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September Issue 29


Contents Introductions: Page 2 - Contributors Page 3 - The Editor-in-Chief & Deputy Page 4 - The Rest of the Team Page 6 - Introducing DemonFM Page 7 - ...and DemonTV Student Discussion: Page 8 - Welcome to DMU Page 18 - Advice for Freshers Page 25 - Are We Still #DMUGlobal? Fashion & Beauty: Page 10 - All the Colours of the Rainbow: Pride Fashion 2019 Page 16 - Freshers Fashion: What to Wear for Lectures Page 24 - Introducing the Leicester Vintage Scene: Where to Go for Those Retro Vibes News & Sports: Page 11 - LGBT+ Athletes Page 14 - Introducing the DSU Executive Team Page 20 - What’s Happening During Freshers? Page 29 - Introduction to DMU Sport and BUCS Entertainment: Page 12 - Top 5 Essential Apps for Student Life Page 22 - Best Places to Visit in Leicester with New Friends Page 28 - The Best Games To Play With Your New Friends Health & Lifestyle: Page 13 - Culture Shock - Let’s Go Through This Together Page 19 - After Coffee Beans - Leicester’s Coffee Shops You Have to Visit Page 26 - Coping with Loneliness and Homesickness at University: You Are Not Alone Creative Writing: Page 30 - Suddenly an Adult Page 31 - The Moment I Knew I was Home Away from Home


Contributors The Demon Team: Editor-in-Chief: Francisca Quádrio Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Regina Tóth Entertainment Editor: Emma Towers Fashion & Beauty Editor: Jess Hiatt Health & Lifestyle Editor: Zuzanna Romańska News & Sports Editor: Janice Kusters News & Sports Sub-Editor: Marta Franka Student Discussion Editor: Beatriz Abreu Ferreira Student Discussion Sub-Editor: Callum Hutton Social Media Manager: Mahima Kshatriya Head of Editorial Design: Robyn Steeper Head of Photography: Thomas Jackson Writers: Alice Arnold Araminta Jürgen-Romrig Callum Hutton Dafydd Evans Emma Towers Francisca Quádrio Honor Waterfield Janice Kusters Jess Hiatt Lauren Gray Lawrence Robertson Léonie Mayer Regina Tóth Rhys Bailey Shannon Roubinas Shefali Hunjan Tom Fair Yara Abdalgany Photographers: Rhys Bailey Thomas Jackson Lighting: Joey Lever

Designers: Alice Arnold Elliott Sharp Francisca Quádrio Jess Bennett Jess Hiatt Owen Mountfield Rahim Rizwan Regina Tóth Robyn Steeper Todor Stoev Yara Abdalgany Photo Models: Alice Arnold Francisca Quádrio Jasmine Cooper Jess Hiatt Matt Teagle Rhys Bailey Zuzanna Romańska Special Thanks: De Montfort Student’s Union and DSU Officers

The Editor-in-Chief & Deputy Hi there, Welcome – or welcome back! You could have picked up this magazine for many a reason – your friend wrote an article, your flatmate is featured or maybe, hopefully, because you are interested in what we do at The Demon. This is, as you can tell, the university’s magazine. We are all students here and we write about students for students. Our aim is to make our content as relevant to DMU students as possible. We are a friendly, if a little shy bunch. We are the quietest branch of Demon Media for sure, but we will welcome you with open arms if you’re interested in writing, photography, design or illustration.

Francisca Quádrio Editor-in-Chief

My name is Francisca, but most people call me Kika and I will be your Editor-in-Chief this year. Even though it sounds scary, I am proud to say I am going into my third year as a Creative Writing and Journalism student. I joined our society as a fresher so this will also be my third year as a member of Demon Media and I can’t lie, I am super thrilled. These past two years have allowed me to develop my skills and to learn a lot from others. And that’s what we plan to do this year. We aim to deliver good and informative content that’s relevant to DMU students while helping our editors, writers, photographers and designers extend their skill set and portfolio and bloom into professionals ready to face the adult world.

Regina Tóth

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

My name is Regina, and I will be your Deputy Editor-In-Chief this year. It will be my third year with The Demon, and having joined as a fresher, I really recommend the experience to everyone. Demon Media is one of the best and most complex societies you will find out there and it will provide you with skills for life – whether your course is media related or not. Me and Kika have big ambitions for the magazine this year, we want to make it the best it can be and we have a wonderful editorial team, creative and hard-working students who share our dreams and ideas for your student magazine.

We have made some changes, added some new things and got rid of others. Whether you are a prospective member of Demon Media looking to join our team or a student wanting to find more about news around campus or the best student lifestyle tips, we hope you get in touch with us and let us know your opinions or ideas on how we could improve to best suit the needs of the students at DMU. Give us a shout @thedemondmu on Twitter or @thedemonmag on Instagram.


The Rest of the Team

Entertainment: I’m Emma and I’m the Entertainment Editor. I’m studying Creative Writing and Journalism and I’m in my third year. The type of entertainment I’m interested in is music, specifically rock music publications such as Kerrang! and Metal Hammer. I’ve been going to Download Festival on and off for the past nine years. If you have any queries about articles don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll reply as soon as I can. Or if you just want to talk about music, I will always have time for that!

News and Sports: Hiya everyone! Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. Nice to meet you, I’m Janice Kusters and I am your new Editor for the section News and Sports! I’m 22 years old, a Dutch native and from September onwards an Investigative Journalism (MA) student. I have been involved with Demon Media for the past three years, both by writing for the magazine and fulfilling different management roles for DemonFM. So, you could say I really am quite the Demon Grandma ;) I also have a passion for Formula 1 and love horse riding.

Janice Kusters

News & Sports Editor

I am Marta, a third year Journalism and Media student and I will be your News & Sports Sub-Editor this year. Along with Janice Kusters I will be editing your articles that will be released online. I come from Poland and I am passionate about football and tennis when it comes to sports. But apart from that I am also interested in films, music, culture and arts. Student Discussion:

Marta Franka

News & Sports Sub-Editor

Social Media: Hello everyone! I am Mahima. You can call me Mahi. I am a third year Journalism and Media student. The first thing you should know about me is that I am always reading or writing poetry or on my phone posting my life on social media. I aspire to become a travel writer in the future. A fun fact about me is that I love travelling, dogs, sunsets and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I usually spend my free time writing, cooking Indian food, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix, reading, then again watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, going out with my mates and yes, you guessed it, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I absolutely cannot wait to do my best and provide my skills to the Demon Media! I am really friendly so don’t hesitate to message me if you need any help.


Mahi xoxo

Hola! I’m Zuzanna and I’m a third year Journalism and IRs student. Besides my love for food (which you automatically inherit by having Polish roots), I am a book and music mole since I can remember. Fashion and culture from the 60s and 80s hold a special place in my heart. As cliché as it sounds, I am addicted to coffee and terrified of spiders. I am a bit of a planning freak and being unprepared makes me anxious. Every day I am trying to appreciate small things, I am trying to be in sync with nature despite living in a city and develop self-awareness and self-appreciation. If somebody would ask me what my motto is, I would simply say, “it could always be worse.” I’ve never had a nickname, so call me by my name – Zuzanna. Can’t wait to work with Demon’s creative individuals and to become one.

Emma Towers

Entertainment Editor

Zuzanna Romańska

Health & Lifestyle Editor

Till next time! xx Zuzanna

I’m Beatriz Abreu Ferreira. I’m a second year Journalism student trying to turn my investigative spirit, interest in politics, and my critical personality into a career. As I was born and raised in Portugal, I’m the happiest version of myself under the sun, with a cocktail in my hand. Being busy is my normal state and stress is my middle name. I’m obsessed with dogs (but gradually becoming a cat lover as well). I’m super excited to work as the student discussion editor. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have or send me your ideas. I’m Callum or ‘Cal’ – whichever you prefer. I’m the Sub-Editor for Student Discussion and Editor for the Creative Writing section. I study Creative Writing and English Language and I’m now in my third year. I’ve always been a strong supporter of open discussion and free expression throughout my life – something which has led me to choose my university course and strive to become a part of The Demon Magazine and Demon Media as a whole. I now have full confidence that I will provide the best of my abilities when it comes to being part of The Demon Magazine. I’m really friendly so, if you see me around, feel free to say ‘Hi!’

