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Why Dental Health Check Ups are so important? A good health is complete if you have a good oral health. Daily brushing and flossing is good but is not sufficient to keep you away from all dental problems. It is very necessary to visit your dentist regularly. Many out of you might not have visited dentist for years. The irregularity to visit dentist causes number of dental problems. Dr. Neha Garg and Dr. Amit Garg are renowned dentists in Gurgaon who recommends visiting dentist at least once in every six months and may be more frequent or fewer as per your dental health history. They say that regular check ups can catch the early warnings of infection or tooth decay and cure them at the first step or before they get worse. You may be out of those who ignore oral health and pay attention to only overall body health. This is the way you are inviting more number of dental problems for you. Below are few reasons for why dental health check ups are so important: 1.




Regular dental check ups help in early detection of oral cancer. It also helps to safeguard against the dreaded disease by recognizing early signs of warnings that allows quick treatment and prevention. Another reason for having a regular dental check up is to prevent you from gum diseases. A gum disease causes inflammation around the gums and if not treated on time can result in root canal treatment or loss of tooth. One of the major reasons for why people develop gum diseases is poor oral hygiene. So, one must take extra care and have a good oral health. The best and most commonly used way to keep teeth clean is getting them cleaned professionally by a dentist. The dentist or hygienist utilises specialised handheld tools like scalers and polishers to remove dental plaque, a colourless film of bacteria that causes cavities. This helps in giving teeth a good buff. The cost of check up is low as compared to the treatment. You will also receive advice on preventing issues developing and your brushing technique and habits.

Keeping all the points mentioned above in mind you must visit your dentist regularly or at least twice in a year. It's time to prioritise your oral health. If you haven't seen your dentist in a while use this blog as a reminder and motivation to book an appointment with yours today. Your smile will thank you. Source:

Why dental health check ups are so important  

It's essential to have good oral health to complete your overall health. They say that regular check ups can catch the early warnings of inf...

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