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Friday 09.02.2018

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Homeless in Horsham

Could you give up one night of comfort to make a lifetime of difference? DAVEY PEARSON

Managing Director

As temperatures plummeted this week our first response was to turn up our heating or put on extra layers, but what must it be like for what seems to be an increasing level of homeless people in our town? Whilst some of us are happy to put our hands in our pockets or buy hot drinks for them, this is only a small glimmer of normality for these guys. It has been reported that we saw an increase in homelessness of 15% in 2017 on the previous year and Horsham hasn’t escaped the statistic. If you are wondering what you can do to help, the YMCA DownsLink Group (YMCA DLG) will be staging a Sleep Easy sleepout in Horsham on Friday 16 March. Volunteers are invited to give up their warm beds for one night and make a difference for young people in Horsham.It won’t be warm or comfortable, but this is an opportunity to do something remarkable for the local community. YMCA winter sleepout that raises awareness of youth homelessness and vital funds to change the futures of young people.

Steve Darken, Head of Communities for YMCA DLG in north Sussex, said: “I’m looking forward to sleeping out to make a difference to the lives of young people. The numbers of ‘hidden homeless’ are rising, with more young people ‘sofa surfing’, staying temporarily with friends, or living in over-

I’m looking forward to sleeping out to make a difference to the lives of young people. crowded shared accommodation. We provide safe accommodation and opportunities for young people who have been made, or are at risk of becoming homeless. Sleep Easy funds will enable us to do even more. Please sign up at and help us make a difference to more local young people.” Sleep Easy will take place once again in the grounds of Horsham YMCA Football Club, making use of the club’s facilities – but not touching the hallowed turf! This



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is a special opportunity to sleep under the stars in an unusual location. A volunteer who slept out last year said: “It was a really eye opening experience. It made me think about things I hadn’t even considered before about sleeping rough. Thank you for looking after us so well. This work YMCA do is indispensable.” Another said: “It was one night that could make a difference to lots of nights for others. Great fun and nice people.” There are many young people who, for a range of reasons, find they can no longer remain living at home. Last year, across West Surrey, East and West Sussex, YMCA DLG housed around 550 young people every night who would otherwise have been homeless. The YMCA works hard to help these young people rebuild their lives and move forward, but funding is a constant challenge. The Sleep Easy event will mean that money is available to support young people beyond the confines of statutory funding. I will be taking part in the sleep out so feel free to donate by going to Could you give up one night of comfort to make a lifetime of difference? Find out more and sign up at: SleepEasy18

Daley Smith takes refuge from the cold in the alley between Blackhorse Way and West Street

La Piazzetta




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Friday 9 February 2018

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JoJo Maman Bébé - From a Mother to Another charity initiative

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In the wake of the devastating news that 15 refugees were found frozen to death on the border of Lebanon, JoJo Maman Bébé announces collection for the third year of their charity initiative, which will begin on 18 February. From a Mother to Another aims to help clothe the thousands of displaced children living in Lebanon, during the harsh winters, who have never known a world without war and families in need in the UK with clothing distribution via Trussell Trust food banks. All while aiming to reduce the shocking levels of clothing waste that end up in landfill.

Horsham’s branch is one of 87 stores across the UK and Ireland that will be collecting good quality outgrown or unwanted baby and children’s clothes in sizes 0-6 years, as well as children’s shoes. Customers are politely asked to put together complete outfits, sorted by size, sex and season, with shoes in a separate bag before handing them in. Laura Tenison, founder & CEO of JoJo, visited Lebanese refugee camps in early 2016, two years on from Laura’s visit and seven years on since the war began the 1.1 million refugees living in the Lebanese camps are still in

dire need of help. On her visit, Laura saw millions of women and children living in makeshift tents in urgent need of emergency humanitarian aid, they left with whatever they could carry, children were in ragged and outgrown clothes, she had to help. JoJo Maman Bébé have since partnered up with several charities in Lebanon. Patricia Hasbani of Offre Joie thanks everyone who has donated to the campaign in previous years “It is with great pleasure that we are able to thank you for giving the chance to Lebanese and Syrian children to feel warm, and make them feel they are not left alone to face their hardships.” In the UK emergency clothing packs will be distributed by some of the Trussell Trust’s 428 Foodbanks. Sam Stapley, Operations Manager at The Trussell Trust states “Over a third of the almost 1.2 million three day emergency food supplies provided by The Trussell Trust’s foodbank network last year went to children, and it’s all too common to meet parents at foodbanks who have been skipping meals so their kids don’t go hungry. Things are difficult for lots of families at the moment. That’s why we’re really pleased to be working with JoJo after the success of last year’s campaign - From a Mother to Another is a perfect way for one mum to bring

a little light and a lot of comfort to another.” Laura Tenison explains “Our FAMTA clothing gift bags are distributed to families living in the Bekaa Valley along the Syrian border who want to head home as soon as the fighting stops. Our customers have been amazing – by packing their children’s outgrown clothes into lovely outfits they give a moment of hope and joy to people who have struggled for many years. We are so proud that this simple initiative extends the life of clothing many times and helps to reduce landfill.” JoJo Maman Bébé will cover the extensive costs of checking, sorting, shipping, customs clearance and managing the logistics of delivering the parcels to the partner charities in Lebanon and to the Trussell Trust’s Foodbanks across the UK. Nearly a third of the UK’s clothing ends up in landfill, equating to 350,000 tonnes a year. By extending the life of clothes by just three months, carbon and water waste could be reduced by up to 5-10% a year. Sending good quality, little worn, hand-me-downs to those in need would mean they are worn by many more children, extending the clothes lifespan. For full details of how to donate, please visit:

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A change of rank for Sussex Police in Top 100 LGBT Employers list Sussex Police ranks as the only South East region employer on this year’s Top 100 Employers list, compiled by lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality charity Stonewall. The force has improved upon its 2017 ranking, by 32 positions, now ranked number 47. This year marks 10 years since Sussex Police first appeared on the Top 100 Employers list. Giles York, Chief Constable of Sussex Police, said: “We were first recognised for this achievement 10 years ago, and we have continued to improve, year on year, in our commitment to diversity in the workforce. We are proud to be an inclusive and welcoming organisation and will continue to lead the way in developing services informed by the people we serve. We are privileged to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic LGBT staff network and external LGBT public advisory group.” Stonewall’s annual review has, this year, for the first time ever, marked employers specifically on trans inclusivity, in addition to their work on lesbian, gay and bi inclusive policies. Darren Towers, Executive Director, Stonewall, said: “All those

who have made this year’s Top 100 Employers list have done a fantastic job. Taking part shows real commitment to understanding and advancing LGBT

equality. “This year, for the first time, we looked at what employers were doing for trans equality in the workplace. This work is crucial. We recently published LGBT in Britain: Trans Report, which revealed the profound inequality facing trans people in Britain today.

Half of trans people have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination. This must change and it’s encouraging to see so many organisations make a commitment to trans equality. With their support and hard work, we can create a world where all lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees are welcomed and accepted without exception.” To mark the new trans-inclusive focus of the Top 100, Stonewall has also named Britain’s top trans-inclusive employers, who have gone above and beyond to ensure trans staff feel accepted. This comes at a time when trans and non-binary people are facing a daily onslaught of abuse both in their private lives and in the public sphere. Earlier this month, Stonewall released research that showed half of trans people (51 per cent) have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination or abuse and that one in eight trans employees (12 per cent) have been physically attacked by colleagues or customers in the past year. Full results of the Top 100 Employers list can be found online at: top-100-employers-2018

Dom’s Big Fat Walk to Work May pearson


This Spring, web-designer Dominic Dover­­-McCarthy will be walking to work. Impressed? No? Well, what if I tell you that he’s decided to walk to the health-care clinic where he works in Horsham from Cambridge, a distance of approximately 100 miles? Are you impressed now? The idea for his ‘Big Fat Walk to Work’ popped into his head in late 2017 and, after some fine tuning, is now a fully fledged plan complete with its own website and Facebook page. There’s even a charity aspect to the project, raising awareness for three charities close to him as well as hopefully raising a little funding for them too. Dom explains: “I don’t move as much as I should; to be honest I don’t think any of us do. We all lead busy – but often sedentary - lives and for the most part I’m just tied to a desk typing away. Apart from busy fingers, the rest of me isn’t moving. Therefore I thought this was a great way to get out and do something.” Dom acknowledges that his 100 mile walk “might not be that impressive to some people” as he admits “I’ve got friends who go on walking holidays and they do this sort of thing for fun without even breaking a sweat. However for me, it’s definitely quite the challenge, and it’s going to take a

Dominic Dover­­-McCarthy

lot of preparation. That said, I’m really looking forward to it; it’s going to be quite the adventure.” Dom will be starting his walk to work on May 14. To support him and his bid to raise awareness for

The Mary How Trust, The Samaritans and Horsham Alzheimer’s Society, please visit: or search for Dom’s Big Fat Walk To Work to follow him on Facebook.


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Know your rights Our fortnightly review of the law and you, with Mancini Legal – Horsham’s leading lawyer.

This week: Lasting Power of Attorney There’s good news and there’s bad news More of us are living longer. Whilst it may be good news that life expectancy keeps on increasing, the flip-side is that more people end up needing to be looked after. Even if they are lucky enough to have a family who can take care of them at home, many still get to the stage where they lose the mental capacity to make decisions about some of the important things in life, like their money and their health. Basically they need somebody to take responsibility for their responsibilities as the bills, mortgage or rent and council tax need to be paid. If health becomes an issue it becomes essential that there’s someone who can take and make decisions about treatment and care. The best way to ensure this is to appoint one or more ‘attorneys’, and provide them with the legal power to act. In most cases this will be a family decision, and the documents need to be completed and registered with a body called The Office of the Public Guardian whilst you still have the mental capacity to do so. It’s a position of trust You should obviously choose somebody you trust and the legal status they need is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) of which there are two types – one for financial decisions and another for health and care decisions. Don’t assume that just because you’re married, or in a civil partnership, your spouse or partner can naturally take over your bank account, pensions or wealth, or make decisions about your healthcare. This is not so – they need an LPA to give them the authority. A financial LPA serves two purposes An LPA for financial decisions can actually be used whilst you still have full mental capacity – for example you might use it if you had to go into hospital for some lengthy treatment and wanted somebody to look after your money or investments during the time of your stay. You could equally use it if you’re off on that six-month

round the world cruise and want to make sure the bills are paid and your house is looked after. In this case you can restrict the decisions your attorney can make and expect regular accounts. These can be overseen by your solicitor or another family member as a further safeguard. If you become incapable of making decisions for yourself and if, for example, you have to move into care and need to sell your property, then once again your attorney becomes responsible for organising the sale and looking after the money on your behalf. Caring for your health An LPA for health and care decisions only comes into force if you sadly lose your mental capacity. In this case your attorney can generally decide where you will live, what medical care you get, who you have contact with and even what you should eat. They can also make decisions about life-saving treatment – you should tell them your wishes while you are still able. These are quite serious decisions and for this reason this sort of LPA is generally arranged with a member of your close family as your attorney – or indeed several of them, for example if you have more than one child or several brothers and sisters. Setting up an LPA is easy You don’t need a solicitor to set up a power of attorney – you can get the relevant forms online from the Office of the Public Guardian and complete them yourself, although many people do ask Mancini Legal for advice. You will however need your LPA signed by a ‘certificate provider’ – generally a professional such as a solicitor – who can confirm that you understand what you are doing and have not been put under any pressure to sign your LPA. At Mancini legal we have a specialist family law department that can advise on LPAs and a range of other matters from wills and probate, to divorce and custody. Visit our website or give us a call on 01403 337337 (24 hours).