Health and Lifestyle:

Fashion and Beauty:

Beatriz Abreu Ferreira

Student Discussion Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Jess, your Fashion and Beauty Editor. Currently, I’m a third year Drama student, which I suppose is a bit different to everyone else! When selecting a Uni course, I was torn between English Literature and Drama, so taking part in the Demon allows me to tap into my writing roots. I am a MASSIVE lover of fashion and everything to do with the design and aesthetics within it. I think there are no limits to the world of beauty and fashion, and everyone can identify with it in different ways. I look forward to diversifying this section and getting to know all of you.

Jess Hiatt

Fashion & Beauty Editor


Callum Hutton

Student Discussion Sub-Editor

Hi, I’m Robyn and I’m the Head of Editorial Design for this year’s publication. I study Graphic Design and have just started my third year. I have always had a passion for designing and creating things, especially for others to enjoy; which is what led me to study the course I do and also play a part in this magazine. My aim for this year is to bring a fresh and exciting new look to the presentation of the magazine, with the involvement of other creators. No two people in our university are the same, and I would love for us to be able to show that through the variety of designs and illustrations in each article for every issue forthcoming. As it’s a magazine by students for students, I encourage you to get in touch if you would like to design an article yourself!

Robyn Steeper

Head of Editorial Design


Mahima Kshatriya

Social Media Manager

I’m Tom, I’m leading the photography end of things this year. I started doing photography in my spare time on film sets; for the last few I’ve played around in different forms of photography, my favourite being candid photography. I’m currently in my third year studying Film and Media. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos!

Thomas Jackson

Head of Photography


Introducing DemonFM Hello, hello, hello! I hope this article finds you well! If not, I hope you at least managed to find a Maccies on your way home last night. We are your management team of your student radio station, DemonFM:

Dafydd Evans

Station Manager

Tom Fair

Deputy Station Manager

We broadcast online from our studios in the Queens Building, from 8am to 12pm every day. We bring you everything from hot gossip and hotter tunes, to news and sports coverage, film review shows, celeb interviews and literally anything in between! Our shows run over 1 or 2 hours, starting with Breakfast to get you up and moving before those dreaded 9am lectures. Rewind focuses on retro tunes, so if you can’t resist a little Fleetwood Mac or Oasis, this is the show for you! Brand new this year is Chatterbox, where we open the phone lines and get you, students, talking about everything from entertainment news to current affairs. Kicking off the afternoon is Intermission and Outermission, run by students on Media courses, bringing you something different every day. Student Room is another new addition, bringing the show out to the students and finding out what matters to you. The last of the regular shows is Home Run, helping you chill out after a long day of study. Or napping in the lecture theatre, we don’t judge. Once a week we also run the topical debate show InFocus and our countdown of the hottest tracks of the week on the Chart Show. Feeling sporty? Tune in the Sports show on Tuesday and Saturday for all the Prem news, F1 drama and everything in between! Have you got an idea that doesn’t fit into any of the above? Excellent! Come and tell us about it and we will set you up on one of our specialist shows, where you could talk about anything from theatre and musical shows, local arts and culture, dive deep into K-pop or review films and games. Anything goes!


Shannon Roubinas Programme Director

Everyone behind the mic is a student just like you, so if you want to learn how to present a show, DJ on our turntables, or interview the likes of Tom Grennan, Nish Kumar and Warwick Davies, we can help you! If you’re more of a behind-the-scenes person like some of us, you can learn how to produce some of our award-winning shows, put together eye-catching social media posts, or be one of the techies that make our on-location Leicester Comedy Festival or Tigers stadium rugby shows possible! Think you can’t do it? You’re wrong, sorry. We welcome anyone, no matter your background. Tom’s Brummie accent is the least sexy in Britain apparently, so he should know! We don’t even care about what course you’re doing; if you’re an Aeronautical Engineer, Fashion Designer or Criminal Psychologist, get on the business end of our microphones and learn how to shine! In addition to these “day jobs”, we’re a member of the nationwide Student Radio Association, with perks such as glitzy awards shows (we’ll take any excuse to dress up to the nines at this station), and the annual Conference, where you can learn from (and dance with!) the likes of Greg James, Trevor Nelson and Roisin Hastie. Sound good? If you’re at the Freshers Fair, talk to one of us (red t-shirts and hoodies, making lots of noise, being a general nuisance etc.) and get yourself signed up. If you missed us, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get involved!

...and DemonTV It’s Demon Media’s favourite duo’s turn for the spotlight *drum roll* here is Alnie (Alice and Léonie)!

Léonie Mayer

Station Manager

Hey, I’m Léonie, Demon TV’s Station Manager for the next year and sorry to be the person to break it to you but the freshers' freebies don't actually go on all year...sad I know right. I promise there are other fun things around though, one of which is joining a society! Demon Media has so much to offer, especially Demon TV. This is a society you are not going to want to miss out on.

Alice Arnold

Deputy Station Manager

Hi, I’m Alice, the Deputy Station Manager for Demon TV, and something you’ll learn about me quickly is that I live and breathe Demon. It’s my family, home, hobby and so much more. Although this may all seem a bit biased of me recommending you to join, I was in your position and can guarantee that joining was one of the best decisions of my life.

Having joined Demon in our first year we were set on getting involved in anything we could possibly get our hands-on. We started by presenting a show together on DemonFM and then we began to branch out, helping write and design the occasional article for The Demon and filming videos with Demon TV. From comedy shorts to live streams, we were soon very comfortable behind the camera, so we braved it and presented the Pre Elections show for the SU. Since then we haven’t been able to stay away. So how is Demon TV different from the other stands? We have loads of projects you can be part of, from bi-weekly news, showcasing the latest gigs and sporting events around Leicester to fictional shorts. There isn’t much we don’t try to cover and of course, we’re always open to new ideas. This is all possible because of the amazing team of producers and editors that we have who work with the wider membership to make sure everyone is able to share their creativity in their desired way. You can write scripts, help organise shoots, be a camera operator and even have a go at editing. There is also always the chance to teach us a thing or two! Also, it’s Demon TV’s 15th birthday so if you want to celebrate with us and join the family, now is your chance! If you decide to get involved you’ll be able to help create some of the amazing content, live or prerecorded; it’s really something to be proud of! It’s honestly what you make of it, so please get involved because we only want people to have the incredible experiences we’ve been able to. So if you fancy doing something let us know, we aren’t as scary as we seem and we want to welcome you in with loving arms. Love you byeee xoxo


Hello there and welcome to DMU. If you are reading this, you may be sitting in your new student room, on your new bed that your mum made up for you, not really knowing how you got there or what on Earth you should do next with your new-found independence. If you are anything like me, you will soon come to the disconcerting realisation, when you attempt to cook your first meal. Despite what you assumed, you have no idea how to use a tin opener and that simple dish of pasta and chopped tomatoes you thought would be your lifeline of sustenance is now looking a lot more complicated. In desperation, you might ring your parents... If you are lucky, they will sooth you and lovingly tell you how to use a tin opener correctly, without the slightest trace of sarcasm, but if they are like my parents, they will just mock your lack of culinary wisdom from the other end of the phone and then tell all their friends. It is probably best to just write off pasta altogether and put the tin of chopped tomatoes back in the


cupboard, unopened. After all, there’s no point in the world having pizza takeaways if no one uses them. The first thing to do, once you have finished reading this magazine, of course, is to get out and start exploring. Leicester is a fantastic city! DMU’s campus lies in the city’s historic quarter, which means that there’s lots to see and do on the doorstep. Did you know that the university is right next door to a castle...? Not much is left of Leicester castle these days, but you can still see the ruins of one of the medieval gateways, nestled between a row of cottages and Newarke Houses Museum (also worth a visit). Head through it, and ahead of you, you will see a large building which is now home to the Leicester Castle Business School. The clue is in the name. What is less well- known is that this building was once the great hall of the original castle. It is over eight hundred years old and has played host to kings, been the venue for Parliament and served as a courthouse for Leicester, with the gallows on the green directly outside. Meanwhile, the campus itself was once a walled, religious community known as the Newarke, which included a

