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Editor’s Message

The Demon Team

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Welcome to our October issue. Freshers’ week is over and you’ve made a bunch of friends, eaten too much ramen noodles and you’ve probably got Freshers’ flu. Make yourself a cuppa, lay down and relax. We will keep the party running for you as this issue is all about celebrations. October celebrates Diwali, the beautiful Festival of Lights, Black History Month, which honours the presence of the Black community in the UK and Halloween, everyone’s favourite holiday… well, after Christmas. Throughout our sections, you can read all about why Diwali is such a special celebration here in Leicester. We paid respect to the Black community by exploring their history through fashion, sports and film. And so you don’t have to worry about it, we have all you need to throw the perfect Halloween party: celeb costume inspiration, a spooky playlist, killer sugar-free recipes and the best scary stories to entertainment your guests. So come and celebrate all that Leicester and DMU have to give this October.

Zuzanna Romańska

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Haunted Leicester The spooktacular tales of Leicestershire’s most haunted places. Visit if you dare... Written By Isobel Rix

Designed By Léonie Mayer

1. Ann Dixie aka ‘The Grey Lady’ and the Haunting of Bosworth Hall In 1758 Bosworth Hall, Market Bosworth was owned by Sir Wolston Dixie. It is said his daughter, Ann, was in love with the gardener’s son and they would often meet in secret. When Sir Wolston discovered their concealed affair, he set out to ensure they could never meet again, setting vicious mantraps around the Hall’s grounds intended to ensnare Ann’s beau. However, it was in fact Ann who met her fate that night. On the way to meet her lover she became ensnared in one of the deadly traps, suffering unimaginable injury. Summoning all her strength she dragged her butchered body back to her room, where she lay in her last moments until she relinquished to massive blood loss. It is reported she still wanders the grounds searching for her lost love.

2. The Ghosts of Guildhall The building itself has an interesting history at times gone by operating as a police headquarters, a public library and a Civil War outpost. The Guildhall is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the country with several ghouls calling it home. ‘The White Lady’ reportedly moves furniture around the library. Some say it is in fact a monk dressed in grey, which makes sense as monks lived at The Guildhall for a time. A Cavalier character and the apparition of a black cat have been spotted in the Great Hall. A ghostly dog has been seen in the Courtyard, as well. Spooky experiences include staff closing the bible in the Great Hall only to find it opened to Deuteronomy 18:10, the verse concerned with witchcraft, in the morning.

3. Abbey Pumping Station Museum The ghost of an engineer that fell to his death remains in the basement of the museum, playing with lights and making chilling sounds.

4. Bradgate Park On Christmas Eve the ghost of Lady Jane Grey is seen leaving the ruins in a horse and carriage. The coach travels to nearby All Saints Church where once she steps out, the whole apparition vanishes. As with most other haunted sites, disembodied voices and eerie sounds have also been heard.

5. The Towers Asylum Built in 1869 The Towers Hospital was meant to serve as a treatment centre for the mentally ill. However as overcrowding became a larger issue, treatments became more inhumane; shackles have been found in the hospitals basement clearly used to restrain patients. The tormented souls that still reside within the hospital express their pain and anger to those who dare to visit. Small objects thrown randomly, doors thrown shut, shadowy figures, unexplained lights and loud banging that cannot be located are all common experiences.


The Top 4 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Written By Honor Waterfield

Designed By Jess Bennett @j.bennettdesign

Everyone loves to get dressed up during Halloween – it is easily one of the best parts of the occasion. You can be really creative, or go for something really simple and classic. Either way, there is so much you can do, and it turns out that celebrities share the same spirit. There has been a wide range of looks over the years, and I will be rating the top 4. Hopefully, this list will give you some inspiration for your own costumes. 1. Zendaya as Cinderella (2019) Even though the Euphoria and Spider-Man actress wore this beautiful costume at the MET Gala this year, and not during Halloween, this deserves a mention. The look will be harder to recreate, but you can certainly take some inspiration from this… How you can achieve this look: Make sure your hair is up, with a blue headband. As for the dress, it should be blue, with puffy shoulders! Zendaya had someone to activate the lights on her dress, but if you fancy yourself a seamstress, you can try weaving fairy lights underneath the skirt. Last but not least, make sure to get yourself a pair of heels! It will be harder to find a glass pair, but grey or even a similar shade to the dress will do.

2. Emily Ratajowski as Marge Simpson (2015) If a live action Simpsons film was made, Emily would make a great Marge. Even though the wig isn’t as blue as the cartoon character’s, the costume still has an amazing likeness. How you can achieve this look: Cover yourself in yellow face paint and source yourself a beehive wig (dark blue). For the outfit, find a light green strapless dress, or make one yourself. Finally, grab a red beaded necklace, and a pair of red strappy shoes.

3. Bruce Willis and Stephen J. Eads as the twins from The Shining (2018) Two iconic celebrities took on two iconic twins. The Shining is definitely a must-watch at Halloween (or anytime, really). Contrasted with their beards, this look is comedic, but it is an amazing costume, and something to try with a friend. How you can achieve this look: Get yourself a feminine curly brown wig, and pin a blue flower in it. Find a light blue dress that looks like something you would dress a doll in. Wear below-the-knee white socks, and black strappy shoes. Both outfits must look the same.

4. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as The Incredible Hulk (2012) If Marvel need to recast the Hulk anytime soon, The Rock would make a great replacement. He perfectly incorporates the superhero’s anger and style in this costume, and definitely looks ready to do some Hulksmashing! How you can achieve this look: Cover yourself in green face paint and don a black wig (if you don’t have black hair already). As for the outfit, rip and/or cut up an old shirt and pair of jeans you do not usually wear. So easy!


Fear Explained:

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Top Ten Horror Classics To Check Out This Halloween Written By Samuel Hornsby

For those eager to delve into some horror films from the past, here are ten of the greatest classics to watch this Halloween:

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As we all know, Halloween is just

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Have the spookiest Halloween everyone! Written by Tegan Wallace Designed by Beckie Clarke (@sorryforbeingawkward)

Designed By Victoria Seymour


Though it may not terrify modern audiences as it did in the early seventies, The Exorcist remains a behemoth of the genre deserving of the accolade ‘the Citizen Kane of horror films’. Friedkin’s film has a great premise and striking visuals but what makes it so brilliant is the performance by a then fourteen-year-old Linda Blair.


A new baby should be something to celebrate, but not for Rosemary. After she moves into a new apartment, she fears for the safety of her unborn child around her devilishly eccentric neighbours. Featuring gripping peformances by Mia Farrow and Ruth Gordon, the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat.


A cult classic in every sense! A police officer travels to a remote Scottish island in search of a missing girl whom the locals deny existed. Forget the atrocity of the Nick Cage remake, and instead, put on what Christopher Lee hailed as his favourite film to have performed in.


The habitants of the spaceship Nostromo find themselves trapped on board with a deadly extra-terrestrial with nowhere to run. With a claustrophobic atmosphere, one of the best movie monsters of all time and fantastic acting by the likes of John Hurt and Sigourney Weaver, you’ll wonder why you haven’t checked this one out before!





Imagine being isolated in the icy wilderness with a Lovecraftian shape-shifting creature that can disguise itself as anyone it pleases. Well, the characters of this film are faced with precisely that. This is a must-see for any fan of special effects with some of the greatest and freakiest achievements done 100% practically.

