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Exchange Students DCHS makes AYP Red Demons defeat Southeast

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Scorpion. Jessi Stecklein, 11, performs a stunt during Spirit Spreader Aug. 30. DCHS hosts the annual spirit builder each year for area schools. Both cheerleaders and drill team members participate in the dalong activity. Photo • Mueller

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Back-to-School | Column 03

The Dodger •


lthough the beginning of a school year means getting to see your friends again, having things to do, and being involved with clubs and activities, the beginning of school also means homework, overlapping events, and unfortunately, stress. If you’re like me, you probably don’t spend your summers pouring over textbooks or writing essays just for the fun of it. That means that you might have gotten out of the habit of getting school work done, and could be a little overwhelmed with the loads of homework and activities that school brings. However, there’s no need to stress. Next time you’re feeling like you’re in over your head, try one of these stress relievers.

1. Run! Getting out and moving essentially burns away the chemicals in your body that cause stress (Fleur Hupston, naturalhealth. com). Physical activity also gets your happy endorphins going. Try running, jogging, or even walking. Or, if you’re not into that, swimming, going on a bike ride, or even just going for a walk. Anything that gets your body moving will make you feel at least a little bit more stress-free. 2. Tell a joke! It’s been said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” I have personally found this to be true. Sometimes, when I’m having a moment of panic, I just need to find something that will make me smile, and it instantly makes me

feel better. It could be anything from hearing a joke from a friend, to reading the comics in the paper. Laughter really is the best medicine. 3. Get sing-songy! Music is another option of escape. It is also a personal favorite stress relieving technique. Music can take you away from where you are at the moment, figuratively anyway. Sitting down, putting on your headphones and drowning out any other sound with music can be very beneficial, as long as you don’t blow out your eardrums. Even if you’re not into music, being totally immersed in a favorite book or movie can have the same effect.

Issue #1

Don’t Sweat It!

Tips and tricks for relaxation when the going gets tough

4. Don’t treat your body like a wastebasket! There are plenty of studies out there that have shown that eating right reduces stress like crazy. When your body feels good, you feel good. Also, eating right cuts down on the fat you consume, meaning that it makes you look better. So quit with the junk, and consume a veggie or two! There are plenty of ways to get rid of the stress in your life. So don’t sweat it! Next time you’re feeling tense, never fear, laughter, good food, and music are here!

—Alex Mueller

Start of something new Changes, new additions coming to the Dodger -Carolina Ramirez

Do you remember some of our past newspaper issues? Well, a few changes are being made this year! Instead of having four print issues like we had last year, we are going to have nine issues. We have a bigger staff this year, so hopefully we can get more accomplished. Also, we are going to try and liven things up! A new addition to our paper is “helpful” tips from Dr. G and Mr.

J. Also, keep an eye out for how you can submit topics you would like to see their advice on. Another new idea we’ve had is possibly a comic, but that is still in the planning stages. If you ever want to ask the editors any questions, get some tips from Dr. G and Mr. J, or just want to ask our staff a question, feel free to write in with your letter or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Classes Offered: • • • • • • •

All-Star Cheerleading Competitive Gymnastics Gymnastics (all levels) Ballet (Tap & Pointe) Power Tumbling Elite Gymnastics Back Handspring class

Janet Smith, Owner 620-225-6387 705 1/2 Second Ave. Dodge City, KS 6701

“Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven.” -Luke 6:23

We’ve had a Dodger Facebook and Twitter accounts for awhile, but they weren’t updated very often. That’s something else that is going to change! We are going to be posting and tweeting more often, so make sure to check it out! You can check the online newspaper at www.dchsdodger. com. If you still Facebook, look us up under “The Dodger.” You can follow us on twitter @DCHSDodger.

Letters to the Editor are also welcome. Just bring your letters to M109 or email them to Remember: You must sign your name if you want your letter to be printed. These changes might not take effect as quickly as we might like, but we are working on them. Be patient.

Issue #1

04 Back-to-School | “Tobacco Kills” • The Dodger

“Tobacco Kills”

—Karina Davila

Jaquan Graves, 11, is a current member of FCCLA, where through the club, he was able to promote the program “Tobacco Kills.” “I joined the club not even knowing what I was getting myself into,” Graves said. Graves became a youth tobacco advocate to raise awareness about the tobacco epidemic that is sweeping among young adults. “I went to many long, long meetings and tons of conventions about tobacco prevention,” Graves said. He studied the various ways tobacco companies advertise to young adults, and he was able to use that information to help him promote “Tobacco Kills.” Graves went to Comanche Middle and Dodge City Middle School to raise student awareness about the effects of tobacco and how companies try to lure them in to using their products. Along with presentations at schools, and a short commercial that was made, Graves

FCCLA member Jaquan Graves receives award for his work in tobacco prevention

also created a Facebook page called “Tobacco Kills” to further spread his ideas on the use of tobacco. “I really wanted to celebrate being healthy and that we’re living well and not smoking,” Graves said. Graves received a lot of support from the community and his peers. “I thought I was going to be looked down on, but I actually got a lot of support from the school, teachers and my peers,” Graves said. He was just one student, one person, representing the whole town when he received his award. “Even if you’re from somewhere small, you can still accomplish the world,” Graves said.

