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THE DRAFT TEAM Editor-in-Chief / Creative Directtor / Founder Pedro Matos Art Direction / Web Development / Founder Mario Correia Graphic Designer Filipe Carmo

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Fashion Editor Frederica Santos

ISSUE CONTRIBUTORS Photography Carlos Rodrigues Fred Gomes Joao Carlos Mario Principe Neil Craver Pedro Pacheco Vanessa Diskin Valeria Mittelman Klaas Wollstein Daniel Picado

Beauty Elodie Fiuza Kim Keusen Marlene Vinha (Nail Art) Maya Rove Jro Santos (Hair) Beatrice Machnow (Assistant) Gueline Fequiere Romulo Correa Silvia Ferreira Sandra Almeida

Fashion C’est Fantastique by Sara Soares Christina van Zon Claudia Rodrigues Collec7ive Diana Vinha Inga Kusche Thaís Machado (Assistant) Kim Keusen

Illustrators Amanda Mocci Mareka Caleis Mr. Go Special Thanks Betsy from Nude Agency, Sara Menitra Norton Rodrigo Saraiva Frederico Corado Mara Alves

So what’s the deal?

THE DRAFT MAG is a nontraditional independent publication dedicated to stretching the boundaries of self expression in photography, music, illustration, lyrics etc. THE DRAFT MAG presents artists’ work from around the world as a free e-magazine.

The Concept

Creating a hub to inspire and enable collaboration between artists, and serve as meeting place with the audience in the form of an online social community. At the draft you can find the edgy and the trendy. Here is where art lives and evolves.


THE DRAFT MAG is created by the artists themselves, and by their audience. It is the viewer generated content that shapes the monthly issue, and all we do as editors is gather and present it to you.We encourage anyone that would like to create new content, or respond to what is presented to submit their artwork and commentary.

Cover Photography

Pedro Pacheco

Production and Styling Frederica Santos

Make Up

Elodie Fiuza


Yana @ L’agence


Valentim Quaresma



Unknown ar tist!

For this Fall issue THE DRAFT MAG went on a journey into Wonderland. As Fall stands for new beginnings, we decided to start where all dreams are made of: in the raw side of things, while staying true to pure creativity. The journey begun in Berlin with photographer Valeria Mittelman and her magical story where tales are told and secrets revealed. From the German capital also came a pop take on Alice in Wonderland by photographer Klaas Wollstein: in Gum Drop Doll, more is more. Daniel Picado, and the series Sous Vicious took us from Berlin to Paris. While Neil Craver took us to U.S.A, in an immeasurable beautiful subaquatic trip on Omni-Phantasmic. Since São Paulo is close to the United Stated a visit seemed like a good idea. There the yellow shades of Frida Westwood by stylist and art director Cláudia Rodrigues, proved that Brazil’s fashion is about way more than just swimwear. As on one hand traveling around the world is always a good idea, on the other the cliché “there’s no place like home” is always truth. So we got back to Lisbon to celebrate fall with the young and fresh Collec7ive and photographer Carlos Rodrigues in Leaves Fall, Trends Call. There is so much more to tell but as in any world full of wonders it’s better to see (and read) with your own eyes. A last minute hint: we flew to the universe and myths were revealed! Pedro Matos

FRIDA WESTWOOD Photography Vanessa Diskin ABÁ MGT Art Direction & Styling Cláudia Rodrigues Model Aléxia Bellini @ WAY Makeup Artist Maya Rove Hairstylist Jrosantos Styling Assistant Thaís Machado Special Thanks Junior Guarnieri

Kimono, Dress, Knit Vest CASA JUISI Pink silk shirt ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH Necklace MONTAGE at LOOL

Earrings Montage at LOOL Kimono, dress CASA JUISI Shirt ALPHORIA Shoes LUIZA BARCELOS

LEFT/RIGHT Kimono, Yellow Dress, Knit Vest, Black Coat Dress, Frilly Shirt, Hat CASA JUISI Earrings, necklace MONTAGE at LOOL

