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Lubbock Connection June 2012 

‘A Cut Above The Rest’ The Diamond Group @ Keller Williams Realty 4747 S. Loop 289 Suite 110 Lubbock, Texas 79424

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806.771.HOME (4663) 357 Houses SOLD Average Sales Price - $141,000 Market Statistics May 1, 2012 - May 31, 2012 Standard Mail U.S. Postage Paid PERMIT NO. 10 :ROIIRUWK7;

The Diamond Group Keller Williams Realty 4747 S. Loop 289 Suite 110 Lubbock, Texas 79424

806.771.HOME (4663)

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A Note from Elizabeth Welcome to the wonderful world of houses, where your agent does matter. When you are ready to buy or sell a home it is important that you work with someone that has extensive market knowledge, knows the numbers and excels in customer service. Exciting news! Interest rates are still under 4%.........can’t think of a better time to buy or sell! Ready to downsize, Ready to me.........I Care! CALL ME TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE BIG CHANGES TO LOANS AS OF APRIL 1ST &RPHYLVLWRXUQHZZHEVLWHDQGÀQGRXWDERXWWKHQHLJKERUKRRG income, compare the schools, and so much more! 806-771-HOME (4663) Elizabeth

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Top Restaurants to try in Lubbock According to (not in any order.) 1. Manara Cafe - 3806 50th St, Ste 226 2. West Crust - 6012 82nd St 3. Thai Thai - 5018 50th St, 4. Manna Bread & Wine - 2610 Salem Ave, Ste 19, 5. Texas Roadhouse - 4810 S Loop 289 6. Home Cafe - 3131 34th St 7. Dion’s - 905 South University 8. Orlando’s - 70th & Indiana Ave 9. Hayahshi - 4220 82nd St 10. Cast Iron Grill - 1711 Avenue K I have personally tried Manara (one of my favorites), Roadhouse, Home Cafe (amazing), Dions, Orlando’s (the best Italian) and Hayahasi. If you try them send me an email to let me know your thoughts!!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s!!

The Diamond Group Current Listings 6808 8th Street 4014 38th Street Lubbock, Texas 79413 3/2/1 Approx. 1131 Sq. Ft.

Lubbock, Texas 79416 3/2/2 Approx. 1913.5 Sq Ft

Lubbock, Texas 79416 3/2/2 Approx. 1510 Sq Ft


$94,500 10203 Peoria

UNDER CONTRACT 819 Ute Ave 4806 17th Street Lubbock, Texas 79416 3/2/2 Approx. 2400 Sq. Ft.

Lubbock, Texas 79403 3/2/0 Approx. 1090.5 Sq Ft


$185,000 2605 Madison 8024 CR 7700 Lubbock, Texas 79416 3/3/0 Approx. 2282 Sq Ft

5739 1st Place

Lubbock, Texas 79416 3/2/2 Approx. 1900.5 Sq Ft


Lubbock, Texas 79423 3/2/2 Approx. 2352 Sq Ft

$247,950 UNDER CONTRACTContingency When we get AMAZING service we like to share!! Are you looking for a vet? Check out Animal Medical of Wolfforth with Dr. Fletcher and staff!! They are wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable and actually care!! Find them on Facebook as well as on the web @ or contact them by phone @ 806.833.4422 %URZQÀHOG+Z\‡:ROIIRUWK7;

$300,000 4522 77th Street 15425 C.R. 1850 Lubbock, Texas 79423 4/3.5/3 Approx. 3150

Lubbock, Texas 79424 3/2/2 Approx. 1840 Sq Ft


$375,000 4319 40th Street 5813 73rd Street Lubbock, Texas 79424 3/2/2 Approx. 1594 Sq Ft


Lubbock, Texas 79413 3/1/2 Approx. 1469 Sq Ft


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The Diamond Group: Preferred Vendors Michael Berg Farmer’s Insurance 5811 64th St. Unit A Lubbock, Texas 79424 2IĂ€FH Cell: 806-777-0811

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Sandra Scott 6HQLRU/RDQ2IĂ€FHU Cell: 806.790.4759

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Vendor Spotlight of the Month!

Service Title Company 4101 B 84th Street Lubbock, Texas 79423 806.794.9966 Service Title has been part of the Lubbock area’s growth since 1951. For more than 50 Years, Realtors, Attorneys, Lenders, and people like you have come to appreciate the personal and professional attention they receive. Owning a home or commercial property is the biggest investment most people make. Let the experienced professionals at Service Title Company provide the accurate and thorough title services for a smooth closing now and worry free property ownership in the years to come.

Oh by the way... If you know of someone who would appreciate my services, call me with their name and number, and I will be happy to help them.

