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DODGER 01.21.10

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Tournament Schedule

01.21.10 DODGER

One Last Time on the Baseline

-Codi Ehrlich

A sharp pain stabs in my lungs and throat and my legs have a burn so deep I can’t imagine taking one single step further. Sweat is pouring off me and a screeching whistle pierces my ears as I take off on another sprint.  Basketball practice.  It's all fun and games until you hear the words “on the baseline.” I have always been certain that I was going to join the ranks of college athletes to play basketball.  That is, of course, why I dragged my family across the state to MAYB tournaments since I was 10 years old.  But as the famous saying goes, “Men plan, and God laughs.” When I pictured myself in high school, I pretty much imagined myself doing what I had always done, homework and sports.  But that all changed when I tore my ACL.  For six months I was faced with a new world.  A world that was once colored with sports had turned black and white.  I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I did stay involved by being the world’s worst manager, but it just wasn’t the same. So after months of physical therapy, I climbed back on my horse and hoped to catch  up to everyone in front of me.  And I did. Once again, I had the certainty to continue to college athletics and the thought never crossed my mind that there was a world without sports.  But yet again, that all changed in my junior year. I tore my other ACL and had to sit out another basketball season and watch as everyone

enjoyed the sport I loved. This didn’t end my hopes of playing in college though. It actually made me more determined. I worked hard through six more months of physical therapy and tried not to be angry at the sport that I loved so much. As Nov. 16 rolled around last year, I could not wait to finally get to play again.  The first day of practice was the best feeling ever as I finally got to join my teammates once again.  That feeling only grew deeper when the first game came and I heard my name rumble through the field house as I ran out to start the game. But somewhere between the last game of last season and the first few of this, something inside me changed.  There was now a question as to whether or not I wanted to play basketball for four more years.  My love for the sport didn’t change, but I took a step aside from the rush of the game and the excitement of all the wins and thought about my future.  I took a look at reality.  Not only has it been my lifelong dream to play basketball, but it's also been my dream to attend medical school.  It wouldn’t be impossible to maintain decent grades and manage a schedule completely taken over by basketball.  But I had to be honest with myself though, and look at the future and realize that there will be a day when my life doesn’t revolve around sports. That day will come sooner than I expected. When I lace up my shoes for the last time in a couple of months, a weird feeling along with many emotions is going to overcome me.  But, I will never forget the important lessons that being on my team has taught me. I learned that no matter what, the referee is always right. Even if you are 100% sure that they are wrong, when it comes down to it, they’re right.    And while I’m talking about refs, make sure they’re looking when you throw the ball at them.  They get very angry if they get hit in their protruding gut with the ball. I also learned that although making a half-


Dress Up Nights


Camo Night


Thug Night


Favorite Player Night

court shot is highly unlikely, once you do, you will feel like the entire world is at your disposal. This is not to be confused with the fact that the whole world IS at your disposal when you make a buzzer beater to win the game. Losing in the championship game really sucks.  But losing in the championship game to a buzzer beater sucks even more.  Losing the championship game, to a buzzer beater, against a team that you annihilated earlier in the tournament is the worst feeling ever. Your teammates become your family.  Even if you don’t really like the people (by the way, I like all my teammates), they start to grow on you by the end of the season and you figure out they aren’t that bad.  Your teammates share a special bond with you, and they are probably the only people who will put up with your practical jokes on overnight trips. But the most important lesson that basketball has taught me is that nothing is certain.  You could be ahead at halftime by 20 points but blow the lead and end up losing the game in overtime.  You could also be behind by 20 points at halftime and end up winning the game.  You could be the team in the state tournament that wasn’t even supposed to make it through sub-state that ends up winning the state championship.  Or you could be the undefeated team that loses to the team that hasn’t won a game in three years.  Basketball could even be your entire life and you’re sure that you will never give up, but then you could realize that it isn’t what you’re meant to do. Even though my basketball career will end very soon, for now all I can do is embrace the facts and continue to try and not die everyday in practice. A sharp pain stabs in my lungs and throat, and my legs have a burn so deep I can’t imagine taking one single step further.  Sweat is pouring off me and a screeching whistle pierces my ears as I take off on another sprint.  Basketball practice.  It's all fun and games until you hear the words “on the baseline.”

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DODGER 01.21.10

Sixth Man

Pep Band plays big role in tournament competition -Alysia Garvalena Just as basketball and cheerleading are a big part of the Tournament of Championship, the Pep Band is a big part as well. The TOC Pep Pand plays a big part, “they are the entertainment!” said Erica Lindberg, band director. The TOC Pep Band has about 40 band members who are selected to play in the band. “The students are selected by the band directors, based on their musical abilities and overall behavior in the band,” said Lindberg. All TOC pep band students share similar qualities such as pride, punctuality and respect, which is why every student was selected. “All the DCHS band members

are involved in a pregame performance for the Championship game that includes DCHS school tunes, the Star Spangled Banner and a short marching performance,” said Lindberg. The pep band plays at all 12 games providing support and entertainment for everyong They will be playing pep tunes that include a little bit of rock, country, oldies and pop. TOC pep band student Amanda Dahna believes that the pep bands performance at TOC continues to improve each year. “I think we’ll perform better because we have new talent coming in and it will be different, but good,” said Taelyn Schuckman. “I’m pretty excited about it!”

Text to Donate to Haiti text “Yele” to 501501 for a $5 donation (Wyclef Jean Foundation) text “Haiti” to 90999 for a $10 donation (Red Cross) text “Haiti” to 20222 for a $10 donation (Clinton Foundation) On Jan. 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, the worst to hit Haiti in 200 years. (World Vision) Many are just asking for your prayers and time. A lot of money is going to be needed in order to bring Haiti back to where it was. To donate amounts larger than $10, please visit www. and click on the Haiti link. Simply text one of the numbers listed above and the money is taken off your phone bill and sent through Red Cross to help the rescue and relief efforts of the region.

Tips on Making Donations

Sixth Man. Pep Band performs at the 2009 Tournament of Champions. The Pep Band played at all 12 games of the tournament providing entertainment. • Photo Hicks

• Make sure you know who you’re giving to and where your money will be going. • It’s best to give to a foundation that had supported Haiti before the earthquake. • Anything helps, Haiti will need as much money as we can give, if not more.

Kelly S. Henrichs, D.D.S. Susie Reardon 1712 Central • P.O. Box 176 Dodge City, KS 67801 620.225.2888 • 1.800.779.0753 Fax: 620.227.3970


100 Ross Blvd., #2C Dodge City, KS 67801



01.21.10 DODGER

A Lively History

Variety of competitions offered at TOC

Reliving the past 66 years

Dodge City


Dodge City as the host team for the annual Tournament of Champions has played in all 66 editions of the TOC. The Red Demons support an overall record of 111-86 for a winning average of 0.563 in TOC play.  They have appeared in the championship game 20 times, winning 13.  Dodge City is the defending champion and has won five of the last seven Tournament of Champions.  

Manhattan came to the Tournament of Champions in 1973 and 1974, finishing first and second in those appearances.  The Indians have a 5-1 (0.833) overall TOC record.  

Shawnee Mission South

Shawnee Mission South has appeared in the of Champions seven times. Their Gardner-Edgerton Tournament lone championship game appearance came in the 1975 tournament as they finished in the Gardner-Edgerton is appearing in the Tournarunner-up position.  The Raiders have combined ment of Champions for the second time.  The to go 9-12 (0.429) in their seven trips to the Trailblazers appeared for the first time in 2008, TOC. going 1-2 and finishing in sixth place.    

Hays Hays High School first came to the Tournament of Champions in 1945. The Indians have appeared 23 times, the third most and taking home one championship (1955) in six championship game appearances.  Hays has finished second in their last three TOC appearances. They have an overall TOC record of 32-37 (0.464).  

Hutchinson Hutchinson first appeared in the Tournament of Champions in 1957. In 18 tournament appearances,  the Salt Hawks have a record of 29-25 (0.537) and they have won two of the four championships games they have appeared.  

Wichita East

Wichita East has the second most Tournament of Champions appearances with 35. The Blue Aces have won the championship 13 times.  Their overall record in the TOC is 79-30, a winning average of 0.725.  They have won their last two trips to the Tournament of Champions, 2006 and 2008.  

Wichita Heights Wichita Heights has the fourth most TOC appearances with 19. The Falcons have a TOC record of 39-18, 0.684.  At one stretch Heights appeared in seven consecutive championship games. They have won the tournament four times having reached the finals 11 times. Information provided by Brian Lenz.

