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The Dragonfly Retreat At the Dragonfly Retreat, we utilize a therapy that is new to the world of mental and relationship health. Relational Exchange Therapy, propels the cultivation self-attunement, allowing the needs of the 'self' to be heard when it has long been repressed. We work with participants toward reversing patterns of relating that 'starve the self' of emotional nurturing, guiding them to understand the role obligations, internal boundaries and familial alignments that result in self-neglect/system neglect. We also help participants to see the ways that their own repeating patterns are creating a lack of attunement and nurturing to others in their lives, which results in distant and conflicted relationships. Attunement and Nurturing exchanged in a balanced and consistent fashion are the building blocks of self-worth and emotionally intimate social contacts. When one restores self-worth and initiates emotional nurturing dynamics in the social system, the behavioral, emotional and relationship pathologies reduce. Participants arrive at the Dragonfly Retreat and stay for 8 days and 7 nights at the Wind and Rock Training Facility in Lake Chelan, Washington. Participants will work to accomplish the endeavors set forth in the 6 pathways of Relational Exchange Therapy. They will learn how to identify the ways that their emotional and behavioral pathology reflects deeper internal and interpersonal imbalances. Couples who attend our Relationship-Focused Retreat will stay for 3 days and 2 nights and particpate in experiential and alignment exercises that uncover the underlying blocks to healthy and happy relationship dynamics. Because we use movement, we can much more effectively and quickly clarify the needed changes. Using RET we can free couples from repeating patterns that drain positivity and breed resentment, releasing the joy and passion buried within.

The Dragonfly Retreat is located in the pristine, vacation-like setting of Lake Chelan, Washington. Every activity that is done in the camp will follow one or more of the 6 pathways of Rebalancing as put forth by Relational Exchange Therapy. We are fully insured and will have communication with Lake Chelan Community Hospital staff to ensure the medical safety of all participants. Retreat staff are trained in basic first aid and

CPR. Participants are asked to adhere to our safety rules while with us, and emergency protocols will be followed throughout the retreat. Medical clearance from participants’ primary care physician will need to be obtained before admission to the retreat, as our program involves some light physical movement and is not a medically-based program. This camp will be open to participants ages 13 and up who are seeking help with symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, or Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. We also offer a 3-day couple's retreat package.

Rebuild Your Relationship In today's society, there are so many ways that our culture can interfere with the bond of a marriage or partnership. Divorce and serial monogamy are all around, family values are eroding, which leaves many couples disillusioned and estranged from eachother. We are saturated by technology and media that constantly detract our attention from the people we most cherish. Busy lives and hectic schedules can make the person you love feel like a stranger. Divorce is the solution that many unhappy couples are driven to. Unfortunately, this outcome is fraught with dire emotional, financial and functional costs. The family unit is strained when a couple separates, and the consequences of such an event can disrupt children for years to come. Even grandchildren end up paying a price for a separated and disjointed family. The emotional outcomes of divorce are heart-wrenching, and the economic fallout can be devastating.

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The Dragonfly Retreat is a recovery program that will provide you with the feedback, reflection, tools and support necessary to actualize a...