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THE DRAFT TEAM Editor-in-Chief / Creative Directtor / Founder Pedro Matos Art Direction / Web Development / Founder Mario Correia Graphic Designer Filipe Carmo

Contributing Fashion Editor João Ribeiro Beauty Editor Cátia Santos Reis Beauty Editor Consultant Rita Lacerda Features Editor Ligia Gonçalves

Fashion Editor Frederica Santos

ISSUE CONTRIBUTORS Photography Carlos Rodrigues Hugo Vieira José Ferreira Jean-Louis Wolff June Lee (Retoucher) Fashion Christina Van Zon Damara Inglês Tiago Ferreira Thiago Semedo Maria Benedita (Styling assistant)

Beauty Bia Verri Ewa Cervena José Pedro Mota Sílvia Ferreira Susana Mathias Gomes André Neto Oliveira (Hair) Illustrators Connie Lim Feline Zegers

So what’s the deal?

THE DRAFT MAG is a nontraditional independent publication dedicated to stretching the boundaries of self expression in photography, music, illustration, lyrics etc. THE DRAFT MAG presents artists’ work from around the world as a free e-magazine.

The Concept

Creating a hub to inspire and enable collaboration between artists, and serve as meeting place with the audience in the form of an online social community. At the draft you can find the edgy and the trendy. Here is where art lives and evolves.


THE DRAFT MAG is created by the artists themselves, and by their audience. It is the viewer generated content that shapes the monthly issue, and all we do as editors is gather and present it to you.We encourage anyone that would like to create new content, or respond to what is presented to submit their artwork and commentary.


Photography Pedro Matos

Make Up

José Pedro Mota


Mauro Lopes @ Elite Lisbon

EDITOR’S NOTE For the first edition of the year THE DRAFT MAG is here to give you the SHOWSTOPPER issue. From Berlin to Lisbon, our team went on a journey to bring you the big, the bold and the beautiful. Normally we would describe our journey in the pursuit of great photographers, designers and artists, but this issue is all about the image and we’re here to prove that, as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Unknown ar tist!

Pedro Matos


Photographer // Jean-Louis Wolff Styling // Christina van Zon // Makeup & Hair // Ewa Cervena // Retouching //June Lee

Dress Ep_Anoui Bag Moga E Mago Bracelet Bjorg

Dress Bagaz Top New Look Shoes Nelly

Dress Dont shoot the Messengers Scarf Moga E Mago

Top Moga E Mago Skirt Isabell de Hillerin

Top Isabell de Hillerin Skirt Sava Nald Shoes United Nude

Jacket Drykorn

Cap Stine Goya

Top Dont shoot the Messengers

Bracelet selected Femme

Trousers Karlotta Wilde

CONNIE LIM Connie Lim is a professional illustrator and designer from Los Angeles, California. Specializing in fashion, she merges the two loves and creates visually pleasing images. Mostly known for her playing cards, her clients vary from individuals to companies such as Devon in Beverly Hills and Undiz in Paris.Her works have been featured in books such as Gestalten’s Beautiful and Martin Dawber’s Great big book of Fashion Illustration, as well as other countless magazines and blogs.

Mask, shirt , black underwear and lingerie Purple Rose. Necklace Amélie au Théâtre. Jacket and Sandals Production’s Own

Behind The Darkness Photography Jose Ferreira Muse

Marta Mendes Central Models Styling

Damara Ingles & Maria Benedita Makeup

Susana Mathias Gomes & Rita Refoios

Mask and Underwear Purple Rose Necklace and Jacket Amélie au Théâtre. Nipple tassel Production’s Own

Mask Purple Rose. Necklace and Dress Amélie au Théâtre. Jumper and Shoes Production’s Own

Mask and Underwear Purple Rose. Necklace Amテゥlie au Thテゥテ「tre. Jumper Outra face da lua. Shoes テ《 de espadas

Jumpsuit Purple Rose. Necklace Zara Boots Dino Alves Necklace and Belt Production’s Own

Mask and Underwear Purple Rose. Necklace Amélie au Théâtre. Dress by Maria Benedita. Jacket Outra face da lua. Boots Dino Alves. Scarf Production’s Own

LEFT / RIGHT Beanie H&M. Necklace Amテゥlie au Thテゥテ「tre. Jumper Outra face da lua. Underwear and Lingerie Purple Rose. Shoes テ《 de espadas.

