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Sample forms Exercise 2.6 (3d) to be able to converse rt of my jobs and I have pa key ector a en be ays has alw ff up to and including Dir Communication is and ing e variety people and sta sur wid a en h m, wit tea lly na my of sio fes ively with members ect and communicate pro eff ate d to nic ate mu leg com de I am able to ks that I have level on a daily basis. accurately carry out tas to le lt ab icu are diff y p the t kee to tha d ility that I am understood an tomers and have the ab dealing with difficult cus times. all at l na sio fes pro them. I am confident at d polite, understanding an situations calm by being adly aware of the part of my role. I am bro t an ort tiimp an tly ren lity is cur l Opportunities and an Maintaining confidentia Acts and embrace Equa tion tec Pro ta Da d an n Freedom of Informatio discrimination practice. my current and ively and accurately, as ect eff s ure ced pro d ing procedures to g to policies an the importance of follow I am familiar with workin te cia pre ap o als I . uired this g practice. previous roles have req d to standardise workin undertaken correctly an are ks tas t tha e sur en under pressure. ual who doesn’t panic ivid ind g kin thin arcle d m an I am a methodical, cal office junior to currently m my progress from an fro nt me mit myself com d an drive evant skills by applying I have evidence of good ough improving my rel thr this ne do ve rk. ha d being a manager an via the experience of wo oping my practical skills academically and devel and outside of the ationships, both inside rel od go s ha o wh n stworthy perso courages others. I am an honest and tru timistic person who en op d an nt fide con a I am working environment.


I enjoy going to the


reading and socialisin gym, running, walking,


Please give details employer)

(one of the approach for references of two people we could

se should include you

r present

Name: Designation: Address:

Name: Designation: Address:

Telephone: Email:

Telephone: Email: Note:


ncil taking up e no objection to the Cou assumed that you hav if be yer will plo it em y, t las trar or con , to the employer Unless you state here be from your present One reference should ly. ate edi imm ces referen unemployed)

Do you hold a full driv

ing licence?

ABILITY TO DRIVEown or have access to a vehicle YES/NO Do you




Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  
Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  

Informal learning for UNISON members facing redundancy