Friday 9 February 2018


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Promoting pavement protocol Have you recently received a postcard reminding you to cut your garden hedge? Children from WAKOOS after-school club in Billingshurst recently designed postcards to remind residents of the importance of cutting back their hedges to allow full pavement access to pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchair users. Volunteers from Billingshurst Community Partnership delivered the postcards, where they saw hedges growing over pavements, as they felt many residents may not be aware that their front hedge was presenting a danger to pedestrians, who had to step out into the road to pass. A representative of the group stated: “in some areas where hedges are overgrown, parents are not always able to walk safely holding the hand of a younger child, and wheelchair users find some of the pavements very difficult or impossible to negotiate. “Some residents may feel worried about cutting back a mature hedge into what appears to be dead wood but don’t worry. Gardening experts say that the vast majority of hedges, e.g. privet, beech, hazel, holly, pyracantha and laurel, will regenerate very

quickly. The exception to this is Leylandii, which needs to be kept trimmed from the planting stage to ensure continuous bushy growth. “Now is the ideal time to get on with this very important job, as the days are getting longer and birds are not yet starting to nest. So if you have received one of the colourful postcards – or even if you haven’t – now is the time to inspect your hedge and make sure it is cut right back to the original boundary of your garden. The walkers of Billingshurst will be very grateful to you!”

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Local cop to showcase photography at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery Park, was shortlisted in the Jessops Photography Competition, “Brighton Sunset” was published in Digital Photo Magazine, and his photograph of the Red Arrows at the 2017 Wings and Wheels events was printed in Digital SLR Photography Magazine. The eye-catching exhibition showcasing Tom’s work will run from 10 February to 5 May 2018 at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery. Admission is free. More of Tom’s work, as well as his contact details, can be found on Facebook: and Twitter: TDHPhotography

Police Officer and amateur photographer Tom Hard has lived and worked in Horsham for most of his life. Tom is passionate about photography and the local area. Beautiful South, his new photographic exhibition at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery, reflects his desire to showcase the beauty of Horsham District. Tom’s interest in photography grew from his experience at the age of 15, working in Horsham Photo Centre (also known as Kodak Express), where he was encouraged to learn about all aspects of the work. This gave him a great eye for excellent photography.

A trip to Rome inspired Tom to begin taking a compact digital camera out with him wherever he went, and enabled him to capture a wide range of wonderful sights. During one such trip, to Regent’s Park in London, he took a photograph of a willow tree. This image, entitled “Summer Comes Early” won the 2012 Royal Horticultural Society Photography competition in the ‘Plant Portrait’ category. Following this success, Tom invested in a digital SLR camera, and he has since gone on to be shortlisted for several prestigious awards and to have his work in print; “Follow the Leader”, his photograph of deer in Warnham

Tom Hard


Terms and conditions apply. Offer available 1st to 21st February 2018. Joining fee applies. Normal monthly fees payable from second month.

“Love actively.” First month free - fall in love with a new you!

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New waste collection fleet ready Horsham man sought to hit the streets of Horsham following‘violent incident’

Horsham District Council recently took delivery of a brand new fleet of 19 waste collection vehicles, to coincide with the roll out of its new bin collection service. The new fleet consists of 18 26 tonne, rear end loading, refuse trucks and one smaller 16 tonne truck, which will be used to access isolated properties and narrow lanes. The new trucks all meet the most up to date European emission standards and will deliver significant environmental benefits as well as substantial savings in fuel consumption. The old fleet, which has outlived its expected lifespan, will be sold off and the proceeds will contribute to the cost of the new fleet. As the new vehicles are now rear loading, to help with the collection process, residents and businesses are asked to position their bins with their handles facing towards the road and not away from the road. Additionally, the actual times of

We have put in place all we can to ensure that the new collections go smoothly collection may change from previous collections times, so it will be necessary for everyone to ensure that bins are in place for collection by 6.00am on the allocated collection day. The Council has stated that bins can be collected from their usual collection points, however, if space is limited, residents are asked to place them out safely and as close to the normal collection point as possible. Cabinet Member for Waste

and Recycling, Cllr Philip Circus, commented on the new fleet and collection procedures: “It is good that our ageing and expensive to maintain fleet of vehicles has been replaced by these new and much more economical and environmentally friendly refuse trucks. “The team have worked very hard throughout the procurement process to ensure we have obtained the best value for our residents and businesses. “We have put in place all we can to ensure that the new collections go smoothly, but we recognise that there may be some difficulties in a few areas. Should there be any teething troubles, we will work as swiftly as possible to resolve them and our new rear end loading vehicles will help us to achieve this.” The changes to household bin collections are being rolled out across the District over a 10 week period, which started this week (5 February). The new service will still be a weekly collection service – recycling will be collected one week, and residual household waste collected the same day the following week. The garden waste collection service will continue on a fortnightly basis for those subscribed to this service. Residents who need to check their new collection dates can visit their online personalised collections calendar at uk/bincalendar.

Police in Horsham are searching for 23-year-old Daryl Stannard, who they want to interview following a violent incident at his ex-partner’s address in the town on 20 January. She sustained bruising and damage was caused to furniture during the incident. Officers want to talk to Stannard about allegations of assault, criminal damage and controlling and coercive behaviour. He is described as white, 6’ tall, and of muscular build, with short dark brown hair and green/hazel eyes. Detective Constable Chris Wright of the West Sussex Safeguarding Investigations Unit said: “We believe Standard may still be in the Horsham area. If you see him or know where he is,

Tel: 01403 791808

Bradley Stoves Ltd Unit 10, Bramble Hill Farm, Five Oaks Road, Slinfold, West Sussex, RH13 0RL

Daryl Stannard

do not approach him but call us on 101 or contact us online, quoting Serial 596 of 21/01.”


Friday 9 February 2018


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Star Wars day raises £795 for The Springboard Project

Gobsmack Comics in Swan Walk held their 2nd annual Star Wars day last Saturday. Characters from the Disney owned film franchise turned up in force and included ObiWan Kenobi, Chewbacca, Han Solo and Darth Vader. The event was held in aid of local charity The Springboard Project where they raised

£795.46, over double on last years collection. Owner Drew Dewsall thanks everyone for their generosity. For more from Gobsmack Comics go over to their website or visit their faceook page.

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Sussex, your Armed Forces community needs YOU!

The Armed Forces charity SSAFA (Soldiers’, Sailors’, and Airmen’s Families Association) has given an urgent call for new volunteers to support veterans in Sussex who are feeling lonely and isolated. The latest research by the SSAFA, has found that more than two in five (41%) British Armed Forces veterans aged 25-45 (who were surveyed), have felt lonely, isolated, or suicidal since leaving the Armed Forces. With one in five (22%) veterans stating that they would feel less lonely if they had a stronger support group. In a bid to meet this need and ensure no veteran’s call goes unanswered, the SSAFA Sussex

Branch is urgently appealing to local residents to join its network of dedicated volunteers and provide support for the Armed Forces community. The transition back to civilian life after leaving the military can be difficult for some veterans, who discover employment, living arrangements, financial stability, and personal lifestyles all change at once as they leave behind their usual support networks and try to acclimatise to their new life. SSAFA volunteer caseworkers provide support to veterans and their families who are in need. This could include access to financial assistance, advice and support on personal affairs, and access to special equipment for those with disabilities. Volunteering for SSAFA is a great way to give something back to your local Armed Forces community and meet new people. A military background is not necessary, but life experience, motivation and enthusiasm are essential. In addition to volunteer case workers, the SSAFA Sussex Branch is also looking to recruit a new Branch Secretary and Branch Treasurer to help continue its vital work with veterans and their families in Sussex. Branch Secretaries are respon-

sible for the day to day running of the branch and provide support to all the other volunteers in the area. Branch Treasurers are responsible for the management of all the branch funds and accounts. Experience of accountancy, financial and audit processes are desirable, but a Forces background is not essential. Christine Cribb, Head of Volunteering at SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, said: “Our research has highlighted just how many veterans are feeling lonely and isolated during that pivotal transition to civilian life. After all they have given us, we feel it is our duty to make sure that every veteran receives the help and support they need during this time. “You can help SSAFA reach more veterans in Sussex by joining our network of dedicated volunteers. They have sacrificed a great deal for us, so now it’s our turn to support them. Please get in touch with one of our team to find out more.” If you are interested in joining the SSAFA Sussex Branch team as a caseworker, Branch Secretary, or Branch Treasurer, please visit: or call: 0800 032 5612.

Have you purchased your new Annual Parking Disc 2018/19? The current parking disc expires on 31 March • Annual Parking Discs are still only £12 fixed price for the year • Additional discs are £6 per year with a maximum of 4 discs per household • Pay and display machines for infrequent users › › ›

75p for the first hour £1.50 for the maximum permitted stay of the car park Cash, card and mobile phone payment accepted

L17_PK06 Annual Parking Disc District Post advert.indd 1

• Long stay parking season tickets are also available - for more details email To purchase your Annual Parking Disc and for more information please visit or call our customer contact centre on 01403 215100 Terms and conditions apply. See website for details. Existing parking discs expire 31 March 2018.

