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Is Blue Monday really a thing?

Friday 12.01.2018

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Horsham’s hidden gems recognised internationally maY PEARSON

Entertainment Editor

Travel writers at the Guardian have recognised Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods in Harwood Road, Horsham as top “hidden gem” destinations in the world for 2017. The popular woodland attractions were rated alongside world renowned locations, such as Lake Gaube in the French Pyrenees, Shell Beach; one of Australia’s natural wonders of the world and the Belmonte Calabro coast in Italy and came out as one of the publication’s best hidden discoveries of 2017. Describing the experience of visiting the local woods, the Guardian said it was “transported to another world” as it explored the combined 108 acres of woods and heathland. Horsham District Council

Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, Cllr Jonathan Chowen, responded: “We are very pleased that Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods have been commended alongside such prestigious world destinations. “It is a fitting tribute to the hard work put in by the council’s wardens and our volunteers from the Green Gym in nurturing and maintaining their acres of flora and fauna. “They are truly “hidden gems” and just typical of the type of rich cultural experience visitors to our district can expect to enjoy.” Leechpool covers some 53 acres and is home to lots of wildlife and a multitude of greenery. Owlbeech consists of some 55 acres of heathland, which is being encouraged back to its former glory and houses a variety of livestock. Run and maintained by Horsham District Council, Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods are free to visit and are open all year round.



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Friday 12 January 2018


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The Force to descend on Horsham again!

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D.W. Nye customers help to raise £252 for charity Page 9 Entertainment Moon River and Me with Jimmy Osmond Page 10

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Reaching Higher

Music and up Karaoke Gro Horsham District Council’s successful Reaching Higher Project is adding an exciting new activity to the list of activities it already offers to children with additional needs.

The District Post Ltd The Bottings 26 North Street Horsham West Sussex RH12 1RQ 01403 289709

Our new Music and Karaoke Group offers disabled children and adults the chance to experience Guitar, Drum and Vocal lessons in a professional recording studio as well as the opportunity to sing their favourite songs on our new Karaoke stage. Venue QM Studios, behind the Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham Dates

Times 4.15pm – 6pm Cost

Davey Pearson

Managing Director

May Pearson

News & Entertainment

Friday 12 January – Friday 23 March 2018 (excluding half term on Friday 16 February)

£40 for 10 week course (£30 for LAC/Compass Card holders) or £5 (£4 LAC/Compass Card) per week pay as you go



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Following last year’s success, Gobsmack Comics’ now annual Star Wars day will return next month. The event on Saturday February 3, will raise money, for local charity The Springboard Project, as various characters from the Star Wars universe visit the shop situated in Swan Walk Shopping Centre. Visitors will get the chance to meet Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Stormtroopers, Jedi’s and other characters from the films, and grab the opportunity to take some great selfies! Gobsmack Comics owner, Drew Dewsall, said: “Last year’s event raised over £300 for the charity and saw Swan Walk packed with Star Wars fans of all ages and this year, the event is going to be even better. It’s a great way for us to offer something truly unique, for the people of Horsham, and do some good at the same time. Plus, who doesn’t want to meet Chewbacca?” Gobsmack Comics has been serving the people of Horsham

since it first opened as a popup shop in 2015. Since then, they have put on various themed days for the local community. These days have so far raised in excess of £600 for The Springboard Project, a community based charity that provides inclusive play and leisure opportunities for families with young children and fun short breaks for children and teenagers with disabilities. Providing most of the characters will be costume group Iconic Legion, featuring a team of dedicated volunteers who regularly give up their spare time in order to raise money for charities all over the country. On top of the amazing costumers, Gobsmack will be offering discounts on all things Star Wars in store throughout the day and they also encourage anyone to come along dressed as their favourite Star Wars characters. So, for a day out in Horsham with a difference, don your Imperial or Rebellion gear and join in the fun!

For more information about the Music and Karaoke Group or to book a place, please contact Kim Roberts on 07747 565315.

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Potentially life-saving ‘health monitor’ technology designed by University of Sussex physicists


Fares 9 £9 from

SALISBURY, STONEHENGE & SHERBORNE THURSDAY 8 MARCH APPROX TIMES HORSHAM: DEPART 0730 – RETURN 0005 This trip will be diesel hauled between Horsham and West London in both directions.

Fares 09 £1 THURSDAY 30 AUGUST from


Sick babies in remote parts of the world could be monitored from afar thanks to new wearable technology designed by physicists at the University of Sussex. And parents at home, concerned about the risk of cot death, could keep track of their new babies’ heart and breathing rates with automatic updates to their smart phones, using ‘fitness tracker’-style technology built into baby sleep suits. The unobtrusive sensors – the most sensitive liquid-based devices to have ever been developed – could also be transformative for anyone with life-threatening conditions such as sleep apnea. In addition, because graphene is cheap to produce, the new breakthrough should be affordable. Professor Alan Dalton, from the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and his team of physicists at the University of Sussex have created a liquid made from an emulsion of graphene, water and oil, which conducts electricity. The breakthrough is described in a paper, published on Tuesday 9 January 2018, in the peer-reviewed Royal Society of Chemistry journal Nanoscale. A prototype has been created and the team are talking to commercial sponsors to fund further research so that the product can be brought to market. The team were inspired to create this new health monitor after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation called for new affordable wearable health technologies for babies in situations where resources are scarce. Graphene is a two-dimensional material made from carbon atoms that is strong, flexible and conductive. When a channel or tube holding the liquid is stretched, even by a small amount, the conductivity of the liquid changes. This means that the respiration rates and pulses of people wearing the device can be tracked. Because the new liquid technology is so sensitive, it picks up very small signals when attached to the body. In order to monitor

the pulses of babies at the moment, clunky sensors need to be attached to babies’ tiny feet or hands, which often fall off. The information is then relayed to a monitor by wires which can restrict the child’s movement. Professor Dalton’s technological development would see the monitoring done wirelessly and non-invasively with a ‘fitness tracker’-like band – or even embedded within the fabric of a sensor vest for the baby to wear. Professor Dalton explained: “Using the conducting liquid emulsions we have developed, we will produce cheap, wearable sensors based on graphene. The devices will be comfortable, noninvasive and can provide intuitive diagnostics of breathing and heart rate. We will eventually have a suit that the baby can wear which will read-out all vital information wirelessly. We hope to see this made available within two to four years. “In the laboratory we have created a sensor that has the potential to drastically improve early detection of life-threatening symptoms such as sleep apnea or cardiac arrhythmia, where constant monitoring with conventional equipment is challenging outside of the hospital environment. “Of course the ultimate potential is wider than that. Anyone interested in tracking their heart or respiration rates – joggers for example – may be interested to wear this technology within their exercise gear. I came up with the idea for the new graphene emulsion at the core of this technology while making salad dressing – which is a type of emulsion – at home with my daughter. It’s amazing how, as scientists, we take inspiration from the everyday world around us.” Dr Matthew Large, lead researcher on the project in the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, described the new development: “What we’ve done is similar to how you might make a salad dressing; by shaking

together water and oil, you make tiny droplets of one liquid floating in the other because the two don’t mix. Normally, the droplets would all collect together and the liquids separate over time, like the droplets in a lava lamp. We’ve resolved this by putting graphene in. The graphene, which is an atom thick, sits at the surface of the droplets and stops them from coalescing. “What’s quite exciting about this new type of conductive liquid is how sensitive it is to being stretched. When the graphene particles are assembled around the liquid droplets electrons can hop from one particle to the next; this is why the whole liquid is conductive. When we stretch our sensors we squeeze and deform the droplets; this moves the graphene particles further apart and makes it much harder for the electrons to hop across the system. The sensitivity of this new kind of strain sensor is actually much higher than a lot of existing technologies, and it is the most sensitive liquid-based device ever reported by quite a significant margin.” Professor Dalton continued: “Graphene is very affordable as it can be produced using naturallyoccurring graphite, so this could be rolled out on a big scale. This is good news for health services, because the new technology will not be expensive to make and buy. It also means it should be affordable to individuals.” The paper ‘Functional liquid structures by emulsification of graphene and other twodimensional nanomaterials’ was published in Nanoscale on Tuesday 9 January 2018. It is authored by Matthew Large, Sean Ogilvie, Manuela Meloni, Aline Amorim Graf, and Giuseppe Fratta at the University of Sussex; Jonathan Salvage at the University of Brighton; Alice King and Alan B. Dalton, also at Sussex. To view the paper, please visit: http://dx.doi. org/10.1039/c7nr05568d. The team is collaborating with commercial partner Advanced Materials Development.



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Friday 12 January 2018


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Millais PTA hoping to impress with Preloved Prom Dress sale

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Cartoon dinosaur to help spread NSPCC’s Underwear Rule the PANTS rule. The game enables children to have fun while learning about staying safe and what to do should anything happen that they feel uncomfortable about.

Following the success of their second Preloved Prom sale in February of last year, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Millais School are again offering the opportunity to buy and sell Prom dresses and accessories on Saturday 10 February to meet a growing need for alternatives to full price items. Ruth Dean of the PTA explained: “We had an excellent response to our first Preloved Prom Sale in 2016 and in 2017 we doubled the number of dresses and accessories available. We are very excited to be holding the sale again this year and are keen to hear from anyone looking to sell their prom dress. It’s great to be able to offer an affordable alternative and the quality of the dresses offered for sale has been very good.” Millais PTA is encouraging previous students and other Horsham residents to bring their own Prom dress and accessories along for the

day and allow them to try and sell it on their behalf. If a dress is sold, the seller will receive the majority of the sale price, with a donation of 15% going to towards the fundraising for the school. The Preloved Prom Sale will enable potential buyers to view and try the dresses on offer and purchase it that day. Ruth continued: “We hope that this will not only help some students purchase their prom essentials at a more affordable price, but also to give those interested in selling their dresses and accessories access to a captive audience.” The sale will be held at Millais School on Saturday 10 February 2018 12.30pm – 3pm. Anyone interested in selling their Prom dress should contact Millais PTA for a seller’s pack on 07780 676879 or email

The game enables children to have fun while learning about staying safe and what to do should anything happen .... For many parents and carers, the idea of sitting down with your children and speaking to them about sexual abuse is a scary thought. Some may make an attempt but others might keep putting it off. But with the help of the NSPCC’s Underwear Rule, also known as PANTS - it doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t even need to mention sex. From P through to S, each letter stands for an important rule for children to remember - Privates are private, Always

remember your body belongs to you, No means no, Talk about secrets that upset you and Speak up – someone can help. Helping us to spread this message is Pantosauraus the cartoon dinosaur, who was recently introduced to the world with a catchy song and activity pack and now has his own game which is free to download from the iOS and Android app store. The game features four mini challenges where children test their skills against Pantosaurus and his friends whilst learning


Do you Think Before You Throw? 20% Mixed Dry Recycling Please put this in your blue-top bin for recycling, if you don’t have room please contact us to arrange an additional bin.

