d ball handling, good shooting, and great speed ga ve the team a boost. Secondly, D a n n y D a y and D a v id B ro d y co m in g off the bench to give the team further options on d efen se and offense. O u r seniors this year w ere the backbone of the team. Although Robert H ouston w as the official captain, Rob and Jon Buchsbaum w orked hard together, and they both had a great season. Rob led the team in sco rin g and rebounds. O ther contributing seniors w ere D o u g Schubert, G regg Miller, and H arry Hall. The Eagles went into the playoffs w ith a 5-5 league re co rd but lost in the first round of the playoffs, en d in g up in third place.

Back Row: C o a c h M ik e O layo s, H a rry Hall, D a v id B ro d y . D a n n y D a y , Jon B u ch sb a u m , capt. Robert H ouston, M g r. C h rist in e D iaz, D a r ry l H a y n e s, M g r . F re d C h ia o , D o u g Schubert, A sst, co a ch e s A s h o k Gupta, and C o lin Hope. Front Row: G re g g M ille r, M ik e Scott, V ic to r Smalls, Jason Hunt, Em o ry C alhoun, M g r. John Santoiem m a.




Senior Captain Tam m y Rivera w ith assistan t C aptains Karen B ro d y and Karen Schlesin ge r led a rather inexperienced team into the season. Tam m y’s serious injury, w hich o ccurre d during the excitin g though d isapp ointing loss to Walden, shifted the burden of court leadership to Karen B ro d y and Karen Schlesinger. Their tireless effort and enthusiasm w ere m aintained throughout the season. Following T am m y’s injury, B ro d y and Schlesinger were joined by newcom er, sophom ore M o ira Jaffe. The backcourt w as in the capable hands of Rena H u m p h re ys and Lisa Jenulis with strong support from A n d re a Francis and Karen Bhatnager. Juliet O ve rto n, M on ica Cocucci, and G race H ashim oto rounded out the squad. Close losses to U.N.I.S., B irch W a th e n and W alden did not make the season the statistical su cce ss that had been hoped for, but the experienced gained and the cam araderie shared will give a pro m ising future.



SQUASH This is the first year that students from TAAS have had the opportunity to benefit from coaching in the racquet game of squash. Squash is a game of the breed that involves hitting a small black ball against a large white wall, the aim being to damage your opponents health and improve your own! Twenty students in all have participated in a most enthusiastic way in our weekly activity, which will culminate in a friendly ( ? ) battle with Dwight School. Hamish Dunn, a new-comer to the school, proved to have played the game before and competed in a junior tournament at the uptown club on the East Side. A fter a resounding first round victory he was defeated in the second round by the eventual winner of the tournament- a nice consolation. However, all participating students have contributed to a successful first year which we hope will continue in the same vein in â&#x20AC;&#x2122;82-â&#x20AC;&#x2122;83.

Back Row: M r. Paul Newton, Alex Gordon, Hamish Dunn, Steven Scammell, Front Row: Ernesto DeMarzio, Andrew W ithers, Malcolm Johnston.



Back row: Ishka Stanislaus, Scott W olpow, M iddle row: Elijah Schacter, Paul DeLeonardis, A d itya Dehejia. Front row: Paul Abelli.



TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY The Anglo American School produced its finest cross country team this year. From September’s time trials to the last championship meet in November, the Eagles turned in better times than ever before. Both the girls’ and the boys’ teams are primarily underclassmen. The girls were led by Omolara Burrows. Omolara is still only in the seventh grade yet has already broken the school record. James Shelly, Doug Kabbash, and Emory Calhoun were the leading runners for the boys. Jam es is a tireless worker who deserves much praise for his improvement. Jason Hunt, a promising freshmen, will be a great asset to next years team. Coach M ike Olayos, who deserves all the credit for making the Eagles a strong team in cross country, led us through early season confusion. Seniors Rob Houston, Edmund Lowson and M ike Rose were there to put their full effort into helping the team. As usual, we overcame our early season "surprises” avenging losses with more meaningful victories in the championship meets at the end of the season. Particularly gratifying was the girls’ first place finish in the St. Agnes invitational. W e hope that next years Track and Cross Country team have a strong and prosperous season and that they will continue to build a strong team to represent the Anglo American School.

