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It’s one of those essential things which makes a holiday experience reach another level. If you don’t know where to go, or what’s on the menu, you will struggle to get the best out of your precious time. That’s why we have compiled The Dublin Tourist Guide, a comprehensive and useful insiders-guide for all things Dublin. As Dublin’s premier tourist guide the aim is to reveal Dublin’s little secrets alongside covering the more well-known landmarks. As a visitor to Dublin in Mid-March you are likely to get hit full-in-the-face with what some say is the highlight of the year in the Irish calendar. You probably know this already and have careful planned your visit to coincide, or alternatively you are just one lucky so and so. Either way you’re in for a treat. The St. Patrick’s Day festivities go on for several days and you can read our guide on page 16.

4 - What to see, what to do Telling you where to go

The Dublin Tourist Guide HKM Media Ltd 60 Merrion Square Dublin 2 01-6870695

Enjoy the craic! Peter

12 - Where to Drink Traditional landmarks and hidden gems 16 - St. Patrick’s Day Your guide to this year’s festivities 22 - Where to Shop Plenty to choose from 26 - Where to Eat Dublin’s culinary treats 32 - Listings What to do this month 38 - Trad The best pubs for ceoil agus craic.

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PICK OF THE MONTH There’s little doubt that Dublin is home to some of the World’s best bars but over the years visitors to these shores have been disappointed to find that the beers on sale in these outlets are predominantly the same massmarketed brews that they’ll find at home. Given that Ireland is synonymous with beer it is almost expected that we have a rich and distinguished brewing scene boasting a wide range of exciting, local brews. Thankfully over the last decade that’s exactly what’s emerged. Most city centre bars now stock a robust range and you’ll find the best of these in our “where to drink” section but if you’d like to find all of the new breed of Irish craft beers under one roof along with artisan food and live Irish music then make your way to the Irish Craft Beer Village at Georges Dock in Dublin’s Docklands from March 13th–18th.

what to see and do

The Old Jameson Distillery

Christchurch Cathedral

The Old Jameson Distillery is the fount of the real ‘water of life’ in Dublin. An important and fascinating landmark in the history of the city, the old Distillery will give you a chance to put your taste buds to the test and prove you know your whiskey from your scotch. Offering guided tours daily with a choice of bars to sample a Jemmie, lunch is also served from the mezzanine restaurant.

Step back into history with a visit to Christ Church Cathedral, one of the city’s oldest and most loved buildings. It has been at the centre of Dublin life for nearly 1000 years, first established by Norse King, Sitriuc Silkenbeard c. 1030, rebuilt by the Normans. The stunning gothic naves sits on top of its twelfth century crypt, one of Dublin’s oldest structures, which also houses the exhibitions, a must see for visitors with guided tours, belfry tours and a beautiful café and gift shop.

Bow Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7 2b

Christ Church Place, Dublin 8 2b

Gallery of Photography

Guinness Storehouse

Since its inception in 1978 the Gallery of Photography has become Ireland’s premier venue for photography. It has staged exhibitions with many of the major names in contemporary photography. The Gallery moved to its new location, a purpose built space with fully fitted darkrooms and digital imaging facilities in Meeting House Square in 1995. The Gallery, which is non-profit making, is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin Corporation.

It’s been in St. James Gate since 1759, and potential natural disasters aside, it’ll be there for the rest of eternity. The cheapest lease in town, you’ll smell the country’s alcoholbrewing institution a mile off - you can see the black stuff being born yourself in the tourist-friendly Storehouse.

Meeting House Square Temple Bar, Dublin 2 2b

109 James’s Street, Dublin 8 2b



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ThePen PenCorner Corner The MURRAYS

Fountain & Fine Stationary Specialists Fountain PenPen & Fine Stationary Specialists Best place to watch live


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sports in Dublin Wholesome College Green Irish Food 12 12 College Green Irish Dancing & Trad Dublin 2 7 nights a week Dublin 2 Music Estd: 1908 Tel/Fax - 679 3641 Tel/Fax 01 01 - 679 3641


3rd Birthday!

3 course Celebration Menu


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situated right in the heart )&$#-   RESTAURANT, BAR#)<=:,)A & VENUE of Dublin on South Great  "!  & Georges Street offers the very !4*(.&09*787**968.7$30+&1' *863.8 =&2637732   &-81<+0<016/;=8)*1<)6,?-4+75-761)6 best in traditional Mexican  *)+3<7<0-*77<0 $0-;-<?70)>-*--65)316/9=1<-)  #.7.3259*78 *60.2 3367+631 41B.2 cuisine. Sizzling fajitas, our  ;<1::-+-6<4A;7/-<16)+0-+3<0-57=< 7=;-$-+067)4461/0< " 8-6)<- nachos famous homemade #+,)$#-  and our tacos with fresh soft  "!  #=6,)A $*(328.29*8-*+*78.:.8.*7;.8-!*<!-34=, .(63+92/ tortillas (gluten free  ### #C  corn  397*"*(-23&002.,-8 6**.24*20&8* by the way) complement  &-,71<)447>-:)/)16  7..)44<0-,:163;)44,)A  )::A)>1,: 84)A16/764A<0-;-@1-;<;577<0-;<<=6-; the most mouthwatering of ,'$#-  0-+)6.16, "*-.7:-85F).<-: salads. In the evening our  "! Margaritas (made from 100%  :1,)A 968-.6)2.,-83++92.28-*=,&2);*;*0(31*!-32/= *&0"32*  %$E+144- :-)<#<=.."-+7:,16/; pure Agave tequila) are the *(36)7 48.(-!944368+631=,6*7.)*286&8'3=&'*!8*&0*6=,   !A/;&144.4A8:-;-6<%$)<!A/5)4176 $01;1;;=:-<7 perfect accompaniment to  397*"*(-23&002.,-8032, B&+8*6 41B

41  *-);-447=<61/0<;7/-<0-:--):4A #=887:<.:75:)<*7A the spice!  )*-;<-)4-:77:;  F=6<1451,61/0<F ).<-:

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.7: $0-*-;<7=;-$-+06716<0-+1<A.:7576-7.7=:  7:1/16)4:-;1,-6<;#-@#078 " 8-6)<-


C67+)<+0&-0)>-<0-76-)6,764A)6,;75-!),,A ;816616;75-<=6-;<77 :--*-.7:-85F).<-:

#+,)$#- !  Located in the 19th :1,)A century Victorian Georges Street Arcade, $*-&:*'**2033/.2,+36;&6)838-.7+36&;-.0*?32.&2(3140*8*0=  Moon has  %#%#&# New Dublinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest selection of )*7863=*)8-*40&(*0&781328-&+8*68-*6*&/+&7809' **4#3(&0397*  7=;-1;+7=63 )*1<7.->-:A<016/<761/0<); Sterling Silver, Gold Open and 7Gemstone jewellery. days  14)>-1/0<.41/0< !A/<)3-;+76<:74   &2)"*(-23197.(&002.,-8032, 6**24*2&8*


Phone: 01 677 5651 Email: Lunch Mon - Sat 12 - 5pm, Sun 2 - 5pm  " 8-6)<- Pacinoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 18 Suffolk Street, Dinner Sun - Thurs 5 - Dublin 10.30pm, Fri & 2 Sat 5 - 11pm

,'$#- New Moon Tel: 01 6711154  #)<=:,)A Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 28 Drury Street,7 South Web:   & Tel: 01 677 1085 Dublin 2 Email: 878-*8.1*3+8-*;**/;-*6*;*86*&8=39838-*(-*&4*78'33>*.28-*  7;07:,76)A"-1,<-)5=8.7:<0-61/0<)6,?-  Facebook: Newmoon Jewellery (.8=  3@&008-*)6.2/7&00)&=&2)731*&))=;.00'**28*68&.2.2,97  +-4-*:)<-7;0;6-?;078--87=;-$-+067 )6,)44 Twitter: NewMoonJewel +63141 6**'*+36*41B&+8*6  <0-;<=..16*-<?--6 " 8-6)<-  #=6,)A


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Book @74??70208:1,9423? +,;,..,>-009;7,D492,77:A0=0=749 Mention â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the Dublin Tourist Guideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. 74??70208:1,9423? +,;,..,>-009;7,D492,77:A0=0=749 =0.09?7D 03,>=070,>0/:9>:80:1?30?:;7,-07>49?30  Available 6th March until 6th April. =0.09?7D 03,>=070,>0/:9>:80:1?30?:;7,-07>49?30 

  2 11 Merrion Row, Dublin

   +&#("#%#!%" %#&&'#)"%  400 +&#("#%#!%" %#&&'#)"% & & t: 01 4229  $D2>B47717D;=0>09?FD0/&:@9/:=:8$D2=0>4/09?>  $D2>B47717D;=0>09?FD0/&:@9/:=:8$D2=0>4/09?> e:  :94,9 ::=>1=:8 ;8H49  :94,9 ::=>1=:8 ;8H49 

 :1,)A  Acapulco Mexican   %#%#&#  <;-@)+<4A);A7=15)/16- 7=;-5=;1+)4461/0<476/ Restaurant, an authentic,  ):76-58;-A31+3;7..<0-576<016;<A4-   restaurant colourful and lively "   

 " 8-6)<-



@bangrestaurant1      )'# %#+ )'# %#+  )0,=0/07423?0/?:3,A0?30)34?0:77,=:D>-,.6:9.0  )0,=0/07423?0/?:3,A0?30)34?0:77,=:D>-,.6:9.0   ,2,49 4A08@>4.>;=:8:> %""#$"  ,2,49 4A08@>4.>;=:8:> %""#$" ' ' 

33-34 O'Connell St Upper, Dublin 1 t: +353 1 8787505




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)&$#!  #=6,)A +=39;&2871338-!*<=397*197.(8-*2=39:*(31*838-*6.,-840&(*  ### #C    '7=367?<0-,:144  7..)44<0-,:163;)44,)A476/  37-36)3240&=7**4397*+631

41 6**.24*2&8*

  ) )   )0>?,=??308:9?3B4?3,>0=4:@>-,92 )47749>077,;7,D>, )0>?,=??308:9?3B4?3,>0=4:@>-,92 )47749>077,;7,D>, 3:@=>0?:1;@=0?0.39: ,A4925@>?30,=/34>:B9?=,.6>  3:@=>0?:1;@=0?0.39: ,A4925@>?30,=/34>:B9?=,.6>  -0492;7,D0/-D,A07,=60,?70.?=4.$4.94.)477>3:@7/-0 -0492;7,D0/-D,A07,=60,?70.?=4.$4.94.)477>3:@7/-0 ;>D.30/ @;,9/=0,/D?:>3:B@>B3,?30.,9/:

;>D.30/ @;,9/=0,/D?:>3:B@>B3,?30.,9/:

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 #)<=:,)A "-*+368-&2)A.2&02.,-83+396'&2/-30.)&=*<86&:&,&2>&? 3@&00  & 37*=,40&=.2,892*7+63141 6**.2 8-*)6.2/7&00)&=032,.0&6=  7:->-:A76-67<)< @-/-6 ?-0)>-?0)<A7=:477316/  '*+36*41B&+8*6 

in 2


  Monday - Friday (until 6.45pm only on Friday) 

he 0pm




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 "# +#(&!(&)"& "# +#(&!(&)"& '30-0>?3:@>08@>4.49?30.4?D =0049,779423?:;097,?0

'30-0>?3:@>08@>4.49?30.4?D =0049,779423?:;097,?0

$D2=0>4/09?>1=:8;8  $D2=0>4/09?>1=:8;8 


  ) )   :@>0'0.39:1=:80C ;,?=0>4/09?:398,9?4> =0049,9/ :@>0'0.39:1=:80C ;,?=0>4/09?:398,9?4> =0049,9/ :;097,?0



    %' '%#!49@> 0=749 %' '%#!49@> 0=749 $D2>B4777D;=0>09?

,3:@=74A0>0?1=:80,=??3=:- $D2>B4777D;=0>09?

,3:@=74A0>0?1=:80,=??3=:- Conway Jewellers, 9b Trinity Street, Dublin 2    !49@> 7:96 $70,>0.30.6?301,.0-::60A09?;,20 !49@> 7:96 $70,>0.30.6?301,.0-::60A09?;,20  (01) 677 9065 1:=8:=0/0?,47>  1:=8:=0/0?,47> 

Neil Conway Niel Conway Jewellers, 9b Trinity Street, Dublin 2 Neil Conway Jewellers, 9b Trinity Street, Dublin 2 (01)      677 9065       (01) 677 9065  


  Neil Conway

what to see and do

Wax Museum

Bagots Hutton

Fitzwilliam Card Club

On a leafy cul de sac in the dead centre of town, Dublin’s wandering Wax Museum finally found its new home a few years ago. Over four stories of a beautiful Georgian building on Foster Place, visitors can take a stroll through scenes from Irish heritage, discover our scientific history or simply ogle some never aging celebs. A healthy mixture of cool and kitsch ensures that the Wax Museum will keep both the young and not so young entertained of an afternoon.

This is Dublin’s oldest wine emporium; it has a historic underground cellar which first housed wine way-back in the 1800’s, and has been kept in extraordinary condition ever since. This newly reopened venue has, in the front area, a welcoming, open, spacious cafe bar area and towards the back, a comfortable and stylish rustic wine lounge - where you can taste a selection of over 30 old world wines, each available by the glass, bottle or as take-out. There is a comprehensive European menu - the food is always fresh and fun. Wine tasting sessions are available, and the friendly staff are delighted to show-andtell of the old wine cellar’s history. Expect a subtle blend of historic-old and funky-new. Open Mon-Sun 11am till midnight. 28 South William Street, Dublin 2 2b

Dublin’s favourite casino and card club, the Fitz, as members know it as, is the home of poker in Dublin. For adults membership is free with a photo ID, leaving them free to wheel away the night chancing their arm for a dance with that most elusive of mistresses Lady Luck. The Fitz runs large poker tournaments for afficianados but also offers casual players an opportunity to while away the wee wee hours at blackjack, roulette or craps.

Dublin Zoo

Stephen’s Green

Archbishop Marsh’s Library

Dublin Zoo is much more than a fun-filled, stimulating day out for all the family... it’s a place to learn about wild animals, especially those which are endangered. The Zoo is a registered charity – your visit will help maintain Dublin Zoo to a high standard, improve the Zoo and contribute to conservation programmes. Located in the Phoenix Park in the heart of Dublin city, Dublin Zoo is Ireland’s most popular family attraction, and welcomed over one million visitors last year.

Ireland’s best known Victorian public park. Re-opened by Lord Ardilaun in 1880 for the citizens of Dublin. This 9 hectare / 22 acre park has been maintained in the original Victorian layout with extensive perimeter tree and shrub planting, spectacular spring and summer Victorian bedding. The herbaceous border also provides colour from early spring to late autumn. Sanctuary from inclement weather can be obtained in the Victorian lakeside shelter or in the Victorian Swiss shelters in the center of the park.

Marsh’s Library, built in 1701 by Archbishop Narcissus Marsh (1638-1713), was the first public library in Ireland. It was designed by Sir William Robinson (d.1712) the Surveyor General of Ireland, and is one of the very few 18th century buildings left in Dublin that is still being used for its original purpose. Many of the collections in the Library are still kept on the shelves allocated to them by Marsh and by Elias Bouhéreau, the first librarian, when the Library was opened. It is a magnificent example of a 17th century scholars’ library.

City Centre, Dublin 2

St Patrick’s Close, Dublin 2



2 Foster Place 2c

Phoenix Park, Dublin 8 2a

Clifton Hall, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2 2c

Great Irish Brunch

Including Pancakes and Eggs Benedict Served Saturdays and Sundays 9am – 5pm


Grilled Steaks – Seafood Pasta Served Wednesdays – Saturdays 6pm – 11pm

Bring your own wine or beer Some people say that we are fantastic. We think they are right. 126 Upper Leeson St. 087-793 9195

Free corkage Baggot Street Wines is only 50 meters from us!

