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the drinks association | July 2018

Could you be Fan Favourite at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards?

The Drinks Association has joined with Thrive Insights to create three new award categories to celebrate the success of drinks brands in Australia - Fan Favourite, Most Distinctive Brand and Emerging Brand. This is what it means to win ... Page 2 >>


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the drinks association | July 2018

What it means to win a brand award at the 2018 Australian Drink Awards As the Australian Drinks Awards enter their sixth successful year, three new consumer judged awards Fan Favourite, Most Distinctive Brand and Emerging Brand - have been introduced. During three months of consultation, the feedback received was a desire to streamline the entry process and make the awards more inclusive of the industry as a whole. The Drinks Association has joined with Thrive Insights to create the new awards to celebrate the success of drinks brands in Australia. Leading the judging process will be Thrive Insights Director Chris Papadimitriou, who is a specialist in quantative research and has a strong background in food, beverage and FMCG tracking research. Here’s what Papadimitriou had to say about how the new award process will unfold. Thrive Insights is a new judging partner in the awards this year. Can you tell us a little more about the company? We are thrilled to be teaming up with The Drinks Association for the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards. Thrive Insights is a highly experienced, boutique market research agency with extensive expertise in consumer brand tracking, benchmarking, brand positioning, and usage & attitudes research. How credible is the judging process? Can you tell us a bit more about how it will work? Surveying 4000 target consumers across the five drinks categories, we feel the methodology and Page 2

judging criteria is industry best practice and highly credible. The work we’ve done with The Drinks Association for the 2018 Awards has resulted in an enhanced awards program across the following areas: >> Awards that better represent whole of industry >> Ensuring measures include the right performance criteria >> Enabling all brands in market to be competitive, regardless of size >> Clear and transparent judging In terms of how the Australian Drinks Awards will work for 2018, under the heading of Brand there are three awards, with the winners being chosen by consumers. These categories are: Fan Favourite; Most Distinctive Brand; and Emerging Brand. A total of 33 awards are up for grabs, one award for each of Fan Favourite, Most Distinctive Brand and Emerging Brand across the following 11 drinks categories: 1. Beer- Domestic 2. Beer - Imported 3. Cider 4. RTD - Dark 5. RTD - White 6. Spirits - Dark 7. Spirits - White 8. Spirits - Aperitifs/liqueurs 9. Wine - Red 10. Wine - White 11. Wine - Sparkling/Champagne The winners of these Brand Awards are being

the drinks association | July 2018

determined through a nationally representative consumer survey of 4000 respondents. Why were the major award categories changed for the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards? Following industry feedback, the major award categories have been re-imagined for the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards. We have worked closely with The Drinks Association to refresh the awards categories and to remove the requirement for drinks companies to submit entries for Brand Awards. These changes have resulted in an awards process that is more streamlined, inclusive and accessible,

while retaining the key characteristics of the Australian Drinks Awards as having a credible, clear and transparent judging process. How does a business win the Fan Favourite award and what does it mean to a brand? The Fan Favourite is awarded to the brand in each drinks category that cumulatively scores highest across brand metrics (awareness, trial, regular consumption, most often and favourite) and on being identified as a ‘brand I like to be seen with’. Receiving the Fan Favourite award signals the status

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the drinks association | July 2018

of a brand within the industry as the category leader and as such is an immense honour. How does a business win the Emerging Brand of the Year award and what does it mean to a brand? The brand that is perceived most by consumers within each drinks category as ‘gaining in popularity’ most will receive Emerging Brand of the Year. The Emerging Brand of the Year award recognises the status of a brand as being ‘one to watch’ in its drinks category in the eyes of the consumer, and signals that the brand is increasing in prominence within the category. As such, winning the Emerging Brand of the Year award is a significant accolade, particularly as it provides the potential for brands with a smaller presence to be recognised for their growing popularity. How does a business win the Most Distinctive Brand of the Year award and what does it mean to a brand?

Advantage to present three awards at ADAs The Drinks Association has commissioned Advantage Australia every year since 2009 to conduct an annual Industry Trade Benchmark Survey that now determines the winner of Supplier of the Year at the Australian Drinks Awards. The Industry Trade Benchmark Survey provides members with favourability ratings and qualitative retailer feedback from the off trade, on premise, wholesale and outlets channels. “As each year progresses, we are encouraged by the increased levels of engagement received for the program and the quality of feedback provided from both retailers and suppliers, highlighting collective opportunities to drive greater collaboration and business alignment,” said John McLoughlin, Group Managing Director, Asia Pacific, of Advantage Australia.

Within each drinks category, the brand perceived by According to last year’s joint winner Casella Family consumers as being most ‘unique and different’ will Brands (which shared the award with Asahi Premium receive the Most Distinctive Brand of the Year award. Beverages), winning Supplier of the Year was an amazing moment for the company. The Most Distinctive Brand of the Year award recognises individuality and character as it is “Receiving the 2017 Supplier of the Year Award perceived by the consumer and demonstrates that provided us with a true perspective on how our the brand is regarded by consumers as providing a customers perceive Casella Family Brands and our unique offering. This award presents an opportunity team, as well as our business practices and quality of for brands that are doing things differently to be relationships,” said Mark Churi, National Sales Manager acknowledged and celebrated. at Casella. What makes the ADAs so highly regarded? The Awards celebrate excellence in the Australian drinks industry. They’ve become the premier event for honouring achievement and innovation.