Back Row: Coach M ike Olayos, Jam es Shelly, Em ory Calhoun, Robert Houston, M ich e al Rose, Doug Kabbash, Steven Magnus, Front Row: Jason Hunt, Kiran Bhatnager, Lisa Jenulis, John Santoiemma





<% 1%

Ik, '



< 'I

^ *■

The third annual Gong Show marked the start of the Christmas vacation. Emcee Colin Hope appeared as a variety of characters from Mr. Heresford-Bill through Mr. Clarson to Miss Mitchell. There was a very colorful group of judges consisting of Dr. O ’Hanlon, Mme. Zahler, and Mrs. Youman. It was an entertaining afternoon with first prize won by Leslie Scammell singing "Send in the Clowns” with Lisa Bennett accompanying on the piano.






LITERARY MAGAZINE This year’s "Red and Blue” was a dramatic comeback for the T.A.A.S’s literary magazine Mr. McHugh and Mrs. Youman provided zealous guidance for students who read and sorted through piles of literature from sonnets to short stories in order to choose among the best to publish. One of our upper scholars, Lisette Bassett, won an honorable mention and the lower school supplied us with an amazing amount of poetry: Justine Angelis displayed the literary and poetic talents of many of our younger students.

Back row: M ichael Rose, M atth ew Elderfield, M ark M o ffe t Front row: M ark Wilson, James McHugh, Sarah Power.


Mrs. Raparelli, Danielle Rigby, Ragna Teilmann, Lisa Bennett, C h ristin e Friscia



SCIENCE FAIR The T.A.A.S Science Fair has become an annual tradition and each year has witnessed increasing enthusiasm. The projects presented this year showed a deeper scientific interest and understanding by the entire school and included diverse interests: sixth grader James Dale and seventh grader Sammy Sharmat won first prizes for the electric motor and 3-D. Respectively, Sammy showed an advanced knowledge of how 3D works. Two very interesting projects of first place winners (Jonathan Elderfield and Tommy Walsh) proved to be very investigative experiments: Jonathan replicated Planaria, and Tommy built an electro-magnet and found the relationship between current strength and lifting strength. Tenth graders Karen Brody and Karen Bhatnager investigated dieting while Kenneth Staggers and Steven Saunders studied deoxyribonucleic acid. Juniors David Brody and Mark M offett stunned the scientifice underworld with their study of colligative properties and candy-making. Also the entire 12th grade Biology and Chemistry classes did a group presentation of samples of their International Baccalaureate laboratory work and they helped in the judging of the various projects.



M offet, Lisette Bassett.



1st row:

Table of contents: pages 2 and 3 Left to right 1st row:

James Murphy- grade II, 3- Point Perspective 2nd row: Lisa Eaton- grade 12, 3- Point Perspective Anthony Auildsen grade 9, Pen & Ink- Stipple 3rd row: Philip Shelly- grade 12, Scratchboard Susan Taylor- grade 12, 3- Point Perspective

Alexis Goldstein- grade 12, W atercolour Makiko Kobayashi- grade 8. W atercolour 2nd row: Alessandra De Meo- grade II. Etching Susan Taylor- grade 12, W atercolour and Pen & Ink 3rd row: Susan Taylor- grade 12, W atercolour Ja riy a Chara- grade 12, Pencil Drawing 4th row: Tori Mcllwain- grade 12, Pen & Ink Sarah Power- grade II, Pen & Ink- Stipple

Sports and A ctivities: pages 84 and 85 Left to right 1st row: Lisa Eaton- grade 12, Pencil Drawing 2nd row: James Shelly- grade 10, Pencil Drawing- Anatom y Lisa Eaton- grade 12, Pencil Drawing Danny Day- grade II, Etching 3rd row: Lisa Eaton- grade 12, Pencil Drawing

