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Friday 18.05.2018

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New plans for development on land near Boars Head pub martin read


With its proximity to Gatwick Airport, London and the coast, relatively crime free Horsham is an attractive, convenient place to live and the Thakeham Group has put in a planning application for 90 new housing units in the field below the Boars Head pub. Travelling south on the busy, fast moving B2237 out of Horsham towards the A24, the 7.8 hectare site stretches up on the right between the railway bridge and the Boars Head. The proposal is for 58 private dwellings and, in compliance with Horsham District Council’s target, 32 affordable homes. Two greens are included at the north of the site and the area nearest to Tower Hill would be devoid of housing. The application submission states: “The extent of the development would be a small-scale extension of the existing urban area, to its natural boundary at the foot of the escarpment to the south of the site and, with sensitive design of built form and open space, would not materially harm landscape character or the visual amenity of the wide area, whilst also providing potential for enhancement of key characteristics of, and access

to, the landscape at the urban edge of Horsham.” However, the Horsham Society has previously strongly opposed “incursion into the Horsham/Southwater Strategic Gap”, saying: “The railway line forms a natural, defensive southern boundary to the town and should not be breached. This land is important to the setting of the town and its close relationship to the surrounding countryside.” If approved, there would be blocks of up to three storeys in height at the entrance to the development, with mostly two storey units elsewhere and bungalows, aimed at impact reduction, at the south west section. 205 parking spaces would be made available, with some driveways sufficient to park three vehicles. Describing the pleasant terrace at the recently refurbished Boars Head, immediately above the proposed development, CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale – says: “The Boars Head enjoys an elevated position with great views across Horsham.” Based in Sumners Place, Stane Street, Billingshurst, The Thakeham Group is described as ‘one of the South East’s leading developers’, stating: “We deliver to consistently high standards in residential development, contract build and land promotion opportunities”. Robert



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Land to the left of The Boars

Boughton, MD of Thakeham, says: “Land is pivotal to everything that we do - it enables us to be place makers. At the Thakeham Group we have an opportunity and a

duty to create amazing places; we are driven by a passion to deliver a legacy for many to enjoy and that we can be proud of.” The planning application has been allocated reference

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DC/18/0944 and may be commented upon by visiting Horsham District Council’s site - planning/view-and-commenton-planning-application


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Friday 18 May 2018

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Fun children’s trails Sussex volunteers top launched in time for ‘People Awards’ at Palace school holidays Horsham’s vibrant new look for the walk way, linking Horsham Town Centre and Horsham Park at Albion Way, celebrated an official opening last month, and is now the inspiration for some new children’s trails. The walk way’s new illustrative panelling shows spring and summer time activities in the town and park, introducing a family of animal characters which are being referred to as ‘The Townies and The Parkies’. The children’s trails, which feature 21 of the animal characters, will start on 25 May - just in time for the school spring halfterm holidays - and will promote the linkage between these two popular areas of Horsham. The trails will see the first set of the animal characters ‘The Townies’ on separate named plaques around the park, and ‘The Parkies’ characters featured on named stickers inside shop windows, mostly around the east side of Horsham Town Centre. Children (accompanied by adults) are invited to explore the park and town centre, to help find and note down as many animal names as possible on their trail guides just for fun. The illustrations were created by Katie Wells, a local illustrator living and working in Wisborough Green, West Sussex. She graduated from Bath Spa Uni-

versity with a degree in Graphic Communications. Previously, Katie studied at Collyer’s College in Horsham. Katie’s inspiration often comes from the surrounding countryside of the South Downs National Park. Katie’s work often features woodland and farm animals usually dressed in little clothes, her illustrations are created using pen and watercolour. Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure Cllr Jonathan Chowen, commented on the new trail: “I am delighted that, as the district approaches its Year of Culture celebrations, we are reaching out to our younger people and encouraging them to discover our unique town centre and park, whilst engaging with the work of this talented local artist. “I would encourage as many of you as possible to come along with your families and take part in the trail!” Downloadable trail guides can be found via the web address: and hard copies can be found in Parkside Council Offices, Horsham Library, and Waterstones. Watch this space for further exciting news about the Townies and the Parkies, as they continue their adventures in the community.

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The Townies and Parkies are out and about in Horsham Park and the town centre.


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Elisa Vaughan, Alzheimer’s Society Operations Manager for Sussex, said: “Our Information Support Volunteers are fantastic at supporting people affected by dementia in Sussex and I couldn’t be happier they have won a People Award. “I’m humbled to celebrate the amazing work of these volunteers and the selfless and relentless way in which they go about it.” To find out more about dementia and the support available locally in Sussex, call Alzheimer’s Society Sussex Helpline on 01403 213017. To join the award-winning team as an Information Support Volunteer in Horsham, call Louise Cruickshank on 01403 213015. Picture: Alzheimer’s Society Information Support Volunteers from Sussex (L-R) Susan McMahon, Mags Fairbrother, Katy Laidlaw, Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, Pat Willder and Richard Pittman, receive scoop the top prize at Alzheimer’s Society People Awards.

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A group of volunteers from Sussex have won a top award for their “fantastic” work to help people with dementia across Sussex. Alzheimer’s Society’s Horsham and Worthing Information Support Volunteers topped the Trusted Colleagues category in the Alzheimer’s Society People Awards for their dedication for providing information to people affected by dementia in Sussex. The group of five volunteers operate the Alzheimer’s Society Sussex Helpline, while two more volunteers in Worthing provide support, information and how to get help locally. Pat Willder, one of the volunteers, said: “I’m proud to be part of such a huge family.” The Horsham Information Volunteers was presented with their award by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, Royal Patron of the Alzheimer’s Society, at a ceremony held in St James’s Palace, London.


Davey Pearson

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Horsham English Festival Know your rights – a unique spectacle Our fortnightly review of the law and you, with Mancini Legal – Horsham’s leading lawyer.

Going abroad? It’s a jungle out there! Foreign holidays and travel are great. Except when something unexpected happens. Then you’re outside your comfort zone trying to understand foreign customs (or hospitals!) in a foreign language. So, it’s reassuring to know that in most cases, if something goes wrong through no fault of your own, there is generally legal recourse – providing you know how to get it, or know a man that does.

Photos by Toby Phillips Horsham’s two day English Festival had something for everybody combining traditional English dance, food & drink, music, British cars, medieval mayhem and entertainments. The Horsham English Festival captured much of what we love about living in Horsham, at heart still an English country market town. Saturday’s Broadwood Day of Dance once again filled the town with a riot of colour, movement and sound as 26 Morris Dancing ‘sides’ mostly from the local area, performed to the delight of large crowds. The exception was the ‘Pedants Revolt’ who made a return visit from Norfolk. The dancing covered the whole town including the markets in the Carfax and the Bishopric. Spectators were also treated to the sight of Davey Pearson from the Horsham District Post joining the Broadwood Morris Men to display his dancing skills. The crowd on the Forum gave him 10 out of 10 for his efforts. A collection of Morris Minor cars were on display in the Forum (including local well known Horsham carpet store’s own C Berwick & Sons immaculate Morris Minor van). Many of the dancers and members of the public were keen to participate in the barn dance at the bandstand which brought the festivities to a close on Saturday shortly before 4.00pm. We would like to thank our Day of Dance sponsors Welton’s Brewery, Courtney Green, The Beer Essentials and Back in Action Osteopathy. Sunday’s Horsham Folk Club concert in aid of Samaritans included a wide variety of music from folk to rock and dance. There was also a display of 26 Aston Martin cars from their Area 16 Owners Club, sponsored by HWM Walton on Thames and Traction Engines.

A first this year was the Routemaster bus provided by Southern Transit who offered tours round the town and invited donations for the Samaritans. Crates Local Produce placed an iconic black cab on the Carfax and provided gin tasting as well as the chance to sit in the driver’s seat of the cab, again inviting donations for Samaritans. The organisers of the Loxwood Joust brought knightly endeavours to the fore with informative presentations and sword fighting demonstrations in the Market Square and occasional forays around the town. An encouragement for all that saw them to attend their August medieval festival dates. This year there was also a visit from the ‘Wight Diamonds’ marching band from the Isle of Wight. Back again by popular demand was Richard Alan with Circus Skills. Mums, dads and children all enjoyed learning to spin plates and juggle. A variety of food and product stalls, completed the picture for a good, sunny, day out. Cabinet Member for the Local Economy Cllr Gordon Lindsay said of the event: “Yet another successful event in our social calendar, the English Festival brought a riot of colour to Horsham Town Centre and also attracted thousands of visitors to enjoy the spectacle. “The blend of activities offered a great variety of experiences for visitors and it really feels that this event weekend is maturing to become a must see event. “Local businesses have said that they faired very well throughout the weekend and in terms of footfall impact we can report significantly increased figures compared to a normal weekend which is great news all round.” Samaritans and Horsham Folk Club event organiser Caroline

Thomas was delighted with the Sunday saying: “I am very grateful to all of the clubs, volunteers, businesses, Food Rocks and Horsham District Council which together helped us with our second Horsham English Festival Sunday. I think we are getting some great elements together for these events and I am looking forward to building up a plan for next year.” Roger Dugdale, Director of Samaritans of Horsham & Crawley said: “We are immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to the day and gave so generously. The sum of £460 that we raised will go a long way to helping us to keep up our support for those in distress.” Dick Streeter, who was heavily involved in both days was also pleased saying: “The weather wasn’t so good on the Saturday this year but we still managed attract good crowds to see the huge variety of Morris sides.” “If any local group or business is interested in working with us on next year’s English Festival, I’d ask them to contact us now so we can build something even more special for 2019. We would also encourage people to add their photos and comments to the ‘Horsham English Festival’ facebook page.” Horsham District Council supports the Horsham English Festival and all town centre events and activities through its Horsham Time Well Spent Events Partnership. News and dates for all of these can be found on facebook and twitter www. Behind the scenes pictures are also accessible via www.instagram. com/horshamtimewellspent Samaritans are available 24 hours a day on 116 123 a free to call number.