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“The award is also testament to the increasing relevance of Casella Family Brands within the wider drinks industry. Everything we do across the business is underpinned by added value and striving to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. It is

the drinks association | July 2018

about understanding what our customers’ want, what we can offer from our portfolio and then confidently delivering it. “This is one award Casella Family Brands was particularly proud to win and one that was - and still is - celebrated across the entire Casella Family Brands family.” Churi said the win had been well-received by trade. “Receiving the 2017 Supplier of the Year Award reinforced our existing strategy in terms of customer engagement and also allowed us to further develop our relationships with key customers. Additionally, this accolade has given confidence to new customers to approach the Casella Family Brands team to understand how we can add value to their business through our portfolio.” This year, the Australian Drinks Awards has introduced two new supplier awards: Most Improved Supplier and Supply Chain Partnership.

According to Advantage’s Steve Andrews, the two new awards both serve valuable purposes. “The Most Improved Award was introduced to recognise suppliers who may not have the resource capacity to exceed the leading companies in overall engagement, but who have successfully set and executed a plan of improvement and have been recognised by retailers for improving their professionalism and delivery across the entirety of their commercial relationship,” he said. “The Supply Chain Partnership Award places increased focus on the vital connection between suppliers and retailers in supply chain engagement beyond just the hard service level results.” Thank you to Advantage Australia for sponsoring and facilitating three such important awards for our industry. The Australian Drinks Awards will be held at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney on September 13.

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the drinks association | July 2018

Network breakfast: “Inclusion isn’t putting a square peg in a round hole” Seeing differences as an asset is crucial if companies want to make better business decisions. That was the message from Dr Jennifer Whelan, founding director of Psynapse Psychometrics, who was guest speaker at the Diversity & Inclusion at Drinks Council’s first event, “Leading in an age of inclusion”. Dr Whelan (above) noted that managers usually hire people they regard as being the right “fit” for the company. “They make their decision based on someone looking like them, sounding like them, having the

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same training and socialising the same way,” she said. While it is important that employees share a business’ values, Dr Whelan noted that research shows teams achieve better results when they don’t share the same characteristics. It means they can offer a fresh perspective when a different process or solution to a problem is needed. Dr Whelan said diversity isn’t about putting a square peg in a round hole, but about overcoming unconscious bias to recognise that when everyone thinks the same way a business doesn’t grow and evolve as effectively.

the drinks association | July 2018

The Drinks Association’s D&I vision The Drinks Association CEO Georgia Lennon opened the Network Breakfast, noting the association had established initiatives such as the Diversity & Inclusion at Drinks Council, the Women in Drinks Council and various forums to facilitate awareness, challenge perceptions and build practices that establish the drinks industry as destination of choice for great talent. “This special Network Breakfast is brought to you by both The Drinks Association and our industry run Diversity & Inclusion Council,” she said. “The Council is made up of representatives from our member companies who are passionate about the inclusive agenda and creating meaningful change in our industry. “The Council is already moving the dial on the D&I discussion, as its members discuss ideas, take them back to their leadership teams and bring them to life in their companies.” Diversity & Inclusion at Drinks Council Chair Denis Brown (pictured above with Dr Whelan) told attendees: “The Diversity & Inclusion Council and the Drinks Board want to make sure the drinks industry is genuinely an attractive one that retains the best and brightest talent. And one of the main ways to sustain this is through our leaders and their inclusive leadership.” How unconscious bias works It was fascinating to learn more about how unconscious bias gets in the way of businesses making inclusive decisions.

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the drinks association | July 2018

Dr Whelan explained that the conscious brain doesn’t have time to carefully process everything, so it relies on the unconscious “autopilot” to create patterns when it notices things happen regularly and make lightning fast judgments about how to handle them. While this is handy for the minutiae of daily life, colleagues, managers and leaders need to circumvent it - especially during times of stress, multi-tasking or when under pressure in the workplace - as it relies on gut reactions and generalisations, with no fact-checking or validation. Dr Whelan offered six small, simple changes to help businesses become more inclusive: 1. Turn taking & speaking last - hear more from a broader range of voices. 2. Monitor and share informal administration work and who you go to with opportunities 3. Consult dissenters - find people with different views, invite neutral observers 4. Mind your language - avoid stereotypical language, jargon and jokes 5. Introduce tools for challenging biases and assumptions 6. Have a team conversation and agreement around inclusive behaviours Diversity & Inclusion Council announces “Future fit” session Brown revealed the Diversity & Inclusion at

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the drinks association | July 2018

Drinks Council plans to hold a panel session for all The Drinks Association CEOs, HR leaders and other interested people on September 13. “The panel will look at how we make the drinks industry ‘future fit’,” he said. “The session will be held the afternoon before the Australian Drinks Awards and we hope this continues to develop our collective leadership to enhance our diversity and be more inclusive.” Page 9

the drinks association | July 2018

PHOTO SPECIAL: Pernod Ricard celebrates Responsib’ALL day

More than 18,000 Pernod Ricard employees joined together this week to celebrate the company’s 8th Responsib’ALL day. On June 7, staff worldwide engaged in over 100 projects to show their commitment to local communities. In Sydney, Pernod Ricard employees supported the restoration of Cattai National Park in the Hawkesbury region, alongside charity partner Conservation Volunteers Australia. More than 200 Sydney team members, including MD Bryan Fry (above, main), took part in a range of activities, including planting trees, removing waste and weeds, as well as learning

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about the history of the site. Bruno Rain, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pernod Ricard Winemakers said: “Responsib’ALL Day is our global initiative where all our teams have the opportunity to come together on the same day to support the environment and the communities in which we operate. “This year we are proud to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia on projects across the country in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland, including the restoration of the Cattai National Park in Sydney.”

the drinks association | July 2018

Pernod Ricard participates in projects to support the local environment and community in Australia, activity includes: • The installation of the largest private solar panel project in South Australia. Due to be completed

in 2019, the project will generate over 4000 Mega Watt Hours (MWh) of clean renewable electricity per year, reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2500 tonnes. This is likely to reduce annual electricity usage by 20%.