wasted by hugo vieira

Photography by Pedro Matos // Body Painting by JosĂŠ Perdo Mota


>GOD ON BOARD< This issue Mauro Lopes embodied just our kind of showstopper: A killer body painted in gold. And let’s face it, when you have a god on set, there’s really nothing more you can ask for. words by Lígia Gonçalves When he arrived on set, you could feel the change in the air: Ladies gasped and gentleman too. Although the motif is obviously the same, Mauro Lopes, the reasons are necessarily different: Men felt intimidated, women felt in love. In a cold December day in Lisbon, he arrived with some jeans, a wool sweater and a dark jacket, but as he came to be painted in gold for the cover, he had to strip, and having witness it all first hand, allow me to say, and to state, how that moment heated things up. We’ve crossed seasons and went from a cold December to a hot August. It’s common to say that a beautiful lady can stop traffic, but I’m pretty sure Mauro can also achieve the same effect, after all he’s quite the showstopper. He started in the fashion world about four years ago through the Elite Model Look Contest. «Since I was a child I’ve always liked to have my picture taken». Well right now he has been taking lots of them, not surprisingly, everybody wants him and he is definitely on top of his career. Despite being aware of that, he is still really humble and surprisingly grounded, «I feel very grateful to Elite for betting on me. In each job I do I try to improve, always pushing myself to the maximum, working everyday for becoming better and better». So don’t let his perfect six pack fool you, because for someone so god-like he is, in fact, human. About today’s gold full-body painture he says «it was intense», we say it was worship worthy. And we’ve got photos to prove it. By the end when makeup artist Zé Pedro Mota asked for help to remove all the gold from Mauro’s body, ladies were willing volunteers. I was one of them. After all being around a divinity does not happen every day. And I can bet that in the back of our minds we were all singing the same Cindy Lauper song. Because girls just wanna have fun.


Photography Pedro Matos Fashion Editor Frederica Santos Makeup & Hair Jose Pedro Mota Model Andre Chee @ Elite Lisbon All the clothes from Up!Town Lisboa

Special thanks: Up!Town Lisboa Angel’s Limos Pestana Palace Hugo Vieira Rodolfo Rodrigues Ana Dalila Almeida Inês Lopes

Coat Scotch & Soda Shirt Scotch & Soda

Jacket Scotch & Soda SHIRT Scotch & Soda

Shirt Merc Pants Scotch & Soda Belt Scotch & Soda Shoes ES Collection

Shirt Herry Cotton's Boxers ES Addicted

Shirt Scotch & Soda Bow Tie Scotch & Soda Hat Scotch & Soda

SMOKINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; HOT P hoto g r a ph y // D a ni e l P i c a do w w w. d a ni e l pi c a do . c om M od e l // Rod r i g o S o a r e s @ J u st M od e l s

Sweet darkness Photographer // Carlos Rodrigues Art director // SĂ­lvia Ferreira Model // Sofia Belanciano @ Elite Lisbon Styling // Thiago Semedo Makeup & Hair // SĂ­lvia Ferreira

Dress Mango Earings Swarovski Blue and pink Ring Swarovski Blue Ring Alentus Shoes Repetto Bracelet Swarovski

Dress Purificacion Garcia Necklace Alentus Earings Swarovski Shoes Pepe Jeans Ring Swarovski

Blouse Fracomina Rings and bracelet Mango

Dress Mango Golden Necessaire Manoush Necklace Alentus Pink clutch Manoush Pink and blue ring Swarovski

Poncho Henry Cottonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Leggings Nikita Selekzion White bracelet Swarovski, Boots Luis Onofre, Belt Decenio

Jumpsuit Mango Shoes Luis Onofre Rings, earings and necklace Swarovski

Jacket DiEsel Pants Gant Snood Decenio Bracelet Swarovski Rings Alentus

Blazer Hoss Intropia Ring Alentus Necklace Mango

VOILÀ, MISS DIOR! Christian Dior wanted Miss Dior to smell like love. Truth is this love affair is now 65 years old. And still counting. Words by Cátia Santos Reis



“Voilà, Miss Dior!”, muse Mitzah Bricard exclaimed when Catherine Dior, Christian Dior’s younger sister, arrived at his studio in Avenue Montaigne, to which the late couturier replied: “Miss Dior! Now there’s a name for my perfume!”. The episode took place somewhere in 1947 and to this day, 65 years later, the name stuck. As Christian himself said in the 1951 biography “Je Suis Couturier”, perfume lasts longer than the moment. For Dior’s perfumiers Jean Carles and Paul Vacher the memo was quite simple: “Create a fragrance that smells like love”. And so they did. Miss Dior is indeed a chypre floral fragrance where top notes of gardenia and bergamot meet a bouquet of roses and Grasse jasmine, spiced up by sandalwood, leather and Indonesian patchouli essence. Young and feminine. Delicate, yet passionate. And Christian Dior was so passionate about it that he would demand his employees to spray it countless times in his studio as he believed Miss Dior was the final touch to his dresses. What began as an über exclusive fragrance, with just 283 bottles being produced in its first year, is now a favorite of women across the world. By the hand of François Demachy, the man in charge of Dior’s Parfums, Miss Dior seems to never get old.