Hard Work. Jaquan Graves, 11, receives his award from Erica Anderson at the Kansas City Conference of Tobacco Free Kansas. He received the award Aug. 16 for his project “Tobacco Kills.” Photo • Courtesy

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11150 Kliesen St. Dodge City, KS 67801 620-225-2695 or 620-225-BOWL

Back-to-School | National YE competition 05

The Dodger •

Morrow moves on to national YE competition in New York City —Alex Mueller

Winner. Junior Cale Morrow was named the first place winner in a Youth Entrepreneur (YE) competition last spring. He was named the Business Plan winner for Kansas and Missouri. Morrow is currently in New York City competing in the national level of the contest. Photo • Courtesy

Cale Morrow, senior at Dodge City High school, succeeded in winning first place in a Youth Entrepreneur (YE) contest last spring. Morrow was named the Business Plan winner for Kansas and Missouri, and will be traveling to New York City to compete in the National YE contest in October. Morrow became interested in YE when his father, a former Koch Ind. employee, mentioned the class. “I had no idea how much work it would be,” Morrow said. “I thought it would just be an advanced Economics class, but it takes a lot of hard work to win, and it is really time consuming.” Morrow not only had to come up with a business plan, he also had to create a budget, hypothetical location, and a 20-page packet of information about the business. For the national competition, Morrow also had to create his own website and commercial. Morrow is encouraging everyone to vote for his website. Commercials can be voted for by anyone, beginning Sept. 4. Voting will end Oct. 9. The business is named Believable Inc. To vote for Morrow’s commercial, go to www. Voters must provide an e-mail address and zip code; one vote per

Morrow Update Cale Morrow is currently in San Francisco. This update was sent via Facebook: “Day 2 in San Francisco was a huge success. My speech went incredibly well and Believable Inc. got its first customer! A San Francisco dad heard my speech and tried to enroll his three

children in my program. I got to see Mark Zuckerberg! And tomorrow (today) on the CBS Morning Show an interview I did at the conference today will air! It will air between 7 and 9 tomorrow morning (Sept. 12). Thanks again everyone. Your support means the world. And as always, don’t forget to vote!!!

e-mail every 24 hours. Your vote will help Morrow reach his goal to win the competition on the national level. Morrow’s business plan was to create a theatre camp for kids, which would give lessons on public speaking and acting. During the school year, his program would be turned into after school classes. He also proposed another branch of the program directed towards adults. “I read a statistic that 75% of people are terrified to speak in public,” Morrow said. “I got to thinking, ‘Why am I in the 25% who isn’t?’… I want to teach people to believe in themselves.” Morrow will present an 8-minute speech to judges in New York City, who are rumored to be judges on a TV show “Shark Tank.” Because the judges are not going to have the packet to refer to during Morrow’s presentation, all of the grading he receives will be from his speech.    “Being in theatre and putting on a play is just like having your own business,” Morrow said. Morrow is extremely passionate about theatre, and produced his first play when he was only five years old. So, naturally, when he was asked to create his own business, he immediately knew it had to have something to do with theater.

Picture Retakes Oct. 17, 2012 in M109. You Will Need to Bring your Pictures to get Retakes

Issue #1

Vote for Cale at

Issue #1

06 Back-to-School | Fall Homecoming

Best dressed competition Sept. 25, 27 • The Dodger

Spirit Week set for Sept. 25-28

—Alex Mueller

Fall Homecoming 2012 is just three weeks away! Get ready to show Demon pride by dressing up during Spirit Week, cheering on the floats in the parade, and of course, overflowing the student section for the Homecoming football game. Spirit Week is set for Sept. 2528. Student Council has planned the following themes for each day of the week: Tuesday is Super Heroes vs. Villains; Wednesday is Sports Day (dress up in your favorite team’s gear); Thursday is Nerd Day; and Friday is Red Demon Day. Tuesday and Thursday of Spirit Week there will be a Best Dressed competition. The Best Dressed student for each day (Tuesday and Thursday) will win a $20 Sonic gift card. Homecoming candidates are representative of each of the fall sports. The are as follows: Football—Bekah Shirley and Taylor Murphy; Soccer—Summer Wilson and Rene Yeverino; Volleyball—Becca Bartel and

Justin Gemaelich; Boys Cross Country—Suhei Calderon and Eric Snyder; Girls Cross Country— Lucero Botello and Edward Rivera; Girls Golf—Megan Gerard and Joseph Stroud; Girls Tennis—Kelly Brauer and Trevor Brock; and Cheerleading—Paige Bangerter and Parker Davis. The Homecoming Parade will start at 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28 in the Boot Hill parking lot near Applebee’s. The parade will continue up Second Avenue to Memorial Stadium. The theme for the parade is Super Heroes vs. Villains. School approved organizations that would like to participate in the parade need to email Jonathan Hansen, Stuco sponsor, before Tuesday, Sept. 25. Information packets are also available in the main office or from Hansen. The Red Demons will take the field against Great Bend Panthers. Game time is 7 p. m. and the announcement of the Homecoming King and Queen will come during halftime of the game.