28% Food Waste Compost at home using a home-composter along with a kitchen caddy and reduce food waste so you don’t throw so much away.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Please don’t put this in your rubbish bin, even small electrical items and batteries should be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Site where they are recycled into new things!

6% Textiles Clothes that are in good condition can be taken to charity shops for a new lease of life! Old clothes, rags and shoes can be taken to a textile bank at your local Household Waste Recycling Site.

2% Garden Waste Garden waste should not be put in your rubbish bin. Compost at home or sign-up to our Garden Waste Collection Service to have it collected.

43% Household Waste Belongs in your green-top bin – No outlet for reuse or recycling.

Horsham district’s residents are generally excellent at recycling; the recycling is mostly clean and in good condition for reprocessors to make it into new stuff. However recent analysis of Horsham’s waste has shown that a large amount of recycling is still being thrown in the rubbish bin, along with other items that can be recycled elsewhere. The info graphic opposite shows what was found and how these materials can be reduced, reused or recycled. • Did you know that you can recycle empty aerosol cans and clean foil in your blue-top bin?

Parents know their children better than anyone, so they’ll know when they’re ready to have a conversation about PANTS and how much detail to go into. But downloading the new game is a great place to start. The more you talk about it the less awkward and uncomfortable you will feel and you will also have the peace of mind that you are equipping your child with vital knowledge to help keep them safe now and in the future, both online and out in the real world. Emma Motherwell, NSPCC Local Campaigns Manager


of th curren e waste th at w tly be Re throw awa e used y can or Rec , Reduced ycled!

• We can recycle all types of paper too except photographs and tissue, it just needs to be dry. Don’t worry about removing the plastic window from envelopes, that’s sorted as part of the process. • Clean plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays can also be recycled, either rinse them off before you pop them in the blue-top bin or to save water add them with your normal washing up or pop them in the dishwasher when it’s full.

For further help and advice including a handy A-Z list of what can and can’t be recycled, please visit

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Is Blue Monday really a thing? Flu season in full swing together to help you achieve it. Small actions taken regularly will provide a better, longer lasting result, as bigger changes will be harder to maintain. Then make some changes. What you’ve done in the past has taken you to where you are now, so if where you want to be is different, it will require some different skills, abilities and maybe a different mindset. Learning how to practice Mindfulness can help here, as it is a powerful life skill that can help influence all areas of your life. Importantly, you must learn to enjoy the journey. Life and goals are about the journey, not the destination. Putting yourlife on ‘hold’ until you reach your goal is never helpful, but traveling on the right track, that will get you to your desired result, is. The more you enjoy the process, the happier you’ll be and chances are the journey will be shorter as a result. And no matter how bad things feel at the moment, you will have plenty of things to be grateful for. In every bad situation there will be positives. Often, the small things in life that we take for granted will make us feel the most grateful when we stop and consider them. If you’d like some help to beat the Blue Monday vibe, please contact Angela Abbott on 07941 134267, email: or visit the website www.holisticallybalanced. .

Local GPs are calling for the thousands of people, who are at high risk of medical complications from seasonal flu and who haven’t yet received their vaccination, to get their free flu jab now. The NHS in West Sussex is offering the free flu jab to those most at risk of becoming very unwell if they contract the flu virus Adults are eligible to receive the free flu vaccine if: he/she is aged 65 years and older; he/ she has an underlying health condition (such as a long term heart or respiratory disease); he/she has a weakened immune system; she is pregnant; s/he is a main carer for an older or disabled person. The vaccine is available free on the NHS for eligible children, including: children aged 2 and 3 on August 31 2017 – that is, children born between September 1 2013 and August 31 2015; children in reception class and school years 1, 2, 3 and 4; children aged 2 to 17 with long-term health conditions. Health authorities are hoping the latest appeal will encourage as many eligible individuals as possible to get

immunised, ‘which is the best way to protect everyone from flu’. Dr Minesh Patel, Clinical Chair of NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group and local GP, explained: “Flu is a highly infectious disease and can lead to serious complications for those with long-term health conditions like bronchitis, diabetes, heart or liver disease, very young children and pregnant mothers. Catching flu on top of these can easily develop into something very serious and could get bad enough to require hospital treatment”. If you think you may have the flu, symptoms of which can include a sudden fever, aching body and/or a headache, you should: rest and sleep, keep warm take paracetamol or ibuprofen to lower your temperature and treat aches and pains drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Residents should also seek advice from their local pharmacist as soon as possible; pharmacies can give treatment and advice and recommend flu remedies. For more information on flu and to find your local pharmacist visit:


Terms and conditions apply.

“Getting a great fitness deal.” Gym Only memberships just £23.99 a month Free parking

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre 01403 211311 Contact us to find out more or join online. Whatever place you’re into

Places for People Leisure Ltd working in partnership with Horsham District Council.


Blue Monday is the name given to Monday 15th January. Yes, it has been claimed that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the whole year! Back in 2005 a travel company declared that they had used an equation to calculate the worst date of the year. Influencing factors such as weather, debt, monthly salary, time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low mo-

tivational levels, and the feeling of a need to take action were used to create it, and although the formula was deemed to be nonsensical by scientists, the name and the date has stuck. However, Angela Abbot from Holistically Balanced explained that there is some general truth in it. “January is a month that many people traditionally struggle with, or struggle to ‘feel good’ with themselves. Even if Blue Monday isn’t an actual ‘thing’, the lack of sunlight and fallout from Christmas can leave us feeling ‘less than’ great. Add that we may have already given up on our New Year resolutions and are feeling demotivated and we may be feeling blue for more than just one day.” She continued “There are lots of ways to change how we feel and it is good to keep in mind that winter is a time of introspection. So how we think and feel in winter will be different to how we naturally think and feel in the summer. We can still maintain a positive outlook to feel happy and confident in ourselves, but it might just be in a more understated way than at other times of the year!” You should start by looking at what is really important to you in relation to your health, home life, relationships, finances and career, as this will help you identify what you need to change for this year. Now you know what’s important, you can put a plan of action


Friday 12 January 2018


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Collyer’s at Thorpe Park: Students learn where to sit for the best ride

until Monday 15 January 2018. To take part in the consultation, please visit: https:// uk/children-adults-families-health-and-education/ school-admission-arrangements-2019-2020 For a printed copy of the consultation and response form, please email admissions. or call 03330 142903. Local voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies will consult people separately if they are proposing any changes to their admission arrangements.

the park’s season, the trip was organised by Travel and Tourism students as part of their second year A-level coursework. The mathematicians (and their maths teachers!) took full advantage of a quiet park and short queues, all while studying the mechanics of rollercoasters and the mathematical principles behind the unique

Photo by Hannah Page, Head of Maths Over 40 Collyer’s Maths and Business Studies students and staff visited Thorpe Park, to get a behind the scenes insight into the workings of the theme park. The group attended a workshop run by Thorpe Park to look at some of the business and statistical principles behind day-to-day running, giving more practical contexts for both the maths they have already learnt, and the areas the group will cover in the months ahead. Head of Maths, Hannah Page, was delighted: “The trip to Thorpe Park follows our initial teaching on mechanics and is therefore a

valuable opportunity for students to see and experience the principles we have discussed in a real context. The trip also introduces them to topics to come later in the course. “Perhaps the most fun part for many was discovering the places to sit on rides to get the best experience, and understanding why rides are designed the way they are. Our students worked out that for rides that turn on an axis, you should sit at the sides; for anything like a rollercoaster, sit at the back for the most extreme experience!” Booked for the last day of

Perhaps the most fun part for many was discovering the places to sit on rides to get the best experience design features of each ride. A relieved Deputy Principal, Steve Nicholl, said: “Thanks to our business and maths students’ trip to Thorpe Park, I’m now fully aware of where to sit on a rollercoaster for the most thrilling ride. It goes without saying, that I shall now absolutely avoid sitting in those seats in future!” Head of Faculty for Science and Maths, Dr Rob Hussey, said: “Huge thanks to all the teachers and students for making this trip possible.”


Terms and conditions apply.


Gym Swim Classes £20.18 Join for £20.18 and pay nothing more until 1st February Offer only available 1st - 9th January 2018

The Pavilions In The Park 01403 219209 Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre 01403 211311

Billingshurst Leisure Centre 01403 787500 Steyning Leisure Centre 01903 879666

Contact us or join online quoting NEWYR2018

Whatever place you’re into

Places for People Leisure Ltd working in partnership with Horsham District Council.