23/01/2018 09:37

Friday 9 February 2018


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High Places Horsham is turning two years High Places Horsham, celebrates its second birthday tomorrow (10 February). The business first opened its doors in February 2016, as a unique outdoor aerial adventure trail for children and adults alike. On offer, are many packages, which include a low and high ropes course, a climbing wall as well as ending your journey by taking a jump from the top platform from the fan descender! The popular activity offers seasonal courses for children during the holidays and a popular Aqua disco during the summer months. To celebrate turning two, High Places Horsham are offering the following packages on Saturday 10 February: Any Package £10 on the day 15% off Parties* To make a booking, please contact the team: 01403 219219, email: or more information can be found out via the website: *Conditions apply, please ask for details

Record entries to celebrate 10 years of pancake racing in Horsham Horsham is celebrating 10 years of pancake flipping with a record number of entries to its annual Pancake Day Race on Shrove Tuesday (13 February) this year in the town’s Carfax. Organised by the Rotary Club of Horsham with support from Horsham District Council, this year’s event promises to be as zany as ever. Top children’s TV entertainer Dave Benson Phillips will be compering the event and DJ Andy Lake will be providing the music. There will be life size mascots including last year’s winner ‘Buster’ the search dog and his mate Woody competing in the Giant Egg and Spoon Race. A special award will be presented by the District Council to Ringway in recognition of their continued and ongoing support of this event over the last 10 years. All proceeds will go to charity, with the charity being chosen by the winning race team and the most nominated charity across all teams receiving a third of the money each. The remaining third will be won by the best charity based team in the races. Thanks go out to our many generous sponsors this year. Sainsbury’s and the Non Stop Party Shop are sponsoring the prizes for the Overall Winning Team

and the team with the Best Fancy Dress categories, whilst Ringway are providing the racing arena. Sainsbury’s are also providing the pancakes, sugar and lemon juice Waitrose will be presenting the ‘Oldies’ Cup for the winning team with all racers over 40 years of age, and Rawlison Butler and South East Hearing Centres will be giving the Best Flipper and Best Individual Fancy Dress prizes. There is a superb entry of over 35 teams in this year’s races including teams from our large stores with Sainsburys (2009 and 2012 winners), John Lewis, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis going head to head. Local service companies include Kreston Reeves , Coole Bevis, Hamptons International, Harris Lord Recruitment (2017 Winners),First Recruitment, Next Phase Recruitment and Horsham Mortgage Centre. Sporty entrants come from Bluecoat Sports (2016 winners) and Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and charity teams are well represented from Horsham Y Centre, Samaritans, Amber Foundation, Action Medical Research, Olive Tree Cancer Unit (which has just opened in Horsham), St Catherine’s Hospice, and The Springboard Project. Newcomers fielding teams for

the first time include Henfield Hire , Shelley’s Venue Decoration, Southwater PTA, Durrants Removals, the amazing Horsham Vicars team competing as “Flippin” Vicars’ and Farlington School competing as the “Cast of Cluedo.” Local radio station Spirit fm will be participating once again, as will our leading sponsor Ringway, who provide the barriers and other racecourse equipment. If you are not yet in a team (you need four individuals to make a team), come along to Horsham’s Carfax on Tuesday 13 February and join in the fun between 12 noon and 2pm and don’t forget to bring the children.



High Places Horsham is turning 2 years old on the 10th February, come and try our ariel adventure for just £10 this weekend!

Any birthday parties booked this weekend will receive 15% off.

Contact High Places on 01403 219219 to book your adventure. Whatever place you’re into

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Friday 9 February 2018


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Photo by Kelly Bathgate “The students responded to the different cultures impressively and have thoroughly enjoyed their visit and learned so much.” The spectacular Great Wall of China was a particular highlight and students tackled the strenuous gradients with vigour, many reaching the highest point near Beijing after an hour long trek. The group also visited Tiananmen Square, Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, Great Hall of the People, Capital Museum, the Military Museum, the Buddhist Lama temple, and the Temple of Heaven. Student Niamh Fuller said: “I felt the experience gave me an insight into a different culture.” Student Lewis Spiller said: “The trip was really good and I learned

ee k w g in

c y c




Find out more

G Telephone: 01403 733144 Look out for an information pack through your door telling you exactly when these changes start in your area and which bin you will need to put out each week.

Please help us to recycle more and so meet the national recycling target of 50% by 2020

llo w

g n li


From February 2018 we will be rolling out changes to the way we collect your household waste and recycling

ho w u on a se e s w te h ee o

Your waste collections are changing

a lot”. Collyer’s Ian Smith added: “Everyone undoubtedly returned with a new awareness of life in this amazing country, as in addition to visiting some stunning sites, the students also had plenty of opportunities to savour traditional Chinese cuisine and other cultural experiences. “The students who journeyed to China were quite simply a credit to Collyer’s.” Collyer’s Assistant Principal, Andrea John, said: “Huge thanks to Nick Cowell for organising this trip and to all of the teachers for supporting and planning such a wonderful opportunity for our students. This type of experience is what education is all about!”


50 A-level history students from Collyer’s have just returned from a week long study trip to China. The group visited unique historical sites, stunning countryside, and experienced a capitalist economy within a communist regime. The young historians visited many sites such as the Forbidden City and the National Museum of China, in an attempt to gain greater understanding of the transition from millennium old Empire to Communism. Emma Hawkins was delighted with the trip: “It was a superb experience for all of us and supports the History A-level focus on Communism in the 20th century and specifically Mao’s China from 1949 to 1976.

m co ard e h lle en da sa ous cte w y m eh d as e o fo te th da ld rt w e y s t nig ill as hi h co s t yo w ly. nt ur ill Fo inu re be r m e to cy o cl n t ost be in h g. e

of books. “The entire evening has been a great success and what really struck me was the joint passion the pupils and adults shared for the series of books – it’s rare you get that with a fictional novel. “The night would not have been possible without the help of my pupil librarians, who have spent weeks planning, or the students from The Weald in Billingshurst, who volunteered their time as part of their Sports Leadership Course.” Pupils, who ranged from age six to 11 years, were also treated to Harry Potter inspired food and drink, including jelly beans and home-made butterbeer (non-alocholic), which was kindly donated by Steyning Co-op.


Local pupils were left spellbound after their school was transformed into a whimsical wizarding world in celebration of Harry Potter Night – a national event that honours the fiction book. On Thursday, 1 February, Steyning Primary School in West Sussex hosted the magical evening, which included potion and wand making, broomstick training, storytelling, a Platform 9 ¾ photo booth and Harry Potter themed games. Attendees were encouraged to dress up as their favourite character for the enchanting night, which was organised by the school’s pupil librarians and Library Manager, Leia Sands, who said: “The event has been a fantastic way to engage our children with reading and a love

China trip a “superb experience”!


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Require commercial premises for a new business venture? Need larger premises for your expanding business? Please call us with your requirements on 01403 282519 or visit our website AGRICULTURAL STORAGE UNIT TO LET


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Will you be my Divorce Valentine? Sue Jago, Consultant Solicitor at Starke & Co. Family Law in Horsham, provides expert knowledge and advice on divorce and family law The most romantic day of the year for many happy couples is Valentine’s Day. However, for some it is an extremely difficult time of year when relationships break down and couples consider separating. At Starke & Co. Family Law, the team of specialist family lawyers will take the time to understand your personal circumstances, providing you with expert advice on relationship breakdown with sensitivity and support throughout. Starke & Co. Family Law is a specialist matrimonial and family practice based in Horsham with other offices in Guildford and Haywards Heath. Since opening in 2005 we have established a successful, niche firm with a strong reputation in West Sussex. During the last year the practice has expanded its Horsham office and added to its

high quality team of specialist solicitors. Most recently, Starke & Co. Family Law has been listed in the prestigious Legal 500 publication. Sue Jago, Consultant Solicitor in Horsham has been a specialist family lawyer for more than twenty years. Sue offers a considerate and proactive approach to family law. She provides both a personal but cost effective service with expert advice though every step of what can be an emotional and stressful time. Sue also practices as a collaborative lawyer and is a Resolution accredited specialist. Sue is very committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes with a non-confrontational approach whilst focussing on the best interests of any children of the parties. For more information on how Sue or the team can help you, or

to arrange an initial consultation, please email or call (01403) 599111

Starke & Co. Family Law 3 Barttelot Court Barttelot Road Horsham West Sussex, RH12 1DQ (01403) 599111

Sue Jago, Consultant Solicitor

A helping hand to support cultural development in Horsham District The Horsham District Year of Culture 2019 team hosted a funding workshop at their offices in Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, giving a helping hand to local organisations wanting to create special events to support the Year of Culture in 2019. Organised by Horsham District Council, and the first in a series of funding workshops to learn more about funding sources and grant pots available, this session was attended by some 16 local organisations looking to stage events. Attendees representing Thakeham Bellringers, Screen Social, Horsham Cricket Club, Shipley Windmill, The Repair Café and more, had the opportunity to discuss the events they wish to put on under the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019 banner. Officers representing grants and community development from Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council were available to give advice. The first surgery run by the Year of Culture team also gave organisations the opportunity to discuss their projects and network.

Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, Cllr Jonathan Chowen, commented: “This was an informal, informative event, which gave people the chance to ask

questions about funding and feel engaged with both the district and county councils and the help they can provide. The more we can enable these relationships now, the better the

programme will be for the Year of Culture in 2019.” The next workshop will focus on LEADER funding, which forms part of the Rural Development Programme for England, and will particularly benefit rural organisations such as farming, forestry, food and drink producers and community facilities such as playgrounds and village halls. The event will be hosted by West Sussex County Council on 20 February. An Arts Council workshop on 6 March will focus on funds available for art-related activities, from dance to visual arts, literature to theatre and music for all age groups. Spaces for either workshop can be booked by going on to Eventbrite, or following the links from the Facebook page. For further information on the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, please search Facebook: @HDculture2019, Twitter @ HDCulture2019 and Instagram: @HDCulture2019, or visit: www. .

For expert advice on:• • Divorce & Separation

• Cohabitation Disputes

• Pre-Nuptial Agreements

• Collaborative Law

• Financial Settlements

• Children

INITIAL FIXED FEE CONSULTATION FOR £100 + VAT* *offer available to new clients only and up to one hour

Contact us on: 01403 599111

3 Barttelot Court, Barttelot Road, Horsham RH12 1DQ

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Friday 9 February 2018


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We take notices for all celebrations, births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries and acknowledgements To book your notice, please contact the team on 01403 289709 or at

When placing a death, in memoriam or condolence notice in this paper you get 50 words free of charge. In addition, we have a range of styles and images to suit your needs. please contact a member of our team on:

01403289709 or email: DC/18/0178 Mare Hill House, West Mare Lane, Pulborough, RH20 2EA. Notice of Planning application for single storey extension to Mr H Day of The Holt Bosham Hoe PO18 8EU gives notice of his intention to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness under permitted development rights, regarding a single storey extension to the existing garages.

HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 Notice is hereby given under Article 15(3), (4) or (5) or Article 16 that the following applications have been submitted to Horsham District Council, registered between 29th January 2018 and 2nd February 2018 Please note the below list of applications advertised are only those we are required to do so by law. A full list of applications is available by visiting our website at DC/18/0117 Caravan The Oak Bar Range Bar Lane Southwater Horsham West Sussex Lawful residential use of an outbuilding as a single dwelling (Lawful Development Certificate - Existing). Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/18/0202 Hedgecocks Drungewick Lane Loxwood Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 0RP Demolition of 5 existing outbuildings. Erection of new ancillary outbuilding and garden store. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/18/0180 Hollands Holland Road Steyning West Sussex BN44 3GJ First floor side extension above existing garage. Erection of open sided structure/loggia to the rear of existing garage. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/18/0181 Bucks Place Rock Road Washington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3BQ Variation of condition 1 to previously approved DC/15/1417 (Erection of a two storey side extension and associated alterations and erection of a proposed four-bay garage.) amend the approved plans to incorporate the proposed internal and external layout and design changes. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/18/0196 30 Blunts Way Horsham West Sussex RH12 2BL Erection of a two storey rear extension and a two storey front extension. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/18/0179 Vine Ridge House Broadford Bridge Road West Chiltington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2LD Demolition of existing two-storey dwelling and associated single storey outbuilding and erection of replacement two-storey dwelling with ancillary two-storey outbuilding. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/18/0194 Billingshurst Scout Hall Lower Station Road Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9SU Erection of a part two-storey side extension including internal climbing wall. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0187 33 High Street Steyning West Sussex BN44 3YE To strip and re-roof two areas of the main roof, upgrade loft insulation, repairs and re-pointing works to chimney stacks, external re-painting of front elevation and shop front, replace ceilings over front bedrooms. (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/18/0207 42A Carfax Horsham West Sussex RH12 1EQ Change of Use A2 (financial and professional services) to use class A1(shop). Internal remodelling and ground floor external colour change from white to grey. (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. Conservation Area.

