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A huge disruptive force in Telecoms


In 2008, the global financial system collapsed. As a consequence big banks had to be bailed out. Trust in the financial system was lost.

What is Blockchain? ‘Blockchain is the DNA of a transaction’

The same year, an unknown blogger Satoshi Nakamoto published ”Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” eliminating middleman (banks) from any digital transaction. Blockchain is the that technology supports this revolution, a public synchronized and encrypted database that is distributed to all devices involved to authenticate transactions. Blockchain enables digital transactions to be fulfilled faster and more cost effectively. Eight years after its conception, blockchain is being used to transfer currencies worldwide, certify marriages, validate medical records and its being implemented by many industries including Telecoms.

How it works? Send An unchangeable record block where all related parties contain the entire history of an asset

A bright future ~ USD 1 Billion … invested in 2016 by financial services and tech suppliers

Approve A new transaction is compared to the original record to be approved

Reserve currency … bitcoin to become 6th largest reserve currency by 2030

Read Once approved a new block is added to the chain and updated throughout the chain

Global revolution … 25+ countries have VC backed blockchain start-ups

There are three types of blockchain Public



Read transactions




Send transactions




Approval process


Few members



Banking groups

Settlement systems


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How is blockchain relevant to telecoms?

Blockchain is an opportunity for the telecom industry to streamline its internal processes and launch transformative transaction capabilities. Telecoms can become the spearhead of this technology and game change the way the world does business.

Consumer level

Examples of innovation in telecoms and media Micropayments

OTT Media ecosystem to enable Identity Management

Remittance mobile payments and payrolls for the un-banked in emerging economies

artists to share their work and receive instant royalties

Internet of Things

Operator level

Device level

ID management

Decentralised network that enable devices to ‘transact’ among each other using smart contracts

Create certified digital IDs, reducing the need for multiple security checks

Roaming / wholesale

BSS/OSS Smart billing & payment networks to electronically certify and ‘notarise’ payments to verify settlements


Reduce cost of dual roaming agreement reconciliation Eliminate roaming and wholesale fraud

What are telecom operators doing?

Verizon ventures invested in Filamanet, a start-up focused on building industrial IoT applications

Du is working with Dubai’s government and Guardtime, an Estonian start-up, to secure and share health records using blockchain

Blockchain can transform the way we transact

Orange’s ChainForce initiative brings together programmers, start-ups and corporations to develop commercial use cases

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