What to do if something happens on the piste As there is still plenty of snow in the mountains, let’s start with skiing and a bit of a ‘case study’. At Mancini Legal we’re currently acting for a skier who was quietly standing at the bottom of the piste when somebody skied into him, knocked him off his skis, and caused broken bones and injuries serious enough to cause problems with his work as a builder. Luckily the ski instructor captured the ‘protagonist’s’ details. But, back at home, he wasn’t sure how to go about claiming compensation. It’s not difficult, but it is complex –you need to work with a lawyer in the country in which the accident happened, connections Mancini have in most European territories. The good news is, in many ski resorts, lift passes include public liability insurance. In this case we think we have every chance of recovering at least £15,000 in damages. What to do if you’ve booked through a UK tour operator If you’ve booked a package holiday with a UK operator and something untoward happens you’re on fairly safe ground. UK operators are responsible for selecting a safe holiday resort and ensuring it has reasonable levels of health and hygiene. That includes the hotel and its grounds, hotel food, transfers and even excursions you book through the ‘Rep’. This is the case world-wide. Whether you have a dodgy prawn on the BBQ that puts you in bed or even in hospital, or are on the white-water rafting trip and get injured, it’s down to the tour company to compensate for any injury if the excursion wasn’t safe.

What happens if you’ve booked independently or go Air B’n’B? If something happens when you’ve made your own arrangements you need to take action against the establishment that caused the problem. Furthermore, you have to bring any case in their country, under their local law. Book a reputable hotel and you’re on reasonably solid ground. Have a problem with your holiday Air B’n’B apartment and you’re chasing the owner. Get food poisoning at Dimitri’s Taverna and you’re probably out of luck. In the EU you have good prospects of success, but the further away from home you get the less chance you’ve got unless you have booked travel, accommodation and food at the same time as a ‘package’, when special regulations apply.

Car accidents oversees Just like in the UK, and certainly in the EU, most drivers overseas should be insured. Just like in the UK, not everybody is – and there is an increased prospect abroad that people will ‘do a runner’ or you can’t track them down because the details exchanged are phoney. If this happens in the UK you always have recourse to something called the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) where all motor insurers contribute to a fund that covers uninsured claims. All of the EU now has this system too and the idea is catching on. It’s always worth finding out. If your holiday turns into a nightmare, ask an expert Every case is different but, if you feel that your dream holiday was a total nightmare talk to one of our experts. The first consultation is always free and, in many cases, we can act on a ‘no-win, no fee’ basis. Don’t forget, you can generally go back three years. You can call us on 01403 337337.


Friday 18 May 2018


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The Shelley Arms – Broadbridge Heath

SAUSAGE & CIDER FESTIVAL 2018 Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May Over 20 ciders and 24 sausages. All locally produced Live Music from 3pm both days….

Saturday – Smalltown Kids Sunday – Mike Dobie

All set in our beautiful garden with play area and bouncy castle

An Evening of Clairvoyance

Cats Protection delivers 100,000 strong petition to number 10

Cats Protection has delivered a 100,000-signature petition directly to 10 Downing Street to call for a change in the law on air gun ownership in England and Wales. The petition is part of a major campaign by the charity for legislation on air guns to be brought in line with stricter regulation that already exists in other parts of the UK. Along with over 50,000 supporters, the charity has also written to the Home Office calling for air gun licensing as part of a government review. Cats Protection’s Chairman, Linda Upson, delivered the petition to Prime Minister Theresa May at Downing Street on Wednesday 9 May along with acting Chief Executive Dominic

Christine Hewitt

Wednesday 6th June 2018 At The Holbrook Club Doors open at 7pm, for 7:30pm start Introductory Offer Admission £12 per person, Payable on the door, or via website Pre-booking advisable as there are limited spaces. Raffle for 1-1 reading

Free Parking, Refreshments. For more info call Christine


Sullivan and the charity’s Advocacy team. Cats Protection’s Head of Advocacy & Government Relations, Jacqui Cuff, said current laws in England and Wales meant there are not sufficient safeguards to stop air guns falling into the wrong hands. She explained: “We know that 90% of reported air gun attacks on cats happen in England and Wales, and it’s no coincidence that these are the parts of the country where licencing of air guns is not in place. Laws on air guns in Scotland and Northern Ireland are much tighter, and we believe this should apply for the whole of the UK. “Cats who are shot with air guns can suffer horrific, and often fatal, injuries. We have heard stories of cats losing eyes, limbs, and being left with life-changing injuries, as a result of such attacks. Often, owners are unaware of why their cat is injured until a veterinary x-ray shows air gun pellets embedded into their flesh. “In the wrong hands, air guns are deadly weapons, and updating the laws relating to them is well overdue in England and Wales. Our petition of 100,000 people shows that a huge number of people agree that action must be

taken urgently.” In April, it was reported that a Horsham cat sustained an airgun injury, which his owner first thought was the result of an accident. The pretty black and white received veterinary treatment to a front leg, from which a pellet was retrieved. It is thought that heartless youths had targeted him. In 2017, 164 cats in the UK were reported in the press as being shot with an air gun. A 2016 Cats Protection survey found that almost half of vets questioned (44%) had treated cats which had been the victim of attacks by air-powered weapons in the last year, with nearly half of these shootings proving fatal (46%). Northern Ireland led the way in restricting gun ownership and since 2004, anyone who buys, owns or uses an air weapon in Northern Ireland is now required to have a licence. Scotland introduced licensing of air weapons at the beginning of 2017 and Cats Protection is calling for the licensing of air guns to be extended across the whole of the UK. To find out more about the campaign, please visit: www.cats.

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Readers of the District Post have another chance to win top flight champagne and wine in a free competition. Champagne Taittinger and Villa Maria were proud to share the nominees for the recent Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards. They provided champagne and still wines for the occasion. To celebrate the occasion three Post readers can win a bottle of Taittinger champagne and two bottles of Villa Maria; a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir. The three wines will be delivered direct to the homes of winners. Taittinger was also recently the champagne partner to the theatre world’s Olivier Awards 2018 with

Mastercard at the Royal Albert Hall. And in February both Taittinger and Villa Maria supplied wines during the prestige BAFTA awards and three lucky Post readers won prizes in our competition. Now there is a second opportunity for the latest awards. The two companies are long term partners to The British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The awards champion excellence by recognising and celebrating the best in British television programmes, performances and behind-the-scenes talent from 2017. Some of the top awards of the night included Peaky Blinders for Drama Series and Murdered for Being Different for Single Drama. Bespoke BAFTA labelled magnums and bottles of Champagne Taittinger Brut Réserve NV were served at the ceremony, and New Zealand’s most admired wine brand, Villa Maria, supplied the UK’s number one selling Sauvignon Blanc, its Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2017 alongside the Private Bin Pinot Noir 2016 at the special post ceremony dinner and after-show party. The Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc is also the No.1 selling Sauvignon Blanc in the UK.Taittinger is the

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only leading Champagne house to remain owned and actively managed by the family named on the label. Taittinger is widely available. Visit @ TaittingerUK. Villa Maria has been New Zealand’s most awarded winery for over 30 years and remains proudly family-owned. For the fourth year in a row Villa Maria has been named one of the most admired wine brands in the world. Villa Maria wines are widely available in all good retailers. Visit www. @VillaMaria_UK Terms and Conditions: Entrants must be 18 or over and must provide a mainland UK address and telephone number for delivery. The questions are: 1. What is the process of adding sugar to champagne during the wine-making called. 2. Who founded Villa Maria at the age of only 21? Correct entries received by 5pm on May 31 2018 will be drawn by Chris Dennett, the wife of District Post’s wine writer Phil Dennett, and the first three will receive the prizes of three wines each. All entries must be submitted by e mail to The editor’s decision on winners is final and no appeals will be allowed. Good luck to all those who enter.