In many ways, Miss Dior mirrors the evolution of Christian Dior’s own aesthetics. When it first came out, Dior had just presented the world with The New Look and the bottle for Miss Dior was an ode to the nipped-in waist and full skirt silhouette that would later become part of the 40’s DNA. Designed by Fernand Guerycolas and produced by the artisans at Baccarat, the first bottle of Miss Dior was made of hand-cut glass and fine gold gilding. Though it was the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, by 1950, Christian Dior has given up on The New Look. The new bottle for Miss Dior was a reflection of this change of heart as it fully embraced the lines of his Verticale collection: architectonic, geometric and rigorous. “Cut like a tailleur”, the couturier-perfumer said. A step into modernity, we dare to add. Today’s Miss Dior is reminiscent of the 1950’s boxshaped bottle. Ok, the pied de poule was relocated to the sides, the satin bow is now metallic and so is the plaque engraved with “Miss Dior” in Miss Dior Le Parfum, the new version of the fragrance. But at its coeur Miss Dior hasn’t changed a bit.

PHOTO Perdo Matos Model Mauro Lopes @ Elite Lisbon

Run Sebastian! Run!

Os Burgueses Spring Summer 2013 collection Photography Pedro Matos Models Vasco Araujo @ Elite Lisbon Mariana Dias @ DXL Agency

CITY DRIFT Photography // José Ferreira Styling // Tiago Ferreira Styling Assistant // Maria Benedita Muse // Joana Hamrol @ L’ agence Makeup // Bia Verri Hair // André Neto Oliveira for MetroStudio using L’oreal Professionel products

Jacket and Skirt At B, S.Mamede Bag At Espaรงo B Watch Nixon Boots Alexandra Moura

Jacket at B, S.Mamede Turtle neck Productionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own

Turtle Neck Production’s Own Shirt Comme des Garçons Jacket and Pants At Espaço B

Dress at B, S.Mamede

Turtle Neck Production’s Own Jacket at Espaço B

Jacket at B, S.Mamede Jacket At Espaรงo B

Jacket At B, S.Mamede Skirt at Espaรงo B Shoes Alexandra Moura



Feline Zegers is an artist with a love for illustration and photography. She holds a BA in Fine Art from the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2010). She also has a BA in Photographic Communication from the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2012). ‘My work plays with the combination of good and evil, beauty and degeneration. I’m often dealing with relationships between people and their environments. My work offers alternate views of reality. The value of storytelling and it’s ability to connect us to each other through our cultural, humanistic and emotional similarities is very present in my work. The figures displayed take on different roles, although the role itself is sometimes vague, flickering between seducer and victim, preacher and sinner, woman and child. Riddles which may, or may not, have a solution.

THE EDITORâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CHOICE If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re thinking that this is just another cool vest, think again! From the Spring Summer 2013 preview collection, Diesel gave us practical pieces that combine beauty and bravery with show stopping effect. New Year resolution? Keep your swag on!


TOP 7: SHOWSTOPPERS The Draft Mag made the question. What makes a product a showstopper? Here is the answer. words by Cátia Santos Reis


ECLETIC BY TOM DIXON ROYALTY BERGAMOT SCENTED CANDLE British brand Tom Dixon has been constantly pushing the boundaries since 2002. Committed to innovation, Tom Dixon has evolved from furniture and lighting to launch a collection of everyday objects that truly evokes the British heritage. Nickel-encased and topped with a marble piece, Royalty Bergamot Scented Candle is reminiscing of an Earl Grey tea in the afternoon with scones and strawberry jam. Indeed royal.

One can easily associate Swiss brand La Prairie with the words “luxurious” and “sumptuous”. No question here and Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold helps its case. As crazy expensive as über spectacular, this rich and highly concentrated serum gives skin extra luminosity while minimizing the first signs of aging. Just a drop of gold in the morning, how insane does it sound?

GIORGIO ARMANI LIP MAESTRO THE RED Giorgio Armani makeup collection is the epitome of luxury and so is the newest Lip Maestro line, Armani’s take on the lip stain trend. Lip Maestro promises long-lasting vibrant color with a non-sticky texture and velvet finish throughout the day. The Red is a bright scarlet red and being called The Red is safe to say that is far from being random.

GIVENCHY L’ARGENT CELESTE STARRY LOOSE POWDER Givenchy L’Argent Celeste Starry Loose Powder is the latest member of the Celeste Starry Powder family after last year’s release L’Or Celeste. Keeping faithful to the vintage spray pump and sleek black cube-shaped glass case, the sparkly powder is perfect to illuminate both face and body with a dazzling silver glow during the Holiday season.