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the drinks association | July 2018

• In partnership with the Natural Resources Management Board and local landowners, an aquatic restoration project has removed invasive ash and olive trees from the banks of Jacob’s Creek, allowing native species of aquatic wildlife to flourish. A recent aquatic survey revealed that there has been a steady increase in mountain galaxiids, tadpoles, shrimp and yabbies over the past two years. • Pernod Ricard runs a ‘Willing to Give’ program where employees can take a day of volunteering leave to support a charity of their choice.

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the drinks association | July 2018

Australian Drinks Awards welcomes Endeavour Drinks as sponsor The Drinks Association is thrilled to welcome Endeavour Drinks Group as the sponsor of its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards. The Corporate Social Responsibility Award is new to the Australian Drinks Awards and has been introduced to acknowledge the work drinks companies are doing to promote positive social and environmental change. Endeavour Drinks is keen to celebrate companies that are making a difference in the world of alcoholic beverages as well as sustainability. “Customers expectations are changing and to be relevant as a brand and a retailer we have to do the right thing, we’re all big businesses and with that comes big responsibilities,” said Michael Jackson, Director - Merchandising, Marketing & Customer Insights at Endeavour Drinks Group. “The alcohol industry’s social licence to operate is under constant threat, we all need to encourage and reward those businesses who are contributing to the community in a tangible way. We’d like to lead with the Australian Drinks Award on this to make sure we all make a difference and sponsoring is just the beginning.” Jackson said he is looking forward to celebrating with the drinks industry and the winners at the Australian Drinks Awards ceremony on September

13 at The Ivy in Sydney. “This will be my 4th awards and it’s always a great night to talk across businesses and categories, it’s great for all involved and great for all the hard work that does go on every year in the drinks industry to be recognised.” Jackson said corporate social responsibility was core to the Endeavour Drinks Group’s business philosophy. “Aside from the contributions that our stores make to community organisations at a local level, we have a number of organisations that we partner with and to whom we contribute both financially and in-kind,” he noted. “These include White Ribbon Australia, Beyond Blue and Jawun - an organisation that partners with major corporates on projects to build capability within Indigenous communities.” The Drinks Association CEO Georgia Lennon said that even small acts have a big impact. “This is a growing industry full of conscientious companies,” Lennon noted. “This award highlights the achievements of those companies who are doing great things in this respect. It’s a wonderful way to be recognised for their work and also to share best practice within the industry.”

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the drinks association | July 2018

Has Lion created the world’s most sustainable microbrewery?

Lion has opened its latest craft brew bar in Christchurch, which it hopes will become the most sustainable brewery in the world.

waste going to landfill. Ethical products, such as Smartass toilet paper, have also been sourced where possible.

The Fermentist is located near Lion’s old Canterbury Breweries, which was forced to shut its doors in 2012 because of extensive earthquake damage.

The Fermentist also has an electric hybrid car for deliveries, plus a charging station for staff, while most vegetables are bought from a central city cooperative that delivers them by electric bike.

Lion’s sustainability manager Kat McDonald was involved in the design of the Fermentist, which includes initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint including solar panels for a proportion of its electricity usage and hot water heating, composting, waste minimisation, rainwater harvesting, and recycling to reduce and limit

The mircrobrewery’s emphasis on sustainability will be emulated at the $20 million Little Creatures brewery under construction in a former air craft hanger in Auckland, which is due to open in January.

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Lion’s New Zealand managing director Rory

the drinks association | July 2018

Glass was in Christchurch for a trade opening of Fermentist last week and said: “The special thing about these new ventures is we’ve been able to set them up from the outset through the lens of sustainability both for the building and for the food and beverages.” Pictured main: Fermentist general manager Simon Walker & Lion NZ MD Rory Glass. Below: Kat McDonald. Right: Head brewer Kirsten Taylor.

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the drinks association | July 2018

Australian Drinks Awards welcomes BevChain as a sponsor

The Drinks Association is thrilled to welcome BevChain as the sponsor of its inaugural Distinctive Brand of the Year Award at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards. Distinctive Brand of the Year is one of three new consumer judged awards at the Australian Drinks Awards, alongside Fan Favourite and Emerging Brand of the Year. “As an important cog in the broader beverage supply chain landscape, BevChain takes a great deal of interest in what industry players are doing in their own businesses and market segments,” explained Josh Morris, BevChain Group Manager – Strategy & Corporate Development.

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“We’d expect winners in the most distinctive brand category to be pushing the creative boundaries in the way they express their brand and its attributes in the market, and we’re keen to celebrate those achievements with them.” BevChain is an associate member of The Drinks Association and provides national tailored supply chain solutions for the beverage industry across Australia with ‘best-in-class’ warehouse and distribution services. “As the industry-solution for the drinks trade, BevChain puts tremendous value on being able to engage with our customers beyond the day-to-day direct contact we enjoy,” Morris added.

the drinks association | July 2018

“The Drinks Association, through the forums, events and introductions it provides, enables us to get involved in the industry-wide conversation. The more deeply we understand what’s going in our customers’ world, the better placed we are to continue to evolve our solutions to ensure we continue to create exceptional supply-chain value within our customers’ businesses.” Most Distinctive Brand of The Year will be judged via a survey of 4000 target consumers conducted by Thrive Insights. According to Thrive Insights Director Chris Papadimitriou, the Most Distinctive Brand of the Year award recognises individuality and character as it is perceived by the consumer and demonstrates that the brand is regarded by consumers as providing a unique offering. “This award presents an opportunity for brands that are doing things differently to be acknowledged and celebrated,” he said. The Australian Drinks Awards will be held at The Ivy Ballroom, Sydney, on September 13, 2018. “The BevChain team is excited, as always, to ditch the high-vis for the night to get out and celebrate with the industry,” Morris said. “Let’s be honest, celebrating is an area the drinks businesses excel at, so we’re always up for being part of that!”