Hellraiser is genuinely unnerving, which is not surprising as author Clive Barker - one of the most acclaimed horror authors of the 20th century - is at its helm. It centres around a mysterious puzzle box which allows users to access the sadomasochistic realm of beings called Cenobites, who are driven by the extremities of pleasure and pain.


George A. Romero’s low budget spook-fest can be thanked for the concept of the zombie apocalypse. A small group of survivors are hauled up in an abandoned farmhouse but as tension builds, the question becomes: will they turn on each other before the zombies can get to them?

At its core, Nicholas Roeg’s 1973 feature is about grief. It depicts a couple who take a trip to Venice after the death of their young daughter only to be followed by her ghostly apparition. It is deeply emotional, nail-biting and full of harrowing performances with an ending... well... you won’t see it coming.

A young governess arrives at a magnificent manor house only to become convinced the premises are haunted and the children may be at risk. Nearly fifty years since its release, The Innocents is still packed full of eeriness powered by stunning black and white cinematography, a gripping story, a ghostly score and a monumentally creepy child.


Sam Raimi’s 1987 movie is both terrifying and hilarious, perfectly balancing horror and comedy. After the protagonist, Ash, accidentally summons spirits from The Book of the Dead he must find a way to put them back. Also, don’t worry, it does a quick remake of the first instalment in the first fifteen minutes to catch new viewers up to speed.


October isn’t just time to get spooked and dress up for Halloween, it’s also a time to celebrate and educate ourselves about Black history and culture. So, below is a list of films I recommend watching during Black History Month, for both leisure and information.

1. Hidden Figures (2016) This is a heart-warming film based on the true story of three black women and their significant input as mathematicians in the Space Race during the 1960s. The film not only exhibits how difficult things were for people of colour but especially women of colour. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this film as much as I did when I first watched it, but it’s such an inspiring story of overcoming adversity and what can be achieved.

2. 12 Years A Slave (2013) Inspired by the memoir of the same name by Solomon Northup, this film tells the story of how a black man was drugged, kidnapped and sold into slavery to work on a plantation in the southern states of America, where slavery was still enforced. This is not an easy one to watch. There are several times when I felt distressed by what I was watching but I think that’s the point of the film, to drive home the horrors of what happened and what slaves suffered through.

3. Selma (2014)



A historical drama about the voting rights marches in 1960s America and the events leading up to it. The film focuses on Martin Luther King Jr, as well as other important civil rights leaders, that fought for and led the movement for people of colour to have the right to vote. The film showcases and honours Dr King’s legacy brilliantly, giving a point of view of the struggles and opposition that people of colour went through even in what was meant to be a more modern America.

4. Young Soul Rebels (1991) A British entry on our list, Young Soul Rebels is set during the late 70s in London. Whilst the main storyline revolves around a murder mystery, the film is filled with commentary on the social tension the main characters face; racism, classism and homophobia. A beautiful film that in truth celebrates coming of age and ultimately the embracing of identity, and not to mention it has a banging soundtrack!

5. Black Panther (2018) To balance things out with a more fun and high energy movie, there’s always Black Panther. While it is fictional, the film does feature and celebrate the acting talents of a mostly black cast and celebrates one of the first black superheroes. Black Panther debuted in Fantastic Four #52-53 in 1966. The film is easy enough to follow and enjoy without having watched the entirety of Marvel films. Although this is a superhero film, it still incorporates and honours aspects of Black and African culture. These are all films that I enjoyed and found emotionally and mentally stimulating. I wanted to add a variety but there are several films I missed that deserve an honourable mention and recommendation: Moonlight, Cool Runnings, Malcolm X, Belle, Bullet Boy and the documentary Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Rebellion. I’d also recommend the television series Roots, either the 1970s version or the 2016 remake, each episode is like a movie and very powerful viewing. There are probably films that I’ve missed out that you’ve seen and enjoyed, in which case I highly encourage you to share your recommendations with others @thedemondmu on Twitter or @thedemonmag on Instagram; so everyone can experience and celebrate Black History in film. Hope you all enjoy!




Could you imagine track and field without Usain Bolt and Mo Farah? Or tennis without the Williams sisters? I find that pretty hard to do as they have marked their presence in the world of sports. But there was a time where black athletes were being segregated. This fortunately ended by the works of the civil rights movement and of black athletes that fought for their place. Below is a list of some of these athletes that fought for an equal and better world and set an example for others to come. Wilma Rudolph - Track and Field Wilma became a world-record-holding Olympic champion and international sports icon in Track and Field as she paved the way for female black athletes. After years of facing adversity when she was diagnosed with polio, she won three gold medals at the 1960 Olympics. Her performance inspired many young female teenagers to take part in track and field. Serena Williams - Tennis There is no doubt that her legacy as one of the greatest tennis players of all time is already secured. She holds the most Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles combined among active players. Outside the court, she has become more involved in social change using social media to express her views. Serena has received numerous awards for her activism, especially for her support towards Black communities. Last year, she was banned from wearing her iconic court fashion, which started wider conversations about the perception of women in society. Magic Johnson - Basketball Many say there will never be a Point Guard like Magic Johnson, as he dominated the court and was a star in his position. Outside of the court, he was one of the first publicly HIV-positive celebrities. As many people thought the virus mostly affected homosexuals or drug users, he raised awareness about how the disease spreads and became a big supporter of HIV prevention and safe sex. Muhammad Ali - Boxing Muhammad Ali is probably one of the biggest names associated with Boxing. He became an Olympic gold medallist in 1960 and the world heavyweight Boxing Champion in 1964, but it was outside the ring that he made the biggest impact. After converting to Islam and changing his name, he refused to be drafted into the military due to his religious


beliefs that prevented him from fighting. He was arrested and stripped of his world title and boxing license but remained free while appealing his conviction. LeBron James - Basketball You don’t have to be a basketball fan to know LeBron James. To many fans, he is the best basketball player in the game, as he won three NBA titles and was voted MVP four times. He has earned his celebrity status for being “more than an Athlete”. Last year, he opened up a school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Which means he is helping hundreds of unprivileged kids get a proper education. He sees himself as the voice of the people, fighting for his beliefs and what’s best for his community.

Black Fashion Trends Throughout History: A Celebration of Black Fashion Movements


Written by Callum Hutton

ashion has been constantly changing throughout history. There’s a story in what we choose to wear – it’s how we best represent ourselves. For Black History Month, I would like to explore how black fashion evolved throughout the 20th century until now. In the 1940s, black fashion came to popularity in the trend of the Zoot suit. These were trendy among minority groups - primarily with Mexican-Americans – and represented an identity outside of the norm. The Zoot suit itself was repressed when the US joined World War 2; due to rationing, it had ceased manufacturing because of the fabric used and it was made illegal. However, fashion for women was more uniform – it reflected the dresses of the era and in many cases, white gloves were worn. In the 50s, the Zoot suit craze was abandoned. In a Post-War America, the majority of communities wore more formal suits and coats after military service. Even those who did not serve began to take this as the current fashion, and adopt it as their own. This was equally true for the black community. Men and women wore formal attire – suits and dresses, respectively.