‘Big D’ —Joyce Ngo

Do YOU meet requirements for Big D?

Friends and food are the two things most students think about, some might add homework in there too. What if you could have all that instead of the regular OP? If that is the case, qualify

Senior Pride. One of the many floats that was created by the seniors, Class of 2012, in the 2011 Homecoming parade. This year’s parade will take place Friday, Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. The parade will begin in the Boot Hill parking lot and proceed up / Second Avenue to Memorial Stadium. Photo • Mueller

for Big D. Requirements are as follows: Students need to have at least a 3.0 GPA. They need to be proficient on the math and reading state assessments.

No overdue books from the library or disciplinary referrals. If the student is a junior or senior and they qualify they get to be in Big D immediately. Sophomores have to wait until second semester to start going to Big D during OP.

Dodger Asks Tell us about your summer activities. “It would’ve been “I went to Colora- “I spent my sum- “Europe opened boring if it weren’t do to visit family.” mer hanging out my eyes to the for my friends.” — Saben Arar, 10 with friends and world.” — Nicole Perez, 09 — Ky Smith, 12 working.” — Rosendo Adame, 11

“I had two weeks of not grading papers.” — Justin Coffey, Math

The Dodger •

Back-to-School | Travel Log 07

Alex’s European Adventure T his summer, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Germany, Prague, Switzerland, and Paris with a group of students from Dodge City and Iowa. We were in Europe for about 13 days, hopping from place to place, jumping from experience to experience. By the end of the trip, we were all so tired that we could barely remember what we had for lunch that day, let alone the first few days of the excursion. Luckily, I kept a daily journal of our activities and travel sites. Here is a snippet of what my experience of Europe was like :

back to our hotel and freshened up a bit before we went downtown to get some money for tomorrow’s excursions. Going downtown we had the pleasure of experiencing Berlin’s public transportation. There’s only one word for that— exciting. After that, Wesley from Dublin took us to a restaurant downtown where our palates were satisfied with ham, veggies, soup, potatoes, and a delectable jelly-filled donut. Now, it’s time for a good night’s rest. We’ve got a pretty packed day tomorrow, according to Wesley from Dublin.

Day 1 This morning started off swell when I woke at 4:45! I wasn’t actually supposed to wake up until 8:00, but I was just so excited. Today is the day. Then I got on the road with Luke Bunker, Eduardo, Austin, Paige, and Aunt Kirstin to Wichita where we competed in a backpack decorating contest because our backpacks were rather hideous looking. After that, we assembled our “families” and gave them names. My family consisted of Gentry Cork, Morgan Baldwin, Jaden Woofter, Adriana Hernandez, and Caleb Keeten. Jaden named us the “Enraged Bananas”, which I have to say is quite suitable for us, because we can all be a bit wacko at times. At the moment, we’re seated on the plane flying to Amsterdam! We’re supposedly two hours and three minutes away. How precise! You might think that the airlines would give the pilots a little bit more leeway than that. Heaven forbid we’re two hours and four minutes away. Goodness me, someone might have heart failure. That’s all for now!

Day Three I’m sitting at a lovely little German restaurant right now called “Ranke 2” with Gentry, Caleb, Morgan, and Adriana, patiently waiting for German chicken soup. Today we woke up, and I had some tea and bread at the hotel, and then went on a bus tour around Berlin, led by Kevin the Hunk. He was hunky. Kevin the Hunk told us all about the past and present of Berlin; the different monuments, buildings, parks, and so on of Berlin. He made it very interesting; cracking jokes every chance he got, sneaking in his own personal opinions of certain issues, and letting us experience the city for ourselves. At one point, the bus stopped at a Holocaust memorial, where large blocks of white cement represented the many lives that were lost. After that, we were given quite a bit of free time. Morgan and I gave into our feminine sides, and explored a few designer stores, including Tiffany’s, Dior, and Louis Vuitton! Now we’re at Ranke 2.

Day Two Today went by pretty slowly actually! We got to Berlin and met our tour guide, Wesley from Dublin. He’s an interesting looking man with an odd Irish accent and is incredibly laid back and humorous! Then, we went

