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From Christmas to your ďŹ rst home to your wedding day, let every moment grow by adding that

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Living DĂŠcor piece from Sunrise


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Appassimento Wine


Sunrise Dutch Warmblood Horses




Indoor & Outdoor Living Decor®


Campanula Bell Flower


‘NEW’ Dark Get Mee®


Easy Water™


Winter Heather - Erica Darlyensis




Ornithogalum ‘Sunshine’


Pussy Willow ‘Salix Pendula’




Lavender ‘Little Bee’




Calathea ‘Tassmania’




Fall Heather - Calluna Vulgaris




Aphelandra ‘Zebra Plant’




Ardisia ‘Bospremium’




Production Overview 2012

48 [1]

Our Facility Over the years Sunrise Greenhouses has been recognized as one of the foremost leaders in greenhouse innovation. From development and implementation of greenhouse equipment including automatic booms, table stacking, packaging equipment and energy efďŹ cient technology, few other greenhouses rival our technology. A 300 foot long underground basement captures more than 10 million liters of rainfall per year for irrigation. Several irrigation units with a combination of 20 separate irrigation solution tanks allow us to produce our exclusive range of products in a fully recycled irrigation system so no nutrients or chemicals are released into the environment. This is achieved by the use of mobile ebb and ood benches that allow us to sub-irrigate our crops keeping the plants dry and preventing potential infection by pathogens. The mobile bench system is also extremely efďŹ cient allowing us to automate all phases of the production. These investments come with the belief that superior systems lead to high quality products.


Our facility

is heated by two 500 HP European high efficiency boilers each outfitted with condensers and C02 scrubbers. Each department contains HID lighting, double energy curtains and humidity control. Together with Koppert Biological Control Systems we are working to reduce our chemical dependency by using natural controls to fight pests and pathogens to create a greener future. Lastly, Sunrise is on the constant path to becoming Carbon Neutral by utilizing the most energy efficient technology available. In 2010 and 2011 10 KWH PV solar collectors were installed and several other projects are in the works for the coming year! We aim to keep our status from TOGA (The Ontario Greenhouse Alliance) as the having the lowest carbon footprint per square meter of production not for our benefit but for our earth’s as it is the one thing every person in this world has common! [3]




Along with local grape growers and wine makers Sunrise is actively involved in bringing old Italian world wine techniques to the heart of our wine region Niagara to create one of the most treasured wines. Great care goes into producing this Amarone style wine using expertly grown grapes and placing them in our precision controlled climate until the perfect dryness is reached! ~




SUNRISE DUTCH WARMBLOODS Sunrise’s passion for the unique and beautiful does not stop at our line of plants but devils into the world of horses. Dutch Warmblood’s are known for strength, elegance, athleticism while maintaining high ride ability which make them a perfect choice for our breeding and developing of top show horses. Many have gone on to compete nationally and internationally in both dressage and jumping.


PACKAGING Sunrise offers an array of different packaging. From potcovers and mylar to self-watering and ceramic pots. We deal with the industries best, giving you the option to characterize your order how you see fit!

k Ceramics · Jackpot · Global Horticulture · Hampshire Paper Corp. · Highland · Temkin · Sk Ceramics · [8]


Temkin · Sk Ceramics · Jackpot · Global Horticulture · Hampshire Paper Corp. · Highland · Temkin · Temkin · Sk Ceramics · Jackpot · Global Horticulture · Hampshire Paper Corp. · Highland ·

Temkin · Sk Ceramics · Jackpot · Global Horticulture · Hampshire Paper Corp. · Highland ·

IndoorLiving LIVING DÉCOR®

Straight from our Campanula breeders wife Anett Madsen to you:

“At first I could hardly believe my ears when a good friend told me that while visiting Paris in September, she had seen that Hermès had opened a florist’s shop in their newly-opened department store at 17 Rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris – so I booked a ticket to Paris to see for myself the flowers in the context of one of the world’s strongest luxury brands.” “It is naturally surprising to see that such a big and strong luxury brand is using our products to draw customers into their store, and that they dare to ask a price which is far higher than we see elsewhere. Perhaps there is something we have overlooked.....”

[ 10 ]

OutdoorLiving LIVING DÉCOR®

Wherever you see the Plant Mee ® name, we encourage you to plant this in your garden or patio container for extended enjoyment. The Get Mee ® and the Wonder ® Campanula series make the perfect ground cover for your garden bed or in your favorite flower boxes!


These plants are winter hardy perennials making them the item to add to your garden after you have enjoyed the flowers in the house. Just remember to remove the withered blooms for a fresh new look!