Still time to have your say on the school admissions process People have just a few more days to have their say on the schools admissions process. West Sussex County Council is asking for comments on: admission numbers for all schools; key dates in the admissions process; the proposed oversubscription criteria for all community and voluntary controlled schools, including a change to the Horsham town area for secondary transfer and to the catchment area of Midhurst/Easebourne areas. The proposed admission arrangements would come in effect for September 2019 entry admissions. The consultation will run

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Take on a Challenge in 2018 and help Chestnut Tree House celebrate 15 years of caring for life-limited children

Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice will celebrate its 15th birthday this November, and is calling on people of all ages across Sussex and South East Hampshire to take on a challenge to mark the occasion. The charity has listed 15 challenges and is encouraging interested parties to “pick one, two or even take on all 15!”: 1. Let 15 people know about our Open Days, taking place on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October 2.Test your nerve on our incredible 15th birthday abseil at Arundel Castle in September 3.Dig deep and donate £15 4.Share our social media pages with 15 friends 5.Sign up 15 sponsors (or more) for your next big challenge 6.Give 15 hours through volunteering 7.Chase Santa around the school playground on a 15-lap Reindeer Run 8.Get your heart pumping with 15


got a story? email us at

runs in our 15th year 9.Invite 15 friends over for a Big Get Together barbeque, cocktail or movie night 10.Shout ‘Geronimo!’ on a 15,000 ft skydive 11.Collect 15 things to donate to your local Chestnut Tree House shop 12. Challenge your workmates to fill up 15 charity bags between you 13.Spread the word by telling 15 friends about Chestnut Tree House 14.Feel lucky with our Superdraw – and sell 15 tickets to your friends 15.Enter a team in our 15th birthday mud run in July Linda Perry, Director of Children’s Services at Chestnut Tree House, said: “A lot has changed since Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra officially opened Chestnut Tree House on 11 November 2003, and we could not have helped the 833 children and families we have over the last 15 years without the help and support of the local community.

“Without people taking on challenges, fundraising, making donations, volunteering or pledging gifts in wills, we simply wouldn’t be able to continue providing the specialist care that is vital to so many children and young people in Sussex and South East Hampshire. “To everyone who has helped us over the last 15 years, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you from all the children, families and staff at Chestnut Tree House. In our 15th year, let’s inspire everyone to live For the Now, take on a challenge and help us make every Now count.” Chestnut Tree House opened its doors on 11 November 2003 and currently provides care and support to around 300 children with lifeshortening conditions and their families across East Sussex, West Sussex and South East Hampshire – both at the hospice and in families’ own homes. The cost of providing this vital service is over £3.5 million per year, yet the hospice receives less than 7% central government funding so relies heavily on the generosity and support of the local community to continue providing vital care to local children and families. To find out how you can get involved, please visit: uk/get-involved/

‘Who Wants to be a Mathionnaire?’ The NSPCC is encouraging schools across Sussex to take part in their Number Day on Friday 2 February, 2018. Number Day is a maths-inspired fundraising day for children in nursery right through to secondary school, with free downloadable maths activities, suitable for all ages and abilities. These fun curriculum-based activities include a quiz Who Wants to Be a Mathionnaire? based on the popular TV show, and a Number Hunt, where children have to find the teacher with the correct answer. Pupils are also encouraged to ‘Dress Up For Digits’ and make a donation to wear an item of clothing with a number on it. All the money raised will go towards funding vital NSPCC services that help prevent child abuse, such as Speak Out Stay Safe. which sees trained volunteers visiting primary schools across the UK, including

Tel: 01403 791808

Bradley Stoves Ltd Unit 10, Bramble Hill Farm, Five Oaks Road, Slinfold, West Sussex, RH13 0RL

Sussex, to talk to children about abuse and where they can get help if they need it. Amanda Rocca, Schools Service Area Co-ordinator for Sussex, said: “It’s so important to have the support of schools across the UK for Number Day. Their involvement will help us to protect more children from abuse and allow them to focus on what’s important - their hopes, their ambitions and their education. “For 2018, we have new and refreshed activities so everyone can have fun with numbers - even if it isn’t their favourite subject!” The NSPCC are encouraging schools to sign-up to Number Day 2018 by visiting uk/numberday. Once registered, teachers will have access to the Number Day website where they can download free resources and activities. Number Day is supported by Man Group and Oxford University Press.

Henry Adams

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WE SPECIALISE IN MARKETING THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES: Offices Workshops Industrial units Retail shops Restaurants / cafes Trade counter premises Investments Business transfer Farm buildings Development sites

COMPETITIVE AGENCY FEES FOR NEW CLIENTS We provide a proactive, focused and transparent approach to all aspects of marketing commercial property For a confidential discussion of your specific requirements or a free, no obligation market appraisal, contact Andrew Algar on

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‘I’m treated like any other employee D.W. Nye customers help and not just an apprentice’ to raise £252 for charity

An apprentice has been speaking about her positive experience, to inspire others to find out more at an Apprenticeship Jobs Fair. Emma Mitchell, 21, who is doing an 18-month placement as a communications apprentice, said: “Right from the beginning of my apprenticeship, I’ve enjoyed the responsibilities of the role. I’m treated like any other employee and not just an apprentice, making me feel like what I do matters and makes a difference to the organisation.” Emma was undecided on her career path, after finishing school, and was working part-time when she heard about the apprenticeship at Crawley Borough Council: “Being out of education was a liberating experience, although I knew

if I wanted to start a new career, I would need more relevant training. An apprenticeship would not only give me the qualifications I required, but would also allow me to stay in the world of work, which I didn’t plan on leaving.” “I’d recommend anyone to consider an apprenticeship when deciding what to do after college, it’s ideal if you want to continue collecting qualifications while earning a decent wage. “The experience you gain from being in a work place environment is, in my opinion, more valuable than what you learn in further education and employers think so too!” Emma hopes her story will inspire others to find out more at an Apprenticeship Jobs Fair on

Tuesday16 January from 3:30pm until 6:00pm at the Civic Hall, part of the Town Hall, in The Boulevard, Crawley. Richard Burrett, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “It is great to hear of Emma’s experience as an apprentice and I hope others will come along to the Fair to find out more. “Apprenticeships are a hugely valuable career path for young people, offering genuine skills and in work training that can catapult an ambitious employee ahead.” Peter Smith, Crawley Borough Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development, said: “It’s encouraging to hear Emma’s placement at Crawley Borough Council is working so well. We’ve had more than 25 apprentices at the council over the past few years and are committed to providing even more. “The upcoming fair will be a great opportunity for young people to explore their desired career path and have any questions answered by experts. I recommend that anyone wanting to find out more about apprenticeships attends the fair in the Civic Hall on Tuesday 16 January.” For more information about the fair, email or to find out more about apprenticeships in West Sussex, visit

Customers of the Kingsfold builders merchant D.W. Nye have helped to raise £252 for Horsham charity Born Free. Throughout December, D.W. Nye’s eye-catching and edible Gingerbread House – baked and constructed by Horsham resident Kat Gianni – was on display at the depot. Local residents were invited to guess how many sweets were hidden inside it, in return for a suggested donation to the charity of £1 per entry. The winner with the closest estimate was announced as Kevin Winlow from Denne, who was only four sweets short of the

FREE FAMILY LAW ADVICE CLINIC IN CRAWLEY AND HORSHAM We offer a free 30 minute consultation at our family law advice clinic every Tuesday 1pm – 4pm, covering: • Divorce, separation and finances • Children matters (contact and residence arrangements) • Cohabitation disputes where couples are unmarried • Consent Orders • Options available on the breakdown marriage or civil partnership • Prenuptial agreements By appointment only. Please book in advance by calling 01293 596947. Crawley clinic: 117-119 High Street, Crawley RH10 1DD Horsham clinic: Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Horsham RH12 1GZ Alternatively, we offer a one hour fixed fee appointment at £100 plus vat (£120). To book a convenient fixed fee appointment please call 01293 596947.

actual total of 658. Depot manager, Duncan Tidy, presented Mr Winlow with a Luscious Hamper worth £75, courtesy of Cocoa Loco at Swan Walk. D.W. Nye Managing Director, Rex Nye, said: “Congratulations to Mr Winlow and thanks to everyone who took part and helped raise funds for such a worthy cause. We are proud to be a local, family-run business, so we are delighted that we have been able to support our friends at Born Free in Horsham.” For further information about D.W. Nye, please visit www.


Friday 12 January 2018

Entertainment Horsham District Gig Guide

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Moon River and Me with Jimmy Osmond

Friday 16th 11/01/2018 September

Open Mic night The Overtures The Star -Golf Dorking, Wildwood & Country Dorking, Surrey Club, Cranleigh 20:30 18:00 Mic night TOpen Slammers Soul Band TheBarley Bull Inn, Henfield The Mow, Tandridge 20:00 20:00 Open Mic The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:00

Saturday 17th September

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Christ’s Hospital juniors begin rehearsals for Bugsy Malone The first rehearsal and script read-through for the junior production of ‘Bugsy Malone’ took place recently at Christ’s Hospital School Theatre. With the dust having barely settled on the stage after the successful ‘in-the-round’ senior production of ‘The Crucible’, the drama department at CH was inundated last term with over 200 young pupils wanting to audition for ‘Bugsy Malone’. During the auditions for the show, the pupils sang, acted and

danced to impress directors Caroline Kelley and Zoe Munday. They were certainly put through their paces and with call back auditions, 40 or so groups were seen by the directors. With such a wealth of talent to choose from, this promises to be an exciting junior production which will be held in the CH theatre on 21, 22 and 23 June. For tickets, please visit the Christ’s Hospital Theatre Box Office.