medieval hospital (now Trinity House) and a large church, the remaining arches of which can still be seen in the basement of the Hawthorn Building. The impressive medieval gatehouse beside the DMU sign was once the entrance to this community and is just as magnificent today as it was when first built. Officially known as the Newarke Gateway, it was later renamed the Magazine, when it was used to store ammunition during the Civil War, and it is by this name that we know it today. And that is just a flavour of the history that DMU and Leicester have to offer. Elsewhere in the city, you will find Roman remains and the ruins of a lost abbey, not to mention the grave of the notorious Richard III, the last king of England to die in battle. But if history is not your thing, there are plenty of other things to keep you occupied. If you are keen to take in the arts scene, you are in luck, Leicester is home to several theatres, including the Curve, a national centre for new and experimental performance. Alternatively, you could drop into Showcase Cinema in Highcross and catch a film. And there are also plenty of shops, and enough restaurants and cafés to make sure you can put off eating pasta for some time. Whether you are looking for somewhere to take someone on a date or just to drown yourself in chicken nuggets after a night out, Leicester’s got you covered. Saint Martin’s Café in, that

is right, you guessed it, Saint Martin’s square, is a perfect inbetween and is a favourite haunt of students when we have got nothing better to do on a Monday morning besides sit around and drink coffee. ...Sorry, when we are ‘studying’. I mentioned nights out, and fortunately for all of us, Leicester can proudly boast that it is home to the ‘best worst night out in the UK’: Mosh. Mosh can be found on the corner of Jubilee Square and will see you through the dark hours of the night. Spread over several floors, the best, in my opinion, is the Gaudi Bar in the basement, which plays all the cheesy classics. It is an odd but strangely enjoyable experience to end up singing and dancing along to Come on Eileen with a bunch of total strangers at two o’clock in the morning. It is worth saying that, some time before you have tried everything that Leicester has to offer, you will run out of money and have to return to your digs for the time being. After screaming at the tin opener and throwing the still unopened can of tomatoes angrily at the wall, you will settle for toast and slope off to your room to lament your lack of bank balance. But it will have been worth it! Written by Lawrence Robertson Designed by Elliott Sharp @ellcreative_


LGBT+ Athletes

All the Colours of the Rainbow: Pride Fashion 2019 Written and Designed by Jess Hiatt

Category is…. Pride fashion! Every year we in the LGBTQIA+ society, and all the allies, come together to celebrate love and to be visible. To show the world that we exist, and that we need to keep fighting for the right to be ourselves. As someone that goes to Leicester pride each year, I always look forward to seeing what everyone is going to wear. Part of the excitement of Pride is the fact that you can be as expressive as you want with your outfits. Pride is the ultimate freedom, and it is so liberating to see everybody enjoying themselves, without fear of being judged for how they look or act. The rainbow is symbolic of the gay rights movement, and the flag, designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978, is proudly displayed in fashion during pride season. The colours in the flag represent our diversity within the pride movement, and it gives a sense of unity when we proudly display them on our clothing. With all that in mind, here are some key pride staples that everyone was rocking this year.:

1. Rainbow Trainers. Too Jazzy? Never!

3. Dad Shirts? Shantay you Stay!

Converse really came through for the pride community this year with some sickening styles that allow you to be expressive and stylish at the same time. They managed to make the pride flag even more fabulous with some glitzy glitter, and showed off the trans colours with pride on the side of their iconic high top silhouette. Perfect for strutting around the festival, and the runway!

Pride would not be complete without the array of Hawaiian shirts (that have somehow made themselves fashionable again?) These shirts are named after the dad fashion movement, because you could expect to find them in the back of your dad's wardrobe. Except, now they are even funkier, with brands such as Lazy Oaf making their own take. A summer staple, perfectly oversized for all day comfort. And, of course, the more wacky the pattern, the better!

From Office Shoes All Star Ox 70s Trainers Rainbow Pride £69.99

From Office Shoes All Star Hi 70s Trainers Black Silver Glitter Blue 90s Pink Pride £74.99

2. Next up... Vibrant Colours. With all that being said about the rainbow side of pride, it’s not for everyone. Another way to show off your personality and style is through vibrant colours. On ASOS you can find a range of stylish neon clothing to give your outfits a bright pop. Vibrant colours also tie in the theme of 80s and 90s rave culture, perfect vibes for a pride festival. ASOS DESIGN Plus oversized tonal leopard print kimono £35.00


From Lazy Oaf Lazy Days Hawaiian Shirt £54.00

4. Accessories? Yes ma´am! I’ve given you some examples of more outspoken pride fashion, but there are subtle accessories that add a pride flair to an outfit. Independent brand Lucy & Yak have created really funky pairs of rainbow socks. A subtle nod to the pride movement, but totally wearable all year round. ASOS also partnered with GLAAD to make an adorable unisex tote bags that you can rock during pride and every other day of the year. GLAAD works to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance and create meaningful change, and 100% of the net profit goes to them, which is fantastic. ASOS DESIGN x glaad unisex clear tote bag with unity tour print £16.00

From Missguided Neon Green Mesh Long Sleeve Top £10.00

From Lucy & Yak ‘Phoebe’ Organic Cotton Socks Rainbow Striped £7.00

Written by Janice Kusters

Designed by Regina Tóth

While Gender and Sexuality shouldn’t matter when considering and celebrating the alethic achievements of others, the representation of LGBT+ members in mainstream media can be key in both self-acceptance and societal acceptance of LGBT+ rights. This is why I wanted to dedicate an athlete to each of the letters of the LGBT+ acronym. This has been done for the Demon once before, during our pride history month issue in 2017, in which we covered Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh (Lesbian), Glenn Burke (Gay), Irene Karlijn Wüst (Bisexual), Lana Lawless (Transgender), and Mokgadi Caster Semenya (Intersex). This time around, we will be covering five more LGBT+ athletes.

Lesbian - Diana Taurasi Diana Lorena Taurasi is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association and UMMC Ekaterinburg of Russia. Considered one of the greatest women to play basketball, Taurasi’s penchant for scoring in crucial situations has earned her the nickname “White Mamba”, first coined by Kobe Bryant. In 2017, Taurasi married former teammate Penny Taylor. On March 1, 2018, the couple welcomed their first child when Taylor gave birth to son Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor.

Gay - Hans Peter Minderhoud Hans Peter Minderhoud is a Dutch dressage rider who thus far won himself Four gold, two silver and three bronze medals. His partner is fellow Dutch Dressage Athlete Edward Gall. When asked in an interview if Hans ever felt like he was treated differently, he answered: “No, I haven’t, but in our sport, it’s not an exception being gay.”

Bisexual - Kajsa Bergqvist Kajsa Bergqvist is a Swedish former high jumper. She won two gold and three bronze medals. Her personal outdoor record of 2.06m, set in Germany in 2003, is also the Swedish record. Her indoor record of 2.08 m, set at the Hochsprung mit Musik meeting in 2006, is the world indoor record. In December 2011, Bergqvis stated in an interview: “As lesbian as I feel today, as heterosexual I felt when I was together with Måns. But when I get old and look back on my life, perhaps one can think that I’m bisexual.” This announcement came after a period of rumours concerning Bergqvist’s personal life.

Transgender - Kye Allums Kye Allums is a former college basketball player for the George Washington Colonials women’s basketball team of George Washington University. In 2010, Allums, a trans man, became the first openly transgender NCAA Division I college athlete. Allums came out in 2010, while he was playing for the George Washington University’s women’s basketball team. He told sports website; “My biological sex is female, which makes me a transgender male.”

+ Intersex - Maria Patino Maria Patino represented Spain in the hurdles in the 1980s. Officials had already given her a “certificate of femininity” at the World Track and Field Championships in 1983, but she forgot to take it with her to the World University Games in Japan in 1985. After submitting to a swab test, Patino was advised to claim an injury and drop out of the competition because her test results were ambiguous and needed clarification. She complied and received a letter two months later with the results. This letter informed her that she was officially classified as “male.” Until that moment, Patino had no idea that she had a Y chromosome which makes her intersex. She was diagnosed with androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) and disqualified from competing. She challenged the decision and found experts who managed to convince sports federations that her AIS gave her no advantage over other competitors. The IAAF’s decision was reversed but not in time 11 for Patino to compete in the Olympics.