DC/18/0212 Camwood Mill Lane Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3BX Erection of a single storey rear and side extention Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0215 45 Rivermead Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2DA Erection of a single storey front extension Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0226 Harvest House 53 - 55 North Street Horsham West Sussex Change of use from B1 Offices to a Class C3 dwelling house with associated incidental parking (Full Planning - Listed Building). Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/18/0201 9 Link Lane Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2AN Erection of rear conservatory. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Ancient Monument.

S106/18/0001 Bishops Weald House Albion Way Horsham West Sussex Modification of planning obligation to approved planning application DC/13/2126, proposed amendment to trigger points for payments post sale of Bishopric Site to Horsham District Council. Reason for Advert: Section 106. DC/18/0227 Harvest House 53 - 55 North Street Horsham West Sussex Change of use from B1 Offices to a Class C3 dwelling house with associated incidental parking (Listed Building Consent). Reason for Advert: Listed Building.

DC/18/0206 42A Carfax Horsham West Sussex RH12 1EQ Change of Use A2 (financial and professional services) to use class A1(shop). Internal remodelling and ground floor external colour change from white to grey. (Full Application). Reason for Advert: Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/18/0199 Saxon Cottage 26 Church Street Steyning West Sussex BN44 3YB Internal fire protection works including repositioning of fuse box and installation of surrounding new cupboard. (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. Conservation Area. SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK SDNP/18/00059/FUL Bury Gate House Bury Gate Bury RH20 1HA Restoration and enhancement of farm holding for contemporary farming practice, including provision of livestock barn and hardstandings, conversion of existing buildings to accommodate agriculture and drainage contracting business, including office and storage; refurbishment of existing residence and its part subdivision to provide holiday let accommodation; demolition, reconstruction and resiting of existing garaging; kitchen extension to principal dwelling.

DC/18/0189 Gospel Hall Denne Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1JE Erection of a single storey rear extension. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/18/0190 Gospel Hall Denne Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1JE Erection of two mounted wall sign and one hanging wall sign. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. Conservation Area.

A copy of each application and the submitted plans are available for inspection on the Council’s website public-access/ if you cannot view plans on line please call 01403 215187 for guidance. Any person who wishes to make representations about any of the applications below should do so in writing to Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL by no later than 21 days from the date of this advert. Please note that any representations received will be made available for public inspection and posted on the Council’s website or the SDNP website.

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Reserve your place at the Horsham HORSHAM APPRENTICESHIP District Apprenticeship Fair 2018 FAIR 2018 If your business is looking to recruit in 2018, Horsham District Council would love to hear from you. Coinciding with National Apprenticeship Week, the council, in association with West Sussex County Council and local schools and colleges, is looking for local employers and training providers to take part in the Horsham District Apprenticeship Fair. The fair will take place on Saturday 10 March at the Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham between 11am and 3pm. Apprenticeships are now a favourable alternative to university, with a great variety of career paths and training options, including opportunities to work with a company and study for a degree at the same

time. Apprenticeships are now a viable option for more mature people, perhaps looking to retrain and start a new career journey. What is so good about an apprenticeship is that whilst you train, you also earn. This will be the first significant apprenticeship fair in Horsham District and it is expected to be very popular, following on from recent successful Jobs and Skills Fair events organised by the council. Cabinet Member for the Local Economy, Cllr Gordon Lindsay explained: “This free to attend event is open to all local organisations looking to recruit and expand their work forces. Our previous Jobs and Skills Fairs have been successful, with employers recruiting hundreds of new staff members as a

direct result of attending the event. “I urge as many recruiting organisations and training providers as possible to come along and take a stand at the fair.” The apprenticeship fair will also provide additional information and guidance workshops, which are free to attend, and there will be a café area for people to eat, drink and mull over their options. If you are an employer of apprentices or a training provider and you would like a stand at this event, please contact: leigh.chambers@ For more information, please visit:

Contact Us First for Legal Advice

Legal Services in Horsham for You, Your Family and Your Business

Conveyancing Wills & Probate Employment Law Dispute Resolution Civil Litigation


Family & Divorce Powers of Attorney Inheritance Claims Collaborative Family Law Partnership & Company Law

01403 271222

FREE FAMILY LAW ADVICE CLINIC IN CRAWLEY AND HORSHAM We offer a free 30 minute consultation at our family law advice clinic every Tuesday 1pm – 4pm, covering: • Divorce, separation and finances • Children matters (contact and residence arrangements) • Cohabitation disputes where couples are unmarried • Consent Orders • Options available on the breakdown marriage or civil partnership • Prenuptial agreements By appointment only. Please book in advance by calling 01293 596947. Crawley clinic: 117-119 High Street, Crawley RH10 1DD Horsham clinic: Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Horsham RH12 1GZ Alternatively, we offer a one hour fixed fee appointment at £100 plus vat (£120). To book a convenient fixed fee appointment please call 01293 596947.

10 March - 11am to 3pm Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham. RH12 1JF

A FREE event about apprenticeships • • • • •

Exhibitor stands - employers and training providers with hundreds of opportunities FREE supporting workshops Question and answer panel Advice and guidance Café for lunchtime bites and refreshments Whether you are fresh out of school, college or university or already employed but looking for a new challenge, the first ever Horsham Apprenticeship Fair has everything you need to know. For information call 01403 215264 or email

APPRENTICESHIPS WORK! #NAW2018 Organised by Horsham District Council in partnership with West Sussex County Council and the National Apprenticeship Service, and in conjunction with local schools.


Friday 9 February 2018

Entertainment Horsham District Gig Guide Friday 16th September 09/02/2018

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Ariel Drama Academies: The West End and beyond

The Overtures Wildwood Golf & Country Stone Cold Sober Club, Cranleigh Railway Inn, Billingshurst 18:00 21:00 T Slammers Soul Band The Barley Mow, Tandridge


20:00 Horsham Rocks Presents: The Gibbons Hyldon Experience The Carfax Bandstand, Saturday 17th Horsham September 14:00 til 16:00 Horsham The OkeeRocks DokeePresents Band Horsham The The CockBandstand, Inn, Southwater, Carfax, Horsham Horsham 11:00 20:30til 16:00 Nell Bryden Triple X The Theatre, HorTheCapitol Malt Shovel, Horsham sham 20:30 19:30 Jukebox 6 Larger ThanHead, Life Duo The Kings Goffs Park Social Club, Billingshurst Crawley 20:30 20:30 Haze Hounds of Sound The Bedford, Horsham Broadbridge Heath Village 20:30 Centre, Broadbridge Heath 20:00 Quo-caine The Mulberry, Goring 20:30 The Gibbons Hyldon Black Heart Angel Experience The Shovel, Horsham TheMalt Bear, Horsham 19:30 0:30


Sunday 18th 13/02/2018 September

Acoustic showcases South Saxon Beardsmen The Surrey Oaks, Gathering Newdigate The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:00til 18:00 12:00 Acoustic Open Mic Open night Mic Night TheShelley Jolly Tanners, The Arms, BroadStaplefield bridge Heath 20:00 19:30 Riverboat Shuffle Horsham Sports Club, Horsham 20:00 Open Mic Night The Bear, Horsham 20:00 Malt Shovel Electric Jam The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:00 Open Mic Night Acoustic

Ariel Drama Academies are looking with optimism to 2018 after exciting times and successes throughout last year. Firsts for 2018 will include the opening of a new academy in Horsham, Ariel’s first performances at the Brighton Fringe Festival and performing for dignitaries at a special anniversary event to celebrate the twinning of Haywards Heath with communities in France and Germany. In addition,

Ariel plans to expand their Othellos classes for children and adults with special educational needs. During 2017, the academies helped many students on the road to success, including two who have performed in the West End. Student Ed Hooper, from the Burgess Hill Academy, played ‘Nigel’ in the Menier Chocolate Factory production of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾. Nigel is Adrian’s best friend and 14 year

The Jolly Tanners, Staplefield 20:30 Blues Workshop Open Mic Community night Northgate CenThe Bull Inn, tre, Crawley Henfield 20:00 20:00 Open Mic Night The Royal Oak, Ifield 20:00 Fidget Acoustic showcases Railway Inn, Billingshurst The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate 21:00 19:30



Gig guide Wenesday 14th kindly September Electric Jam Night supplied by The Malt Shovel, Horsham

Thursday 15th

old Ed had a lot of great comedy moments in the musical. During the run, he played the West End role 18 times and the new musical was nominated for a BBC audience award. From Ariel’s East Grinstead Academy, student Sophia Ally, 11, had an exciting year appearing in West End hit ‘The Ferryman’ by Jez Butterworth. The Ferryman is running at the Gielgud Theatre until May. The story is set in the Carney farmhouse: Amidst a hive of activity, this year’s preparations for the annual harvest are interrupted by a visitor. Sophia, who loves performing, gained considerable experience working with the professional cast on this critically acclaimed production, during her run, which ended last month. Meanwhile, the Othellos have also been achieving amazing things. Student Becky Tyler, who is a wheelchair user and has a specially crafted voice communication aid, bravely took to the stage at ‘Greenbelt’, a summer festival of arts, faith and justice, to deliver a speech to over 5,000 people. A popular event which celebrates artistry and nurturing activism, Greenbelt is known for being inclusive, open-minded, participatory and generous in spirit. Following Becky’s speech she received a bigger standing ovation than the Archbishop of Canterbury! Becky, who is just

15, is an inspiration and hopes to speak and perform at other events. In addition, two Othello students achieved places at the Orpheus Centre, a centre of excellence in performing and visual arts for young disabled people, and several other students have gained places at renowned full time drama schools. Ariel founder, Nicci Hopson, said: “We are delighted with the successes our students achieved in 2017 and look forward with excitement to 2018. Our aim is always to support and enrich our students’, lives to help them fulfil their potential, whether that is to perform professionally or gain skills for life. “We are delighted to be opening our new academy in Horsham at the end of April and expanding our special needs classes to make acting, singing and dance available to all”. Ariel has five established drama academies across Sussex in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Crawley, East Grinstead and Steyning. The new Horsham Academy will open on Saturday 28 April at the Roffey Millennium Hall. Everyone is welcome and there is no audition process. Free taster sessions are available at all Acadamies. For more information, please visit: or call: 01444 250407.


Tuesday 20th September

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A chance to win tickets to see UK’s foremost Psychic Medium, TJ Higgs!