Later. So. Physically. Exhausted! But so mentally stimulated! The rest of today was marvelous. After Ranke 2, we all walked around Berlin and learned an extensive amount of German words, eating German foods, shopping in German stores,

and feeling wholly Germanic. Then, Wesley from Dublin took our whole group to a German restaurant. After that, Morgan, a girl named Carla, and I ventured to a a hippie cosmetic store named “Lush”, where we purchased multiple types of shampoo and conditioner and perfume that we will most likely never use. Now, I must rest. We’re traveling to Prague tomorrow! Day Four Well, this morning I woke up and didn’t feel very well, which is a bit of misfortune, but luckily, I have most of the day to relax, because our bus is taking us to Prague! I do have a funny story to share. While we were on the road, our bus stopped at a rest stop for a little while. So, I went in to the rest stop, and managed to get myself locked in the bathroom! No matter how hard I tried, the door would not budge. If you know me, you know that sometimes I tend to freak out when a problematic circumstance comes my way, and so naturally, I thought that I was going to be locked in there forever and the bus would leave me and I would be stuck in an obscure bathroom in the middle of who knows where. So here I am, banging on the door and yelping, when the door flings wide open and I am presented with an unfortunate looking German man, who does not know that his yelling in German is mere gibberish to me. So, not knowing what to do, I nodded at him and quickly exited the situation. After that, we made a very quick stop in a small German town called Dresden, and explored the multiple churches and cafes that they had to offer. The one that I was most amazed by was the Church of Our Lady, which had beautiful architecture and wonderful stain glass art. It was everything you might picture an old church to be. There was also a courtyard and a few buildings around the courtyard in Dresdon that was

—Alex Mueller built solely for the purpose of a wedding! It was turned into an art museum much later, and now I’m not sure what it is being used for now, but I found that fascinating. After Dresden, we all hopped back onto the bus and finished our trip to Prague, where we are now. Wow, what a beautiful city! When we got to Prague, we took a walking tour and saw all sorts of beautiful statues, buildings, and roads. We also learned so much history about Prague. There’s so much of it that even if I tried, I could not even skim over it with the rest of this journal! Then we had dinner and went back to our hotel. Our hotel is a bit frightening. All of the rooms are different, and the beds are on the floor. The showers are also an adventure in and of itself! Day Five Today started off pretty great with a visitation to a massive Czech castle/church. One word: breathtaking. The architecture was so intricate and beautiful. It looked like a Disney castle! Then we walked through a street called the Golden Alley, which had quite a few little Czech shops, and also a miniature torture museum. That was skin crawling creepy. When you look at the devices that people think of, it just blows your mind how malicious our species can be! After we left there, Wesley from Dublin gave us free time until dinner. During free time, Morgan, Gentry, Caleb, Adriana and I did way too much shopping, and explored a wax museum, and yet another torture museum. The wax museum was pretty odd. Near the end of it there were a lot of well known individuals, like Elvis. They also had men like Stalin, and they even had Hitler in there, which I found to be the most grotesque figure of them all. He was shown cowering in fear and screaming, with blood all around him. The next installment next month. See what Alex gets into then…

Issue #1

Travel Log

08 Back-to-School| Foreign Exchange Students • The Dodger

“Maybe this sounds strange, but I really like to read. I also like playing the guitar.”

“I lived through 16 Christmases with my crazy family and now I’m going to celebrate my 17th Christmas in the U.S. with an even crazier family. I’m so excited.”

Bonn, Germany

Host Family: Stephanie & Bryce Fuhrmann

Stockholm, Sweden

Why did you come to America?

I wanted to improve my English and get to know a new way of life/culture. I also wanted to try new sports, find new friends and get to know a second family.

What surprised you the most when you first came to America?

The schedule because we have the same one every day. We can choose our classes and these are so much more interesting.

What do you like to do during your free time?

Play sports (alone or with friends). This may sound strange, but I really like to read. I also play the guitar. I stopped three months ago, but I will start again.

Places traveled?

Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Denmark, and Norway.

Host Family: Ben & Debby Kennedy Why did you come to America?

I wanted to get out of my regular routine at home and make something new that I didn’t really have control over. I also wanted to learn better English and experience a new culture. I wanted an adventure, and this really is an adventure!

What surprised you the most when you first came to America? That everything actually was exactly like the Simpsons, except that no one was yellow.

Extra-curricular Activities?

What do you like to do during your free time? In Sweden we have this thing where we go to cafes and just

What do you expect to gain from this experience?

Places traveled?

Soccer, tennis and track. At home my favorite sports are soccer, cross country, skiing and tennis.

Make new friends, be better in school and become more mature.

Rome, Italy

eat a cinnamon roll, drink coffee and chat. But here I hang out with friends or play soccer. I have traveled to England, Morocco, Thailand, Finland, Norway, Denmark and France.

Extra-curricular Activities?

I play soccer now. But I am thinking of doing bowling and maybe track. I don’t know which event I will do, maybe long jump or running.

What do you expect to get out of this experience?

Luca Stanziani

“The food here [surprised] me. I thought the food would be very bad…but it’s OK too. Pasta and pizza are very different.”

Host Family: Stephanie & Bryce Fuhrmann Why did you come to America?

I came to America to improve my English, to experience a new lifestyle and a new culture. I want to meet new friends and different people.

What surprised you the most when you first came to America?

Emil Kavhed

Jonas Gotte

Issue #1

Looking for ne

The food. It’s very different from Italy. I thought the food

Oh, I’m sure that I’m going to get a lot out of this trip. I’m going to get new friends, a new family, a new culture, a new language, a larger stomach, and many more things. The list is endless!

would be very bad, but now I can say that while it’s not like Italy’s, it’s OK too. Pasta and pizza are very different.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I like to hang out with friends in the city center. I love seeing soccer games at the stadium and I listen to rap music. I also love to play sports like soccer and basketball.