Culture Shock

Whether you’re beginning your journey at university or entering a new year, there are few better feelings than realising you’re organised and ready for the start of term. After all, many of us will only feel organised for so long! However, before you call it quits on your preparations, here are 5 essential apps for student life you may not have installed but are guaranteed to make your days flow a little easier.

Let's Go Through This Together

1. Evernote A bit of an obvious one perhaps, and one you may have used before but if ever there was a time for note-taking, it would be now! With countless features allowing you to use photos, web-pages, audio recordings and to-do lists, Evernote is the perfect lecture companion for every device. Just sync them all together and access your thoughts anywhere, any time! Outside of uni, Evernote could also be used to work on a group project with friends or to organise your next flat party. The possibilities are endless!

Written by Léonie Mayer Designed By Robyn Steeper

Having lived in Guernsey (one of the small Norman islands) my whole life, I found that moving to a strange country to study was quite a culture shock. It’s safe to say I didn’t have much experience in travelling to foreign places, let alone living in one where I knew no one around. I believe I am not the only one who sees leaving friends and family to study abroad as a huge step forward and a lot to get used to. Lucky for you, I found a few things that really helped me adjust to a new reality and I’m here to share them with you. Let’s go through this together!

2. Lightdogs Now you’ve got your lecture notes sorted; but do you struggle to keep focused while studying alone? Perhaps you spend too much time on your phone? Then the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ is just the thing for you – set a timer, put down your phone and don’t use it until the time’s up! What makes Lightdogs so special is its fun game mechanics, which allow you to grow and breed cute virtual dogs as a reward for your productivity. Study for an hour and trade it in for a blue husky! Seems fair.

One of the things I found most helpful was to visit Leicester beforehand and get to know the area, so the city itself will not appear as completely strange by the time you will officially settle in.

3. UNiDAYS Whew, that’s enough focusing for now. Time to treat yourself! The ever-useful UNiDAYS helps to cut the prices of your favourite products at the touch of a button. Whether you’re browsing the web or shopping in stores, this app will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest deals and competitions. Save on clothes, computers or commutes, or simply use your location to see bargains just around the corner. Being an adult is expensive, so make the most of this app while you can! 4. Yolt If all those deals have you a little too excited, Yolt will help you stick to your budget. Use it to keep track of your bank accounts, monitor your spending and set limits. Over time you’ll be able to see how you’ve spent your money. This will help you to identify your habits and with the app’s built-in tips and tricks, learn how to do more with your money. You can even send money to friends and family quickly and easily. Say goodbye to banking confusion and expensive surprises with this transparent and trustworthy app.


5. Day One Journal It’s been a long day and your head is full of lecture notes, revision and budgeting. Time to take a moment for yourself and write down how you’re feeling; Day One will help you do that. University isn’t all about stress and productivity – you need some downtime! Whether you want to write about your day, chart your dreams, a note to your future self or all three, Day One’s simple interface and added features will make for a completely personal experience. Attach photos or audio recordings to entries to keep your memories safe, so you can unwind properly.

However, it is not always easy to get to know the city by just one visit. Actually, when I finally moved in for good, I had forgotten almost everything I got to know previously. But I was lucky enough to have my parents around during my first days in Leicester, so we explored it together. What we found really helpful was the city’s tourist office; they advised us on the best places to go to as newcomers and helped us by giving vital tips and directions. If you don’t have a chance to explore your new surroundings with your family, try to get to know some people (through social media or university’s freshers’ events) you can explore the city with. This way you can kill two birds with one stone – get to know your new home and find new friends to share this experience with. Making your room cosy and homely can also help. If you have photos from back home, you can stick them on your pin board or around a mirror (just learn from my mistakes and don’t use blu tack on the walls! It is something I found particularly hard

to remove). To get this positive vibe decorate your accommodation with fairy lights and blankets. The warmth of light and furry and soft materials around will bring some calmness to your new place and will make it your own. And there’s nothing better than inviting some flatmates or new friends around to have a movie night in such atmosphere! You may as well take advantage of being in a new city – become an explorer! There are so many wonderful things to do in Leicester. There are a lot of cute coffee shops around St Martins Square as well as some interesting vintage shops and board games cafés, which can be a great place to get to know your flatmates or people from your course. If that isn’t your kind of thing then the riverside is a nice place to take a walk or go for a run. De Montfort Hall or The Curve are always buzzing with new events and will keep you entertained all year round too. Besides all of this, I want you to remember my final advice most vividly - it is completely normal to feel out of your comfort zone, feeling lonely or out of place. What you can do in such moments is to call some friends from back home or your family so you can get things off your chest. Don’t let it grow inside you. You never know, maybe your friend is experiencing the same thing and may appreciate a simple conversation about how it is to be on your own in a new place. The other thing I would suggest is to not give up and try to slowly build a new life independently, with new habits and new people around you but with old home and old friends’ support at heart. I hope this article will help you make the most of this big change as it really isn’t as scary as you may think. If you make the most of it, as cliché as it may sound, these could be the best years of your life.

Written by Araminta Jürgen-Romrig Designed by Elliott Sharp @ellcreative_


Introducing the DSU Executive Team Written and Designed by Yara Abdalgany

De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) is the students’ voice within the university. The DSU organise leisure activities, provide welfare services, and represent the students’ political views and interests. The DSU is an independent, student-run and student-led organisation and is here to help and inspire you to make the most of your university experience. This year, all our full-time executive officers are female, which is both fresh and exciting. Let me introduce you to them: Kate Askew - Union Development Kate wants to maximise the student empowerment and show them what it is like to be a student employee. She also wants to make sure everyone is valid and has their voice heard, as every student and has the right to control their education and be able to stand for what they believe in. She wants the students to know that they can and should challenge everyone and everything to get the best education and experience as possible during their time at university.


Laura Flowers - Academic Executive Laura deals with everything that has to do with education! From organising timetables to module feedback. So far she is very happy to see how keen everyone at University is to have positive changes. She’s hoping to support more academic change and show everyone how they can get support not only with what they are studying but also with life post-University.

Diya Rattanpal - Equality and Diversity Executive Her priorities, or as her co-executives say, ‘her tag-line’ is ‘making sure everyone here feels respected, represented and celebrated’. Diya is very excited to be the first Equality and Diversity executive as it used to be a joint role with welfare. She is looking forward for students to come back on campus and she wants to able to share her views with them to see some positive and active change.

Aisha Ismail - Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive Aisha’s role is more focused on student societies and sports clubs. She wants to make sure that everyone is getting the help they want, whether it is a new or old society/sports club, or a small or a big one. She is focusing on helping them flourish and doing so by holding an Empowerment Conference at the end of the year. She wants to add more to Varsity celebration. She also would like to help societies and sports clubs communicate more with students. She is looking forward to meeting all the freshers that will be getting involved in societies and sports teams.

Katie Hobbs - Welfare Executive


Katie deals with welfare in general, meaning she deals with everything from mental health to sexual health. She finds that welfare is really rewarding because she gets to see the impact she is making on the students in the wider community. She is working on making sure all the students know what is out there for them and help everyone. She is looking forward to freshers and seeing the students that she can help, as she feels that it is the perfect time to get to know everyone and feel more connected. ‘The best thing about DMU is you can feel connected to everyone.’

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Freshers Fashion:

Put on Layers and More Layers:

Even though we have all been through ‘the first day of school’ countless times, it never gets easier. It’s a big change: new friends, new environment, new responsibilities. There is so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming. I am here to ease your fashion-related stress, with a list of what to wear to lectures.

In a typical university day, you are never in the same place. Your first class may be in Queens, your second one in Clephan and your next one in Gateway. This is why it’s crucial to wear different layers, as even within the same building different rooms will have different temperatures. Certain spaces, like computer labs and small rooms, will be boiling no matter the season or time of day. I recommend always wearing something thinner and building it up from there. For instance, start with a graphic t-shirt as a base and if it’s a bit chilly outside, you can always add a warm jumper and/or a winter coat. Don’t wear your coat inside warm buildings, unless you really need to, as you might suffer from a temperature shock once you go outside. On very windy days, you can always add a bold scarf or a beanie.