Collins coaxes beauty from the beast

COMPETITION TIME! To be in with a chance of winning two tickets for TJ Higgs, simply answer the following question:

Q: TJ Higgs helped investigate murders and missing people cases for which TV Channel? With her natural, unique and accurate presentation, TJ is today firmly placed as the UK’s foremost psychic medium and her broad appeal allows her to support private readings, live theatre appearances and events within the UK and internationally. As well as her appearances on Destiny TV, and ITV’s The X-tra Factor, TJ has starred in 21 episodes of Psychic Private Eyes for Zone Reality, which she filmed at the same time as investigating murders and missing people cases

Please send your answer along with your name to lauren. by 5pm on Thursday 15 February. The winner will be drawn at random and notified via email on Friday 16 February.

for CBS Reality Television. Alongside her own very successful annual live UK theatre tours, TJ co-presented ‘The Three Mediums’ theatre show at four major UK cities including a sell-out show at the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, London and also ap-

peared on Sky Living’s: ‘Colin Fry Live with TJ Higgs’. Now is your chance to see TJ Higgs here in Horsham on Thursday 22 February at 7.30pm Tickets available via Box Office on 01403 750220 or online at www.

From fortress to family attraction: 950 years of Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle, one of the largest inhabited and complete castles in England, is this year celebrating the 950th anniversary of its initial construction. Throughout its near-millennium in existence, the Castle has gone through many changes from its origins as a defensive fort to a ruin in the 17th century, before finally becoming the stately home it is today. In fact, Arundel Castle has been involved in every major historical moment in the UK, including the English Civil War and both World Wars. The Castle has also played a vital role in local history, with many notable moments during the past 950 years, such as when the Fitzalan Chapel was declared as a separate independent ecclesiastical structure from the parish church by Lord Chief Justice Coleridge in 1879. The Chapel is still divided from the parish church by a glass partition, an unusual, if not unique, occurrence in England.

Castle Manager, Stephen Manion, commented: “Arundel Castle is an iconic landmark – but it’s so much more than that. It is positioned at the heart of a thriving town and has been at the centre of Arundel’s community for the last 950 years. “We are proud to be able to share Arundel Castle’s legacy with a new audience and inspire future generations with its impressive history. We have a packed year of events and gardens displays ahead – I’m sure the Castle’s 950th year will be one to remember!” Key timeline: 1067: William the Conqueror gives the order for Arundel Castle to be built. His kinsman Roger de Montgomery locates the Castle on the River Arun in an easily defensible position. 1068: Initial construction of the Castle begins, including the 100ft earthen motte that can still be seen today. 1643: A siege breaks out at the Castle during the English Civil War.

10,000 parliamentarians lay siege to the 1,000 royalists inside the Castle for 18 days, before finally capturing it, badly damaging the west side to prevent any future occupation. The ruins lay almost untouched until the 18th Century. 1875-1900: Henry, 15th Duke of Norfolk, carries out a massive reconstruction of the Castle, fitting electric lighting and central heating, cutting edge technology at the time. The heating is still functional today! 1939-44: Arundel Castle is garrisoned by British, American and Commonwealth troops during WWII, playing a key role in the south coast defences up until DDay in 1944. 1975: Bernard, the 16th Duke, begins a loving restoration of the Castle and a charitable trust is established to ensure it will be preserved long into the future. All profits from ticket sales are put back into the maintenance and upkeep of the Castle and its historic contents. 2008: The Collector Earl’s Garden is officially opened by HRH the Prince of Wales. Located on the site of a former car park, the garden is now the jewel in the crown of more than 40 acres of gardens and grounds at Arundel Castle. This year also saw the first instalment of the, now widelyrenowned, Jousting and Medieval Tournament at Arundel Castle. The competition, taking place from 24-29 July 2018, is the longest of its kind in the world. Arundel Castle is currently closed to visitors and will re-open on Sunday 30 March 2018. For more information on Arundel Castle, please visit

Entertainment Phil Dennett Pupil and teachers was a theme running through the well-received Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra Concert at the Dome on Sunday. But it was clarinet soloist Michael Collins who gave the master class with a beguiling performance of Mozart’s ever-popular Clarinet Concerto in A Major. Both Mozart and Haydn, whose rarely-performed Symphony number 102 opened the programme, were teachers of Beethoven, whose 1st Symphony elegantly closed the afternoon. The Collins performance of the Mozart concerto was a lesson in control and fluency, even if he did have a distracting habit of regularly mopping his brow. The mesmerising playing was made all the more engrossing by his use of the deeper-toned basset clarinet, declaring humorously: “It’s the beast of an instrument.” But only beauty flowed from it as

Collins coaxed shimmering tenderness and dance-like rhythm from the instrument. It was as if by exploiting the deeper basement of the basset clarinet Collins had thrown in an extra stock cube to Mozart’s richly magical casserole. Caressing the sublime second movement, he then showed nimbleness in the third that at times gave it a jaunty air of joy. The orchestra was a faultless partner throughout this marvellous piece. When Collins laid down his clarinet he drew out as conductor fine performances from the musicians of both the Haydn and Beethoven pieces. Perhaps a little stilted in the second movement of the Haydn, it showed joyous vigour in the second and reached a pinnacle in the third. Some excellent woodwind adorned the first movement of the Beethoven, with engaging flute and oboe playing as the orchestra showed just how much Beethoven had learned from his tutors.

Box Office 01403 750220 T EC S! R F R E’ PE FO TIN N LE VA

THE WAM BAM CLUB Friday 16 February 8pm

A BRAVE FACE Saturday 10 February 7.30pm



THE UGLY DUCKLING & OTHER TALES Saturday 17 February 1pm and 4pm



TJ HIGGS: PSYCHIC MEDIUM Thursday 22 February 7.30pm






N 0 SU 2.3 B FE







Brand new for 2018, we’re excited to announce the installation of the latest Technogym equipment. Technogym is the world leader in Fitness and Wellness solutions, with scientifically proven equipment to give you more effective results. And now you can enjoy it along with some of the best facilities in the South East for half the normal joining fee. So it’s a new year, we’ve got the new gym, don’t you think it’s time for a new you?

01403 792620

Stane Street, West Sussex RH13 0RE


Slinfold Winter 18 Campaign Full Page Chosen.indd 1

07/12/2017 13:40






, l a c o l y l u Tr t n e d n e p e d n Truly i


Friday 9 February 2018

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Friday 9 February 2018


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FAMILY THEATRE Feb 12-16 Revolting Rhymes half term workshop The Hawth is offering a funpacked Revolting Rhymes Workshop, giving children aged 6 - 11 years old the chance to learn a new skill in performing, make friends, build confidence, have fun and finally bring the stories to life on stage in a show for family and friends on the final day.

Feb 17 The Capitol: 17 Feb - The Ugly Duckling and other tales - 4 of Hans Christian Anderson’s most well-loved stories (aimed at ages 3-10)


ARTS & CRAFTS Feb half term Squires Garden Centre, Crawley - CREATE & GROW: Paint a terracotta bee pot (for just £4.50). Free wildlife colouring in competition and a free gardening treasure hunt. All happens between 10am and 4pm during the half-term. For more information, please visit the Squires Garden Centre website

Feb 13

HORSHAM MUSEUM Feb 14 Horsham Museum - Minecraft 2.0 - Fun Half Term Workshop ONLY on February 14: Minecraft themed activities including our popular villager trading game. No computers or screens! (For ages 7+ (£8 per child) and the good news is PARENTS are free to leave their kids there!)


Feb 12 The Capitol, Horsham, 8pm Harmonium Japan, France 2017, 120 mins, Drama, Cert 12A A compelling Japanese thriller that plays on the troubling truth that you can never quite know everything about the person you marry. Guest membership available (£5 on the door).


Feb 3-17 February 3-17 A display of club activities in Horsham Library foyer. Club layout on display in Swan Walk during half term, February An illustrated talk by Geoff Burch, The Rambling Railwayman at St Leonards Church Hall, Cambrigde Road, RH13 5ED on Tuesday 13 February at 7pmic. Tickets are £3.00, available from the Horsham Museum.


Do you Think Before You Throw? 20% Mixed Dry Recycling Please put this in your blue-top bin for recycling, if you don’t have room please contact us to arrange an additional bin.

28% Food Waste Compost at home using a home-composter along with a kitchen caddy and reduce food waste so you don’t throw so much away.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Please don’t put this in your rubbish bin, even small electrical items and batteries should be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Site where they are recycled into new things!

6% Textiles Clothes that are in good condition can be taken to charity shops for a new lease of life! Old clothes, rags and shoes can be taken to a textile bank at your local Household Waste Recycling Site.

2% Garden Waste Garden waste should not be put in your rubbish bin. Compost at home or sign-up to our Garden Waste Collection Service to have it collected.

43% Household Waste Belongs in your green-top bin – No outlet for reuse or recycling.

Horsham district’s residents are generally excellent at recycling; the recycling is mostly clean and in good condition for reprocessors to make it into new stuff. However recent analysis of Horsham’s waste has shown that a large amount of recycling is still being thrown in the rubbish bin, along with other items that can be recycled elsewhere. The info graphic opposite shows what was found and how these materials can be reduced, reused or recycled. • Did you know that you can recycle empty aerosol cans and clean foil in your blue-top bin?

CHRISTS HOSPITAL THEATRE Feb 28 This intimate show is set in a library full of books that hold more than stories within their pages. It is a tale of the power of books, and the bravery of a young boy called Tomas. Tomas hates reading and school, but his world is turned upside down the day he meets the Unicorn Lady . Tickets: Adults £10, Concessions £9, Children £6


of th curren e waste th at w tly be Re throw awa e used, y can or Rec Reduced ycled!

• We can recycle all types of paper too except photographs and tissue, it just needs to be dry. Don’t worry about removing the plastic window from envelopes, that’s sorted as part of the process. • Clean plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays can also be recycled, either rinse them off before you pop them in the blue-top bin or to save water add them with your normal washing up or pop them in the dishwasher when it’s full.

For further help and advice including a handy A-Z list of what can and can’t be recycled, please visit

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01403 253164 01293 852228 01798 849721 Email: 4 The Courtyard • Holmbush Farm REMOVALS & STOR •AGE Horsham • RH12 4SE D046

Town centre property with garden This spacious, purpose built, two/three bedroom, ground floor maisonette is situated only a few minutes’ walk of Horsham’s historic town centre with its varied blend of national and independent retailers, as well as a good choice of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Within walking distance are both Horsham’s bus station and mainline train station with regular services to London Victoria. If travelling by car, all main road networks are easily accessible. These include A281, A24, A264 and junction 11 on the M23 leading to the M25. The property is entered through its own front door leading to the entrance porch, lounge/dining room, refitted kitchen, bedrooms one and two, bedroom three/study and a modern bathroom. The property also benefits from double glazing and gas fired central heating. A particular asset to this property is the south facing rear garden with paved patio areas for passing the time in the summer months and rear gated access for convenience. Permit parking is to the front of the property. An internal viewing is highly recommended to appreciate the size and location of this well presented home. Vendor suited. Leasehold: 99 years from 21st March 2010 Ground Rent: £100 per annum This property is self maintaining. Therefore, no service charge applies. EPC rating: D Call Chesworths on 01403 255420 to arrange a viewing.

te Quo rict Dist n e Th he w t Pos ing book

Solomon’s Seal




- ti

es -

e of the m

h ont M

Our Ho

Old Guildford Road, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3JU

a ll t h e b

Choice of kitchen Stamp duty paid Free carpets throughout Available with Help to Buy* Ready to move in Summer 2018

Move straight in to our Home of the Month Plot 13 – The Snowdrop Modern 3-bedroom mid terrace home, with 2 allocated parking spaces. Priced at £370,000



You only need a 5% deposit with Help to Buy*


Solomon’s Seal is an outstanding development of 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom homes in the heart of the village, with easy access to local amenities and excellent travel links.