Horsham Rocks Presents Horsham Bandstand, The Dave McPherson Carfax, Horsham Railway Inn, Billingshurst 11:00 til 16:00 20:30 Nell Bryden Anna NealeTheatre, HorThe Capitol Cranleigh Arts Centre, sham Cranleigh 19:30 19:30 Than Life Duo Larger Goffs Park Social Club, Crawley 20:30 Hounds of Sound Horsham Rocks Presents: Broadbridge Heath Village The Gibbons HyldonHeath Centre, Broadbridge experience 20:00 The Carfax Bandstand, Quo-caine Horsham The Mulberry, Goring 13:00 - 15:00 20:30 StoneHeart Cold Sober Black Angel TheMalt MaltShovel, Shovel,Horsham Horsham The 20:30 0:30


Sunday 18th 16/01/2018 September

South Saxon Beardsmen Acoustic showcases Gathering The Surrey Oaks, The Malt Shovel, Horsham Newdigate 12:00 til 18:00 20:00 Open Mic night Acoustic Open Mic Night The Shelley Arms, BroadThe Jolly Tanners, bridge Heath Staplefield 19:30 20:00 Riverboat Shuffle Horsham Sports Club, Horsham 20:00

Direct from the USA, the only official Andy Williams tribute show starring Jimmy Osmond. This brand new show, full of award-winning music, nostalgic footage and special memories of Andy Williams, will touch your heart. Jimmy Osmond began his performing career at the tender age of three with Andy Williams on his television series. This year marks Jimmy’s fiftieth anniversary in show business. Jimmy will sing the songs that made Andy Williams so beloved by millions, including Music To Watch Girls By, Happy Heart, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Almost There, May Each Day, Days Of Wine And Roses, and,

of course, the song that was to become his theme tune, Moon River. The youngest member of the world-famous Osmond family is joined by The Moon River Band, with special guest stars Charlie Green and Emily Penny, and, naturally, a show with an Osmond would not be complete without some of the chart-topping hits that made Jimmy and his brothers famous. Come and relive the dream with Jimmy Osmond singing the songs of Andy Williams. Performance: Thursday 1 February 7.30pm, The Hawth Crawley. Tickets: £32, available from The Hawth Box Office: 01293 553636 or online by visiting:

17/01/2018 Open Mic Night

The Bear, Horsham Tuesday 20th 20:00 September

Acoustic Open Mic Night The Jolly Tanners, Staplefield Open Mic night 20:30 The Star - Dorking, Blues Workshop Dorking, Surrey Northgate Community Cen20:30 tre, Crawley Open Mic night 20:00 The Bull Henfield Open Mic Inn, Night 20:00 The Royal Oak, Ifield 20:00 Acoustic showcases The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate 19:30


Gig guide kindly supplied 14th by Wenesday horshamSeptember Electric Jam Night The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:30

Thursday 15th

Design Search Social

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Terrific January Blues Bustin’ Barnstormers Comedy show at the Capitol Horsham

The Holbrook Club • North Heath Lane • Horsham

HOLBROOKFEST FEATURING The Glambusters • Jodie Munday • Loathsome Guts Taygan Paxton • ManBitesDog • Borrowed Time The Tube Snake Boogie Band • The Farm Boys EVENT SPONSORED BY

Paul Kerensa Happy New Year! And while we hope that the season delivered in every possible way, we also know that you’re probably in need of a lift in the face of the usual January comedown. And as you might anticipate, we are perfectly positioned to provide the perfect antitode in the form of another top Barnstormers Comedy show for the 21st January. As usual, three top circuit acts will be gracing the Capitol stage with resident host, Kevin Precious, returning to oversee the proceedings. This month’s performances showcase: hugely amiable gagster Paul Kerensa, ‘A comic wave that just keeps coming... As effortless a writer as he is a performer’ - The Stage; offbeat storyteller Eleanor Tiernan, ‘Tiernan has a uniquely oblique angle on the word, and her routines have a touch of whimsy while grounded in astute observation. It means her set sounds fresh and original, without being so wilfully strange it will alienate all but the most dedicated followers’ - Chor-

Eleanor Tiernan tle; and frequently topical songand-gag-man Steve Gribbin, ‘A highly refreshing and original comic with a gift for sharp observations and up-to-the-minute political asides’ - The Scotsman. Paul Kerensa Writer for BBC1’s Miranda and Not Going Out, among countless others, Paul Kerensa’s the indemand comic who plays comedy clubs and cathedrals. He’s one of the few to have appeared both at London’s Comedy Store and on Radio 2’s Pause For Thought. A decade into his stand-up career, Paul’s one-man show has played to packed-out venues over the last few years, including the Edinburgh Fringe and Montreal Comedy Festival. Most recently, he’s been part of the writing teams for TFI Friday, Top Gear, The Kennedys and ITV’s Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special. Eleanor Tiernan Irish Stand up comedian. Performs at venues around Ireland and the UK mostly. Other kinds too... acting in funny sketches,

Steve Gribbin characters, TV shows but stand up is what I do most. Occasionally writes for magazines, websites etc. Steve Gribbin Steve Gribbin is a diminutive guitar-wielding satirist from Liverpool whose scabrous comedy songs and off the wall observations have made him one of the firm favourites of the comedy circuit. Steve’s original comedy songs combine razor sharp lyrics with tunes that put their foot in the door of your mind and refuse to leave. Firmly based in rock ‘n’ roll and refusing to pull no punches, these are not the ‘oh so witty’ ditties of penguin-suited plink plonk piano playing posh gobs. They are that rarity - comedy songs which are actually funny. Tickets: £10 in advance, £12 on the night, available from The Capitol Box Office: 01403 750220 or online:



MEMBERS £10 • Non-MEMBERS £12 • Under 16s £8 Eight local bands will be performing for the FIRST time at the Club, compered by the talented Stephen Michael Foster. Throughout the day, the Club will be promoting and selling a range of Craft Ales and Beers whilst the kitchen will be open for food. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this great event for local music and North Horsham, in what promises to be an event to remember!

01403 751150

Box Office 01403 750220


Horsham’s Seedy Saturday 2018

Horsham’s Seedy Saturday event will be held on Saturday 10 February 2018, between 10am and 2pm. Now in its 9th year, the event is an enjoyable reminder, for local gardeners and allotment holders, that the beginning of the growing year is starting. Transition Horsham will again host in the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, opposite the Sainsbury’s car park pedestrian access. The event will be opened this year by well-known local radio gardening

expert, Jean Griffin, at 10.00am, who will stay to answer gardening questions. Visitors can expect to find soup and bread, tea and homemade cake available for refreshment, and the ever-popular raffle for garden related prizes. The main focus of Seedy Saturday is, of course, seed swapping. Organisers hope that visitors come prepared: “bring your home collected seeds, popped into an envelope, labelled and dated, so that you can swap yours for ones you want.

If you don’t have any seeds to swap, don’t worry, you can pick up what you want, for a small donation, and have a chat with other gardeners and growers. “We have a lovely selection of stallholders this year; local horticultural societies, Horsham in Bloom, Brinsbury College with information on its courses, our local nature reserves, both Warnham and Chesworth, as well as Sussex Wildlife Trust. New this year will be New Friends of Horsham Park with information about what they are doing. Sussex Green Living will be back with their excellent examples of upcycling and details of their new Repair Café. We are also pleased to welcome back Groundworks to give advice on energy, including switching, so well worth bringing along your bills. We also have a welcome return of Wimblehurst Chocolate with a wonderful selection of Horsham produced chocolate. “So, do come, pick up some seeds, enter the raffle, have coffee and cake and a chat with some excellent local gardeners, naturalists and people who have a real enthusiasm for local produce.”

Friday 26 January 7.30pm

THE SUPERSONIC 70s Friday 2 February 7.30pm



M N O JA FR 19 I R F




Friday 12 January 2018


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The “Victoria” Years

Millais Panto success On the last day of term, 20 December, Millais School held its annual Pantomime, performed by staff and Prefects for all the pupils. Cast and crew gave three performances of Cinderella, with 500 in attendance at each performance. A proud representative of the school said: “Well done to

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everyone involved in the school pantomime, cast, crew and maintenance support. It was a lot of fun, and the girls clearly enjoyed it with enthusiastic participation. “The Prefect’s Dance, Prefect Chorus and Languages Dance, as ever, were our lively musical high lights.”

Today’s interest in the Victorian era is still very popular, from ITV’s Victoria watched by millions; dramas and films on Dickens and his novels, and the ever popular literature from Trollope to Conan Doyle. What gives these dramas the sense of age is the costume, they literally clothe the past. Now the public can see real Victorian costume rather than replicas at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery

with its costume exhibition The “Victoria” Years - A Dress from Each Decade of Victoria’s Reign. The years of Victoria’s reign 1837-1901, saw many changes in fashion. Just as the 20th century saw rapid changes in styles often in a single year, so did the Victorian era. There were a variety of changes with no one Victorian style dress. In her early years the Queen was seen as an attractive young woman and whilst there was not the mass

magazine and fashion press that we have today, she was seen as a leader of fashion. This was a role she continued to play for many years of her life even when she grew old and rotund – hence her influence of wearing black. Allied to that the advances in the chemical industry in the 1840s and 50s meant that there was a riot of colour brought about through artificial dyes. However due to the Queen’s mourning for Albert’s death in 1861 of typhus fever, black, half mourning of purple and grey dominated the later years of her reign. On display you will see a stunning gold embroidered silk dress made of Mugi silk from Assam in India dating to around 1835. It is everything you would expect of Victorian clothing if you watch TV dramas of Victorian luxury. However one of the dresses is a colour not associated with the Victorian era, pink, more 1990s than 1840s. The exhibition displays 7 stunning dresses, the condition of them suggests that either they were very well looked after, or hardly worn at all. The exhibition, which runs until the end of April at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, shows just a small selection of the Museum’s holdings, more can be found on its web site www.horshammuseum. org /collections.

Southwater Leisure Centre is operated by Southwater Parish Council








Southwater Leisure Centre, Pevensey Road, Southwater, West Sussex, RH13 9XZ Tel: 01403 733208 Email:

Southwater Leisure Centre

Southwater Leisure Southwater Leisure Centre is operated by Southwater Parish Council

At the Heart of the Community

bluecoatsports health & fitness club christ’s hospital

BLUECOAT SPORTS OPEN DAY 2018 Bluecoats will open its doors on Friday 26th January 18:00-21:00 &

Saturday 27th January 8:30-14:00 and is a jam packed time of free fitness fun!









Launches Friday Night Saturday



JUNIORS Friday Night


Body Combat

Body Pump

Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling

Junior Disco 5+

Crèche 3 months – 5Y

Body Balance

GRIT Cardio


Step Aerobics

Junior Squash 8+

Junior Squash 5+


Swim Fit

Legs, Bums & Tums

Junior Circuits 10+

Junior Fit Club 10+

Adult Squash

Dance Fusion

Family Indoor Cycling 10+

Swimming Gala

Tai Chi Power Yoga

Family Indoor Cycling 10+

Introduction to Pilates TRX Kettlebells Boxercise Adult Squash



The 25m swimming pool and sauna will be open at various times for you to relax and enjoy



Go ahead, share the fitness fun & why not bring a friend all free of charge!