Places traveled?

Netherlands, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece and France.

Extracurricular Activities?

I play soccer.

Back-to-School | Foreign Exchange Students 09

The Dodger •

“Almost everything here [surprised me about America]. This is my first time in America, and it was my first time to travel by plane.”

Bonn, Germany

Bratislava, Slovakia

Phillippe Prassel

Jakub Kolman

“I like to listen to music, hang out with friends and sometimes I like to play video games. I also like to play soccer.”

Issue #1

ew adventures Host Family: Ben & Debby Kennedy Why did you come to America?

I want to become fluent in English and meet a lot of new people.

Host Family: William & LeeAnn Goodman Why did you come to America?

What do you like to do during your free time?

I wanted to improve my English, make friends, have an unusual experience, try something new, get out from my old habits, try to become more independent from parents, and learn about American culture.

I like to listen to music, hang our with friends, and sometimes I like to play video games. I also like to play soccer.

Places traveled?

A lot of places in Europe as well in New York, Florida, and Georgia.

What surprised you the most when you first came to America?

Extra-curricular Activities?

Almost everything because this is my first time in America. What really surprised me are the people, food, and a lot of things we use everyday.

I play soccer.

What do you expect to get out of this experience?

Besides improving my English, I think I will become more independent.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I like to spend time hanging out with friends, playing the guitar, and watching movies. I also like to play almost any kind of sport.

Places traveled?

Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia.

Limeira, Brazil

Host Family: Neal & Connie Shelton Why did you come to America?

Because America is the main economy, cultural and sports place in the world.

Rafael Marotti

“I used to play some football, American football, not soccer. I also went out with friends. On weekends we went to the beach to surf.”

What surprised you the most when you first came to America?

The friendly people.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I used to play some football, American football, not soccer. I also went out with friends. On weekends we went to the beach to surf.

Places traveled?

Barbados, Florida, Utah, California, and all over Brazil.

Extra-curricular Activities? Football.

What do you expect to get out of this experience?

Improve my English and change my way of thinking about other countries. • The Dodger

Issue #1

10 Sept. 14, 2012 | New Teacher Profiles

New Teachers 2012-2013 Mari Dietz

• English 09, English 11 • Subject: English 09, English 11

• Fourth year teaching; three years teaching in Korea.

• She wanted to be a teacher at DCHS because she could see that the school was a great school. • Her favorite thing about being a teacher is being able to motivate students. • She earned her degree at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois.

• Teaching Style: not big on lectures but enjoys classroom discussions.

• She enjoys Dodge City because she likes the support and kindness of everyone.

Charles Johnson • World History

• Subject: World History • Eighth year teaching

• He wanted to teach at DCHS because of its diversity. One can learn from one another’s

culture and experience and you can grow from it.

• His favorite thing about being a teacher is being able to make an impact on kids’ lives. • He earned his degree from the University of West Texas A&M • Teaching Style: Likes to have balance in the classroom • Likes that the community is connected to one another

Jeffrey Calhoun • Biology

• Subject: Biology

• Second year as a teacher

• He came to DCHS be cause he wanted to move to Western Kansas and wanted to teach at a

high school.

teaching a subject he loves

• Favorite thing about being a teacher: interacting with students on a daily basis and he’s • Earned his degree at Wichita State

• Teaching style: do labs and classroom discussions

• Likes the small town feel of Dodge City and the town has everything he needs.

New Teachers 2012-2013

New Teacher Profiles| Sept. 14, 2012 11

The Dodger •

Christopher Spindler

• Photo Imaging, Computer Graphics

• Subjects: Photography and Graphic Design

• He has taught for over 10 years at Corporate America.

• Has always wanted to become a teacher and when the opportunity

came up at DCHS and he jumped on it.

of Pennsylvania.

in class to learn and not just because they have to be.

• Earned his degrees from University of Kansas and the University • He wanted to teach at the high school level because people want to be • Teaching Style: Hands on

Krystle Gaswick

• Physical Education

• Subjects: Advanced P.E , Freshman heath and P.E • Second year teaching

• She accepted the head volley ball coaching position. She taught at Linn and Central Elementary

Schools last year.

• She earned her degree at Washburn University.

• Teaching Style: Explain what/how we are doing, model it for the students to see, and then

actually participate in the activity with them.

• Likes the small town atmosphere and the friendly people here.

Kimberly McWilliams • Chemistry

• Subject: Chemistry

• First year as a teacher

• Wanted to teach at DCHS because she was impressed with the administration. • Favorite thing about being a teacher: the kids. • Earned her degree at Kansas State University.

• She wanted to teach at the high school level because she likes the age range and the

independence level.

• Teaching Style: Energetic, fast paced, engaging, and rigorous

• What do you like about Dodge City? The people, the school and Mexican restaurants.