Showhome open 7 days a week.

Prices from £370,000 - £665,000

Make your move by calling 0333 577 3012 Sales Centre open daily 10.00am – 5.00pm, with a late night Thursday 12.00am -

Computer generated image is indicative only. Specification on site may differ. Prices correct at time of press. Photography of typical Bellway interior and may include optional upgrades at additional cost. *YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. Help to Buy is subject to the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) terms and conditions and is available on new build homes up to £600,000 to customers where the property represents their only residence. Not available on second, additional homes, buy-to-let or let-to-buy properties. HomeBuy agent eligibility check required. The equity loan is interest free for the first five years and needs to be a minimum of 10% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 20%. After five years, an annual fee of 1.75% of the outstanding equity loan is charged. This is increased annually by RPI plus 1%. The equity loan must be repaid after 25 years, or earlier if you sell your home. A monthly management fee of £1 is payable by the equity loan borrower by direct debit, from the start of the loan until it is repaid. The management fee and interest fees are not capital repayments to the equity loan and do not reduce the amount owing. Help to Buy operates under terms and conditions imposed by the HCA and may be subject to change.

Mi ll

the ony


L u x u riou s m a st er bed wit h fitt ed wa rd ro bes



room oom




W room


C onte m po ra ry styled wit h a L a ufen su it e bath room




Spa ciou s a n d lig ht liv pe rfect fo r ente rt a in inin g a rea, g


Move in this Summer** with Help to Buy† An exclusive collection of beautifully styled 1 bedroom apartments within The Mill are now available to reserve with Help to Buy†. The Mill is situated at the end of a tree-lined boulevard and surrounded by elegant water features and an impressive piazza. Each apartment has been thoughtfully designed to provide maximum light and space. Living at Highwood you will be able to enjoy weekend strolls by the river, superb leisure pursuits on your doorstep and excellent transport links to the city. Great shopping and restaurants in nearby Horsham and the beaches of the south coast are within easy reach.

1 & 2 bedroom apartments from £245,000* Limited availability – enquire now

CALL OUR SALES TEAM NOW ON 01403 887 093 TO ARRANGE YOUR PERSONAL VIEWING Sales Suite open daily 10am - 5pm Highwood, 2 The Boulevard, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EP *Prices correct at time of going to press and subject to availability. **Selected plots only. Computer generated image depicts streetscene at The Mill and is indicative only. Photography depicts a typical Berkeley Showhome and is indicative only. † Help to Buy is subject to the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) terms and conditions and is available on new build homes up to £600,000 to customers where the property represents their only residence. You will require a minimum deposit of 5%, a Homes and Communities Agency equity loan of 20% and a mortgage of 75%. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. CHECK THAT THESE MORTGAGES WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS IF YOU WANT TO MOVE OR SELL YOUR HOME OR YOU WANT YOUR FAMILY TO INHERIT IT. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT SEEK INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group of companies


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for sale Chesworths Estate Agents 26 North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RQ

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Chesworths Estate Agents 26 North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RQ  01403 255420   

OLD GUILDFORD ROAD l £435,000 Freehold


BROADBRIDGE HEATH l £375,000 Freehold


GRENE HURST PARK l CAPEL l £400,000 Leasehold


Built in red Victorian brick ‘The Old School House’ was constructed in circa 1870 and was the old headmasters quarters within the original Shelley Village School.

A near new and well presented family home benefiting from a cul de ac location within Wickhurst Green.

This impressive Victorian conversion is a substantial two bedroom apartment situated on the first floor and presents many of the original features associated with a period building of this type.

TOWN CENTRE PROPERTY WITH GARDEN - This spacious, purpose built, two/ three bedroom, ground floor maisonette is situated only a few minutes’ walk of Horsham’s historic town centre.

An impressive and spacious apartment situated within the heart of Horsham’s town centre and an ideal investment or first time purchase.

Sold subject to contract. Similar property urgently required for waiting buyers

Impulse Leisure Chanctonbury Spierbridge Road, Storrington, West Sussex RH20 4PG T.(01903) 746070

Adur Community Leisure 1112020

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Kyran Melland Electrician

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lady decorator

Forget the paper, paint and sanding. I’ll come and do your hall, stairs and landing or any other room or space and put the smile back on your face.

Free estimates Excellent references 01403 253192 and 07818 119411

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Volunteering Opportunities Building Heroes based in Pulborough is a charity which retrains military veterans for a career in the building trades. They rely on fundraising activities to fulfil their vital role in helping ex-service personnel into employment and need enthusiastic, friendly and reliable people to support and increase their activities and to raise the profile of the charity in the local area. If you can help organise fundraising events (e.g. sponsored walk, swim, bake sale, coffee mornings, etc, liase with community groups who may hold fundraising events for them, make phone calls to potential supporters, offer support at existing events (e.g. handing out flyers, providing information, serving drinks) or various other support tasks they would love to hear from you. Are you passionate about your community and want to make a difference? Emerging Futures train individuals to work as part of a coaching team to support their local community. Family recovery coaches help individuals in a family develop their own wellbeing and support system and to make valued life choices. And recovery coaches support individuals to move in to the community from structured treatment, detox, residential rehabilitation and prison. Pulborough and District Community Care Association needs a Wednesday club volunteer to help with activities at its social club for older people, for example short mat bowls, games, bingo, and the occasional outing - all accompanied by tea and cake. The association also needs a telephonist to work from home to take appointments for its Community Transport Service. Carers Support West Sussex needs support group co-facilitators to help provide a confidential space for carers to meet, offload and gain information. They also need telephone support volunteers to help carers share emotions and reduce stress and isolation by providing active listening. And the charity seeks young adult carer engagement volunteers to meet and communicate regularly with young adult carers to support them. If you want to know more about any of the opportunities above or are thinking of volunteering and want to know what’s out there, just log on to and explore the many ways in which you can get involved in your community. Can you help beat hunger by offering a couple of hours at your local Tesco store on Nov 30 or December 1 or 2? Volunteers are needed to help collect donation at the UK’s largest food drive this Christmas. The collections take place at Tesco stores UK-wide when volunteers are asked to help collect food donations from customers for a few hours in their local store and hand out the FareShare shopping list. In just three hours you could collect enough food to make 600 meals and change someone’s Christmas. Details are available at where you can also sign up for a shift.

Sales Negotiator Required Personal assistant needed Personal assistant needed for lady in her 50 s wheelchair user with restricted mobility with accessing appointments days out ,and willing to do longer drives few times a year essential hence good driver with clean licence essential. The work also involves keeping the home tidy and clean and all aspects of domestic chores so must like cleaning. Must have use of larger car for placing wheelchair in the boot . Must be reliable and organised and can work on own initiative,fit and healthy to undertake above duties, friendly nature more important than experience common sense approach and must be flexible with hours on a weekly basis over 7 days. 9.50 per hour typical rate. This is a contracted 10 hour minimum per week position please phone: Horsham 01403 732724 to arrange an interview

GL & Co are looking for a Sales Negotiator to join our busy Horsham branch. The successful candidate will drive viewings and be excellent at negotiating sales through to completion, If you have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in estate agency, work hard to deliver outstanding results, can be part of a team and the ability to adapt to our independent family run business that rewards well and builds long term relationships with our staff and customers, then please apply by sending your CV to or call in to the branch. full time, part time and job share considered

Call 01403 289709 to place your ad

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New season Grays and Kookaburra hockey in stock. Canterbury & Gilbert rugby boots and protective gear in stock. Updating of annual cups and awards engraved on-site

82 Lambs Farm Road, Roffey, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4JH 01403 267805 Established 30 years

Your sports notice board Gatwick Flyers Trampoline Club Roffey Robins Rockets U13

Horsham Rugby Club Ho

rsen ham Wom & Ru gbyofClall girls ub ages are invited to training sessions at New Players al ys Horsham Rugby wa Club we lcome fr om under 6 on Tuesd ay’s 18.30 or to 18 . Sund 10.30 . PlayContay’s act Jo n Pratt on ers 07 requi for all the 785red 382909 or fema le teams. Contact jon.p Tony on enigm a1498@ yaho

Partridge Green Club ball Ar Footam un

Horsh dminton Club Ba Players needed for

Gatwick Flyers New players areTrampoline required Club high qualfor theprovides team who play on ity coaching and welcomes Saturday mornings and newon members to join their train Monday evenings. Billingshurst For Players neededsquad. in various information visit www. positions. Please contact Robert Foley on 07775 647983 or

E M LIFSh ort HOCRhSilHtiAngton B U L C t Wes SAVINGls Cluin b w m g? Mat Bo n sw im ber aKeen o wm

t e wnm s onreta hap e rnb im e redsnceusThelecalu W d n o a ety bifli sa ay nd a sd ava terila r u m h p 5 T s. e.1 atu6 -. dacyh’sniq te e 5Ppam h4 ttT1. da gys’saa in l nin eri jo ti on n evF to u g hin 0pm is.0 ne nsw8 wls te, bo bsi An ilio ewe vyo th t r c u ta o n e o c se tt, ld reb. u0 pm sh clu Nagld d 10o.0 in n v la sa o Rlife ,m ha 97 cahpota rsin 28 9 8 3 k on 019c0o.u

b ri Clu am T Horsh Tri 2017 17 0C i 2F Go oTtrh 15, or G f a l i s e r e p H t a s A 8, The d brein dg seet a July or e i ct avaedb e 10, junO n u Brho J , & 3 eiprte9 geand May 1 1r2e qSu ns s tb , va illiloa Aeugculu ast P a t a h ske. T – alyler r a a e P l 7 pla rsp it on hsa.mP o lrskvis l u i H a a l o t r e C ik g thearud l a.u o m .c b e rt P u u l f r c i r o c Fo ta rsha1m 3t9r nleutb. @ ic r 1 r con t o e 2 t m .h 6 a w 8 rsbhtin ww o@ ilarhk 077e9ma om orp1 19clgmaciol.c m

ing & Lower Beed on Li s os s sFC cr nd Haa m Sparrow


red for cu g Players need ekin sein ar e ye ar s w am arro U11 te Spnt 12 re der with am 11 lydteun ndan erie un ls 6.dFr irit. g r ei ir th sp r s fo t team erea plaaygr 12d deran hing acun cod s an pert team Ex ysr bofa eing thni r ai tr fo g s in er az ay am pl .cross Park am nd te Ha at s cilitie ws. Sean t ro acar ntsp ham ol o.rsCo w.h Sc who w skaor k 05 .u 10 co 63 07724 vanagh@hot