5 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4 t: 01-2541813 e:

what to see and do

War Memorial Garden

Phoenix Park

These gardens are one of the most famous memorial gardens in Europe. They are dedicated to the memory of 49,400 Irish soldiers who died in the 1914 – 1918 war.  The names of all the soldiers are contained in the beautifully illustrated Harry Clarke manuscripts in the granite bookrooms in the gardens. These gardens are not only a place of remembrance but are also of great architectural interest and beauty.

The Phoenix Park at 707 hectares (1752 acres) is one of the largest enclosed recreational spaces within any European capital city. About 30% of the Phoenix Park is covered by trees, which are mainly broadleaf parkland species such as oak, ash, lime, beech, sycamore and horsechestnut.  A more ornamental selection of trees is grown in the various enclosures.  A herd of Fallow Deer has lived in the Park since the 1660’s when they were introduced by the Duke of Ormond.  The Phoenix Park is a sanctuary for many mammals and birds and a wide range of wildlife habitats are to be found in the park.  One such area is the Furry Glen, which is managed as a conservation area. Áras an Uachtaráin, the residence of the President of Ireland dates from 1750 and is located in the centre of the park adjacent to the United States Ambassador’s residence, which was built in 1774.  Many other historic buildings and monuments are located in the Park. Dublin 8

Islandbridge, Dublin 8 2a


National Botanic Gardens

Chester Beatty Library

The National Botanic Gardens is noted for its fine plant collections holding over 15,000 plant species and cultivars from a variety of habitats from all around the world. Famous for its exquisitely restored and planted glasshouses, notably the Turner Curvilinear Range and the Great Palm House, both recipients of the Europa Nostra award for excellence in conservation architecture. Visitors can enjoy such features as the Herbaceous borders, rose garden, the alpine yard, the pond area, rock garden and arboretum.

The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin is an art museum and library which houses the great collection of manuscripts, miniature paintings, prints, drawings, rare books and some decorative arts assembled by Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875-1968). Its rich collections from countries across Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe open a window on the artistic treasures of the great cultures and religions of the world. Chester Beatty Library was named Irish Museum of the year in 2000 and was awarded the title European Museum of the Year in 2002.

Glasnevin, Dublin 9 1b

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2 2c

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what to see and do

Ethiad Skyline Croke Park

The Ark

Smock Alley

Etihad Skyline includes stops at five viewing platforms along Croke Park’s 0.6km rooftop walkway. Each stop gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the highlighted buildings and sites in their line of vision through multi-lingual audio guides. The audio guides include historical information, quirky anecdotes and interviews with key figures working at some of Dublin’s most famous locations

The Ark introduces children to the joy, wonder and creativity of the arts, and plays a vital role in raising the standard of culture for children. Here, in a unique building designed specifically for them, children aged two to 12 explore everything from theatre, music and literature to painting, film, dance and more. They discover what it means to be an artist, from respected professional artists. There’s no better way to nurture hungry young imaginations, or to inspire a lifelong journey through culture.

Smock Alley Theatre is a resource for Dublin, Ireland and the world. Respecting its extraordinary history and heritage of its original 1662 site, Smock Alley Theatre provides artists and audiences with a unique opportunity to create and experience work that challenges, inspires and entertains. The past, the present and the future of theatre in Ireland come to life in Smock Alley.

Jones’s Road, Dublin 1 1c

Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Lower Exchange Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 2b


National Museum (Collins Barracks)

Iveagh Gardens

The Hugh Lane Gallery

Collins Barracks is home to the Decorative Arts & History leg of the National Museum. Featuring a wide range of objects, which include weaponry, furniture, silver, ceramics and glassware as well as examples of Folklife and costume in one of Dublin’s most historically important buildings, Collins Barracks is an essential spot for any visit to the city.

The Iveagh Gardens are among the finest and least known of Dublin’s parks and gardens. They were designed by Ninian Niven, in 1865, as an intermediate design between the ‘French Formal’ and the ‘English Landscape’ styles.  They demonstrated the artistic skills of the landscape Architect of the mid 19th century and display a unique collection of landscape features. The conservation and restoration of the Gardens commenced in 1995 and to date most of the features have been restored, for example the Maze in Box hedging with a Sundial as a centrepiece.  Hatch Street Upper, Dublin 2

Located in Dublin’s city centre, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, originally called The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, houses one of Ireland’s foremost collections of modern and contemporary art. The original collection, donated by the Gallery’s founder Sir Hugh Lane in 1908, has now grown to include over 2000 artworks, ranging from the Impressionist masterpieces of Manet, Monet, Renoir and Degas to works by leading national and international contemporary artists. Also houses the wonderful Francis Bacon Studio - which was transported in its entirely in 1998, from London to the Gallery in Dublin. Parnell Square North, Dublin 1



Benburb Street, Dublin 7 2a

Gift of Warmth

“one of Dublin’s best spots for a tasty and chilled out weekend brunch.” Georgina Campbell’s

Ireland Guide

Natural Irish and European gifts for all ages from infants to grandparents. Presents that are practical, healthy, beautiful and very good value for money (hand - knitted woollen jumpers €35). We also offer a wide selection of old style wooden and woollen toys for children.

Mention this ad for a 10% discount. Buy online at



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where to drink

The Porterhouse The Porterhouse in Temple Bar opened in 1996 as Dublin’s first microbrewery. Brewing three stouts, three lagers and three ales in the tiny brewery created much demand for the brews and lead to the growth of the craft beer market. The Porterhouse are widely recognised as having pioneered the craft brew scene in Ireland which has led to the opening of several craft breweries around the country. The Porterhouse is proud to announce that their Plain Porter has been awarded the gold medal by the Brewing Industry International Awards in 2012, the second time it has received this prestigious accolade. 16-18 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 01 679 8847 Fb: Porterhouse-Brewing-Company @Porterhousebars 2b


L. Mulligan Grocer


There’s a reason that Nearys has remained so consistent over the decades - the formula works. Housed in an elegant slice of Edwardian Dublin with its old-world interior still in pride of place, the early evening buzz in Nearys is a rare sight to behold. With a crowd ranging from theatregoers and thespians from the nearby Gaiety to local suits and Grafton shoppers, Dave and his team of old-school barmen will take care of all your needs.

The most revered pub and eatery in Dublin 7 – L. Mulligans Grocers focusses heavily on the quality of its produce - beers, food and whiskeys are the staple. The extensive range of beers are all from Irish craft breweries, their food is locally sourced and has some surprises on the ever changing menu. The whiskey selection was 200 at last count, and is continually growing. L. Mulligan also run events including beer and whiskey tastings and a weekly quiz.

Hogans could easily be located somewhere in the East Village of Manhattan but to say that would be an injustice to its typically Dublin crowd. The large windows look out onto flower sellers and cycle chic passersby whilst inside remains the home to the laid back people watchers, good time seekers and newspaper readers. Brunch served 1pm-4pm Sat and Sun. Relax, chill and feast in your own time at this authentic Dublin imbibing emporium situated at the heart of Dublin’s Creative Quarter. Thursday to Saturday nights you can enjoy an eclectic mix of Live DJs till late downstairs at Hogans International Beat Basement.

1 Chatham Street, Dublin 2 01-6778596 2b

18 Stonybatter, Dublin 7 01 670 9889 2c

35 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 2b

A unique Mediterranean restaurant nestled in the heart of Dublin’s Funkiest Quarter

Coppinger Row has experienced a great first year. Due to our continuing work on producing tasty seasonally fresh Mediterranean food, our returning customer base and dedication to value we have become one of the most popular restaurants in Dublin today.



opening hours Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm Lunch 12pm – 3pm Afternoon Menu 3pm – 6pm Dinner 6pm till late All day Brunch on Sunday k T +353 01 6729884 k

Family comes first


Walk your way around the Irish National Stud Half price Family Passes available for the month of March • • • • • •

Guided tours of the Stud • Horse Museum • Newborn foals to see in spring Meet our Living Legends; Beef or Salmon, Kicking King, Moscow Flyer & Vintage Crop World Famous Japanese Gardens • Walk St. Fiachra’s Garden • Children’s Playground Gift Shop and Restaurant • Picnic Area • Free Coach / Car Park Open 7 Days a week 9.30am - 5pm from Friday 1st February to 17th November Located 30 miles south of Dublin in Kildare. Off the M7, Exit 13 onto the R415

Tel: +353 (0)45 521617 Email: Web:

__ 33&&445 3" "/ /55 __ 5" "6 63

Classic French cuisine with an Irish twist. Using locally sourced ingredients, ~ Christmas Parties ~ from the best suppliers, our menus cater Private Room (Groups 20-25) for allAvailable tastes and budgets. 33 Exchequer Street - - 016707238

To make a booking contact

086-6629575 13–17 Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 •

where to drink Ashtons Ashtons is an iconic gastropub situated on the banks of the river Dodder in Clonskeagh, Dublin 6. A beautiful building with public bar and 80-seater bistro-style restaurant upstairs and a 30-seater function area downstairs. Ashtons is synonymous with excellent food and drink and enjoys a great reputation. Using only the freshest ingredients from local producers to give patrons the best experience possible. With food available 7 days a week, from brunch to carvery, a la carte or great value set menus. You can chill outside with a cocktail or in the garden by the river, or enjoy a beer from their extensive selection of Irish Craft Beers available on draft & bottle. 11 Verge Mount, Clonskeagh, Dublin 6 01 2830187 facebook: Ashtonsgastropub @BarAshtons


The Brazen Head

The Duke

McDaids is, if we’re honest, the kind of place where you’d call yourself lucky if you’ve nabbed a seat early in the night. Its much cosier, shoulder-to-shoulder affair where an unbeatable Guinness is only a quick shuffle away and commenting on overheard banter is de rigeur. The perfect place for whiling a night away righting the world’s wrongs with a few close friends or quiet pint in Brendan Behan’s memory.

A pub this old is bound to have a rich and storied history - officially Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198, it can lay claim to pulling pints for Irish rebels Wolf Tone, Robert Emmet, Daniel O’Connell and Michael Collins and literary giants Joyce, Behan and Swift over the course of its life. Come and hear storytelling of old Dublin (Tues – Sun) and enjoy fine Irish music every night of the week. The Sunday Sessions of live music (3.30 – 6.30pm) are popular with tourists and locals alike!

A classic post-office haunt if ever there was one, barely hidden just between Grafton Street and Nassau Street, the Duke is one of the best places in Dublin to indulge yourself with that well-earned pint of a Friday (or indeed any) evening. Combining a prime location with all the fundamentals - plenty of comfy seats, wholesome carvery grub and honest pints - let The Duke be the recipient of your blown-off steam.

3 Harry Street, Dublin 2 01 679 4395 2b

20 Bridge St. Lower, Dublin 8 01 677 9549 2b

8-9 Duke Street, Dublin 2 01 679 9553 2c

The Hole In The Wall One of Dublin’s most iconic pubs, McCaffrey’s The Hole in the Wall on Blackhorse Avenue has been a source of refuge as far back as 1651. In what might be seen as a departure for such a long established “traditional” bar The Hole in the Wall has been an early adopter when it comes to premium and craft beers and boasts an outstanding selection of brews which can be purchased in their off licence and consumed in the bar or restaurant for a corkage fee. As we move into spring what could be better than a stroll through the Phoenix Park and on to The Hole in the Wall for great beers and excellent food. AddressBlackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7 01 838 9491

The Twelfth Lock

The Palace Bar

The Foggy Dew

The Twelfth Lock is a pioneering example of European café and hotel culture in Ireland, inspired by the hotels, café’s and bars of Paris and Amsterdam. A cosmopolitan space positioned in a unique environment at Castleknock Marina on the banks of the Royal Canal. The Twelfth Lock is a feast for the senses. Award winning bar food and a wide range of traditional, and craft, beers and wines are on offer in the bar, making this one of Dublin 15’s true gems. If you’re looking for a truly distinctive location to enjoy those crisp winter days then The Twelfth Lock Hotel is a find boasting a winning combination of quality affordable comfort, combined with a high quality service, all in a tranquil setting overlooking the Royal Canal. 01 860 7400

Famous for its literary heritage, the Palace Bar is an unspoiled slice of Dublin’s erudite history. Frequented by Irish Times writers since the dawn of time, and some of the city’s most well-respected authors, the Palace is the thinking-man’s spot for a jar. Despite changes all around, the Palace remains untarnished and popular as ever.

Situated overlooking Central Bank Square in Temple Bar (Dame Street), the Foggy Dew fuses the best aspects of a traditional Irish bar with some modern twists. This historical bar is the perfect spot for a quiet afternoon pint or alternatively a great meeting place for a night on the town. Enjoy a cool rock vibe, with the Foggy DJ (‘til late) on Saturdays and Sundays. Or check out the now famous “Live Session” with top Dublin bands from 5pm Sundays. Oh... and see the memorabilia collection... The Who, The Stones, The Beatles, Hendrix, Queen et al, it’s excellent! (Est’d 1901).

27 Fleet Street, Dublin 2 01 679 9290 2b

1 Fownes St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2 01 677 9328 2b

PADDY’S WEEK It may not have Rio’s sunshine but St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin provide all the atmosphere of a carnival and much more. As temperatures increase with the first signs of spring, it is an excellent time to visit the Irish capital to experience and even participate in a diverse range of cultural events, many of which are free. With such a vast selection of entertainment on offer, we have carefully selected some suggestions to make the most of these five days of merrymaking.

Thursday 14th

Friday 15th

Saturday 16th

Sunday 17th

Monday 18th

The Trad Stage situated at Meeting House Square in the heart of Temple Bar will supply the very best of traditional and contemporary music the country has to offer. Look out for Liam Ó Maonlaí, one of Ireland’s premier singer songwriters as he takes to the stage with Guidewires noted for their fusion of Middle Eastern and Breton influenced sound. Location: Meeting House Square, 7.30pm-9pm Cost: Free

There is no need to bring your jig shoes or pumps to the Festival Céilí, just an open attitude and willingness to take part! Dearbhla Lennon and the Céilí All Stars will be on hand to offer expert advice to the absolute beginner with the main focus on participation and fun. The next Lord of the Dance may be in our midst! Location: St. Stephen’s Green, 4.30pm-7.30pm Cost: Free

Rowing is normally associated with Henley-on-Thames in the UK. As equally competitive on these shores is the The Gannon Cup where old rivals Trinity College and University College Dublin compete in the Irish University Boat Races. Expect plenty of friendly banter between the crews’ supporters as they battle it out on the Liffey. Choose a good spot along the river and enjoy the spectacle. Those looking for a bite to eat and a tipple should head to The Irish Craft Beer Village. Craft Brewing is going through a renaissance period in this country and over 50 tasty brews will be on offer. A range of vendors selling delicious artisanal produce from burgers to fish and chips will be on site to satisfy any palette. Location: George’s Dock, 12pm Cost: €5

The big one! The St. Patrick’s Festival Parade is a legendary spectacle and most would regard it as the highlight of the celebrations. Expect an explosion of colour alongside music, visual-art displays and a Mardi Gras style atmosphere. Vantage points are competitive so be strategic and get in early. The fun doesn’t end there. At 6pm head to Dame Court for An Chabaret Craiceáilte. Here you will experience the best of Irish language music and dance, from rock, rap, reggae, sean-nós, ska and traditional for a special anniversary street concert celebrating 20 years of the Ciorcal Craiceáilte. Location: Parade begins on Parnell Square at 12pm Cost: Free

Energy levels on Monday will depend a lot on the night before. Those feeling more energetic can head off on the Footsteps of St. Patrick Walking Tour with the inimitable historian and storyteller Pat Liddy. Approximately two hours in duration, this tour gives a great insight into the history of Dublin city taking in both Christchurch and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. If you are looking for a more laid back approach to the day keep an eye out for the Gaelspraoi events that are taking place throughout the city in association with Foras na Gaeilge. These provide Irish language entertainment for all ages including street performances and a family circus. Location: For the Walking Tour, meet outside Tours and Tickets Office, 37 College Green, 2.30pm Cost: €14/€12