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Meals on Wheels gears up for special delivery to mark royal wedding

More than 500 elderly residents across West Sussex will be toasting the royal happy couple this weekend thanks to a special delivery to their own homes. West Sussex County Council’s Meals on Wheels service, provided by apetito, will be serving up free cream teas to residents who want to mark the royal wedding this weekend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Charlotte Bell, apetito’s commercial and operations manager, said: “The Royal Wedding will be watched by millions of people


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around the world, along with the majority of our Meals on Wheels customers. Many of the people we deliver meals to are elderly adults who may have fond memories of the Queen’s wedding in 1947. “Therefore, we decided to mark the occasion and gift our customers with a free cream tea. Around 430 customers will enjoy the sweet treat on the Saturday, with roughly 80 receiving one on the Friday. This gift will hopefully make the monumental event that extra bit special for

our customers.” apetito produces nutritious meals for hospitals, care homes and community services across the country. Meals can be booked for short periods or longer term and are delivered seven days a week, 365 days a year to suit a variety of dietary requirements. They are delivered hot between 11am and 2pm and are cooked en-route in specialist Chefmobile vehicles. This service not only provides nutritious meals, but also makes sure older people have contact with people who conduct a brief Safe and Well check, upon delivery of their meal. The service is available to all West Sussex postcodes. Amanda Jupp, the county council’s cabinet member for adults and health, said: “I am sure that the royal wedding will be an occasion to be enjoyed by many of our older residents in the county, so I am delighted that our Meals on Wheels customers will be able to mark the occasion with their free cream tea. “Isolation and loneliness among the elderly is an issue that we can all play a part in tackling, and communities coming together, to celebrate the royal wedding, will allow those living on their own to feel part of this happy event.”

Remuneration Panel recommendations approved by Horsham District Council At a Horsham District Council meeting of Full Council on 25 April, the outcome of an interim review of the Allowance Scheme for Members, issued by the Independent Remuneration Panel, was approved. The Panel is composed of independent, non council people who have the remit of looking at the basic and additional responsibility allowances paid to councillors. They had submitted their report to the Council for consideration. Among the report’s recommendations was that the basic annual allowance to a councillor, £4,870, should remain unchanged. The Panel also proposed that some special responsibility allowances

should be brought more in line with the allowances paid by other South East England councils. The Panel proposed that the amount paid to the Chairman of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee should be reduced by £230 to £4960 and that the allowance for the Leader of the Council should be increased to £13,250 a year from £12,245 a year. At the meeting, the Council Leader, Cllr Ray Dawe, said that he believed that Council should accept that the purpose of having such a Panel was to produce an independent report and so support their recommendations, but he had chosen not to take the recommended increase in the Leader’s allowance.


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“Trying something new.” Fantastic Membership deals this May! 12 months for the price of 9 months on selected memberships join online using code MAY18P offer only available at certain times, check with your local leisure centre

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Friday 18 May 2018


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Smita Warren talks Employability

Collyer’s welcomed RSA Group’s Smita Warren, Motor UK Reserving Leader (Finance Actuarial), to the college for an enrichment session with students, focussing on personal branding, flexible working, and employability. Smita also took part in an informative Q&A with students, focussing on her meteoric career journey at RSA and in the United States. Smita gave a candid and fascinating insight into working at home and abroad, together with advice about how students can be attractive to employers. She introduced the students to the concept of ‘Personal Branding’ as

a means by which people remember you. Smita told the students: “It’s more than a trademark; it is how you present yourself online and offline to potential clients and customers. Your personal brand builds your business, but it still centres on you as an individual.” Employability student Tim John said: “Smita’s interactive lecture on personal branding was fascinating. I particularly enjoyed the exercise where we analysed our strengths, selling points and areas for improvement. I think I’ve written down everything she said!” Lucy Hargreaves, Collyer’s Employability Programme Co-ordinator, said: “Students studying a

multitude of subjects, right across the college, really enjoyed hearing Smita’s witty and informed insight into marketing yourself as a brand.” Deputy Principal Steve Martell, who hosted the Q&A session, said: “It was incredibly generous of Smita to give up so much of her valuable time to prepare for, and take part in, today’s session. She has a brain the size of small planet, but remains very down to earth, and really connected with our students.” Lucy Hargreaves added: “We are really grateful to Smita for visiting Collyer’s to talk to us about personal branding. We’ve had a number of experts speak at our employability enrichment slots; it’s great to see that top business leaders, like Smita, clearly want to help the next generation, and give up so much of their valuable time. She even took time out, after the session, to chat to students and answer individual questions, which was lovely to see and hugely appreciated.” Student, Dan Goodyer, said: “Smita gave incredibly honest and intelligent advice to all of us about how to be successful people in life, as well as in our future careers. Her Q&A with Steve was both educational and entertaining!” Picture: (left to right): Dhairya Soni, Tim John, Jack Manger, Ed Pirie, James Howell; Smita Warren, Dan Goodyer, Patrick Smith and Tom Williams.

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Local charity first to achieve national volunteering award for the district Earlier this month, Horsham District Council’s Chairman, Cllr Peter Burgess, presented Horsham’s Phoenix Stroke Club with a major national accreditation for volunteering from ‘Investing in Volunteers’ at the Council’s Parkside offices. The Phoenix Stroke Club, founded in 1979, is so heavily reliant on willing volunteers that the Trustees decided to test the Club’s policies, procedures, and processes, against the national Investing in Volunteers Standard. A formal assessment was carried out by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations in September 2017 and the Club was judged to meet the Standard, and has subsequently been awarded the national accreditation for three years. The Club is currently the only char-

ity in the Horsham District that holds the accreditation. Cllr Burgess said: “This accreditation is a testament to the great work that the Phoenix Stroke Club has done for almost 40 years. “Demand for the Club’s services in helping stroke victims with their ongoing rehabilitation, continues to grow, and that this much loved Club is run and maintained by volunteers, is an amazing achievement. “These volunteers devote a great deal of their own spare time making sure that the lives of others are improved and enriched. “We are all extremely grateful for the work they do in our district and I was delighted to present their award to them, which is richly deserved.” Design



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Trainee firefighters impress crowd at first public event

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s trainee firefighters have put their car cutting skills to the test at their recent charity event! The 12 recruits, who are approaching the end of their 14week intensive training course, underwent the challenge of cutting up a whole car, and posting it through a tractor tyre, in less than an hour. A car was set up in Horsham Town Centre, and the recruits had to work together to cut the vehicle into pieces small enough to fit through the tyre. The firefighters’ phenomenal


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efforts have raised an impressive £820.18 for The Fire Fighters Charity, and Together for Tyler - a local campaign launched by Spirit FM. Anna Bingham, Spirit FM presenter, started the event off by taking the initial cut of the car, before handing it over to the recruits. Course Commander, Marvin Smith, commented: “I am so proud of how much our wholetime recruits have achieved. At the beginning of the 14 weeks, many of them had not held the hydraulic rescue equipment that we use to cut vehicles. Watch-

ing them develop through the training course, and complete the challenge, has been an honour. “It was always an ambitious target to complete the task in less than an hour, and they should be really pleased with themselves for finishing it in a commendable one hour and 21 minutes. “The way the recruits worked together was priceless and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported them along the way, from donating, to coming along and cheering them on. A thank you also goes to Mark at Autocovery, for providing the car, tractor tyre, and the van that was used to put all of the components in.” To see highlights of the event, please visit: com/watch?v=rtML3CpG-Qc If you would like to donate but have not already done so, final donations can be made by visiting the Just Giving page: https://www. wsfrs-recruits-jan2018 West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is at the heart of West Sussex County Council’s Communities and Public Protection Directorate, working to support communities to become safer, stronger and more resilient through a combination of prevention, protection and response activities.

A frustrated artist has his first exhibit ten years after becoming a father Cameron Bennett, an expatriate American artist who has taught at both Forest School and Tanbridge House School in Horsham, has finally found the time to organise an exhibition of his paintings, drawings and sketchbooks. The exhibit, titled ‘Family’, showcases portraits and selfportraits of the artist’s family, and focusses on the less glamourous aspects of family life and the cleft familial responsibility can drive between working parents and their personal pursuits. At a time when professionals from all fields struggle with work-life-balance, and art teachers seldom find the time and energy to display let alone produce work

of their own, this show is a rare glimpse into the life of an artist who is honest about his personal vacillations between familial love and frustration, who has not been able to show his work in over a decade. The show currently hangs in the gallery space of the Capitol Theatre on North Street in Horsham and runs until the 3 June. A reception with refreshments will be held on Sunday 27 from 4 – 6pm, and the artist will be present to meet attendees and to give a brief talk about the work. The gallery is open Mon-Sat from 10am. For more details, please contact the Capitol box office 01403 750220, or visit www.