Walking Baseball Club Horsham

football. ales ite males and fem Inv All ages and ability to over 6 years of age Tuesday and Thursday learn come along and mornings baseball Shipley Community s 10am to Saturday’ at Inglefield 1.00pmProject - £2 per r SchoolRuss Contact Mano session 07519 847295

Heron Olympic FC require players born between Sept 2004 Under 7 and under 8 players and Augrequired 2005 to for join the new U13 season. Anyone their 11-a-side interested in coming team for the 2017-18 along to season. training please contact Chris at Contact Ian Palser on chesworthrovers.chris@ 07973 242270 or email

Chesworth Rovers

ath Co me and jo in Karate ClubFC Horsham , get fit, lose weig BBht, HFle Car ar neto lode okfe innd g yofo urrsepl lfay an erds m fo ee r tth ne eiwr frieU1 nd7/ s. 18 Clas tese s in am HoPl rsha eam se fo r nt co boac tht ad teul ts am manag aner d ch Alild anre Wn. hi te on Co nt 07 730ac t 22 Pa16 01 ul or Ellio ttail em 07 ajon 77@ wor 80 ks 584 hotm oruk ai82 semka@btin . m

Holbro ok Allstars Lad ies Basketball Horsham Parkrun Club

The club would like to hear

atfrom anyo every Held ne Saturday over 16 inter ested inin playi Park. Horsham ng basketbal 9.00am l. Experienc ed playe or andrsopen to enter Free beginners most welcome. The young, old everyone, toclub aim to teach, develop novice. or anyo experienced and engage with ne willing to www.parkrun. atlearn Register . For more infor mation visit www m and or emai then just go along l


intoRugby n Club At Holbrook we are Keen ers on keen toag build last seasect ion sons and build a Ar e yosuccess u retired anplayers. d with larger squad of ba dminto n experience ? All pla arey welcome to join us We Monday and Fr iat ytraining on Wednesday da mornings 9.30 - 12. nights at 7.30pm. For mo re details conWe train at The Holbrook ta ct Ma rianne on 0140 Club in North Heath Lane 3 258086 RH12 5PJ

Heron Olympic FC



Under 13 and yers of all me pla lco We9 dly s. Frien team m ages 7 fro s ard nd sta ge football villa to 70 plus team. se contact Adam to Plea For more info go 662 9 .or k oror on g.u662 w.habc ww0796 abc. h@ hip@h pgfc l mb ers.yout ail me ememai ail.c org hotm


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Do you have a notice? email us at

Comptons Tennis Horsham Comm unity Club Netball Club

Always welcome Welcom es 8-12 yearnew olds members of all ages and At Collyer’ s Sixth Form abilities.College Please visit our website and Facebook Wednes days 5.30-6.30pm or contact our coach Andy Contact : Ian Ford 07764 Tope: 146338 / @horsha 07833 252342

Tan brid geot G Ba irls dm Fo ton ba llinin Cl ubm Hors ha

HoTh rsha m bSpwe arlco e clu rome ws sha ve ne w mme anmb y gi rlan s on ly ite ers tesam d inv su yo anto d co arme e loan ok in ginfo d r jo ne w in on play a er Fridsayinevth Unat eneing deFo r re 11st s, U1Bo 3sysan doo U1l6/ Sch 18 fro m ag 9.0e0 grpm oups Vi.00 to. 11 sit pm ww. w.Ple hoas r-e shco am sp ar ntact Ne rolia on.u k40 to3 01 fin 267331 d ou fort mo mor

41 Springfield Rd (01403) 275 553


Friday 9 February 2018


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Another impressive clean Charlton Park steal sheet win for the Ladies Horsham’s game at

Photos by Nick Evans

Saturday February 3 – South Clubs’ Women’s Hockey League Division 1 Horsham Ladies 1 0 Wimbledon A Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter In cold, wet conditions at Tan-

bridge House School Horsham Ladies produced their third consecutive win, their seventh from their last eight games, during which they have conceded just one goal. When the teams last met – in south west London in October – they drew 1-1 and this was another closely contested game,

but Horsham’s defence, the best in the league, enabled them to control proceedings. Each side traded short corners in the first half and, as to the manner born Horsham keeper - skipper Hannah Simpson - was well up to the task, the score remaining nil – nil at the break, despite the physicality of the visiting players, who were getting away with what they were allowed to. But, five minutes into the second half, from another short corner injected by Sam Stares, Ladies Club Captain Charlotte (CJ) White passed the ball to Bex Ross, who put it in the net. A second Horsham attack soon followed but it could not be finished off, then, among a series of impressive build ups, Fran Crossley dived in front of the goal but was just unable to connect. Louisa Denman then beat three players, earning a short corner, before White had her shot from a second short kicked away. With Horsham in the ascendancy Denman broke through again, but Wimbledon were also defending well. Horsham, though, were very happy to . bag all three points, Hannah Simpson telling the District Post: “That was a tough, hard fought win – we’ve been working on our attacking moves and were creating plenty of opportunities.” On Saturday the Ladies travel to play Staines, whom they beat 7-0 at Christ’s Hospital in early November. Staines are anchored to the bottom of the table with just a single point from their 16 games, having scored six goals and shipped in 95, both by far the worst stats in the league this season. Horsham are second with 35 points, three behind leaders Surbiton and one ahead of Basingstoke.

the death Saturday February 3rd – London 2 South East Horsham 25 31 Charlton Park Rugby Martin Read - Sports Reporter Coming into this game Horsham were fourth and Charlton Park third, with both sides pushing to keep in close contact with the leaders - and, Horsham had a score to settle after October’s reverse fixture in Kent, which Charlton Park won 25-8. Charlton Park are a well drilled outfit, but Horsham had the beating of them, taking a strong early lead, only to come unstuck at the death. Horsham were 15-0 to the good 11 minutes into the game, demonstrating the Green & White’s ability to put tries past quality opposition. Straight from the starting whistle a one-two between Tom Blewitt and Mike Watts enabled Blewitt to get over the line for Joe Wilde to convert, before sustained pressure resulted in a penalty, Wilde kicking successfully. The same three players were promptly in action again, Watts scoring Horsham’s second try, this time unconverted. Charlton responded positively, putting Horsham under pressure, which was initially countered until the visitors reduced the deficit with a maximised try. Horsham, though, kept surging, producing their third impressive try – Johnny Whiting penetrating the defence to score and when Wilde converted Horsham led 22-7. Charlton clawed back with a try of their own, but Horsham were happy

to be 22-12 in front at the break, despite some unfulfilled chances preventing an even bigger lead. Horsham Head Coach Nick Stocker urged the team to play in Charlton’s half and maintain discipline, but the opposition’s large forwards were given space and a penalty try narrowed the gap between the sides before the lead was surrendered with an unconverted try. However, Horsham responded with an attack culminating in a penalty to restore home advantage, albeit by just a single point – 25-24. After Horsham infringements were punished the game was snatched by Charlton when they ran in a converted try well into stoppage time, Nick Stocker telling the District Post: “We imploded and were undone by falling foul of the referee and giving their experienced team a fatal last minute opportunity. Our young side will need to learn from these errors if it is to progress as a squad.” Horsham return to action away to Pulborough on Saturday 17th. Pulborough, also without a game this weekend, went down 33-9 at Haywards Heath last Saturday, the league game also serving as a cup decider. Horsham overcame Pulborough 47-22 at Coolhurst when the teams last met three months ago. After winning again last Saturday Dartfordians remain top with 75 points – seven clear of Hove. Charlton Park keep third spot, Haywards Heath fourth and Horsham fifth. At the other end of the table Barking are bottom, with Pulborough in the penultimate slot, 14 points behind Heathfield & Waldron (10th).

Horsham draw – but is it too little, too late? Saturday February 3rd – South League – Premier – Division 1 Horsham Men’s 1st XI 4 4 Winchester Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter Winchester beat Horsham 5-1 in Hampshire in October, but at Christ’s Hospital last Saturday in an encounter of see sawing fortunes there was little to choose between the sides, in another game that Horsham might have won. In an early attack Angus McDonald was tripped when heading for the D, reducing the opposition to ten men, but the danger was averted. Then, following a free hit, Barney Knights-Johnson smashed one of his trademark backhanders, but it rocketed just over, before he had another foray quelled. Two Horsham short corners followed – the first saved by the keeper’s chest. But, after 30

minutes Winchester took advantage of a second Horsham defensive error to go one up before another shot was fired straight at Andrew Isaacs in the Horsham goal. Two minutes later, though, it was all square when former coach Dom Male scored from close range. And, Horsham then took the lead when Male unleashed a powerful strike. Birthday boy Male, who was only able to play in the first half, promptly completed a memorable hat trick to give Horsham a 3-1 cushion, only for Winchester to fortuitously reduce the deficit when a shot was saved but then rolled into the goal. Joey Humphreys subsequently gathered the ball, broke through but was thwarted, to leave Horsham 3-2 ahead at the break. The second half began with a Winchester short corner, from which Isaacs pulled off two impressive saves, but the visitors soon drew level with a high strike from the left following a

goal mouth scramble. Horsham seemed to take their foot off the gas as Winchester had another short corner, fortunately again poorly taken. But, they broke through again crashing the ball into the top right of the goal to re-take the lead. However, Knights-Johnson was put through and piled in the equaliser. Winchester now had most of the ball and won another unthreatening short corner before Horsham were awarded one at the other end, but were unable to capitalise. The game ended with Horsham giving the ball away too regularly, resulting in another unfulfilled Winchester set piece. In normal circumstances this draw would have been considered a fair result, but with Horsham bottom of the table with just six points, one behind Henley, they are in dire need of some wins from their last seven games to claw themselves up towards 10th placed Milton Keynes. When jokingly asked whether he

Photo by Nick Evans had previously been played out of position, Dom Male told the District Post: “I always used to play as a forward but moved to defence because it’s easier to coach the team from there. I’m only sorry that my goals didn’t enable us

to win.” On Saturday Horsham’s Men travel to Battersea Park to take on 9th in the table London Wayfarers (against whom they lost 4-2 at Christ’s Hospital on 28/10). Meanwhile, Oxford Hawks remain top with 40 points.

Friday 9 February 2018


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YMCA win again – and go top!