Designed by Francisca Quádrio

The 60s began to introduce a style that differed from other communities (and even variation within the black community). The ‘Motown’ look reflected the music culture and many began to embrace it as their own identity. Clothes became more casual and colourful. Many different patterns and materials were used – fur was commonly used to show wealth and status within the black community. By the 1970s, the fashion of the black community had embraced the times. An explosion of expression, combined with the rise in genres of psychedelic rock, disco and funk music, created a style that utilised wide colour palettes, striking patterns and bold ideas. The afro became an iconic hairstyle for the era – embracing an identity as far separate from the mainstream as it could be. These were times where expression and experimentation were now welcomed. The reverse was also present in this time; the Black Panthers, a revolutionary political group rose to power in this time. They favoured dark clothing and outfits that evoked themes of revolution and war – the beret and black leather became synonymous with the group. In both cases, an identity had been formed and a look

had been created. In the following decade the fashion had, once again, shifted into something new. Streetwear had become more influential in terms of the fashion of the 80’s youth. The afro hair, while it still remained very much ‘in’ for many people, had become a signature style of the previous decade. Different styles emerged in both the USA and the UK. Hair was worn in a variety of ways by black men and women. The style of this decade was built upon the foundations of the 70s, in terms of black identity. Hip hop fashion and gang culture in New York and Los Angeles became a major influence on the style – as before, the artists, icons and celebrities of the time had a great impact on black fashion. Finally, the 90s presented a colourful, vibrant aesthetic akin to the previous two decades. T-shirts, polos and shirts presented unique, bold patterns and shapes. Colours were still a highlight – reds, blues, yellows and purples were worn in equal measure. Rap artists still influenced the fashion, as did the popularity of house music and pop groups. It seemed almost like there was a competition to see who could pull off the boldest colours and styles.

Frederick “Fritz” Pollard - American Football If you are a fan of American Football you probably have heard about Fritz. He was one of the first African American players to play in the NFL. Not only has he achieved that but also, one year later, he led his team, the Akron Pros, to their first-ever NFL championship. The following year, he took on coach duties by becoming a player-coach, this also meant he was the first black coach in the NFL. Jesse Owens - Track and Field Some people recognise Jesse as “the Greatest and most Famous Athlete in Track and Field history”. He made such a big impact in the community, that there was a film made to honour his achievements and his life. Jesse took part in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where Adolf Hitler was convinced the game would aid his agenda to prove the Aryan superiority. It’s safe to say his theory was dismissed when Jesse won four gold medals and broke two world records. Written by Francisca Quádrio Designed by Elliott Sharp @ellcreative_


Spooooky Tunes To Get You In The Halloween Mooood Written By Francisca Quádrio

Designed By Nicole Worker-McHugh

1. This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas 3. Zombie by The Cranberries 4. Thriller by Michael Jackson 5. Ghost Town by The Specials

For those who have some time on their hands, take a look at this delicious sugar-free biscuit recipe.

7. Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Show

Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of undiluted Stevia powder 10 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup pumpkin 1 egg

8. Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell 9. Monster Mash by Bobbie ‘Boris’ Pickett 10. She Wolf by Shakira 11. Calling All the Monsters by China Anne McClain 12. Monster by Skillet 13. Going to Hell by The Pretty Reckless

Preparation: First, preheat your oven to 160°C and butter a tray. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and pumpkin pie spice. After that in a different mixing bowl, beat together the stevia and the butter. Then add the vanilla, pumpkin and egg and continue mixing. Now, the most important step – gradually add the flour mix into the bowl. Next, form cookie shaped balls and lay them on a tray. Bake them for 18 to 20 minutes or until they appear to become firm. When you remove them from the oven, allow them to sit for a few minutes.

14. Demons by Imagine Dragons 15. Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon 16. Highway to Hell by AC/DC 17. Disturbia by Rihanna 18. Dead! by My Chemical Romance 19. The Monster by Eminem and Rihanna 20. Spooky Scary Skeletons by DJ Kevin 21. I Put a Spell On You by Annie Lennox 22. Little Monster by Royal Blood

26. Things That Go Bump in the Night by Allstars


Ingredients: A pack of tangerines 1 stalk of celery

2. Sugar-Free Pumpkin Spice Biscuits

6. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

25. E.T by Katy Perry

This recipe is for all of you party hosts that don’t have time to prepare complicated recipes with a million ingredients. Simple, healthy and delicious.

Preparation: To make these mini pumpkins start by peeling the tangerines. Next, cut the celery lengthwise into thirds and then across into half inch pieces. Insert the celery pieces to the tops of the 3. Jalapeño Mummies peeled tangerines to resemble pumpkins. Do the same with the If you are looking for a sugar-free snack that has a bit of a kick rest of the pack and you will have a cute little fruit snack. and could start an awesome party challenge then this recipe is for you.

2. Transylvania by McFly

24. Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

We all know that Halloween is a holiday dedicated to dressing up with your friends, partying and eating excessive amounts of sweets. This year we challenge you to consider adding a few healthier recipes to your sugary Halloween snack table. We’ve collected four recipes you can create to impress your friends:

1. Pumpkin Tangerines

Are you all ready for a spooky, scary Halloween? ‘Cause everything you need is a playlist full of frightening tunes that will get the party started and the monsters more alive than ever before.

23. Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco

4 Sugar-Free Treats to Serve at Your Next Halloween Party

Scan To Listen

Ingredients: 8 fresh jalapeños 114gm cream cheese 114gm shredded cheese 4 small tortillas Edible googly eyes (optional) Preparation: The first step to make these mummies is to preheat your oven to 200°C. Then cut each jalapeño in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds and pith. Remember not to touch your face! Place the prepared jalapeños on a baking tray. After that, mix the cream cheese and shredded cheese together in a bowl, then spoon it into the cavities of the jalapeños. On a different chopping board, cut each tortilla into 8 to 10 narrow strips, then wrap two strips around each jalapeño half. Bake them for about 8 minutes or until the cheese starts to turn brown. They are best served warm and if you want to make them extra realistic you can add the edible googly eyes.

4. Zombie Punch

After preparing all these yummy recipes, you probably won’t have much time to look for an elaborate punch recipe that doesn’t involve expensive kitchen gadgets but is also sugar-free. Don’t worry, we have the perfect recipe for you. Ingredients: 750ml Bottle of Naked Green Machine Spirit of Choice Ice Diet Lemonade (optional) Preparation: This recipe is as simple as it sounds. Grab a punch bowl, pour some of the green juice and a few shots of your spirit of choice. You can add a handful of ice and some diet lemonade if you want it to be fizzy. Call it ‘Zombie Punch’ and drop a few sugarfree gummies in, it will look absolutely monstrous. Written By Francisca Quádrio Designed by Maroa-Isabell Al-Sahlani


Diwali Fashion:

Traditional and Modern Trends to Wear for the Festival of Lights Written and Designed by Regina Tóth

In 2019, the five-day-long festival of Diwali falls between the 25th and 29th of October. Diwali marks the start of the Hindu New Year, and is celebrated not only by Hindus, but Sikhs and Jains around the world. The Festival of Light celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil.

CINCHING This fall trend is designed to accentuate waist and silhouette. Anything from a traditional Sari to top and bottom sets, like a crop top with a Lehenga, Palazzo pants, or even stylish Dhoti pants, can create the perfect cinched silhouette. You can wear something draped across your waist, like a belt, or just have an outfit that is form fitting.