• English • World History • Biology • Art/Photo • Chemistry • Social Studies • FACS •

Issue #1

• English •World History • Biology • Art/Photo • Chemistry • Social Studies • FACS •

Issue #1

12 Sept. 14, 2012 | Survival Tips • The Dodger

Mr. J and Dr. G make their debut…

Survival tips for high school

The following article is a short list of useful tips, from the widely acclaimed author Mr. J, and his long time friend, and world renowned therapist, Dr. G. The duo has been in the business of bettering the world for almost three years now and have finally decided it was time to publish their work. Mr. J has been studying in the field of criminal justice at Harvard Law for the past three years, and enjoys reading books on the psychologic affairs of humans in his spare time. Dr. G has not graduated high school and has a Ph.D. at McDonalds.

Mr. J

   Try not to congregate in the middle of the hall. It will

block traffic and cause the stress levels of other students to rise uncontrollably. Instead, move to the nearest wall with a sense of urgency, or better yet, go to class.

obtaining sustenance, act decisively and without indecision. Following the collection of your food, pay for it, and retreat immediately to a table.

establishment is one which you frequently visit. Vandalism is a selfish and tasteless form of entertainment.

Dr. G

Dr. G

   Don’t hurt the school.

   Get to class yo, before you get a tardy. Know what I mean?    

Mr. J

   When commuting from one location of study to the next, move tout de suite, contrary to a hesitant walking pace.

Dr. G

   Get a move on. KNEES TO CHEST.

Mr. J

   In the eating quarters, while

   Get yo food and get out.

Mr. J

   Dress for success. Strive to be dapper.

Dr. G

   Don’t be  all baggin’ and saggin’ and what-not.

Mr. J

   Never abuse an establishment’s facilities, especially if the said

Dr. G Mr. J

   Achieving in academic excellence should be the first priority when attending school; not only for your personal satisfaction, but to inspire happiness in your acquaintances.

Dr. G

   If you don’t pass that class your momma gonna be soooooo mad.

Delzeit travels to Washington D. C. as part of ‘Government in Action’ youth tour program —Miranda Sotelo

Victory Electric Cooperative Assn. Inc. selected Jennifer Delzeit, 12, to go to Washington D.C. with the “Government in Action” Youth Tour. Delzeit was selected from a group of high school students who were asked to submit a résumé, take a 35-question exam on cooperatives and be interviewed by a panel of judges. Victory Electric sponsors the trip for two or three students each year, in addition to the three students for the Cooperative Youth

Leadership Camp. Delzeit toured the capital along with 34 other students from Kansas. Since 1960, the nation’s electric cooperatives have sponsored the trips of more than 40,000 high school juniors to visit U.S. congressional members, energy and grassroots government education sessions and sightseeing in Washington, D.C. The program is about giving back to the community and presents an opportunity for the youth. Delzeit was thrilled when

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she found out she was going to Washington D.C. She was a junior when she entered the competition. Her favorite part of the trip was being able to see all the famous monuments there. She enjoyed seeing Mt. Vernon, and she also learned a few things during her time there. “It was pretty amazing! The Pentagon has 284 bathrooms,” Delzeit said. Delzeit was lucky enough to go to Washington, D.C., with other youth from Kansas and Hawaii.

They visited numerous historical museums and monuments, ranging from the Holocaust Museum to Abraham Lincoln’s monument overlooking the reflection pool. “My trip to Washington, D.C., made me realize just how lucky we are to be born in this country. With freedom comes pride and that is exactly what I have gained,” Delzeit said. Information supplied by Kansas Country Living, August 2012.

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Sports| Sept. 14, 2012 13 Issue #1

Lady Demons sweep home quad

Volleyball tips off their season Sept. 6

—Carolina Ramirez

The DCHS Lady Demon Volleyball team kicked off their season on Thursday, Sept. 6 at home. Varsity/JV ladies hosted the quadrangular with Lakin, Hays, and Sublette. Varsity swept their matches, and went undefeated that night. The JV went 1-2. “The DC quad went great. We came out and showed the teams what our team is made of, and we represented Dodge City well. I’m looking forward to seeing all the improvements we’ll make as the season progresses,” Gentry Schneweis, 12, said. The team is doing well, and plans to greatly improve as the season progresses. “I think we are a solid team and that we are going to have a good season this year. The team is doing good on defense and our offense is pretty strong too!” Summer Wilson, 12, said. “I feel that we did way better than what we expected we would do on Thursday. One of our goals is to be undefeated at home.” Head coach Krystle Gaswick is in her first year at the helm of the girls’ volleyball program. This year is her second year of teaching, but her first year at DCHS. Gaswick has been on the coaching staff for two years. The rest of the coaching staff includes Calvin Williamson, assistant varsity coach, April Baugh, JV coach, and Trista Fergerson, freshman coach.

