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History of Fashion Alright so after looking more into the history of fashion I was really intrigued by how in my own words the fashion world progressively got more into a gray line. Now of course throughout every new decade we still see all the Dresses for women and the regular suit which never really changes much, but as the years went on you and the women started being seen in the work space a need for a new style for women came up. In the 80’s you saw all these suits (A.K.A. power suits) came out with these big shoulder pads trying to help give women a more “respected” and then later in the 90’s the suits didn’t change much except they made the shoulder pads more reasonable, now on a personal note I’d like to say I am behind the idea of shoulder pads since I am not a very broad individual and they give me this taller slender look like a triangle, but I digress. To get back to my original comment on the gray line for the fashion world it is because of those power suits I say this. Before women were working they were all over the dress scene, that very feminine look and you were almost distinguished by what dress you had and it usually was a knock off of the dress from the biggest movies that year since Hollywood had such an impact and what the suits did to that in the 80 was the female form almost wasn’t as much of a want by women and that blended mens clothing and womens clothing.

History of fashion