[ 11 ]

[ 12 ]

Campanula Bell Flower The most exquisite and romantic blooms come from the Campanula. From a modern perspective to the most vintage appeal, these perennials are desirable to any décor. Each series carries its own distinct characteristics and have the ability to celebrate that romantic fairy-tale both indoors and outdoors for years to come. Notes:

Series GetMee® Pot Size: 2,5”, 4”, 6” Weeks Available: 47-26 Colours: Purple and White

Wonder® Pot Size: 2.5”, 4”, 6” Weeks Available: 47-26 Colours: Blue and White

Fairy® Pot Size: 2.5”, 4”, 6” Weeks Available: 1-26 Colours: Blue [ 13 ]

NEW [ 14 ]

New Dark Get Mee® To be a forefront runner, one must always be improving and innovating, PKM the breeder of our Campanula Series does just that! Through many years of research we are proud to announce the release of the new ‘Dark Get Mee®’ line. The Dark Get Mee® boasts a larger, more intense colour flower that will not lose its richness as it finishes blooming. It’s shelf life has been extended by approximately 14 days and is now botrytis resistant. With its rich green leaves and elegant blooms this is definitely a heart stealer!


Pot Size: 4” Weeks Available: 1-26

[ 15 ]

[ 16 ]

EasyWater™ Function 1.

Fill up the water reservoir at level of the marks


Press down the pot over the wick stand


The water will be added to the root ball continuously through the wick


Contains up to two week’s supply of water


A constant water supply = maximal ornamental value

Secure good contact between pot and plant

[ 17 ]

[ 18 ]

Winter Heather-Erica Darlyensis ERICA DARLYENSIS “KRAMERS RED” Originating from Europe the Erica “Winter Heather’ provides us with unique magenta colour bud blooms that could light up any décor. As a perennial evergreen shrub in certain hardiness zones (5 and warmer) the Erica can be enjoyed either in your home or in that special spot in the garden!


Pot Size: 4” Weeks Available: 1-10

[ 19 ]

Jasminum OfďŹ cinale - Common Jasmine

Jasminum Polyanthum - Jasmine Trellis

Jasminum Polyanthum - Jasmine Wreath

[ 20 ]

Jasminum Mesnyi - Primrose Jasmine

Jasmine The traditional Jasmine fragrance of springtime breeze will allure any nose and the delicate pink buds that blossoming into white stars will attract any eye. From the regions of Asia our perennial varieties of Jasmine display foliage of small green leaves making it appealing even when not in bloom and is versatile for your house or as a garden guest! Notes:

Varieties Jasmine Trellis Pot Size: 6” Weeks Available: 1 – 10 Primrose Jasmine Pot Size: 4” Weeks Available: 5 – 10 Common Jasmine Pot Size 6” Weeks Available : 36 – 40 Jasmine Wreath Pot Size 6” Weeks Available: 47 – 51 [ 21 ]

[ 22 ]

Ornithogalum ‘Sunshine’ Native to South Africa these fresh popping colour flowers display rich smooth narrow leaves giving a visually unique experience. These plants take their job seriously when it comes to boosting colour in and outside of the house. These long lasting blooms will thrive in bright light and will also make a great cut flower if one chooses to add it!


Pot Size: 4”, 6” Weeks Available: 1-21

[ 23 ]

[ 24 ]

Pussy Willow ‘Salix Pendula’ WEEPING WILLOW “SALIX PENDULA” The Weeping Pussy Willow is among the most graceful trees. It is connected with all that is feminine, dreaming, intuition, emotion, enchantment, healing and revitalization. The willow has long since been recognized as a sacred tree by poets, philosophers and religious leaders because of the flexibility of its twigs. The willow’s flexibility symbolizes resilience and inspires us to move with life rather than resist what we are feeling.


Pot Size: 6” Weeks Available: 1-14

[ 25 ]

[ 26 ]

Hydrangea This dwarf variety of hydrangea is native to Japan. The classic pink blooms form a globe of flowers that give a grand visual presence to springtime. Each dark green leaf is coarsely toothed and it can be used for indoor or outdoor containers or flower beds. It brings the future spring season to any home and will continue to bloom year after year in outdoor regions with moderate winters. The blooms are also popular for dried arrangements. Notes:

Pot Size: 4” Weeks Available: Easter

[ 27 ]

[ 28 ]

Lavender ‘Little Bee’ French or Spanish Lavender commonly known as the ‘Little Bee’ variety originates from the Mediterranean Region allowing for its drought tolerant qualities. The ‘Little Bee’ has an upright, compact growth habit and will bloom all summer into fall! The most impressive quality of any Lavender variety is the aroma that they fill the air around them with and this variety is no exception! It creates a luxurious relaxing fragrance in the home or in your outdoor décor. Notes:

Pot Size: 4”, 6” Weeks Available: 17-21

[ 29 ]

[ 30 ]

Mikado This humidity loving plant has elegant and modern characteristics. The grass-like rosette produces tall stems with gold pinhead buds and open to form a soft creamy white bloom on top of the multiple stems. It is from the South American regions of Brazil and was once known as a swamp plant. Today it provides a classic and contemporary feel and is simply stated as extraordinary. Notes:

