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Module 3: CVs and letters of application Exercise 3.1: Top tips for writing your CV Aim: share eight key points about CV writing with participants Timing: 15 minutes 1 This is a whole group exercise. 2 Take participants through points 1-8.

Exercise 3.2: Choosing your CV format Aim: introduce participants to the major CV formats Timing: approx. 30 minutes 1 Divide the group into pairs and introduce the object of the exercise: choosing your CV format. 2 Introduce the three main different approaches to writing CVs: • chronological • functional • targeted. 3 Take participants through the definition of a chronological CV on the handout. Explain how it works well if: • you want to emphasise your employment; • you want a general information based CV which can be used for any application; • you have never worked but have excellent qualifications, which can be listed in detail.

4 Move on to the functional CV which is useful if: • you have had a variety of unconnected jobs from which you have gained different kinds of experience, all of which are selling points to potential employers; • you have limited paid work experience, but have done voluntary work or worked in the home, which would be difficult to express in a chronological CV; • you have very general skill areas. 5 Move on to the targeted CV – which is for anyone who is applying for a particular job and wishes to emphasise specific skills that relate directly to that job. A targeted CV can be altered to relate to each job you apply for and will give an employer only the relevant information required for that particular job. This is useful if: • you have a great deal of experience in one particular field with a number of different employers; • you want to emphasise particular aspects of your work experience and qualifications, which relate to a particular job. 6 Issue participants with the sample CVs and ask them to read them all through to decide which format they fit. 7 Discuss their assessments and check that everyone has decided which approach they are going to follow on their individual CV.

Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  
Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  

Informal learning for UNISON members facing redundancy