Aussie soft drink makers join forces to cut sugar The Australian Beverages Council has pledged to cut the use of sugar in soft drinks by 20% over the next seven years. The council’s Chief Executive Geoff Parker said: “It’s about ramping up that reformulation program,” Parker said. “What this announcement does is crystallises what the industry has been doing for two decades.” Coca-Cola Amatil managing director Alison Watkins said the company was on-track to meet its existing promise to cut the sugar content across its sales by 10% by 2020. Amatil has already reformulated 22 products since 2015 to make them lower in sugar. The level in products such as its blue Powerade have gone down 20% and Goulburn fruit juices as much as 23%. However, Amatil said any tweaks to its classic Coke are off-limits. PepsiCo Australia also announced it was proud to partner with Australia’s soft drink companies to commit to reducing sugar. PepsiCo ANZ CEO, Danny Celoni said: “Sugar reduction is something we have been working towards for more than 10 years. With Pepsi Max accounting for approximately 60% of all our beverage sales, we have already demonstrated how a focus on no sugar can be an incredibly effective solution to lowering sugar content across a company’s portfolio and the beverage industry.

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the drinks association | July 2018

Australian Drinks Awards welcomes Kegstar

The Drinks Association is thrilled to welcome Kegstar as the sponsor of its inaugural Supply Chain Partnership Award at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards. The award recognises the performance of the supply chain community, focusing on areas of key supply chain performance metrics, relationships and communication, practices and processes that improve efficiency, forecasting and responsive customer service. The winner will be determined utilising data results from the industry wide engagement survey conducted by Advantage Australia. “The Kegstar team and I are very much looking forward to the Australian Drinks Awards, mixing with our peers and celebrating success with the winners,” said Nick Boots, Kegstar General Manager Australia & New Zealand. Kegstar is an asset pooling business specialising in stainless steel beverage containers. The company prides itself on being an integrated supply chain solution partner for thousands of brewers, cider

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producers, winemakers and distillers around the world, which was key to its decision to sponsor the Supply Chain Partnership Award. “Kegstar is a business that lives and breaths the benefits of supply chain efficiencies; these benefits include safety, financial, technological advancement, efficient resource allocation and environmental,” Boots explained. The Kegstar pooling model utilises the world’s best premium kegs that are tracked globally utilising Kegstar’s proprietary MyStar software. Boots notes that the cost saving achieved by cutting loss to less than 1% from an industry average of 10% is significant, as is the capex saving by removing a depreciating asset off the balance sheet of producers. “Additionally, the environmental benefits of avoiding the need to collect and transport empty kegs around the country and/or world are enviable for any responsible producer,” he explained. The 2018 Australian Drinks Awards will be held on Thursday, September 13, at The Ivy in Sydney.

the drinks association | July 2018

news You’re invited to Women in Drinks’ inaugural WA event The Western Australian Chapter of Women in Drinks will hold its inaugural event - ‘Navigating new ground’ - next month. Guest speaker at the networking evening will be Kara Donnellan, Fremantle Dockers AFLW Captain. Donnellan, 25, noted to Women’s Health: “I grew up with football in my blood, I look back at photos of me as a newborn and I’m in my football jumper. My uncle was coaching the local junior under-9s side back in the day and took me down to a training session and, 14 years later, I’m still running around loving this great game. “I feel so lucky to be a part of this incredible journey, which will give all young girls something to aspire to - something I didn’t have when I was little.” Earlier this year, Donnellan also took out The Sports Award at the Western Australian Young Achiever of the Year Awards for her work in the education and community development department of the Swan Districts Football Club. Donnellan will share her career story, advice on leadership and navigating new ground. She will offer her tips and tactics to overcome barriers in male dominated industries and her learnings on how she and other women are navigating their way through the competitive world of AFL.

Donnellan is an engaging and sought-after speaker, with firsthand experience on diversity and inclusion in a very competitive field. She is an inspiration all those that hear her speak, providing useful tips along the way. This event is open to men and women with an interest in the drinks industry. Details When: 5.30-7.30pm, Wednesday, July 18, 2018 Where: Optus Stadium – Coaches Room, Victoria Park Drive, Burswood, Western Australia Cost: $50pp includes canapés and drinks Click here to book

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the drinks association | July 2018

Inclusive language key to overcoming parental leave stigma

The third event for the Queensland Chapter of Women in Drinks focussed on a topic that affects both genders at all levels in the drinks industry: parental leave. There’s a growing awareness of the commercial value in offering competitive parental leave entitlements for both sexes. Businesses that support stable and healthy families are more likely to retain highly skilled employees, which in turn benefits their bottom line. Held at the XXXX Brewery in Brisbane, Lion’s Inclusion and Diversity leader Jodie Littlewood interviewed Parents at Work CEO Emma Walsh on overcoming stigmas and stereotypes associated with parental leave. Guests at the event enjoyed canapes at the Alehouse while the Women in Drinks team held an open