01403 247572 | |

*T&C's Apply

Truly local, t n e d n e p e Truly ind Official sponsors of

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Mill Stream Medical Centre, North Street Car Park, Storrington, RH20 4DH

Two day cider and ale festival

Town event photo special inside

Page 20

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With ample parking, state of the art facilities and a new out of hours emergency service, our new planned hospital will support all your veterinary needs 24/7 and become the flagship for our established practices in Pulborough, Ashington and Westergate.

Charity ale festival

Sparks in the Park


way Line


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e s i t r e v d Excellence in veterinary care will be provided through a rangeAof enhanced ittle l Online and comprehensive services, delivered by our existing personal,as familiar and trusted team. from 5+vat 2 £ s Register your interest: a Friday 18.07.2014

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HORSHAM PILATES Jan 13 Open Day - Free Taster Sessions Horsham Pilates Studio - Brighton Road 10 a.m.A great chance to try equipment based Pilates at these 40 minute taster sessions completely FREE. Sessions start at 10.00 am , 11.15 am and 12,30 pm Message or ring 07778 564 359 to book your place now. Limited Spaces! (3 people per session)

SING FOR A CURE AT THE CAPITOL Jan 13 For the third year running Matt Cowling is pleased to present to you his best show ever! A live music concert suitable for all the family and you’re raising money for research into Type 1 Diabetes at the same time! Performance: 7:00 PM, Tickets: £14.50, available from the Capitol Box Office: 01403 750220


Feb 3 Coming back for a second year, is our fabulous February Force Day, celebrating all things Star Wars. Come and meet characters from the Star Wars universe and join in the fun and special offers. Last year we raised over £300 for local charity The Spingboard Project and this year we hope to beat it.


Feb 6 by Dr Steve Millam, Brinsbury College. Dr Steve Millam is a lecturer

in Horticulture at Brinsbury College. He worked for 18 years at the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Dundee, famous for its work on barley, potatoes (including Pentland) raspberries and blackcurrants. He was part of the Potato Breeding team and among the potato varieties he worked on were “Anya” and “Mayan Gold”.


From February 2018 we will be rolling out changes to the way we collect your household waste and recycling

ho w u on a se e s w t ee e ho

Your waste collections are changing

g n li

c y c


th e

Find out more Telephone: 01403 733144 Look out for an information pack through your door telling you exactly when these changes start in your area and which bin you will need to put out each week.

Please help us to recycle more and so meet the national recycling target of 50% by 2020

CHRISTS HOSPITAL THEATRE Feb 28 This intimate show is set in a library full of books that hold more than stories within their pages. It is a tale of the power of books, and the bravery of a young boy called Tomas. Tomas hates reading and school, but his world is turned upside down the day he meets the Unicorn Lady . Tickets: Adults £10, Concessions £9, Children £6




HENFIELD GARDEN CLUB Feb 6 AGM, Henfield Hall, followed by a slide presentation by Audrey Dorset on her trip to Malawi ‘An inspirational gardener in Malawi’. Tuesday 6 February, Henfield Hall, Henfield, 7pm for 7.30 p.m. SPEAKERS: non-members free, £3 for non-members

am G co ard e h lle en da sa ous ct w y m eh ed as e o fo te th da ld rt w e y s t nig ill as hi h c fo o s t yo w ly. nt llo ur ill Fo inu w re be r m e in cy o o to n b cl g in th st e w g. e e

Jan 25 Mannings Heath Golf Club 7PM 10PM . Join us for a Scottish evening to remember with a delicious 3 course meal and piper to pipe in the haggis. £35 MEMBER | £40 NON-MEMBER Book now: 01403 220345 or email




Friday 12 January 2018


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HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 Notice is hereby given under Article 15(3), (4) or (5) or Article 16 that the following applications have been submitted to Horsham District Council, registered between 2nd January 2018 and 5th January 2018 Please note the below list of applications advertised are only those we are required to do so by law. A full list of applications is available by visiting our website at DC/17/2130 Robin Cottage 23 Church Lane Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3JY Retrospective application for exterior rendering works (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/17/2490 Friends Cottage Worthing Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1SL Replacement of existing 2 bay noticeboard with a 3 bay noticeboard. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

Paul Watts

DC/17/2829 Roos Farm Steyning Road West Grinstead West Sussex RH13 8LR Erection of agricultural barn with four bay open-sided cart shed and associated boundary walls Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0001 Barnsfold Barnsfold Lane Rudgwick Horsham West Sussex RH12 3BN Proposed internal alterations to convert garage to study. Ground floor extension to enlarge link between garage and house to provide a utility room. Erection of replacement ancillary domestic building at the rear of the property comprising double garage, garden store, log store and workshop. Reason for Advert: Listed Building.

DC/18/0002 Barnsfold Barnsfold Lane Rudgwick Horsham West Sussex RH12 3BN Proposed internal alterations to convert garage to study. Ground floor extension to enlarge link between garage and house to provide a utility room. Erection of replacement ancillary domestic building at the rear of the property comprising double garage, garden store, log store and workshop. (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/17/2888 Bassels Farm Bassels Lane West Grinstead Horsham West Sussex RH13 8NG Change of use from a agricultural building to a two storey dwelling. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/17/2885 1 Swan Orchard London Road Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3DD Erection of two storey front extension and single storey front porch extension. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/17/2773 Chalk Farm Okehurst Lane Billingshurst West Sussex Conversion of agricultural barn to form a two-bedroom single storey dwelling. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/17/2886 Secret Garden Montessori Childcare Outbuilding Upper Bottle House Stane Street Slinfold Horsham Demolition of redundant agricultural building; erection of replacement building; change of use from agricultural land to Registered Nursery (Use Class: D1) Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/17/2884 4 Thornden Cowfold Horsham West Sussex RH13 8AF Demolition of attached garage and erection of a 2 storey and single storey side extension with garage (amendments to previously approved DC/16/2758) Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/17/2889 Bernadotte Gay Street Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2HL Detached timber framed garage and store with ancillary accommodation above. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. South Downs National Park Applications SDNP/17/06271/FUL Amberley Chalk Pits Museum New Barn Road Amberley Erection of an open sided ‘lean to’ extension to existing single storey modern workshop Reason for Advert: Involves a Listed Building

A copy of each application and the submitted plans are available for inspection on the Council’s website https:// if you cannot view plans on line please call 01403 215187 for guidance. Any person who wishes to make representations about any of the applications below should do so in writing to Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL by no later than 21 days from the date of this advert. Please note that any representations received will be made available for public inspection and posted on the Council’s website or the SDNP website.

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DC/17/2843 “Notice of Planning application for single storey extension to: Little Thatch, Veras Walk, Storrington, RH20 3JF. Notice given under certificate D as owners of private roads Veras Walk, Sanctuary Lane and Georges Lane adjacent to site are unknown. Planning application ref: DC/17/2843.”

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Picturesque un-listed cottage set in a convenient rural setting

A picturesque un-listed cottage set in a convenient rural setting with lovely views. Suitable for cash buyers only. EPC:G. A rarely available un-listed

cottage with an abundance of character, Ashfold Cottage offers exposed oak beams and timbers throughout, whilst mostly all living spaces and bedrooms are dual

Quote The District Post when booking

aspect with period timber doors and fine views. The accommodation to the ground floor comprises of dining room with large feature inglenook

fireplace, dual aspect sitting room with double doors to the garden and kitchen/breakfast room and a ground floor bedroom suite. To the first floor is the master bedroom complete with dressing room and superb views out over the garden, a large guest bedroom and 2 further bedrooms and a family bathroom. The property benefits from both front and rear gardens which in total is approximately just over half an acre, with good sized woodland to the rear of the plot. There is also a detached double garage to the side of the house and various outbuildings including one large summer house. Situated approximately 4 miles to the north east of Horsham, with its mainline train station via Horsham to London Victoria, offering a variety of local stores and amenities. The town of Horsham, approximately 5 miles to the north east, offers more comprehensive shopping, restaurants and recreational facilities. There are an excellent selection of schools in the area including Farlington, Christ’s Hospital School, Tanbridge House, Millais and Cottesmore. Warnham 3.8 miles, Horsham 4 miles (London Victoria 51 minutes/London Bridge 60 minutes), Billingshurst 10 miles (London Victoria 67 minutes), Cranleigh 14 miles, Gatwick 14.9 miles, Brighton 26 miles, Central London 37.7 miles.

A LIFESTYLE FOR EVERYONE Weekend strolls by the river, a choice of restaurants and leisure pursuits on your doorstep, excellent schools, great shopping and transport links to the city a short walk away…

WITH A NEW HOME AT HIGHWOOD YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL Highwood offers an unrivalled collection of contemporary new homes, set just a short walk from all of the amenities available in Horsham. With its tree lined avenues, riverside walks and exceptionally designed interiors, Highwood offers you a way to enjoy modern country living alongside the tradition, community and craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Stunning 2 bedroom apartments available for early reservation from £290,000* Beautiful 2 & 3 bedroom houses ready to move in to this Winter from £325,000* For further information or to book your personal appointment call 01403 887 151 Sales Suite open daily 10am - 5pm Highwood, Hills Farm Lane, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EP *Prices correct at time of going to press and subject to availability. Computer generated images depict the houses and apartments at Highwood and are indicative only. Photography depicts lifestyle and is indicative only. Proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group of companies

Solomon’s Seal Old Guildford Road, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3JU

2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom homes on sale now, in Broadbridge Heath

Two great ways to make your move to Solomon’s Seal easy

Showhome to launch in Autumn 2017, reserve today to

Part Exchange* We’ll buy yours so you can buy ours

take advantage of Buy with just 5% deposit with Help to Buy**

Sales Centre open daily 10.00am - 5.00pm with a late night on Thursday until 7.00pm

pre-Showhome prices!