Diwali is a time for families to gather together. To share food and gifts, pray and enjoy lighting candles or sparklers. People clean and decorate their homes and buy new clothes. It is a celebration of culture and traditions in terms of fashion as well. Women would wear their best Saris, Anarkali Suits and Lehengas while men put on smart Jodhpuris, a Nehru Jacket or a Kurta. Some people swear by the tradition, others, however – and some of you university students may be among this second group - wish to put a fresh twist on their outfit. Make it a bit more modern, more compliant with western fashion trends. Here are a few tips for you on how to rock that Diwali outfit, while still looking fashionable by 2019 standards:

FLORALS One of the biggest Autumn trends is flowers everywhere. This is very easy to follow with your traditional wear: choose an embroidered Anarkali or a floral silk crop top with some Palazzo pants and you will look both classic and fabulous.

ASYMMETRICAL NECKLINE Asymmetrical everything is in fashion, and if you wish to keep your conventional Diwali look, you can still bring a bit of modernity into your style with this trend. Asymmetrical hemlines give a layered complexity to your outfit, where you can use complementing colours or patterns as well. Choose an asymmetric Anarkali suit or a nice Tunic to achieve an almost royal, timeless look. If you want to go for a more ‘smart casual’, slightly gender neutral vibe, consider a sleek, simple Kurta set.

FOR MEN While traditional Indian outfits usually have bright colours, if you want to follow 2019 Autumn trends, the dominant colour for ladies is all shades of purple and lavender. As a nice companion, harmonising with the purple, the colour for men is pink. So boys, don’t be afraid to go all out and get a pink Kurta or have a neon pink shirt on. You will fit in just perfectly with the Fall trends, as set by Hugo Boss and Kenzo.

CAPES Much to the chagrin of Edna Mode, capes and capelike coats are coming back into fashion. An over-theshoulder Sari look or even a tellingly-named Cape Lehenga will grant you the flowy, light feel and look of a modern-day cape, bringing your Diwali outfit on level with any New York runway.

If you’re not into those popping colours, however, you can alternatively choose a cream or beige Nehru Jacket, with some white Jodhpuri trousers to fit into another fashion trend for men this Autumn: Monochromic. This trend can accommodate any and all tastes in fashion, creating an uncomplicated, yet aesthetically pleasing look. It is a truly effortless way to style yourself, only using one, or various shades of the same colour. You can venture out and pick a bright colour, or stay on the safe side with a dark blue or green.



Seems like the sparkle and satin trend was created for your perfect Diwali look! Nothing screams Bollywood and chic like a sparkling Sari, or a beautiful satin gown with glitter across the skirt.

Leicester is famous for holding the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India, with thousands of people coming together on the streets for vibrant shows of light, music and dancing. Whether you choose to go with the good old traditional, or try to sprinkle a bit of western fashion into your outfit, the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable, and you feel like YOU. That’s the best way to enjoy the festivities! Wishing you all a happy and blessed Diwali


Diwali: The Festival of Lights Festivals are to humans like an oasis is to a desert. They give us hope and make us see the world in brighter colours. India is a motherland of festivals. They are fun, gaiety and rejoicing, which keeps their participants happy, refreshed and energised. Deepawali is one of the most celebrated and brightest festivals from all. Deepawali is a festival of lights. It comes in the month of Kartik (October/November) on Amavasya day. It is celebrated in the memory of the return of Rama to Ayodhya, after 14 years of exile. He got victory over Ravan, the king of Lanka. Hence, people of Ayodhya illuminated the city to welcome their victorious Rama and express their joy. Ever since Deepavali has been celebrated with great pomp and even greater shows throughout the country each year. Deepawali is also considered the festival of cleanliness. All sections of the Hindu community observe it by repairing, whitewashing or dung coating their homes. The Hindu believe that the goddess of wealth (Laxmi) would not enter their homes if they are kept unclean. They make their houses a presentable place for Laxmi by decorating them with pictures, festoons and buntings. People worship the goddess and pray for their prosperity. Traders also perform Laxmi pooja (a prayer ritual) for a good future. The evenings are the most beautiful during the festival. Not only the houses but markets and streets look bright and charming. Earthen lamps and candles are lit in every house. Women prepare different kinds of sweets and other tasty food. Children look cheerful in dresses especially made for this occasion. The whole area of India becomes illuminated during the night. In cities and towns, electric bulbs are lighted. People (especially children) enjoy firecrackers to mark the joyous day. Hundreds of them can be seen glowing and then bursting as though it was a battle of glows and sparks in the skies.

Diwali in Leicester Written By Sandra Petrovna Designed By Léonie Mayer Photography by Thomas Jackson

Leicester, home to a vast range of ethnicities, is known to be the most multicultural city in the whole of the UK. Its multicultural character is still increasing as the number of inhabitants previously considered as minorities has been growing. Almost forty percent of the population is of Asian origin, the majority of which are Indian. This might give away why one of the most important Indian holidays – Diwali– is being celebrated enthusiastically in his area, making it one of the biggest Diwali celebrations in Europe and outside of India. So why not dive into the cultural uniqueness of Leicester, learn more about Diwali and explore some of the breathtaking events taking place?

Another thing worth mentioning is the atmosphere of Diwali celebration in Leicester, where people know how to appreciate the festival of lights just right. Leicester is famous for its diversity and as a result, there are dozens of festivals that run throughout the year. It’s fair to say our city knows how to party. The Caribbean Carnival is said to be the largest in the UK after Notting Hill, but where we really have bragging rights is the way Leicester marks Diwali.

Diwali, also called “The Festival of Light”, symbolises the victory of light over darkness and in turn good over evil. The festival is being celebrated in various countries which have been influenced by Hinduism. Think of countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Singapore, South Africa, Tobago and Trinidad. Not only Hindus but also people belonging to other religious groups such as Sikhs and Jains celebrate the holiday. However, Diwali is subject to individual, religious and cultural interpretations and varies considerably between countries and religions. For example, Jains celebrate on that day Lord Mahavir’s “moksha” - his liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

In Leicester, festivities will take place all over the city from the 13th until the 27th of October. The cultural programme offers events suitable for various interests and ages such as talks, exhibitions, craft activities and theatre performances. However, the main centre of attention is the so-called “Golden Mile”, which is Belgrave Road, between Abbey Park and Loughborough road. The first day of the festivities is “Diwali Lights Switch on Day” with events taking place on Golden Mile from 5:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. Main activities involve the illumination of the lights on Belgrave Road, a music and dance programme on the main stage, Mela Rangoli’s exhibition, a 100foot illuminated ferris wheel called “Leicester’s Wheel of Light” as well as “Diwali Village” on Cossington Street Recreation Ground, which involves shopping, henna, funfair and food. As if this was not exciting enough, the event will finish gracefully with a firework display. Despite the festivities taking place for two weeks, the actual day of Diwali is on the last day, Sunday the 27th of October. On that day celebrations will continue at Cossington Street Ground, again including entertainment, funfair, craft and food stalls as well as fireworks. On average, 35,000 people of various beliefs and cultures attend “Diwali Lights Switch on Day” and even more can be spotted on the actual Day of Diwali. Don’t miss out! Get involved and enjoy one of the most exciting festivities of the year!