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discussion on the issues surrounding parental leave. Littlewood has spent 14 years in human resources and the last three years as the corporate Inclusion & Diversity Leader at Lion. She is a champion of gender equality in the workplace, and instrumental in delivering many key business strategies including flexibility programs and 50:50 gender targets. As a change leader, Littlewood partners with businesses and teams to engage and empower them through the why, what and how of the Inclusion and Diversity journey. Walsh is the Founder and CEO of Parents At Work – a social enterprise established in 2007 to improve the lives of parents and carers by creating family friendly workplaces. Walsh collaborates with employers, policy makers and industry professionals to improve

the drinks association | July 2018

gender equality outcomes at work and at home by mainstreaming flexibility and parental leave for men and women. Her career has spanned more than 15 years, with specialties including leadership development, and career development and coaching. It was enlightening to those in the room who hadn’t previously considered the many challenges associated with parental leave. Littlewood and Walsh shared personal stories around their own experiences with parental leave and encouraged audience members to do the same. Littlewood provided eye-opening information on Australia’s parental leave scheme in comparison to other OECD nations, while Walsh highlighted how important it is to develop an inclusive language – in policies, as well as during everyday conversations. “Best practice gender inclusive organisations champion parental leave equality by offering equal benefits to women and men and encourage a shared approach to parental leave,” Walsh noted. “There is less focus on primary and secondary classification of parental leave, and instead, the policy specifically states that both mothers and fathers can access equal parental leave entitlements and can do so flexibly over a period of years rather than consecutively, within a limit of one year by only a ‘primary carer’. “If organisations introduced a shared parental leave scheme, and specifically communicate that equal benefits exist for both men and women to take leave - on a level playing field – then we can break down stereotypes of only women – primary carers take leave – and parental leave becomes an inclusive right that both mothers and fathers can share and participate in.” The event was introduced by the XXXX Head Brewer Donovan Sparks and was organised by the Queensland Chapter Committee, Sam Bradford, Jo Harding, Dianne Webb, Jen Richardson and Dyani Dias.

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the drinks association | July 2018

SA Chapter of Women in Drinks holds personal branding event The South Australia Chapter of Women in Drinks recently celebrated another successful networking event: “Developing your personal brand and career�. The insightful and inspiring afternoon was held at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide and featured two leaders in the recruitment industry - Nicole Underwood and Ruth Morgan (pictured above, centre) - discussing how to develop your brand and career to assist with the challenges faced by women in the drinks industry. National Chair of the State Chapters Angela Burgam welcomed guests and introduced the speakers, who shared their experiences in overcoming challenges to achieve success. Underwood has established three recruitment firms in Adelaide while balancing motherhood, and become a sought-after speaker and noted female

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entrepreneur. She stressed the importance of establishing connections via LinkedIn and networking; refining your core message regarding what you stand for and making sure to communicate it by pushing the message out; considering the tone of your voice and the colours you wear; and taking up speaking opportunities and volunteering. Underwood said that while women find it difficult to fly their own flag, people are drawn to you when you get your message right. Morgan, formerly of Hender Recruitment, is a Director and Executive Performance Coach of Creating Healthy Careers and a Director of Elevate Women. She discussed career wellbeing, the impact of your career on your life including financial, aligning your

the drinks association | July 2018

passion with your job/purpose and the importance of resilience in your career. She stressed the importance of being clear on your values and your value proposition, the benefits you will provide and what you do well.

There were many questions following the presentation and both Underwood and Morgan stayed on to network with the group. Turn the page to read more tips from Underwood on boosting your personal brand >>

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the drinks association | July 2018

5 ways to accelerate your career with your personal brand

Underwood Executive founder Nicole Underwood, who featured at The South Australia Chapter of Women in Drinks networking event - “Developing your personal brand and career” - has written a follow-up article on personal branding. In the drinks industry, where women represent only 22% in senior leadership roles and less than 2% at the CEO and Board level, they are extremely keen to know what they can do to help themselves stand out from the crowd. Having a strong personal brand is a valuable career development strategy – it’s about managing your name, image and people’s experience with you. What do they think and say about you? I shared the 5 C’s of how to build a personal brand, which can contribute and open up further career opportunities:

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1. Connections and building relationships One of the most important factors in building my own personal brand, network and business has been based on building networks and connections. I encouraged the women in the room to think about who their target audience is and then the best ways, platforms and avenues to get front and centre with them. The ability to network inside and outside your organisation is critical to stay relevant and to ensure you don’t become insular, which could become career limiting down the track. Relationships don’t have to have an immediate pay off – it’s best to think more broadly about what access to knowledge you can gain, what you might learn or what influence your relationships might give you. Be curious and

the drinks association | July 2018

open – it’s a strategy I invest in every day. 2. Challenges Think about what challenges you will face in building your personal brand. In Australia, there are 6900 recruitment firms, as an industry we generate $11.2bill in revenue, we employ 92,000 people and fill approximately 15% of all job vacancies in Australia. The gender ratio is 53% female, however when it comes to recruitment owners, only 28% are female. This is a very saturated market, with very few female business owners in a very male orientated owner market. I saw this as an opportunity – away from the traditional (and somewhat outdated) service offering and the same old faces. This presented an exciting challenge to determine how to stand out in the market. Always remember where there is a challenge, there is always a greater opportunity. 3. Core message Once you see an opportunity, determining what do you stand for is the next strategy. When people think of you what comes to mind? You can ask people around you. For me, I used the technique of thinking of three words and asking myself, what am I qualified to teach others? Recruitment Retention and Results. I wanted to stand out from the crowd by being a thought leader in this space. My core message has always been recruit the best people, retain them and the results and success will follow. My messaging always has this undertone and link back. This core message becomes what you are known for. 4. Communicate A great branding strategy is to ensure that you have a clear and consistent tone and story and to decide what is the best way to get your message out there. For me, to share my ideas and content publicly, I started a blog back in 2011. I’ve noticed that many people find it hard to talk about accomplishments (even at interview) or to promote themselves directly.