-Alysia Garvalena Basketball isn’t the only competition of the Tournament of Champions. This year’s TOC not only features basketball but the All-Cheerleading Special Attraction and a free-throw contest as well. The All-Cheerleading Special Attraction is a contest between the cheerleading teams from visiting schools. The contest involves a group performance with all the competing cheer teams that includes an excerpt with their own music during the performance. The contest will be held Jan. 22 at approximately 8:00 p.m. between games. Individual cheerleaders will also be selected from the squads for the Top Squad Award. “They are being judged on various cheerleading skills,” said Jenay Unruh, senior. Cheerleaders are asked to perform by the KSHAA cheerleading rule book and will be checked for legality. Judges for the cheerleading contest are placed throughout the audience with a critique sheet. The free-throw contest is a contest between basketball players. Each team is able to send out two boy and girl players to enter the contest. The contest starts Friday night. “Each player shoots 50 free-throws and rotates who is shooting every two shots,” said Unruh and Scheck. The championship free-throw round is Saturday night before the Championship game. During the Championship round, the final participants will have 25 shots rotating every two shots.

Friday (Between Games)

Cheerleader Special Attraction All Academic Awards


(Between Games)

Free Throw Contest

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DODGER 01.21.10

BB teams, cheerleaders read to local elementary students -Kristi South Since TOC began 67 years ago, it has created its own traditions that continue. One of those traditions is to have the teams and cheerleaders read to Dodge City elementary students. Every year the teams get to show the community that they care about more than just basketball and cheerleading.     Although many of the TOC traditions were started from the beginning, this one was not. The reading didn't start until about 10 or more years ago, and who plans all of that? Martha Pfannenstiel has planned this event for the past few years. ‘‘It's a heart warming job, really worthwhile and the kids enjoy it, both big and little,’’ said Pfannenstiel. Pfannenstiel says that she organizes this with the principals of the schools who choose where the teams will read, what classes

will be read to, when the teams can come and so on. Usually the school's librarian has some books laying out for the team or cheerleaders to select from. Some of the elementary kids switch up the routine by bringing their own books for the older students to read or they want to read a book to the high school students rather than the other way around. This year all of the teams are participating in this event except one school who didn't get back to the coordinator. Most of the schools have their team split from their cheerleaders to go to different schools but this year Gardner Edgerton isn't. The school only had one bus so the team and cheerleaders will go to the same school.  ‘‘What we'll do is have the players help out in a P.E. class while the cheerleaders read to some students and then we'll

switch and the cheerleaders will do P.E. and the players read,’’ said Pfannenstiel. Most of the schools will be reading tomorrow, but Dodge City cheerleaders and basketball team

had their turn this morning. They read to students at Linn and Ross elementary schools. The rest of the schools will visit the  schools tomorrow as role models for the younger students.

TOC Reading Schedule Thursday

8:15 - 9:05 8:15 - 9:05

Linn Ross

9:15 9:30 10:00 10:00 10:10 10:30 11:00 11:15 12:30 12:30

Beeson Miller Central Ross Linn Northwest Sunnyside Beeson Miller Northwest


DCHS Basketball team DCHS Cheerleaders


Manhattan Basketball team Manhattan Cheerleaders Hays Cheerleaders Wichita Heights Basketaball team Gardner-Edgerton BB/Cheer teams Wichita East Basketball team Hays Basketball team Hutchinson Cheerleaders Wichita Heights Cheerleaders Wichita East Cheerleaders

People to People provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences -Cristina Yeverino

Imagine swimming in the ocean and being able to see everything 20 ft. underneath. Or how about visiting a uninhabited island? There is a program that provides these types of experiences called People to People that travels to every continent on the globe and offers programs for students, educators, and professionals.  This summer they are traveling to Australia.  The People to People movement dates back more than 50 years to its founding by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956.  Eisenhower was acting

on his belief that direct interaction between ordinary citizens around the world can promote cultural understanding and world peace. Students will explore the seaside treasure of Australia in the South Pacific. Learn to throw a boomerang or play a didgeridoo from the experts: Australian Aboriginals. Help gather data for researchers on the bottlenose dolphin in service projects in Moreton Island. They will experience various activities that include snorkeling; exploring the Great Barrier Reef, visiting the interactive zoo, the famous opera house, and rock climbing.

One teachers from the business department was also able to go to Australia as junior in high school. ''The cities were the same, but if you got near the coast, it was paradise—blue skies, clear waters, no wind, just paradise,'' said Phillip Schut. He went during his junior year of high school at Williamston High School in Michigan in summer of 2001. ''I had been offered to go my sophomore year but didn't go. Then I went to the People to People site and saw their next trip would be to Australia. I crossed my fingers and hoped I'd be chosen again.

In order for a student to go he must first be chosen by one of his/her teachers, then attend an informative meeting, fill out an application, and have an interview to be approved. “The interview was nervewracking but not hard by any means,” said Schut. The cost for these trips round around $5,000. ''Everybody should go, if you can somehow afford to go, go!''said Schut.  People to People’s mission is to bridge cultural and political borders through education and exchange, making the world a better place for future generations. 

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01.21.10 DODGER

Cheer squads prepare for TOC competition -Meghan Lee TOC is the most challenging time for the DCHS cheer squad but the most exciting and rewarding time of the year for the cheerleaders. “If you were to ask any girl what their team goal is each and every year I have heard it is to win TOC,” said Coach Valerie Cunningham. Our state does not have many competitions that the cheerleaders are allowed to compete in, so for many of the girls this is the only time they are judged on their ability. “For cheerleaders TOC is the most important time of the year! We prepare for months to get every detail absolutely perfect. It’s a lot of sweat and tears, but it all pays off when you’re dancing on that gym floor with people all around you, cheering you on!” said Alex Davis, 11. During TOC each cheerleader attending is given a number that they wear at all times. There are unknown judges at each and every game played, to watch and judge the cheerleaders/yell leaders at all times. They are judged individu-

ally as well as a squad. On Saturday night the awards are given out to the top ten cheerleaders of TOC, Best Squad and highest GPA. The two captains Alex Davis and Jaclyn Vogel with help from senior Dashonda Johnson choreographed the dance routine. Their big competition night is Friday night, Jan. 21. Each team was given a DVD with dances on it that all teams do together as well as an individual routine that each team puts together. The cheer squad began practicing in November with putting routines together, but they use stunts and ideas from the entire year in their performance. “We have been preparing everyday, and review everything as much as we need to, making sure everything is perfect and just right. After all this hard work our squad has put in, I think we will perform great,” said Katie Smith, 10. During TOC time the team practices get longer and as the date gets closer, they have a few evening practices as well. The new cheers that will be used for TOC were created by each member. tThey were in groups of

Celebrate! The 2009 Cheerleading squad celebrates after winning the All Tournament Squad trophy for the second straight year. DCHS cheerleaders have won the trophy ten times since 1983. • Photo Hicks

three and each group was responsible for a cheer for each night. Not only is the varsity involved with TOC, JV also does a lot to help the varsity prepare. Even though they do not cheer or compete they do a lot of behind scenes for the team and help with introductions as well.

“We have been fortunate to win the last two years in a row and hoping for a third win. We are down in numbers but are doing everything possible to provide DCHS with good representation. We pride our program on hard work and dedication,” said Cunningham.

son, 12. This year the Drill Team will be dancing on Thursday and Saturday nights of the tournament. Manhattan High School has asked to perform also, so they will be dancing on Friday night. Adriane Hall, former Drill Team member, made her annual trek from performing on a cruise ship to choreograph and teach the team one of the dances for championship night. “This has been so much fun. I enjoy whom I get to dance with, and it’s been a great experience for me,” said Ashley Stephenson, 10. The team recently traveled to Dallas where they learned dances from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. “I think it helped us in two ways. During class, we are so busy working on dances. When we travel together, it’s a lot of fun and we get to know each other in a differ-

ent, relaxed way,” said Conrardy. “I think this kind of bonding makes us come together even more as a team. Also, we plan to perform two of the dances we learned for the Thursday night game.” . This year’s captains are Courtney Ernst, 12, Tiffany Flax, 12, Ashley Wasson, 12, Taylor Oldham, 11, EmilyJane Pyle, 11 and Zoe Mariche, 11. “They stay positive, up beat and have worked really well together. They are always prepared and I love their creativity. They are a great group of girls,” said Conrardy. “I think the crowd is going to love all of the performances at TOC. The dances are fun and the girls are extremely talented. When the Drill Team can learn the same dances that have been performed by one of the best professional NFL cheerleading squads, that shows talent! And that’s impres7 sive!” said Conrardy.