Around November time, the Hindu and Sikh Festival of Lights make around 40,000 people gather along the Golden Mile (known for its authentic Indian restaurants, sari shops and jewellers and described as “the closest that Britain comes to an Indian bazaar”) to mark the occasion. There’s music, dancing and food stretching all the way along Belgrave Road. In recognition of the city’s respect for different cultures, the lights stay on for Christmas too. But we shouldn’t forget the core meaning of Diwali. Its purpose is to bring a new light into people’s lives, clear the atmosphere and remove the darkness from their homes, give a chance for a new, positive start and let bygones be bygones. It brings people together in joy and relief. That is what Diwali truly means.


Written By Hitesh Chamtha

Designed By Maroa-Isabell Al-Sahlani




The Eternal Racing Tracks





Racing for Anthoine (22nd September 1996 - 31st August 2019) Written by Jack Vines


Written and Designed by Jess Hiatt

As October rolls around, we as a society celebrate Black History Month. An important annual acknowledgement and celebration of achievements by Black individuals, and the contributions and developments that we owe to them. The world of fashion is ever changing, becoming more and more diverse each year. Talented individuals with a passion for what they do, who are no longer bypassed due to something as arbitrary as race, gender or ethnicity. For now, I would like to shine the spotlight on three black fashion designers, who have made/ are making, massive shifts in the industry.

Carly Cushnie

Reuben Reuel

With a brand made to empower women and celebrate diversity, Cushnie is the CEO and Creative Director of her own namesake brand. Having been in the business for over ten years, she has made some major progress in the fashion world, grabbing attention to her work. Her designs are tailored to the female form to create a ‘perfect’ silhouette, balancing fluidity and structure in a way that is unique to the CUSHNIE brand. The number of influential women that have worn her garments is too long for me to list, but let’s just say a legendary first lady may have shown off her work. Yes, Michelle Obama approves. The creator of DEMESTIK, a unique brand that is focused on creating womenswear that is ‘inspired by colourful individuals.’ Reuel formed his brand in 2012 in the Big Apple. He has a really good eye for giving a modern take on a vintage silhouette, a very memorable and talented artist. No wonder Beyonce has rocked his brand on numerous occasions.

LaQuan Smith


Having kickstarted his career at the age of 21, LaQuan’s distinctive work really resonated with a vast amount of people in the fashion realm. From early on he had big names such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian supporting his brand. Since 2013 he has gained much notoriety for his individualistic and detailed designs. Known worldwide and still going strong, we are eagerly awaiting to see what else he can bring to the table. As I mentioned previously, the industry is absolutely brimming with talent right now, narrowing it down to just three was an extremely hard task. More and more black celebrities are making an impact in the mainstream fashion industry too. Of course, I can’t leave out Kanye West, who is knocking it out of the park with his brand YEEZY, dominating the sneaker game. It is crucial to recognise and acknowledge black artists, they represent an important part of the industry. Progress, visibility, and diversity.

Designed by Francisca Quádrio

Photography by Jake Wells

Halloween in many countries is about celebrating and honouring the lives of those who have passed. After the recent death of F1 racer Anthoine Hubert, The Demon’s News and Sports team decided to pay tribute to him and a few of his fellow racers who have lost their lives while on the racing track. The Belgian track Spa Franchorchamps is a highlight on the calendar for drivers and fans alike, with its mix of long straights and iconic corners such as La Source and Eau Rouge. Fans were eagerly awaiting the first race of the Formula 2 weekend, which is the final stage on the ladder to F1 and has seen the recent graduations of George Russell (Williams), Alex Albon (Red Bull) and Lando Norris (McLaren). However, the events that unfolded on Saturday 31st August 2019 are still difficult to comprehend for the Motorsport Community. The second lap accident, which involved 5 drivers, thankfully unfolded out of camera shot and immediately saw the race red flagged and subsequently cancelled. Unfortunately, it was announced soon after the cancelation of the race that French driver Anthoine Hubert succumbed to his injuries, whilst fellow competitor Juan Manuel Correa remained in a serious condition in hospital. It was a dark day for the sport, but Formula 1 still went ahead with the race on the Sunday whilst F2 cancelled the whole weekend in tribute to Hubert. A minute’s silence was held before the race, whereas a fan initiative saw a standing ovation from the crowd on the 19th lap, with number 19 being Anthoine racing number in F2. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who has also had to overcome the loss of F1 driver and close friend Jules Bianchi as well as his father in his career, dedicated his first F1 victory to Anthoine after winning from pole. The thoughts of the Motorsport Community are with Anthoine’s family and his team BWT Arden, as well as Correa. Touching tributes were made on social media following Hubert’s passing. Teammate Tatiana Calderon posted, “A true champion, an even greater person, you will always be in our hearts.” Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly stated, “14 years of friendship, started racing together, then became friends, roomates, and classmates, we did all our childhood together.” In addition, Renault have also lost a promising starlet in their junior programme as Hubert was tipped to be joining French team ART for next season. ART ran the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Stoffel Vandoorne and George Russell to their junior titles. Whilst time is needed to mourn and heal, it is important to highlight what Anthoine achieved in his short career. He will always be the reigning GP3 champion after winning the series in 2018 and took two wins in his debut season in Formula 2 this year, including one on the famous streets of Monaco and home race at Paul Ricard. Not only was Hubert a successful racer, he was also humble and a hard worker according to Gasly and will be a huge loss in the paddock. The passing of Anthoine is an untimely reminder that there are always risks and rewards in motorsport, and whilst we have become accustomed to drivers walking away from violent accidents and deaths are incredibly rare, they still happen. The accident is under investigation by the Federation of International Autosport (FIA) to see whether any improvements can be made. However, in the quest to ever increase the safety for drivers, the introduction of the Halo undoubtedly prevented injuries or worse to at least two drivers who were hit with debris at high speed. The Halo, a driver protection system involving a curved bar around the cockpit, was heavily criticised in its induction in 2018. However, the accident at Spa could have been even worse, and it is not the first time that this safety feature has saved drivers. F1 and its support series F2 returned to Monza just a week after the events at Spa, which will no doubt be a sombre affair.


The Eternal Racing Tracks

Remembering Senna, Ratzenberger and Bianchi Written by Janice Kusters

Ayrton Senna da Silva is widely regarded as one of the most legendary Formula 1 drivers of all time. He won three championships (1988, 1990, 1991) and held many records. Senna died after succumbing to fatal injuries sustained during his race at the San Marino Grand Prix on the 1st of May 1994. Senna’s death was considered by many of his Brazilian fans to be a national tragedy, and the Government of Brazil declared three days of national mourning. During the race weekend of his fatal crash, there were two other serious accidents. One involving a driver by the name of Barrichello, who reported that Senna was the first visitor he received upon regaining consciousness. The other involved Austrian rookie Roland Ratzenberger, who was killed after the front wing of his car broke and he crashed into a concrete wall. Senna immediately visited the scene of the accident and the medical centre. Due to these two crashes, Senna spent his final morning talking to former teammate and rival Alain Prost. He wanted to re-establish the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, wanting to improve safety in Formula1.