Kimono, Dress, Knit Vest CASA JUISI Earrings, Necklace MONTAGE at LOOL


Kimono, Dress, Knit Vest CASA JUISI Pink Silk Shirt ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH Earrings, Necklace MONTAGE at LOOL

Kimono CASA JUISI Shirt, Black Long Skirt ALPHORIA Boots VILELA & SHOES

Photographer Joao Carlos Model Cat Hedlund Make Up & Hair Gueline Fequiere Styling Jc

Photography by: Vitor Neno

LONG LIVE THE CULTURE What defines a murderer? And a victim? Portugal is right now a country immersed in a deep economic crisis, and government politics seem to have deliberately left culture to die in a dry and hot desert. But culture refuses to die, right now it may be struggling, but it is for sure fighting back, having at the forefront its key players: the artists, that group of nonconformist and revolutionaries. Now some of them have taken a moment off the battlefront to talk with us about their projects, careers, and discuss this on-going attempted murder. by Lígia Gonçalves

Frederico Corado Stage Director // Film Director

Photography by: Alfredo Matos

Rodrigo Saraiva Actor // Screenwriter

He says that the public views him as a “mainstream boy”, but the actor, a son of the 80’s, it’s neither. So don’t let the soap operas on his résumé fool you because mainstream may quite as well be the last word in mind when it comes to describe him. Some time ago he created with his friend and fellow actor Afonso Pimentel, Núcleo Casulo, an independent and multi-disciplinary platform producing mainly cinematographic contents. “For me it’s like a church, a catharsis and an exorcism that I evoke by the weekends” defines Rodrigo. As anything cathartic there are no plans, time or dates. As in any church there are no obligations, only the urge to attend. Today the Núcleo belongs not only to them “but to all of those who want to bring their creative contribution.” And from the director of photography, André Szankowski, to the designer Anabela Baldaque, many are the ones who wanted. On their portfolio you’ll find short films, showreels, a trailer for a play and a video clip. Whatever the format, they will always give you some raw an un-censored emotions, masterfully depicted. When it comes to Portugal’s current culture struggle, Rodrigo’s words sound almost like an appeal, but they are in fact a call for action: “Don’t support it by remaining in silence. What it’s needed is to tear apart the established standards. And we all must realize that’s something any of us can do, and for that we only need as much as a pen and paper.”

He has culture on his DNA as his father was the renowned Portuguese movie director, Lauro António. But Federico doesn’t lead’s his career reeling in the power of DNA, as a matter of fact he hasn’t stopped since he began: Short-Films, documentaries, publicity spots, plays, you name it, he has done it all. Frederico says that for him “it’s impossible to choose between theater and cinema” despite now he is completed devoted to theater as we speak he’s rehearsing four plays at the moment. “What brought me to theatre, were the actors as in a very young age I fell in love with them, but my first approaches were in fact doing videos for it.” An approach that soon became a round-theclock presence. From then on he staged several plays, and as a clear refusal to giving up co-founded the cultural association Entrar em Palco (meaning in English something like Taking the Stage). It not only produces theater, video and cinema contents as it’s responsible for several culture nature initiatives as cinema and art festivals; theater awards and most recently a communitarian theater project in Cartaxo. That last one has has took to the stage two plays already – The Prisoner of Second Avenue by Neil Simon and an Ideal Husband, by Oscar Wilde. The third one, The Crime of Aldeia Velha by Bernardo Santareno, is on its way and has its premiere scheduled for November. “If it’s to march to the sound of a pre-set drum, it isn’t worth it. We need to set our own beat.”