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House honor Remember Price is Westlake nurses on World Nurse Day a marketing issue This month our Award Winning Business expert, Janette Whitney gives advice on how to set your price for your products or services

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One of the most difficult, yet important, issues you must decide as an entrepreneur is how much to charge for your product or service. While there is no one single right way to determine your pricing strategy, here are some important points to bear in mind. Your price sends out strong messages to your customers and affects the way they view the quality of your product or service. Many small businesses make the mistake of undervaluing their product, and starting out at too low a price simply to ‘get a foot in the door’. If you do this, it can cause 3 main problems for your business: It stops you making as much profit as you could. It establishes you as lower quality in your customers’ eyes Once you are established, it is very difficult to change custom-

ers’ perceptions of you as ‘cheap’, and to get them to accept price increases. Conversely, if your customers value your product at below the price you need to charge to make a profit, you have some serious thinking to do. For example can you reduce the cost price from your supplier of raw materials to help reduce the end price you need to charge? Do they offer volume discounts? Can you find a cheaper way to get the product to your customers e.g Royal mail delivery services are usually cheaper than courier firms. Beware the trap of pricing to match or undercut your competitors. This . too, has its problems, it can start destructive price wars and again has nothing to do with actual customer needs and perceptions. Your price must contain 3 elements: Cost to produce Cost of time/people to get it to the customer Your profit margin Remember price is a market-

ing issue because it sends your customers a strong message about your image and branding. You may vary your pricing, depending on your goals. For example, you might charge a lower introductory price for a short period of time to attract a large number of new customers. If in doubt, price on the high side. It’s always easier to discount prices than to raise them. ABOUT JANETTE Janette Whitney ACIB MCMI is a Multi- Award Winning Business Consultant and business growth specialist providing practical strategic advice to businesses from start-ups to £10m turnover companies. Professionally qualified with 40 yrs. business experience and a proven track record of satisfied clients, she helps businesses to grow profitably and achieve their goals. Janette is also an award winning business author, and media columnist. Contact Janette on 01403 733671 or visit for more information.

Westlake House Care home in Pondtail Road, Horsham celebrated International Nurses’ Day and thanked all their trained staff for the wonderful work and support that they give not only to the residents and their relatives but also to the hard working care staff that work with them at the home They make a real difference to the lives of those in their care. Nurses’ Day is a chance to recognise and reward the important work and dedication of nurses everywhere, who often go above and beyond the call of duty. Two of their several trained nurses, Louisa Moyo and Violeta Olteiu-Chivulescu are pictured here with Elizabeth Higson , Nurse Manager at Westlake House Violeta said ” I have always wanted to be a nurse from the age of 5 when I used to nurse my dolls. And I was lucky enough to fulfil my dream. I have always loved being a nurse

FREE FAMILY LAW ADVICE CLINIC IN CRAWLEY AND HORSHAM We offer a free 30 minute consultation at our family law advice clinic every Tuesday 1pm – 4pm, covering: • Divorce, separation and finances • Children matters (contact and residence arrangements) • Cohabitation disputes where couples are unmarried • Consent Orders • Options available on the breakdown marriage or civil partnership • Prenuptial agreements By appointment only. Please book in advance by calling 01293 596947. Crawley clinic: 117-119 High Street, Crawley RH10 1DD Horsham clinic: Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Horsham RH12 1GZ Alternatively, we offer a one hour fixed fee appointment at £100 plus vat (£120). To book a convenient fixed fee appointment please call 01293 596947.

and it gives me real job satisfaction. I enjoy working with the elderly because they have such interesting life stories and experiences to share and it so lovely to be able to share a part of their lives with them and to meet their family and friends. Westlake is a very caring environment and we always like to make time for everyone.” Elizabeth Higson General Manager at the home, said: “ I am very proud to be a nurse myself and I still love to be out of the office when I can giving care myself. It never leaves you. At Westlake House our nurses are hard-working, dedicated and passionate about caring for older people. We are also committed to helping develop newly qualified nurses with their leadership and clinical skills, which can often be invaluable in a career with increasing responsibilities and workload.”


Friday 18 May 2018

Entertainment Horsham District Gig Guide

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Let’s Hang On at The Capitol

18/05/2018 Friday 16th September Beat the Bullet

The Overtures Railway Inn, Billingshurst Wildwood Golf & Country 21:00 Club, Cranleigh 18:00 T Slammers Soul Band The Barley Mow, Tandridge Horsham Rocks Presents: 20:00 SNAKES & LADDERS The Carfax Bandstand, Horsham 14:00 - 16:00 Saturday 17th Alter Ego September The Star - Horsham, Horsham Roffey Rocks Presents Horsham Bandstand, The 20:30 Carfax, FuriousHorsham Badgers 11:00 til 16:00 The Malt Shovel, Horsham Nell Bryden 20:30 The Capitol Theatre, Horsham 19:30 Larger Than Life Duo Goffs Park Social Club, Stan’s Showcase: LEAVE Crawley THE ENGINE RUNNING, 20:30 MIKE REINSTEIN, Hounds of Sound MARTIN ABRAHAMSHeath & BENVillage DIXON Broadbridge The Anchor Hotel, Heath Centre, Broadbridge Horsham 20:00 19:00 Quo-caine The Mulberry, Goring 20:30 Black Heart Angel The Malt Shovel, Horsham




0:30 Acoustic showcases The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate 20:00 Acoustic Open Mic Night South Saxon Beardsmen The Jolly Tanners, Gathering Staplefield The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:00til 18:00 12:00 OpenMic Micnight Night Open TheShelley Royal Oak, Ifield The Arms, Broad20:00 Heath bridge

Sunday 18th September

The world’s first and longestrunning tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – which moved Frankie Valli to say “you guys are dynamite” – celebrates its tenth anniversary with an extra-special performance. . . Critically-acclaimed production Let’s Hang On takes theatregoers on a musical journey through the prolific career of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame honoured band. Local music fans are invited to discover how four New Jersey boys from the wrong side of the tracks invented their own sound, and sold over 175 million records, before they turned 30. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Dino Buttarazzi, said: “Performing, in full, everyone’s favourite songs and movie soundtracks from a catalogue spanning over five decades, the set list is solid-gold hit after solid-gold hit”. Grease gives way to Stay from Dirty Dancing, December 1963 (Oh What a Night!) to Sherry, Beggin’

to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Working My Way Back To You to Walk Like A Man and Big Girls Don’t Cry. “These and many more are sandwiched into a fast-moving evening culminating in taking the roof off with Let’s Hang On in a spectacular finale.” continued Dino, “Prepare to be blown away with breathtaking vocal performances and outstanding musicianship that features an amazing live horn section. This sensational 10th anniversary show is definitely not a night you’ll want to miss! “Oh what a story. . . Oh what a show. . . Oh what a night is in store when the world’s first and longestrunning tribute to the music of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons celebrates ten years at the top.” Performance: Saturday 19 May, 7.30pm, The Capitol Theatre. Tickets: £23, available from The Capitol box office: 01403 750 220 or online:

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Brian Conley at The Hawth Brian Conley’s 2018 UK Tour Still The Greatest Entertainer – In His Price Range comes to The Hawth Crawley this Saturday (19 May) for one night only. With a career spanning over 40 years, Conley is one of the UK’s best loved personalities and, fresh from his recent appearance on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing 2017, Still The Greatest Entertainer – In His Price Range will see him entertaining audiences with a mix of music and comedy, including some of his best-known and much loved characters, such as Dangerous Brian and Nick Frisby (“It’s a Puppet!”), as well as paying tribute to the many West End Musicals he’s starred in – including Me and My Girl, Hairspray, Oliver, The

Music Man and Barnum. Conley will also be welcoming back guest act Mat Ricardo, the gentleman juggler. Mat is one of the most unique variety performers in the country, both hilarious and astonishing, and he returns to support the 2018 UK Tour. Still The Greatest Entertainer – In His Price Range is performed and written by Brian Conley and presented by Chris Wood for Stokewood Productions Ltd, Tour Manager and Sound Engineer is Gareth Hopwood. Performance: Saturday 19 May 7.30pm, The Hawth Crawley. Tickets: £25, available from The Hawth Box Office: 01293 553636 or online: www.