I also see in general, that women struggle more so with this than men, as they don’t want to come across as pushy or aggressive. The best way to get around this is to share all learnings – yes this includes wins, but including stuff ups too is a great strategy to resonate with people and demonstrate an authenticity, which isn’t about self-promotion, it’s about sharing. For me, the blog allows me to share my knowledge and real experiences around leadership, culture and how to hire the highest performing talent in the market. This has been one of the best personal branding strategies in my career – it created the platform for my business Underwood Executive and has led me to new clients, new talent, different relationships and ultimately a successful business. 5. Commitment Building a personal brand takes discipline. It’s a long term commitment to yourself and your career. Some people come out all guns blazing with great gusto messaging through social media or blogging just because they think they should be. It looks like a scattergun approach with no real thought given to the strategy or content. This can be more harmful, as your target audience might make an incorrect assumption about your motive or be confused by your agenda. Do things regularly, post your own content, share others content that is consistent with your thinking, argue articles that don’t align with your thinking and build your profile consistently. That’s what will make you memorable. Once you get known for what you stand for, the right opportunities will come to you. A personal brand is the single most important and powerful thing you can do for your career. Personal branding isn’t an ego play, it’s an increasingly effective way to differentiate yourself, connect with your audience on a human level and grow a valuable network. It takes time, persistence, energy, dedication and focus. Taking this time to invest in building your personal brand will help set you up for future success.

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the drinks association | July 2018

2018 AIWAs announce exciting new format

The Australian Women in Wine Awards (AWIWA) has announced the 2018 ceremony will be held in conjunction with Australia’s first-ever Women in Wine Symposium. The one-day event - including a formal presentation ceremony for the winners - will take place on Friday, November 16, Quay Restaurant in Sydney. It’s the first time the awards have had an Australian based ceremony. Previously the awards have been announced virtually via livestream technology, before having their first actual presentation ceremony in London in 2017. “The incredible success we had in London last year, with 60 Aussie women in wine flying over, means the world’s attention is now on us, and Australia is rightly regarded as an industry leader in the fight for gender equality,” said AWIWA founder and chair Jane Thomson.

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“The AWIWA are now in their fourth year, so it’s only right we continue the momentum with a fabulous event on home soil!” The Australian Women in Wine Awards – which are owned and operated by The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society and conducted with the assistance of an advisory board of industry leaders – works to celebrate and reward the work of women in the Australian wine community, and community leaders who champion equality and fairness for all sexes in the workplace. Previous winners include Prue Henschke (Viticulturist of the Year, 2016), Sue Hodder (Woman of Inspiration, 2017) and Iain Riggs, Brokenwood (Workplace Champion of Change, 2016). The Australian Women in Wine Symposium event on 16 November will comprise a morning of leading

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speakers and panel sessions and the anouncement of the 2018 Australian Women in Wine award winners over a three-course lunch. Entries for the AWIWA 2018 open on Tuesday 10 July, and there are eight award categories on offer: Winemaker of the Year Viticulturist of the Year Owner/Operator of the Year Marketer of the Year Workplace Champion of Change Researcher of the Year Cellar Door Person Woman of Inspiration (Judges Choice)

Stephanie Duboudin joins WCA board

More information on the Australian Women in Wine Awards, which are now in their fourth year, can be Stephanie Duboudin has joined the National Board of the Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA). She replaces Caroline Brown, who has left the board due to increased work commitments. Brown will remain on the Marketing and Events Delivery Group of the WCA to enable it to continue to benefit from her extensive wine experience. Duboudin has more than 18 years of experience working in the wine industry in the US, Canada, UK, China and Australia. She is the founder and Managing Director of consumer insights and trends strategic consultancy, Food and Wine Insights. She also holds the role of Account Manager Aus/NZ/Asia for the Decanter World Wine Awards, Decanter Asian Wine Awards and Decanter magazine. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Marketing/Media), Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the University of Melbourne and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 Award in Wines WCA Chairman Angus Barnes said: “The WCA is excited to have someone with such a relevant finger on the pulse arrive at the table. Stephanie will bring valuable insight to the group in so many pertinent areas of our industry.�

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How The Drinks Association keeps you informed Here’s a handy guide to the ways the drinks association spreads the word about great achievements and initiatives in our industry. The drinks association’s mission is to connect, inform, promote and strengthen the drinks industry. We aim to keep you up to date with all the latest drinks news and developments, both in Australia and overseas.

We have a LinkedIn company page and three groups: the drinks association, drinks trade and Women in drinks.

Take a look at the many ways we keep you in touch. Connect with us on social media Get your news even faster by following us on social media. You can follow us on Instagram at the drinks association, where we have more than 1000 followers. We have a monthly newsletter - drinks news We have more than 4000 followers on our three Facebook pages: drinks trade, the drinks association and Women in drinks.

We have almost 3000 followers on Twitter at drinks trade, the drinks association and Women in drinks.

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Visit our websites We feature the latest news updates at, diversity&inclusion@drinks. and drinks bulletin also sends out weekly newsletters that round-up the top stories. Click here to subscibe. Our websites reach almost 40,000 unique users every month, with almost 1 million page impressions. How you can feature in our digital and print publications Email our Social Media & Communications manager Alana House on and drinks trade’s associate editor Hannah Sparks on We have a bi-monthly magazine - drinks trade

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3 easy ways to learn more about The Drinks Association’s services The Drinks Association has created a series of videos and infographics highlighting how we can help you. The Drinks Association Learn more about the drinks association and the services it offers. Click here to view the infographic.