“I’m looking forward to getting into the heart of the season and playing more games. We are ready to see some talented teams that will push us to continue working harder and progress,” Gaswick said. JV played again on Saturday, Sept. 8 in Scott City at 9 a.m. The ladies went 2-2. “For just opening up, we did pretty well. We had some unexpected things thrown at us in the lineup, but we handled it to the best of our ability. We flow really well together, and we work with extreme efficiency,” Hannah Savage, 10, said. “During a game, we can be serious and play our hardest, but still laugh and have a good time! What we do best is setting the ball up to eliminate long rallies. The team still has areas of improvement to work on. “We need the most improvement in eliminating our unforced errors, but we’re working hard to keep those to a minimum! We performed well on Thursday, but we were a hundred times better on Saturday. There’s always room for improvement, and we will continue to strive to be the very best we can be,” Savage said. The next varsity game is Saturday, Sept. 15 in Liberal at 8:30 a.m. The next, and last home varsity game, will be Sept. 25 when the seniors will be recognized.

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Setting Back. Alexis Sanchez, 12, sets to the back row in a match against Lakin Sept. 6. DCHS hosted their home opener against Lakin, Hays, and Sublete. The team will take the floor again Sept. 15 in Liberal at 8:30 a.m. Photo • Mueller

Soccer kicks off season with a 3-2 record —Eliseo Medrano / Joyce Ngo

Varsity and JV Demon soccer teams headed to Wichita Aug. 30 to play Wichita South. Wichita scored the first goal of the game. Brandon Chavez, 09, scored the second goal for varsity. Mario Lopez, 11, scored the winning goal to beat Wichita South 3-1. The JV team scored four goals against Wichita South. The soccer game ended with a 4-0 score. JV’s season record is 2-0. The varsity team traveled to Salina Sept. 3 to play Salina Central for the Titan Classic. Salina scored the first goal, but from then on it was all DCHS. Issac Palma, 10, scored the first goal with six seconds left in the first half to tie. He was assisted by Arvin Romo. Mario Lopez scored

the final winning goal in overtime with 46 seconds left. They defeated Salina 2-1. The second game for the Titan Classic was in Great Bend. Varsity lost 0-1 when Great Bend scored 54 minutes into the game. The next game for the Titan Classic was with Kapaun Mt. Carmel. Hector Navarro scored off a penalty kick. The game ended tied 1-1 and went to penalty kicks. Kapaun put in four goals while the Demons could only manage to away three. Varsity’s season record is 3-2. “Our goal is to out work every opponent in every game. If we can achieve that we feel we have a great chance at state,” head soccer coach, Charles Johnson, said.

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Sept. 14, 2012 |Sports • The Dodger

Demons will face off against the Wichita Heights Falcons tonight at home

Red Demons go 2-0 on the season with wins over Wichita Southeast, Wichita Northwest —Matthew Goedeken

The Dodge City Red Demons had their season opener Friday, Aug. 31, against Wichita Southeast Golden Buffaloes. The showdown was at DCHS’ Memorial Stadium where the Demons started off strongly ending the first quarter 20-0, and stayed aggressive the entire game to win 40-6.     Defense proved to be big for the Demons who forced six turnovers, three interceptions and three forced fumbles. Kelan Newton, 11, was under center, and completed 14 of 29 passes.   “It was pretty good. We fixed a few things here and there at practices after the game, but overall we got the win,” Newton stated of their performance. Newton threw for 234 yards and had two touchdown passes.   Parker Davis, 12, ran for two touchdowns as running-back and even threw for one on a trick play.   When asked about the overall performance of the team, Davis responded with,“We did very well.  All phases of the team were executed greatly, and the coaches did a great job of preparing us.” Dakota Duckett, 12, Davis, Newton,  and Taylor Murphy, 12.  Duckett had five receptions for

158 yards. Senior wideout Jordan Doan said the team’s performance was “great.” “We took care of business and got the win. We’re ready to get back out there and win another one for DCHS.” The demons also defeated Wichita Northwest on Sep. 7, 3114. Newton again threw for over 200 yards and Davis ran for 88. Perhaps the biggest play of the night was when Junior Austin Savage scooped a fumble up in the opposing endzone and returned it 106 yards for a Demon touchdown with 1:08 to go in the final quarter. This helped shatter any hopes of Northwest even mounting a comeback.     The Demons face off once again tonight against the Wichita Heights Falcons. This will be the first time these two teams will play during the regular season since 1990, though they did play in the KSHSAA playoffs two years ago. The Falcons started off 1-1 with a loss to Bishop Carrol. Friday will be the ninth time these teams will have met on the field. The series is 6-2 with Dodge City the victor. The game will start at 7:00 p.m. at Memorial Stadium in Dodge City.

Tip-Toes: Kelan Newton jukes out a Wichita Southeast defender in their game on Aug. 31, in their home opener. The Demons dominated their opponents 40-6. Newton threw for 234 yards and completed 14 of 29 passes. He threw over 200 yards again in his next game at Northwest. The next time Newton and the Demons will take the field is tonight at 7:00 at Memorial Stadium. Photo • Santiago Garcia

We Did It!