What to Wear for Lectures

Wear Something Comfortable: If you have a lot of lectures or workshops in a day, choose to wear something comfortable. As students, we spend a lot of time rushing around or studying in the library. Both of these things require your outfit to be cosy, agile and relaxed in order for you to have a productive day. Choose fabrics like cotton, linen and silk, as they are soft to the skin, and will provide you with the comfort you need to get that project done. Leggings and jeggings are also a good option as they are flexible, which is a plus on those library-heavy days. Combine this with a soft warm hoodie, a good pair of trainers and a lightweight rucksack and you will feel great during a busy Uni day.

Something Different: Being at Uni is an opportunity to try new things. Maybe you will take a module you have never had much interest in before or join a society/sports club. The truth is, that both in your social and academic life, you will be experiencing brand new freedom. Use this time to play with your style as well. Rock something unexpected to a lecture, something you wouldn’t typically wear. I am sure your course mates will have something positive to say. Be eager to try new things and be curious. Curiosity can lead you down new, exciting paths and it will make your university experience much more worth it.

Your Favourite Outfit: We all have one outfit or a piece of clothing that we feel super confident wearing. This might be that heeled boot you can’t stand on for more than a few hours, or that denim jacket you have definitely had for too long. Either way, there are a few occasions to dig those out of the wardrobe. Presentations are definitely one of them. Most modules at Uni require you to do at least one presentation or a group project, which to some of us can be a bit nerve-wracking. It’s important to stay confident in these situations, and that’s where your favourite pieces will help you. If you feel good in what you are wearing, your confidence level will rise and you will deliver a good performance much more easily.


Written By Francisca Quádrio

Designed by Rahim Rizwan @rahim.arts



Written by Regina Tóth Designed by Owen Mountfield Photographed by Thomas Jackson


Advice for Freshers

When coming to university, whether that is for the first time ever or as second or third years, most of us arm ourselves with a must-have list of survival essentials for when the term begins. Notebooks, your favourite pens or a pair of ear-buds to keep unwanted noises out. There is one more thing that will make it onto a student’s must-have list, even if most of us are not used to it at home, coffee.

Designed by Francisca Quádrio

Callum Hutton “I dealt with a long period of depression and loneliness. I had made friends but had also lost friends; some had drifted away without issue or hard feelings, other friendships ended after a long period of arguments. This is something that happens as you get older, I suppose. After a diagnosis of clinical depression, I felt oddly relieved; I knew what was wrong and I had something to deal with it. What really helped, however, was that I found that I could talk to people about it. The strange thing about being an adult so suddenly is that you learn that no one really knows what is going on and we deal with it in different ways. If I could go back and change anything, I would reach out to people and get more involved in things around the university. You’d be surprised how many people will feel the same way once you start talking about these things. So, do not feel like you are alone. There are people who will listen.”

Lauren Gray “My first year at De Montfort University was not at all what I had been expecting it to be, for it has been one of the most adventurous and exciting times in my life. My decision to come to this university had been made through clearing, and my struggle to find any accommodation last minute within my budget meant that I ended up commuting every day. With this came my main concern – How was I going to make any friends? I knew I did not want to miss out on Freshers, so I sought out my course group chat and luckily met someone who would later become a close friend. We met so many different people and I would have sorely regretted not taking that opportunity to try something new, just as I would have regretted not joining a society and making more friends beyond my course, that have introduced me to so many more opportunities. The year certainly was not without its downsides, and I struggled balancing my budget, workload and social life on more than several occasions, and yet it is worth all the hard work because overall it is a unique and enthralling experience.”

Alice Arnold “University has been the best few years of my life; I have been able to study things that I find interesting and make forever friends. I have also been privileged with incredible experiences that I could not have had in my little hometown in South Yorkshire. Not to say that there weren’t hard times, of course there were, without them I would not be able to appreciate the amazing times! But friends really helped me get through it and realising that it is okay to ask for help. Do not suffer alone; speak to friends, family, personal tutors and so on! Friends will be your rock at university and the best way to meet people is to try to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I am quite a shy person but I found when I manage to get myself to speak to one person it made all the difference. If you are a little bit more confident then look out for those shyer ones because they will really appreciate it! I cannot say that my time has been perfect but I would not change it for the world.”

Tom Fair “Your best shot at making new friends is societies, but do not just stick to what you know. Think outside the box and push yourself to try something new! I am not super sporty (I am probably too chill for my own good!) but I went out of my comfort zone to join the Fencing team in my first year. It was an absolute blast, trained me physically and mentally, I made a whole bunch of new friends - and who does not like playing with swords? It really showed me that uni can give you opportunities you have never had or thought about before. There is tons of really out-there stuff to do at DMU, from barbershop quartet singing to an Ultimate Frisbee team; go to the Student’s Union website, find something and give it a go!”


This hot (or iced) drink keeps us going through all-nighters and helps us focus in a nine o’clock lecture. It is a great companion for study sessions as well as for your ‘me-time’ or a catch-up with a friend. Going into my third year this September, I can confidently say that I have had the chance to scope out the coffee shops scene around DMU.

So, here are my Top Five Coffee Shops that I recommend you visit:

200 Degrees

St Martin’s

Bean Gaming

This coffee shop is located on Market Street, so it’s a nice five-minute-walk from university but it’s also very close to the town centre if you want a little rest while running some errands. Besides coffee, they offer fresh wraps and sandwiches throughout the day. This cafe is perfect for quiet conversations or for getting a head-start on an essay. Dark colours and wood dominate the design, which adds to the cosy, Art Deco-vibe of the place.

St Martin’s is a delightful coffee shop in the St Martin’s Square. They roast their own coffee beans, so what you get there is definitely unique. They serve food all throughout the day, and even though their food prices can be beaten, their coffee prices are one of the best! The square location gives them a quiet buzz; and the whimsical, vintage design with lots of light is, to put it simply, just charming. It makes you feel right at home.

Bean Gaming is the board game cafe on Silver Street. With pastel colours in their interior design and lots of board games available, this cafe offers a fun way to spend time with mates. It has a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable if you need to work on something. Alongside coffee, they offer cocktails, milkshakes and various pub food.

Ninety-Six Degrees

Love Coffee

This coffee shop is just off-campus, on Braunstone Gate. They have a small, friendly cafe, that they imagined as a ‘refuge from the city’. This place is ideal for a nice chat with a friend. If you live on the Bede Park side of DMU, this cafe is a place you must visit at least once this year!

This cafe is on the lower level of Highcross Shopping Centre. If you enjoy a little piece of calmness in the buzzing crowd of a shopping centre, then this place is definitely for you. Whether you are taking a break from shopping or you are just on a coffee date, Love Coffee offers a welcoming environment with delicious coffee in massive mugs.

Bonus: Riverside Cafe If you only have half an hour between lectures, the Riverside Cafe on campus is the perfect place to enjoy your coffee. Nothing beats the beautiful view of the river that you will get from this elegant yet comfortable cafe. Whichever you choose, a lovely cup of coffee to get you through the day is absolutely guaranteed. What else can a university student ask for, right?


What’s Happening During Freshers? Freshers’ week is one of the most exciting events on the University calendar. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and have fun before your course begins! We thought we’d give you a run-down of all of the events going on so you can prepare yourself and make the most out of the week.

Welcome Weekend/DSU Welcome Hub We welcome students, new and old, with a couple of days to familiarise yourself with the campus. The weekend is full of society performances, stalls of the University services and opportunities and most importantly FREEBIES! A prime time to look around with new friends where you may find something you’d enjoy doing together. Film Nights An activity to ease yourself into all of the socialising you might get up to during Freshers’; with both Avengers Endgame and Bohemian Rhapsody on offer! A big projector, popcorn and a good movie to remedy the awkwardness, it would be hard to not bond over this. Buying tickets beforehand is needed as there is limited space. These can be bought on the Freshers’ week tab of the DSU website. Bar Crawl One of the biggest highlights of night-time events during Freshers’. Go from place to place in groups discovering loads of cool local bars and venues in your new city of Leicester!

