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Sample forms Exercise 2.6 (4c) SKILLS AND EXPERI


how to date, and to explain your work experience your application. r skills and abilities, and for you e (s) crib son des rea to the ited te You are inv for. Please sta post you are applying the requirements of the

they match

istrative experience in the admin individual with 20 years and g ing sin nd pri ter ma en de d s an iou d been gained in var I am a self-motivate ve ha ces en eri exp e extensiv and education field. My nments. viro en rk wo g gin llen cha lude responsibilities that inc nment. I have various viro ations en nic sy mu bu y com l ver t ba bu all rses using both ver cou g I currently work in a sm inin tra out up gh ou ting thr set phone queries course needs, dealing with lecturers d deal with various tele an s line ad de t tigh y to ver and IT systems. I work y. da the ntify tion to detail, I can ide and pay particular atten ask rk to wo aid my afr to t no ach am pro d ap an al when appropriate ure I have a very methodic ced pro t ter rec pu cor se. I am com implement the manding situations ari problems quickly and help if any difficult or de for use email everyday o ers als I mb ns. me m atio tea plic one of my Office software ap oft ros Mic all student enrolment h wit the t ten I also regularly use literate and compe ts. en intm po ap in inta my work. dar to ma and the Outlook calen d course information for – to look up student an ive ntL de Stu – ase datab ly, n, make decisions quick minimum of supervisio the h wit sy rk bu a wo in d ly an ive ve iati rk effect I am able to use own init e reasons for them. I wo g e responsibility and giv e well while undertakin cop to me ws allo is Th whilst being able to tak lls. ski al lt tion icu isa diff d an an org ellent manding office as I possess exc my own initiative in de e time, I am able to use sam the at ks tas re. s iou ssu var der pre calm whilst working un situations and remain in the future, I am uld help me progress wo ich wh g inin tra ke ger to underta willing to learn and am I am very keen and ea istration. I am always min Ad ess sin icism. I can Bu in C an HN board constructive crit currently undertaking am also able to take on I I undertake. t ns. tha stio k ge tas sug ry d eve an achieve 100% in open to new ideas to g ivin str ays alw ts, and targe work to set deadlines are looking for. I es in all areas that you iliti ab ven pro d will ve ha I t application tha ieve any targets set, an You can see from my d determination to ach an ve y dri full the d h an r wit r ise ato nic organ am a confident commu ovative and an energetic bility. I am creative, inn n. ctio happily accept responsi isfa complete customer sat understand the need for ted individual with a le and extremely commit iab rel , ible flex le, tab very adap and a keen worker. To summarise, I am a me being enthusiastic in ults res ich wh n, atio high level of self-motiv


Swimming, playin

ng g the piano, salsa danci




Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  
Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  

Informal learning for UNISON members facing redundancy