Dublin’s Original Live Music Venue

Open Late 7 Nights a Week | Tel: 01-4780766 AiKENPRoMoTioNS presents

tom stade lly totoacks r

FRi 8TH MAR • €15


25 Wexford St, Dublin 2

WaV Tickets 1890200078


Join Whelanslive on Facebook & Twitter

Tickets available from

U:MACK presents








{ EP LAUNCH } Performing at

plus guests


SAt 9th MAR • €10



THUR 14TH MAR • €15

oN THE RECoRD & HARMoNiC presents

FRI 15TH MAR • €10

old flat top presents

Maria Muldaur & Her Hot

HARMoNiC presents

plus LISA O’NEILL SUN 17TH MAR • €15

Bluesiana Band SAT 23


MAR • €17.50

TUE 26


MAR • €23.50



FRI 5TH APR • €11


SUN 31ST MAR • €17

THUR 4 APR • €13 th


uPstairs @ wHelans 07.03 08.03 09.03 14.03 15.03

riChard dawson (UK) nanu nanu Fusion FaMily darken tHe distanCe Just no

16.03 20.03 21.03 22.03

‘The Little Battle’ album launch THUR 28TH MAR • €6adv €10door CoNoR ByRNE & WHElANSlivE present



Ei lE n JE wE ll


23.03 28.03 01.04 12.04 24.04

Conor linnie tHe grunts niall ColFer tHe sCHool + sePteMber girls

SUN 7TH APR • €17

CoMing soon redtwelVe & More tHe ikoniCs Mike gangloFF kan birds oF CHiCago

11.04 12.04 13.04 18.04 22.04

Milk Carton kids konono no 1 Foil, arMs & Hog VeroniCa Falls tHoM Moore

24.04 25.04 27.04 29.04 30.04

Matt Cardle kXP & twinkranes king CHarles deatH griPs diCk gaugHan


03-05.04 Camden Crawl 04.05 tHee oH sees 07.05 Zoe Conway / Mairtín o’Connor / donal lunny 01.06 lau

little bear MosCow Metro wed 13tH mar • €6 • UPsTairs



Free Entry WHELANSLIVE.COM presents

fri 22nd Mar - Upstairs WHELANSLIVE.COM presents

wHelan’s indie Club gets tHe silent treatMent presents



Coming soon! sUnDAYs 4pm - lAte

plus guests

every Wednesday, 11pm

LYNCHED Mon 1st Apr - Upstairs

Free before Midnight / €5 After

28 Dame St, D2 Tel: 01 670 7100

26 Wexford St, D2 Tel: 01 475 8555








▶ Fri 8th Mar ◀

Rebel Rebel Sat 9th Mar

‘FUN’ ‘FUN’EP EPlaunch launch

Elefant Records

David Bowie Tribute Night



Irish Refugee Council Benefit






• Thur 14th Mar •







striCtly oVer 22’s

Clubs • Wed - eleCTRIC CIRCus • Thu - ThuRsdAYs • FRI - ClOCKWORK • sAT - suCK MY deCK

DINGLE - MY KINGDOM FOR A DONKEY Words // John Carey Photos // Nichola Thomas

It takes four and a half hours of driving from Dublin, but well worth every minute as the scenery is spectacular. The first thing that spreads across the horizon is the sheer gargantuan of beauty that is the Magillacuddy Reeks, a mountain range that stretches into the Kerry terrain like a swan stretching out its wings upon a sleepy landscape. Every bend in the road heralds a new breathtaking scene change. We arrive in Dingle about tea time and promptly proceed to our lodgings, the popular Dingle Skellig Hotel on the edge of town and only a five minute walk to the Harbour. The view from the spacious room out on to the bay is nothing short of spectacular. After a nice relaxing jacuzzi in the leisure centre we put on our glad rags and head for the dining room. Dinner in hotels at the best of times is not quite up to scratch in my opinion but we are pleasantly surprised by the quality fare. In Dingle there is a bar every ten yards you walk in any direction and they are no ordinary bars as they double up as grocery stores so you can go do your food shopping and have a pint at the same time. After a nice leisurely stroll we happen upon Dick Macks pub, a quaint little watering hole with pictures of Charles Haughey on the wall and old fiddles hanging from the old wood book cases. There is a guy on a tin whistle and another with an accordian belting out old gaelic tunes while in the

corner there are a group of Americans munching on pizza from one of the local take aways and quaffing down creamy pints. The next day we head for the Slea Head Drive a ring road beginning and ending in Dingle. Taking the R559 south we arrive at Ventry harbour, a beautiful horse shoe enclave with fantastic views and a long stretch of sandy beach very popular with windsurfers. Moving on from there we head west past Dunbeg Fort,with a steep cliff on one side and the roaring Atlantic on the other. We arrive at Slea Head peninsula which is marked by a stone crucifix and beautiful views of the Blasket Islands. We drive northwards passing Coumenoole Strand where part of the famous David Lean epic Ryans Daughter was filmed. At Dun Chaoin you can get the ferry to the Great Blasket but we decide to continue on to Ballyferriter. After a nice lunch in the Ceann Sibeal Hotel we head east taking in a number of neolitic sites including the early Christian site at Reasc. Dingle is famous for its pottery and when on the Slea Head drive do pop in to Louis Mulcahy Pottery on Clogher Strand where you will find little gems at afforable prices. Another great place along the drive is Ballydavid as it leads out to a cliff top drive with dramatic views and crashing waves with beautiful seabirds hovering below. Turning south we head past the base of Mount Brandon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the second largest mountain in Ireland. If you are a keen rambler you can find a pil-

grimage route to the mountain summit. We now turn onto the main road back to Dingle and a well earned drink in the town before dinner. Restaurants are aplenty in Dingle and the only place for seafood has to be Out of The Blue at Dingle Harbour. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. On my visit there I had the freshest Grilled Lemon Sole. It was practically jumping off the plate as all fish is caught daily and landed at the harbour just across from the Restaurant. The highlight of this trip for me was undoubtedly the 8th wonder of the world - Conor Pass. The Conor Pass is the highest mountain pass in all of Ireland and is a must visit for anybody visiting the area. Driving up to the pass from Dingle you know you are in the lap of the Gods - you might pass the odd cloud meandering around its many bends in the road. The views on the way up are simply amazing - watch out for a few dozen sheep feeding off the mossy hillsides as they sometimes tend to cross the road. When reaching the pass itself you are greeted with the most spectacular views of the corrie lakes and the glaciated landscapes. On a clear day you can see the Aran Islands off the coast of County Galway. Upon decsending the other side of the pass you are greeted with a road so narrow that you can barely fit one car through and the sheer drop on the left hand side and cliff base on the other makes for a truely awesome adrenalin filled car journey you will never forget.

Family Friendly Hotel â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fungi Kids Club & Skellig Creche open daily during Summer months.

To view our Midweek & Weekend offers visit or contact us on 066 9150200


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HAILO. It's how Dublin gets taxis. Download now for iPhone and Android.


Basil Blackshaw, The Gawky Cockerel, 1996, oil on canvas, 106 x 90cm, private collection

11 Jan – 24 Feb: 11 Jan – 24 Mar:


11 Jan – 24 Mar: 11 Jan – 24 Feb: 11 Jan – 28 Apr: 11 Jan – 28 Apr: 5 Mar – 28 Apr:

Basil Blackshaw: Blackshaw at 80 Polke & Richter: Works on Paper from the Kunstmuseen Krefeld Zineb Sidera & Amina Menia: Becoming Independent Justin Larkin: Untitled Vivienne Roche RHA: Spirit & Light Anita Groener: State Skin, An Artistic Atlas Admission Free

GALLAGHER GALLERY / 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2 +353 1 661 2558 /

Specialists in woodwind and brass 11 South William Street, Dublin 2 Ph/Fax: (+353 1) 6706702

where to shop

Celtic Whiskey Shop Pen Corner Still stocking Dublin with the most sumptuous stationery in town, the Pen Corner’s continued existence after so many years and so many changes is a victory for romance. The Pen Corner is not only the city’s premier stockist of pens, paper, ink quills, etc but is very much a slice of older Dublin that warrants a visit (or five!). 12 College Green, Dublin 2 t: 01-6793641

Think you know your scotch from your sour mash from your single grain? The Celtic Whiskey shop has a practically complete selection of whiskey brands from Ireland, Scotland and all around the world. Nestled in the heart of the city, the Celtic Whiskey Shop is a connoiseur’s paradise and indeed has become a mecca for whiskey lovers in Ireland and for visitors looking to take a slice of Ireland away with them. The staff have an encyclopaedic knowledge of whiskey and visitors will be invited to taste different whiskeys each day. The shop also provides a bumper selection of international spirits and liquers, and the sister shop next door specializes in wine. 27-28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2



Debbie Paul Studio + Gallery

Cocoa Atelier

Debbie Paul, which doubles as a studio and gallery, opened in 2008. The space promotes contemporary conceptdriven objects and provides insight into the thought and art practice behind them - here contemporary jewelry is the artist’s practice. In the same way as a painter expresses themselves through their brush strokes, Debbie Paul expresses herself through manipulation of metals. When first engaging with Paul’s work, it is clear that the artist has a recusant attitude to common jewelry manufacture and an individual take on jewelry as a whole. Debbie Paul Studio + Gallery is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 12-6 pm and Thursday 12-8pm, or at other times by appointment. 1 Cow’s Lane, Old City, Dublin 8 01 6751814,

Stepping into Drury Street’s Cocoa Atelier is like slipping into a melted chocolate dream. One in which brightly coloured and indulgently delicious macaroons embrace, and hot chocolate pastes drench the senses. Whether it’s yourself or another on the receiving end of the spoiling, there’s no better way than Cocoa Atelier!


30 Drury Street, Dublin 2 2c

Susan Hunter Susan Hunter Lingerie is a small shop with a big welcome. Offering a full fitting Bra service, sizes 30” to 42”, A to I cup. Susan Hunter Lingerie is old fashioned in a 21st century way offering personal service with personal care. Some of the high quality labels carried include La Perla, Aubade, La Maison Lejaby, Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Hanro, Celestine and Rapture (an Irish designer specialising in pure silk). 13 Westbury Mall, (beside the Westbury Hotel), just off Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Tel/Fax 679 1271. 2b

Mackintosh Rainwear Mackintosh Rainwear, owned and run by designer Francis Campelli have been in the rainwear business for nearly 30 years, producing and selling high-quality garments right here in Dublin. Their shop on South William St offers a variety of classic jackets and rainwear that are never out of fashion and will never leave you wet. 46 South William Street, Dublin 2 t: 01-4740272 2b

Greene’s Jewellers In 1908 Greene’s Jewellers opened on Aungier St and the business is now in the hands of a third generation of the Green family. In 1971 decided to create their own workshop where they started designing and manufacturing their own collections in store. Today they continue to design and make all their own jewellery. In July they transformed their shop, opening up their workshop, so that now when you visit you can see where the magic happens. Their focus still remains providing top quality jewellery at great prices, all manufactured in-house. 9 Aungier Street, Dublin 2 t: .01-4758008/ 01-4751973 3b

Brown Thomas

Project 51

Powerscourt Centre

A landmark on Grafton Street with its highly creative window displays, Brown Thomas is home to an unparalleled range of designer brands – in menswear, womenswear, accessories, beauty and homewares. The luxury retailer located at the heart of the capital’s premier shopping district hosts a range of international and indigenous brands within its opulent surroundings, guaranteed to satisfy your inner fashionista. Have a wander round The Luxury Hall for that special gift or enjoy a coffee and relax in the comfort of Domini and Peaches Kemp at The Restaurant.

Although offering the facade of a boutique, Project 51 is, above anything else, a creative space for Irish designers. Upstairs is a designing loft, where you might find an upcoming Irish designer sketching away at their latest work. In the main shop, the stunning bespoke pieces are suspended from the ceiling with wire, giving the store an industrial yet modern feel. Project 51 concentrates solely on Irish fashion, with store assistants who know their stuff. Prices range on the more expensive end of the scale, but if you are shopping for a special occasion then this is the place to go.

Situated in an elegant Georgian townhouse just yards from Grafton Street, the Powerscourt Centre offers a very different type of environment for shoppers, given it’s resplendent neo-classical style and old world feel. Inside there are fashion boutiques such as All Saints, 2nd Skin and Covet while the Pygmalion Café and the Lost Society offer shoppers a chance to take the load of their feet and relax over a coffee or glass of wine. Open 10-6 during the week and until 8 on Thursdays.

88-95 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, Ireland t. +353 (0)1 605 6666

South William Street, Dublin 2




59 South William Street, Dublin 2 t: 01-6794144

where to shop Kilkenny Shop The medieval city of Kilkenny is renowned worldwide for its heritage in the crafts industry. Over the last fifty years the family-owned Kilkenny Group currently lead by sisters Marian O'Gorman and Bernadette Kelleher Nolan, has championed Irish design and excellence throughout its ten outlets nationwide showcasing the best of Irish talent. The Kilkenny philosophy is to offer customers a modern and contemporary interpretation based on the very best in Irish traditions. Over the last five decades Kilkenny has observed that modern tastes have evolved and grown more sophisticated than they once were. This constant demand for new and better products has encouraged Kilkenny to foster a flexible and imaginative approach to retailing in order to cater for their design-lead customers. Evidence of this is found in the store on Nassau Street, located a stone’s throw from the luxurious Westbury Hotel. Here you will find a unique shopping experience with an unrivalled selection of authentic and exclusive products from an array of Ireland’s leading designers. From the quirky to the creative, Kilkenny stocks a range of pottery, jewellery, silverware, crystal, homewares and cosmetics that will appeal to the discerning customer searching for both originality and quality – the perfect place to pick up a memorable gift for any occasion. The fashion conscious are catered for with a chic collection of scarves, bags, purses and other accessories to compliment and add flair to an outfit. For those looking for a bite to eat, head upstairs to the Kilkenny restaurant which overlooks the leafy grounds of Trinity College. Time it right and you may even catch a cricket match! Here a sumptuous selection of salads, quiches, casseroles, home-baked breads and cakes provide sustenance for those who want to unwind over a coffee and catch up on the day’s events. Looking to the future, it is comforting to know Kilkenny remains committed to nurturing and promoting fresh talent and new products within the sphere of Irish design, and will proudly provide the platform these up and coming designers need. Nassau St, Dublin 2 2c


Shipping to the EU/USA €29·95


The Kilkenny Shop & Café Dublin’s Best Kept Secret 6-15 Nassau Street, Dublin 2

Open Mon-Sat at 8.30am, 10am on Sunday.

Stores Nationwide Thursday Night Supper Club with Live Traditional Music from 5pm.

Breakfast from €5

John Carey.indd 1

e €3·85 fee & Scon Barista Cof

Sunday Live Jazz Brunch and Lunch from 11am.

06/03/2013 13:50

Inspired by Ireland Made in Ireland Loved by Ireland PROUD TO SUPPLY THE KILKENNY GROUP

where to eat

Camden Kitchen


The Winding Stair

Chef and owner Padraic Hayden brings his enthusiasm for local and wild Irish produce to the historic Camden Market building in Dublin’s Portobello – a five minute walk from St Stephens Green. His small team draw their inspiration from local produce as well as their travels at home and abroad, to create a constantly evolving menu that has seen this cosy little bistro attract an ever increasing number of real food enthusiasts. The modern clean flavours and techniques are deeply rooted in seasonality and sustainability and feature organic and wild ingredients from his native County Wicklow.

Having produced numerous cookbooks in response to consistent requests for recipes, Avoca’s cafés and food halls have gone from strength to strength. Attention to detail and care is evident in the preparation of everything including freshly-made Avoca salads, soups, gourmet sandwiches and tarts which are all to be savoured in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. Avoca has a reputation for only using the best of natural ingredients, many of which they themselves grow. The food hall is a treasure trove of delicious and quirky produce which also offers delicious food to go.