Freshers Welcome Party The Freshers Welcome Party will surely be one to remember; held at our very own DSU function rooms and therefore not far from your new accommodation. The SU will welcome students back with a bang and headlined by the one and only ‘It’s Danny T.’

Freshers Fair This is probably the event everyone has heard of, why though? Because it’s one of the best! At the Freshers Fair, you will be exposed to the many different unique and big companies that are around in Leicester and at DMU. There’s the chance to pick up vouchers, student deals and lots of free things! Taking place at our massive Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Leisure Centre so that we have space for everything. Some of the highlights will be Dominos, Amazon Prime, local bars and shops! There will also be access to well-being information to keep you happy, healthy and safe at university! There will also be a quiet hour from 10 am until 11 am. ColourFest for RAG On the Sunday of the first weekend, there will be our legendary ColourFest, where you can let off some steam throwing around colour. This makes for great group photos after you are finished! This is all done for RAG (Raise and Give). There will be collection buckets so make sure you’ve got some spare change to raise money for charity!

Freshers B all The legend ary Freshers ’ Ball is back; held at Leicester’ s own O2 Academy a nd one of th e biggest night outs o f the year! T his will be headlined b y Yungen, J oel Corry and Hayley Hay.

Friday 20th

Saturday 21st

Sunday 22nd

Monday 23rd

Tuesday 24th


DSU Welcome Hub - Campus Centre

Welcome Weekend - Campus

Welcome Weekend - Campus ColourFest for RAG - Bede Park

Freshers Fair - QEII Gym

Activities Fair - QEII Gym


Film Night The Avengers Endgame - DSU Early 2 Uni Party (1st Year’s Only) - DSU Welcome Back 2 Uni Party (2nd Year’s +) - O2 Academy

Freshers Welcome Party - DSU

Film Night - Bohemian Rhapsody - DSU UV Rave - King Power Stadium

Freshers Ball - O2 Academy

Mental Health Themed Comedy Night - DSU Zoo Party - Club Republic

Wednesday 25th

Thursday 26th

Friday 27th

Saturday 28th

Sunday 29th


Activities Fair - QEII Gym Poster Sale - DSU

Coffee Crawl - Starting at DSU Give it a go day & Poster Sale Campus Centre Indoor Football (Futsal) - The Watershed

Give it a go day - Campus Centre Poster Sale - DSU Flossy Friyay - DSU

Alton Towers Trip

Harry Potter Trip


PostGrad Pub Quiz - The Castle Inn InJUNCTION Opening Party - DSU

Games Night - DSU T-shirt Bar Tour - Starting at DSU

Brunch and Beats - 2 Funky Music Cafe E-Sports Night - DSU

90’s Revival - DSU

Comedy Night - DSU

Activities Fair Similarly to the Freshers Fair, the Activities Fair is massive too. This is why it takes place once again in our Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Leisure Centre! This is the biggest opportunity to find and meet sports teams and societies. You can try that one sport you’ve always wanted to or meet other people that share the same passion as you. Sign up for as many as you find interesting, give them a go and choose what you like the most! There will also be a quiet hour from 11 until 12 pm. Coffee Crawl A more competitive but alcohol-free option to the bar crawl, the coffee crawl gives you the opportunity to visit and discover the many different and quirky coffee shops in Leicester. Get a map from the DSU reception and go exploring! Whilst at the shops throughout the day buy cakes, coffee or more and earn stamps, bring the map back and you might even win a prize. 20

Games Night Exec Officers will be Your very own elected This gives you the hosting a games night. find out how they can chance to meet them, U too! Happening at DS help you and have fun . from 8 pm until 10 pm For more information about the events can be found on the DSU website:

Give it a Go Day After having met them earlier on in the week at the Activities Fair, this is the chance to meet our sports and societies once more. This time you can try them out! See what you could get up to and you might even make friends for life. Brunch and Beats Canapés, mimosas, Prosecco and DJ Entertainment; what more could you need on a Friday afternoon? What about an afterparty? Well, they’ve got that too!

Alton Towers A very popular trip; a day of rides and bonding over thrills, you’ll definitely make friends after this! You will need to pre-buy tickets. 90s Revival It’s time to have a throwback with some 90s bangers as a nice chill out after a long hard week of Freshers! E-Sports Night From 6 pm until 11 pm there will be an E-Sports Night, with a night of competitive video gaming! There will be a FIFA competition to battle it out to win Fifa20, you will need to pre-book to enter.

Harry Potter Wave your wand, ride a broomstick and see behind the films as you’re taken to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. A magical experience all round! You will need to pre-buy tickets. Comedy Nights These ticketed events are something new and different where you can laugh along with great comedians like Harriet Dyer, Ivan Brackenbury and more! Written and Designed by Alice Arnold


Best Places To Visit in Leicester with New Friends Written and Photographed by Rhys Bailey

Entertainment On the other side of the city, you’ll find Leicester’s cultural quarter with the wonderful Curve Theatre, where spectacular shows and musicals are held throughout the year. Nearby is the Phoenix Cinema and Art House, where you can see mainstream and indie films or go to an art exhibition. Best of all, it’s only £6 a ticket for students and under 25’s. For live music, there’s the charmingly quirky Donkey Pub, The Cookie and the Shed.

Designed by Francisca Quádrio

Hellooo Freshers! Welcome to your first year at University. This is a big and daunting change to your life, living independently and for most of you, in a new city. Making friends will help you settle in but breaking the ice can be awkward, so read on for a list of places in Leicester to take your new friends and build those relationships.

Nights Out Let’s start with the obvious: bars and clubs. First, there’s Firebug. This bar is a staple of Leicester’s social scene. It’s not too far from campus and a great place to both start and end your night. Live bands perform here if that’s your cup of Long Island Iced Tea. Next, there’s the iconic and infamous Mosh nightclub. Aah Mosh, so many fun nights there, I think... the memories are a bit vague. It’s £5 entry at the door but the drinks are student-priced so it’s easy to get responsibly tipsy before heading home. Other nice drinking spots are the Hawaiian themed Waikiki Bar, Soar Point near Uni Campus, the Terrace Bar and LGBTQ+ bar Helsinki.

A short walk away there’s the Boost Trampoline Park if you want a good workout. At De Montfort Hall and the O2 Academy, you can see some of the most famous and prolific comedians and musicians touring. Thrill-seekers may want to go to the Clue HQ or Asylum escape rooms, or perhaps Laser Quest for the energetic squad who like an adrenaline rush. For a more relaxed environment, there’s The New Walk Museum with art, science and history exhibits (free entry), or take a brief bus journey to the National Space Centre which, I guarantee, is out of this world (I regret nothing). For those of you who love the great outdoors, explore either Victoria Park or Abbey Park to lay down on the sprawling grass or play sports together.

Aside from the bars, there’s the Highcross shopping centre for when you need some retail therapy. From River Island to GAME, the Disney Store to Millie’s Cookies, there are all kinds of shops and cafés to be found. Outside the northern end of Highcross is a plaza where you’ll find a variety of restaurants and the Cinema Deluxe. Consider stopping by Wagamama’s for Sushi or Turtle Bay for Caribbean food and cocktails with your new friends. If you don’t want the hassle of dealing with a crowd of shoppers, then head on over to St Martins Square, not far from the High Street. Here you’ll find the quirky and crafty shops, come for a chill-out and get to know each other better. Stop for an ice-cream at Gelato Village or visit Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe. Head over to Forbidden Planet for your nerdy needs or visit The Wardrobe and Dollymix for those stylin’ threads.


Leicester has much more to offer than you first think, so have a Google for the places mentioned and see if you can rally a group to go out and explore with, hopefully, the memories you make of these few activities will be the start of many more over your time at University.


Are We Still #DMUGlobal?