A superb selection of 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom homes in semi rural Broadbridge Heath, a peaceful setting where you can enjoy a tranquil lifestyle and where your family can flourish.

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Situated in a sought after cul-de sac on the North side of Horsham. This spacious and well presented family home falls within the North Heath School catchment, a school with an outstanding reputation.



ROOK WAY l HORSHAM l Price Range

PRICE RANGE £399,950 to £429,950. A much improved 3 bedroom link detached family home situated within a popular cul-de-sac location in North Horsham.




Centrally located in one of Horsham’s most popular cul-de-sac locations, this spacious family home is in need of modernisation. The property is situated within walking distance of the centre of this historic market town.




This spacious four/five bed detached home is situated within the cul-de-sac of Groombridge Way which is located within the popular area of Hills Farm Lane and is a short walk in to Horsham town centre.




A beautifully presented and completely refurbished three bedroom semi detached chalet-style bungalow situated in a popular west side location within walking distance of the town centre.




PRICE RANGE £400,000 to £420,000. An extended and well presented three bedroom semi detached house is located on the popular west side of Horsham.

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Volunteering Opportunities Building Heroes based in Pulborough is a charity which retrains military veterans for a career in the building trades. They rely on fundraising activities to fulfil their vital role in helping ex-service personnel into employment and need enthusiastic, friendly and reliable people to support and increase their activities and to raise the profile of the charity in the local area. If you can help organise fundraising events (e.g. sponsored walk, swim, bake sale, coffee mornings, etc, liase with community groups who may hold fundraising events for them, make phone calls to potential supporters, offer support at existing events (e.g. handing out flyers, providing information, serving drinks) or various other support tasks they would love to hear from you. Are you passionate about your community and want to make a difference? Emerging Futures train individuals to work as part of a coaching team to support their local community. Family recovery coaches help individuals in a family develop their own wellbeing and support system and to make valued life choices. And recovery coaches support individuals to move in to the community from structured treatment, detox, residential rehabilitation and prison. Pulborough and District Community Care Association needs a Wednesday club volunteer to help with activities at its social club for older people, for example short mat bowls, games, bingo, and the occasional outing - all accompanied by tea and cake. The association also needs a telephonist to work from home to take appointments for its Community Transport Service. Carers Support West Sussex needs support group co-facilitators to help provide a confidential space for carers to meet, offload and gain information. They also need telephone support volunteers to help carers share emotions and reduce stress and isolation by providing active listening. And the charity seeks young adult carer engagement volunteers to meet and communicate regularly with young adult carers to support them. If you want to know more about any of the opportunities above or are thinking of volunteering and want to know what’s out there, just log on to and explore the many ways in which you can get involved in your community. Can you help beat hunger by offering a couple of hours at your local Tesco store on Nov 30 or December 1 or 2? Volunteers are needed to help collect donation at the UK’s largest food drive this Christmas. The collections take place at Tesco stores UK-wide when volunteers are asked to help collect food donations from customers for a few hours in their local store and hand out the FareShare shopping list. In just three hours you could collect enough food to make 600 meals and change someone’s Christmas. Details are available at where you can also sign up for a shift.

DO YOU LOVE HORSHAM? Want to play your part in the enhancement and preservation of the Town for future generations?

Sales Negotiator Required GL & Co are looking for a Sales Negotiator to join our busy Horsham branch. The successful candidate will drive viewings and be excellent at negotiating sales through to completion, If you have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in estate agency, work hard to deliver outstanding results, can be part of a team and the ability to adapt to our independent family run business that rewards well and builds long term relationships with our staff and customers, then please apply by sending your CV to or call in to the branch. full time, part time and job share considered

For 25 years Horsham in Bloom has worked alongside HDC, local organisations and individuals to make Horsham a Town to be talked about.

We need VOLUNTEERS to join our committee and help us to continue this work, to develop and instigate new initiatives and ideas and to ensure Horsham stays beautiful, happy, healthy and sustainable.

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New season Grays and Kookaburra hockey in stock. Canterbury & Gilbert rugby boots and protective gear in stock. Updating of annual cups and awards engraved on-site

82 Lambs Farm Road, Roffey, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4JH 01403 267805 Established 30 years

Your sports notice board Gatwick Flyers Trampoline Club Roffey Robins Rockets U13

Horsham Rugby Club Ho

rsen ham Wom & Ru gbyofClall girls ub

ages are invited to training sessions at New Players al ys Horsham Rugby wa Club we lcome fr om under 6 on Tuesd ay’s 18.30 or to 18. Sund 10.30. PlayContay’s act Jo n Pratt on ers 07 requi red for all the 785 3829 09 or fema le team s. Cont act jon.pratt@sk om Tony on enigmy.c a149 8@ yaho

Partridge Green Club ball Ar Footam un

Horsh dminton Club Ba Players needed for

Gatwick Flyers New players areTrampoline required Club high qualfor theprovides team who play on ity coaching and welcomes Saturday mornings and newon members to join their train Monday evenings. Billingshurst For Players neededsquad. in various information visit www. positions. Please contact Robert Foley on 07775 647983 or

E M LIFSh ort HOCRhSilHtiAngton B U L C G WestSA b INwls Clu VB ming? Mat o n sw im ber aKeen o wm

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b ri Clu am T Horsh Tri 2017 17 Go Tri 20C r GeoathrilF15, es foe H p t A a d s The brein dg set a ly 8r, e 10, Ju nO ioct avaedb Brho June re9ju , & 3 1 eipt May eand , qSu 2e g 1 r s a t n s b l o u illi Augclu st P a t va The– alylea r a lPeaarske. 7 pla rsp it osn hsa.mP o u ilrskvi ilk H la ta gro thearud l eC a.u o m .c b e r P u u clr For tfactrsha1m 3t9rio terric nleutb. @ con .h8o 621 rshtaim w9 nt ww b o h 7 @ 7 l i k 0 ema ar om orp1 19clgmaciol.c m

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Walking Baseball Club Horsham

football. ales ite males and fem Inv All ages and ability to over 6 years of age Tuesday and Thursday d learn an ng come alo mornings baseball Shipley Community s 10am to Saturday’ at Inglefield 1.00pmProject - £2 per r SchoolRuss Contact Mano session 07519 847295

Heron Olympic FC require players born between Sept 2004 Under 7 and under 8 players and Augrequired 2005 to for join the new U13 season. Anyone their 11-a-side interested in coming team for the 2017-18 along to season. training please contact Chris at Contact Ian Palser on chesworthrovers.chris@ 07973 242270 or email

Chesworth Rovers

ath Co me and jo in Karate ClubFC Horsham , get fit, lose weig BBht, HFle Car ar neto lode okfe innd g yofo urrsepl lfay an erds m fo ee r tth ne eiwr frieU1 nd7/ s. 18 Clas tese s in am HoPl rsha eam se fo r nt co boac tht ad teul ts am manag aner d ch ild Alanre Wn. hite on Co nt 07 73 t 0ac Pa 012216 ul or Ellio ttail em 07 ajon 77@ wor 80 ks 584 hotm oruk ai82 semka@btin . m

Holbro ok Allstars Lad ies Basketball Horsham Parkrun Club

The club would like to hear

atfrom anyo every Held ne Saturday over 16 inter ested inin playi Park. Horsham ng basketbal 9.00am l. Experienc ed playe or andrsopen to enter Free beginners most welcome. The young, old everyone, toclub aim to teach, develop novice. or anyo experienced and engage with ne willing to www.parkrun. atlearn Register . For more infor mation visit www m and or emai then just go along l


intoRugby n Club At Holbrook we are Keen ers on keen toag build last seasect ion sons and build a Ar e yosuccess u retired anplayers. d with larger squad of ba dminto n experience ? All pla arey welcome to join us We Monday and Fr iat ytraining on Wednesday da mornings 9.30 - 12. nights at 7.30pm. For more de tailsHolbrook conWe train at The ta ct Ma rianne on 0140 Club in North Heath Lane 3 258086 RH12 5PJ

Heron Olympic FC



Under 13 and yers of all me pla lco We9 s. Friendly team es 7 ard s fro m ag standge ball team. villa tofoot 70 plus se contact Adam to Plea For more info go 662 662 oror 9 k 0796 on g.u .or abc w.h ww abc. h@ hip@h pgfc l mb ers.yout ail me ememai ail.c org hotm


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Comptons Tennis Horsham Comm unity Club Netball Club

Always welcome Welcom es 8-12 yearnew olds members of all ages and At Collyer’ s Sixth Form abilities.College Please visit our website and Facebook Wednes days 5.30-6.30pm or contact our coach Andy Contact : Ian Ford 07764 Tope: 146338 / @horsha 07833 252342

Tan brid geot G Ba irls dm Fo ton ba llinin Cl ub Hors ham

HoTh rsha m bSpwe arlco e clu rome ws sha ve ne w mme anmb y gi rlan s on ly ite ers tesam d inv yosu anto d co arme e loan ok in ginfo d jo r on new in play a Frer idsayinevth Unat eneing deFo r re 11st s, U1Bo 3sysan doo U1l6/ Sch 18 ag fro m 9.0e0 grpm oups Vi.00 to. 11 sit pm ww. w.Ple hoas r-e shco am spct arNe nta rolia on.u k40 to3 01 fin 26 d ou 7331 fort mo mor

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Friday 12 January 2018


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Horsham men benefit from learning curve Men’s National Indoor Tournament Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter After doing exceptionally well in the regional qualifying tournament, Horsham’s men greatly enjoyed their first ever experience at last weekend’s National six-aside competition at Canterbury, new Coach, goalkeeper and former Captain Andrew Isaacs telling the District Post: “It was intensive and although we didn’t win a game at that higher level the guys in the squad learnt a lot. It was an excellent bonding exercise and we came away in positive mood, which, we will take with us now that we’re reverting to outdoor mode – firstly in the Quarter Final of the Sussex Cup in a floodlit night game at Eastbourne, following which (tomorrow, Saturday) we travel to Osterley, Middlesex to take on ninth in the table Indian Gymkhana whom