The Winding Stair is characterised by its timeless charm and lack of pretension. A favourite among artists and writers, the focus here is always on produce of the highest calibre. Artisanal operators utilising traditional practices and techniques have found a friend in this Dublin eatery as it aims to promote indigenous wares from throughout the country. The ethos is simple focusing on home-cooked and old fashioned honest to goodness food with a carefully curated wine and craft beer list. The independent book store attached is worth a visit to source unusual and lesser known titles.

3A Camden Market, Grantham Street, Dublin 8 t: 01-4760125 e:

11-13 Suffolk St

40 Lower Ormond Quay 2b



Kinara Kitchen

Bay Clontarf

Chez Max

Kinara Kitchen specialises in Pakistani and Eastern cuisine. They are recent winners of Best Ethnic Restaurant 2012 National Hospitality Awards, offering great value lunch with ethnic naan wraps and thali style meals. Kinara is open 7 days a week from 12-11pm and offers an early bird deal from Monday to Thursday 4-8pm of €19.95 for a three course dinner. Also, their award-winning bar manager Paul Lambert will introduce you to a varied and cool selection of drinks and cocktails!

Bay believe that healthy lifestyle anchors wellbeing, boosts energy & vitality. Their philosophy is to create seasonal, daily delivered fresh & affordable cuisine. Their menu design is intended to offer an experience so you can have a healthy guide that caters for all dietary needs & conscious eating, while still maintaining full flavored dishes. There are discounts of 20% available when you use Voucher Cloud, free to download on iPhone and Android.

Feel the spirit of France here in Dublin! Chez Max on Palace St (at the gates of Dublin castle) is very much a traditional French café, particularly well-known for its charming back garden. Expect frogs legs and boeuf bourguignon and a wait staff speaking fluent French. The sister restaurant on Baggot St is renowned for its outside seating, smart garden at restaurant level and sizable terrace on the upper level. In tune with the ‘everything French’ philosophy, the Epicerie serves freshly-baked filled baguettes, pastries and lunchtime salads.

17 Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6 @kinarakitchen t: 01-4060066 3C

367/368 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3 t: 01-8532406.

Isabel’s Restaurant & Wine Bar After months of work, Isabel’s finally opened it’s doors in January 2012. The aim in Isabel’s is to provide the very highest standards in both their food and wine offerings in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Using locally sourced ingredients, the menu changes regularly to keep their special’s just that. Their range of meals cater for those who wish to graze on light bites to those who want a full meal, while the extensive selection of wines from around the world caters for every budget.

1 Palace Street, D2 & 133 Lwr. Baggot St., D2 @ChezMaxDublin 01-6337215 // 01-6618899

112 Baggot Street Lower, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 t: 01-6619000 @IsabelsDublin



Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

Shanahan’s on the Green

Chapter One

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud began its dedication to the pursuit of excellence in 1981 and brings two highly coveted Michelin Stars to the city with its contemporary Irish cuisine and classical roots. French decorum and Irish charm are balanced to facilitate this faultless culinary awakening. Experience the height of fine dining with immaculately presented dishes as you luxuriate in the surroundings of the restaurant with views overlooking the Merrion Hotel’s delightful gardens. The impeccable service guarantees an unforgettable sense of occasion to savour.

Situated in the splendour of a historic Georgian building over 250 years old, Shanahan’s is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant that fuses Irish and American culture. Succulent steaks of Angus Beef are served alongside the celebrated bounty of the North Atlantic in a relaxed and attentive atmosphere. Hearty sides including creamed sweet corn and sautéed wild mushrooms provide the perfect accompaniment to the prime cuts on offer. The Oval Office Bar provides an ideal setting to enjoy a tipple whilst investigating the impressive collection of memorabilia on display including John F. Kennedy’s rocking chair.

Chapter One is a beacon of modern Irish cooking and hospitality located in the basement of the Dublin Writers Museum. Within these elegant surroundings, head chef and proprietor Ross Lewis has maintained Michelin Star status since 2007, a testament to his consistent standards of excellence in the culinary sphere. Taking artisanal Irish produce and refining these with a signature French technique, this highly accomplished gastronomy was served to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on her recent state visit in Dublin Castle. Menus are varied including pre-theatre and tasting options.

21 Upper Merrion Street

119 St. Stephen’s Green

18-19 Parnell Square




Kafka Kafka offers affordable, wholesome, and well-made brasserie fare at a reassuringly reasonable cost. The sparse, minimal décor goes hand in hand with the delicious diner-style food; free of pretence and fuss. A varied but not overstretched menu touches enough bases to cover most tastes offering up anything from bangers and mash to porcini mushroom risotto. While their prices are easy on the pocket, Kafka cuts no corners with quality of their food. 236 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6 01-4977057 3b

Rendezvous Room @ Skylon Hotel



The Rendezvous Room Restaurant is open for both breakfast and dinner. Enjoy a delicious meal in the relaxing surroundings, with both A La Carte and Table d’Hote Menus available. The Skylon also boasts a superb selection of wines. Enjoy a drink or a meal in the Cosmopolitan Bar, newly decorated in traditional Irish style. This is the ideal meeting point for any occasion and is a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Acapulco is an authentic and colourful Mexican restaurant situated on Georges Street. With an invigorating atmosphere and friendly staff, the memorable dining experience offers something out of the ordinary. Not only do they offer authentic Mexican cuisine, they also offer a wide range of desserts, including their deep fried ice cream, and drinks, including their famous margaritas. Open 7 days a week, Acapulco welcomes patrons for lunch or dinner specials.

Odessa is Dublin’s original dining lounge, a mesh of style and substance. Thanks to its newly-popular Fivers menu, its defining quality has become offering affordable sophistication. The restaurant offers a mouth-watering menu renowned for its tapas-style offerings and an unparalleled cocktail menu, all in a chilled-out atmosphere.

Upper Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9 01-8084418

7 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 01-6771085 2b

14 Dame Court. Dublin 2 01-6707634 @odessaclub 2b

where to eat

Coppinger Row


Leo Burdocks

Coppinger Row, named after the lane off South William Street where the restaurant is located is in the heart of the city centre’s shopping district and is known for it’s Mediterranean cuisine, it’s relaxed, funky chic and also it’s cocktails. The menu relies on simple values of quality taste and seasonal change to keep the dishes fresh and appropriate. Between the food and ambience, Coppinger Row is an ideal spot in which to start a night out in the city centre.

Ideally located in the heart of Dublin City, Dax is an award-winning restaurant that is now one of Ireland’s premier food destinations. Lunch is served from 12.30pm to 2.15pm. At Dax they understand that many of you are under time constraints, so they guarantee fast service without compromising the quality of the food. Dinner is served from 6pm to 10.30pm. They offer Pre-Theatre and A La Carte Menus and guarantee to use only the freshest of seasonal produce, ensuring a healthy fine dining experience.

If you like some history with your chips, Leo Burdocks has as much backstory as it does salt and vinegar. Its Werburgh St. branch has been chopping potatoes for almost a hundred years now, and the chips are only getting better. Pay a visit, and ask about their celebrity fans.

Coppinger Row, South William Street, Dublin 2 01-6729884

2 Werburgh St, Christchurch, Dublin 8 2b

23 Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 t: 01 6761494





Boulevard Café

The Port House Pintxo

Seagrass has a simple philosophy: to offer great food and service at affordable prices. A passionate and progressive restaurant in what they do and also offer a genuine and friendly atmosphere while sourcing the best local and international produce available. Now offering an early evening menu until 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 5pm-7pm Friday and Saturday at €21 for 3 courses and also a group menu for 2 courses (€30) or 3 courses (€35) – both BYOW with no corkage fee charged.

Rigby’s on Leeson Street serves freshly baked pies and seriously sizeable sambos at lunchtime, boasting the “best chicken sandwich in Dublin.” In the evening time, Rigby’s operates with an idiosyncratic no-menu policy, where diners have a choice of two starters, mains and deserts conjured on the day by the irrepressible head chef James.

A stalwart of the Dublin restaurant scene since 1996, Boulevard has been offering quality Mediterranean fare in beautiful, warm, vibrant setting. Boulevard is open 7 days a week and has the reputation of having one of the best Early Birds in town served, which is served from 5pm to 7pm Sunday to Thursday. Above all, a really fun setting at weekends for that special celebration with friends or family.

The Port House Pintxo in Temple Bar serves an array of authentic Spanish Tapas and Pintxos plus a wide and varied selection of wines from Spain, Portugal and the Basque Region. With an impressive garden terrace overlooking Meeting House Square the soft candle light creates a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. Does not take bookings.

30 South Richmond Street, Portobello, Dublin 2 01-4789595 // @seagrassdublin 3b

126 Leeson St, Dublin 4 087-7939195 @rigbysdeli 3C

27 Exchequer Street. Dublin 2 t: 01-6792131 2b

12 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 t: 01-6728950 2b

where to eat

Pasta Fresca

ely bar & brasserie, IFSC


New restaurants come and go, but Pasta Fresca has remained more than a neighbourhood favourite for 27 years. Just off Grafton Street, directly behind the Gaiety - an ideal spot for a speedy or leisurely lunch, pre- or posttheatre supper, dinner with friends or lazy Sunday dining. Real, delicious Italian food (with fresh pasta a speciality) can be enjoyed in a disarmingly sophisticated environment, where professionals and families dine without fuss and budgets can be kept with ease. A reputation for genuine hospitality with a commitment to superior service has earned Pasta Fresca its position as Dublin’s leading Italian restaurant and with the addition of their new Prosecco and Cocktail Bar, word is spreading amongst those in the know that this is the new spot for a fashionable cocktail.

A stunning destination for lovers of food, wine and beer. In a 200 year old tobacco and wine warehouse, ely bar & brasserie offers everything from a relaxed family dinner, pre-theatre menus, private dining rooms and after work drinks. The classic bar and brasserie menu reflects the best of seasonal Irish produce – organic where possible, with all meats sourced through the family farm in The Burren, Co Clare.

Run by the same folks who operate two of Ranelaghs favourite foodie haunts, Dillingers and Butcher’s Grill, 777 is a new skinny jeans wearing kid of the scene, thriving on Ireland’s new found love of Mexican food. That said, this is no simple burrito bar (not that we turn our nose up a good burrito) but boasts a menu that runs the full gamut of Central American treats from spicy guava pork to dulce de leche bread and butter pudding.

IFSC, Dublin 1 01 672 0010

7 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 01-4254052



4 Chatham St, Dublin 2 01-6792402, w: 2b

Fade Street Social

Bloom Brasserie


Bang Restaurant

A new venture by one of Ireland’s best known and most successful chefs, Dylan McGrath - Fade St Social has 3 carnations under one roof. The Restaurant is comfortable and bright – open for lunch and dinner each night. The food is based around the ethos of home-grown and super fresh produce. The Gastro Bar takes a less formal approach. There is a tapas menu available and an extensive wine and cocktail list. The last part of Fade St Social is the Bar & Wintergarden. Here you will find a relaxed atmosphere, and extensive list of world beers, ciders and ales. Cocktails and wine are also available. This is an exciting addition for socialisers in the city, and only 2 minutes from Grafton St.

Bloom Brasserie is a restaurant with lofty ambitions. Well versed in the traditions of French cuisine, Bloom’s offers up accessible cuisine that accentuates their quality local ingredients. Head chef Pól Ó hÉannraich has lovingly assembled a menu that sees Angus Beef carpaccio alongside Caramelised King Scallops, and Roast Seabass. All dishes are freshly prepared and cooked to perfection.

Winning the Best Steak In Dublin Award is no mean feat - Darwins in-house butchers guarantee the high quality and freshness of its meat, the backbone of its reputation as one of Dublin’s best restaurants. On top of an also exemplary seafood menu, there is variety for vegetarians in Darwins intimate Aungier Street premises.

Newly refurbished, Bang restaurant is stylish and relaxed with a great city centre buzz. Passionate about food, menus are changed regularly and always reflect what is freshest and seasonal. There’s lots of choice available at Bang – from the good value pre-theatre menu to Taste of Bang, a popular seven course, tasting menu and Afternoon Tea at Bang. With a fabulous private room that seats up to 40 guests, it remains one of the city’s favourite Private Dining venues. Open 7 days a week.

Fade Street, Dublin 2 01 604 0066 2b

11 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4 01-6687170 3C

80 Aungier Street, Dublin 2 01-4757511 2b

11 Merrion Row, Dublin 2 t: 01-4004229 3C




House G&T:

Hendricks Gin, topped with Schweppes tonic water and served with a slice of cucumber in a Hendricks cup



Strawberry Bellini:


Created in Harry’s bar Venice, this in an Italian Icon!! Peach Puree, Crème de Peche, topped with Prosecco

A strawberry twist on the Famous Bellini, Strawberry Puree, topped with Prosecco

Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco, Soda water, Rocks.

€7.00 €8.50


The Ultimate aperitivo! Hendricks Gin, stirred with Campari, Sweet vermouth and a twist of orange

Minestrone di Verdure


Bruschetta al Pomodoro


Mozzarella alla Caprese


Italian classic vegetables soup.

Italian classic: tomato, bruschetta and basil served with greens.

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, fresh plum tomatoes on the vine and basil.

Lasagna Bolognese



Traditional Italian Lasagna with “Bolognese” sauce served with fries.

Spaghetti alla Carrettiera €14.90 Spaghetti with fresh tuna, pancetta, capers, black olives and rich tomato sauce Tagliatelle aila Bolognese


Tortelli di Ricotta e Spinaci


Tagliatelle with “Bolognese* sauce.

Italian classic: tortelli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese served with tomato sauce and a touch of cream.

Tortelloni ai Porcini e Olio al Tartufo €14.90

Large Tortelli filled with Porcini mushrooms served with creamy sauce, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and white truffle oil Paccheri al ragu’ di pesca Large Maccheroni with fish ragout


Linguine alla pescatora Linguini Seafood


Risotto alla Pescatora Seafood (Calamari, Mussels and king prawns)


Spiedino di Manzo e Salsiccia


Gnocchi di patate al Gorgonzola e Spinaci €9.90 Potato dumplings with Gorgonzola cheese “Dolcelatte” and baby-spinach.


** Vitello Tonnato

Vitello tonnato is a well-known Italian dish of cold, sliced veal covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce that has been flavoured with tuna. It is served chilled or at room temperature, generally in the summertime, as the main course of an Italian meal or as "anexceedingly elegant antipasto for an elaborate dinner. It is also popular in Argentina, where itis known as vitel toné, and considered a traditional winter-Christmas dish.

Skewer of 100% Irish fillet of beef and Italian sausage served with potatoes and mix salad.

Spiedino di Pollo alla Mediterranea


Skewer of chicken and vegetables served with potatoes and mixed salad.

Petto di Pollo ai Funghi €15.90 Chicken medallions with mushrooms served with roasted potatoes.

Margherita €9.95/€11.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella and basil. Diavola €10.95/€12.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, grated Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, spicy Italian pepperoni and basil. Napoletana €10.95/€12.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, anchovis, capers, black olives and basil. Prosciutto e Funghi €10.95/€12.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Italian cooked ham and mixed mushrooms. Pizza Parma €12.95/€14.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, Parma ham and basil. Michelangelo €12.95/€14.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, Italian pepperoni, caramelised red onions, goat cheese and basil pesto. Pizza Pacino €12.95/€14.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, Italian cooked ham, black olives, red pepper, mushrooms, Italian pepperoni and basil. Pizza Capricciosa €12.95/€14.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, Italian cooked ham, black olives, mushrooms, egg and artichokes.

Capesante al Parma


Antipasto allʼItaliana


Costolette di Agnello alla Griglia €18.90 Grilled lamb chops served with rocket salad and potatoes.

Pizza Mediterranea €12.95/€14.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, grilled vegetables and basil.

Antipasto Mediterraneo


Carpaccio di Tonno


Filetto di Salmone al Forno con Pomodorini e Verdure Grigliate €15.90 Roasted fillet of salmon served with rocket, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

Pizza Jalapeño €12.95/€14.95 Pacinoʼs tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, Italian cooked ham, Italian pepperoni, jalapeo and basil.