VINTAGE SCENE: Where to Go for Those Retro Vibes Written By Emma Towers

Designed By Jess Bennett @j.bennettdesign Model is Jasmine Cooper

Photography by Thomas Jackson

The Leicester Vintage Scene can be hard to navigate, if you haven’t quite discovered where your style fits in with vintage fashion. And if you’re new to Leicester it can be even harder to know where to start. When it comes to vintage, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, ‘how would you describe vintage fashion?’ ‘Which clothes from what decade do you long to wear?’ Now that you have an era in mind, you need to know where to shop. If you’re looking for a ‘true vintage’ vibe, then you need to visit the following places: Pink Pigeon Vintage has everything you could ever want from the 80s and 90s, and you can buy a kilo of clothes for just £15! However, some of their pieces can be £50 and above. To avoid breaking the bank, either pick up some key pieces for £15, or splurge one or two items only. They also have plenty of vintage items to decorate your room with, from vintage Disney figures of Mickey Mouse to old style suitcases. And they have plenty of vintage jewellery and other accessories too, like bumbags, backpacks, and shoes. Facebook page: https://www Instagram: @pinkpigeonforever Depop: @pinkpigeonforever

Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro is the perfect place if you’re into vintage accessories as they have an array of vintage handbags and jewellery. The clothes are organised by colour, which is very aesthetically pleasing! If you’d prefer to add a touch of vintage to your wardrobe by altering your clothes, then you’re in luck as they have vintage clothing making patterns. Check Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro regularly as they restock their rails every week! And they also have £1 sales! Facebook page: https://www. SueRyderVintage andRetroLeicester Instagram: @sueryderleicester


Dollymix has a bit of everything, but it can be pricey so it’s best to pick up a few key pieces now and then. If you’re lucky you might find a bargain in their sale, like a 90s bomber jacket for £10! Dollymix is perfect if you want to add a bit of retro to your everyday wardrobe, or if you want to find something extra special. It has everything you could need to recreate a look from any decade. Etsy shop: shop/honeyroarvintage Facebook: https://www.

The Wardrobe, like Pink Pigeon Vintage, has a lot to offer if you want clothes from the 90s, but they also have clothes from the 2010s. Do be aware that their clothes can be pricey, so you might want to just pick up key pieces or awesome accessories. Although, they do have a loyalty scheme and 15% off sales too. They have many popular brands for you to explore, such as Forever21, Glamorous, Run & Fly and many more. The Wardrobe’s accessories allow you to add a pop of pop culture references to your wardrobe. From on-trend jewellery, like Stranger Things pins, to feminist style accessories, like Frida Kahlo. Online shop: https://www. thewardrobeclothing .com/store/c1/Featured_ Products.html Facebook page: https:// TheWardrobeNow/ thewardrobeclothing. com/store/c1/

Written by Tom Fair

Designed by Regina Tóth


rexit is the elephant in the room for EU and International students. This article will let you know the basics, how it will affect you, and what to expect from your new home in Leicester.

What is Brexit? On the 23rd of June, 2016, a referendum was held on the UK’s membership of the European Union, and 52% voted to leave. Although the referendum was not legally binding, Conservative governments since have committed to leaving. The original “leave date” was 29th March 2019, but this was delayed. The current prime minister, Boris Johnson, has promised that the UK will leave, deal or no deal, at the end of October. Deal or No Deal? The referendum did not specify what kind of relationship we should have with the EU, and there are many possible types. One of these is the “Common Market 2.0” idea, where the UK would leave the EU Parliament, but remain in the single market and customs union, reducing the impact on businesses and citizens. Former Prime Minister Theresa May tried to get her own deal, leaving the single market and customs union but replacing it with a new trade deal, giving the UK more freedom to pursue trade elsewhere.

At the extreme ends of the debate, some people want “No Deal”, with the UK pulling out of all EU institutions, free to pursue its own trade deals with countries like the US or China. Others want Brexit to be cancelled, or for a second referendum in the hopes of a “remain” result, staying in the EU under current arrangements.

It’s difficult to say what Brexit will look like right now; the prime minister has committed to leaving, but there is little time left to negotiate a fresh deal with EU leaders. Anything could change; an early general election could strengthen groups in parliament who want a specific type of deal, a 2nd referendum could be called, or the Brexit date could be postponed again.

What does Brexit Mean for You? Students from the EU are currently treated as “home students”, and have the same access and fees as UK students. The government says that this will stay the same until 2020. If the UK negotiates a deal that involves staying in the single market, this is likely to continue. If we leave the single market, EU students might be treated as regular international students (those from outside the EU), with higher fees, and tighter controls on the number of people who can study in the UK each year.” The Melting Pot of Britain Regardless of what happens on the 31st October, Leicester is still an extraordinary, multicultural city; nearby Narborough Road is the most diverse place to shop in Britain, with shops run by people from 22 different countries. More than half the people here are from backgrounds other than “White British”, and around 70 languages are spoken here. DMU remains committed to its international students. Outreach projects, like volunteer group Square Mile India, the #LoveInternational campaign, and the #DMUGlobal trips aimed at giving students experience of other cultures are well established, and a strong indicator of international commitments. Madeleine Madeleine Shimata Shimata is your International Student rep, and “hopes to act as a bridge between International Student Rep non-domestic students and the university.” You can find her at the Students Union in the centre of campus. So while the political situation around Brexit is confusing at the best of times, and the future of the UK’s relationship with the world is unclear, you will be welcomed and supported by the wide and colourful DMU family during your time with us. 25

of the Demon Media society since my first year, but I never used to go to the socials so that put a damper on my social life even more. When my best friend graduated and moved back to London, I felt like my entire world fell apart and the severity of loneliness, isolation and homesickness got even deeper.




My dad always told me that I’ll have so much fun at university, and it would be the “best ime of my life.” I put the idea of university on a pedestal, maybe that’s why loneliness was daunting when it hit me so suddenly. Packing up and moving from a beautiful and energetic city like London to a smaller and quieter city like Leicester was the biggest decision I have ever made in my life. I’ve always had this passion for media and the undergraduate courses at De Montfort University have always caught my eye. Moving out from my ‘safe place’ and my home was an extremely scary thing to do at first but looking back at it now, when I’m just about to finish my postgraduate degree at DMU, this decision allowed me to become a better person.


Sometimes it’s just about taking that privileged because I had a best friend spontaneous decision knowing that there who lived 5 minutes away from my halls are all sorts of risks attached and just and I could call him up at any time of the ‘winging it’. After four years at university, day, even the ungodly hours and he would I’ve realised that loneliness and especially always do something to make me feel feeling homesick is something that better and less homesick. doesn’t affect you straight away. Instead it is a build up of loads of different events The homesickness and loneliness kicked and emotions. I have in after the Easter something called holidays and I found “I used to hear a lot of stories about an ‘inner circle’ myself in situations everyone enjoying their university which consists of that a lot of students life and it made me question myself. at least 5 people in unknowingly get Instead of destroying myself by not my life who mean into. I didn’t like my socialising, I thought to seek help everything to me. flatmates; they were from the student mental health Having one person so horrendously dirty, team at De Montfort University.” from my inner circle and I found myself be there with me at always cleaning up the same university after them; this made for 2 years helped me a lot and made me me stay in my room more and get more feel much closer to home. I felt extremely takeaway food. I have always been a part

This was probably the darkest phase in my life which I managed to overcome with the help of a variety of things. Believe it or not, De Montfort University’s mental health service turned out to be the best solution for me because all this loneliness and feeling isolated turned into depression, therefore turning to the student mental health service at DMU was the best help I had. I had loads of sessions with different therapists and speaking to someone about how I felt seemed like a massive burden being lifted off my shoulders. Even though loneliness and being homesick takes a toll on every student, I have a few tips and possibly an action plan on how to overcome this feeling rather than going down the route of self-destruction.

in front of my laptop and my speakers for most days but don’t do that, it is not healthy!! •

If you’re a British student and you can afford it, keep going home on the weekends to visit your family. I had the support of my parents which enabled me to go back to London every single weekend without fail (and a National Express coach is only £5 from Leicester to London).

Use DMU’s Mental Health Service. It is there for a reason; it is there to support students with any kind of issue. Don’t feel scared and get the help you need! University is supposed to shape you as a person, it is not a punishment place where you suffer in silence.