Photography by: Vitor Neno

Mara Alves Painter

Art entered earlier in her life. It probably didn’t ask for consent, as no calling asks. With 10 years old Mara Alves already knew that art was her way. So when older the time to choose came, Ar.Co, the favorite school amongst Portuguese artists was her choice, there she studied Painting and Drawing. Now she’s not only a painter, has she teaches her craft. “I was still on Ar.Co when I received an invitation to give private atelier classes of paiting and drawing,” Mara says. From then on she did not stop: entered several competitions with success, exhibited individually and in group and went through several ateliers, until founding in 2010 her own: A Arte Tem Lugar (in English meaning Art Has A Place). Being at the same time an atelier, a gallery, a school, and mostly a space to share creativity, there art finds its right place. As a teacher she’s passionate about it. As a painter, her work is all about experimentalism, color and figurative, while inspiration can come from “everywhere and everything”. For her on these rough times we are going through “it lacks not only to raise awareness for art, but mainly it lacks solidarity and collaboration between the artists. I wish that we could once more reunite and share in social gatherings. After all a true artist isn’t afraid of the share, but most of all is not afraid of being one.”

Norton Musicians

Rodolfo Matos, Pedro Afonso, Leonel Soares and Manuel Simões are the four boys that make up Norton. Four boys with a love for music that want to make us dance and forget, even if only momentarily, day-to-day life. They started as five and with the guitarist Manuel Simões out of the early line-up. Ten years later they have on their record three studio albums –the last one Layers of Love United released last year – two remixed ones, lots of concerts, one E.P., and an European tour. Currently they still maintain their day jobs but it’s music “that makes the blood pump,” they say, adding later that they’ve “grown with the less good moments”. Giving up was never a hypothesis on the table; right now they are working on a new album and preparing a celebration show for their ten year anniversary. To the journey started a decade ago they called it “intense”, and throughout they’ve always been able to see a brighter side in adversity, so today’s cultural momentum isn’t an exception: “The times are hard, but we are living in one of the best periods of Portuguese music. Ironic how in times like this creativity always seems to arouse. “

Photography by: Pedro Antunes


Amanda Mocci is a freelance Graphic Designer and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec. After receiving her bachelor’s in graphic design (UQAM), she has had the opportunity to work with great and talented artists but always working in parallel on personal projects. Her work is influenced by the minimalism of black and white as well as the chaotic beauty and mystery of the universe.


Photography Mario Príncipe Styling Sara Soares @ C’est Fantastique! Styling Model Svala Lind @ L’Agence Models Makeup Artist Liliana Ribeiro

Bathing Suit Oysho Bracelets Mango

Bra H&M Necklace H&M

Bra H&M Necklace H&M

Bathing Suit Oysho Bracelets Mango

Dress Killah Bracelets Uterque Sunglasses CĂŠline

Bikini Top H&M Skirt H&M Sandals Zara Bracelets H&M

Bathing Suit Oysho Bracelets Mango

Dress Zara Belts H&M Clutch Zara

Bathing Suit H&M Blue Bracelets Uterque Black Bracelets H&M

Bathing Suit H&M Blue Bracelets Uterque Black Bracelets H&M

THE PRINCESS OF THE DEVILS LAKE “Once there was a large stone in the close reed belt at the edge of devil`s lake. It was called the Princess Stone and it showed the place where a princess had her magnificent palace. She has been cursed and than bogged down along with her palace. But every once in a while she appears...�

Photogrphy Valeria Mitelman Styling Inga Kusche Hair & Makeup Kim Keusen Hair & Makeup Assistant Beatrice Machnow Model Megg @ Pearl Management

Stole Dominic Knecht Headwear Inga Kusche

Top Closed Gumboot Models own Tights Falke Plastic Skirt Inga Kusche

Bikini Nike Tights Wolford Gumboot Models own Coat Inga Kusche

Body COS Pants American Apparel

Dress American Apparel

Bikini American Apparel Leggings Vintage

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE MYTH Some myths only exist in our dreams, some have a price tag. Those surpassed brand status, to gain magic and a somewhat bewitching effect: Handbags, shoes and clothing items that can be found on bodies, shelves and wardrobes throughout the world. Rare species that belong both to imagination as real life. Now we’ve chosen some of them and embodied our inner myth buster. By Lígia Gonçalves

