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Sample forms Exercise 2.6 (3c) SKILLS AND EXPERI


how to date, and to explain your work experience your application. r skills and abilities, and for you (s) e son crib rea des to the te ited You are inv for. Please sta post you are applying the requirements of the am

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confident position as I decided to apply for this ve ha I this on t ipti tha scr see de job . I can Having read through the cation to a high standard ople g required in the specifi the council and the pe fit ne be l wil d an ce en that I can fulfil everythin eri exp d an lls ski my to utilise position will allow me . ed olv inv a hough my position is as training organisation. Alt w a ho t for jus g t no rkin , wo job e, rol the ilar rything involved in eve rn I currently work in a sim lea d an d r’ de late lad packs, col ‘work up the icer I created delegate manager, I have had to d attendance on rs as Administration Off cke yea tra my d g an rin ns Du r. ctio ge tru na ins to be a ma okings, sent joining bo ate leg de red iste course material, reg on a daily basis. completion of courses mainly consist of: These days my duties g praisals and interviewin • Staff management: i.e. Conducting staff ap s, ue iss R n/H atio leg o Task de t may arise s/any other issues tha prospective employee • Quality Assurance d producing reports etings, minute taking an • Attending client me s ion ibit Excel ors at company exh • Assisting the Direct icators) using Microsoft Ind ce an rm rfo Pe y (Ke I’s KP ly nth • Produce mo ment rpoint • Client File Manage Word, Excel and Powe matting using Microsoft for ial • Course mater via l i.e. flights, trains, etc • Tutor Management: nt/Accommodation/Trave me ge na Ma s rie Dia ial/ o Course mater internet and phone. ary stock management tion • Sta l plies/budgetary contro o Checking stock sup ts al duties en dm en d am ks other than my norm • Website updates an ed to fulfil different tas ask a en of be rt pa ve ha ive I ect es eff rol ing an In my current and past challenges. I enjoy be m to ally undertaken these ible in order for the tea flex be to ed ne and have enthusiastic ers mb me m tea t tha d an rst de successful team and un tly. meet its goals consisten ns. I am s NVQ III in IT Applicatio currently working toward ctions I Se am t. d en an s nm ter viro pu en g com useful in a workin y I am confident using ver be to rnt ive lea ect ve k and Eff wledge I ha expert, Microsoft Outloo already finding the kno Microsoft Word & Excel are far so ted ple com have tion. Business Communica



Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  
Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  

Informal learning for UNISON members facing redundancy