Rugby Martin Read - Sports Reporter With 13 straight wins, Dartfordians head the table by 13 clear points and are unquestionably this season’s powerhouse, which they confirmed by continuing their outstanding pre Christmas form in chilling conditions on their visit to Pulborough last Saturday. In Kent in September, against a much-depleted Boro side, Dartfordians inflicted Boro’s highest ever defeat and although the margin was considerably reduced, the result of the return fixture was decisive nevertheless. However, the match started evenly with good defensive work from Boro keeping the visitors at bay. Boro mounted an attack, but Dartfordians’ Joe Scott intercepted to run the length of the field for a converted try under the posts. The Darts then notched up another try, again converted, Liam Brencher’s pace and strength eluding three Boro players. A subsequent late Boro tackle led to a rapidly taken penalty, passed to Luke Golding, whose dummy got him over the line, maxim-

Horsham coast through to Sussex Cup semi final

we beat convincingly on the first day of the season. Then, in another target game, we host bottom placed Henley at

It was intensive and although we didn’t win a game at that higher level the guys in the squad learnt a lot Christ’s Hospital on January 20th”. Cup opponents Eastbourne play at the Saffrons, the town’s multi-purpose sports ground – also home to Eastbourne Cricket Club and Eastbourne Town Football Club. Both Indian Gymkhana and Henley – who last won a game three months ago have an inferior goal scoring record to Horsham and wins against those two opponents would significantly reduce the threat of relegation for Horsham.

Battling Boro unable to halt Dartfordian juggernaut Saturday January 6 – London 2 South East Pulborough 0 52 Dartfordians

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ised as before. Boro were a bigger side, but had difficulty in containing the Darts in lineouts and scrums, leaving the hosts with little room in which to play. Smiler Chandler went over for the Darts’ bonus point try, giving them a 26 nil advantage at the break. Boro then battled hard, preventing additions to the score until Darts’ ball control and back up resources enabled Scott to get his second, converted, try. Boro applied pressure in their endeavour to claw back the game but were eventually undone by persistent tackling, leading to a try from Joe Wheeler, kicked over to give the Darts 40 points. Powerful Darts’ forwards were causing problems and despite good tackling from Boro, Louis Chapman added a further try. Creditably, Boro camped out in the Darts 22 really stretching their defence, who had to be at their very best to avoid conceding a home try. The Darts, though, were not done, Brencher’s second try, with the extras, enabling his team to run out 52-0 winners. Tomorrow (Saturday) Boro, still occupying the penultimate berth, have a long trip to 7th placed Dover, whom they beat at home in September. Last Saturday Dover overcame current runners up Hove.

Saturday January 6 Sussex Cup Round 2 – Horsham Ladies 1st XI 4 0 Eastbourne Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter No strangers to Sussex Cup glory, Horsham overcame lower league Eastbourne with some ease last Saturday, Captain Hannah Simpson telling the District Post: “It was a good way of getting the post Christmas and New Year cobwebs blown away!” Horsham were two goals to the good at half time after Fran Crossley opened their account and then Gemma

Murphy scored the best goal of the match when, in company with Louisa Denman in a one-two foray up the pitch, she penetrated the visitors’ defence. Two more goals followed after the break, Sam Stares finding the net before Fran Crossley scored again, afterwards saying: “It was a bit of a ‘we’ve all eaten too much turkey’ game, but it was good to have a run around against my former England Masters colleagues!” Ladies Club Captain Charlotte (CJ) White summed up with: “Although we weren’t at our best, we were never really under threat – they only got the

ball into our D twice.” The Ladies now await news of their semi final match scheduled for April 7th. Meanwhile, they return to league action this weekend with a demanding double header – on Saturday they host penultimate club Epsom, whom they beat 3-2 in Surrey in September, then, on Sunday, they travel to take on runaway leaders Surbiton 2s after that fixture was postponed on December 9th. At this half way point of the season Surbiton have 31 points, seven clear of Teddington, who shade third placed Horsham (29).

Horsham pulverise beleaguered Barking again Saturday January 6 – London 2 South East Barking 0 92 Horsham Rugby Martin Read - Sports Reporter Barking, surely doomed at the bottom of the table with minus 10 points, are still in search of an elusive first win. Horsham beat them 88-10 at home in September and, last Saturday, administered another even more severe thrashing in Essex. Horsham opened the scoring after 10 minutes when Declan Nwachukwu scored a fine try, converted by Joe Wil-

Declan Nwachukwu

de. Nwachukwu got over the line again seven minutes later, after two tries from Mike Watts (both maximised by Wilde). Johnny Whiting, Ryan Maguire and Max Paterson – in his first score for the senior side - added further tries, all converted by Wilde to give the Green & White a 47 nil advantage at the break. Wilde’s boot was again working well in the second half as he maximised five more tries – by Tom Blewitt, Rob Grant (2), Paterson and Callum Luxon, while Nwachukwu’s two further tries went unconverted. Horsham Head Coach Nick Stocker said: “A good return to league action against a spirited and eager team, who started well and caused initial concerns. However, after the first ten minutes we got into our stride and our pace and precision proved too much for the larger, but slower opposi-

tion. Credit to Barking, they’re having a tough season but never gave up. We had a number of very strong showings in a solid team performance – in the front row Nick Bell, Jake Lowe and Kyle Fairs put in telling contributions, while Maguire, Johnny Goward, Luxon and Whiting carried strongly in the back row. Half backs Eliot Mills and Jordan Bell distributed well getting our very dangerous backs into the game to score 10 of our 14 tries. Nwachukwu’s four tries were outstanding and Paterson looked very comfortable on his senior debut. However, my MOM award was shared between Jordan Smith for his selfless running and work rate and Mike Watts, with his speed of thought, counter attacking threat and remarkable knack of both scoring and setting others up. We wish Barking the best for the seasons ahead as they begin their recovery.” Tomorrow – Saturday – fifth placed Horsham return home to welcome the team immediately below them, Beckenham, over whom Horsham posted a narrow victory in Kent three months ago.

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YMCA impress again - with strong win over Lancing

YMCA fight back in exciting second half display Wednesday January 3 – Macron Store Southern Combination Football League – Premier Div Three Bridges 3 3 Horsham YMCA Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter

Photos by Keith Holmes Saturday January 6 Macron Store Southern Combination Football League – Premier Division Horsham YMCA 3 1 Lancing Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter There was ring rustiness following just one game in three weeks and little opportunity to train, but YM chalked up an excellent win with a double over 10th in the table Lancing, whom they had beaten 4-2 at the coast in August. YM started brightly, earning two corners, between which Ash Dugdale and Luke Donaldson fired over. Waves of YM attacks followed, but with YM keeper Aaron Jeal virtually unemployed at the other end, they were doing everything except score and goals were a certainty. Dave Brown came close when Lancing goalkeeper Callum Fidler dived to his right to push the shot away ahead of Lancing’s, first, ballooning attempt, before, coming more into

the game, they broke through, but were off target. Phil Johnson, though, put YM in front when he beat two defenders and, with Fidler out of position, side-footed home in the 32nd minute. Brown immediately got the ball into the net, but was ruled offside, then Lancing striker Mike Williamson’s shot almost hit the corner flag, until after YM’s third corner, Donaldson squared the ball for Johnson – later to hobble off with an ankle injury - to tap in his second to put YM two up just before half time. Lancing restarted more promisingly, but Jeal’s catching was as safe as ever as he fielded a corner and then a high cross before the visitors shot wide. But, YM increased their lead ten minutes into the second half when Donaldson scythed through on the right to score against his former club from a seemingly impossibly tight angle. Lancing reduced the deficit when their free kick was diverted for a corner, from which Lewis Finney netted from the left. Then, Brown got close enough to

shoot, Sam Schaaf skimming the crossbar with the rebound. Lancing had an opportunity, but headed wide, before nippy YM sub Callum Jeal, the club’s leading scorer this season with 14 goals and Manager Peter Buckland’s Player of the Week, rushed forward only for a wayward finish. A late YM corner came to nothing and Lancing sent over a high cross, coolly gathered by Jeal Senior, but the result was never in doubt, Peter Buckland telling the District Post: “We had a great first half with excellent goals from Johnno. We had some lay-off induced heavy legs after the break, but controlled the game - this was a good win over a spirited side.” The result moves YM up to third with 42 points and a game in hand over second placed Pagham. Haywards Heath (47) are top – YM have beaten both Heath and Pagham at Gorings Mead this season. Fixture news - YM’s home game against Broadbridge Heath – postponed on December 27 – has been rearranged for Tuesday February 6

Sussex Premiership, National & Sussex KO Cup Fixtures out Cricket Martin Read - Sports Reporter In the grip of mid winter, cricket fans always receive a lift when the forthcoming season’s fixtures are published, and the list has just come out. The Sussex Premier League season opens on May 5th and continues every Saturday without a break until the last round of matches on September 1st. Continuing the format introduced last season, half of the matches (the games at the beginning and end of the season) will be on a 50 overs a side win basis, while those in the middle part of the season will be contested on the traditional 110 over arrangement with all four results possible. Horsham will be faced with a demanding start – they open their campaign with an away game against league champions East Grinstead, followed by their first home game (on May 12th) against Preston Nomads and a trip to always challenging Cuckfield the week after, Horsham Cricket Chairman Richard Marshall telling the District Post: “That’s a really tough start for us, so we’ll need to be at our best!” Roffey, last season’s runners up after their hat trick of

titles, also start their campaign with an away game – at Middleton – with their opening home match, against East Grinstead, a week later. Last season Roffey and East Grinstead vied for the championship week by week, but both fixtures – home and away – were victims of the weather.

