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1) Touched

by Stephen Lowe

2) Blood Wedding

by Lorca

3) Road

by Jim Cartwright

A Staffordshire University Production Faculty of Arts Media and Design Staffordshire University College Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2XW t: +44 (0)1782 294000

Welcome to the Performance Welcome to Studio One for today’s performance. You are about to see three thirty minute extracts from three separate plays. This performance is part of the Level 1 Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts students’ module, Script and Text. The module’s aim is to allow students to develop experience in the practice of drama through individual and group based work. The module covers acting, a basic technical production role (lighting, sound etc) and directing. Working only under supervision from tutors, nearly everything you will see has been created solely by the students.


An Introduction to the module

1) Touched

by Stephen Lowe

2) Blood Wedding by Lorca


3) Road

by Jim Cartwright

Touche d by Stephen Lowe A note from Student Director, Kim Powell

Touched is an incredibly emotive and elegantly written play set in 1945 in Nottingham during the 100 days between VE day and VJ day. This turbulent and surreal period of British history has been interviewed with realistic, troubled characters, giving the audience a unique perspective on the woman at home during the war.

Mary – Lucy Fellows (Sound)

Directing this play has been both challenging and enjoyable. The process of the directing has enriched and expanded a keen interest of the subject.

Birdie – Antonya McKnight (Lighting)

Sandra – Katherine Fielding (Costume) Betty – Grace White (Costume) Joan - Deborah Banks (Stage Manager) Pauline – Carly Joyner (Settings) Johnny – Jack Barrett (Settings) Keith – Anthony Hughes (Marketing)

B lood Wedding by Lorca Notes from student Director Emma Harris

Blood Wedding is an example of Poetic Theatre, written when author Lorca was told a story of a young bride running away with a lover from her past. Lorca was recognised as an artistic genius, and drew heavy inspiration from the surrealist movement and his close friend Salvador Dali when creating this powerful drama of love and destiny; a challenging play to say the least! It was difficult for myself and the actors to shift into a culture and period that previous to this, none of us had any experience with. Luckily, I was blessed with a very talented and enthusiastic group of student actors, whom I will miss working with. I’d like to thank every one of them for their dedication to their characters and the production as a whole. The Bride - Becky Rodgers (Lighting) The Bridegroom - Jamie Robertson (Marketing) The Bridegroom’s Mother - Tasha Talbot (Set Design) The Bride’s Father - Sam Cullen (Set Design) Leonardo - Jordan Higgins (Stage Manager) Leonardo’s Wife - Sarah Stock (Sound) The Maid - Alison Tinham (Costume)

Road by Jim Cartwright Note from Student Director Sarah Nicholson

Set in the North during 1987, Road looks at themes relevant to Mill Closures and the affect this had upon the ordinary working class people of the time, making their lives even harder and forcing many of them to depression. I have really enjoyed taking on the challenge of Directing Road, as the excellent script and humour have a wide appeal. The group of actors I have been given are great, and it’s been a tremendous experience to work so closely with such a fine team. Scullery - Danny McLaney (Marketing) Claire - Becky Mellins (Sound) Joey/Brother - Adam Hedges (Settings) Carol - Sam Minshull (Costume) Brink - Chris Postill (Stage Manager) Brenda - Heather Mayne (Costume) Eddie - Jacob Tyler (Settings) Louise - Mandisa Sellassie (Lighting)

meet the CAST & CRE W

Acknowle dgements All of the students involved in the performance would like to give special thanks to the people who have made the show possible. First of all a huge thank you to tutors Rob Marsden, Chris Martin and Paul Jones, who’s guidance, planning and assistance has enabled all of us to create such a standard of work.

We must also thank James Earl-Davis for assisting the Sound Designers with recording and producing their material, as well as extending a big thank you to Jo Dawson who has operated the lighting desk for each of the extracts. Without your respective technical expertise, the show could not have gone forward with such quality. Finally, a big thank you to you the audience for coming to see our performance, we hope you enjoy our work!

Faculty of Arts Media and Design Staffordshire University College Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2XW t: +44 (0)1782 294000

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