Drill Team ‘top secret’ performance in the works -Meghan Lee

As you all should know, TOC isn’t just an exciting time for the basketball players. The DCHS Drill Team members have been working year round to prepare for TOC. Every year the Drill Team has a big performance. This year just

like every other year is ‘top secret.’ The theme, props and costumes are a secret for championship night. Sherrill Carter, the previous coach, started this tradition and Debbi Conrardy has kept it going. “We’ve been working really hard and TOC should be a great show this year,” said Ashley Was-

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Tournament of Champions

DODGER 01.21.10

Former NBA player to speak at annual TOC breakfast -Jordan Stevens Every year at DCHS, basketball season brings TOC. TOC, also known as Tournament of Champions, is the biggest basketball tournament in the midwest. One of the biggest traditions involving TOC is the TOC breakfast, and it seems this year the tradition will continue. “The breakfast has been really successful the past years, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon,” said TOC committee chairwoman Emily Scheck, 12. The FCA and the TOC committee organize the TOC Breakfast together. 

“Every year we get to help with the breakfast, and it’s just a way to let FCA get involved and help the community,” said FCA member Jenay Unruh, 12. The breakfast isn’t just about eating; it’s also about learning. Each year the TOC breakfast has a speaker to help motivate and inspire. This year is no different.  For the 29th Annual TOC Breakfast the speaker will be Wayne Simien, who played for KU and went on to play for the Miami Heat. “Every year we try to get a bigger and even better speaker than the last, and this year I think we succeeded all expectations,”

Trainers provide valuable services to visiting teams -Jean-Damien Bouyer

The training program at DCHS provides support for all students involved in school athletics. Head trainer is Michael Pelton who is assisted by Jennifer Lemhkuhler.  Pelton supervises the student trainers as they work with individual teams throughout the year. During TOC the training staff also plays a key role in the success of the tournament. Trainer are assigned to each team to help take care of basic first aid needs. “If the coaches have questions about the tournament, we try to help as well as provide services for the team like providing water, taping ankles, and as a liaison with Mr. Pelton,'' Jessica Shipps, 11, said. One student trainer is Allison

Smith, 11. Although Smith can’t participate in sports as an athlete any longer,  she still enjoys them. Working as a trainer allows her to stay involved with the sports program.  “I had a really bad sport injury, and I can’t practice anymore in sports. I broke my leg,” she said. “We must take care of players. We must avoid injuries on and off the field,” she said. Smith has been a trainer for three years, starting as a freshman. Pelton also teaches health career classes where his students learn the basics of sports care for athletes. “Students learn  the basic care for athletics, ankles sprains and knees, and possible injuries that trainers could find on field or during practices,” Pelton said.

said Jay Gifford, district athletic director. Simien was born in Leavenworth, Kansas, where he attended high school. After playing professional basketball for four years, the 26-year-old Simien decided to retire May 5, 2009, to pursue work as a minister. He continues to spread the message of hope to children, parents, and coaches. The TOC Breakfast will be held on Sat. Jan. 23, and the tickets are $8. Contact the Athletic Office for more details.

Overall TOC Records of Teams in 2010 Tournament of Champions


Dodge City Gardner-Edgerton Hays Hutchinson Manhattan Shawnee Mission S Wichita East Wichita Heights


Appearances 66 1 23 18 2 7 35 19



Dodge City Gardner-Edgerton Hays Hutchinson Manhattan Shawnee Mission South Wichita East Wichita Heights

0.563 0.333 0.464 0.537 0.833 0.429 0.725 0.684

W/L 13-7 0-0 1-5 2-2 1-1 0-1 13-4 4-7

200 E. Wyatt Earp Dodge City, KS 67801 620-227-3171

620-227-2129 Business 620-227-2408 Fax 620-255-5853 Cell

2300 First Avenue Dodge City, KS 67801


111-86 1-2 32-37 29-25 5-1 9-12 79-30 39-18

Championship Game

Peg Vogel, ABR

Hancocks of Dodge City, Inc.

Pictured. Wayne Simien, minister and former NBA player, who will be this year’s guest speaker at the annual TOC breakfast.


2010 Ford Mustang


01.21.10 DODGER

TOC Schedule of Events Admissions Reserved Seat (All three nights) Single Reserved General Admission 6 Session Pass (General Admission)

Halftime Entertainment $25.00 $10.00 $5.00 $25.00

Session Times

Thursday: Afternoon session Evening session Friday: Afternoon session Evening session Saturday: Afternoon session Evening Session

2:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

2:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

Awards to Be Given • All Academic Team for Basketball • All Academic Team for Cheerleading • All Tournament Basketball Team • Outstanding cheerleading squad • All Tournament Cheerleaders • Free Throw Contest Winner and Runner-up • Most Inspirational Player • Individual Sportsmanship Award • Coaches Sportsmanship Award • Senior TOC Committee Members • TOC Committee Members • First, Second, Third and Fourth Place Teams


Game 1. Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Garme 1 Game 2 Between Games Game 3 Game 4 Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Between Games Game 4


Team Shooting Hays Cheerleaders Team Shooting DCHS Drill Team

Team Shooting DCMS Drill Team Cheerleader Special Attraction, All Academic Awards Team Shooting Manhattan Cheerleaders


Team Shooting Hays Dance Team DCHS Transformers Team Shooting DCHS Band Free Throw Contest DCHS Drill Team

National Anthem Singers Thursday

EmilyJane Pyle Kimberly Schmalz


Amanda Dahna DCHS Madrigals


Tournament Officials

Cale Morrow Shamus Hager DCHS Band

Stuart Chance, Kevin Heft, John Mies, Josh Miller, Dwight Nichols, Todd Tichenor

TOC Updates

Tournament Updates are available

TOC Breakfast

Did You Know?

Saturday, 8:30 a.m. • DCHS Commons Wayne Simien

554 teams have competed in the Tournament of Champions.

Tickets available @ Tournament Ticket Booth Sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

198 teams have participated in State tournaments with 40 winning State Championships.


Tournament Teams

DODGER 01.21.10 TOC Preview

Dodge City Red Demons Head Coach: Dennis Hamilton Athletic Directors: Jay Gifford, Tamie Preston

Team Roster No. 00 4 5 10 11 22 24 25 32 33 44 50

Name Yr. Rico Hogan 10 Trey Hallman 10 Josh Ginther 11 Landon Head 12 Benito Sotelo 11 Matt Esquibel 11 Brandon Howarth 11 Terrence Williams 12 Miles Morin 12 Terrell Brown 11 Derek Ridenour 11 Todd Middleton 10

Previous TOC Titles: 13 Affiliation: WAC Colors: Scarlet & Royal

08-09 Record

If anyone knows what to expect in the 67th annual TOC, it’s 23 year head coach Dennis Hamilton, who knows a thing or two about Red Demon basketball. Entering the tournament with a 7-1 record on the season, Dodge City looks to chalk up its TOC titles to 14 and repeat the first place finish from last year. The Demons already butted heads with the Manhattan Indians in the second game of the season, and handed them a 60-49 loss. The demons won’t overlook the Indians though if they do meet up during the tournament. A player Hamilton looks to cause some trouble for the Demons is 6’8 forward from Wichita Heights, Perry Ellis. Ellis helped lead the Falcons to the 6A state title last year. In preparing for the tournament, Dodge City has been practicing to improve every day and will use their team speed and unselfish playing to get them through the bracket. The Demons plan to run a motion offense and man-to-man on the defensive side of the court. Dodge City returns Landon Head, 12, Miles Morin, 12, Benny Sotelo, 11, Josh Ginther, 11, Brandon Howarth, 11, Derek Ridenour, 11, Trey Hallman, 10, and Rico Hogan, 10 from last seasons TOC roster. Senior Terrence Williams also looks to be a key contributor to the Demons.

-Codi Ehrlich



TOC Preview

Gardner-Edgerton Longhorns Head Coach: Jeff Langrehr

Team Roster No. 3 5 10 11 12 13 14 22 23 33 34 42

Name Yr. Brandon Reed 12 Justice Berry 12 Bubba Starling 11 Jalen Jones 1 2 Tanner Webb 10 Corbin Haas 12 Dexter Newsome 12 Tommy Brady 11 Jaydan Juenemann 12 Conner Langrehr 12 Quincey Johnson 12 Daniel Mauszycki 11

Previous TOC Titles: 0 Affiliation: Frontier Colors: Royal Blue & White 10

08-09 Record

Athletic Director: Kent Glaser Jeff Langrehr, 9th grade English instructor, is leading the Gardner Edgerton Trailblazers into TOC during his first year of coaching there. Langrehr has been coaching basketball for 23 years.  He was an assistant coach for Great Bend for seven years before moving to head coach for the last 15 years.  “We are very hopeful that we will be hitting our stride at the mid-season tournament at Dodge City,” Langrehr said. Langrehr’s career record coming into this season is 219-119. “We will see tremendous competition from the tournament field, so I hope that we will benefit from playing against great teams,” Langrehr said. Helping the Trailblazers with the offense is Bubba Starling, 6’5” junior.   “We have several complementary players who provide him solid offensive support,” said Langrehr. Providing offensive support are Conner Langrehr, 12, and Dexter Newsome, 11.   Langrehr, guard, is one of their top scorers, and Newsome, point guard, creates a lot of offense for teammates.   He leads the team in assists, averaging six assists per games.   The Trailblazers like to pressure their opponents defensively, and Coach Langrehr hopes to utilize their talents effectively.  Jaydan Juenemann, 12, has led the team in scoring in two of our first three games.  “We are trying to improve defensively and hope that the tournament shows marked improvement in that area for us,” Langrehr said.   -Cristina Yeverino



“This is the strongest field of eight that I have seen in the last 15 years,” -Dennis Hamilton, head coach

Pre-TOC Results

Salina Central W, 47-46 Manhattan W, 60-49 Newton W, 79-48 Maize South W, 79-29 Wichita Collegiate L, 48-55 Garden City W, 59-46 Maize South W, 54-13 Great Bend W, 51-43

1188 “We are very hopeful that we will be hitting our stride at the mid-season tournament at Dodge City,” -Jeff Langrehr, head coach

Pre-TOC Results Topeka Seaman Olathe South Schlagle Paola Mill Valley Lansing Louisburg Ottowa


L, 59-64 L, 58-61 L, 54-56 W, 89-51 W, 78-44 W, 74-62 W, 73-39 W, 55-53

Tournament Teams

01.21.10 DODGER TOC Preview

Hays Indians

Head Coach: Rick Keltner Athletic Director: Clint Albers

Team Roster No. 2 5 10 11 12 21 22 23 43 44

Name Derek Meyer Seth Tophoj Trey Herman Bryant Bombardier Dexer Pfeifer Tyler Rathke Travis Pfannenstiel Daniel Moritz Jordan Niernberger Zach Gaughan

Yr. 12 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 11

Previous TOC Titles: 1 Affiliation: WAC Colors: Maroon & Gold

Recording their last TOC championship in 1955, Coach Rick Keltner and the Hays Indians hope to end the drought this year. Keltner, a 25-year coach for the Indians, knows a thing or two about big tournaments as he coached the Indians to a victory over Great Bend to win the Hays City Shootout earlier this season. “This is a great tournament and every team is great—it will be a great challenge and experience for the teams and will make us all better,” said Keltner. Filling out their TOC roster is a whopping seven seniors and three juniors. Only going as short as 5’10, five of the players all register over 6’2. They return four starters from last season’s team that reached the first round playoffs. The Indians plan to play a man-to-man defense while running a motion set on the offensive side of the court. Hays currently has a record of 8-1 and finished off last season with a 12-9 record. Hays will start their battle to the championship game on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 2 p.m. against the Hutchinson Salthawks at the Civic Center.

-Codi Ehrlich

08-09 Record



TOC Preview

Hutchinson Salthawks

Head Coach: Nathan Henry Athletic Director: Eric Armstrong

Team Roster No. 4 5 10 15 23 24 25 33 44 45 52 30

Name Tyler Fee Deveon Dinwiddle Ben Fangman Ronald Boyd Geneo Grissom Justin Goetz Deshawn Dinwiddie Ted Dower Jerome Roehm Sean Goodwin Trevor Turner Scott Weber

Yr. 12 12 12 10 12 12 11 12 10 11 9 11

With seven years of coaching experience, this will be Head Coach Nathan Henry’s first year at Hutchinson. Coming into TOC with a record of two wins and one loss, would be the Hutchinson Salthawks.  With a new head coach, the Salthawks look for a title at this event. “It has a state tournament feel to it with all the good teams in it,” said Henry.  “It will help us prepare for the post season.” With four main returners on the team, the chances of grasping the title for them is higher.  Among the four are Geneo Grissom, Justin Goetz, Ronald Boyd, and Deveon Dinwiddie.  This group of boys helped end the previous season with a 11 - 12 record.  The Salthawks are working harder and stronger to prepare for this tournament.  By having a competitive schedule and physical practices, Coach Henry can rely on his team for big wins.  The team has made 16 State appearances, and has earned three State titles through the years.  This will be their first time back to TOC since the 2007-2008 season.              

Previous TOC Titles: 2 Affliliation: Chisholm Trail Colors: Blue & Gold

08-09 Record

-Hunter Edwards



“We are proud to have a basketball program which encourages success on and off the basketball court.” -Rick Keltner, head coach

Pre-TOC Results

Newton Riley County Great Bend Goodland Colby Salina Central Liberal Great Bend Junction City

W, 72-49 W, 52-47 W, 48-19 W, 66-10 W, 78-36 L, 42-32 W, 56-48 W, 58-46 W, 62-53

582 “[We’re prepping for TOC with] a competitive schedule and physical practices.” -Nathan Henry, head coach

Pre-TOC Results Andover Central Maize South Goddard Derby Salina Central Maize Goddard


W, 66-51 W, 53-24 W, 61-37 L, 36-50 W, 66-51 L, 49-65 W, 49-38


TOC Feature

Behind the

DODGER 01.21.10

-Tamie Preston, Activities Director

Tamie Preston, Activities Director


T.O.C. Committee

“My favorite part of the tournament is to watch high school students take responsibility for helping manage the tournament and to watch their confidence grow as they become more aware of their leadership abilities…,”

Chantel Smith and Mikayla Eichman, 10, review the program from the 2009 tournament.

Tamie Preston, activities Hayley Lowery, 11,listens to director, and Traci Graves, the seniors give their speechathletic secretary listen as es. the girls give their speeches.

or 67 years TOC has been bringing te enjoy watching the teams compete an into planning this big event. The TOC consists of six girls who each have the committee. The senior girls are Jenay Unruh a Lowery; and the sophomores are Mikayla E together, they become pretty close. “The T.O.C. Committee is a close-knit gr Athletic Office at DCHS. They are asked on and they always come through. They are fun Activities Director Tamie Preston. The seniors are in charge of the tournamen help the juniors prepare for next year’s tourna “We basically run the tournament, contact seating, sponsorships and we make sure that e “The juniors run the freshman basketball how to plan the tournaments and all the respo “All of the details for the tournament are h and are held accountable for completing their notebook of what was done and where all the Preston is in charge of choosing the girls f “Each year in the spring, we ask the [pote each of them. Since we do this before school the current committee and get ready for the u Also involved in coordinating the tournam of ticket sales, reserved tickets and hospitality “That’s the majority of my job. The senio love having them help. They’re always worki work really hard and I can always trust that requires a lot of hours which makes it fun to b

Welcome to Dodge: Men Friday sponsor -Luke Bunker


Each January, men from around the community have sponsored each TOC team, assisting them in their stay for the tournament. These men are called Men Friday. “A Man Friday is a person from the community assigned to a TOC Team,” said Jay Gifford, Athletic Director of DCHS.  “[They] are in charge of being their community liaison for such items as directions and information relating to accommodations, meals, and TOC events.” According to members of the TOC Committee, Emily Scheck, 12, and Jenay Unruh, 12, the Men Friday is a very important and integral part of TOC. “We are thankful for the time they are willing to volunteer to make this tournament run smoothly,” said Scheck and Unruh.  “We also think it is a great tradition because it gets the community involved.  We also feel that it makes the teams feel welcome and at home in Dodge City.” According to Scheck and Unruh, “Each team is assigned two men from the community.” 

Dr. Kelly Henrichs and Dr. Kirk Henrichs are sponsoring the Dodge City Demons; Jim Lembright and Tom Stanley are sponsoring the Manhattan Indians; Kirk Schraeder and Ed

“[I hope they have] the feeling that I helped make the team feel welcome and at home during the tournament... I hope to make this an experience they won’t forget.” -Dr. Don Tarwater Gifford are sponsoring the Wichita Heights Falcons; Arlyn Salmans and Dr. Don Tarwater are sponsoring the Wichita East Flying Aces; Sam Seybold and Terry Malone are sponsoring

the Hays Indians; Greg Preston and Brian Winter are sponsoring the Hutchinson Salthawks; Murph Allen and Brad Ralph are sponsoring the Shawnee Mission South Raiders; and Bob Schuette and Ron Herrman are sponsoring the Gardner Edgerton Longhorns. According to Gifford, “many [of the local businessmen] have been doing this for [about] 10 to 20 years.” Dr. Don Tarwater began helping out just last year and enjoyed his Man Friday experience. “Last year, I filled in and subbed in for someone who wasn’t able to do it,” said Tarwater, who helped sponsor the Buhler Crusaders last year.  “I enjoyed being around the ball players and watching them compete.  The coach and the team had so much respect for one another, and the team was attentive to the coach and were good sports whether they won or lost, and I like being around that.” “[Tarwater] will be replacing a long time Man Friday this year, Bill Austin, after his sudden death this summer,” said Gifford.  “The TOC family appreciated his long time service, and he will be greatly missed.”

TOC Feature

Scenes @ the Tournament

01.21.10 DODGER

-Kristi South eams together from all over Kansas. And although we all nd the cheerleaders dance, there’s a lot of work that goes committee spends all year doing just that. The committee eir own responsibilities and bring something unique to the and Emily Scheck; juniors are Rachel Crockett and Hayley Eichman and Chantel Smith. Because they spend all year

roup of young ladies who share the vision we have in the n a daily basis to perform duties that require quality work n to be around, and we treat each other like family,” said

nt and prepare for it all year, and after the tournament, they ament. ting teams, [figuring out] lodging, cutting tickets, reserved everything runs smoothly,” said Unruh. l tournament and the sophomores just learn the ropes [on onsibilities that these tasks involve],” said Scheck handled through our office. The girls are given specific jobs r assigned tasks. The seniors from the previous year keep a e sample letters can be found,” said Preston. for the responsibility of being on the committee. ential] students to fill out a questionnaire and we interview is out, it gives us the opportunity to have them work with upcoming school year,” said Preston. ments is athletic secretary, Traci Graves. Graves is in charge y for the teams who play in the tournament. or TOC girls do all the work. I just assist,” said Graves. “I ing, have good attitudes and are always professional. They they will get done the work that needs to be done. TOC build relationships,” continues Graves.

“I heard it was fun, and it took lots of work, but I was willing to take the challenge,” -Mikayla Eichman, 10

“[What I like most is] getting to know the other girls. You don’t realize what goes into the tournament until you do it. …” -Hayley Lowery, 11

“[I’m looking forward] to getting more responsibilites. As juniors we do more - we’re in charge of cheerleading and the freshman tournament,”

Emily Scheck, 12, prepares Junior Rachel Crockett to give her speech to the laughs as one of the other Dodge City Lions Club. girls makes a joke as they work on the tournament.

-Rachel Crockett, 11

Jenay Unruh, 12, sends a fax to the schools who are participating in the Tournament of Champions.

r visiting TOC teams, assist them in stay Tarwater looks forward to this year’s TOC, where he enjoys “picking out one player on each team, the spark plug that makes the game go along, to see if he can carry the team, and if he will be up for most inspirational player.” He hopes to have yet another positive Man Friday

“[Men Friday] is a great tradition because it gets the community involved.” -Dr. Don Tarwater

Men Friday

Dodge City Demons - Dr. Kelly Henrichs, Dr. Kirk Henrichs Gardner Edgerton Longhorns - Ron Herrman, Bob Schuette Hays Indians - Terry Malone, Sam Seybold Hutchinson Salthawks - Greg Preston, Brian Winter Manhattan Indians - Jim Lembright, Tom Stanley Shawnee Mission South Raiders - Murph Allen, Brad Ralph Wichita East Flying Aces - Arlyn Salmans, Dr. Don Tarwater Wichita Heights Falcons - Ed Gifford, Kirk Schraeder Info courtesy Emily Sheck, Jenay Unruh

experience this year. “[I hope they have] the feeling that I helped make the team feel welcome and at home during the tournament,” said Tarwater. “I hope to make this an experience they won’t forget.”              


Tournament Teams

DODGER 01.21.10 TOC Preview

Manhattan Indians

Head Coach: Tim Brooks

Team Roster No. 0 1 3 4 5 11 22 24 30 33 34 44

Name Zach Nelson Connor Brooks Trey Francis Alec Giamborne Deante Burton Tyler Francis A J Stitt Ryan Wilkinson John Perbeck Brandon Payne Will Kern Trey Connet

Yr. 12 11 10 12 10 11 10 11 10 10 11 11

Previous TOC Titles: 1 Affiliation: Centennial Colors: Blue, White & Red

08-09 Record

Athletic Director: Mike Marsh The Manhattan High School Indians will be paying its first visit to the Tournament of Champions as they look to compete against the variety of competition that has been invited. Manhattan is led by Head Coach Tim Brooks, who is currently in his sixth season as head coach for the school and  his 22nd overall.  Past accomplishments by the Indians include tying for the best school record at 20-3 in 2007-08; winning the Hays and McPherson tournaments; winning Sub-State and #1 seed at the State Tournament. Overall the Indians have had 14 state appearances. The Indians are working to improve their team and talent aspects everyday and to play more evenly.  According to Brooks, the major strength of the team is their guard play.  On offense and defense, the Indians like to run a variety of both to keep teams on their toes.   “The quality of the teams at this tournament will really help us prepare for our league and sub-state,” said Brooks. “It gives us a good idea of the competition we need to stay with.”   As excited as Coach Brooks and the team are to compete, it should help provide for an even more exciting tournament.  The champion of this year's tournament will have to be one of the best teams in the state.  

-Trevor Otterstein



TOC Preview

Shawnee Mission South Raiders Head Coach: Brett McFall Athletic Director: John Johnson

Team Roster No. 5 12 14 20 22 23 24 25 32 33 34 42

Name Will Spradling Nick Weber Jake Reid Alex Moyer Andrew Winkler Rayner Fredrick Luke Bergner Brandon Stacker Tim Rodden Doug Brown Dylan Christie Sam Ingham

Yr. 12 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 10 11

This year at Shawnee Mission South is Coach Brett McFall’s first year as head varsity coach for them. Before this year, McFall coached JV for six years, with two years at Olathe South and four years at Shawnee Mission South. Shawnee Mission South had a 12-9 record in the 2008-2009 season. On the team’s strengths, McFall says their primary advantage is “experience.” Additionally, Shawnee Mission South has Will Spradling, a key player who has been signed with Kansas State University. This is Shawnee Mission South’s second year in the Tournament of Champions. Regarding what he hopes the team will gain from this experience, McFall says, “Great competition and playing different people than we normally do.” In addition, he feels playing three games, three days in row, will be a good learning experience. Shawnee Mission South currently has an enrollment of 1300 students.

Previous TOC Titles: 0 Affiliation: Sunflower Colors: Green & Yellow 14

08-09 Record

-Anthony Reardon



“The quality of the teams at this tournament will really help us prepare for our league and sub-state and it gives us a good idea of the competition we need to stay with.” -Tim Brooks

Pre-TOC Results Maize Dodge City Goddard Junction City Shawnee Heights Topeka West

L, 54-56 L, 49-60 W, 44-28 W, 47-32 W, 57-40 L, 42-60

1255 “Great competition and playing different people than we normally do [will be a great learning experience].” -Brett McFall

Pre-TOC Results SM East SM Northwest Topeka Raytown South Olathe Northwest Olathe North SM Northwest SM North


W, 55-33 L, 35-38 W, 55-49 L, 40-60 W, 36-35 W, ##-## W, ##-## W, ##-##

Tournament Teams

01.21.10 DODGER TOC Preview

Wichita East Flying Aces Head Coach: Ron Allen Athletic Director: Kevin Hartley

Team Roster No. 3 12 14 15 21 22 23 24 32 33 35 40

Name Jalen Love Ja’ln Williams Dario Duque Clyde Samilton Randall Rogers Nathan Jackson Teance Walton Chris Johnson Shamari Griffin Jalen Carter C J Graham Demetrieus Johnson-Reed

Yr. 10 11 10 12 12 10 12 11 12 12 11 12

With a record of 16-6 in last year’s season, the Wichita East Flying Aces are participating in the TOC for the fourth time. Coach Ron Allen is returning for his 16th year of coaching.  With a 4-1 record for this season, the Flying Aces will be looking for a win with Ja’ln Williams, Randall Rogers, and Jalen Carter at the TOC.   Allen cites the team’s strength as “overall team defense.” The Flying Aces are “an up-tempo program of fast breaks and pressure defense,” said Allen. In preparation for TOC, the Flying Aces have been “working hard in practice,” according to Allen. Allen thinks that the team will benefit greatly later in the season from their participation in TOC. “I think the field of teams is very strong which should create a very competitive tournament, and that will help us later in post season.”   Allen’s motto for the team this year is “Play Together as One.”

Previous TOC Titles: Affiliation: GWAL

-Erin Finley



TOC Preview

Wichita Heights Falcons Head Coach: Joe Auer

Team Roster No. 1 3 5 10 11 12 20 22 23 25 34 40

Name Yr. E J Dobbins 11 Evan Wessel 11 Dreamius Smith 11 Taylor Countee 11 Terrence Moore 10 Aaron Degraffenread 11 Jay Bradley 11 Jalen Owens 11 Keith Riley 12 Taylor Cross 11 Perry Ellis 10 Zerrance Brickhouse 10

Previous TOC Titles: Affiliation: GWAL Colors: Red & Black

08-09 Record

-Ron Allen, head coach

Pre-TOC Results Heights South Carroll Southeast North

Kaput Mt. Carmel

Colors: Blue, White & Columbia Blue

08-09 Record

“The field of teams is very strong which should create a very competitive tournament.”

Athletic Director: Rick Wheeler Wichita Heights, the defending state champions, returns to TOC this year looking to build off their successful 24-1 season last year. The Falcons come into the Tournament of Champions coached by Jim Auer who has been with them for 14 seasons. The Falcons will also be bringing in a 4-2 record into the tournament in search of their first TOC title since 2000. “The atmosphere at the Tournament of Champions is the best preparation for the Kansas State Tournament,” said Auer. At the tournament, the team will look for most of its offensive production from their sophomore post Perry Ellis who is averaging just over 26 points a game. Some other strengths for the Falcons are their rebounding and team speed. The Falcons will run a form of a motion offense and play a man defense. “Playing in the Tournament of Champions is a tremendous honor and privilege,” said Auer. In preparation for the tournament, the Falcons are looking to perform well in the Wichita City League, considerably one of the tougher leagues in Kansas. “We are preparing ourselves for the Tournament of Champions by competing for a City League title,” said Auer.

-Ethan Hutchcraft



West North

L, 60-57 W, 68-34 W, 63-47 W, 70-61 W, 57-56 W, 74-61 W, 79-44 W, 66-53

1558 “Playing in TOC is a tremendous honor and privilege. It has the best atmosphere compared to the Kansas State Tournament.” -Joe Auer, head coach

Pre-TOC Results East North

W, 60-57 W, 71-64 Kapaun Mt. Carmel W, 63-57 Southeast L, 72-64 West W, 72-49 Rock Bridge L, 75-70 Northwest W, 86-55 Carroll W, 54-33




DODGER 01.21.10

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Musical takes DCHS stage Feb. 4-6 -Rachel Wessel Making its way to the DCHS stage Feb. 4-6 is six-time Tony Award winning and Best Musical of the year Thoroughly Modern Millie. The plot consists of a young woman in search of a “thoroughly modern” life style during the ‘Roaring Twenties.’ Millie Dillmount (Emilyjane Pyle) leaves Kansas in the dust and heads to Manhattan, NY. It’s not long after arriving in the big modern city that she gets mugged. Upon getting a taste of Manhattan she meets a young man named Jimmy Smith (Brett Eichman) who advises her she’s not in Kansas anymore and should just go home. Millie decides to do just the opposite of that and begins her transformation into a 1920s flapper, which consists of cutting her hair into a bob and losing the Sunday best getup for drastically shorter attire. While in Manhattan, Millie finds refuge at the Hotel Priscilla, where she also happens to become friends with a young woman named Miss Dorothy (Amanda Dahna). She learns that the Hotel Priscilla is a base camp for aspiring actresses who soon begin mysteriously disappearing, but continues on with her plans. T h o s e plans now include her finding a husband who has a lot of money. Millie sets her sights on her new boss, Trevor Graydon (Shamus Hager), b u t then runs into Smith and finds herself torn between t w o great gentlem e n and trying to live a thoroughly modern lifestyle all at the same time. What will Millie do and who will she choose? The musical cast consists of 40 DCHS stu-

dents. Among the lead roles are EmilyJane Pyle ning Thursday, Feb. 4 through Saturday, Feb. 6 11, Brett Eichman 12, Amanda Dahna 12, and at 7:00 p.m. Shamus Hager 12. Ticket prices start at $5 for general admis“Having the lead male role in the musical sion and $7 for reserved seating. Tickets for comes with a lot of stress,” said Eichman, “but reserved seating will be available starting everything is really starting to come together Wednesday, Jan. 27 through the DCHS Athletic now.” Office. Each night general admission will be To prepare available at the door. On for his role in Feb. 4, will be “My script came with a CD Thursday, the musical Family Night. This means that taught me how to say all a family of five or more as Ching Ho, Jared Stremel purchase tickets for the my lines in Mandarin Chinese!” can had to learn whole family for only $20. -Jared Stremel all but four of There will be no reserved lines in Manseating available Family darin Chinese. Night. “My script came with a CD that taught me “Each year we try to think of ways how we how to say all my lines in Mandarin Chinese!” can make the next musical bigger and better. said Stremel. We’ve added a lot of new stuff to entertain the Head to the auditorium for the DCHS pro- audience, such as tap dancing and Mandarin duction of Thoroughly Modern Millie begin- Chinese!” said musical director Kelly Knedler.

Musical Cast

Millie Dillmount……………………………………… Emilyjane Pyle Jimmy Smith… ……………………………………… Brett Eichman Miss Dorothy.………………………………………… Amanda Dahna Trevor Graydon… ……………………………………… Shamus Hager Mrs. Meers… …………………………………………… Tylyn Shrader Bun Foo… ……………………………………………… Cale Morrow The Pearl Lady.… …………………………………Courtney McDaniel George Gershwin… …………………………………… .Garrett Salem Ching Ho.… …………………………………………… Jared Stremel Muzzy Van Hossmere.… ………………………… Kimberly Schmalz Miss Flannery.…………………………………………… Danielle Jones Rodney.… …………………………………………… Bryce Hostetler

Flatland Graphics, Inc

Embroidery and silk screening

Robert O. Hatfield, O.D. Jordan Gwaltney, O.D.



2520 N. 14th Ave. Dodge City, KS 67801

Bob Siedl Owner 212 E. Frontview, Suite A Dodge City, KS 67801 620.225.0091 722.594.8372


01.21.10 DODGER

“Hey Mambo, Mambo Itialiano!” Students travel to Greece and Italy Summer of 2010 -Luke Bunker

This summer, more than 20 students and teachers from DCHS will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime to Italy and Greece. DCHS teachers Laura Woolfolk and Kirstin Bangerter, as well as former DCHS teachers Cherie Schnelle and Rachel Johnson, will be taking the group from their gateway city of Wichita to Rome, Athens, and the countryside of each country, as well as a three-day Greek island cruise. “We will be gone for 13 days,” said Woolfolk.  “We leave May 30 from Wichita, [where] we’ll fly to a major airport, [and] from there we will take an overnight flight to Rome.” The cost of the trip is a steep $3700 for all students, but according to Woolfolk, this cost will include many items that many other tours do not. “As to the cost, this is the single most expensive trip that we have ever booked,” said Woolfolk.  “Rome is an expensive city, and we will be there for a couple of days; we will travel the Italian countryside and take a cruise ship to Greece.  This cost includes airfare, airport departure fees (this is a HUGE cost imposed on ALL travelers by the airlines), hotels, two meals a day, a full-time multilingual guide and entries into all of the museums, galleries, cathedrals (yes, many do charge), and the

cruise.” While in the “Eternal City,” the group will take both guided and walking tours of the city, spending time at the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona. The group will also be visiting Vatican City, the smallest country in the world and home to the Catholic Church. “After checking the calendar, I realized that our travelers are going to be in the Vatican City on Wednesday, June 2,” said Wo o l f o l k .  “This is a very important day as it is the day of the week that the Pope comes out and blesses the crowd in St. Peter’s Square.  This is a very moving ceremony and we are very lucky to be scheduled to be in Rome at this time.  I’ve been there before with a group of Dodge City students -- you never forget standing there in the midst of 5,000 people and being led in the Lord’s Prayer.  You hear it recited in different languages all around you -- it is a moving experience, to say the least.” “I am really excited about going to Italy because of all the religious

from both countries to prepare for the cuisine they have,” according to Rachel Wessel, who is also going on the trip. “To prepare, I’ve been attending Greek/Italian nights with our sponsors,” said McDaniel. “They also send us emails about things we need to be thinking about.  I’ve also been saving money from my job to help pay for the trip.” Woolfolk said that she is “working out to get in good shape for traveling,” and Bangerter said that she has been “reading, talking to experienced Italy and Greece travelers, looking at photos and travel books, and watching movies set in Italy and Greece.” According to both of the DCHS sponsors, this trip is an exciting opportunity for students. “Travel is one of the best experiences a student can have,” said Bangerter.  “Travelers gain self-confidence in spades and a world view that is broader in understanding than those who limit their focus.  I believe welltraveled people tend to be more compassionate toward other cultures and celebrate other customs, music, and languages.  Travel can be expensive, but many students work hard to make it happen and never regret the sacrifice.”  Song lyrics by Dean Martin

Bailey’s Body Shop

Terry M. Rabe

Certified Public Accountant 2500 Central • Ste. A • P.O. Box 992 Dodge City, KS 67801

places we will go,” said Courtney McDaniel, 11, who will be going on the trip. “I am also looking forward to eating gelato.” After their stay in Italy, which includes a sightseeing of Capri and a guided tour of Pompeii, the group will be traveling to Greece, with stops at Patras, Delphi, and Athens. “We have several stops in Greece, and then the trip will end with a fantastic Greek island tour that includes a stop in Turkey,” said Wo o l f o l k .  “The cruise ship will stop at numerous i s l a n d s to offer students the chance to sightsee, swim, and shop.” “ I ’ m r e a l l y looking forward to the end of the trip with the cruise to Greece because each day we will be visiting some of the Grecian and Turkish islands and there are a lot of religious ties to these places,” said McDaniel, whose mother is also going on the trip.  “I’m very excited to be able to share this experience with my mother, [who] has already been to Italy.” Students prepared for the trip with “two parties with the whole group going and cooking dishes

620-227-2333 800-737-RABE (7223) Fax: 620-227-7620

Securities offered through H.D. Vest Investment Services, a non-bank subsidiary of Wells, Fargo & Company, Member: SIPC, 6333 North State Highway 161, Fourth Floor, Irving, Texas 75038, (972)870-6000.

Robert Bailey Owner 319 Maple Dodge City, KS 67801 620-225-2869 Fax 620-225-2070 17


DODGER 01.21.10

Enrollment for next year set to begin -Erin Finley As the New Year begins, it is already time for students to start preparing for the coming school year. Counselors will begin enrolling students at the beginning of January. The juniors’ enrollment will begin Jan. 12. Sophomores will enroll in February and freshmen in March. The incoming freshmen (8th graders) will be enrolled in April, according to Sharon Stuart, counselor. To prepare for enrollment, Stuart suggests looking at the online course catalog. “The best way to prepare is to go to the DCHS website and study the course catalog,” Stuart said.”

“The catalog will tell you what is required for a DCHS diploma as well as for a Qualified Admissions and a Regents Diploma.” Students can prepare for enrollment in many different ways though. “I go online to Career Pipeline and see what classes I should take based on what job I want,” said Angel Garcia, 10. Counselors try their best to put students in the classes they choose, but sometimes there are scheduling conflicts that require an alternate class of your choice. “We try very hard to give you your first choices of classes, but in many cases it just isn’t possible,” said Stuart. “Some classes are of-

fered at the same time so we have to choose one class over the other. Students will be called out of class to enroll with their counselor. Parents may also attend if they wish. “If your parents would like to be part of your enrollment, you can come in and find out when your appointment is scheduled so that they may attend,” Stuart said. “We will also be mailing home a copy of your enrollment so that your parents can see the classes that you chose.” Many students don’t want their parents involved though. “My mom tries to be involved ,but I would rather do it myself,” said Bethany Scott, 10.

Once schedules are final, students are not allowed to make changes unless there was a mistake in scheduling, according to Stuart. If there is a problem withaschedule it will say “See Counselor”. All other changes must go through Ms. Feist. If students are wondering about graduation requirements while planning their schedule, they can visit the school website at www. Students may also be able to view completed requirements from Skyward. However, “It may not always be correct. We are still trying to work out the bugs,” Stuart said.

Graduation Requirement

Community service opportunites are available -Jordan Stevens number of students are enrolled in classes with various requirements. The most largely known requirement at the school is community service. Classes such as American History and American Government require this. These community service hours aren’t just an optional activity; they are a needed to graduate. Many students go through the stress of trying to find community service activities outside of school, when most of the hours could be obtained in school or at school events. “For my community service,

I am planning to help train the track team for the local elementary school,” said Teryn Guillen, 12. Another way for students to gain much needed community service would be to work at the school concessions during the upcoming basketball games. Not only can this obtain hours, but it is also a great learning experience about business management. “We really try to stress to students the importance of the service they choose to do. It must be for the community. We really hope it can be a great learning experience for them as well,” said American Government teacher Chris Doussa. With the Tournament of Cham-

pions just around the corner, even more community service opportunities are beginning to appear. Students can help participate in TOC by being a TOC usher or manager during the tournament. “We are really looking for students who are involved with activities to help at TOC. It’s really a great opportunity to gain community service and give back to the community,” said TOC committee chairwoman Emily Scheck, 12. Contact the Athletic Office for more information on these and other school activities that provide community service opportunities.

Required Community Service Classes World History Survey World History Survey (Honors) American History American History (Honors) Advanced Placement History (Honors) American Government Survey American Government (Honors)

Advanced Placement U.S. Government (Honors)

“Professionals Who Listen” Classes offered:

• All-Star Cheerleading • Competitive Gymnastics • Gymnastics (all levels) • Ballet (Tap & Pointe) • Power Tumbling • Elite Gymnastics • Back Handspring class

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February 12-28, 2010

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Host City: Vancouver, BC, Canada (with some events held in nearby Whistler, BC, Canada) Motto: “With glowing hearts” Nations Participating: 80+ (projected) Distance Torch Carried: Approx. 28,000 miles Athletes & Officials Participating: 5,500+ (projected) Sports: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-Country Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short Track, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboard, Speed Skating Sports that Team USA Won Gold Medals in at the 2006 Winter Olympics: Alpine Skiing, Short Track Speed Skating, Snowboarding, Speed Skating Population of Vancouver: Approx. 600,000 (city); Approx. 2,500,000 (metro area)

Where to watch the Games: Watch the Opening Ceremony on Friday, Feb. 12 @ 6:30 p.m. on KSN

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01.21.10 DODGER

Bowling starts season with strike -Ethan Hutchcraft

Traveling to Wichita is a common theme for any sports program at DCHS. Saturday Jan. 9, 2010 the varsity DCHS bowling teams competed at the Bishop Carroll Baker’s Invitational. A baker’s format is when one bowler bowls the 1st and 6th frame, the next bowls the 2nd and 5th and so on. The boy’s team bowled against the four teams in their group, which placed them in seventh going into the finals round. After defeating Derby in two matches, the Demons moved up to sixth place where they finished the day with a pin total of 2664. The sixth place finish put the Demons in the top quarter of the 24-team field. Although the Demons performed well, they came within 24 pins of finishing in fourth place.

The girl’s competed well against the four teams in their group as well and ended up in tenth going into the final round. The Demons went 1-1 against their final opponent Wichita North and ended up with an 11th place finish. “The baker’s tournament was really intense,” said Blaise Jensen, 11. “When you see all those teams, you begin to get nervous, but after awhile your body just gets an adrenaline rush and you become ready.” The Demon bowling teams had a quick turnaround competing against WAC opponent Great Bend Monday, Jan. 11, 2010. With the tough lane conditions, the varsity boy’s team was the only team to come away with a win. They edged Great Bend by 28 pins with a pin total of 2193. Dylan Woods had a high series of 571 to lead the Demons to 1-0 in

conference play. The varsity girl’s lost to Great bend 2048 - 1944. Cayse Larman led the team with a 510 series. Both junior varsity teams competed well, but ended up coming away with losses. “We all can work on getting better at picking up our spares,” said Tyler Woods, 12. “We also need to work on focusing on our next shot instead of losing our concentration.” Coach Tyson Clark felt the same way when asked how he thought the team could improve. “We need to work on paying attention to details and working harder,” said Coach Clark On Monday the Demons travel to Liberal. The varsity boys will look to improve to 2-0 in WAC, while the other teams will look to get their first WAC victory of the season.

Boy’s basketball goes to 7-1 overall -Ethan Hutchcraft

With Christmas break in the middle of the season, it was hard to know how the team will respond in their next game. For the Red Demon boys basketball team, a slow start to the second half in a game against Wichita Collegian cost them the win. Although the Demons suffered their first loss of the season against Wichita Collegiate, it didn’t take them long to rebound. The Demons defeated rival Garden City Buffaloes, 59-46 Tuesday, Jan. 5 at the DCHS Fieldhouse. Terrence Williams, 12, led the Demons with 15 points in the victory, while Rico Hogan, 10, helped out offensively, producing 14 points. “We played great as a team,” said Hogan. “Our defense was the key to the game, but we also played well offensively.” The Demons then hosted the Maize South Mavericks Jan. 12. Earlier in the year the Demons faced the Mavericks in Maize and came away with a 48-point victory. This carried

over to their second meeting. The Demons came away with the win, 54-13. “As a team we played decent,” said Brandon Howarth, 11. “We could have played a little better though.” Great Bend was the next opponent for the Demons Jan. 15. The Demons wasted little time in the game, taking the victory 51-43. Leading the team was Hogan with 12 points and Williams with 11. This gave the Demons a 2-0 record in WAC and a 7-1 record overall. This week the Demons have been preparing for the Tournament of Champions. “We are preparing no differently than any other team,” said Coach Dennis Hamilton. “The field is extremely tough so we are going to take it one game at a time.” The Demons will look to get TOC started off on the right foot tonight as they take on the Shawnee Mission South Raiders. Tip off is set for 8:30 p.m. at the Civic Center.

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Ready to Pass. Terrence Williams, 12, looks to pass the ball to a teammate during a game against the Maize South Mavericks Jan 12. The Demons defeated the Mavericks 54-13. • Photo Hutchcraft

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After struggling, wrestlers kick it up a notch -Hunter Edwards

Towards the beginning of the season, the Red Demon wrestlers struggled a lot with their performance. They were struggling every where they traveled. The Demons then took a week off to heal from their injuries and to relax. They were later back in the room with two-a-day practices. These practices helped the team calm down and work more on their technique. Before the break, the Red Demon Wrestlers competed in one of their three toughest tournaments of the season — Bishop Carroll. Here the team placed fifth with two first place finishes. Seniors Justin Blundell and Jace Banner took home the gold in their respective weight classes. Other teammates who placed were senior Hunter Edwards, third, junior Jesse Trent, third, and sophmore Jacob Eggers, fourth. Hard practices paid off when they returned for a dual against Larned on Jan. 5. The Demons won this dual 63-7. “We started the season off slowly,” said Head Coach Lars Lueders. “But now we are kicking it into high gear and improving greatly.” Later that same week, the varsity team traveled to Salina to battle in the Salina South Tournament. At this tournament the Red Demons fought to finish for in place. Trailing behind was Junction City and the fight for first was intense, but the Demons came out on top to win the gold. To he championship came down to Trent’s finals match. Before he wrestled, the score between Junction City and Dodge City was tied 140 points. If Trent lost his match, Dodge City would place second as a team, but if he were to win then they would

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grasp the gold. Trent won his match and the Red Demons placed first as a team with a total of 144 points. Individually, Edwards, Banner, Blundell, and Trent all dominated. Other teammates who placed were freshman Dane Edwards-second; Eggers-fourth juniors Adam Ybarra-second; Tyler Ediger-second; and seniors Eli Evingerfourth and Brandon Vasquez-third. “We have been tearing it up these last couple of weeks,” said Vasquez. “Everyone has worked hard in the practice room and now the hard work is paying off.”

The team returned to the mat to fight it out in Newton, Jan. 15. Some of the toughest teams in the state competed there with the Red Demons. The team finished in 19th, but they had some individuals stand out here. Trent wrestled hard and came out with a third place finish in the Heavyweight class. Vasquez placed fifth behind Trent. Trailing not too far behind were Blundell and Ediger who both ended with a seventh or eighth place finish. The Red Demon wrestlers will compete once again in Hays, Jan. 22-23.

Taking It to Mat. Marcus Gutierres, 10, works a move to pin a Garden City opponent during the Demon’s first home dual of the season. The Red Demons lost this dual 49-18. • Photo Hutchcraft

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Lady Demons post 6-2 record; 2-0 in WAC play -Hunter Edwards

The Lady Demons basketball team now has a 6-2 record; 2-0 in WAC. The first game of 2010 against Wichita Collegiate. brought their second loss, 47-41. Leading the Demons with a total of 10 points was Valerie Ortiz, 12. Trailing behind her with a combined score of 15 points were Brenna Briggs, 10, and A’zlynn Thompson, 11.

Thompson also had 13 rebounds “I feel that we are keeping up the hard work and intensity,” said Teghan Pencis, 10. “From how we are playing now, I think we could finish high in the end.” Next the Lady Demons went up against their rival Garden City. The girls redeemed themselves by defeating the Buffaloes by a 15-point lead. The final score of this game was 57-42. The star players of this game are once again

Ortiz, Briggs, and Thompson. Ortiz scored 18 points, while Briggs had the most turnovers for this game. Thompson once again made the most defensive rebounds. Next, the team took on Maize South, Jan. 12. Seniors Codi Ehrlich and Ortiz held the spotlight along with Thompson, Briggs, and Kesha Buckner, 10. Ashley Stephenson, 10, had the highest numbers for assists along with Buckner.

They defeated Maize South, 58-30. They traveled to Great Bend Jan. 15, defeating the Panthers, 4521. Ortiz was again the high scorer with 23 points scored. Thompson yet again had the most defensive rebounds. The girls return to the courts this weekend for their TOC in Pratt.

Demon Athletics

Scoreboard Boys Basketball Salina Central 12/04/09 Manhattan 12/05/09 Newton 12/11/09 Maize South 12/18/09 Wichita Collegiate 1/2/10 Garden City 1/5/10 Maize South 1/12/10 Great Bend 1/15/10 TOC 1/21/10 Pratt 1/28/10 Liberal 2/2/10 Sunrise Christian 2/5/10 Hays 2/9/10 Colby 2/11/10 Garden City 2/16/10 Great Bend 2/19/10 Hays 2/23/10 Liberal 2/26/10

W 47-46 W 60-49 W 79-48 W 77-29 L 55-48 W 59-46 W 54-13 W51-43 -------------------------------------------------------------

Wrestling Pratt 12/5/09 Great Bend 12/10/09 Wellington 12/12/09 Garden City 12/17/09 Bishop Carrol 12/19/09 Larned 1/5/10 Salina South 1/9/10 Newton Invite 1/15/10 Hays Invite 1/22/10 Hays Dual 1/28/10 Garden City Invite 1/29/10 Scott City 2/4/10 Liberal 2/12/10 Bishop Carroll Great Bend Liberal Great Bend

Bowling 1/9/10 1/11/10 1/18/10 1/26/10

Girls Basketball Salina Central 12/04/09 Manhattan 12/05/09 Newton 12/11/09 Maize South 12/18/09 Wichita Collegiate 1/2/10 Garden City 1/5/10 Maize South 1/12/10 Great Bend 1/15/10 Newton 1/21/10 Pratt 1/28/10 Liberal 2/2/10 Sunrise Christian 2/5/10 Hays 2/9/10 Colby 2/11/10 Garden City 2/16/10 B-6th, G-11th Great Bend 2/19/10 B-1st, G-2nd Hays 2/23/10 ---------------- Liberal 2/26/10 ---------------5th L 43-30 2nd L 49-18 5th W 66-7 1st -------------------------------------

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W47-41 W54-50 L 49-45 W52-26 L 47-41 W57-42 W58-30 W45-21 -------------------------------------------------------------


01.21.10 DODGER



Saturday - 12:00 p.m. 7th & 8th Place

Friday - 2:00 p.m.

Saturday - 1:30 p.m. 4th & 6th Place

Friday - 3:30 p.m.


Thursday - 2:00 p.m.



Thursday - 3:30 p.m.

Wichita Heights


Thursday - 7:00 p.m.

Wichita East

Shawnee Mission South

Thursday - 8:30 p.m.

Dodge City

Friday - 7:00 p.m.

Saturday - 5:00 p.m. 3rd & 5th Place

Saturday - 7:00 p.m. Championship Game

Friday - 8:30 p.m.

Dodge City High School • Boys Basketball Tournament Jan. 21-23, 2010

Tournament of Champions DODGER 01.21.10 Sports

Jan. 21 Issue - TOC Special Edition  
Jan. 21 Issue - TOC Special Edition  

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