Ray-Ban Aviator If it was thanksgiving, we would thank to the United States Air

Force, for the Ray-Ban Aviator. Well it isn’t but we thank them anyway: After all their complaints of headaches, caused by the sun, in the early 30’s were what led in 1937 to the birth of Ray-Ban and the Aviator sunglasses. The first ones had green lenses and aviator-plastic frame. On the next year plastic was replaced for metal, and a myth had emerged.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

It all started in Massachusetts 104 years ago, in 1908, when Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Then in 1918, Charles “Chuck” Taylor a still unknown basketball player fell in love with them. Chuck would later play for several pro teams and join Converse, becoming the first player to promote a brand in America. Until that in the 30’s the brand incorporated his name onto the sneakers. From Basketball to the streets: In the 50’s it became a symbol for Rock & Roll and in the 70’s for Punk. No matter the musical genre, this all American icon, stands until today as a symbol of youth, rebellion and irreverence.

Balenciaga Lariat Bag

Most known as Motorcycle Bag, the Lariat handbag is the youngest myth on the bunch, with only 12 years old. By the end of the 90’s Nicolas Ghesquière, Balenciaga’s creative director created the prototype at the request of the company’s brass, who quickly dismissed for all the things we love on it: not having enough structure, being too soft and too light. But Ghesquière wouldn’t gave up and convince them to let the models carry it in the Autumn/Winter 2000 show. They all love it, particularly Kate Moss, and thereby the handbag world changed.

Trench Coat

A cloth, a man, and a brand are the holy trinity, of the trench coat. The cloth is gabardine, that wonder which avoids rain; the man is Thomas Burberry, the one that in 1879 patented it; and the brand it’s the only one who has it on its genesis, Burberry. Since its invention it was worn during Wold War I; became a favorite amongst the mafia, the Royalty and the Hollywood stars. It has survived through gunshots, stigmas, and time: There’s no doubt that as long as there are people in the world, there will be trench coats on the streets.

Red Lipstick

Immoral, regal, elegant, restricted and sexy: throughout its history red lipstick has had many meanings. But it all started in Ancient Mesopotamian where woman would crushed precious jewels. Cleopatra preferred carmine beetles and ants for a deeper and regal shade, whilst Queen Elizabeth I used beeswax and plant derived red dyes. In the 1930’s cosmetic queens Elizabeth Arden and Estée Lauder both introduced shade-variations to the red. Truly fit for a queen, no wonder that today red stands for powerful, sexy and in-control women.

LEAVES FALL TRENDS CALL Is that time of the year again, Fall has come and brought along its trends. Now we bring them to you: The key colors, shapes, patterns, and fabrics of which this season is made of. Don’t miss the calling. Photography Carlos Rodrigues Styling Collec7ive Makeup & Hair Sílvia Ferreira Model Alex @ Elite Lisbon

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT Gold This Fall in the metallics kingdom, gold and silver share the spotlight with gem shades. Sunglasses Giorgio Armani

Earrings, Clutch and Pants H&M Jacket Alves/Gonรงalves Blouse Ricardo Dourado

The Bigger, The Better Cocoon and oversize shapes are the way to go when it comes to outerwear. Earrings H&M Top Mango Jacket and Coat Alexandra Moura Clutch H&M Gloves Miss Sixty Shoes Pedro GarcĂ­a

Feeling Blue Cobalt blue, worn either rocker or classic, is the best way to electrify the cold season ahead. Shirt and Jumper Mango Vest Ricardo Dourado Skirt H&M Gloves Pedro Pedro Shoes Zara

Red Light Means Go In a typically covered up season red, in all its shades, is bringing sexy back. Sunglasses CĂŠline Coat Miss Sixty Jumper and Clutch H&M Pants Massimo Dutti Shoes Cheap Monday

