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Menswear. Personally mens wear is my favorite thing to talk about since I want to be a designer for menswear. I was trying to think about what thing in menswear I would want to talk about the most and I would have to say it’s definitely crazier more fashion forward printed dress shirts. I know there is a lot to look at with “loud” prints on dress shirts and that there is usually a lot to take in, but I think these are really an up and coming trend and there is some sort of a more elegant look to them than your run of the mill dress shirt. And another great thing is that a lot of guys haven’t really jumped on yet so you can get a little more noticed out and about wearing them. The only big thing that I have against these types of shirts is that they aren’t as versatile and that makes them a little bit harder to pair with all sorts of thing and someone who isn’t as comfortable with their sense of style might have an issue with the crazier prints.


just a little piece on a favorite of mine

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