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junior handling For some it is «simply» a hobby, for others it is «heritage», for others it is passion and dedication while for others it is a way of life. What is for certain is that Junior Handling comprises the future of the Greek dog world. It is the toughest of «schools», which will provide all the necessary qualities to further achievements in the world of dog showing and breeding… part two Movement/Stacking

Every breed has its own way of presentation, so much in its movement and in stacking, so that the characteristics of the standard of the breed are best shown. That’s why we, as handlers, ought to know what our breed’s standard demands and have a general knowledge of all the others. In general, large breeds need running and stacking on the ground, medium breeds running/trotting and stacking on the ground or on the table and small breeds walking – slowly or faster – and stacking on the table for the judgment. There are also some breeds that require «free stacking» (Labrador 42 The Dog Planet Magazine

Retriever) some others «baiting» (Australian Shepherd) and some others have a completely different method of presentation (German Shepherd Dog) . On the move

There are 7 «moves» in general the judge may choose from. The classic ones are: Up-down, circle and triangle. The more advanced are: the «T», the «L», the «S» and the «8». The rule is that we hold the dog on our left hand, except for some of the advanced movements - where we have to change hands once or even four times – so that the judge sees the dog and not us.

March 2011  

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