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MARKETING & BRANDING * Provide travelers a complete view of what the destination is all about. Easily find places to stay and visit, activities to do, where and what to eat, photos, videos, brochures, traveler’s testimonials, ratings, and loads of information which helps travelers exploring the destination. * Provide an exciting virtual travel experience which entices the travelers to visit the destination - thereby attracting more visitors. * Communication options to deliver targeted messages to groups, families, singles, honeymooners, adventure travelers and business visitors. * Multilingual * Dedicated sections to promote culture, festivals, locations, people and other activities. * Information gateway to provide vital and relevant destination information to travelers Advertising & Public Relations. * Opt-in sections for the distribution of newsletters and email campaigns. * Calendar of events showcasing up-coming events and festivals. * Promotion of local businesses and for potential investors.

SOCIAL NETWORKING * Integration of social media capabilities within the destination portal to allow users to create their own profile, interact with other users, create friends, like and share information with family and acquaintances, etc. * Integrate with popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Google+, etc. * Allow users to like and share their travel experience by text/photo/video. * Increase the opportunity for viral marketing and word-of-mouth publicity, creating loyalty and attracting repeat business. * Social Media is an emerging trend having millions of users at a single place, with 750 million+ users of Facebook, 200 million+ users on Twitter, and many more networks like MySpace, Orkut, Linkedin, Google+, etc. * With an increasing usage of internet, traveler’s presence and activity on social networking sites like Facebook is highly significant, with an average user having 130 friends, spending 55 minutes per day, becoming fan of 2 pages & member of 12 groups per month! * Social Media is not only a marketing channel but has become a “Social Online Communication Channel” and now you can have your own “Social Network Suite”.

ALLOW VISITORS TO “BUY” * Travelers are more inclined to use the Official Destination Portal for planning and researching their entire travel if they can book hotels, activities, local transportation, restaurants and other services and amenities available at the Destination. * Most of the destination portals have links to other sites or just phone numbers, so users have to leave the Destination Portal and visit multiple sites, browsing from here and there to book their travel. They cannot view, compare or buy products and services on the same site. * By implementing e-commerce solutions like Booking Engines, Map-based search interface, Travel Planner, Shopping Cart, etc., destination can now significantly facilitate visitors how they search, how they compare products and services and how they book travel products directly with the official destination portal. * Your destination portal can now act as a “One-Stop Shop” - not only as an information hub, but also as the official place to buy travel. * Your Destination Portal con now be extended to social media and mobile channels to target the ever growing social networkers and mobile internet users.

ALLOW DESTINATION SUPPLIERS TO “SELL” * The Tourism Board is now capable for promoting all businesses like hotels, restaurants, tour operators, activities, transportation, concierge, MICE, etc. * The Destination Portal now allows equal opportunity promotion for local businesses to showcase and sell their products and services on the official destination portal. * Local businesses can become part of the destination portal and benefit from marketing and selling online even without having a website or investing in IT infrastructure. * Suppliers also benefit from the direct non-commissionable revenue generated through the destination portal visitors.

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