19:30 Riverboat Shuffle Horsham Sports Club, Horsham Open Mic Night 20:00 The Bear, Horsham 20:00



Tuesday 20th 24/05/2018 September

Acoustic Open Mic Night Open Mic night The Jolly Tanners, StapleThe Star - Dorking, field Dorking, Surrey 20:30 20:30 Blues OpenWorkshop Mic night Northgate Community The Bull Inn, Henfield Centre, Crawley 20:00 20:00 Open Mic Night Open Mic Night The Cock Inn, Southwater, The Royal Oak, Ifield Horsham 20:00 20:00 showcases Acoustic The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate 19:30

Gig guide Wenesday 14th kindly September Electric Jam Night by Thesupplied Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:30

Thursday 15th

Written by Dave Simpson

5TH - 9TH JUNE 2018

tol Studio at The Capi

Six women A saucy com ; poles apart. edy with a b ig heart. Book your ticke

ts today

01403 750220! thecapitolhorsh


With Thanks to Rhythm & Sole Dance nted duction is prese This amateur pro h Josef wit t en em ang by arr Weinberger Ltd

L18_CA09 Addictive TV poster.indd 1

22/03/2018 09:52

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Enchanted Horsham Comes Alive as Discount Code ‘LOCAL’ Gives Magical Advance Ticket Prices Enchanted Horsham Comes Alive as Discount Code ‘LOCAL’ Gives Magical Advance Ticket Prices An ancient magic is returning to Horsham Park this summer as Enchanted Horsham comes alive with a unicorn, mermaids, street theatre and music. This exciting family festival with illuminated pleasure gardens, takes place from 4pm to Midnight on the 27th, 28th and 29th July and discounted advance tickets are now on sale. Enter a Summer Wonderland for all ages to enjoy. Experience first-hand the street theatre, vintage funfair, circus performances and belly dancers, along with a market celebrating local lifestyle and fashion, street food and drink. As you wander through the vibrant market, you will find unique art, toys, curiosities homewares, garden wares and artisan foods,

before you enter the Fashion Tent where creative catwalk shows will inspire your choices of boutique and hand-crafted clothes and accessories. But what will treat your taste buds too as you listen to an eclectic mix of live music? Choose from a mouth-watering array of global street food stalls and pop-up restaurants as they nestle alongside beer from Harvey’s, Kent Cider, wine, champagne, gin and cocktail bars. And the enchantment continues as you become immersed in the enchanted mermaid’s tales, interact with life-sized puppets and set aside time to meet Princess, our real live unicorn. Then as dusk falls, the wondrous secret illuminated gardens will reveal themselves magically bring to life dragons eggs and mystical tales. The beautiful illuminations, stunning projections, light shows, performances, music and path-

ways of fire set the scene as the Silent Disco in the Neon Circus Tent comes to life with fire performers, acrobats, jugglers, LED hoopers, trapeze artists and

magicians. This is one not to be missed! For more information log onto and to purchase advance dis-

counted tickets for adults enter the code LOCAL for 50% discount until the end of May, and 25% discount in June. Children under 16 enter for free.

Marvellous May Barnstormers Comedy Show at The Capitol Horsham performed on stage in Germany with great success. He has also written material for Jim Tavare’s Channel Five series ‘Jim Tavare’, and a number of sketches for series two of the BAFTA winning ‘The Sketch Show’ for ITV.

George has written for the Comedy Studies journal and has taught on the degree in Comedy at Southampton Solent University. Barnstormers Comedy Show comes to The Capitol Theatre this Sunday 20th May.

Box Office 01403 750220

Heading towards the end of the season now - just an Edinburgh Preview double-bill thereafter - but as far as the comedy club nights are concerned, let’s go out in a bit of style, shall we? As usual, three top circuit acts will be gracing the Capitol stage with resident host Kevin Precious, returning to oversee the proceedings. This month’s trio of mirthmakers include: clever and inclusive young politico, Joe Wells, ‘Some of the most surprising and thought-provoking material coming from any comedian in his early 20s’ - The Guardian; propmeister extraordinaire, George Egg, ‘Utterly charming’ - The Times; and stylish globetrotting gagster Nick Wilty, ‘Just three adjectives to describe Wilty - brilliant, brilliant and brilliant’ - Chortle. Joe Wells: Joe’s writing career began when his first book ‘Touch and Go Joe’ about his experiences of OCD was published. Since then, he has made a name for himself as a stand up comic, writer and speaker. Joe now focuses mainly on his unique brand of political comedy. With a string of appearances

on stage, as well as on television, both as an actor and comedian, it’s no wonder Joe receives awards and nominations for his work, which doesn’t go unnoticed by critics: ‘Joe Wells is a skilled jokesmith who threads great gags through intelligent political material that, whilst razor-sharp, is never particularly angry or dark. As the first gross gags open up into smarter, topical ones it’s clear that this is a tightly-structured, well thoughtout set. Excellent jokes and sly political comment wrapped tightly in a neat parcel which delivers regular, powerful laughs from a delighted audience. He spins new life out of easy targets like bankers and the BNP with some wonderful imagery’ - British Comedy Guide ‘A star of the future... some of the most surprising and thoughtprovoking material coming from any comedian in his early 20s’ The Guardian ‘Highly original, inspired and suitably different from the rest of the crowd… brilliantly crafted jokes’ - Comedy Central George Egg has been described as ‘A hugely entertaining variety

turn’ - The Guardian Wildly brandishing the worlds’ second largest briefcase, containing a battery of ridiculous props, George bounds onto the stage to perform one of the most original, interesting, innovative, and sweetly whimsical comedy performances you are ever likely to see. A true cross between modern alternative stand-up comedy and old-school music hall variety. George Egg has been a professional stand-up comedian for the last two decades. He has an extremely successful solo show, with which he has toured in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and even India, as well as extensively in the United Kingdom, both on the stage and on the television. More recently, has been the support act for Lee Mack, Micky Flanagan, and Jack Dee. This talented writer writes all the material for his live show and, in addition, has co-written a stage show with comedian Jim Tavare, and another with comedian Martin Soan. Both shows were







Y M DA 0P ES 7.3 TU AY M 22










Friday 18 May 2018


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We take notices for all celebrations, births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries and acknowledgements To book your notice, please contact the team on 01403 289709 or at When placing a death, in memoriam or condolence notice in this paper you get 50 words free of charge. In addition, we have a range of styles and images to suit your needs. please contact a member of our team on:

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Paul Watts

HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 Notice is hereby given under Article 15(3), (4) or (5) or Article 16 that the following applications have been submitted to Horsham District Council, registered between 7th May and 11th May 2018 Please note the below list of applications advertised are only those we are required to do so by law. A full list of applications is available by visiting our website at DC/18/0868 Mare Hill House West Mare Lane Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2EA Erection of a side extension to existing garage and replacement of 2x first floor windows on south elevation with Juliet balconies Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0793 Forest House Cottage Winterpit Lane Mannings Heath Horsham West Sussex RH13 6LZ Change of use of existing detached garage building to a 3bed dwelling with the creation of a new highway access onto Winterpit Lane and associated parking Reason for Advert: The proposed development does not accord with the provisions of the development plan in force in the area in which the land to which the application relates is situated. DC/18/0681 36 Thornden Cowfold Horsham West Sussex RH13 8AF Erection of detached two bedroom bungalow. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0968 Africa Collection UK Ltd Portfolio House Unit 12 Field Place Estate Byfleets Lane Broadbridge Heath Horsham Retrospective planning permission for the erection of a two storey B1(a) office side extension to Portfolio House Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0917 Coomblands Farm West Chiltington Lane Coneyhurst Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9DY Construction of an all weather 40x30m sandschool for personal domestic use. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

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DC/18/0711 12 The Castle Horsham West Sussex RH12 5PX Erection of a side boundary fence. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0944 Land at Grid Reference 516346 129774 Tower Hill Horsham West Sussex Erection of 90 dwellings to include 58 private units and 32 affordable units, creation of proposed vehicular access, internal roads and footpaths, car parking, sustainable drainage system, open space with associated landscaping and amenity space. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. Major Development. DC/18/0984 Middle Barn Farm Coombelands Lane Pulborough West Sussex RH20 1AG Replacement of roof tiles (Listed Building Consent). Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/18/0957 Land Rear of 1 and 2 Parbrook Cottages Parbrook Billingshurst West Sussex Erection of a new chalet bungalow with associated parking Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0953 Meadow Farmhouse Storrington Road Thakeham Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3EF Replacement of 23x single glazed casement windows with new slimline double glazed hardwood casement windows of the same size and colour. (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building.

S106/18/0012 The Holbrook Club North Heath Lane Horsham West Sussex RH12 5PJ S106 Deed of Variation in relation to affordable housing provision, to comply with the Registered Provider’s funding requirements in relation to paragraph, 7 and 8 of schedule 3 Reason for Advert: Section 106. DC/18/0946 Coombland Annexe West Chiltington Lane Coneyhurst Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9DY Partial change of use of existing self-contained annexe to holiday accommodation. No physical alterations proposed. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0985 Minto Stane Street Codmore Hill Pulborough West Sussex RH20 1BQ Demolition of existing outbuildings and erection of 3no. dwellings with associated landscaping works and a new access from Stane Street. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0902 Godmans Court Henfield Road Cowfold West Sussex Change of use of existing ancillary Wardens accommodation to an independent dwelling. Reason for Advert: Conservation Area. Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK SDNP/18/02467/LIS Lower Chancton Farm Steyning Road Wiston BN44 3DD Erection of a Buttress to south wall to provide restraint to failing wall (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building Consent

A copy of each application and the submitted plans are available for inspection on the Council’s website https:// if you cannot view plans on line please call 01403 215187 for guidance. Any person who wishes to make representations about any of the applications below should do so in writing to Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL by no later than 21 days from the date of this advert. Please note that any representations received will be made available for public inspection and posted on the Council’s website or the SDNP website.