Pasta, Fagioli e Salsiccia


Veal medallions topped with Parma ham and sage served with mash potato.


**Arrosto di maiale e lenticchie €17.90 Slow-roasted pork loin served with lentils, white truffle extra virgin olive oil and apple chutney.

Seared King scallops wrapped with Parma ham served with red wine reduction.

Selection of thinly sliced Italian cured meat, Italian cheese, grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomato pesto, olives and grilled rustic bread.

Selection of Italian cheese, grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomato pesto, olives and grilled rustic bread.

Yellow fin “Sashimi” tuna carpaccio with greens, sun-blushed tomatoes and Pecorino Romano cheese.

Traditional Italian soup. Pasta, Cannellini beans, Italian sausage, Pancetta garlic, chilli and tomato sauce.

Insalata allʼ Italiana

**Saltimbocca alla Romana con Pureʼ di Patate €17.90

Mixed salad with Mozzarella cheese, grilled vegetables, red onions capers, anchovies and black olives

Spaghetti al Pomodoro e Basilico €12.90

Spaghetti with fresh homemade tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and basil

Penne Arrabbiata €12.90

Penne with fresh homemade tomato sauce, chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes and flat leaf parsley.

Filetto di tonno con Pomodorini e Rucola €18.90 Grilled “Sashimi” Tuna served with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

Penne Salmone e Gamberoni €14.90

Filetto di Branzino al Forno con Pomodorini e Verdure Grigliate €18.90 Roasted fillet of sea bass served with grilled vegetables, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

Penne, Pollo e Funghi €14.90

Spiedino di Gamberoni €21.90 Skewered King Prawns served with mix salad and potatoes

Penne with salmon, King prawns, Sambuca and touch of cream Penne with chicken mushrooms and cream

Bucatini alla Carbonara €14.90

Traditional Italian Pasta Carbonara. Long pasta “Bucatini” with Pancetta, pasteurised egg yolk, black pepper and Pecorino romano.


Pacino’s Suffolk St. Bar, Restaurant, & Venue Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6775651

€4.95 each Broccoli, French fries with homemade garlic dip, Mixed Salad, Green Leaves, Grilled Vegetables, Pacinos Mediterranean roasted potatoes

**Denotes the truly original and authentic Italian recipe. We are committed to serving only the best quality food from farm to fork. All our meat is 100% Irish and we support the best local suppliers we can find. Irish Beef – Kettyle Meats Co Fermanagh, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables daily – Matt Butler, Quality Cheese & Cured Meats – Sheridans, Fish – Kishfish Consumer Choice/Nutrition: Not only do we serve the best quality seasonal food available we also offer our customers with dietary needs a customised dish. We also have gluten free pizza and pasta for coeliac suffers. Service charge of 10% applies for parties greater than 8 person

LIVE MUSIC Tuesday 5th Mar One Direction The O2 €40, 8.00pm Children of production Tommy Emmanuel The Helix €22.50-€25, 8.00pm Fingerstyle fantasia Wednesday 6th Mar One Direction The O2 €40, 8.00pm Children of production Bobby MacFerrin National Concert Hall €36-€108, 8.00pm Melodic reassurance Cyril Hahn The Button Factory €8, 11.00pm Woozy BC kush beats Thursday 7th Mar Lunice Twisted Pepper €8-€10, 10.00pm Snapback bass Friday 8th Mar Lil Wayne The O2 €45-€48, 8.00pm Alien shapeshifter The Bloody Beetroots The Button Factory €25, 8.00pm Post-(Daft) Punk Little Green Cars The Button Factory €12.50, 7.30pm Dylan Haskins’ future Istvan National Concert Hall, John Field Room €15, 1.05pm Istvan Barnacz from Hungary Saturday 9th Mar Stereophonics Olympia Theatre €39-€44, 8.00pm Surprisingly still existing No Spill Blood Whelans €10, 8.00pm Carefully aggressive Homeboy Sandman The Sugar Club €20, 8.00pm Stones Throw sincerity rap Sandra Melo Quartet National Concert Hall, Kevin Barry Room €10, 8.30pm The Best of Brazilian Music Sunday 10th Mar ReDiviDeR/WorldService Project Twisted Pepper €7-€10, 8.00pm Foreign exchange beats Monday 11th Mar Ne-Yo The O2 €40-€59, 8.00pm Captain Hook Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Olympia Theatre €26, 8.00pm Dark sunglasses rock Wednesday 13th Mar Vince Gill Olympia Theatre €49.50, 7.30pm A king of uncool Thursday 14th Mar Willy Mason Whelans €15, 8.00pm Forest-bro progenitor Friday 15th Mar Eels Olympia Theatre

FESTIVALS/COMEDY €35-€36.50, 8.00pm Music by, but not for, E Saturday 16th Mar Girls Aloud The O2 €44, 8.00pm The Last Great Girl Group Power of Dreams Grand Social 8pm, €15 Support from Sack Sunday 17th Mar Aslan Olympia Theatre €25, 7.30pm Lions of Finglas Le Galaxie The Button Factory €15, 8.00pm Homegrown electro supershow Hot 8 Brass Band The Sugar Club €20, 8.00pm Instruments you wear Wednesday 20th Mar Beth Orton Olympia Theatre €23, 7.30pm Non-poisonous sibling Thursday 21st Mar Villagers Olympia Theatre €25, 7.30pm Christmas cover star Amanda Palmer The Academy €20, 8.00pm Central Bank blaps The Courteeners The Academy €20, 8.00pm Manchester rock revival Cora Venus Lunny National Concert Hall, Kevin Barry Room €10, 7.30pm Bard-blooded violinist Friday 22nd Mar Tom Baxter The Academy €19.50, 7.00pm Overcooked London songsmith Villagers Olympia Theatre €25, 7.30pm One night’s not enough Paris and Piaf National Concert Hall, John Field Room €18, 1.05pm With chanteuse Derby Browne Saturday 23rd Mar Yo La Tengo Vicar Street €22.50-€25.50, 8.00pm Legends to the flannel forest Patrick Wolf The Sugar Club €18, 8.00pm Indie rock’s divo (not Devo) Polica Whelans €17.50, 8.00pm Post-R’n’B indie rock Frankie Cocozza The Academy €12.50-€27.90 The lil scut off X-Factor Wednesday 27th Mar Johnny Marr The Academy €24.50, 7.00pm The only cool guitar god Thursday 28th Mar Biffy Clyro The O2 €36.50, 8.00pm Talismanic rock on arena tour Saturday 30th Mar The Original Rudeboys Olympia Theatre

€18-€20, 8.00pm Post-mitosis Ed Sheeran Carmen National Concert Hall, Main Auditorium €25-40, 7.30pm Soprano Nadia Stoianova with the Chisinau National Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus The Beat The Workman’s Club €22.50, 9.00pm Skandalous skamps Eilen Jewell Whelans €17, 8.00pm Idaho’s finest Tosca National Concert Hall, Main Auditorium €25-40, 7.30pm Elena Dee with the Chisinau National Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus Monday 1st Apr Olly Murs The O2 €44.05, 8.00pm Inspiration of Dwayne Wednesday 3rd Apr The Sheepdogs The Academy 2 €13, 7.30pm Shaggy Saskatoon tunes Thursday 4th Apr Hudson Taylor Whelans €13, 8.00pm Clean-looking music JAZZ SUNDAY Cary Posavitz Shelbourne Hotel, St.Stephens Green. 12pm, Free Merrion Gates Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney. 12.30pm, Free Stella Bass Quartet Cafe en Seine, Dawson St. 2pm, Free Susan Tomelty and Peter Roycroft The Bank, College Green 6pm, Free Sweeney’s Jazzmen Sweeney’s Bar, Dame St. 6pm, Free Kevin Morrow Duo Hampton Hotel, Donnybrook 6pm, Free Eamonn Moran Eden Bar and Grill South William St. D2 7.30pm, Free MONDAY Hep Cat Club Workman’s Club, Wellington Quay 8pm, €8 Essential Big Band Grainger’s, Malahide Rd. 9.30pm, €5 TUESDAY The Lounge Quartet Leeson Lounge, Upr Leeson St. 9pm, Free Jazz Session International Bar, Wicklow St. 9.30pm, €5 WEDNESDAY Jazz Session The House, 4 Main St. Howth, Co.Dublin 7.30pm, Free THURSDAY Chameleon JJ Smyths, Aungier St. 8.30pm, €8 Cary Posavitz Mint Bar, Westin HoteL, D2

9pm, Free Jazz Session International Bar, Wicklow St. 9.30pm, €5 FRIDAY Solar Trio The Gables Rest. Foxrock, D18 6pm, Free Bradley Gillis Brasserie Le Pont Fitzwilliam Pl. D2 7.30pm, Free Jazz Session Sandbar Rest. 193 Clontarf Rd. D3 8pm, Free SATURDAY The Jazz Globetrotters The Globe, Sth Gt Georges St. 4.30pm, Free Bradley Gillis Brasserie Le Pont Fitzwilliam Pl. D2 7.30pm, Free Jazz Session Sandbar Rest. 193 Clontarf Rd. D3 8pm, Free Mike Nielsen Group KC Peaches, Nassau St. D2. 8pm, €5 Tom Millet Trio Le Bon Crubeen, Talbot St. D1 9.30pm, Free ONE OFF Bobby McFerrin Weds and Thurs March 6th/7th NCH 8pm, €40 Emilie Conway Qrt. Sat Mar 9th United Arts Club, Upper Fitzwilliam St. 8pm, €10 Arthur Kell Qrt. (US) Fri Mar 22nd JJ Smyths, Aungier St. 9pm, €14 Ian Shaw (UK) Sat Mar 23rd JJ Smyths, Aungier St. 9pm, €14 David Lyttle (Belfast) Sun Mar 24th JJ Smyths, Aungier St. 4.30pm, €14 Minuano Mon Mar 25th JJ Smyths, Aungier St. 9pm, €10 Jim Doherty and Louis Stewart Sun March 31st JJ Smyths, Aungier St. 4pm, €10

Friday March 1st – 2nd Colum McDonell and guests Laughter Lounge, 7pm, €26 Sunday March 3rd Kabaret Mlodych Panów Laughter Lounger, 7pm, €27.50 Wednesday March 6th – 9th Keith Farnan ‘How Much is That Woman in the Window’ Project Arts Centre, 8.15pm, €15/12 Friday March 8th Andrew Maxwell Vicar St, 7.30pm, €25 Saturday March 9th Al Murray – The Only Way is Epic Vicar St, 7.30pm, €28 Thursday March 14th, 28th, 30th Tommy Tiernan – Extra Stray Sod date Vicar St, 7.30pm, €35 Saturday March 16th Paddyland feat. David Moore Vicar St. 7.30pm, €22.50 Friday March 22nd David McSavage Vicar St, 7.30pm, €25 Wednesday March 27th Andy Parsons Olympia Theatre, 7.15pm, €28/25 Friday March 29th Miranda Hart – ‘My What I Call, Live Show’ The O2, 6.30pm, €38


Airbound Dublin DJs take over the Thames in the fourth edition of this home-away-fromhome festival. Hidden Agenda, Shock World Service and some more deck experts play locations from a 19th century paddleboat to a warehouse, and i:Cube’s Chateau Flight winds up in Shoreditch’s Horse and Groom on the final day. Thursday 28th - Sunday 31st March The Dixie Queen, €25 New Music Dublin National Concert Hall A new festival that gives voice to a broad range of musical creativity from our time by showcasing the work of major international and Irish figures. Friday March 1st-Sunday March 3rd Electric Ireland Feis Ceoil Various Locations An annual music festival comprising of almost 200 competitions. See Monday 11th March-Friday 22nd March St. Patrick’s Festival Various Locations A showcase for the manifold skills of the people of Ireland, of every age and social background based around St. Patrick’s Day. See Thursday 14th March-Monday 18th March George’s Dock at the IFSC Formerly known as the Irish Craft Beer Fest, the festival is a celebration of Ireland’s finest craft beer, traditional live-music, and artisan food Thursday 14th-Monday 18th March Irishfest Found Footage Festival The Sugar Club The Found Footage Festival is a one-of-a-kind event showcasing videos found at garage sales and thrift shops throughout North America. Curators Pickett and Prueher host each screening in-person and provide their unique observations and commentary on these found video obscurities. Tickets €10. Monday 18th March Fairtrade Fortnight Citywide Includes an exhibition at Filmbase, Re-Dress fashion workshops, and Fairtrade products across town. Until 10th March Festival of European Culture RDS Food, drink, jewellery, clothes and art from the continent over.

9th - 10th March

POKER Poker Tournaments @ The Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club, Dublin 2 Monday 8:30pm: €75 + €5 Freezeout. Tuesday 8:30pm: €50 + €5 Double Chance.Wednesday 8:30pm: €20 + €5 Hold’em Rebuy. Thursday 8:30pm: €95 + €5 Double Chance.Thursday End of Month €250 + €20 Freezeout. Friday 8:30pm: €70 + €5 Freezeout. Saturday 8:30pm: €120 + €5 Freezeout. 9:00pm: €20 + €5 Freezeout. Sunday Afternoon 5:00pm: €30 + 5 Freezeout. 8:30pm: €50 + €5 Freezeout.

UPSTAGE Body and Forgetting Tiny Plays For Ireland 2 Project Arts Centre €18-22, 8pm Vivid glimpses of contemporary Ireland as seen through a range of perspectives Tues 12th March- Sat 30th March Slings and Arrows Project Arts Centre €12-15, 8.15pm Versatile show with Chrysalis Dance Mon 11th March Gala Night Project Arts Centre €50, 8pm Hosted by Cian O’Brien with performance by tiny plays for ireland 2 Thurs 14th March Who am I? Night Star Triple Bill Project Arts Centre €10-12, 8.15pm Triple bill of dance work from choreographer and dancer Ingrid Nachstern Thurs 4th April- Sat 6th March King Lear The Abbey Theatre €13- 40, 7.30pm A monarch whose ambitious plan set him on a relentless journey Wed 6th Feb-sat 23rd March I, Peaseblossom The Abbey Theatre €15, various times The magical story of a midsummer night’s dream is re-lived Tues 5th March-Fri 22nd March I, Malvolio The Abbey Theatre €15, various times A story of lost dignity, prudery, practical jokes and bullying Tues 5th March-Sat 23rd March Drum Belly The Abbey Theatre €13-40, 7.30pm A new commission set in New York City’s deep and dark underworld Fri 5th April- Sat 11th May Once-The Musical The Gaiety Theatre €29.50-49.50, 7.30pm Tale of a Dublin musician about to give up on his dream Fri 22nd Feb-Sat 9th March The Woman in Black The Gaiety Theatre €22.50- 40, 7.30pm The story of a lawyer obsessed with a curse Mon 11th March- Sat 23rd March Translations The Gaiety Theatre €19.65-24.65, 7.30pm Members of the British Army have been tasked to translate place names Mon 25th March-Sat 23rd March One Man Star Wars Trilogy The Gaiety Theatre €19.65-30.20, 7.30pm With Canadian actor CharlesRoss Mon 1st April- Sat 6th April Bedroom Farce The Gate Theatre €35, 7.30pm Presents a hilarious view of middleclass marriage Wed 20th February- Sat 16th March Krapp’s Last Tape The Gate Theatre €5-25, 8pm A tragedy in one act, Krapp’s Last Tape exposes the final reflections of a depleted writer Tues 19th March- Thurs 28th March Before Vanishing… The New Theatre €15, 7.30pm Includes Irish-language translation of Beckett’s ‘Come and Go’ translated by Gabriel Rosenstock

