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Who will win the digital identity race?

Digital identity

What is a ‘super digital identity’?

There are a surprisingly large number of attributes, or characteristics, specific to an individual. We have classified these as inherent, assigned and accumulated. We call the sum total of these characteristics a ‘super digital identity’. The more accurate and secure attributes are, the greater the validity. People use attributes to varying extents, depending on the transactions they want to engage in. RDC has identified four types, which require different levels of verification and trust: 1. Super: long-term, large, very secure transactions (e.g. house purchase) 2. Casual: one-off, lower value transactions (e.g. airport check-in, tickets) 3. Registered: access paid-for or secured content (e.g. Facebook account) 4. Virtual: browse the web, cookies track an individual The vast range of attributes are currently distributed and stored in many places, presenting huge security and integrity risks.

Attributes of a super digital identity Super identity

Finger print


Inherent ‘Born with’




Mobile number

ID card

Vote registration

Increasing verification

Four digital transaction types: 1.Super 2.Casual 3.Registered 4.Virtual

Assigned Email addres s

Relationships with legal entities and assets

Health record s

Password s

Sports preferences

Accumulated Built over and change with time

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Online cookie s

Music preferences

Political opinions

Who will win the race to manage super digital identity?

To facilitate more rapid transaction demands and restore customer trust, super digital identity management is critical. But who will lead the race? Will it be an enterprise that: • holds the most attribute data? • derives the most value from verifying transactions? • transacts most frequently with individuals? • is most trusted by individuals and transacting organisations? Consumer trust is likely to be the most important determining factor. Super digital identity managers may specialise in virtual transactions, while others may specialise in casual and super transactions. Transformations in digital transactions are already here. Santander Bank completes an entire money transfer using a person’s voice. In Estonia, a range of transactions can be made using a single mobile ID including vote in elections, pay bills, travel on trains and more.

Digital transactions Mortgage company Airport Credit reference agency

eSIM/SIM company


Super digital identity manager? Broker







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Increasing verifications


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