Charming and beautifully presented Grade II listed home comes to market

A charming Grade II listed home, beautifully presented and offering attractive and generous grounds extending to about three quarters of an acre in the heart of the village of Rudgwick. Built, we believe, during the 16th Century with later additions, Church Cottage represents a charming Grade II listed family home. The property enjoys an

te Quo rict Dist n e Th he w t Pos ing book

elevated position with its garden gently sloping away to the rear. Accessed via a gated entrance into a gravelled driveway, a paved terrace leads towards the front door. Steps lead to a beautiful kitchen with a central island, gas-fired AGA and granite worktops. Leading from the kitchen are a pantry, guest wc and utility/ boot room.

The remainder of the ground floor features no less than 4 reception rooms including a snug overlooking the kitchen with its own fireplace, a large dining room, an attractive double aspect drawing room with fireplace and doors leading to a triple aspect garden room. The first floor features four bedrooms, a family bathroom and a Jack-and-Jill bathroom for bedroom 2. For a property in the centre of a village, Church Cottage enjoys a very private garden which extends in all to approximately 0.74

of an acre. A stone terrace provides an excellent entertaining area with the benefit of a brick built fire pit and separate bbq. The garden gently slopes away and features formal lawned areas with a pottager pond, an abundance of fruit trees as well as a wild meadow area all contained within a mature hedged border. A detached double garage also features a home-office or playroom to the rear offering further opportunity for enhancement subject to the necessary consents. Located within the pretty village of Rudgwick, the property is a short distance to the village stores and from the Kings Head pub. For more comprehensive shopping, the Surrey village of Cranleigh is a mere 4.8 miles to the north west. Communications in the area are excellent with access to the A281 running between Guildford and Horsham as well as the A29 and A24 providing access north and south. Gatwick is approximately 21 miles distant and mainline rail services to London take approximately 50 minutes, with the closest station being just approximately 8 miles away(Horsham). Sporting and recreational facilities in the area include a number of golf courses and there is access to a host of nearby footpaths and bridleways, including the Downs Link. Rudgwick 0.6 miles, Cranleigh 4.8 miles, Billingshurst 6 miles, Horsham 8.2 miles, Gatwick Airport 21.4 miles, Central London 42.6 miles (Distances and times are approximate) Call Knight Frank to arrange a viewing on 01403 611050.

The home with exposed beams.




Dairy Barn, Horsham RH12 • • • •

Horsham 4.8 miles Guildford 16.6 miles Gatwick 15.4 miles Central London 36.3 miles (all distances and times approximate)

A converted dairy barn with good sized rooms and an alfresco dining area in a central courtyard. The property has an additional double garage with large storage above.

Guide price £850,000 Freehold

Our Horsham expert, James Nowak, looks forward to helping you. 01403 453179 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

The cottage with the inglenook fireplace.




Old Post, Warninglid RH17 • • • •

Haywards Heath 5.8 miles Horsham 6.8 miles Gatwick 13.9 miles Central London 39.8 miles (all distances and times approximate)

A charming early 15th Century updated and extended Grade II listed home offering the opportunity to live in the historic and tranquil West Sussex village setting of Warninglid.

Guide price £695,000 Freehold

Our Horsham expert, Christopher Burton, looks forward to helping you. 01403 453179 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

Abingw •


A lifestyle balance

dows ea

h M t r o

akeha m

An exciting new collection of 2 & 3 bedroom homes just released at the already thriving community at Abingworth Meadows


• Over 1,400sq.ft. • 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom • Open plan kitchen, dining and family room • Separate laundry area

2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom homes now available with prices from £575,000 CALL US TODAY

01798 813071

Show Home & Marketing Suite Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Chesworths Estate Agents 26 North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RQ  01403 255420   

OLD GUILDFORD ROAD l £435,000 Freehold


BROADBRIDGE HEATH l £375,000 Freehold


GRENE HURST PARK l CAPEL l £400,000 Leasehold


Built in red Victorian brick ‘The Old School House’ was constructed in circa 1870 and was the old headmasters quarters within the original Shelley Village School.

A near new and well presented family home benefiting from a cul de ac location within Wickhurst Green.

This impressive Victorian conversion is a substantial two bedroom apartment situated on the first floor and presents many of the original features associated with a period building of this type.

TOWN CENTRE PROPERTY WITH GARDEN - This spacious, purpose built, two/ three bedroom, ground floor maisonette is situated only a few minutes’ walk of Horsham’s historic town centre.

An impressive and spacious apartment situated within the heart of Horsham’s town centre and an ideal investment or first time purchase.

Sold subject to contract. Similar property urgently required for waiting buyers

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Volunteering Opportunities Registered Charity No. 1158780 Please note that from April 1, 2018 as a result of funding changes from Horsham District Council HAMSVA will no longer be promoting volunteering in the district. For all volunteering opportunities after that date please visit community-support/community-development/voluntary-sector-support . Would you like to gain some valuable work experience or offer your valuable experience to your local NHS? Horsham Hospital is looking for volunteer administrators. Duties will include helping the administrator with filing patient notes, Making up files for new patients, archiving - filling out forms on the computer stating what is added to the archiving boxes, photocopying paperwork for the nurses to use with patients The minimum commitment for this role is six months after training. No qualifications are required except to be friendly yet professional and happy to work in a possibly noisy environment with children. The hospital also needs administrators to take on a similar role with its wheelchair service and with health visitors, where you would be making up health promotion packs for clinical staff to take to visits, photocopying and updating booklets. If you prefer the great outdoors, how would you like to help preserve the beautiful countryside we enjoy in Sussex? The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) Sussex is looking for volunteers across the county to help preserve its beauty. They need a planning assistant to help monitor planning applications in the local area, identifying applications of concern and helping the local team to submit relevant comments and objections. The charity is also looking for general volunteers to work on a wide range of activities, including fund-raising, biodiversity, campaigning, social media, general administration, etc. if you have a specific interest or expertise that might be applicable to their work in protecting the Sussex countryside they would love to hear from you. Winston’s Wish is a charity which supports children who have been bereaved by the death of a parent. They need volunteer fund raisers to support at their events in the Southeast Some things you might do are to meet and greet participants and spectators, help set up and clear down the event, provide information at a Winston’s Wish event stand, answering queries and hand out refreshments or even wear the famous Winston Bear costume! AGE UK Horsham is looking for volunteers to help people coming home from hospital who may feel lonely and isolated and who would benefit greatly from practical and emotional support and confidence building. The NSPCC is looking for volunteers to help with a bucket collection at the Horsham Tesco on Wickhurst Lane on Friday 23 March – even just a couple of hours of your time would be hugely appreciated. Your support and the money raised could help fund the NSPCC’s Speak out Stay safe programme, which delivers age-appropriate workshops and assemblies to children aged 5-11 about how to recognise the signs of abuse and to understand where to go if they need help. If you want to know more about the opportunities above or are thinking of volunteering and want to know what’s out there, just log on to and explore the many ways in which you can get involved in your community.

Personal assistant needed

Cleaning Team Leader

We are looking for someone to lead our cleaning team with the daily tasks and organise out of term time cleaning and working with our contractors. You will be responsible for managing the day time and evening cleaners and monitoring their performance and the standards of cleaning around the college. All year round contract, 20 hours per week. The hours in term time will be Monday to Friday 14.30-18.30 Out of term time hours to be agreed. Salary: £9,787pa (£9.33 per hour) Closing Date: 12 Noon Thursday 19 April 2018 Please apply via our website If you have any queries or would like to arrange a visit please contact us on

Personal assistant needed for lady in her 50 s wheelchair user with restricted mobility with accessing appointments days out ,and willing to do longer drives few times a year essential hence good driver with clean licence essential. The work also involves keeping the home tidy and clean and all aspects of domestic chores so must like cleaning. Must have use of larger car for placing wheelchair in the boot . Must be reliable and organised and can work on own initiative,fit and healthy to undertake above duties, friendly nature more important than experience common sense approach and must be flexible with hours on a weekly basis over 7 days. 9.50 per hour typical rate. This is a contracted 10 hour minimum per week position please phone: Horsham 01403 732724 to arrange an interview

General Practice Surveyor required for Property Consultancy & Estate Agency practice in Horsham town centre, covering the Sussex/Surrey area. The role is varied and wide ranging and will include working with multiple property departments including commercial, agricultural, residential sales and lettings. The candidate must be RICS qualified and able to undertake redbook valuations, lease renewals, rent reviews, landlord and tenant work. The ideal person would come with a good working knowledge of the area, agency experience and a good understanding of property management. We are looking for a self-motivated individual with at least 10 years’ experience. The candidate must have a strong track record and the ability to win new business and clients. For further information or a confidential chat, please contact Andrew Algar – 07868 434449 or

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New season Grays and Kookaburra hockey in stock. Canterbury & Gilbert rugby boots and protective gear in stock. Updating of annual cups and awards engraved on-site