Drinks Bulletin Keep your finger on the pulse of the whole industry with our weekly drinks bulletin. Click here to view the infographic.

Drinks Trade Want to know what drinks trade magazine can do for you and your business? Click here to view the infographic.

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What our Associate Members can do for you ... A guide to the services provided by The Drinks Association’s Associate Members. AMA AMA Commercial Collections is an Australian owned and operated enterprise that has served credit managers since 1977. It provides a full range of services and products including debt recovery, trade bureaus, credit consulting, credit insurance and information services. Click here to learn more. BevChain BevChain provides national tailored supply chain solutions for the beverage industry across Australia with ‘best-in-class’ warehouse and distribution services. Click here to learn more. Core Element Core Element is a specialist boutique FMCG recruitment and careers business that recruits sales, marketing and general management roles across the grocery, liquor, foodservice and pharmaceutical sectors. The company combines contemporary functional and organisational credentials and the ability to engage a rich, diverse network. Click here to learn more. Fix Corp Fix offers tailored solutions for system management, processes and efficiencies, category management, promotional program management, marketing programs & collateral management, retail support and merchandising, space planning, pricing, audit program management, data collection and analysis and reporting, product advice and product to market advice. Click here to learn more. Hip Media Hip Media is a specialist, mid-sized publisher dedicated to meeting your marketing and corporative objectives. Hip creates publications that communicate with customers, members or stakeholders in an informative, entertaining and inspirational voice; specialising in print and digital content in the B2C and B2B sectors. Click here to learn more. IRI IRI has the world’s largest set of consumer, purchase, media, social and mobile data, igniting growth for clients in the FMCG, retail and health sector. Whether it’s analyzing how to make your assortment, pricing and promotions more profitable, tailoring media strategies, or guiding you through new product or market planning, IRI helps grow your business. Click here to learn more.

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Kegstar Kegstar is an asset pooling business specialising in stainless steel kegs used to transport beverages. It collects empty kegs from venues and then redeploys them to other customers in the pool. Each keg is uniquely identified and tracked as it moves through the supply chain. Click here to learn more. Mondo Search Mondo Search provides executive search and recruitment services across a range of industries in Australia, including direct selling, digital/ direct marketing, drinks, FMCG, franchising/retail and hospitality. Mondo offers tailored recruitment services through its Sydney and Melbourne consultancies, and has national and international affiliates through The Worldwide Recruiting Network. Click here to learn more. Powerforce Powerforce is part of the Blueprint Group, which works with retailers and manufacturers to help unlock value for them through its integrated range of data, sales and marketing solutions. Powerforce and Blueprint’s CCS offer a full range of sales and marketing solutions through brand names such as Extravert, Retail facts! and Ausrep; and Retail Insight. Click here to learn more. tic technologies tic technologies provides custom internet and CMS solutions. tic’s team is available at all times, providing ongoing complimentary support. Its powerful, yet easy to use CMS can be extended to multiple, independent web sites. When you need quality web technology, strategic marketing and support; think tic technologies. Click here to learn more. BARSCAN BARSCAN delivers insights into the on-premise liquor trade. BARSCAN for Venues takes the hassle out of retrieving data from your POS, delivering a simple way to understand and analyse sales, margins and profit performance. BARSCAN delivers insights into trends, trading dynamics, occasion dynamics and promotions in the on-premise liquor trade. Click here to learn more. Ebiquity Ebiquity is a leading independent media and marketing analytics specialist. It monitors advertising across all main channels – TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor, Press – to provide you the required visibility to react to competitor activity, and give you greater confidence to develop successful communication

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strategies. We help you to understand who is advertising, where they are advertising, what they are saying, and how much they are spending. Click here to learn more. GS1 Australia GS1 is a leading global organisation dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains. The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world. The company’s specialties are barcodes, EPC, GDSN, eCom, MobileCom, AIDC, traceability and supply chain standards. Click here to learn more. JEM Computer Systems JEM provides Information Communication Technology (ICT) management and support for small to medium organisations. It offers 24-hour, 7-day-a-week remote support, ICT Project Management, software auditing and licensing compliance, regular system health reporting and proactive monitoring, disaster recovery planning and data back-up services, domain and DNS management, system integration, service and virtualisation, and hardware. Click here to learn more. Mainfreight As a global supply chain business with over 240 branches around the world, Mainfreight offers sophisticated logistics solutions in and out of the most dynamic economies. The company also offers specialised warehousing and distribution solutions. Click here to learn more. NCI Established in 1985 as a specialist trade credit insurance broker, NCI has grown to become the leading trade credit insurance broker throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. NCI focusses on protecting its client’s profitability - while credit insurance is the ultimate safeguard against bad debts, better business practices in trade credit management can also help to improve profitability on a day to day basis. Click here to learn more. Nielsen Nielsen helps companies understand what consumers watch and buy. Nielsen’s Watch segment provides media and advertising clients with Total Audience measurement services across video, audio and text. The

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Buy segment offers consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers the industry’s only global view of retail performance measurement. Nielsen provides its clients with both world-class measurement as well as analytics that help improve performance. Click here to learn more. Merch & Effect

Merch & Effect has a proven integrated approach to the management of merchandisebased projects and campaigns providing full-circle project management, including market research; product conceptualisation, creative development & production; warehousing & logistics: quality control; assembly & packaging; and international shipping & delivery. Click here to learn more.