ART Tues 5th March- Sat March 16th Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me The New Theatre €15, 7.30pm A powerful emotional story about three strangers who were abducted Wed 20th March-Sat 30th March The Wool Gatherer The New Theatre €16, 7.30pm Two neurotic people searching for love Tues April 2nd - Sat April 13th Pageant The Pavillion Theatre €16-18, 8pm Pageant celebrates the performers in us all Thurs March 7th The Gruffalo’s Child The Pavillion Theatre €8-11, 5.30pm The Gruffalo’s child ignores her father’s warning and tiptoes out into the snow Monday 11th March The Gruffalo’s Child The Pavillion Theatre 4.30pm The Gruffalo’s child ignores her father’s warning and tiptoes out into the snow Tuesday12th March The Crucible The Pavillion Theatre €13-15, 7.30pm The events surrounding the Salem Witch Trials Wed 13th March The Tailor of Inverness The Pavillion Theatre €16-18, 8pm A moving story of survival in war-torn Europe. Fri 15th- Sat 16th March Fiddler on the Roof The Pavillion Theatre €20, 8pm With unforgettable songs such as ‘If I were a Rich Man’ and ‘Matchmaker’. Mon 15th March- Sat 16th March Forgotten The Pavillion Theatre €18, 8pm Brings to life the sometimes forgotten voices of society. Thurs 28th March Forgotten The Pavillion Theatre €18, 8pm Brings to life the sometimes forgotten voices of society.  Sat 30th March Tuesdays with Morrie The Pavillion Theatre €18, 8pm A heart-warming exploration of friendship and life  Wed 3rd-Thurs 4th April An Enchanted Evening The Pavilion Theatre €15.50, 7pm Students weave their wondrous tale through the medium of classical ballet and modern dance Fri 5th April- Sat 6th April The Fantasist The Mermaid Arts Centre €16, 8pm Exploring the murky depths and glorious heights of bipolar disorder. Wed 27th March Peter Sheridan - Break a Leg The Mermaid Arts Centre €16, 8pm One man show exploring the story of a life in theatre Wed 3rd April Rover Part 2 The Civic Theatre €13, 7.30pm A bawdy romp through the 17th century Tues 5th March-Sat 9th March

The Magic Flute – The Musical The Civic Theatre €15, 8pm Mozart’s piece adapted to cater for an audience of all ages Wed 6th March-Fri 8th March The Devils The Civic Theatre €13, 7.30pm A convent shows signs of possession and havoc is wreaked Tues 12th-Sat 16th March Pageant The Civic Theatre €20, 8pm Pageant celebrates the performers in us all Tues 12th March The Angina Monologues The Civic Theatre €12, 8.15pm Comedy revue dealing with everyday aspects on Irish life Wed 20th March- Sat 23rd March The Deal The Civic Theatre €20, 8pm A black comedy/rural farce around the lives of the McQuirk brothers Tues 26th March- Sat 30th March Cash on Delivery The Civic Theatre €12, 7.45pm Unemployed Erin Swan has cashed an old neighbor’s security cheque Wed 27th March- Sat 30th March Reading Together: A Public Reading of Stories From Joyce’s Dubliners Ballymun Axis Theatre Free, 12pm A public reading of two stories about mothers and daughters from Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’. Fri 8th March Tromluí Phinocchio Ballymun Axis Theatre €2-7, 1.30 and 8pm ‘Tromluí Phinocchio’ (Pinocchio - A Nightmare) is immersive, fun and bilingual Mon 11th March Waiting For Elvis Ballymun Axis Theatre €12, 8pm Lisa Marie lives her life sitting on a park bench, happily waiting for The King himself Wed 3rd April- Sat 13th April Pageant Draíocht Arts Centre €18,8pm Pageant celebrates the performers in us all Thurs 4th March Collaborations Festival Smock Alley Theatre Check website for ticket prices/times 31 shows including works in progress, new writing, play readings and an exhibition Fri 22nd Feb- Sat 9th March Monster/Clock Smock Alley Theatre €15, 7.30pm Musical puppet comedy, monster/ clock tells the story of Toby, a castigated monster Mon 18th- Sat 30th March Transitions Mermaid Arts Centre Graduates of Laban Dance School in new show 8pm, €12 19th March BIFE Dance Performance Mermaid Arts Centre Local arts performance 8pm, €14 21st/22nd March

Axis Ballymun Main Street, Ballymun, D9 Quantum Entanglement Capture This exhibition of work takes its inspiration from axis Dance Artist in Residence Philip Connaughton who will allow access to young people from across Ballymun to his rehearsal space. They will get the opportunity to see him in action and to capture this process in a variety of artistic media – photography, film, drawing and paint. March 20 – April 20 Chester Beatty Library Dublin Castle, D2 Chester Beatty: The Paintings A selection of thirty paintings that once belonged to Chester Beatty. September 7 - March 24 The Copper House Gallery Synge Street, D8 10 Weeks ‘10 weeks’ is a response to the long standing practice of the ProLife campaign and movement of misappropriating and misusing language, images and symbols. February 13 – March 12 When They Put Their Hands Out Like Scales Photography exhibition exploring the abortion debate. February 13 – March 12 Synge St, D8 Cross Gallery Francis Street, D8 Simon Synge March 14 – April 13 Douglas Hyde Gallery Nassau Street, D2 Katy Moran February 8 - March 28 The Paradise [39] - Andrew Rickery February 8 - March 28 Draiocht Blanchardstown, D15 Vincent Sheridan Vincent Sheridan studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and the Dublin Institute of Technology. He has been working as a full-time artist since 1981. Birds (especially crows and starlings) continue to feature largely in Sheridan’s work. He is concerned with the social behaviour, flight dynamics and subliminal ‘brushstroke’ patterns of birds in flight. His images often mirror human group dynamics, modes of communication and social interactions. March 15 – May 25 Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane Parnell Square North, D1 Sean Scully: Doric This exhibition presents Sean Scully’s Doric paintings, a series of works he has produced since 2008. The title references one of the three orders of ancient Greek architecture, the least ornate Doric order, and the paintings were conceived as a celebration of the contribution of classic Greek culture to humanity. The Doric order impressed Sean Scully for its simplicity and force, “the spaces between the columns are space for thought, for light, for questioning and growth.” March 28 – June 9 Gallery of Photography Meeting House Square, D2 Edgar Martins, This is Not a House Edgar Martins’ controversial work This Is Not A Houseexplores the subprime mortgage crisis and the collapse of the US housing market. Martins’ large-scale colour photo-

graphs depict abandoned dream homes, golf courses, hotels and other building projects from across the US. These powerful images have particular resonance in the context of the Irish economic crisis. February 14 – March 17 Green on Red Gallery Lombard Street, D2 Material Fact Group show by Silvia Bächli, Gerard Byrne, Paul Doran, Dennis McNultyFebruary 28 – April 13 IMMA Royal Hospital Kilmainham, D8 Analysing Cubism The term Analytic Cubism has been used to describe work made by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in Paris between 1909-1912 and includes iconic paintings such as Picasso’s Ma Jolie (1911-1912). Analysing Cubism takes as its point of origin the principles of early or analytic cubism and outlines the various directions that were taken by different artists, with particular focus on the Irish artists Mainie Jellett and Evie Hone. February 21 - May 19 The Ivy House Upper Drumcondra Road Denis Dunne Denis’ practice is multi layered. In it he seeks to represent and explore innocence, light, change and the transformation of the human spirit. His subjects are collaborators in his practice: they are the force which inspires his imagination. Much of the work is autobiographical, the models play out fragments from the artists’ life, he also encourages the models to incorporate some of their own experiences from the past and present. January 29 – April 28 Jorgensen Fine Art Hibernian Way, D2 John Long, RHA John Long’s first solo exhibition at Jorgensen Fine Art since being elected a full member of the Royal Hibernian Academy. Eebruary 21 – March 9 Kerlin Gallery Anne’s Lane, D2 Mark Francis: Calibrate Mark Francis belongs to a generation of primarily non-objective painters whose formal repertoire nevertheless draws considerable sustenance from a wide range of previously unavailable images now in general circulation due to the invention of the electron microscope as well as notable advances in telescopic technology. In Francis’ case the obvious associations between microscopic images of spores and sperm and the fundamentals of creation, allied to an avid personal interest in mycology, clearly informed the paintings for which he first gained recognition in the early 1990s. March 1 – April 13 Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Chancery Lane, D8 Nevan Lahart ‘The Most Conservative Game in Town’ February 16 – March 16 The LAB Foley St, D1 Some Songs are Sung Slower This exhibition comprises new works that have been produced in the period 2008 to 2012 by the artist Mick Wilson. These works include screen works, audio works, digital prints and photocopied images and texts. January 18 – March 9

Mermaid Arts Centre Bray The Sovereigns Artists Anne Ffrench and Brian Harte will present an installation of their work together as the collaberative outfit Ffrench/Harte. Inspired by two uninhabited islands 8km off the south coast of Ireland, the artists built a 22 metre rope bridge that temporarily linked the gap between the rocky outcrop locally known as “The Sovereigns”. March 7 – April 11 Monster Truck Temple Bar, D2 The Mystery of Things Fiona Mulholland’s practice is primarily concerned with making visible oppositional elements of everyday existence. In sculptural works she uses appropriated objects/materials along with universal symbols in order to investigate the tensions between ‘dreams’, ‘fantasy’ and the ephemera of modern living. Currently questioning how we solicit spaces/ places of retreat whether physical or psychological, her concern is to make objects which hover between representation, symbolism and formal values. February 8 – March 16 Mothers Tankstation Watling Street, D8 Built With Love February 27 - 6 April National Gallery of Ireland Merrion Square West, D2 Imagining the Divine: The Holy Family in Art An in-focus look at representations of Christ’s early life, taking in twelve drawings and paintings ranging in date from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries. November 26 - March 31 National Photographic Archive Meeting House Square, D2 Taking Stock The first retrospective exhibition by the NPA, this exhibition will look back at what and how they’ve exhibited since opening in 1998. October 5 - Summer 2013 Olivier Sears Gallery Molesworth Street, D2 Donald Teskey, Ocean Frequency Ocean Frequency is a cycle of new paintings that allows the viewer to examine the natural world with its all-encompassing vigour through the eyes of an artist who has spent twenty years making this his primary concern. March 7 – April 18 Pallas Projects The Coombe, D8 ROTATOR ROTATOR emerged from Clinton and Moriarty’s collaborative investigation of the architecture and surroundings of Pallas Projects/ Studios. The works will connect the gallery to the city and emphasise the physical and historical depth of place through engagement with some of Dublin’s hidden topographies. The site is located on an island that is perched between two strands of the living, breathing waterway: the river Poddle. Here, viewers are invited to steal a glance at an otherwise hidden artificial lake, a disembodied tour (transported from the crypt of St. Michan’s Church) and an endlessly descending red-brick wall. March 2 – April 5 Project Arts Centre East Essex Street, D2 Detouched

CLUBBING Mondays Soul, Funk and Disco With Upbeat Generation Industry Club and Venue 11.30pm Pop, Rock and Soul, 11pm Sound Mondays The Turk’s Head, Parliament St & Essex Gate, Temple Bar, D1 Indie, Rock, Garage and Post Punk 11pm, Free DiceSessions The Dice Bar, Queen St, Smithfield, D7 DJ Alley King Kong Club The Village, 26 Wexford St, D2 Muscial Game Show 9pm, Free The Industry Night Break for the Border, 2 Johnstons Place, Lr Stephens Street, D2 Pool Compitiion, Kareoke & DJ DJ Ken Halfod Buskers, Temple Bar, D2 Chart Pop, Indie, Rock 10pm Electric Juke Box Club M, Blooms Hotel, D2 Funky House, R’n’B 10.30pm,€8/5 with flyer Lounge Lizards Solas Bar, 31 Wexford St, D2 Soul Music 8pm, Free Dolly Does Dragon, The Dragon, South georges St, D2 Cocktails, Candy and Classic Tunes 10pm, Free Thank God Its Monday Ri-Ra, Dame Court, D2 Electro, Funk, Ska, Indie and Rock 11pm, Free Piss-up with Peaches The George, George’s St, D2 Free, 9pm Simon S Fitzsimons 11pm, €5 Dancefloor fillers Tuesdays We Love Tuesdays Ri-Ra, Dame Court, D2 Martin McCann, eclectic mix of styles 11pm, Free Boogie Woogie The George, D2 Free, 12.30pm The Tuesday Night Project The Front Lounge, 33 Parliament St, D2 Board games & a Live Jukebox 6pm - 9 pm, Free Aprils Casting Couch The Front Lounge, 33 Parliament St, D2 Karaoke night 9pm, DJ 9.30, Free Dragon Tuesdays The Dragon, D2 9.30pm, Free Glitz Night DJ Fluffy & Ruth Dandelion, D2 Gay night 11pm C.U.Next Tuesday Indie/pop/Hip-hop/Dance The Lost Society, Powerscourt Townhouse, Sth William St, D2 Free before 10.30pm, €4 till 11, €6 after Ronan M Fitzsimons 11pm, €5 Chart pop Wednesdays FUSED Ri-Ra, Dame Court, D2 80’s, Indie, Electro 11pm, Free/€2/4 after 11pm

Space N Veda The George, South Great Georges St, D2 10pm, Free Dirty Disco @ Dtwo Chart and pop music D Two Night Club, 60 Harcourt St, D2 Totally Fag Hag The Front Lounge, 33 Parliament St, D2 9pm, Free Fubar! The Globe, South Great Georges St, D2 11pm, Free Wednesdays at Dandelion Dandelion, St. Stephen’s Green Centre, D2 Dublins most popular Student Wednesday Madhaus The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey St, D1 DJ Ste-V- Something & Madhaus DJs play the best of club music 10.30, €5 before 11.30, €8 after Bruce Willis The Lost Society 10.30pm, €10 Trap for lads in caps. Somewhere? Workman’s Club, 10 Wellington Quay, D2 Indie, Dance Free before 11/ €5 after Simon S Fitzsimons 11pm, €5 Dublin’s biggest party night Thursdays Thursdays After Work The Baggot Inn, D2 Quiz night, live music with Resident Band 9 pm, resident DJ from 11pm. 8pm, Free The LITTLE big Party Ri-Ra, Dame Court, D2 Indie, Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll 11pm, Free Push with DJ Andy O’Connell Workman’s Club, D2 Northern soul, Funk, Disco, Hookas/ Shishas to rent 10. 30pm, Free Weed and Seven Deadly Skins Turks Head Dublin, D2 Live Reggae, 11pm Loaded The Grand Social, 35 Lwr Liffey St, D1 Indie & Alternative 8pm, Free Make and Do-Do with Panti Panti Bar, 7-8 Capel Street, D1 Gay arts and crafts night 9.30pm, Free Access All Areas Buck Whaleys, 67 Lower Leeson St, D2 11pm Sex & The City @ Baggot Inn Baggot Inn, 143 Lwr Baggot St, D2 A night of all things Sex & The City 7pm Mischief Break for The Border 11pm, €6/8 Jaime Nanci and the Blue Boys The Mercantile, 28 Dame St, D2 Four piece live ensemble 9pm, Free T.W.A.T Twentyone Club And Lounge, D’ollier St, D2 11pm, €4 JamPot DJ’s/ Musicians The Lost Society The Circle The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey St, D1