82 Lambs Farm Road, Roffey, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4JH 01403 267805 Established 30 years

Your sports notice board GatwickRobins Flyers Roffey Trampoline Club Rockets U13

Horsham Rugby

Horsham Clu Rubgby Club

Women & girls of all ages are invited to New Players al train ways ing sessions at welcome fr om y unClub Horsham Rugb der 6 18 . on Tuesdto 18.30 or Contact ay’s Jo n Pr. at Sunday’s t on 10.30 Play07785 382909 ers required for all or the jon.pratt@sky.c omact female teams. Cont Tony on enigma1498@ yaho

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Badminton Club

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New players are required Gatwick Flyers Trampoline for the team who play on Club provides high quality Saturday mornings and coaching and welcomes train on Monday evenings. new members to join their Players needed in various Billingshurst squad. For positions. information visitRobert www. Please contact on 07775 647983 or

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Baseball Club Horsham Walking

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Heron Olympic FC Chesworth Rovers Heron Olympic FC

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require born Under 7 players and under 8 between Sept 2004 players required for andnew Augseason. 2005 to join the Anyone their U13 11-a-side interested in coming along please team to fortraining the 2017-18 contact Chris at season. chesworthrovers.chris@ Contact Ian Palser on 07973 242270 or email

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Holbro ok Allstars Parkrun Horsham Lad ies Bas ketball Club

The every Saturday club woul Held d like to at hear from ne overPark. Horsham in anyo 9.00am 16 interested in playing bask etto enter and open Free ball. Expe rienced players or young, old to everyone, begin ners most welc ome. The novice. club aim to teach or, deve experienced lop and engaat ge www.parkrun. with anyone Register willing to learn. For more and m infor mation visit www.holjust go along then broo kallstars.c

Horsha HORSHAM CRAWLEY CTC m Arun Ba Sunday ride Horne, dmin tontoCl ub Surrey. 40 miles. We are Keenag ers section non-competitive Are yo u reat tirthe and ride speed of ed an d with bathe dmslowest inton expe rider. All rienc e ? We pla y Mond cyclists welcome. ay and Frida y moat Meet Bridges rnThree ings 9.3 0 - 12. Fo r more9am, station, 20th May. details contaSee ct rianne on 0140 3 Horsham-Crawley-CTC/ 258086

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Horsham Comm unity Comptons Tennis Netball Club Club

Welcomes 8-12 year olds Always welcome new At Collyer Sixth Form members of’sall ages and abilities. College Please visit our Wednes days 5.30-6.3 0pm website and Facebook Contact : Ian 07764 or contact ourFord coach Andy 146338 Tope: / 07833 252342

Tanbridge Badm Girls Fo otba inton Club ll in Horsham

The club welco Hors ham Spar rows mes new have members man d invite y girlsan s you on ly team to co s me and join in on and are lo a ok in g fo Fr id ay evening at For new play ers in the Un rest der ys Schoo l fro 11s,BoU1 m 9.00 3s d 6/18 to an .00 U1 agepm Please grou11 ps. Vipm sit. ww co nt w. ac t Ne lia on 0140 horshamspar ro 3 to 267331 forws more info. find out m ore.

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Sussex Cup News

Cricket Martin Read - Sports Reporter This year’s Sussex T20 cup is again sponsored by Gray-Nicolls the Robertsbridge based cricket bat and equipment manufacturer and there is a record entry of 32 clubs. First Round matches should all have been played on Saturday April 28th but the weather misbehaved. Horsham, though, went through to Round 2 when they thrashed Haywards Heath on Sunday May 6th.

The Billingshurst v Roffey Round 1 local derby will be at Jubilee Fields on Sunday May 27th. Round 2 matches are scheduled for Sunday June 10th (1pm start), when Horsham will host Steyning or Cuckfield, while the winners of Billingshurst v Roffey will travel to either Stirlands or Findon. The Quarter Finals will be on Sunday July 1st with the draw due to be announced in the week commencing June 11th – details will be published in your District Post. Roffey are the current cup holders, beat-

ing Preston Nomads in last year’s final after Horsham had won the cup in 2016. The 2nd XI Sussex Cup Quarter Finals will also be on July 1st – start times to be confirmed - Roffey or Crawley Eagles or Three Bridges will play Horsham or Lindfield or East Grinstead and Eastbourne will take on Billingshurst or Ifield. The Cup Finals will again be at the Sussex County Ground, Hove on Sunday September 9th

Roffey battle through to R3 of the National Cup

Sunday May 23 England & Wales Cricket Board National Club Championship – Round 2 Bromley Common 140 all out (37.1 overs) Roffey 141-6 (31.4 overs) Roffey won by 4 wickets Cricket Martin Read - Sports Reporter Roffey’s visit to the historic cricket area of Bromley Common – where the earliest match records date back to 1735 – culminated in triumph after a hard fought encounter. Kent Premier League side Bromley Common have played at the

Grove since their formation in 1889 and last Sunday they elected to bat, setting a promising 45 for the first wicket by the eleventh over. But, thereafter, wickets fell regularly, five Roffey bowlers claiming scalps undermining Bromley’s progress. From 84-3 the hosts slumped to 106-7 and although there was a late order flurry of runs, home supporters were disappointed with their side’s 140, when more had previously been suggested. All rounder Theo Rivers took 3 for 21 and Luke Barnard 3-23, while Rohit Jagota bagged two for 23 and in a consistent bowling display, Horsham YMCA reserve goalkeeper Mark Pavlovic finished with 1-26, and Alec Collins 1-31

. In response Roffey posted a sound opening 30 run partnership, but wickets ebbed away, despite the top six batsmen all reaching double figures. From the comparative safety of 73-2, there came a wobble and at 116-5 stern resolve was needed to ensure victory. Roffey lost another wicket on 124, but skipper Matt Davies and Matt Bidlake saw them home with more than eight overs still in hand, Jibran Kahan, Rohit Jagota, Usman Khan and Davies all contributing twenties. Roffey Coach Simon Fearnley told the District Post: “Bromley got off to a good start, but in the middle period of their innings Theo and Barney pegged them back, Theo taking three of the first five wickets after both openers had made 30. We lost a cluster of wickets, too, but an important partnership between Usman Khan and Matt Davies got us to within sight of victory. Davo showed responsibility, batting watchfully for over an hour, even though that is not his natural game. That got us over the line!” Man of the Match Theo Rivers added: “I’ve been practicising my leg spin in Australia during the winter and I’m keen to develop that. We held six good catches and all of the bowlers put in disciplined performances. We’re rewarded with a home tie in the next round on Sunday June 3rd against Kent Premier League side Tunbridge Wells.” Roffey eliminated Tunbridge Wells from the same competition last season.

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Weather sinks local cricket Cricket Martin Read - Sports Reporter Last Saturday’s Premier League was a soggy affair – Friday night’s forecast suggested that light showers might pass through to the east, but, come Saturday, predictions had changed and the promise of more substantial, prolonged rain throughout the afternoon sadly proved all too accurate. The unusually high volume of late winter and spring rain made life very difficult for groundsmen with playing areas so soft and wet, rendering it impossible to use heavy cutting machinery for fear of doing substantial damage to outfields. So, after the early spring weather had relented, drying up operations succeeded and wickets and outfields prepared it was frustrating that the first senior matches of the season at Horsham, Roffey and Billingshurst all fell victims to the elements. At Cricketfield Road Horsham inserted old adversary Preston Nomads and Sussex’s Tom Haines dismissed Dan Phillips for 23 but the game ended after 10.5 overs with Nomads 45-1. At Roffey’s Crawley Road ground reigning league champions East Grinstead elected to bat despite the probability of rain and they were soon in big trouble, Rohit Jagota accounting for two former Sussex batsmen – Will Adkin for a single – after his 84 on the opening week of the season and Fynn Hudson-Prentice for 2. Then county bowler Stuart Whittingham trapped last week’s centurian Leo Cammish for a duck. At 20-3 off 10 overs with the cream of their batting gone East Grinstead were reel-

ing and the abandonment was particularly frustrating because last year both league games between the top two sides were also rained off. The miserable weather persisted elsewhere – at their Nevill Sports Ground Brighton & Hove put newcomers Ifield in to pat and had them 64-5 from 17 overs when the rains came. At Horntyne Park hosts Hastings & St Leonard’s Priory decided to field and Middleton had reached 125-3 half way through their allocation when play was terminated. No play at all was possible at The Saffrons where Eastbourne were due to entertain Cuckfield. The visitors won the toss and were ready to bat before the weather closed in without a ball bowled. Around the Premier League grounds the only consolation was that all ten sides received 10 points each with no team benefiting from being able to play when others in a different part of the county were thwarted. In Division 2 at Billingshurst’s Jubilee Fields, particularly hard hit by the last two month’s deluges, the sterling efforts of groundsman Jim Burroughs ensured that play got underway on time, but after just six overs proceedings were brought to a halt with Haywards Heath on 9-1, Sussex’s former all rounder Andy Miller having taken his first Billi wicket. This Saturday Horsham and Roffey are both on the road – Horsham visiting competitive Cuckfield, while Roffey will be at Fulking to take on Preston Nomads. Billingshurst remain at Jubilee Fields - to welcome Hassocks based St James’s Montefiore