Obsessive Print Disorder Without fears patterns are to be worn head-to-toe in a matchy-matchy statement. Earrings Production’s Own Jacket Alexandra Moura Shirt and Pants H&M Shoes Mango Bag Pedro Pedro

Make It Fluffy In jackets, skirts, sleeves or accessories fur is the chicest detail this Fall. Sunglasses CĂŠline Blouse Nuno Baltazar Jacket Dino Alves Belt and Gloves Decenio Pants Gant Boots Mango

Knitting Time Cozy and knitted sweaters are almost a Winter staple, and this season is no exception. Necklace and gloves Fernanda Pereira Snoods and Belt Decenio Turtleneck dress Gant Vest Ricardo Dourado collants H&M


Photographer Klaas Wollstein Art Direction Betsy Styling Christina van Zon Hair & Make-Up Romulo Correa Production Model Lea / Top Vladimir Karaleev Cap Starstyling

Top Vladimir Karaleev Leggings Tres Bonjour Shoes United Nude Cap Starstyling Bracelets Sabrina Dehoff Ring Sabrina Dehoff

Dress Irene Luft Jacket Who’s that girl Shoes United Nude Bag Cheap Monday Earrings Shokay Bow tie Tres Bonjour

Top Vladimir Karaleev Skirt Minimum Bra Tres Bonjour Shoes s. Oliver Headpiece Tres Bonjour Bracelets Sabrina Dehoff Bag Hien Le

Top Eucalyptus Glasses Jimmy Fairly Bow tie Tres Bonjour

Top Vladimir Karaleev Skirt Starstyling Shoes Tamaris Hat Tres Bonjour Bracelet Sabrina Dehoff

Shirt Henrik Vibskov Body Tres Bonjour Necklace Lapponia Sunglasses Jimmy Fairly Bracelet Lapponia

Shirt Henrik Vibskov Body Tres Bonjour Shoes United Nude Necklace Lapponia Sunglasses Jimmy Fairly Bracelet Lapponia




IMAGE 1 - Fluidizing Dimensions IMAGE 2 - Virtual Virtue IMAGE 3 - Expansiveness of Space IMAGE 4 - Dismantling Connections IMAGE 5 - Restricted Vessel IMAGE 6 - Phantasmic Cycle IMAGE 7 - Obscured solid IMAGE 8 - Limits of Representation IMAGE 9 - Non-sensory insight IMAGE 10 - Catalyzing Openness IMAGE 11 - Collective Consciousness IMAGE 12 - untitled IMAGE 13 - Ascending form IMAGE 14 - Exits or Entrances

BLACK & WHITE Rethinking the smoky eye. Giorgio Armani Eyes: Mascara Eyes to Kill Eye Shadows from Face & Eye Palette Nยบ1 Neo Black

INNER SPACE Photography Pedro Matos Art Direction & Concept Pedro Matos and Frederica Santos Makeup Artist Sandra Almeida @ Atelier Room B Model Claudia O. @ Elite Lisbon

BLACK & WHITE Rethinking the smoky eye. Giorgio Armani Skin: Foundation Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF 15 Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer Cheeks: Blush from Face & Eye Palette Nยบ 1 Neo Black Eyes: Mascara Eyes to Kill Eye Shadows from Face & Eye Palette Nยบ1 Neo Black Lips: Lip Maestro #201

GOLDEN AGE A look back at the metal age. The Body Shop Eyes: Carbon Brown Eye Definer Eye Palette Smoky Copper #01 Volumizing Mascara in Black

GOLDEN AGE A look back at the metal age. The Body Shop Skin: Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz All in One BB Cream Tinted Cream #02 Moisture Foundation SPF15 #06 All In One Face Base #02 Flawless Concealer Eyes: Carbon Brown Eye Definer Eye Palette Smoky Copper #01 Volumizing Mascara in Black Brows: Brow and Lash Gel Cheeks: Bronzing Powder Light Matte #01 Lips: Shea Lip Butter Lip & Cheek Stain #01 Lipstick #42 Body: Moisture Foundation #08 Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil #01