Photo by Keith Holmes Saturday February 3rd Macron Store Southern Combination Football League – Premier Division Horsham YMCA 1 0 Arundel Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Rampant Horsham YMCA delivered their seventh win from their last eight games, leapfrogging Haywards Heath – whose match was postponed – at the top of the table. After 25 matches YM have 51 points, one ahead of Haywards Heath, who have played 24 times, YM Manager Peter Buckland saying: “At this stage of the season points are better than a game in hand!” So far this season the


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YM pitch has stood up well to an abundance of football, but with three teams in action at Gorings Mead the recent wet weather has taken its toll and, understandably, the surface was very slippery. YM got off to a strong start, earning five first half corners and Dave Brown hit the bar, but they just couldn’t get the ball over the line, the score remaining goal-less up to the break. YM restarted with intent, Phil Johnson breaking through, but, with Arundel keeper Dan Stevens out of position, Dave Brown blazed over when a side-foot might have done. Stevens then saved well, the resultant corner being headed over. But, mid way into the second half, YM skipper Ashley Dugdale

scored with a clean strike, putting YM in front. After Arundel had cleared off the line, YM blasted over before Brown scythed through the defence, passing rather than shooting. Reprieved, Arundel attacked on the rebound, only to see their challenging header - destined for the top right corner of the goal – tipped over by Aaron Jeal, who then safely caught the corner. Further pressure from Arundel followed, but a free kick and two more corners were successfully averted. In the final minutes, in miserably damp and gloomy conditions, a YM goal mouth scramble somehow stayed out ahead of Brown bursting into the box and earning a corner, from which his shot rebounded to Dugdale, who hit the post. Another YM corner came and went, but they had done enough to secure three valuable points. Although Arundel occupy the bottom end of the table, they are a battling side, and, at their lowest ebb of the season, YM lost 3-1 to them at Mill Lane, Peter Buckland offering to resign. However, since then there has been a dramatic and consistent improvement in YM’s form, enabling them to beat the top sides and steadily move up the table, Peter Buckland telling the District Post: “At half time I couldn’t see Arundel scoring, but they were determined not to lose, and I could see them keeping a clean sheet, so it was a great win for us. We’ve worked our way up from fourth from bottom to top of the league and we’re absolutely delighted with that – but we are taking nothing for granted!”

Popular Dean posts a fantastic quadruple century at YMCA Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter With players increasingly mobile and frequently moving from club to club, Horsham YMCA’s game at Gorings Mead against Arundel notched up a rare milestone – Dean Carden’s 400th game for the club. Popular defender Dean made his debut for YM on November 26th 2002, when he came off the bench as a sub in an eventful RUR Charity Cup drawn game against Selsey. Since then he has become an integral component of the side, starting regularly, including over 30 games so far this season. With YM Dean enjoyed consecutive County League Division 1 titles in 2004-5 and 2005-6. He left following the 2007-8 season, but after playing for Three Bridges and Lingfield, YM were delighted to welcome him back to become a permanent fixture in Peter Buckland’s back four. Peter has just nominated Dean as Player of the week, saying: “Due to our good form of late there were four or five candidates, but how can I choose anyone other than Dean Carden! 400 appearances in this day and age of revolving playing staff is a real achievement, his attitude and levels of fitness are a prime example to the youngsters at the club. Dean’s form has been more consistent than ever and I find his approach to every game contagious.” Dean is a hard working, energetic and pacey full back who

loves to get forward, but who is more than capable of carrying out his foremost duty as a defender. Comfortable on the ball, Dean offers a dangerous threat in the opposition half – as witnessed by his recent crucial goal against Eastbourne Town, his 45 goals for YM including 18 penalties. Peter Buckland offered Dean the captaincy against Arundel to mark the special occasion, but this was modestly declined, Dean preferring to concentrate on his own game while securing victory. Speaking to the District Post after the Arundel win, Dean quipped: “It was heavy and tough out there – I’m not sure whether I can manage another 400!” Peter added: “Well done, Dean! I hope to see you at the club for many years, even after you finish playing in 2030! Seriously, Dean is very fit and he could well make another 100 appearances - I hope he does.”

Dean Carden

Bustling Hornets undone by lively, high flying Greenwich

Photo by John Lines Saturday February 3rd – The Bostik League – South Division Horsham 0 2 Greenwich Borough

Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham beat Greenwich Bor-

ough 2-0 in south east London in November – since when the visitors had not been beaten – and the scoreline was the same last Saturday, but this time in Greenwich’s favour. The first half was goal-less, but two goals soon after the restart sealed the Hornets’ fate. Horsh-

am’s defence was depleted by the absence of both Steve Metcalf and Joe Shelley, nevertheless Greenwich were initially denied, despite incursions by Nassim Dukali, the scourge of the Hornets when he was in the Herne Bay side eliminating them from the FA Cup early in the season. Horsham, though, had opportunities, which might have altered the course of the game, Tony Nwachukwu lifting a Darren Boswell supply over the bar before Lewis Hyde headed over Matt Axell’s free kick and Toby House was thwarted by Greenwich keeper Michael McEntegart. But, it was by no means one way traffic – Josh Pelling in the Horsham goal negating Dukali’s attempt. Then, following Jack Barham’s inability to maximise a chance, Chinedu McKenzie was off target and Dukali blazed over. Earlier, Nwachukwu had broken through to no avail and then Tony Oaks, on loan to the Hornets from Dorking Wanderers, was unable to convert, the first half ending with a Greenwich free kick

being safely gathered by Pelling. Horsham restarted promisingly, but to no avail - Nwachukwu breaking through and then Hyde shooting wide from a corner, yet Greenwich opened the scoring when centre forward McKenzie latched onto Dukali’s cross to fire home. Almost immediately it might have got worse, but Pelling saved another McKenzie foray before Nathan Paul headed over. However, Greenwich did double their lead when Barham was brought down and got up to slot in the penalty. Greenwich kept pressing, but Tom Carlisle’s strike was headed away by Scott Kirkwood for an unfulfilled corner. Horsham, though, were still challenging but Josh Street could only put Curtis Gayler’s free kick wide. Then, after another Dukali strike went mercifully adrift, Gayler unleashed a drive past the goal and Nwachukwu was just unable to maximise a centre from Tom Tolfrey, the second loanee from Dorking - for whom he scored 24 goals last season. Tolfrey sent

over another cross, but it was headed away, the game ending with Dukali not quite managing to lob the ball over Pelling. Lewes remain top with 68 points, ahead of Cray Wanderers on 66, Carshalton Athletic (65) and Greenwich (64), closely followed by Walton Casuals and Corinthian Casuals with 63 apiece. Horsham are 11th (45 points). In addition to Tolfrey and Oaks, Horsham have also signed midfielder Henry Watson, from Worthing, Hornets’ Manager Dom de Paola saying: “While these are the quality players I’d have at the club at any time, it’s particularly important to us right now because as well as looking to finish as high up the league as possible, we want to progress in the Sussex Senior Cup and our squad is pretty thin for that – down to 13 players as three or four are cup- tied. Injuries could have resulted us in going to the Pagham Quarter Final with half a team, not what you want when you’re potentially only two wins away from a cup final.”

Friday February 9, 2018

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hockey Another impressive clean sheet win for the Ladies Page 30

10 man Pagham dismiss Horsham from Senior Cup

Photos by John Lines

Tuesday February 6 – Sussex Senior Cup Quarter Final Pagham 3 0 Horsham Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Following two previous postponements, playing this game

at the third attempt - at frosty Nyetimber Lane - ended in tears for Horsham when they were unceremoniously dumped out of the Sussex Senior Cup by Pagham - currently sixth in the Southern Combination League, the tier below the Hornets. Both teams have punched above their

weight this season – Horsham beating top teams, such as Lewes and, away, Greenwich Borough, while Pagham recently knocked out Lewes, are through to the final of the RUR Cup and now the semi final of the Sussex Senior Cup. Horsham, though, have not won the Sussex Senior Cup for 42 years and have sometimes proved fragile this season against teams that they would normally be expected to beat, and their embarrassment against Pagham was compounded by the fact that Pagham played most of the game with 10 men. In an outstanding performance, Pagham took an early lead when, in the eighth minute, Callum Overton caught Horsham’s defence napping and put the ball in the net. Pagham – the aptly named Lions – tamed Horsham’s attacks, keeper James Binfield excelling, until the referee had no hesitation in sending off fullback Ryan Cox for a brutal tackle on Horsham’s Jack Hartley. Horsham responded but Binfield pulled off several saves, including a spectacular diversion of a Hartley curler, before Toby House’s header was scrambled away just ahead of the break. Resuming one up, Pagham soon doubled their lead when Overton scored from close range, and it might have got worse but for good work by Josh Pelling in the Horsham goal. Binfield also impressed, preventing another House attempt and the keeper then denied Horsham a golden opportunity to claw back a goal when he saved Scott Kirkwood’s penalty after House had been floored. But, almost immediately, Pagham put the game well beyond Horsham’s reach, Dan Simmonds beating Pelling with a corkscrew strike. Tom Tolfrey had a late opportunity for Horsham, which he was unable to fulfil, but the game had long been up for the Hornets. Much as the defeat pained Horsham supporters, they applauded Pagham’s spirited and well-deserved win. On Saturday, in an effort to improve on their 12th in the table position, Horsham venture to Chessington to take on Corinthian Casuals (6th), to whom they lost 4-1 at Lancing in December

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK At half time I couldn’t see Arundel scoring, but they were determined not to lose

Pete Buckland

Superb Johnson hat trick increases YMCA lead Tuesday February 6th Macron Store Southern Combination Football League – Premier Division Horsham YMCA 4 0 Broadbridge Heath Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter YM Manager Peter Buckland told the District Post: “We’re on a winning streak and were really keen to keep this game on. Phil Johnson was on fire – mission accomplished!” Always threatening Johnson posted a memorable hat trick and although Broadbridge Heath never gave up and created chances, they were off target and there was only ever one winner, YM defence negating all BBH attacks with a third consecutive clean sheet. Hard work by groundsman Ron Moulding – YM President – ensured that the pitch was in remarkably good condition and the game - originally due to be played on December 27th – was completed just before the ground froze over. Johnson signalled his intentions, breaking through straight from the off, but Michael Chester in the BBH goal gathered safely. BBH had a corner on the rebound, but it was headed wide, before Johnson did the same at the other end, but he did not have to wait long for his first goal – another of his trademark forays giving YM the lead in the 13th minute. A wave of YM attacks followed, sandwiched between two corners, before Johnson found the net again just on half time, vehement protests for offside earning BBH offi-

cials and supporters a warning from referee Wilkes. On the resumption a Luke Gedling free kick resulted in a YM corner and the ball went in, but the ref ruled that Chester had been fouled and the goal was disallowed. But YM duly increased their lead in the 63rd minute when Tom Gilbert headed in another YM corner. Sam Schaaf then fired over, until a Johnson curler put the game well out of BBH reach. Johnson said: “I’m absolutely chuffed with that – its put us four points clear for the time being, so great!” Post match Peter Buckland told us: “To be honest we’ve under achieved in the past but we’re on a roll now and all of the players want us to go up. We had to break Broadbridge Heath down and it was an emphatic win. What pleased me was that we had five players on the bench who were really keen to get on and are good enough to walk into most sides.” While, clearly disappointed with the result, BBH Manager Steve Painter said: “We had players missing with injuries, but no excuses we weren’t good enough tonight – we were poor and we can’t get away from that. But, our future is bright and we’re all excited about our new ground, which we expect to be ready in August.” (Interviews with the Managers can be seen at Youtube MickSullivan. On Saturday, in their second trip to East Sussex in quick succession, YM travel to play 16th placed Eastbourne United AFC. When the teams met at Gorings Mead in September Eastbourne beat the then out of form YM 2-1.

YM Manager Peter Buckland

The District Post 9th February 2018  
The District Post 9th February 2018