The most unique clubbing experience ever Take Back Thursdays Industry Club and Venue, 23 – 24 Eustace St, D2 10pm Blasphemy The Village, 26 Wexford St, D2 n CBGB : The Home of Underground Music Pygmalion , 9pm Get Loose Get Loose The Mercantile Indie, Alternative, Britpop, Rock n Roll 10.30pm Jason D +TBO Matter party Fitzsimons 11pm, €5 Party music Bunny’s Burlesque Boudoir Wilde, Wicklow St., D2 10pm, €8 Host Bunny gets dark and sparkly Fridays Ladies Night The Baggot Inn, D2 Cocktail Masterclasses from 7 pm. Resident DJ till late. 7pm, Free Good Fridays with DJ Gerry Molumby Ri-Ra, Dame Court, D2 Old skool Hip- Hop, Funk,Soul, Disco and Indie Classics 11pm, Free Fridays at Turks Head Turks Head Dublin, D2 Flamenco Night Spice @ The Dragon The Dragon, D2 5pm, Free before 10pm, €5 before 11pm, €7 after Friday Night at Vanilla Vanilla Nightclub, D4 DJ Rachel and DJ Owen Clarke, chart topping dance hits 11pm Late Night Fridays The Sugar Club, D2 11pm, All Cocktails €5 Bunny’s Hutch in my Basement PantiBar, 7 – 8 Capel St, D1 Cabaret & live music 10pm, Fridays at my House Resident DJ Ray Shah Buck Whaleys, 67 Lower Lesson St, D2 JB The Deejay The Village, 26 Wexford St, D2 Filth on Friday Twentyone Club And Lounge, D’ollier St, D2 10pm, €5 before 11, €10 after Car Wash Sin, D2 Retro Disco 9pm, Free before 11pm, €10 after Forbidden Alchemy, D2 Latest R’n’B and Chart floor fillers 11pm, Dandelion Fridays Dandelion, D2 11pm Dave Tracey Resident Dj The Lost Society, Powerscourt Townhouse Living Room The Lost Society, Powerscourt Townhouse, Sth William St, D2 Cult movies from7pm, Indie/HipHop/ Retro from 10pm, 7pm, Free Twist The Grand Social, 35 Lwr Liffey St, D1 BBQ in the Beer Garden 10pm, free WV Fridays The Wright Venue €10, 11pm Irish DJs

Resident DJ Cafe en Seine 11pm, Free All Star At The Academy The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey St, D1 RnB, 10.30pm, /€12 War Andrews Lane Theatre, Andrews Lane, D2 10pm, €8 Darren C Fitzsimons 11pm, €10 Chart pop and dance Lockdown The Lost Society, Powerscourt Townhouse, Sth William St, D2 Weekly Pop Punk Night 10.30pm, €4 till 11, €5 til 12, €6 after Babalonia Little Green Cafe 9pm, Free Samba, reggae, mestizo, afrobeat, and more Glamtastic Wilde, Wicklow St., D2 10pm, €10 She-j-DJ Davina Davine hosts Saturdays Conor G Resident DJ BASSment The Lost Society The Panti Show PantiBar, 7 – 8 Capel St, D1 Gay Music night 10pm, Free Saturday Night at Vanilla Vanilla Nightclub, D4 Andy Preston combines the latest in pop, rock and iconic tracks 11pm Mother Copper Alley, D2 Ghostboy & Kelly-Anne Byrne do disco, electro, and synth-pop 11pm, €10/5 Sports Saturday The Baggot Inn, D2 Sports from 3pm, resident DJ til Late 3pm, Free SaturGays The George, South Great Georges St, D2 10pm, Free before 11pm The Ringnmasters Drag Race The Dragon, 65 South Great Georges St, D2 10pm, Free before 11pm Sugar Club Saturdays The Sugar Club, 8 Lwr Leeson St, D2 11pm, All cocktails €5 Hidden Agenda The Button Factory 11pm, €Varies Top house night, with international bookings NVBD NV Nightclub, 27 Leeson St, D2 11pm Saturday Night’s SKYY Chart music plus celeb guest DJs Buck Whaley’s, 67 Lwr Leeson St, D2 The Beat Suite 4 Dame Lane, D2 Suck My Deck The Village, 26 Wexford St 11pm, Allegro House music The Mercantile, 28 Dame St, D2 10pm High Voltage The Foggy Dew, 1 Fownes St, Temple Bar, D2 10pm Bounce R’n’ B and Chart Sin, 17 – 19 Sycamore St, Temple Bar, D2 9pm, €10 after 10pm K.I.S.S

Keep it Sexy Saturdays 10pm, €5 before 11, €10 after Gossip Andrews Lane Theatre, D2 Indie, Electro & Pop 11pm ? Fluid Dandelion, St. Stephen’s Green Centre, D2 Chart, R’n’B, House and Hip Hop, €10 Indietronic The Grand Social, 35 Lwr Liffey St, D1 DJ Eamonn Barrel, classic rock, indie and electro 10.30pm, Free Space... The Vinyl Frontier Soul, Funk, Disco, Electro, House Ri-Ra, Dame Court, D2 11pm, Free H Bomb Boogie Workman’s Club, 10 Wellington Quay, D2 Atomic Rockabilly Hits 10pm, Free Admission Workman’s Indie Residents Workman’s Club, D2 Indie - brand new & classics 11pm, Free A Jam Named Saturday Anseo, 18 Camden St Lwr, D2 Lex Woo & friends; jazz, disco, breaks, latin, hip-hop, house, afrobeat & more 7pm High Voltage Foggy Dew, 1 Fownes St, Temple Bar, D2 Dynamite Alt DJs 10pm Reflex 80s Night Grand Central Bar, D1 10.30pm, €5 Club Hell O’Reilly’s Rock Bar, George’s Quay, D2 n Saturday Night Rock Club 10pm, Free Babalonia DJs The Lick The Vaults, 1 Harbourmaster Place WV Rocks The Wright Venue €10, 11pm Over 21’s, neat dress. Keith P Fitzsimons 11pm, €5 Classic hits and pop Cirque Du Wilde Wilde, Wicklow St., D2 10pm, €10 Audio-visual party Sundays Sunday Bingo with Shirly Temple Bar The George, D2 9pm, Free/ €5 after 11pm Cocktails and Cupcakes Wilde, Wicklow St., D2 10pm, €10 With retro board games and cakes from 2pm. Hallelujah U, 13 High St, Christchurch, D7 2pm, Free The Burning Effices Turks Head Dublin, D2 Real Funk Soul and African beats Sundays@ Sin Sin, D2 Tribal and Electro house music 9pm, €10 after 10 Well Enough Alone Dice Bar, 79 Queen St, D7 Authentic Bluegrass The Beat Suite 4 Dame Lane, D2 Indie, Electro & Pop 10pm, Free Mass with Sister Lisa Marie Workman’s Club, D2

80’s & Indie Classics 10pm, Free Saucy Sundays The Grand Social, 35 Liffey StLwr, D1 Live music 4.30pm – 10.30 pm, Free Reggae Ska Rocksteady Foggy Dew, D2 7.30pm, Free Darren C Fitzsimons, 11pm, €5 Chart pop Sports Sunday The Baggot Inn, D2 3pm, Free ONE-OFFS Wednesday 6th March Cyril Hahn The Button Factory 11pm, Sold Out R&B remixer Thursday 7th March Lunice Twisted Pepper 11pm, €12 Get Lucky TNGHT Friday 8th March FaltyDL Twisted Pepper 11pm, €15 Plus Lil Wayne’ tour DJ 4our 5ive Sean Tyas & Mario The Academy 10pm, €15 Pants Trance Leon The Lost Society 10.30pm, €10 Rescheduled house show Saturday 9th March Kool Thing + No Regular Play The Button Factory 11pm, €10/7 As part of Hidden Agenda Rrose Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12/10 Formerly of Sandwell District Philip Bader Turk’s Head 10pm, €12 Tresor techno Zed Bias Kennedy’s Underground 11pm, €15/12 Good, yes wonderful good Thursday 14th March Jacques Greene Twisted Pepper 10.30pm. €12 Canadian crossover champ Friday 15th March Ian O’Donovan The Lost Society 10.30pm, €10/8 Plus Dog Days and Al Dillon Ben UFO & Scratcha DVA Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12 Hessle vs. Hyperdub Marcin Czubala Turks Head 9pm, €15 Mobilee techno Saturday 16th March Mano Le Tough The Sugar Club 9pm, €15/12 TD cover star launches LP Lerosa Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12 Italo-Irish Ostgut boy Izhevski Turk’s Head 9pm, €10 Mockba deep house Sunday 17th March Erol Alkan/Daniel Wang Twisted Pepper Midday, €22

Early Doors Dining 6.00-7.30pm 2 course 19.50 - 3 course 24.50 All dishes marked with * are included in the Early Doors Dining Menu Supplements may apply.

To Start *Jerusalem artichoke cream soup with quince jelly and crisp shallots 6 (v) *Crisp pork belly with caramelised apples, celeriac and cider butter 9

The Mains


Pan roasted venison, spiced red cabbage, buttered spaetzle with speck, fig and juniper jus 24

All side dishes are 3.50

*Marinated grilled chicken, Morteau sausage, cepe mushroom and Tuscan bean stew 21

Westin Greek salad with kalamata olives

*Baked fillet of halibut, potato puree, creamed leeks and baby spinach, clam vinaigrette 25 (early doors 3.00 supp)

Rocket, peashoot, oven dried tomato salad, ranch or balsamic dressing

Oysters Rockefeller, sautéed spinach, bacon, hollandaise or natural with lemon 9

*Risotto of porcini mushrooms with tarragon, truffle and aged parmesan cheese 16 (v)

Buttered baby potato and parsley crush

Warm confit duck salad with cranberries, toasted pecans, tarragon and mandarin vinaigrette 9

Tart of caramelised shallot confit, poached pear, mission fig and goat’s cheese 14.50 (v)

Green beans with smoked bacon and shallot butter

Homemade potato gnocchi with ricotta, thyme and roasted squash 14.50 (v)

Chunky chips - with truffle parmesan aioli 1.00 supp

*Pan roasted king scallops, crisp pancetta, chive potato puree, clam and tomato velouté 12 (early doors 2.00 supp) *Marinated beetroot salad, Boilie goat’s cheese fritter, sherry tomato vinaigrette 8.50 (v)

*Carlingford lough crab cakes, shaved fennel and orange salad, homemade tartar sauce 12 (early doors 2.00 supp) Bacon and cabbage soup, grain mustard cream 6 Seafood plate, crab roll, buttered prawns, oak smoked salmon, oysters 10.50 Carpaccio of Irish beef fillet, fried capers, lemon aioli 11

Basmati rice pilaff with toasted pine nuts, spinach and garlic Scallion mashed potato

Fish Menu Three delicious Catch of the Day, landed this morning and fresh to your plate with your choice of sides (market price)

To Finish White chocolate fondant with homemade mocha ice cream 6.50 *Banana and toffee parfait, buttered pecan ice cream 6.50


*Poached pears with crushed amaretto biscuits and mascarpone cream 6.50

Prime cuts of Irish Beef, dry aged and sealed in our homemade signature rub for exceptional flavour

Seafood plate, crab roll, buttered prawns, oak smoked salmon, oysters 17.50

*Coconut macaroon mousse, lemongrass and lime sorbet 6.50

Oysters Rockefeller sautéed spinach, bacon, hollandaise or natural with lemon 16

Warm apple strudel, chestnut honey ice cream, vanilla custard (allow 12 minutes) 6.50

Fillet of beef 8 oz 27

Spicy Merguez sausage and Dublin Bay prawns, with smoked cocktail sauce, parmesan aioli and toasted sourdough 16


*Lemon curd tart with Italian meringue, raspberry puree 6.50

Irish artisan cheese plate, Exchange chutney 9 Please note that some of our cheeses are unpasteurised

*Rib eye 10 oz 25 (early doors 3.00 supp) *Sirloin 10 oz 26 (early doors 3.00 supp) Veal cutlet 10 oz 27 Served with grilled vine tomatoes, crispy onions and chunky chips Choice of green peppercorn and brandy cream, prawn butter, béarnaise sauce, bordelaise, or lemon caper butter

W.O.W ‘It’s on your house’

Sip - Savour - Socialize

Wine on Wednesdays. We do the cooking, you bring the wine, no corkage will apply. Excludes beer and soft drinks.

Creative classic and signature cocktails, with an Exchange twist!

(v) dish suitable for vegetarian • beef served is of Irish origin only • for questions regarding special dietary requirements please ask your server •10% service charge for parties over 12

Westin Exchange menu landscape A3.indd 1

15/January/2013 14:07 15/January/2013

The Exchange at The Westin Dublin, College Green, Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2. T 353.1.645.1000 F 353.1.645.1234

CLUBBING Paddy’s day blowout. Mongo Grand Social 2pm, €15 With Matador, Sunil Sharpe and more 12 Sundays Bernard Shaw Midday, Free With Mother DJs and Louis Scully Forza Italo Odessa Club 6pm, €10 St. Pasta day with Electrick Dragon, Ken Hanzlo and lots more. Thursday 21st March Ejeca Turks Head 11pm, €10 Belfast garage Matthewdavid Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €7/5 Washed-out Brainfeeder hop Friday 22nd March DJ Kormac Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12/10 With a whopper AV show. Audiowhores Lafayette 10pm, €15/12 Proof that all the good names are taken Loudmouth Collective Bernard Shaw 8pm, Free Hip-hop orientated label night Saturday 23rd March Detroit Swindle The Button Factory 11pm, €10/7 Soulful Dutch house Pariah Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €15/12 R&S outcast Grosstadlichter Bernard Shaw 8pm, Free Techno messing in the Craic Den Thursday 28th March Holy Thursday Twisted Pepper 8pm, €5 With Come On Live Long and loads more Saturday 30th March Morgan Geist Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €14 Playing D’Angelo’s Voodoo LP Sunday 31st March Aril Brikha The Grand Social 10pm, €15/12 Plus Mulljoy and Paul Gill Ben Sims Twisted Pepper 11pm, €15/13 Seasoned techno spinner [+Raime A/V Live show] Justin Martin The Button Factory 11pm, €15 Dirtybird gem, plus Catz N’ Dogz Le Galaxie Bernard Shaw 2pm, Free Plus Handsome Paddy World Space Ibiza Tour The Kitchen 11pm, Free Camilo Franco guests. Top house night, with international bookings NVBD NV Nightclub, 27 Leeson St, D2 11pm Saturday Night’s SKYY Chart music plus celeb guest DJs Buck Whaley’s, 67 Lwr Leeson St, D2

The Beat Suite 4 Dame Lane, D2 Suck My Deck The Village, 26 Wexford St 11pm, Allegro House music The Mercantile, 28 Dame St, D2 10pm High Voltage The Foggy Dew, 1 Fownes St, Temple Bar, D2 10pm Bounce R’n’ B and Chart Sin, 17 – 19 Sycamore St, Temple Bar, D2 9pm, €10 after 10pm K.I.S.S Keep it Sexy Saturdays 10pm, €5 before 11, €10 after Gossip Andrews Lane Theatre, D2 Indie, Electro & Pop 11pm ? Fluid Dandelion, St. Stephen’s Green Centre, D2 Chart, R’n’B, House and Hip Hop, €10 Indietronic The Grand Social, 35 Lwr Liffey St, D1 DJ Eamonn Barrel, classic rock, indie and electro 10.30pm, Free Space... The Vinyl Frontier Soul, Funk, Disco, Electro, House Ri-Ra, Dame Court, D2 11pm, Free H Bomb Boogie Workman’s Club, 10 Wellington Quay, D2 Atomic Rockabilly Hits 10pm, Free Admission Workman’s Indie Residents Workman’s Club, D2 Indie - brand new & classics 11pm, Free A Jam Named Saturday Anseo, 18 Camden St Lwr, D2 Lex Woo & friends; jazz, disco, breaks, latin, hip-hop, house, afrobeat & more 7pm High Voltage Foggy Dew, 1 Fownes St, Temple Bar, D2 Dynamite Alt DJs 10pm Reflex 80s Night Grand Central Bar, D1 10.30pm, €5 Club Hell O’Reilly’s Rock Bar, George’s Quay, D2 n Saturday Night Rock Club 10pm, Free Babalonia DJs The Lick The Vaults, 1 Harbourmaster Place WV Rocks The Wright Venue €10, 11pm Over 21’s, neat dress. Keith P Fitzsimons 11pm, €5 Classic hits and pop Cirque Du Wilde Wilde, Wicklow St., D2 10pm, €10 Audio-visual party Sundays Sunday Bingo with Shirly Temple Bar The George, D2 9pm, Free/ €5 after 11pm Cocktails and Cupcakes Wilde, Wicklow St., D2 10pm, €10 With retro board games and cakes from 2pm.