Title Page: page I Lisa Eaton- Grade 12, Pen S Ink-Stipple

Opening: pages 4 and 5 Left to right 1st row: Philip Shelly- grade 12, Linoleum Cut 2nd row: W assily Abraham- grade 12, W atercolour Jariya Chara- grade 12, Pencil- Anatom y Aurelio Torres- grade 12, Pencil- Anatom y 3rd row: Sarah Power- grade II, Pencil- Anatom y Gloria Aryeh- grade II, Etching Ingrid Barthelemy- grade II, Etching Underclassmen: pages 6 and 7 Left to right 1st row: Lisa Eaton- grade 12, Linoleum Block Print Susan Taylor- grade 12, Linoleum Block Print 2nd row: Aurelio Torres- grade 12, Pencil Drawing Neda Modjtabai- grade 12, Scratchboard Lisa Eaton- grade 12, Pencil Drawing 3rd row: Julie Overton- grade II, Lithograph Julie Overton- grade II. Etching Seniors: pages 22 and 23 Left to right 1st row: Kathy Kikkert- grade II, Lithograph 2nd row: Julie Overton- grade II, Pencil- Fashion Drawing Holly Golightly- grade 12, Pen & Ink Holly Golightly- grade 12, Pastel 3rd row: Lynn Keeley- grade II, Pencil Drawing Holly Golightly- grade 12, Pencil Drawing Lynn Keeley- grade II, Fashion Drawing Academics: pages 72 and 73 Left to right

Student Life: pages 108 and 109 Left to right 1st row: Gloria Aryeh- grade II, Pencil Drawing Sarah Power grade II, Pen & Ink Crosshatching 2nd row: Kathy Kikkert grade II, Pencil Drawing Lisa Eaton- grade 12, Pencil Drawing Closing: pages 116 and 117 Left to right 1st row: Lisa Eaton- grade 12, Pen ÂŁ Ink- Line and Crosshatch 2nd row: Natalie Kleiner- grade II, Pencil Drawing- Anatom y 3rd row: Julie Overton- grade II, Pencil Drawing Art, Drama, Music: pages 82 and 83 Left to right 1st row: Nina Colman - grade II, Etching. 2nd row: Susan Taylor grade 12, Scratchboard Holly Golightly - grade 12, Pencil Anatom y LaShawn Butler -grade 12, Pencil Kathy Kikkert - grade II, Pencil Susan Grubb -grade 12, Linoleum Block Print 3rd row: Gloria Aryeh - grade II, Serigraph Advertising: Pages 118 and 119 Left to right 1st row: Susan Taylor - grade 12, Pencil Still life Sumiko Kobayashi - grade 8, Pencil Still life Lisa Eaton - grade 12, Pencil 2nd row: Lisa Eaton - grade 12, Pen & Ink Danny Day - grade II. Pencil Jon Taylor - grade 8. Pencil Still life






flaJaiu. K\w.. J

"The most melancholy of human reflections, per­ haps, is that, on the whole, it is a question whether the benevalence of mankind does most good or harm.â&#x20AC;? W alter Bagehot Physics and Politics

"Reflection you may come to­ morrow, Sit by the fireside with Sorrow.— Shelley To Jane• The Invitation


MR. FOWAD ELASHMAWY Congratulates The Class O f 1982

7000 (212) 222- 8000 9000

T E L E X NO. 237516 FOW AD UR


TRADING CO., INC. 2554 B R O A D W A Y NEW Y O R K , N.Y. 10025

Herbert J. Richman

Congratulations And Best Wishes To Michael And His Classmates From The Rose Family

Thank-You Lisa And Audrey For All Your Support And Help During These Years Diane French

Park Avenue Sports Physical Therapy Sends Good W ish es To "T h e G raduates”

The Eustice Family

Congratulations From The DeLeonardis Family

Congratulations! Good Luck And Success To Scott And The Class Of ’$2 The Wolpow Family

Congratulations To The Class Of 1982 The Carrs

Best W ish es To The Class O f ’82 From Mr. And Mrs. A. W a rsh a w sk y And David

irk Avenue Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy* Irene R Odbert Ph.T Carol S. G'-eenberg. Ph I Compliments Of

112UPark Aveixie Mew York. My 10028 [212] 369-9622

Babaco Alarm System Inc. 508 Hudson Street Hackensack, New Jersey 07601

Good Luck To The Class Of ’82 And To Our Daughter Susan Love Mom And Dad

Congratulations To The Class O f ’82 M ercedes Distribution Center Inc. Good W ishes From The Robin Family

Good Luck Lou-Mother And Dad


362-62 If f


NEW YORK, N. Y. 10024

Jose And Elisa Congratulate The Class Of I982

The Senior Class Congratulates Themselves And Thanks The Faculty And All That Helped Us!!