TAINTED LOVE The season’s stained lip. Lancôme Skin: Foundation Teint Miracle Concealer Teint Miracle Concealer Pen Cheeks: Blush Highlighter 001 Moonlight Rose Eyes: Mascara Hipnôse Star Eyeshadows Ombre Hipnôse Shadows M104 Beige Nu and M104 Pétale des Roses Eyeliner Liner Plume 01 Noir Eyebrows: Le Crayon Sourcils 30 Brun Lips: Lipstick Ablsolu Nu 311

TAINTED LOVE The season’s stained lip. Lancôme Lips: Lipstick Ablsolu Nu 311

URBAN SAFARI The ultimate amazon. Yves Saint Laurent Skin: Foundation La Teint Éclat in Beige/Rose Concealer Touche Éclat #2 Pressed Powder Poudre Compacte Radiance #2 Eyes: Mascara Effet Faux Cils Nº1 Eyeshadows from Pure Chromatics Palette Nº8 Cheeks: Blush Palette Couture Lips: Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Nº1

URBAN SAFARI The ultimate amazon. Yves Saint Laurent Eyes: Mascara Effet Faux Cils Nยบ1 Eyeshadows from Pure Chromatics Palette Nยบ8

ON A RUSH Makeup artist Sara Menitra is like a high speed TGV train. She went from working as a graphic designer to winning the second place at IMATS NY 2012. THE DRAFT MAG met her during a short stay in Lisbon. by Cátia Santos Reis I met up with Sara Menitra on a hot late summer afternoon. It was rush at Príncipe Real, the coolest arrondissement in Lisbon if you ask, and there was this vibrant movement on the streets. We ended up sitting at an esplanade and though the view over the city was mesmerizing, I was truly intrigued by Sara’s presence. She was in town for less than three hours for a makeup workshop, with her sister Dee Jay Carla Menitra by her side, and wearing an ethnic printed cropped top, bright orange carrot pants and matching turban. “I’m not that into fashion”, she later told me to my surprise. Sara’s career as a makeup artist began in 2009, after taking makeup classes at Creative Academy in Lisbon. She worked as a graphic designer for almost ten years and even spent a year as a flight attendant before she finally realized makeup was her dream. Once she found out, there was no room for hesitation. “A friend of mine says I’m like a TGV (high-speed train)”, says the 35 years-old makeup artist. For someone who’s been in the game for only three years, her curriculum is quite impressive. She has published work in several fashion magazines such as Umbigo, Parq, Edit, Envy or Magnética; her work was also featured in advertisements and movies, including the 2012 Venice Film Festival competitor The Lines of Wellington, as well as on television as makeup artist advisor on “Querido, Mudei o Visual” (SIC Mulher, 2010), a makeover show on Portuguese cable TV. Though the director for the show was convinced otherwise, it was Sara’s debut in front of a camera. «I was so nervous in our first day filming. I wasn’t doing makeup for that long and had never been in front of a camera. And right on the first take, the director stopped me: “You have done this before, right?”».