DCHS makes AYP —Joyce Ngo

AYP. What is it and why is it important? It’s important because After several years of being unable to reach the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goal, Dodge City Highschool has finally done it! “It wasn’t a surprise honestly. Though it was reassuring that all the hard work and preparation for the students panned out for us,” Michael Martinez, associate

principal, said. No more sighs of disappointment after having to see Dodge City High School on the list of schools that did not make the AYP goal. What made this finally happen this year? According to Bonnie Austin, the AYP was finally achieved through more focus on individuals instead of the student

body as a whole. “We took a step back and evaluated how, who, and when we tested students. And by revamping our methodology, we saw a positive impact,” Martinez said. Instead of using past methods of grouping all students together and giving them the same curriculum and level of help, they chose a new approach. They concentrated on

giving help to the students who needed it the most. And being more careful as to when they tested the students. “We tested the students when they had that class. If they had math that semester then they would be tested for math,” Austin said. Now it’s about celebrating that the streak was finally broken and concentrating on repeating it this coming year.

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Sports| Sept. 14, 2012 15

JV Tennis team places second in home invitational —Karina Davila

The DCHS girls JV tennis team had their first tournament Aug. 23. The team placed second in the tournament while also competing for medals. The team practices day in and day out to prepare for meets like this one where they faced many challenges. With a new head coach, Whitney Van der Kamp, and a new assistant coach, Ben Hutchcraft, the girls have a lot to work on. “After Thursday’s first meet which went great, my expectations are for every girl to keep on learning from their mistakes,” said Van der Kamp. Players have to learn how to maneuver the ball to move in such a way against the wind and score. “I mainly struggle with serves and playing against the wind,” Priscilla Flores, 09, said.

Some challenges that the girls faced were among the teammates themselves. “I sometimes have trouble cooperating with my partner if I’m playing doubles. It’s hard to communicate clearly,” Mariela Aldaba, 09, said. The team tries hard to improve and overcome these challenges each day at practice. Coach Van der Kamp’s biggest goal is for the girls to “improve every day at practice or at a meet.” “I would like for every girl to win at least one medal and one match this year.” With a lot to learn and with most of their season still ahead of them, they still have time to improve. The next home meet was the varsity invitational Sept.13 at 3 p. m. Check the site for more results of this meet.

Making the Connection. Paola Lopez, 09, competes in the DCHS JV Invitational tournament Aug. 23. Photo • Santiago Garcia

Issue #1

Varsity Invitational set for Sept. 13

Issue #1

16 Sept. 14, 2012 | Sports • The Dodger

Cross Country opens season with third place at Lake Afton; takes first at Perryton, TX Invitational

—Joseph Stroud

Both the boys and girls cross country teams had their first official meet on Sept. 1. Returning to Lake Afton for the for the annual Bishop Carroll Invitational, both teams were ready to compete in the muggy humidity that engulfed the course. The invitational hosted 14 teams, including Bishop Carroll, Derby, Goddard, and Wichita Heights. The JV races were only two mile races while the girls varsity race is a 4k (2.5miles), and the boys varsity race was the traditional 5k (3.1miles). Both teams have been training and working towards their physical best for Western Athletic Conference meet near the end of the season. “Our coach is making us run more miles and more sprints; he’s just preparing us,” Daniel Calvin, 12, said. However the season has just begun, leaving plenty of room for improvement as the boys varsity

team took third. “I think we could have done better. I think the team was a little disappointed, but I think it’s just going to help us be more committed for the next few meets of the season,” boys coach Buc Bolmer said. And Coach Bolmer was not proven wrong; one week later, both teams drove down to Perryton, TX, to compete in the invitational - winning by a landslide. This was an opportunity for the teams to compete against non-WAC teams, giving them an idea of where they were they stood against other competition. The boys varsity team took first with Oscar Carmona, 11, taking first, Luis Carmona, 10, placing second, and Layne Moe, 12, taking third. Results from Thursday’s meet in Hays will be posted on the Dodger Website.

On the Run. Elder Colindres, 11, passing a Maize runner in the first mile of the Bishop Carroll Invitational. The team took third over all. The team placed first in the Perryton, TX Invitational Sept. 8. Photo • Garcia

Working to improve daily is primary goal for girls golf —Joyce Ngo

The Lady Demons’ golf team is off to a start with three tournaments so far. Their first tournament Aug. 31 in Hays. It was a good day for Whitney Winter, 10, who took tenth place individually. The team placed fifth overall. The girls placed sixth place overall at the home tournament Sept. 7. “So far it’s been a great season! We have a great group of girls this year. There’s a lot of new additions

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to the team, they’re doing a great job,” Sarah Interman, 10, said. “It’s been quite a change for me, from last year. I’ve made a lot of improvements in my game. We have a great varsity group. Our JV is also fantastic. Go Lady Demon golf!” They faced Garden City, Sept. 10 getting ninth overall at the tournament. “We’re pretty young, pretty inexperienced. We’re trying to improve on a day-to-day basis,” Jim Mapel, head coach, said. Lining up the Putt. Chelsie Hall, 11, prepares to putt. The team competed at the Dodge City Invitational Sept. 7. As a team, they placed sixth overall. Photo • Santiago Garcia

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The first publication of the 2012-2013 school year.