That’s a really tough start for us, so we’ll need to be at our best! Ansty and Worthing were relegated in 2017 and have been replaced by former Premiership club Eastbourne and, for the first time in the top flight, Ifield (who have had close links with Roffey, whom they will welcome to their HQ on June 2nd ahead of coming to play at Roffey’s Innes Memorial Ground on August 4th). The eagerly awaited local derbies between the district’s two Premier League sides, Horsham and Roffey, will be on June 30th, when Roffey visit Cricketfield

Road, with the return fixture on the last day of the season. One disappointing feature of the fixtures is that both Horsham and Roffey will be at home and away simultaneously, leaving those who like to follow both sides, seeing a Premier League game each week, being forced to make an unwelcome choice every other week, depriving them of the opportunity to attend half of the matches. For several previous seasons Horsham and Roffey home games have alternated on a weekly basis. In the National Club Knockout Championship both teams have byes in Round 1 (April 22nd). In the second round – on Sunday May 13th – Horsham have a home tie against the winners of Beddington and Banstead, while Roffey are due to travel to Bromley Common. The Sussex Cup fixtures have also just been released – there is a record number of entries (36), and on Saturday April 28th Horsham will host Haywards Heath, while Roffey travel to Billingshurst, the team they eliminated from the competition last year. Roffey are the current holders after Horsham carried off the title in 2016.

Strong winds from Storm Eleanor helped dry out the pitch for a prompt rearrangement of the game originally scheduled for December 30th. And, what a game it was! This was YM’s first outing for nearly three weeks and Three Bridges had beaten them twice at Gorings Mead in August – in the league and cup - and both teams are in close contention with the league leaders. So, there was much to play for and spectators braving the icy wind were treated to a pulsating game, a penalty and three late goals keeping the result in doubt right up to the final whistle. Three times YM fought back from behind and could have snatched a win, but the crossbar intervened. A Bridges strike ballooned into the car park before Tom Gilbert headed away a cross and Phil Johnson had a shot blocked at the other end. YM’s first corner followed, but Bridges broke away and in a one on one Darryl Siaw gave Aarron Jeal no chance in the YM goal. Johnson embarked on a solo run, culminating in loss of the ball, then Jeal had to rush out to head clear, but YM kept pressing and from the resultant corner Tom Gilbert headed in the equaliser. Next, Ashley Dugdale – who, like YM’s Dean Carden had previously played almost 200 games for Three Bridges – was off target and Bridges went on the offensive keeping Jeal busy, but YM kept out two corners and the score remained 1-1 at the break.

Impressing early in the second half, YM earned two corners amid lengthy stoppages and discussions between the officials. Bridges were fortunate to keep all of their players on the pitch, but it was a blatant YM foul that conceded a penalty, well taken by Connor French in the 75th minute to restore Bridges’ lead. YM responded positively and six minutes later Tom Gilbert maximised a trademark Luke Gedling free kick to level the score. But,

After such a long lay off we played within ourselves in the first half, but we really dominated after the break a minute before normal full time, Bridges were unmarked on the right and went in front again with an excellent Siaw strike. YM’s Luke Donaldson then saw his header hit the crossbar with the goal invitingly open and Johnson went down in the area, the ref ignoring YM pleas. YM, though, were not to be beaten and, in the 93rd minute Johnson headed home for a share of the points. Post match YM Manager Peter Buckland told the District Post: “After such a long lay off we played within ourselves in the first half, but we really dominated after the break. This was a tough local derby, so, all things considered we played well and that point could be crucial at the end of the season. Tom Gilbert is my Man of the Match for his two great goals.”

Friday January 12, 2018

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rugby Horsham pulverise beleaguered Barking again Page 25

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK After such a long lay off we played within ourselves in the first half, but we really dominated after the break

Peter Buckland

Another win escalates Hornets up the table

Photos by John Lines Saturday January 6 – Bostik Football League South Division Horsham 3 2 VCD Athletic Cricket Martin Read - Sports Reporter This game was something of an unknown quantity as Horsham have only played the Kent side once before - in the FA Cup six years ago – but, after beating league leaders Lewes on New Year’s day, the Hornets completed another win to catapult them four places up the table

to 11th, just two points behind ninth club Hastings, while VCD remain 19th. In goal, where there has been a virtual revolving door this season, Josh Pelling made a welcome return for Horsham (on loan from Dorking Wanderers) to replace Brannon Daly, awaiting specialist assessment on the knee injured against Lewes. And, Pelling was soon in action, catching Vickers’ debutant Warren Mfula’s header. Horsham then created opportunities, Charlie Harris blasting wide before Tony Nwachukwu was thwarted by Vick-

YMCA bow out of the RUR Cup Tuesday January 9 Sussex Royal Ulster Rifles Charity Cup – Quarter Final Horsham YMCA 0 2 Chichester City Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Both sides came into this game in good form – YM had moved up to third in the league, while Chichester were fifth and had just got through to the last 16 in the FA Vase. And, the two teams had drawn 1-1 earlier in the season, so spectators were assured of a hard fought, competitive game – and they were not disappointed! Although lively Chichester ran out winners in this rearranged fixture following the weather induced postponements at Chichester on December 12th and 19th, YM created opportunities with eight corners, but could not score. In the YM goal Aaron Jeal had some simple catching practice ahead of two YM attacks, Sam Schaaf’s blast being tipped over for YM’s first corner. Then, Luke Gedling and Phil Johnson combined, culminating in a free kick headed away for another corner. Chichester, though were also causing problems, centre forward Sam Ndluv embarking on pacey runs, initially poking wide, but subsequently breaking through to open the scoring in the bottom right of the goal just before the mid point of the half. Earlier

a Dave Brown foray had come to nought, then Schaaf blazed over, but Ndluv probed again before three more YM corners came and went and a Johnson threat was curtailed by an offside decision. Chichester, fast on the break, were also getting shots in, but were well off target and David MendesBorges hit the post from an acute angle just before the break, taken with his team one ahead. Chichester pressure resulted in a corner soon after the restart and YM had a similar award, which was punched away. Three more YM corners followed with Brown and Schaaf troubling the Chichester defence, until, with space on the left, Kaleem Haitham put the game beyond YM’s reach with the visitors’ second goal, after which they successfully closed the game down. Post match YM Manager Peter Buckley told the District Post: “Ideally, I would have liked to ring the changes in the second half but the Under 21s have got a big cup game tomorrow night, so I wanted to leave the subs fresh for that. Chichester are a strong young side and stressed us all over the pitch, their number 9 was especially nippy. Its never nice losing but I’d rather it was in the cup than prejudicing our chances in the league.” YM are next in action on Saturday week, January 20, hosting bottom of the table Littlehampton Town, whom they beat 4-1 at the coast in November

ers’ keeper Joe Mant. However, Mfula opened the scoring in the 15th minute, courtesy of relaxed Horsham defending, but the lead was short-lived, Nwachukwu poking in Mant’s dropped catch. Mfula, though, was a beneficiary again when he intercepted an errant Steve Metcalf back pass for a simple goal and it might soon have got worse, but, after Siao Blackwood had shot wide, Pelling negated another Mfula foray. The Hornets remained competitive, Darren Boswell testing Mant, until Toby House increased his

seasonal tally to 13, finalising Nwachkwu and Jack Harley’s build up. The thrusting Nwachukwu continued to trouble Vickers, first with an attempt on goal and then as supplier to Boswell for the winger to put the Hornets 3-2 up just before half time. Although the second half did not replicate the intensity of the first, the Hornets had a chance soon after the restart, but were denied by disappointing finishing. Horsham then defended well in the face of sustained Vickers’ pressure and, on the break, might have put the

game beyond the visitors’ reach, but Nwachukwu could not quite connect with Harris’s cross and Hartley found the side netting. In the nervous dying moments, Pelling then guaranteed Horsham all three points by neutralising both a close range El-Moyhalbel strike and a Blackwood header. Tomorrow Horsham cross the Surrey border to play the team directly above them in the table – Whyteleafe - then on Tuesday they go to Pagham, from the league below, in the Quarter Final of the Parafix Sussex Senior Cup.

Easter welcomes a New Year donation

The New Year saw the customary change of Captains at Slinfold Golf & Country Club, which left outgoing Lady Captain, Sue Scaife, with one final, but pleasant, duty to perform – that of handing over a cheque for £1,025.86 to her chosen charity, The Easter Team. Chairman of Crawley-based, The Easter Team, Sharon Golightly, and Vice-chairman, Rosemary Benwell, were at Slinfold Golf & Country Club

to receive the cheque. Sharon commented: “It is thanks to the generosity of organisations, such as the Ladies Section of Slinfold Golf & Country Club, that The Easter Team can continue its work to help those vulnerable people without a home or a place to sleep. The money raised by Slinfold Ladies will be well spent on blankets, hot meals, helping with food parcels and, during these colder months, making sure there is money for heating.”

During 2017, Sue Scaife was the driving force behind many initiatives to raise money for her charity. Sue looked back with fondness on her year: “I have enjoyed my year as Lady Captain and I am very grateful, to all the Ladies at Slinfold, for the generosity and support shown for my chosen charity, The Easter Team. We had a lot of fun during 2017, with fundraising bring and buy sales, tombolas and homemade cakes, but we also had some serious golf. For me, the balance was just right.” Sue is succeeded as Lady Captain by Jeanne Coker. Jeanne has chosen Chestnut Tree House, the children’s hospice, as her charity for 2018. The charity, which provides hospice care services and community support for children and young people with progressive life-shortening conditions throughout East and West Sussex, and South East Hampshire, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Jeanne explained: “Chestnut Tree House is a very worthy cause and I hope that the Ladies at Slinfold will be equally as generous as they were last year, so that together we can help to make a difference to families with life-limited children.”

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Brand new for 2018, we’re excited to announce the installation of the latest Technogym equipment. Technogym is the world leader in Fitness and Wellness solutions, with scientifically proven equipment to give you more effective results. And now you can enjoy it along with some of the best facilities in the South East for half the normal joining fee. So it’s a new year, we’ve got the new gym, don’t you think it’s time for a new you?

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Slinfold Winter 18 Campaign Full Page Chosen.indd 1

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The District Post 12th January 2018  
The District Post 12th January 2018