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junior handling For some it is «simply» a hobby, for others it is «heritage», for others it is passion and dedication while for others it is a way of life. What is for certain is that Junior Handling comprises the future of the Greek dog world. It is the toughest of «schools», which will provide all the necessary qualities to further achievements in the world of dog showing and breeding… What is Junior Handling?


Junior Handling is the only class in dog shows where it isn’t the dog itself which is being judged for it’s morphology and how close it fits the standard of its breed, but it is the person who is handling the dog, who in this specific case, is a young child not over 18 years of age. Each contestant can choose whichever breed he likes to handle in the ring, either his own dog or after having kindly asked another exhibitor to lend him a dog for the day of the show. The only condition is that the dog is registered in a special class on that particular day in its breed.

In Greece there are two classes of Junior Handling which are specifically to do with the age of the child. The first one is from 6-12 and the second one from 12-18. In the younger class, obviously, the judges are more lenient. They are not likely to ask for specific procedures beyond the standard ones and may forgive certain mistakes, whereas in the second class it gets more serious and the judges’ demands and expectations are more skilled, competitiveness much greater and mistakes are not forgiven. The earlier the child starts, the better!

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