Ayrton Senna da Silva (21 March 1960- 1 May 1994)

To summarize the accident on Sunday, Sennas car left the racing line as he rounded the high-speed Tamburello corner on lap 7. His car hit a concrete wall, after which the race was red-flagged and Senna was treated by the medical team before he was airlifted to hospital. Later, under Italian law, the time of death was established to be 14:17, as his because his brain stopped working the moment his car hit the wall. As later revealed, when the medical staff examined Senna, a furled Austrian flag was found in his car - a flag that he had intended to raise in honour of Ratzenberger after the race.

Roland Ratzenberger (4 July 1960 – 30 April 1994) 20

Designed by Francisca Quádrio

While that weekend on the Imola circuit was a tragedy, it did lead to some positives for motorsport in general, as nobody in the community ever wanted to experience such a thing ever again. Many safety improvements were made in the years following. These include improved crash barriers, redesigned tracks, higher crash safety standards, and major cuts to engine power. As a result of increased standards in safety following this race, there was a 20-year gap between the deaths of Ratzenberger and Senna, and the crash of Jules Bianchi at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix which led to his death the following year. The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix was held on the 5th of October, under recurrent heavy rainfall which was caused by the approaching Typhoon Phanfone. Bianchi lost control of his Marussia in very wet conditions and collided with a recovery vehicle which was lifting another racing car. Bianchi suffered a diffuse axonal injury and underwent emergency surgery. He was subsequently placed into an induced coma, and remained comatose until his death on 17 July 2015. Bianchi was the first Formula One driver in over 21 years to die as a result of an vwF1 racing accident. Attesting that while regulations had done much in order to improve safety, it cannot be guaranteed while driving race cars.

Jules Bianchi (3 August 1989 - 17 July 2015)

After Bianchi’s accident, it was agreed that the head should be better protected. The Halo was designed as a driver crash protection system. The system consists of a bracket that surrounds the driver’s head and is connected at three points to the vehicle frame. While many drivers and fans were at first displeased with the implementation of the Halo, the protection system has later been praised by the motorsport community following several incidents. In a Formula 2 race at Catalunya, Tadasuke Makino’s halo was landed on by fellow countryman Nirei Fukuzumi’s car. During the Belgian Grand Prix Charles Leclerc’s halo was struck by Fernando Alonso’s airborne McLaren. Both Makino and Leclerc credited the halo for possibly saving their lives. The halo was also credited with saving the life of Alexander Peroni. As the driver walked away from an airborne crash in which his vehicle landed on top of the driver’s cockpit during a Formula 3 event at Monza on Sep 7, 2019. Whilst the accidents mentioned were tragic, this all shows that their deaths were not in vain.


e m i T r u O to Speak Black History Month at DMU We decided to ask our black students their opinion on Black History month and on DMU’s efforts to celebrate it.

Black History Month has become highly controversial, with many people claiming that it is hypocritical to celebrate black history in a specific month when it should just be considered British history. Leicester is known for its diversity and has a long history of welcoming immigrants from all over the world today. According to the Council, Leicester is home to 240 faith groups across 14 different faiths and beliefs with over 70 languages spoken in the city. DMU’s has received the prestigious Race Equality Charter Mark award, held by only ten universities in the UK. We have also been named the University of the Year for Social Inclusion by The Sunday Times Good University Guide. We decided to ask our black students their opinion about Black History month and on the DMU’s efforts to celebrate it. International Business student, William Karume, believes that black history month “was created in order to recognize our history and also the different cultures that bring us together”. “However, it seems that it has been inflicted with politics and even when celebrated in schools there is always a backlash, as in the recent case of a


school where the black students were told to dress as slaves and come to school assembly dressed like that for celebrating black history month. This raises the question if this is really being celebrated or if it is just to embarrass and humiliate these children in front of there other peers,” he adds. “There are many black British who cannot trace their family origin. Black history month is meant to be celebrated through remembering our history and the sacrifices that our ancestors made to attain freedom and events that changed the course of history”. “I believe this celebration helps, encourages and spreads awareness about the history and the sacrifices done while fighting for what our ancestors believed in,” William says. “I believe that black history month is very important. It allows us to examine what a nation chooses to forget. These include people who have made marks in our history books as well as those who are making history today. It still is important to this day as it allows us all to think about the past and remembers those who fought for us. Personally, black history month should not be subjective to one month. After a month everyone just moved on with

their lives without a care in the world. Black history should be considered part of British history,” argues Mary Ama De-Wind, who studies Journalism. “I grew up in multicultural areas and I went to schools that were pretty much black and Asians. We were taught a lot every academic year. I guess in some way we could of been taught more. DMU tries to ensure that everyone is well represented, but they aren’t doing enough. When it was pride they decorated the student union as well as the campus with flags everywhere. When it was Black History Month there was nothing there which isn’t fair at all”. “As president of the African Caribbean society, I would like to see more events on campus throughout the month, but we will host a few. As well as some sort of signs or posters around campus to do with the history or showcase black excellence”, she continues. When asked about Black History Month and their thoughts, DSU said “now that Freshers is finished, DSU and DMU are looking forward to Black History Month with a host of interesting and varied events planned. The Campus Centre will be decorated and DSU is giving all BAME students the opportunity to

create art on the Campus Centre staircase, telling us what BHM means to them. Some of the events will be, film nights, dance classes, guest speakers – including footballer John Barnes, networking events, lectures, workshops with the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre and social media take-overs.” Penni Robson, Chief Executive Officer of DSU said: “We’d love for as many of our students as possible to take part in the events planned so keep an eye on DSU’s social media for more information and also check out the DMU Events webpage.” Diya Rattanpal, Equality & Diversity Executive, said: “I’m really looking forward to this upcoming month, and I’d love for all students to get involved as much as possible! We’re super proud of our diverse make up here at DMU, and we want to celebrate it at every opportunity! I’m really keen to make this a constant conversation throughout our year here and actively encourage students to contact me so we can work together on making sure that this month (and year) is the best to date!” Written by Beatriz Abreu Ferreira Designed by Owen Mountfield


How To Celebrate Halloween Without Sexism Halloween originally marked the day of the end of harvesting and the start of winter, where the lines between the living and dead were thought to be blurred. During this time it was believed that ghosts would come back to the living world. Bonfires were used to ward them off and costumes to make the spirits believe that they were one of them, especially for protection when leaving the house.

Now many centuries later although Halloween is much more of a commercialised, fun holiday, it manages to spark many controversial thoughts when it comes to costumes.

For example, why is it that ‘female’ specific costumes come branded as ‘sexy’ or with any other words that suggest promiscuity prefacing the character you’re actually portraying?

TOP 5 HORROR VIDEO GAMES Everyone has a love/hate relationship with the horror genre, and it only gets more intense if you are the one in control. Here are some of my favourite horror games to play – or scream at – this Spooktober!



A hot contender for the most tense game of hide-and-seek the world has ever seen. Amanda Ripley is looking for her mother on board a space station that has an Alien problem. The AI is the star of the show here, always knowing the right time to drop out of air vents to make you jump, always knowing approximately where you are and constantly hunting you down in a natural, predatory fashion.

Bloodborne begins by revving up the weirdness engine, and never, ever taking its foot off the accelerator! An actionhorror game from the creators of the infamous Dark Souls series. One for the capital-G Goths out there!