Touchstone Executive Search Touchstone has been helping clients secure the best senior executive talent since 2003. The company advises major Australian and multinational companies on senior appointments across the Asia Pacific region. Through research and global network relationships Touchstone builds deep industry background and behavioural knowledge, which allows it to deliver high caliber shortlists quickly and efficiently. Click here to learn more. SKUVantage Specialising in helping clients drive sales, reduce costs and save time with a collaborative one-stop-shop approach to digital content management, SKUVantage brings a wealth of possibilities to member companies. The business already has a strong relationship with the drinks association through its digital content repository service Click here to learn more. Manildra This world-class distillery produces grain neutral spirits for a range of craft and big brand beverages – including vodka, gin, blended whiskies, liquor and read-to-drink packaged alcohol.

Do you know a company that would make a great Associate Member of The Drinks Association? Alison Herring, our Member Liaison, would love to hear from them. Here email address is or call (02) 9415 1199

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Mainfreight reveals its 100-year vision Following record financial results for its Australian operations, Mainfreight, has attributed its improved and satisfactory returns to its commitment to quality, investments in facilities as well as its motivated team. According to its annual report, Mainfreight expects current levels of growth to be maintained, with capital investment in new land and buildings across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia to continue in the short-term in an effort to provide appropriately-sized facilities to cope with its logistics and distribution tasks. “We have asked our Transport teams to explore ways to provide freight distribution services across a variety of modes, rather than depending solely on road line-haul,” said Mainfreight. “It is obvious to us that rail and coastal freight services will become a necessary part of our modus operandi, as we continue our expansion throughout Australia.” Mainfreight has reported that new transport branches for Bendigo, Toowoomba and Wollongong will expand the company’s reach into regional Australia, focusing on Tasmania and far north Queensland. In its logistics business, new facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth will add a further 52,000 square metres to its warehousing footprint, increasing pallet capacity to 187,100 pallets. Chairman, Bruce Plested, said that Mainfreight will always strive for a better company, a better country and a better world. “To our Mainfreight teams around the world, to the long-term players, to our leaders – and upand-coming leaders – we thank you for your individual and collective efforts in our hundred-year vision.”

Great to catch up with the De Bortoli team! The Drinks Association Member Liaison Alison Herring and Business Manager Rachel presented to De Bortoli’s sales and marketing personnel on June 21. The meeting included area managers from the South Coast and Canberra to the Mid North Coast of NSW. Members of the marketing team had also made the trip from Melbourne to be at the meeting. Alison and Rachel delivered a high level overview of The Drinks Association services. De Bortoli subscribes to Drinks Ad Watch Express, which most in the room were familiar with. Training with Ebiquity has also been organised for the marketing team in Melbourne.

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Meet our valued Corporate Partners It was another amazing year for The Drinks Association in 2017 and we couldn’t have done it without our valued Corporate Partners. Our corporate partnerships aim to further our common goal of building stronger, more progressive, competitive and valued services to the drinks industry. It was great to have our Corporate Partners on the journey with us in 2017 and we can’t wait to work with them again in 2018. If you’d like to become a Corporate Partner of the drinks association or know a company that would be a great match for us, contact Alison Herring on Here’s a guide to our current Corporate Partners:

Advantage Australia; Shopper Tracker & Real World Marketing Advantage is one of the leading business-tobusiness market research companies operating worldwide. They help clients create more rewarding business relationships through benchmarking. Shopper Tracker is a quantitative measurement research programme based on shopper interviews, covering all major categories and retailers in one benchmarking process. The team at Real World Marketing are consumer, shopper and category experts. Aon Aon is the global leader in human resource consulting and outsourcing solutions. Their services focus in helping organisations mitigate risk in their workforce and realise the untapped potential of their employees. They also help individuals maximise their wealth to enable people to live the life they want. The Aon Hewitt team of experts partner with your organisation to develop and

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deliver people strategies that achieve positive business outcomes. BevChain BevChain provides national tailored supply chain solutions for the alcoholic beverage industry across Australia with ‘best-in-class’ warehouse and distribution services. Nielsen Nielsen is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and related properties. StayinFront Group StayinFront is a complete consumer goods CRM solution for the liquor and beverage industry providing an automated solution for field forces on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows laptops and tablets. Supporting account selling, retail execution and direct store delivery activities it is a robust and highly-proven system that has been deployed by leading beverage and consumer goods companies worldwide to meet the challenging needs of the rapidly changing industry.

access to a wide range of decision makers, who are responsible for the procurement of alcohol. Industry buyers are able to sample, compare and order new products, meet new industry colleagues and reconnect with existing ones. The 2018 event - to be held on June 18-19 at Darling Harbour - will feature an interactive show floor of taste testing, mixology demonstrations, master classes, seminars and networking.

The Drinks Industry Show The Drinks Industry Show is the only dedicated trade exhibition for the drinks industry, showcasing the best in wine, beer and spirits from across the globe. The annual event reconnects producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages with buyers from all industry verticals, providing unparalleled

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Need information on liquor licences and banners fast? the drinks association can help. Providing access to the only centralised national liquor licence database in Australia, you’ll never miss out on all the latest licensing and banner group news.

Active liquor licences as at June 2018

Top 10 banner groups percentage share of outlets Australian liquor retail market - May 2018

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Drinks News July 2018  

Thrive Insights reveals what it takes to win Fan Favourite, Most Distinctive Brand and Emerging Brand at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards

Drinks News July 2018  

Thrive Insights reveals what it takes to win Fan Favourite, Most Distinctive Brand and Emerging Brand at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards