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FORECAST Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tips on how to input Couture trends into your own style



Dr. Dyson VS. Acne

No More Excuses, Just Results! March 2013

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Life at the Top with Washington Fine Properties

No excuses just RESULTS

The War Against Acne

WOW, Who’s that guy? Column for men’s luxury goods, etiquette and sophistication!

Were in the world is PAUL WHARTON?

Piecing Together a Runway Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The Dish - Redline and Station 4 restaurant reviews.

5 fabulous GREEN drink recipes for your St Patrick’s day bender

photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin

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D-CENE Magazine

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Wanda MinnusDyson M.D. Health and Beauty Specialist

Bianca Savvy Lifestyle Guru

Harold "Jay" Melvin Celebrity Stylist

* A special thanks goes out to Kimberly Rice for proofreading selected articles.

General Inquiries: Advertising Inquires: Website: Photo Credits: Cover photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin | pg 18 & pg 19 - photo by Donovon Bradford | pg 21 - Paul Whatron photo by Todd Franson | pg 43 - vodka gimmlet - thedelicious/ | pg 43 - green tea mint julep - | pg 43 - green flash -

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Editors Letter What is the D-CENE and why should you make the Ć&#x;me to find out? Well the D-CENE takes a new look at the world around us and how we feel about it. Giving its readers the opportunity to be heard, by allowing them to comment. Writing ar cles on subjects that ma er to them. I realized all my life that I have been truly fortunate, having parents that kept me surrounded with some of the most interes ng people, rather it be poli cal figures, ar st, dancers, taste makers or teaching my sister and I even to take the me to listen and really hear our neighbors stories. I believe in a collec ve mind set and with this in mind. I decided to celebrate all of the interes ng, wonderful and talented people and experiences that I have been fortunate to meet and have. The D-CENE is the birth of this train of thinking, taking the me to highlight a celebrate those around me and sharing their thought, passion,talents, hopes, trails, basically their stories because their our stories. Invi ng everyone the opportunity to have a voice and share the things that make our world such a wonderful place. Giving the voice to those thought to be forgo en. Getng back to why we love the entertainers and performers that sing the songs to the soundtracks of our lives, celebra ng their talents and paying less a en on on their private lives, but who they see themselves as and why they do what they do. Not who their doing it with. My goal and hope is that the D-CENE serves as that beacon to inspire, educate, entertain, enlighten and empower each of us to touch our neighbors lives by sharing our own in the purest of forms. Truth. Pairing these commentaries with ar cles around lifestyle issues. Sharing our commend experiences to elevate us all to a higher level. I ask that we take this journey of celebra on together, that my words not be the last in this journey, but merely as the count down, if you know of a story, group or individual that we can grow and learn from. Through humor,tears, triumphs, lost, knowledge through Truth. Please contact The D-CENE at

Donovon Bradford

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Donovon Bradford Photography March 2013 / / 7

You may have heard of Selling New York or even Selling L.A., well I’m pleased to introduce our own metropolitan areas

“Life At The Top”


with Washington Fine Properties.

8 / / March 2013

welcome w elcome home!


heir company give their premier clients the luxury and wisdom of the metropolitan area, but the insider of who’s who and what’s what in the na ons Capitol. The vision for foreseeing this need among the true penthouse market in DC is the crea on of Jeff Wilson. He and his Wonderful team provide a comprehensive perspec ve for the finest proper es in the most shalt a er neighborhoods. Or as Jeff uni ng extraordinary proper es with extraordinary lives. Life At The Top searches far and wide to find all privately owned and publicly listed penthouses. Daniel Heiber heads the sales and is the Director of Business Development a ending George Washington University. Daniel’s connec ons in the Washington area are far reaching and extend with rela onships around the world, mee ng his celebrity like clients needs, with a background in High-End Event Produc on and a specific-niche in real estate marke ng. Life At The Top, understands the needs and desires of their clients. This comes from the effort put forth to build true rela onships. Reloca ng interna onally or just around the corner , it’s made easy Jeff Wilson and enjoyable. Clients also understand that the DC market is Hot for Owner and Creator investment proper es. Jeff and his team exceed their compe tors in buying and selling, assis ng in making sure your property is staged properly to a ract the ideal buyer. If luxury is an expecta on and discre on is a must, I highly recommend Jeff Wilson and Life At The Top featuring Washington Fine Proper es for all of your real estate needs. Like a fine bo le of Chateau Leoville las cases- St. Julien 2009, Life At The Top exceeds the even the most discerning of taste, expecta ons and desires when seeking out your life among the clouds .

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, S E




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Health and Beauty

Results the gym has 2 convenient loca ons with 1 in Northwest and on Capitol Hill. Offering an abundant amount of classes ranging from yoga, step, world class cycling, nutri on services, rock climbing, Squash and my favorite a hydroworx training pool ( Northwest loca on) and for all of those parents and care givers who have a hard me finding a si er to make me to go to the gym. Results offers babysitng from 3 months to 12 yrs of age for just $4 hour for up to 2 hrs with great engaging si ers and classes for older children. Build confidence with kids rock climbing classes for older children. Results is here for the whole family at their Capitol Hill loca on at 315 G street Southeast this 65,000 sq facility is here to service all of your needs , no more driving around looking for parking with on site parking, tanning and locker room ameni es such as steam and dry saunas even a powerful jacuzzi. If your worried about a long term contract, don’t because Results offers day and weekly passes for those that want to test the waters first.


voted Squash as the healthiest and most athle c sport, bea ng out rowing, basketball and running. I men on Results has whats called a Hydroworx training pool which is located at their downtown NW loca on which is Perfect for training for your next swimming compe on, marathon or maybe your like me and rehabilita on and strength training with li le to no impact is the goal? I love this for myself and I think most of you will as well? The same jets that are used to keep you going for sta onary endless swimming can be used for a great rehab training adding the right amount of resistance while running on a underwater treadmill. Yes an underwater treadmill. Weather you take a class, train with a trainer, workout alone or just relax in Results SPA like locker room while the kids play in childcare or in their rock climbing class. No Excuses, just Results as I said in the beginning. The only thing missing is you, so see you There!

Result isn’t just any other gym. Standing tall in their communi es offering gym space and services for local schools and community groups and organiza ons. Opening their doors to the ar st community and lovers of the arts with quarterly art shows at their Capitol Hill loca on. Results is the Official gym of DC United. Results caring and expert na onally cer fied personal trainers will work 1 on 1 or in small groups, or maybe Squash is your forte’ with 4 Internaonal Squash courts. Headed up by Wendy Lawerence- Director of Squash and I can’t forget Brain O’Hora their Head Squash Pro training champions across the country. Recently Forbes magazine

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The war againST acne e By Wanda R. Minnis-Dyson, M.D.

Nobody likes it. It’s unsightly and embarrassing. Like an unwanted visitor-you hate to see it coming and you’re glad to see it leave. It’s hard to hide because it’s the on the first thing anyone sees-your face. The truth isAcne is both a blessing and a curse. Oily skin can make you look younger longer. But, the frequent outbreaks from acne are difficult to manage and can lead to permanent scarring and dark spots (post inflammatory hyperpigmenta on). Acne can be a temporary problem of teenage years. But some mes it can be a chronic problem which last for decadeswell into the 50’s and 60’s. Some people try to manage it, while others get frustrated, cover it up and ignore it. photo by Donovon Bradford

14 / / March 2013

Health and Beauty

Acne has a mul tude of causes-some we can control and some difficult to control. It can result from hormonal changes, stress-like final exams, certain foods, skin care products-some skin cleansers and makeup, as well as hair care products like shampoos’, condi oners and hair gel. The market is flooded with acne treatment products. How do you choose? Some individuals are on a hodge podge of products from different product lines for months or years that haven’t been working. Some products work for a while and then stop working all together. Understanding that acne is a chronic problem which must be constantly managed is key to its treatment. The skin care regimen you choose should address the mul ple causes of acne: an accumula on of skin cells which block pores, overac ve oil producing glands, and bacteria. That the pigment producing cells, the melanocytes must also be controlled in order to manage acne. A basic regimen should include a cleanser, toner, exfoliants, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide and/or topical an bio cs, topical vitamin A, and sunscreen. The precise regimen is determined by the severity of the acne.


At our center, we also offer Microdermabrasion combined with the French technique Mesoglow improves acne when added to a regular home regimen. Microdermabrasion combined with the French technique of “Mesoglow” involves first uncovering the superficial layers of skin through microdermabrasion. Next, a cocktail of an oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and DMAE is infused into the skin with a syringe, and although a ny needle is used, the skin is not pierced. The Microdermabrasion & Mesoglow procedure transforms the skin from dull and lifeless to bright and vibrant. The mesoglow cocktail contains vitamin A which improves acne. The Microdermabrasion & Mesoglow procedure can be used the same day as an important event. Chemical Peels are also useful in conjunc on with an at home maintenance regimen. Chemical peels (o en called chemosurgery) use a chemical soluon, applied by a trained healthcare professional, to remove the top layers of damaged skin. New cells formed during healing, produce ghter, more youthful-looking skin. Glycolic acid peels are excellent for unclogging the pores by physical exfolia on and dislodging dead skin cells. Lasers are used to clear acne and improve the appearance of acne scarring. Laser procedures tend to be pricey and results are not immediate. Common laser procedures for the treatment of acne include Acleara Acne Clearing System, Isolaz Acne Therapy, and Genesis laser therapy.

Personally, I have been plagued with cys c acne for most of my adult years. Cys c acne is persistent and painful. A er years of trial and error, I discovered the Obagi Nu Derm system which I have been using for four years. It has consistently controlled my acne and I have no outbreaks as long as I use it. It also has a side benefit of making you look younger. A male Dermatologist, who has been using the Obagi system for over 17 years, was asked if he would ever stop using it. His reply, “If I wake up one morning, look in the mirror and decide I want to look older I’ll stop using it.”

Dermapen is a new FDA approved microneedle therapy used for aging skin, wrinkles, acne scars, and general dermabrasion. Dermapen is the latest in the armamentarium for acne. Dermapen is a less expensive but effec ve alterna ve to laser procedures. Remember, acne is a chronic problem which may require a life me of treatment. I have had my adult acne at bay for the last four years with the help of my at home Obagi NuDerm maintenance regimen and occasional procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser procedures. Be pa ent with the process and remember results are not achieved overnight. Keep focused on your goalclear skin and the ability to use li le or no makeup! March 2013 / / 15

photo by Donovon Bradford

16 / / March 2013



WOW, Who’s that guy? Column for men’s luxury goods, etiquette and sophistication! In the midst of it all; with the challenges of life, family and work; do you believe that you deserve to live the life of luxury? Besides, what does it mean when people say “to live in the life of luxury”? To most, the life of luxury may mean a visit from Robin Leach; but really- does it take a segment on the infamous “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous” to have such a life. A man that requires the nice es of life is in a class of his own. Educated, smart and the mind to enjoy what life has to offer? A man enjoying such a life is typically called debonair, sophis cated and sauvé. Can I say fashionably smart too? Maybe, but what classifies a man’s lifestyle? Is it his fashion preference?

March 2013 / / 17

Or, are we all a product of society and lean towards stereotypes on what we see and elude to false beliefs of what he has (and nowadays what we can get from what we think someone may or may not have) and assumptions of what a person is because of his outward appearance and what he has and not get to know his character. As they say, looks could be deceiving… If you leave it up to me, debonair, sophisticated and sauve would be based on experience, travel and personality. Or could everyone use a lesson in getting to know the ora, personality and character A man is sexy when he belongs to a chic golf club. Imagine with me -this scene, relaxed- sitting in a leather wingback chair, drinking aged single malt scotch out of monogramed crystal rocks glasses; with his golf bag to his side. Nice dressed in his mock neck sweater with the leather buttons. What classifies a man to be debonair, sophisticated and suave? Could it be his finances, possibly his education or experiences. Maybe it could be a man who has chivalrous ways. No doubtedbly, all of the above could make one debonair, or could it make them just down right egotistical, arrogant and pretentious? I often ask myself, do men wonder what makes them sexy or suave to women? Or do they care either way or the other. Ask me my thoughts and I will tell you, well I’ll tell you anyway, call it what you want but, don’t call it gold digging. 18 / / March 2013

I tend to lean toward men whom have the education because it lends you to the corporate believe that he can stick to something and have the ability to learn follow thru. I also enjoy the things that he indulges in and his experiences thru culture and travel. What I envisioned for myself is a vintage scene that I just described. Call it old fashioned but, what I consider debonair, sophisticated and sexy is the epitome of the show Mad Men (Minus the drama, adultery and the like) the classic mannerism of men in the 40, 50’s into the 60”s. A time when educated men (especially black men) were full of ambition and eager to make a family name and leave a legacy. A time when chivalry and good etiquette wooed women and the style (wow, the style) was that every man had to have a tailored suit. Men were more into the classic woman as well. Me, I like the classic work dress, the feminine short bob and the sexy bun that is neatly groomed. I love the image in my head, that I’ve had since I was a little girl; My man sitting in our home library and family room in his leather tufted wing back chair, drinking single malt scotch from his sexy monogrammed crystal rocks glass (sipping on Earl Grey or Chamomile Tea). All the while listening to contemporary jazz or standards. The thought of it is so sexy; it makes me shiver with tranquility.



Lets define the words debonair, sophisticated and suave. According to our dear friends at Webster to sum up the meaning of all three words As refined, courteous and gracious. I believe that is accurate. Times have changed drastically from the 40, 50’s and 60’s. The home isn’t the same as it was in yester year. The women have gone to work and men treat them as equals (in terms of just like one of the boys). To afford the luxuries of life now a days, you will have to make over ½ a million dollars yearly. How can you find a man who still enjoys the luxuries and the delicateness’ of life from centuries past? My goal in this column is to teach show and assist you in finding the luxuries of the world; from the old Hollywood glam movies to the superstardom of today. This life exists and I will show you how to obtain it thru this column. I will provide you a simple glimpse and it will be up to you to take the extra step. I spoke of the sexiness of a man who knows good stemware and the fine delicacies’ of aged scotch from all over the world. Galway or Waterford Crystal are two great options for a men’s starter whiskey set. For the monogram I like to send my precious crystal to

research old world drinks like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Pisco Sour or one of my favorites- Cairprinina and Kir Royale. Take one of these drinks and add your personal twist to it and call it your own. Brand it as your signature drink- women notice. Buy a 12 year old or older scotch and sit it on your bar. If you don’t have a bar display it in your living room or dining room. Grace your presence at a 5 star-luxury hotel for diner and actually take in the service and experience (boutique hotels of-course). While your there, do yourself a favor and actually stay the night. You deserve it! Achieving the life of the debonair and enjoying the fine splendors of life is obtainable on every level. By having the right girl to guide you, an open mind to experience, and the willingness to enjoy every bit of this adventure. As we raise our glasses to our first encounter and your crystal glass touches the pink lips stick impression left on mine; I say cheers until we meet again my friend!

In the next 2 months venture out take a trip to a place that you may have never thought of going (suggestions: The French West Indies or Croatia)

Cheers to luxury! Bianca March 2013 / / 19

Where in the World is Paul Wharton?

20 / / March 2013



This rising star leaves no stone unturned as Paul’s love of all things FAB has been expressed in all of his endeavors. Known for his striking look and great skin, the launching of a skin care line comes as no surprise. “Go See Skin Care” has been extremely successful in comba ng acne, aging, and for overall skin rejuvena on. Having working in the fashion industry for so long, Paul has become an expert on having an eye for beauty and realizes that true beauty comes from having healthy skin and caring for it at the core. These products are everything Paul would want for himself, and they work to provide the perfect recipe for intense skin protec on. While maintaining awareness and in the spirit of philanthropy, Paul has proven that ones’ passion and talents can be used to help elevate others with his Unto Others Apparel, LLC. This line consis ng of clothing, jewelry, bags and sunglasses par ally benefits Feeding America. Paul’s heart, talent and passion are further expressed as he serves as the Ambassador Against

As the Execu ve Producer and Fashion & Lifestyle Correspondent of Paul Wharton Style on DC-50/The CW, Paul is looking forward to keeping viewers on their toes, well informed and having a great me! This high impact, in-your-face, fast-paced lifestyle show, to be aired at noon on Sundays, will be packed with celebri es and D.C.’s top taste makers. Shot mostly in DC - but being the true fashionista - Paul travels to New York as well as L.A. to get the inside dish allowing an uncompromising peek at our favorite celebri es and their outlook into their own lives and our world at hand. Paul’s wi y humor will set his guests at ease and his years of experience the industry will serve as plus in ge ng true views and outlooks from guests on the show.

Hunger of the Capitol Area Food Bank in the Washington D.C. region. This local star has a na onal reach and appeal. Paul Wharton is a fresh face and approach to all the things everyday fashionistas love! Remember to catch up with Paul and everything FAB on Paul Wharton Style at And, for up to the minute ps and trends, follow him on Twi er @paulwharton – I know I will be! I look forward to sharing my friend and more of the exci ng ventures he embarks on. Look for more about Paul in future releases of The D-Cene! March 2013 / / 21

22 / / March 2013

March 2013 / / 23

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Piecing together the Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week A journey behind the Runway with Celebrity Stylist Harold Jay Melvin h b

h b

24 / / March 2013



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h b March 2013 / / 25

Borrow from the boys !

Every well heeled chic should borrow from her beau’s style mantra and incorporate a bit of classic menswear elements into their fall style dossier and add some well tailored houndstooth pieces into their wardrobe for added punch ! photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin

26 / / March 2013



Key Trends

photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin

March 2013 / / 27

Leather is just for bikers! Slip into linger inspired leather and rev up the sex appeal for nights spent painting the town BLACK photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin

28 / / March 2013



SWEET TOOTH! Candy coated cover ups.

photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin

March 2013 / / 29

Ditch your basic black and give into your sweet tooth by copping on the seasons most coveted trends : The

candy colored COAT

photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin

30 / / March 2013



photo courtesy of Harold Jay Melvin

March 2013 / / 31

32 / / March 2013

a natural choice.

March 2013 / / 33


photo by Donovon Bradford

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New York stylish living for a small home , well we’ve all heard of the concept of designing for small spaces and designing on a budget, but how do we get these two things to merge and s ll give us a rich Designer feel, when the reality of it is most of us don’t have access to or can effort our personal designer? Truth be told you can do it yourself, if you stay true to your own esthe c and remember a few easy ps. Now I admit as a Designer I believe we can all benefit from a professional in every field in our lives. I believe that when decora ng our homes it should be like fine pain ng. What I mean by this is a beau ful pain ng pulls you in and allows you eyes to move and travel through the whole pain ng allowing the viewer to take in the whole image and likewise your home should not just have one focal point, instead I like to design with the mind set that I want to control the viewers experience, having their eyes dance around the space in a harmonious fashion. This concept especially when designing small spaces I feel is impera ve, so the on looker is not fixed on the space, but the feeling and beauty of the atmosphere. Playing with the placement of color, texture throughout. Your home surrounds you completely, 360 degrees and you should design accordingly, taking in account not just the walls and floors, but the ceilings. Try pushing yourself beyond your own boundaries and have fun with the ceilings. Play with color, this can create a roman c or even a lively energe c atmosphere. If you feeling really adventurous plaster relief forms mounted to the ceilings adding a drama c luxurious feel. Remember when designing for a small space, use all available real estate




small spaces

Also rotate the art work throughout your home o en to give new life to a forgo en once loved piece . Try si ng large pain ng’s on the floor to give a lo -like atmosphere or group them together to create a focal point that demands a en on. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun! Play with color, try going to your local hardware store and try out samples of that bold color that you may not be to sure about, making sure you pay a en on to how your color choices respond to not only the natural light during different mes of the day, but with the task, ar ficial or even mood ligh ng to ensure you get the true hue and enjoyment out of your choices. Now that you have had fun picking colors, crea ng interes ng vigne es and camouflaging the corners to give the illusion of a larger space. It’s me to think about furniture and think about placement. This is so important. In a small horizontally challenge space. When buying furniture, ask if that beau ful sofa of chair comes in a apartment size furniture. Yes, that favorite piece can come in smaller widths and propor ons, so you can s ll get that drama c look without sacrificing space. Think of how you are going to live in the space to make savvy choices. There is so much for me to share with you all on this subject and I will! Check back in next month to get more essen al designer ps for your home.

If you can’t go out go up! A great way to play up the illusion of space is to play up the corners by hiding them. Adding mirrors to bounce the light and add a reflec ve quality which will help disguise your horizontally challenge rooms or for instance when wan ng to display your favorite cherished items , think outside the box. Instead of keeping them hidden away in a cabinet or closed in a bookcase. Try using shadow boxes, open cubes and or shelves as a mixture to add interest and drama, also try to be crea ve in placing items on the wall. Keep in mind your look should look deliberate , but not forced. Strive for mini vigne es that highlight areas. Remember our walls are for more than hanging pain ngs. By crea ng visual interest in this way, it will add a 3 dimensional aspect. If you decide to paint out the previously men oned items with the same color scheme as your walls, this will allow these items to take on a background effect allowing your items to shine and be highlighted.

March 2013 / / 35

The Dish

photo courtesy of Redline

36 / / March 2013

Restaurant Review


March 2013 / / 37

38 / / March 2013

Restaurant Review


March 2013 / / 39

40 / / March 2013

Wine and Spirits


 DescripƟon Acacia achieves depth of flavor in their Carneros Pinot Noir by blending their estate-grown grapes with wines made from the vineyards that produce their Single Vineyard Selec on series. Controlling every aspect of vi culture is cri cal to quality. But other regions of California beckoned Acacia to indulge their passion for Pinot Noir (and Chardonnay) driving them to create A by Acacia. For A by Acacia Pinot Noir, the Monterey vineyards produce a perfume of flowers and an underlying minerality, while Sonoma provides bright, cherry flavors and Carneros, a dollop of classic spiciness and velvet texture.

TasƟng Notes A well-balanced acidity accentuates the fine tannins which carry through to the long finish. The vintage was 100% Stainless Steel Fermented, with 100% Malolacc Fermenta on. Seven months aging; drink now through 2015

Food Pairings Pair with richer pastas, wild mushroom riso o, grilled salmon and herb-crusted pork tenderloin.

 DescripƟon Beaulieu sources these wines from more than 1,100 acres of estate vineyards as well as historic Napa Valley vineyards managed by their long-term winegrowing partners. Drawing on a rich legacy of more than 100 years of innovave winemaking, Beaulieu selects the precise methods that best honor each facet of their excep onal Napa Valley terroir.

TasƟng Notes This lovely Chardonnay offers lush aromas and flavors of stone fruits and ripe peaches complemented by tropical notes. On the palate, this classic Napa Valley Chardonnay is medium bodied and smooth, with pleasing vanilla overtones. Balanced acids and a pleasantly crisp finish make this a wonderful partner for many foods, although it is also delicious on its own. Add to Shopping List

Food Pairings Enjoy it paired with roast chicken, lobster salad or grilled shrimp and vegetable skewers.


Patrick's Picks Good!

Lalande-Borie St-Julien 2005


Chateau canon – St Emilion 2009

This is an intense, full-bodied, deeply structured wine featuring bushels of blackberry, currant, baking spices and cedar.

Gorgeous aromas of sweets fruits turn to milk chocolate and flowers.


Chateau Cos-D’estournel – St Emilion 2009 *

Supercharged in fruit, with intense aromas, incredibly exo c. March 2013 / / 41


The FAB 5 5

fabulous GREEN drink recipes for your St Patrick’s day bender.

1 Apple Martini 1 1/3 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Apple Schnapps 1/2 oz Cointreau Orange Liqueur garnish with apple slice Preparation - Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker halfway filled with ice cubes. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an apple slice and serve.

42 / / March 2013

Wine and Spirits

Vodka Gimlet



4 oz Vodka 1 oz Lime Juice 1/2 teaspoon Sugar garnish with Lime Wedge

Preparation - Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass halfway filled with ice cubes. Stir well with a bar spoon. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve.

Grasshopper 1 oz Crème de Menthe (Green) 1 oz Crème de Cacao (White) 1 oz Cream


Preparation - Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker halfway with filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass.


Green Flash Cocktail 1 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Peach Schnapps 1/2 oz Blue Curacao 3 oz orange juice 3 oz Sprite

Preparation - Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into glasses. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry.

Green Tea Mint Julep 1 1/2 oz of Charbay Green Tea Vodka 1 oz simple syrup Sprite 3 lemon wedges 8 mint leaves


Preparation - Muddle 3 lemon wedges with mint leaves. Pour green tea vodka, simple syrup and shake. Strain into highball glass over ice. Top with sprite. Garnish with mint leaves.

March 2013 / / 43

National Cherry Blossom Festival March 20th -April14th This over 100 year old tradition began in 1912 down at the Tidal Basin. Be apart of DC coming alive in the spring with parades, kite festivals, concerts, fireworks, cultural events and of coarse the sea of Blossoms! See you there!



Intersections Arts Festival Through March 10, 2013. Atlas Performing Arts Center. The arts festival at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington DC, features visual art, film screenings, literary readings and dance, musical and dramatic productions by more than 30 artists and cultural institutions.



National Sham 16th, 1-9pm ton D.C. Feat fun for the w


First Day of Spring!!! March 20


M A R 2


Chocolate Lovers Festival - March 2-3rd In Old Town Fairfax, Virginia - Dive right in with children activities, craft shows, historical re enactments. Best of all sample chocolates, see the Chocolate Challenge and breathtaking artwork created completely out of Chocolate. The Fat kid in me is Screaming to get out already!!!

44 / / March 2013



Nordic Cool Festival - Now through March 17th - Enjoy the sites, sounds and most importantly ortantly the t culture at the Kennedy Center er for Performing Perfo Perf Arts, Washington D.C. .C. This pe performing arts festival highlights ghts ts the heritage her of Iceland, Denmark, Finland, land, Norw Norway Sweden and more with music, dance performances, story telling and more. There are Free and Ticket events.

Washington Home and Garden March 22-24 Washington Conv Center -Find thousands of displ great products and vendors and experts




mrock Festival - March @ RFK Stadium, Washingturing over 50 live Bands it’s whole family




Film Festival in Washington, DC , Maryland and Virginia - The Metropolitan area host several film festivals throughout the year. The Oscars have ended, but the movie magic continues right here in the Nations Capitol DCIFF.htm


National Harbour Restaurant Week March 4-17 While there check out their pre fixe lunch offers starting at $20 and dinner menus at $35





R C H 8



Frederick Restaurant Week - March 4-12th Enjoy Historical Frederick, Maryland over a great meal, but even better is as a pre fixe. Take advantage of this 7 day promotion for lunch or dinner

Show vention lays of d fantastic


Happy Easter!!! March 31st

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Barnum Bailey iley Circus- Ringling Bros. -Dragons Show how -March 21st -Sun March 24th tickets starting at $15 $


Saint Patrick's Day Parades Dates vary by location. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a parade in Washington, DC, Alexandria, Virginia or Gaithersburg, Maryland. Enjoy a day of Irish March 2013 / / 45

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“If your going through hell, keep going� -Winston Churchill

photo by Donovon Bradford

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When life is lived like the sweetest Poetic Phase When the thought of romance renews what was once lost or Forgotten in oneself, finding yourself dancing when there is No one, No music, just you tiptoeing around to Hopes’ joyous BEAT, comes from Facing Truth in it’s most Honest form laughing til it hurts for no reason, but it feels good Smiling inside until it erases all of the frowns of the world around you Realizing that my tears, some that may have come from joy, some from pain, but all to nourish my soul to Enables ME To grow, I take root for the first time in the belief of my Own Power-Beauty-Voice-Spirit-In Him Finding redemption in Life’s lesson keeps me from sinking in my Own life’s, rewards avoiding the JAWS of EGO!