Horsham win another Sussex Cup Final! Saturday May 12 – Sussex Cup Semi Final Horsham 2 0 Brighton Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter At East Grinstead last Saturday Horsham Ladies completed yet another cup final victory - since the 2001-2 season they have appeared in thirteen finals, winning eleven. And, the win notched up an impressive triple for the ladies, who had beaten Brighton twice in the league in the season just finished – home and away. In the Cup Final, Tiff Male opened the scoring, finishing off a rebound from a short corner, before Horsham Ladies’ Captain Charlotte “CJ” White struck a goal from another set piece, to give Horsham the telling 2 nil lead at the break. Increasing rain in the second half did not make accurate hockey easy, but Horsham ran out comfortable 2-0 winners, CJ White telling the District Post: “Brighton

gave us a good game, but having not played for a while both sides were a bit rusty. However, although it was very wet, it was most enjoyable!” Congratulations to our Ladies Hockey team, especially as earlier in the season they also secured promotion back into the National League. And, the Ladies’ triumph emphasised our extraordinary Horsham cup supremacy – in addition to the Ladies Sussex Cup, the town now also holds the county silverware in Men’s Hockey, Horsham Senior and Colts Rugby, Under 18 Football (Horsham YMCA) and Cricket (Roffey). And, Horsham YMCA senior side reached the Final of the Peter Bentley Cup. There is also the possibility of further cup glory - next month, in the Olympic Park, Horsham’s Mixed Hockey Team will be appearing at the National Finals Weekend - with all good wishes for a successful tournament from everybody at the District Post.

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Horsham bow out of the National Cup Sunday May 23 England & Wales Cricket Board National Club Championship – Round 2 Banstead 253-5 (40 overs) – Horsham 200-8 (40 overs) Banstead won by 53 runs Cricket Martin Read - Sports Reporter At this very early stage of the season Banstead are top of the Surrey Championship – the equivalent of the Sussex Premier League – and before the rain came last Saturday, causing abandonment, they had Wimbledon 52-5. Yet, they were beatable, had Horsham denied them so many extras and been tighter with their ground fielding. Banstead won the toss, batted first and the openers put on 49 before they were separated. And, at 128-1 and 187-3 a killer score was threatened, especially when wicket keeper Neil Baker and Arsalan Abbas were going well. Abbas hit 4 sixes but Baker’s dismissal – one of Horsham Second XI Captain Omkar Khot’s four victims – kept the target within bounds. After Callum Jones stumped opener Daniel Newton off the bowling of Joe Ashmore, four excellent catches, all off Khot – two by skipper Michael Thornely, one lifethreatening, a second coming over his shoulder as he ran away from the wicket – and another by Horsham rugby captain


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Tom Johnson, clinging onto a bootlace trimmer, introduced a measure of restraint. Khot finished with a creditable 4-37 off his eight over allocation, quipping: “Those were stunning catches – the fielders did all the work. I don’t think Premier League batsmen are used to such slow bowling!” To be in with a chance of chasing down 253, Horsham needed a good start, creating a platform from which to accelerate and they got to 75 before Michael Thornely (39) was one of Baker’s four stumpings. After Craig Gallagher departed wickets evaporated and at 140-7 substantial defeat beckoned. Enter Jamie Thornely, during his earlier spell with the ball he had conceded 13 runs from one legal ball (a no ball was hit for six and another maximum came off the free hit), but he compensated by entertaining the crowd to a quick-fire unbeaten 65, including 4 roof-denting sixes, saying: “I hope to play more cricket this season and it was good to hit a few with my brother’s bat!” Horsham fell short, Abbas adding 4-28 to his unbeaten 47, Michael Thornely telling the District Post: “We gave away too many extras (37). Their keeper batted well and then ran the show from behind the stumps. It’s a shame that our younger players won’t get the opportunity to play another game in the competition.”

Horsham Colts exit National Cup with heads held high

Sunday 6 – National U18 Cup – Semi Final Maidenhead Colts 31 17 Horsham Rugby Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham Colts went to Maidenhead’s Braywick Bowl full of anticipation, but with somewhat mixed feelings. Having won the league, again

unbeaten, and also lifted the Sussex Cup they were entitled to be confident, but a National Cup Semi Final was uncharted territory – and they knew little of their opponents, who had home advantage. Egged on by their vociferous supporters the physically bigger Maidenhead side came out strong and their Horsham counterparts soon found themselves 14 nil down. After 20 minutes a Horsham penalty had

revised the score to 21-3, but a movement out wide put the hosts further ahead. Horsham, though, responded with a converted try by Alfie Burchill just before the break. Resuming 26-10 in arrears there was still all to play for, but, although Horsham crossed the line again for a maximised try in the closely fought second half, another try by Maidenhead saw them run out 31-17 winners. These were two outstanding colts sides, displaying a fine array of developed talent thanks to excellent coaching at both clubs. Some Horsham colts have already featured in Horsham’s senior XV and the National Cup Semi Final provided a real challenge, testing both ability and courage. Maidenhead were very worthy opponents, containing a number of Academy players and, in the end it was a case of so near yet so far for Horsham. The result was disappointing, of course, the club describing the Semi Final result as “the end of a great journey”, but the side’s biggest game widened the players’ horizons, leaving them with heads held high and hopefully encouraging them to continue playing rugby in the face of approaching university placements and a multitude of distractions. Horsham can be extremely proud of their celebrated achievements throughout an exceptional season. In the other Semi Final Tynedale, from Corbridge, Northumberland beat Sheffield 38-17. The Final is on Saturday May 19th

Horsham in Isthmian League South East next season Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Club allocations for steps one to four of the National League system have been announced and Horsham will be playing in the newly-named Isthmian League South East (ILSE) next season. The club are pleased that Horsham have escaped the possibility of moving into the South Central Division and will remain in virtually the same set up as the season just finished, notwithstanding the introduction of some new teams and a few departures. The ILSE teams for 2018-19 are: Ashford United, Cray Wanderers, East Grinstead Town, Faversham Town, Greenwich Borough, Guernsey, Hastings United, Haywards Heath Town, Herne Bay, HORSHAM, Hythe Town, Phoenix Sports, Ramsgate, Sevenoaks Town, Sittingbourne, Thamesmead Town, Three Bridges, VCD Athletic,Whitstable Town and Whyteleafe. Horsham Manager Dom di Paola says: “It’s useful to know that we’re not going to jump into another league, for sure, as it means we now know what sort of players we need to bring in. We would have had to have had a rethink if we were going further west, for example, simply because of where players are based. You’re not going to want to bring in a lad from, say, Eastbourne when half of your matches are going to be played in London, or Hertfordshire or wher-

ever, as that’s impractical. We also know what to expect (in the ILSE) and there’s going to be fewer games, so less travelling. I don’t think it looks too bad. It’s nice to know that we’re not going to have to battle the rush hour traffic for a Tuesday night match up near London and although we’ve gained a couple more Kent clubs, I don’t mind that as the journey is relatively easy. We’ve lost Lewes, of course, but gained two Sussex sides in Haywards Heath and Three Bridges. Otherwise its not too different from last season. We could still get shunted across next summer when we’re back in Horsham as we’ll be on the boundary, a bit like South Park, but we’ll deal with that if it happens.” Going into any new season requires a little adjustment, di Paola continuing: “You don’t really know how other clubs are going to recruit over the summer, and there’s usually one or two clubs who throw money at it, but you’ll have an idea of who might be strong again. With the Kent sides in it it’s likely to be pretty physical but, on the flip side, some of the pacey London teams have gone that we struggled against, so there’s pros and cons.” And, he concluded by saying: “What would have concerned me, had we been moved now, is that fear of the unknown in a different league. 2018/19 will be our third full season at this level and I think we’ve

got to grips with it now. Okay, we’ve not been ripping up any trees. I do think we underachieved last season and will be looking for us to continue to improve next season.” For your diary - Horsham’s pre season friendlies are shown below. The fixtures are subject to confirmation – the home games will be

played at Lancing and the Dorking game at their new Meadowbank Stadium. The intriguing introduction is the visit to north Cornish coast to take on Newquay Tue 10th July v Eastbourne Borough (A) kick off 7.45pm Sat 14th July v Merstham (H) 11am Tue 17th July v Burgess Hill

Town (A) 7.45pm Sat 21st July v Dorking Wanderers (A) 3pm Tue 24th July v AFC Portchester (H) 7.45pm Sat 28th July v Newquay (A) 3pm Tue 31st July v Hassocks (A) 7.45pm Sat 4th Aug v Loxwood (H) 11am


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The District Post 18th May 2018  
The District Post 18th May 2018