Photography by: Simon Frederick

There’s this feeling of easiness in everything Sara does. “It’s so easy to me to make things happen and fight for them because this is what I really love to do”. And makeup has been around her for a long time. As a kid, she used to try makeup on her dolls. “I remember this episode, when I destroyed my mom’s lipstick. And to this day, I still remember its smell”. Her sister interrupts her. “I used to serve as her guinea pig in our teenage days”, she tells while they share a good laugh going through their memories. But it’s not just the makeup per se. For the makeup artist who confesses to never leave the house without her Kryolan concealer, there’s more into makeup: the power of transformation and ultimately the characterization. “I have always had this fascination with the human body”, she says. In fact, Sara took classes of Physiology and Anatomy at med school and studied Prosthetic Makeup at Los Angeles Cinema Makeup School. As she professes her admiration for the imaginary of David Lynch and Cronenberg’s movies, she confesses being inspired by art and architecture in her work of metamorphose, the one that led her into her biggest accomplishment to this day. In April, Sara placed second at IMATS NY 2012, the makeup world’s biggest gathering. On a two hour live competition and having “Wild Kingdom” as the theme, she created this fantasy of a medusa, in shades of blue, purple and pink, the same colors of the dress the model was wearing, which was actually made by Sara’s mom, who’s a seamstress. The project took Sara literally weeks of preparation. “I did a lot of research and sketching, and trained three to four times with a model, without had ever been able to finish on time”. When the day of the competition arrived, she not only finished on time, but also managed to have some time left. The end result had everyone at the event buzzing, including Sara’s ultimate reference in the makeup world Kabuki Magic. «My boyfriend, who is a photographer, took some pictures of my work and then we saw Kabuki Magic. I was only thinking about asking him to sign me an autograph when my boyfriend decided to show him the pictures he previously took. And he started to ask: “Who did this? You’re an amazing artist!”» When Sara recalls this episode, her face lightens up. She has this easy smile every time she starts talking about makeup and characterization. “It was the biggest reward I could have had!” The thing that impresses the most about Sara is her drive. She’s tenacious and is not afraid to admit she still has a lot to learn. But she also does not fear what the future holds up for her and she knows her worth. Since a lot of Hollywood top productions have now been relocated to England, Sara moved to London last month. When asked if there’s any chance to see her working backstage at a fashion show, the only thing that is lacking in her extensive curriculum, Sara does not hesitate: “Why not?” You’ll never know where this TGV is going to stop next time.

Photography by: Simon Frederick

TALK TO THE HAND The grass is green but can you feel it? The world is in your fingertips.

Photography and concept Fred Gomes Nail Art Marlene Vinha (Pretty Exquisite Image Consulting) Styling Diana Vinha (Pretty Exquisite Image Consulting) Hand Model Diana Vinha


SEVEN BEAUTY SINS Not six, nor eight but seven. The redefinition of the seven deadly sins in the form of seven beauty picks for Fall 2012. by Cátia Santos Reis


GIORGIO ARMANI NEO-CLASSIC FACE&EYES PALETTE The palette Think of Giorgio Armani NeoClassic Face & Eyes palette as the beauty version of a Swiss army knife. Featuring a face powder that can also be used as a blush and a trio of eyeshadows in matte and satin finishes, this palette makes the transition from day to night much easier and packing a lot lighter.

A four in one mascara? Amen to that! Givenchy Noir Couture has everything to follow the steps of predecessor Phenomen’Eyes, including a trademark triple sphere wand. Formulated with exclusive Lash Booster Expert Complex, the new hit mascara delivers intense volume, strong curl, infinite length and complete lash care. Available in Black Satin and Brown Satin.

YVES SAINT LAURENT LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT The foundation Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat is the equivalent to the Midas touch in beauty. The quintessential magic pen gets a foundation version and the end result does its name justice. Fresh, fluid and silky, Le Teint Touche Éclat gives skin a natural glowing effect due to a soft focus gel technology incorporated in the formula. No wonder it’s the most anticipated beauty release of 2012.

BIOTHERM BLUE THERAPY SERUM The serum Blue Therapy serum is the latest revolutionary anti-aging product from Biotherm laboratories. From the deepest seas, three different aquatic ingredients, from three different waters, with three properties for radiant skin. Highly concentrated, the transparent gel nurtures the skin, while providing instant refreshing and hydrating feel. Blue Therapy line also includes a cream. MAC COSMETICS X AZEALIA BANKS YUNG RAPUNXEL The lipstick

ESTÉE LAUDER PURE COLOR BEYOND BLACK IN BLUE BLOOD The nail polish The inspiration for Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Beyond Black nail lacquer collection came from Paris at night as creative director Tom Pecheux wanted to evoke the sultry, yet sophisticated, feeling from the City of Lights. Five metallic shades with True Vision technology for a dramatic effect made it hard to pick one but that “Blue Blood” hue is both dramatic and exquisite.