AN ACTION PLAN ON HOW TO BEAT LONELINESS: As I’ve mentioned before, I had an “inner circle” which consisted of at least 5 people who were my everything. I trusted these people with my entire life, this was my family and my best friends. So, maybe pick a few people who mean the world to you and talk about your deepest fears and insecurities. It actually helps, it made me feel as if someone was there for me no matter what. •

Keep talking to your family!! Since my first night at university, I used to Facetime my family at least 2/3 times a day. I have that bond with my family where I can tell them anything and not be judged. For those of you who don’t have that bond, there are other alternatives; like friends! Keep a journal. Everyday, write at least 5 things that were amazing about your day and about you as a person and keep adding to that list. This will make you love yourself and helps you deal with the idea of your own space because having it can be the best remedy. Don’t stay stuck indoors!! I made the mistake of isolating myself and lived

that I never got a chance to make any ‘lifelong’ friends at university, don’t be like me. Join a society, get out of your room! •

Have realistic expectations and don’t let social media fool you. “The grass always seems greener on the other side.” It may seem that people are having wild parties and loving life but just know that they can also be suffering from homesickness too, you are not the only one.

Join the gym, have a healthy lifestyle. I eventually joined boxing classes at Queen Elizabeth Gym which helped me release my inner anger. I felt amazing afterwards and it also helped me fight that freshers’ flu.

You’re in a brand new place so explore the city. Explore your surroundings. The world is a beautiful place which cannot be seen when you’re stuck indoors. I am a photographer, so I used to go on evening walks by the River Soar with my camera and take amazing photos.

Find a hobby, do something you love!


As mentioned above, keep calling your family and friends from home!

Get a part time job. There are so many part time jobs available, you can get more information on campus. Having a part time job will not only give you extra cash but it will also divert your mind and allow you to meet new people.

Societies are there to make friends! It’s true when people say if you join a society, you will meet some amazing people. I isolated myself so much

This is my fourth year at DMU, and I can say that it actually gets better with time. Practice the action plan religiously and it will help you overcome loneliness and isolation. Remember you are not alone! Written By Shefali Hunjan Designed By Elliott Sharp @ellcreative_ Photography By Thomas Jackson Model is Matt Teagle


Best Games To Play With Your New Friends Written By Honor Waterfield Designed by Todor Stoev

Apps: Psych! Can you outwit your friends? Or can they outwit you? This is a game I love playing with my friends, and it’s so easy to play! One person sets up the game and distributes a code to all players. They then select a ‘deck’, and how many rounds to play. Each round can have one or more players, and you just have to make up the funniest fake answer to a real trivia question. Then, all you have to do is convince your friends that your answer is the real answer and PYSCH! them. The answer that gets chosen the most wins that round. Heads Up This game can bring out the obscure knowledge in us all, have a hidden talent for memorising 90s films? Then this game is perfect for you! Like Psych! this mobile game was developed by Ellen DeGeneres and requires you to act quickly and think hard. It’s like a game of charades, you have a whole host of categories you can choose from, but the answer has to be described to you. It’s so much fun and will allow everyone to have a laugh! Video Games: Mario Kart If you’re thinking of the best video game to play with your new friends, then you need to stick to a classic, like Mario Kart! If you or one of your new friends are lucky enough to own a games console and a screen to play it on, then breakout Mario Kart! These games are perfect for a bit of nostalgia and have a bit of competitiveness at the same time. Try not to fall off Rainbow Road too many times!


t, w fla e n r you nd d into ngings, a ve e v o m u’ lo ly. Yo ur be ou’ve So, y ed all yo your fami ces, and ck vi unpa odbye to your de r new o o u t g said eft alone talk to yo e easy b l o been u need t , this can but some o e , y now . For som wardness the right s k in ing friend se no aw d a push y giv b , o e p p l e ht n and o he the u mig am here t to break s that o y f o I y game d pla tion. direc you coul s of other ice and s t e game ere are lo break th aking h o t fm T o . y If it ice ld pla perience oother. ’t u o c x m you he e nd s , don ake t t easier a ight away ing. m o t y s a lo n stra ep tr friend ot happe n, just ke e n does will happ t I quit!

Others: These alternative games give you and your new friends the chance to find out more about each other quicker. Would You Rather? This is a really straightforward game to play. The premise of this game is that you ask someone questions, where you can choose between answers, such as: ‘Would you rather be Spider-Man or bathe in custard?’ and you have to answer honestly. Try not to ask personal questions or anything that can cause offence. Truth or Dare? A similar format to Would You Rather? however, you can be more creative. Another simple one, all you have to do is ask someone ‘Truth or Dare?’ and they have to choose between the two. Again, try not to ask personal questions or make them do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. Two Truths, One Lie Another simple game to play. All participants say three things that could be about them,two of them being true and one being false. Everyone else has to guess what the lie could be. Once again, try not to reveal anything too personal.

Introduction to DMU SPORT and BUCS If you play or love sports this is what you need to look forward to the most! DMU Sport De Montfort University understands how important sports are in general and in higher education. DMUsports offers the experience every student looks forward to the most while joining a sports club, from building leadership and teamwork skills to bringing people together and making your university experience even more memorable! BUCS British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is a membership organisation for universities and colleges in the UK with over 170 universities and colleges and over 5,800 teams partaking in many BUCS competitions. One of the major events run by BUCS is ‘BUCS Big Wednesday’ which sees the team sports leagues compete in championship finals all on the same day. The venue for the finals will alternate annually between competing universities across the nation. It all started back in 1918 where the presidents of the University Union Conferences demanded the need to have an association to help promote the expansion and growth of sports at universities. Years later, in 2008, British Universities & Colleges Sport was united to be the national representatives for university sport, which lead to a merger between University College Sport (UCS) and British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) to form BUCS. If you get involved in one of DMU’s many sports teams, then you might play in the BUCS league yourself. If playing sports is not your thing, then not to worry, cheering on one of our many teams (or individual athletes) during one of their BUCS games can always be done. Usually attending is free of charge, and our athletes will certainly appreciate the support. Keep your eyes peeled for future issues on our website, as we plan to regularly publish a calendar with all upcoming fixtures! The best way to get involved in sports clubs is going to the freshers fair to see all the amazing sports clubs DMU has, or simply search online on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and you will be able to get in contact with the sports team directly. If you have a disability, have any questions or concerns, be sure to get in touch! DMU promotes inclusivity and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the sport (or society) they wish to partake in.

Written and Designed by Yara Abdalgany


Suddenly An Adult

The Moment I Knew I was Home Away from Home

Written By Jess Hiatt Designed By Jess Bennett @j.bennettdesign

Written by Callum Hutton Designed by Elliott Sharp @ellcreative_

It’s weird suddenly being an adult, isn’t it?

No one tells you how to make a home, (Not physically with bricks or stone). It could be a place, where you don’t feel alone. That, to me, is what I would call a home.

You can do whatever you want to (So long as it fits the budget) So just try to deal with that “Fresher’s Flu”. Stay up late then sleep all day. You can do whatever you want to. Make your decisions, have it your way, have your freedom, whatever may ensue.

A room in halls – your brand-new start But the walls were empty, so you filled them with art. Pictures and memories to make this room feel your own. Then you’re ready to go out; you don’t want to be alone.

Eat new food, try new things. You can do whatever you want to. With the student loan, we can live like kings That is, until it comes back to bite you. Go to the bank, get a student card, You can do whatever you want to, With that, spending isn’t hard. Wait, no more money. What to do?

You had to make friends with brand-new people. It was easy; you were all in the same boat, all equal. The late nights, the laughs, the inside jokes you had. You forgot your anxious mind and feeling homesick seems mad.

Zero balance? Nah, use the overdraft; You can do whatever you want to, “I won’t waste it. I won’t be daft.” That’s what you promised, but somehow you knew. Deep in your negative balance. Drowning. You can do whatever you want to. You lose your smile and start frowning. You look in the mirror, but you don’t see you.

You found a new piece of you that you never knew existed. Right here in the heart of a city, you easily could have missed it. But you made your choices, your decisions brought you here. Now you’re home away from home, so let’s celebrate. Cheers!

Now you’re an adult. Have fun.



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