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Exercise 4.3: Listen carefully

Exercise 4.4: Preparing your answers

Aim: show participants how to structure their answer to a key question Timing: approx. 20 minutes 1 Divide the group into pairs: explain they will each get to role play the interviewer and the interviewee. 2 Explain that the aim of the exercise is to have an answer prepared to the standard interview question: “Give me an example of when you solved a problem which had a successful outcome”. 3 Explain how the answer should be broken into three parts: (a) setting the scene (b) describing the problem (c) describing the successful outcome 4 Explain that the interviewer should allocated one to five points to each part of the answer. 5 When the pairs have swapped and completed the exercise you could offer this 15-point example: “I was working on the tills in B&Q in December 2010 when a customer came in asking for an item that was out of stock. • I asked him specifically what he wanted the item for and sourced an alternative for him that was at a lower price than the original item. • I was thanked by him and he left a satisfied customer more likely to return in the future.” You should also point out obvious pitfalls eg, when the question asks when you solved a problem, you score no points if you answer with “We asked him what he wanted …”

Aim: help participants ensure their mind doesn’t go blank in an interview Timing: approx. 30 minutes 1 Divide the group into pairs and distribute copies of the exercise handout. Point out where the list of questions corresponds with any questions participants prepared for in Exercise 17. 2 Invite participants to alternate the roles of interviewer and interviewee and work their way through the list of questions, using the notes to guide their responses.

Exercise 4.5: Ten top tips for interviews Aim: convey how participants should conduct themselves in a job interview Timing: approx 15 minutes 1 Take participants through the ten tips.

Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  
Moving on: supporting UNISON members facing redundancy  

Informal learning for UNISON members facing redundancy