Those who never heard about Azealia Banks before better remember her name next time. The rapper turned famous over the infamous “212” video has already performed for Uncle Karl (Lagerfeld) himself and was Alexander Wang’s guest at the 2012 MET Ball. But she’s not over yet. Banks scored a contract with MAC Cosmetics to create “Yung Rapunxel”, a deep plum semi-matte finish lipstick perfect for fall. Too bad it’s limited edition. BOBBI BROWN BB CREAM SPF 35 The hybrid BB Cream – BB stands for Blemish Balm – became a phenomenon for the past year and Bobbi Brown is the latest to release its take on the Asian’s favorite. Featuring a cool SPF 35to protect skin from UVA/UVB rays, this BB cream does it all: conceals skin imperfections, hydrates and control oil, brightens dull skin and helps to reduce the inglorious wrinkles.


Photography by: Pedro Matos


MANUELA OLIVEIRA According to many definitions being an It Girl means being the girl everyone wants to be. According to ours it could also mean being Manuela Oliveira. Either in jeans and flats, or designer dress and heels, the Head of Lisbon Fashion Week Press Office has it all: Flawless style and inimitable allure in a rather effortlessly way. In her work she’s the one connecting designers and press; she’s the one who is bringing fashion closer to all of us. As an it girl, that restricted breed, she has that kind of mystique that comes with being a natural muse. by Lígia Gonçalves

Current state of mind? Happy and expectant. (She’s pregnant with her first child.) From the moment you step foot into the office, how’s your morning routine? I turn on the computer, drink a coffee – Well now I don’t drink it – then check my emails and the clipping (the news on the media about Lisbon Fashion Week). Favorite artist? The sculptor, Louise Bourgeois. Playing on your iPod? The Rapture; Mumford & Sons; Florence & The Machine; Metronomy and The XX.

A motto? None, really. What I have is mainly an attitude of enjoying life and always seeing the bright side of things. Always in your handbag is? Cellphone, sunglasses, lip balm, lipstick and a moisturizer. The last thing you bought? Baby clothes! Do you have any favorite piece in your wardrobe? Well… I guess not. Most of all because it varies according to season and mood.

A book and an author? The book, The Bad Girl from Mario Vargas Llosa. The author, Haruki Murakami.

What would you never be caught wearing? I really can’t answer that as fashion is cyclic. So whatever I answer I know it will eventually make a comeback.

The words you like most and least? Yes and no, respectively.

A style advice? Oh undoubtedly, less is more.

Your biggest vice? Tv series. As while I have episodes to see it will keep me awake, until late night hours.

Fashion is synonym of? Self-expression.



Alexandra Moura

Estée Lauder

Alexandre Herchcovitch

F. Alphoria Alves/Gonçalves American Apparel B. Biotherm Bobbi Brown C.

Falke Fernanda Pereira G. Gant Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Beauty index.aspx Givenchy Makeup

Casa Juisi



Henrik Vibskov

Cheap Monday

Henry Cotton’s




Hien Le

Decenio Diesel Dino Alves Dominic Knecht

Hoss Intropia I. Inga Kusche Irene Luft J. Jimmy Fairly

L. Lacoste Lancôme Lapponia Luís Onofre Luiza Barcelos

S. Oliver Shokay Starstyling T. Tamaris


The Body Shop TheBodyShopPortugal?fref=ts

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Tres Bonjour

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Massimo Dutti Minimum Miss Sixty Montage MLB by Malene Birger N.

U. United Nude Uterque V. Valentim Quaresma Vilela & Shoes


Vladimir Karaleev

Nuno Baltazar



Who’s that girl

Oysho P. Pedro Pedro R. Ricardo Dourado S. Sabrina Dehoff

Wolford Y. YSL Beauty Z. Zara Zilian


The Draft Mag #07  

Wonderland // Issue #07 // October 2012

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