Congratulations To The Class Of I982

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner S Smith Inc. 123

W assily Abraham, 70 Jan e Street N.Y.C. Treherne Amarasinha, 212/3 Galle Road M t. Lavinia Sri Lanka Paula Arnet, 400 Central Park W e s t N.Y.C. 865-0966 Patrizio Bianchi, Contrada Colie Perino V e cch io #4 Velletri 00049 Roma Italy Chris Boal, 145 East 92 Street N.Y.C. 860-4923 Audrey Boros, 75 East End Avenue N.Y.C. 535-4252 Lisa Brown, 159-38 Harlem River D rive N.Y.C. 281-5925 Jonathon Buchsbaum, 49 East 86 Street N.Y.C. 369-2879 Michael Buckley, 140 East 83 Street N.Y.C. 744-0658 LaShawn Butler, 2065 First Avenue N.Y.C. 831-2429 Anthony Calderon, 6 W e st 77 Street N.Y.C. 877-2563 Peter Carr, 130 East End Avenue N.Y.C. 879-8998 Jariya Cheakdkaipejchara, 300 M e rce r Street #16-0 N.Y.C. 457-1889 Fred Chiao, 142 W e st End Avenue N.Y.C. 799-4004 O livier Crosby, 315 W e st 70 Street N.Y.C. 595-2343 Peter Collins, 435 East 79 Street N.Y.C. 734-3302 Christine D. Diaz, 1808 Third Avenue N.Y.C. 831-3144 Lisa Eaton, 18 Birchwood Avenue W allington Surrey England (01) 647-4802 Paris Fields, 3616 Henry Hudson Pkw y Riverdale N.Y. 543-0653 Lou Gallagher, 254 East 68 Street N.Y.C. 737-9513 Andrew Gelfman, 352 Riverside D rive N.Y.C. 666-4523 Renato Ghica, 301 East 64 Street N.Y.C. 734-9346 James Gilbert, 343 East 30 Street N.Y.C. 679-1837 Alexis Goldstein, 275 Central Park W e s t N.Y.C. 496-8974 Nicky Gonzalez, 60 East End Avenue #36-C N.Y.C. 570-2823 Susan Grubb, 155 Riverside D rive N.Y.C. 873-2561 Harry Hall, 940 Grand Concourse Bronx N.Y. 538-6960

Valerie Holzback, 360 East 65 Street N.Y.C. 472-0536 Robert G. H ouston,-3971 Fenton A venue Bronx N.Y. 882-6032 Carl Jaffe , 375 Riverside D rive N.Y.C. 663-3634 Raymond Langlois, 61 East 95 Street N.Y.C. 369-0048 Richard Lavanant, 14 East 73 Street N.Y.C. 535-2786 Edmund Lowson, 890 W e st End Avenue N.Y.C. 865-7803 or 666-1605 Adam Mallin, Route I Pound Ridge Road Pound Ridge N.Y. 914-764-5743 Holly Golightly Mautner, 470 W e s t End A venue #9-B N.Y.C. 724-8127 Tori Mcllwain, 393 Edgecom be A venue N.Y.C. 283-5022 Gregg Miller, 500 East 77 Street N.Y.C. 734-3665 Neda Modjtabai, 401 East 80 Street N.Y.C. 570-2723 Pia Moos, 44 Bond Street N.Y.C. Roberta Petruzzi, 828 Fifth Avenue N.Y.C. Tamara Rivera, 200 Dyckm an Street N.Y.C. 569-2542 Michael D. Rose, 174 East Street N.Y.C. 734-7967 Doug Schubert, 500 East 74 Street N.Y.C. 734-7967 Philip Shelly, 123 W e s t 93 Street N.Y.C. 663-8297 Ishka Stanislaus, 79-05 147 Street #3-A Flushing N.Y. 969- 3357 Paul Strauss, 8 East 83 Street N.Y.C. 628-8062 Paul Suemmerman, 66-35 74 Street Queens N.Y. 894-9294 Dana Tang, 120 East End Avenue N.Y.C. 879-6846 Susan Taylor, 16 Park Avenue N.Y.C. 685-6559 Aurelio Torres, 140 Greene Street N.Y.C. 431-5869 Haik Vartany, 150 East 69 Street N.Y.C. 249-6249 Felice W agonfeld, 730 Fort W ashington Avenue 923-1474 Scott W olpow, 104-20 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills N.Y. 896-3234 Samuel I. Zuckerman, 49 C hester D rive Yonkers N.Y. 914-337-7191






In Memorium Daniel Alexander Aronoff 1964



Anglo-American 1982  

Anglo-American 1982

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