TWEEZERMAN STUDIO COLLECTION ULTRA PRECISION SLANT TWEEZER No one in the corner does tweezers like Tweezerman. For the non-believers, the new Ultra Precision Slant Tweezer is ultra resistant, ultra precise and ultimately ultra gorgeous due to its gold finish. Equipped with thin tips and sporting a 25 degree slant, Ultra Precision Slant Tweezer makes grabbing hair a much easier job.

DIOR GRAND BAL FALSE LASHES Dior Grand Bal Holiday Collection was inspired by the late couturier Christian Dior and his love for extravagant parties and extravagant is definitely the word to describe Dior Grand Bal False Lashes. Customized with gold Swarovski crystals, the set of false lashes is the final touch to add drama to a Holiday look. Dior Grand Bal False Lashes comes with glue to prevent (bad) surprises.

YVES SAINT LAURENT TOUCHE ÉCLAT COLLECTOR LIMITED EDITION To celebrate the 20 years of the iconic and incomparable Touche Éclat, French maison Yves Saint Laurent releases a Collector Limited Edition of the magic pen. Although no changes were made to the formula, the packaging is a showstopper on its own. Touche Éclat erases any signs of fatigue by adding light to key areas across the face. Not a concealer, nor a highlighter, Touche Éclat is… Touche Éclat.

Time Crack

Photography Pedro Matos Fashion Editor Frederica Santos Makeup & Hair Jose Pedro Mota W/ Revlon Style Masters Model Milo Tse @ Karacter Models All the clothes from Storytailors Fall 2012 collection

Photography by: Pedro Matos


JOANA BARRIOS Joana Barrios, is like a modern version of a Renaissance man, or woman, in this case. She’s an actress at theater company, Teatro Praga, an artist, a writer, a blogger (search for Trashédia on google) and a bouncer at Lisbon’s coolest nightclub, LuxFrágil. She’s tall, skinny and always has red lips. At first she’ll probably intimidate you with her blunt honesty, but then she will just fascinate you. When she talks, she speaks with freeness, and not about freeness. A key difference. We had the privilege to sat and chat with her. words by Lígia Gonçalves With everything you do, can you manage to have any routine? I do not wake at the same time every day but I always have the same breakfast: coffee with milk, and toasts with butter and tomato jam. Favorite artists? Vasco Araújo, Teatro Cão Solteiro - Paula Sá Nogueira, Mariana Sá Nogueira, Joana Vilão, Patrícia da Silva. And I have to mention André Teodósio, because he is the Portuguese artist that I most admire. Playing on your iPod? Well I love punk, but right now I’m addicted to Mikky Blanko. But then there’s things I have to hear every day, and it goes from Michael Bolton to Céline Dion, without forgetting Ana Malhoa, and ending in Cannibal Corpse. In short I listen to almost everything. Favorite movie ever? The one I always keep seing is Birdcage. Which plays have a special place in your heart? My first show alone, called Fake. And my first one with Teatro Praga, Conservatório.

The words you like most and least? Well I love the word procrastinate. Besides that I swear, and I don’t like euphemisms. Do you have any favorite piece in your wardrobe? None really, I have some special things I really cherish. And then there’s some pieces I just don’t want to take off, like this jacket. What would you never be caught wearing? Vests, because I don’t know how to wear them; leggins; litas; glass tights... The last thing you bought? Books! A motto? My favorite sentence is one that I wrote, and that I repeat almost every day, like a mantra: You’ll happy with lower standards. Fashion is synonym of? It shouldn’t be synonym of slavery, of dependence, of obligation. What we wear should never be associated with anything negative.



Alexandra Moura

Estée Lauder

Alexandre Herchcovitch

F. Alphoria Alves/Gonçalves American Apparel B. Biotherm Bobbi Brown C.

Falke Fernanda Pereira G. Gant Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Beauty index.aspx Givenchy Makeup

Casa Juisi



Henrik Vibskov

Cheap Monday

Henry Cotton’s




Hien Le

Decenio Diesel Dino Alves Dominic Knecht

Hoss Intropia I. Inga Kusche Irene Luft J. Jimmy Fairly

L. Lacoste Lancôme Lapponia Luís Onofre Luiza Barcelos

S. Oliver Shokay Starstyling T. Tamaris


The Body Shop TheBodyShopPortugal?fref=ts

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Tres Bonjour

Mango;jsess ionid=DBF2898B678575B3A83AC8AB5B62CC8C


Massimo Dutti Minimum Miss Sixty Montage MLB by Malene Birger N.

U. United Nude Uterque V. Valentim Quaresma Vilela & Shoes


Vladimir Karaleev

Nuno Baltazar



Who’s that girl

Oysho P. Pedro Pedro R. Ricardo Dourado S. Sabrina Dehoff

Wolford Y. YSL Beauty Z. Zara Zilian


The Draft Mag #08  

The Draft Mag issue #08 Showstopper

The Draft Mag #08  

The Draft Mag issue #08 Showstopper