Pot Size: 3� Weeks Available: 23-4

[ 31 ]

[ 32 ]

Calathea ‘Tassmania’ The rich green variegated leaf tops of the Calathea give way to the best quality underneath the leaf providing lavish color of deep purple to showcase the vibrant orange blooms. For its looks and characteristics the Calathea have acquired the nickname ‘The Eternal Flame”. The flower shoots will last up to 8 weeks when proper care is provided. After 2-3 months, the plant will finish flowering. Keep it in a cold, dark place in your home and keeping it dry. The Calathea will then grow new shoots and after about 9 months will flower again. At night you may notice the leaves curl up as it goes to sleep. Notes:

Pot Size: 6” Weeks Available:12-43

[ 33 ]

[ 34 ]

Nertera Nertera is from the Greek word ‘Nerteos’, meaning ‘low down’, it lives up to this name by only growing a few centimeters up with its heavy small green intertwining leaves, stems, and berries. It is native to the mountain regions of Central and South America, New Zealand, and Tasmania. The Nertera are reminiscent of the pincushion in Mom’s sewing box. This cute little plant is covered in different fall color berries and it is the perfect accent for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Harvest décor. Notes:

Pot Size: 3” Weeks Available: 25-45 Colours: Orange, White, Yellow

[ 35 ]

[ 36 ]

Fall Heather: Calluna Vulgaris Iconic to Scotland, mentioned through poems and novels, the Calluna Heather grows in abundance across the moors and heaths. This hardy perennial evergreen shrub blooms with deep mauve buds. It will add that spunk to your indoor dĂŠcor or get you in that fall mood in the garden!


Pot Size: 4� Weeks Available: 35 - 40

[ 37 ]

[ 38 ]

Curcuma This unique blooming plant is from the Ginger family and native of Thailand. Boasting many names such as the “Siam Tulip” or “Summer Tulip” it still is distinguishable from any other to the visual eye. Blooming from its bulbs from mid summer through fall it can be purchased as a house plant and/or an outdoor patio plant; with its long lasting blooms it is sure to please! Or another option is to add them as a cut flower to that impressive bouquet for that special occasion! Notes:

Pot Size: 6” Weeks Available: 32-40 Colours: Pink and White

[ 39 ]

[ 40 ]

Aphelandra This South American native has a stunning visual effect in both the leaves and the flowers! It’s leaves are deep green with an abundance of creamy white veins! The crisp striped foliage is no doubt where it gets its name! Bright yellow bracts emerge during late summer into fall and these long lasting blooms add a dazzling unique touch to the end of the summer! As autumn rolls in, the yellow is a perfect compliment to nature’s fall colors. Notes:

Pot Size: 6” Weeks Available: 34 - 40

[ 41 ]

NEW [ 42 ]

Maracas Brazilian Fireworks or commonly referred to as Maracas tends to be quite the showy type! It exudes such a level of confidence with its unique red flower that blooms lavender sprouting out like fireworks against a rich green leaf with silver running through its veins! It can add a tropical sense to any home with that modern day appeal! NEW THIS YEAR Sunrise will be offering a White Maracas! All the same great showy features just in a new colour! Notes:

Pot Size: 4”, 6” Weeks Available: 34-40 Colours: Red/Lavender and White

[ 43 ]

NEW [ 44 ]

Ardisia ‘Bospremium’ NEW & EXCLUSIVE Beautiful red berries! This exclusive variety of Ardisa, ‘Bosprimium’ species is a more full and compact plant. In spring it will bloom with flowers and gain a new leaf wreath with added height each year. The plant will continue to hold several layers of berries for an extended amount of time for your visual décor! Interesting fact: Did you know that the little lumps on the leaves have a function? Inside the lumps there are colonies of bacteria that facilitate a healthy metabolism. So do not cut away the lumps! The berries could fall from the plant and the leaves could shrivel. Notes

Pot Size: 6” Weeks Available: 40 - 52

[ 45 ]

[ 46 ]

Goldcrest This evergreen conifer is unmatched with it’s glowing yellow-lime colour and clean lemon scent! Able to grow in many different shapes and sizes the traditional ‘Christmas Tree’ shape takes the lead for the holiday season! This plant will add a special touch to any décor! Notes

Pot Size: 4.5”, 6” Weeks Available: 40 - 50

[ 47 ]

Production Overview 2012 January Campanula Erica Heather Jasmine Trellis Primrose Jasmine Ornithogalum Weeping Pussy Willow Hydrangea Lavender Mikado Calathea Nertera Calluna Heather Curcuma Aphelandra Maracas Common Jasmine Ardisia Goldcrest Jasmine Wreath [ 48 ]












[ 49 ]


[ 50 ]


[ 51 ]

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Sunrise Greenhouses 2012 Catalog  

Sunrise Greenhouses 2012 Catalog