To combat the beast, you get a tracking device and a handful of different weapons but make no mistake; the most you can do is annoy the alien enough to make it slink back into the bowels of the space station. This game is incredibly stressful to play and has probably cut 10 years off my life – but it’s the best thing to happen to the Alien franchise since the original movies. 2. RESIDENT EVIL

As a ‘hunter’ you are thrust into the decrepit Gothic world of Yharnam, aiming to stop a plague that is turning the townsfolk into beasts. Hack and slash your way through an increasingly bizarre assortment of enemies, from werewolves to otherworldly things. Just like it’s sister series, it’s notoriously difficult, but every defeat feels fair, and every victory is all the sweeter for it.

Written by Tom Fair Designed by Elliott Sharp @ellcreative_

I’d be exiled by The Gamers if I left Resident Evil out! The first game of this series popularised survival-horror and it’s easy to see why. Play as Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, police officers who are trapped in a zombie-infested mansion, trying to survive against the odds as they search for their missing comrades. Battle against zombies that want to eat your face, mutant dogs, humongous snakes and spiders, and the deadly Tyrant! Couple this with rare ammunition, fiendish traps, and a claustrophobic fixed camera, and you have the recipe for a whole new genre. Play it if you can - just don’t become a Jill sandwich. 3. THE LAST OF US

When you type in ‘female pirate outfit’ I can almost guarantee they will be showing a lot more flesh than ‘male pirate outfit’. This alludes to the impression that a woman on Halloween is not just dressing up as a police officer or a nurse but indeed a sexual version of that profession. So what is the solution? Have one outfit for all? Although equality is something we should all strive for, it does not alter the fact that clothes do often fit a man and a woman differently. A form-fitting blouse rather than one draping off the body could understandably be more desirable. But also, if someone wants to wear a skirt instead of trousers to feel more feminine, freer etc, then they should do whatever empowers them.

Much like when Halloween began, we can draw a comparison that people want to dress up to feel braver, in disguise, perhaps bolder and why shouldn’t they? Feeling that you look good is very empowering and this time of year is perfect for someone to experiment with a look that they may otherwise be terrified to do. Crop tops may seem like a very revealing thing to wear to one person but to another, it may be their regular look. Everyone has different views on clothes, which usually comes from how it makes them feel. So, how could we avoid being sexist this Halloween? Wear what you want to wear and do not judge others for doing the same.


Written and Designed by Alice Arnold

This game has the distinction of being the first to make me cry. The Last Of Us follows the story of Joel and Ellie in a post-apocalyptic America, which has fallen to an outbreak of mutant Cordyceps fungus ravages, known as the Infected. The uninfected aren’t much better; bandits, cannibals and soldiers ready to waylay you for a can of beans or less. The monsters make for nail-biting scenes as you tiptoe through crowds of infected, too aware that the next misstep might be your last. The game’s real strength is in its characters, as they come to grips with the brutality of their new world. Beautiful and bleak in equal measure. 4. OUTLAST A found-footage thriller of a game, journalist Miles Upshur investigates a psychiatric hospital deep in the mountains. The setting is generic, but the gameplay is anything but! You view the whole game through a camera lens with a “helpful” night vision mode. Night vision uses up precious battery power, making the pitch-black areas of the hospital terrifying. With deranged patients, vicious doctors and LOUD jump scares, it’s the perfect recipe for a game to play in the dark with headphones on.


How is DMU Preparing for Brexit? While uncertainty hangs over the future of the UK and the political situation seems to be getting more confusing every day that goes on, all the organisations in the country need to prepare for the worst-case scenario and DMU is not an exception. This article will clarify the work and preparation conducted by DMU at this stage. A Brexit Risk Group was convened and chaired by our Chief Operating Officer, Ben Browne. According to a press release, “the Group brought together senior representatives from across the institution to look at the risks and to ensure our readiness for the earlier March Brexit deadline. This work has continued and accelerated, as the likelihood of ‘no deal’ has increased over the summer”.

International Students DMU will need to follow the Home Office directives for EU nationals working or studying in the UK. This means that in order for EEA citizens to live, work and study in the UK after free movement between the UK and the EU has ended, it is necessary to apply for settled status or pre-settled status before the end of the transitional period. A settled status is meant for EU citizens who have lived in the UK for five years or longer. The pre-settled status was designed for EU students or working professionals who have recently moved to the UK and allows them to stay until they have reached the five-year point and then apply to convert this to full settled status.

To apply for this status you will need a valid passport or national identity card and proof of residence in the UK (you can use a letter or certificate from the university showing the dates you enrolled, attended and completed your course; or invoice for fees from the university and evidence of payment). Although you can already apply online for settled status or pre-settled status, the deadline for doing this is the end of the transitional period. If the UK decides to live the EU with a deal, this means you will have until 30 June 2021 to send your application. In case of nodeal you will have a slightly shorter period to apply (the expected deadline is the 31 December 2020). Regardless of whether settled status or pre-settled status is granted, EU citizens and their family members will have the same access to healthcare, pensions and other benefits in the UK as they currently do. Besides these complications, DMU continues to work closely with agencies to recruit EU students. To support these activities, the university has decided to open an office in Lisbon to maintain a footprint in mainland Europe. Moreover, DMU is developing recruitment relationships with European institutions to deliver progression agreements and long-term recruitment.

DMU Global, International Placements and Legal Agreements In a recent comment regarding Brexit, DMU confirmed that all global trips are currently going ahead as planned but a close watching brief is being maintained on wider political developments for their potential impact on student and staff travel. All students traveling around October 2019 have been sent advice and guidance on matters related to travel, visas, insurance, etc. The Placements team has also been in regular discussions about ongoing placements opportunities with European businesses and is keeping the situation under constant review, however, nothing can be confirmed at this point. According to the university, the legal team is currently reviewing the legal agreements with the international partners, changes to the legal status of the staff and students, the Data Protection policies and the Erasmus programme agreements. The team has also been compiling an overview of potential legal problem areas via its Brexit Focus Group.

Finance In a recent press release the DMU Finance team has identified the areas of risk for finance as the possible currency fluctuations, interest rates and taxation. According to this document “a close watching brief is being maintained.”


Written by Beatriz Abreu Ferreira Designed By Rosalie Herrera @rosalies_mind


At the moment, one of the greatest concerns of the UK universities is regarding procurement. “The University Purchasing Consortia has been undertaking a supplier engagement exercise over the course of the last year to determine the goods, services and works that might experience the greatest levels of risks relating to Brexit and the Procurement team is working with suppliers (including Chartwells) to mitigate supply risks”, explains DMU. In addition to that, the university confirms to have been working closely to the City Council and other local and regional bodies “to ensure we are joined-up in our approach and connected to wider discussions about mitigating any possible disruption to supply chains”.


Do the b(r)e(a)st you can! The Breast Cancer Guide

for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


ots of us care about how they look. How to make them appear bigger than they really are, how to hide them when they are a bit too much, how to shape them, how to make ourselves accept them as they are. What if I told you that in the end this all doesn’t really matter?

What if I told you that it’s not so much what you see on the outside but what is going on inside, again, that proves to be more important, and can decide about your wellbeing? Breast cancer is said to be the serial killer among women in the UK – according to Cancer Research, 150 people a day are diagnosed with it. It is treatable and it often can be defeated completely, what doesn’t change is the fact that it is still the biggest threat to women’s health in this country (and not only). Even though the age in which women (and men! In 2016 the number of men’s breast cancer reached 360) are most at risk is their 50s, it is never too soon to take your breasts and your health into your own hands. So, do the b(r)e(a)st you can! Whether you’re 18 or 58, 28 here is a guide for you, from

A to Z, this is everything you MUST know about breast cancer and how to prevent it.