Hallelujah U, 13 High St, Christchurch, D7 2pm, Free The Burning Effices Turks Head Dublin, D2 Real Funk Soul and African beats Sundays@ Sin Sin, D2 Tribal and Electro house music 9pm, €10 after 10 Well Enough Alone Dice Bar, 79 Queen St, D7 Authentic Bluegrass The Beat Suite 4 Dame Lane, D2 Indie, Electro & Pop 10pm, Free Mass with Sister Lisa Marie Workman’s Club, D2 80’s & Indie Classics 10pm, Free Saucy Sundays The Grand Social, 35 Liffey StLwr, D1 Live music 4.30pm – 10.30 pm, Free Reggae Ska Rocksteady Foggy Dew, D2 7.30pm, Free Darren C Fitzsimons, 11pm, €5 Chart pop Sports Sunday The Baggot Inn, D2 3pm, Free ONE-OFFS Wednesday 6th March Cyril Hahn The Button Factory 11pm, Sold Out R&B remixer Thursday 7th March Lunice Twisted Pepper 11pm, €12 Get Lucky TNGHT Friday 8th March FaltyDL Twisted Pepper 11pm, €15 Plus Lil Wayne’ tour DJ 4our 5ive Sean Tyas & Mario The Academy 10pm, €15 Pants Trance Leon The Lost Society 10.30pm, €10 Rescheduled house show Saturday 9th March Kool Thing + No Regular Play The Button Factory 11pm, €10/7 As part of Hidden Agenda Rrose Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12/10 Formerly of Sandwell District Philip Bader Turk’s Head 10pm, €12 Tresor techno Zed Bias Kennedy’s Underground 11pm, €15/12 Good, yes wonderful good Thursday 14th March Jacques Greene Twisted Pepper 10.30pm. €12 Canadian crossover champ Friday 15th March Ian O’Donovan The Lost Society 10.30pm, €10/8 Plus Dog Days and Al Dillon Ben UFO & Scratcha DVA Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12 Hessle vs. Hyperdub Marcin Czubala Turks Head

Holy Thursday with Junior Spesh and Totally Dublin

9pm, €15 Mobilee techno Saturday 16th March Mano Le Tough The Sugar Club 9pm, €15/12 TD cover star launches LP Lerosa Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12 Italo-Irish Ostgut boy Izhevski Turk’s Head 9pm, €10 Mockba deep house Sunday 17th March Erol Alkan/Daniel Wang Twisted Pepper Midday, €22 Paddy’s day blowout. Mongo Grand Social 2pm, €15 With Matador, Sunil Sharpe and more 12 Sundays Bernard Shaw Midday, Free With Mother DJs and Louis Scully Forza Italo Odessa Club 6pm, €10 St. Pasta day with Electrick Dragon, Ken Hanzlo and lots more. Thursday 21st March Ejeca

Turks Head 11pm, €10 Belfast garage Matthewdavid Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €7/5 Washed-out Brainfeeder hop Friday 22nd March DJ Kormac Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €12/10 With a whopper AV show. Audiowhores Lafayette 10pm, €15/12 Proof that all the good names are taken Loudmouth Collective Bernard Shaw 8pm, Free Hip-hop orientated label night Saturday 23rd March Detroit Swindle The Button Factory 11pm, €10/7 Soulful Dutch house Pariah Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €15/12 R&S outcast Grosstadlichter Bernard Shaw 8pm, Free Techno messing in the Craic Den Thursday 28th March

Holy Thursday Twisted Pepper 8pm, €5 With Come On Live Long and loads more Saturday 30th March Morgan Geist Twisted Pepper 10.30pm, €14 Playing D’Angelo’s Voodoo LP Sunday 31st March Aril Brikha The Grand Social 10pm, €15/12 Plus Mulljoy and Paul Gill Ben Sims Twisted Pepper 11pm, €15/13 Seasoned techno spinner [+Raime A/V Live show] Justin Martin The Button Factory 11pm, €15 Dirtybird gem, plus Catz N’ Dogz Le Galaxie Bernard Shaw 2pm, Free Plus Handsome Paddy World Space Ibiza Tour The Kitchen 11pm, Free Camilo Franco guests.

Welcome to bay’s Healthy Eating Menu STARTERS Soup of the Moment

on bay’s Fennel Seed Brown, Coeliac or White Bread

47 kcal / 67 Kcal

half €4.00 full €6.00

Chermoula Tiger Prawns

Mixed Roasted Peppers, Lemon Couscous in our Spicy Chermoula Sauce

194 Kcal / 343 Kcal

half €7.95 full €14.95

Howth Chowder

on bay’s Fennel Seed Brown, Coeliac or White Bread

391 Kcal / 681 Kcal

half €6.00 full €8.00

Wild Mushroom Bruchette

Pistachio & Orange Chicken Liver Pate


with Lime & Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

With Cranberry Sauce & Green Leaves on bay’s Fennel Seed Brown, Coeliac or White Bread

half €7.95 full €12.95

391 Kcal / 681 Kcal

401 Kcal / 555 Kcal

half €7.95 full €14.95

Sticky Chicken Wings

with Shaved Parmesan on bay’s Fennel Seed Brown, Coeliac or White Bread


265 Kcal

with Tangy Barbeque Sauce & Blue Cheese Dip

bay’s March Specials 418 Kcal / 722 Kcal

2 Courses €19.95/3 Courses €22.95/Mon-Wed 4 till Close/Thur-Sat 4pm-7pm

half €7.95 full €14.95

SALADS Oven Baked Goats Cheese

Warm Chicken Classic Caesar

with Carmelised Walnuts, baked with Shaved Parmesan, Bacon, Beetroot, Rocket Salad & Dry Boiled Egg & Garlic Crostini Aged Balsamic Dressing with bay’s Fennel Seed Brown, Coeliac or White Bread

344 Kcal / 569 Kcal

half €8.95 full €13.95

507 Kcal / 907 Kcal

half €8.95 full €13.95


Honey Sesame Chicken

Honey Sesame Fillet Beef Salad

with Pumpkin seeds, mint, roasted Hazelnuts,Red Onion & Local Mixed Green Shoots

382 kcal/751 kcal

with Pumpkin seeds, Mint, roasted Hazelnuts, Red Onion & Local Mixed Green Shoots

half €8.95 full €13.95

444 kcal/681kcal

half €8.95 full €13.95

Thinnly sliced Beef Fillet & Liver Pate on Puff Pastry & Wild Mushroom Stew 481 kcal

Ricotta Bruchetta

With Roasted Red Peppers & Basil & Rocket Salad with bay’s Fennel Seed Brown, Coeliac or White Bread 380 kcal

Soup of the Moment

with bay’s Fennel Seed Brown, Coeliac or White Bread


Braised Short Beef Ribs

941 kcal

Savoury Baked Cheese Cake

with Spiced Chutney, Sauteed Baby Spinach, Semi Sun Dried Tomatos & Green Beans


584 kcal

Cajun Marinated Chicken Fillet

Brandy Black Pepper Raisin Pouring Brandy Black Pepper Raisin Pouring &with Cowboy Rub Brandy Black Nutrition Exercise Specialists Sauce Sauce Pepper Raisin Pouring Sauce




with Onion Gravy, Green Beans & Champ Mash Potato

All food at bay is cooked daily fresh for you

Hereford Irish Fillet Hereford Irish Sirloin Steak 8oz Steak 6oz This menu is endorsed by healthpro:


47 kcal

Mohamed Foued Belabbas Head Chef at bay

Hereford Irish Fillet Steak 6oz

Beef Wellington

Hereford Irish Sirloin Steak 10oz Cowboy Rub Brandy Black Pepper Raisin Pouring Sauce

with Balsamic Caramelised Onions, Roasted Baby Potatos & Brandy Peppercorn Sauce 555 kcal

Honey Melon Wrapped Cocktail Tiger Prawns




with Guacamole, Lamb Leaf Salad & Saffron Yoghurt 223 kcal

310 Kcal


498 Kcal


310 Kcal


468 Kcal


FISH Fish & Chips

Dill Battered Fillet with Red Pepper Tartar, Chips* & Baby Leaf Salad

Baked Hake Fillet with Sauteed Baby Spinach, Green Beans & Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes


bay’s House Salad

Baby Leaves, Mung Beans & Alfalfa, Drizzled in bay’s Strawberry Dressing 20 Kcal

Herb Mash


With crushed Peas, Mint, Micro Tomato Salsa & Creamy Potato Gratin


Add your Side

Please Choose Chips*: Regular or Coeliac

707 Kcal

Tiger Prawn Skewers Pan Fried Basil Crusted Seabass Fillet with Spicy Harrissa Creme

271 Kcal


Rocket, Cherry Tomato, Pine Nut & Parmesan Salad

292 Kcal



Dry aged Balsamic Dressing

Mixed Roasted Peppers & Lemon Couscous

€3.50 87 Kcal €3.50 94 Kcal €3.50 Creamy Potato Gratin Chips (Regular) Chips (Coeliac)

203 Kcal


455 kcal

 This menu is endorsed by healthpro: Nutrition  & Exercise Specialists   

Service Charge 10% on 6 or more people

Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables

129 Kcal

273 Kcal €3.50 €3.50 143 Kcal €3.50 227 Kcal Baby Spinach, Green Sauteed Mushrooms Sauteed Onions Beans & Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes


Pan Fried Venison Steak

With Tiger Prawns, Sweet Potato Rosti & Cranbery & Raspberry Chutney


Layered Creamy Potato with Onion & Nutmeg

Infused with Rosemary

317 Kcal

433 Kcal

Chef’s Special Supplement €8.00



227 Kcal


Homemade Breads to Take Home €3.50 / Loaf

     

This menu is endorsed by healthpro: Nutrition & Exercise Specialists



TAC at the Grand Social

Music is a huge part of Dublin’s History and traditional Irish music has its home in O’Donoghue’s famous bar. A favourite of Christy Moore and the Dubliners amongst its illustrious past, it has been an attraction not only for tourists from all over the world but is also a favourite haunt of local Dubliners.The whole bar is adorned with drawings and and photographs of some of Irelands finest musicians young and old alike who have all played their part in adding to what has become the unique musical heritage of Dublin at O’Donoghue’s.

If you’re lucky enough to be around town at the time, a must see is TAC (Traditional Arts Collective) This band have come from the fringes and taken the world of traditional music and dance by storm. The difference between TAC and your average Ceili band is that they have added a drum kit and bass guitar to the mix, this makes for a rocking sound! At TAC gigs an MC calls out lively set-dances and everyone in the room ends up dancing-a great opportunity to meet people and have ‘the craic’!upcoming Ceilis at The Grand Social; March 13th and May 1st.

15 Merrion Row, Dublin 4 t: 01 6607194

The Grand Social, 35 Lr Liffey St, D1



Blarney Inn

The Cobblestone

Devitts Pub

There’s a twist toThe Blarney Inn. It’s is a traditional Irish bar (with live Irish music and dancing), with a restaurant; renowned for their variety of speciality steaks, and a spectacular Irish nightclub - Club Nassau (home of the slow-set). It also has The Stella Lieu bar, a mult-purpose room, free for groups of up to 100 people. Very popular indeed. Located only minutes from Dublin city centre on Nassau Street the Blarney delivers a variety of entertainment and foods for every taste - authentic local dishes rub shoulders with European fare to satisfy all. Try the Beef and Guinness stew, it’s amazing - you are sure to get a feel for the best of Irish cooking, dancing and music. Kildare Street Hotel, 47-49 Kildare St, Dublin 2 t: 01 679 4388

The Cobblestone pub boasts an inviting location, nestled in the heart of vibrant Smithfield - just two minutes walk from the Luas and the award-winning Lighthouse Cinema. It is home to fine traditional music sessions seven nights a week, hosted by many familiar faces of the Irish music scene. The pub offers a large selection of Irish craft beers to accompany its legendary pint of Guinness. All this together with its charming bar staff and homely, rustic surroundings make the Cobblestone one of a kind on the Dublin pub scene.

A family run pub for over 35 years unique is the perfect word to describe this pub. Every Thursday,Friday and Saturday night some of the most talented musicians in Dublin come to play in Devitts. Located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Camden St, Devitts provides excellent traditional music to both tourists and dubliners alike. The upstairs lounge is the perfect venue for an intimate session. The Friday night session in particular led by the mighty Gerry Quinn is a must see.

77 King St N  Smithfield, Dublin 7 01 872 1799

78 Lwr Camden St t: 014753414




Legends bar @The Arlington Temple bar

O’Shea’s Merchant Bar

Legends bar offers an excellent choice of food and drink, friendly service and a variety of entertainment. Our Award Winning Celtic night Dinner and show features some of Dublin’s finest musicians and is performed every night by the highly acclaimed celtic rhythm dance troop. Guests can also avail of Private Irish dancing lessons with our professional instructors. Our very talented chefs pride themselves on their traditional Irish menu including famous Irish stew and delicious sea food served daily until 9pm. We offer a taste of tradition with Modern flair…… The bar is located on the ground floor of the Arlington Hotel in the heart of Dublin’s medieval city. Simply email for more information or call the Hotel to book your show

O’Shea’s Merchant is located in the heart of Ireland’s captial, just minutes from the city’s cultural quarter, Temple Bar. O’Shea’s Merchant is renowned for it’s live Irish music, traditional set dancing and unique atmosphere. One of the city’s few remaining traditional pubs is a firm favourite with visitors to the city. O’Shea’s Merchant has an extensive menu each day with a selection of award winning Irish and international dishes. O’Shea’s Merchant is one of Dublin’s few remaining Traditional Irish Pubs and is a firm favourite with visitors to the City. In addition to the traditional bar, O’Shea’s Merchant has 25 spacious guest rooms available, offering excellent value for money in a city centre location. O’Shea’s Merchant Serves from an extensive menu each day offering a selection of award winning Irish & International Dishes.

Follow us on Twitter @arlohotelsdub Like us on Facebook; Arlington Temple bar

12 Bridge Street, Dublin 8 t: 01 679 3797



Ned Keenan’s

J. McNeill’s

The Brazen Head

Ned Keenan’s pub, which is connected to the Maple Hotel on Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 is a cosy, relaxing bar; the perfect place to sit back after a busy day exploring Dublin. Their friendly staff make Ned’s the most popular place for tourists and locals alike. Guests in our pub will enjoy a fresh pint of the finest Guinness in Ireland. Come along on a Friday or Saturday evening for their 11pm traditional music session with some of Dublin’s finest musicians. These sessions are always packed and go well into the night. Just like down the country!

In a former life, McNeill’s plied its trade as a one of Dublin’s most famed musical instrument shops, and a window full of banjos, bazoukis and bodhrán’s still belies that image to the world outside on Capel Street. Inside however, the place has been reborn as the home of some of Dublin most highly-regarded trad sessions with music on a nightly basis, as well as a daycent pint of plain to go with it, as you’d rightly expect.

A pub this old is bound to have a rich and storied history - officially Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198, it can lay claim to pulling pints for Irish rebels Wolf Tone, Robert Emmet, Daniel O’Connell and Michael Collins and literary giants Joyce, Behan and Swift over the course of its life. Come and hear storytelling of old Dublin (Tues – Sun) and enjoy fine Irish music every night of the week. The Sunday Sessions of live music (3.30 – 6.30pm) are popular with tourists and locals alike!

The Maple Hotel, 74 – 75 Lwr Gardiner St, Dublin 1 t: 01 855 5442 2c

140 Capel Street 01874 7679 2b

20 Bridge St. Lower, Dublin 8 01 677 9549 2b

Sourced in the Burren. Farmed only for us. Aged to perfection. Pasture to plate.

ely wine bar, 22 Ely Place, Dublin 2 ely bar & brasserie, IFSC, Dublin 1 ely gastro pub, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 book online or call + 353 1 633 9988

Delivering food provenance since 1999.

Wonderfully smart, clean food, with ingredients that are sourced as carefully as we source our benchmark wines and craft beers. Our organic beef burger is 100% prime beef from our family farm in the Burren, Co. Clare and our baker bakes the buns each day. Our organic steaks are dry aged for 28 days, organic pork is from our farm and the organic lamb is from our neighbours farm.

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