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Michelle Hill Area Manager (800) 698-0422 ex. 7733 (PDLOPKLOO#Ă€UVWDPFRP Mobile: 806-206-0365 ZZZĂ€UVWDPFRPZDUUDQW\

4202 84th Street Lubbock, Texas 79424

806.793.0704 Fax: 806.795.9143

Simply Clean *References Available Specializing in move-in/out


Concrete Driveways: Poring Over the Pros and Cons Concrete adds smooth polish to driveways and a sleek look to home exteriors, but here are the points to ponder before you re-surface Concrete Driveway Basics Cost: $4 to $8 per square foot, depending on site conditions and preparation. Durability: 30 years or longer with proper care. Maintenance: Sweeping and pressure washing when needed. Chemicals may be needed to remove oil or tire marks. Additional options: Driveways may be stained different colors or poured into eye-catching patterns. Advantages 1. Maintenance and longevity. Cracks usually don’t occur for quite a long time, and potholes are nearly nonexistent. Concrete also lasts longer than any other driveway material. The most pesky task you’ll encounter is stain removal, which we will touch on later. 2. Temperature control. Because of its light color, concrete stays cool enough for bare feet in summer. 3. Aesthetics. A home looks great with the light-colored concrete driveway leading up to the garage. It matches the house nicely and goes well with the long pattern of windows. 4. Color options. A huge draw for concrete is that it can be stained in an array of colors, adding warmth and character to the home’s exterior. 5. Snow removal. I know, the only kind of snow you want to hear about during this time of year is the kind that comes in a cone at the county fair. But it’s true: Shoveling snow away from concrete is much easier than removing it from gravel or pavers. Disadvantages 1. Resurfacing is not an option. Over time, your driveway may crack and will begin to look unsightly, although this will not happen for many years if poured FRUUHFWO\7KHRQO\ZD\WRÀ[WKLVLVWRUHPRYHWKHROGGULYHZD\DQGSRXUDQHZ one in its place. 2. Large driveways can be costly. If you have a driveway that spans across a large yard, you may be better off with an asphalt or a gravel driveway, although the maintenance on both of these materials is a bit more than it is with concrete. 3. Surface stains. Because concrete is generally a light color, it is more susceptible to oil stains and tire marks. Removing these marks can be time consuming and usually calls for a special stain remover. To see more from this article and view the commets left by readers visit:

Lubbock under Water Restrictions and How You Can Help The following restrictions apply: On your irrigation day, you may water from 12:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and then again from 6:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. Landscape irrigation is restricted to one day per week. Irrigation schedules will be based on the last digit of the address: 1 – Tuesday 2 – Wednesday 3/4 – Thursday 5/6 – Friday 7/8 – Saturday 9/0 – Sunday For example, 110 Main Street will water on Sunday 73 Pine Avenue will water on Thursday 5616 122nd Street will water on Friday For more details concerning this visit the City of Lubbock Website. 25 ways to conserve water 1. Check faucets and pipes for leaks 2. Don’t use the toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket 3. Check your toilets for leaks 4. Use your water meter to check for hidden water leaks ,QVWDOOZDWHUVDYLQJVKRZHUKHDGVDQGORZÁRZIDXFHWDHUDWRUV 3XWSODVWLFERWWOHVRUÁRDWERRVWHULQ\RXUWRLOHWWDQN 7. Insulate your water pipes. 8. Take shorter showers. 9. Turn off the water after you wet your toothbrush 10. Rinse your razor in the sink 11. Use your dishwasher and clothes washer for only full loads 12. Minimize use of kitchen sink garbage disposal units 13. When washing dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running for rinsing 14. Don’t let the faucet run while you clean vegetables 15. Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge. 16. Plant drought-resistant lawns, shrubs and plants 17. Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants 18. Don’t water the gutter 19. Water your lawn only when it needs it 20. Deep-soak your lawn 21. Water during the early parts of the day; avoid watering when it’s windy $GGRUJDQLFPDWWHUDQGXVHHIÀFLHQWZDWHULQJV\VWHP 24. Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways and sidewalks 25. Check for leaks in pipes, hoses, faucets and couplings

Elizabeth loves her career! She has consistently been a multi- million dollar producer and looks forward to working with you whether you have a small or unlimited budget. It’s your hard earned money, and we need to spend it well. She is an active member of the National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, and Lubbock Association of Realtors. She has sat on many committees and especially enjoys teaching and learning about new and innovative methods to be a better businesswoman. She is committed to keeping herself fully educated on top of the line technology for her profession. Her designations place her within a small percentage of REALTORS® nationwide. Elizabeth is married to Roger and has a wonderful son, Alain. Alain is an engineering student at Texas Tech University and is a proud Red Raider. In her spare time, Elizabeth likes to read and study Genealogy. <RXFDQÀQGKHUZRUNLQJRQSLFWXUHVDQGIDPLO\KLVWRU\LQKHUVSDUHWLPH   (OL]DEHWK LV YHU\ DFWLYH LQ RXU FRPPXQLW\ DQG ÀUPO\ EHOLHYHV she owes her community a payback for allowing her to be a successful businesswoman. She is a member of The West Texas Museum Association and enjoys helping children achieve through the arts and sciences. Elizabeth is a self-starter, trustworthy, results-oriented, optimistic, competitive and innovative. She is a negotiator, problem solver, dedicated, sociable respected and says: “I want to be YOUR REALTOR® “.

If you know of someone who would appreciate my services, please call me with their name and number and I will be happy to help them! Meet Amy! Amy has worked as The Diamond Group’s committed Marketing & Administrative Assistant for over 2 1/2 years. Amy enjoys gaining experience and working for the best in the Real Estate Industry! Amy’s enthusiasm and energy in life carry over into the workplace. Amy loves people and is eager to serve the needs of potential clients. She knows the value of teamwork and shared ideas. Amy is hard-working and passionate about her work and her relationships with people. Spending time with her family and friends and learning new things are what she likes to do in her spare time. In addition to being active in her church, taking care of her dog Bentley, Amy graduated South Plains College in May of 2012 with a degree in Design Communications with an Art Specialization. 

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June 2012 Lubbock Connection  
June 2012 Lubbock Connection  

The Diamond Group @ Keller Williams Realty presents Lubbock Connection- June 2012