1. Who’s at Risk? As mentioned earlier, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women – 1 in 8 women (and 1 in 870 men) develop it during their

lifetime (Cancer Research UK). Unfortunately, there are many risk factors which we cannot change like family health records and inherited genes, levels of oestrogen and testosterone after menopause, denser breast tissue or, as simple as it sounds, getting older. But some of the risks depends on our behaviour. Leading a physically active life, having a balanced diet, having a child in your most fertile years if possible, breastfeeding and avoiding the HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in a postmenopausal stage can decrease the possibility of being a victim of breast cancer. 2. Cancer’s Ghost Stories Reading about cancer in a great black whole called the Internet you can often find information, which is not checked in any scientific way, yet assures you about how true they are. To

separate what is a fact from what is just a cloudy, ghost story, here are some of them:

Deodorant Might Kill You For sure you overheard somewhere the rumour that antiperspirants are blocking your body from sweating, so they’re blocking your body of getting rid of toxins, hence creating lymph glands around your armpit area and voila! Breast cancer is ready. According to CRUK, there is no evidence that it is true. Firstly, breast cancer starts in a breast only; it can spread in the later stage. Secondly, sweating is not the only way our bodies manage to reduce the level of toxins. Thirdly, the parabens said to be damaging for our health are much weaker than the natural oestrogen hormone we are already naturally producing; hence it cannot evolve into breast cancer on its own. Deadly Mobile Phones I cannot count the amount of times when my mum has snapped at me saying “don’t sleep with your phone in your bed, you will get tumour!” or that keeping a laptop on my lap will make me infertile. Well, as much as mums ‘are always right’ this time it is another myth; with not enough evidence to even say if it may

be accurate in any way. The radiation coming from mobiles or wi-fi sources is very weak, which means that it cannot cause any DNA damage or evolve cancer changes in our system.

Stress – The Silent Killer During research in 2016 of 100,000 people who developed breast cancer, scientists found no consistent evidence that stress can cause breast cancer (or any different type of cancer). As long as stressful situations in life cannot be a main cause of our health damage per se, the bad habits we are developing due to feeling stressed (like bad diet, troubles with sleep, heavy drinking, smoking etc) may create a friendly environment for developing diseases, including cancer. 3. Don’t be Scared. Check Yourself Regularly Although the group at most risk to develop breast cancer are women in their 50s, it is never too soon to take control of our health and be up to date with our bodies. So even if you just stepped into your 20s, please, take a couple minutes monthly and check yourself up. These instructions shown in the image demonstrate when and how to do it properly.

4. MUMmography is Worth It Tell your mums, grandmas, aunties and neighbours! A mammogram is an X-ray test that helps to detect cancer development even if we cannot see or feel it. In the UK the free screening is an offer to every woman registered with a GP from her 50th to her 71st birthday (although currently it can change and women at the age of 47 might be offered a free test as well). The invitation to do mammography is issued every three years (it may vary in different countries, for example in Poland it is every two years). This free from charges, consuming just a couple hours every three years, test can save your life and your future. “I don’t have time for this” or “I feel alright, I don’t have to do it” should never stand in the way of anyone’s health. So, don’t wait and spread the word about MUMmography saving lives!

As probably the same for many of you, my mum is my idol. She’s always taking care of my family’s health (not only because she’s a pharmacist and she always knows what will help us) but she’s never forgetting about her own wellbeing. Close to her 50s she’s regularly making appointments at specialists to make sure that close to her 90s she will still be around, setting a good example for me and my sister. But you can be an example too, making sure that your family is aware of breast cancer risks and make them actively care about their health. Because that is the thing none of us can buy or get back when it’s too late.

Written and Designed by Zuzanna Romańska


NIGHTMARES Written By Emma Towers Designed By Todor Stoev Photography By Thomas Jackson Model is Francheska Welbourn


It’s the thing that

it lashes and slashes out

breaks free at night,

tearing your curtains,

howling at the red moon

the red moon bleeds through

it crashes through your window,

it draws ever closer

spraying shards

calling out your name,

in every direction

as it unhinges its jaw

it whispers in your ears,

its teeth glow

its frozen breath

like the red moon,

rousing you from your slumber

it lets out an unnatural squeal

it drags its shadowy self

its daemons run free

around the corners of your room,

thrusting their unholy shadows

calling your name

upon your red glowing soul

Encounters of a Mildly

Annoying Kind People often say the first signs are odd noises - whispers at night or weird laughter in the attic. Others experience ‘tremors’ in the electricity on perfectly calm nights, lights flickering on and off. I even heard of a tale of a woman appearing in mirrors behind people in an old manor house in Norfolk. The ghost in my flat didn’t make any noises and he didn’t show himself in any reflective surface. The only disturbance in electricity I experienced was that the plug miraculously switched off every time I attempted to charge my phone overnight. My boss didn’t find it so ‘miraculous’ when I was late from work for the fourth time, even when I swore that I used different plugs each night. Instead he did annoying things like leave the toilet seat up to annoy me - I assume ghosts have no need to urinate. He also took the empty milk bottle that I’d binned and put it back into the fridge just to mess with me. He would turn the TV onto the football game when I was trying to watch Friends – and I know he doesn’t even like football because he would just keep flicking between different sports channels, just to get a rise out of me. He would hide one shoe from the pair I’d wear for work and would hide it so well that I would have to come up with an entirely new outfit because I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was like living with an attention-seeking toddler, like going through primary school again with boys going out of their way to annoy the girls. He was doing a good job of it as well, I was getting desperate, thinking of moving, being bothered by him even when I was out of the house. Until one night, I broke. I was having a nice shower (quite happy with myself; I actually noticed the toilet seat up before I sat down and fell in) when the water ran cold. It was odd, considering I was the only one using the shower, so I stepped out to see what was wrong. At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary but then I heard a splashing sound. I followed it into the kitchen and saw all the hot water flowing out of the sink, down the cupboard and onto the floor. I growled as I made my way through the mess to stop the water. I burned my finger on the boiling hot tap but managed to unplug the sink. I felt a chill run up my leg and when I turned, I noticed that the balcony door – which I always carefully locked, was wide open. I moved to go and close it but halfway across the room I stumbled on a pair of sliders that I definitely did not leave there, and I fell, my towel slipping from my body. I ended up sprawled across the carpet,naked, wet and shampoo running into my eyes. “Alright, that’s enough!” I yelled, finally having had enough. I refused to talk to him. I kept telling myself, if I don’t speak to him, if I don’t acknowledge him, he will just go. I might even just be imagining him and these minor inconveniences are happening by accident. I couldn’t pretend anymore. He was there and he was messing with me - like in third grade with Matthew Downey. Surprisingly, the rant to the ghost had a similar effect to the one to Matthew. Matthew gave me chocolate for the remainder of the term after my rant to him. Likewise, my ghost turned into the best flatmate I’ve ever had. Turns out, just like Matthew, all he wanted was my attention.

Written By Regina Tóth Designed By Rahim Rizwan @rahim.arts


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