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7 things you can do to support #Team DMU in Varsity 2019

1. 3. 5. 7.

Written by Jacob Woods Designed by Charlie Merrell

Follow the results on social media. Whether you’re at the game or stuck in the Library, keeping up to datewith your teams results and the overall Varsity score is vital. Twitter and Snapchat are especially important for this, so get following all the teams!

Travel to the games with the Team. Buses willbe taking players and fans to the fixtures so you might as well go with the team and get right into the action. And if this isn’t available try to use any public transport

Make yourselves heard! Being at the games is one thing, but making your presence known by cheering and chanting will help the teams so much. Your support could help them to victory, or to encourage them to keep on going. Either way, any noise you make from the side-lines is helpful in the cause of #TeamDMU

Wear DMU themed clothing. Nothing highlights your support for each of our teams like wearing any DMU clothing you have, such as hoodies, T-Shirts or even hats. At the least, you should turn up wearing something Red. But wrap up tightly, especially for longer games such as Football, Rugby and American Football. Get involved with a Sporting team. Many sports societies and teams are looking for playing and social members, so if you are sat on the side-lines itching to get involved, it’s not too late to play or at least go out on socials with them.

Celebrate. Win, lose or Draw; we celebrate the fantastic achievements of all our sporting students. Many after parties and club events are being organised so make sure you get down to one to let off some steam after a long week of events. And remember to be at the SU to see many of the teams and support celebratethem! with them.

Finally, HAVE FUN! Varsity is about competition obviously, but the reason many of us got into sport is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Winning is very fun, but so is the taking part. So, for all Players, Coaches and Spectators, Good luck and enjoy yourselves!




4. 6.

The Fatal Story of the Beautiful Boy Written by Zuzanna Romanska & Designed by Francisca Quadrio


avid Sheff (Steve Carell), a freelance writer and the father of young, talented, writer-to-be Nic (Timothée Chalament) cannot understand why his son, is consumed by addiction - why his son fell for crystal meth. But the question ‘why’ isn’t particularly the aim of the movie. What it gives in exchange, however, is a story of raw, painful but beautiful father-son relation, focused on parental despair and the fight, which no one wants to fight. The fight where his child’s life is at stake. The film, directed by Felix van Groeningen, is based on a real-life story. Two main roles are sketches of authentic spirits, David and Nic Sheff, whose books were the main inspiration for the movie’s creators. This very authenticity, I think, take on addiction, is what allows the audience to truly sink into the story, making two hours pass by in the blink of an eye. The ongoing, tense relation between David and his son is played so well, that it seems that it is not played at all. Carell proves again that the ‘comedy’ box is not the only one he can perfectly fit in. David created by him is a loving father, who more than anything else, wants his boy back. But each time, when he picks Nic up from the rainy streets of San Francisco, when he sees him slipping into another relapse, we can observe that David’s faith that he’ll be able to save Nic is slowly floating away. A 23-year-old Chalament does not fall behind in making his character authentic either. He showed again (like in the Call Me by Your Name or the Lady Bird movie), that any role gave to him will be played with complete engagement. Throughout the movie we can witness not only Nic’s physical changes – his body slowly collapses, he’s thinner, paler, sicker – but his mood transitions as well. Crystal meth seem to fulfil, as he recalls, the ‘deep, black hole’ inside of him, but what it really does is making him even more lost, manipulative, impulsive, desperate, yet so hopeless and vulnerable, that even the pain he causes to loved ones doesn’t stop the viewer from strange sympathy towards Nic’s character. The movie is also beautifully wrapped in picturesque San Francisco’s hood and in music, which does what every good soundtrack should – create a smooth yet emphasising background for the story. But I guess the best review for this film would be this: after the credits appeared on the screen, nobody moved. We were random collective group of people, deeply touched by the same story of parent-child relation. The story, to which each person could relate differently but react alike – with pensiveness, which filled up the room. 6

Exploring Food as an Art Form


Written and Designed by Francisca Quadrio

ave you ever been to one of those really posh restaurants where the tablecloths are white, the chandeliers are huge, and the food portions are tiny – or gourmet as they call it? Even if you haven’t, I am sure you are familiar with the concept. This idea is associated with haute cuisine, which is characterized by refined and elaborate preparations and presentations of aesthetically balanced courses. Experts call this culinary art. But Is this the only type of cuisine within the food industry that is associated with art? The answer is no. Art is in everything we eat. You can explore this in your day-to-day life. Go to a supermarket and pick up a fruit, maybe one you would have never picked up before, like Pitaya or Dragon fruit, as many know it. It has an oval pink exterior with beautiful green spikes- some may say it looks like a dragon egg – and a white interior with black small spots. What an interesting fruit, right? We live in an era where aesthetics has become a priority when buying clothes, going out, decorating and even eating! With Instagram being one of the most popular social media apps, this desire for ‘pretty’ or ‘viral’ food blew up. The Rainbow Bagel is a great example of this. Its fame began in Brooklyn, New York at a shop called Rossillo’s Bagel Store and it is now sold worldwide. You can get yours at Selfridges in the UK. This is – as the name says – a multicoloured, rainbow bagel which you can have with either cream cheese or Nutella, so they recommend. No matter what you have with it, I am sure you are going to share this piece of art on your social media before your first bite! Is the name Buddy Valastro familiar to you? If not I recommend you go watch Cake Boss on TLC, as it is one of the most fascinating baking shows on the telly. Buddy and his team create the most insane cakes I have ever seen. He has done everything from cakes that spit out bubbles, that move and even a real life-size delicious sculpture of his wife. With his edible art, he has touched so many hearts in Hoboken by making their sweet dreams come true. Food art has reached mums across the world these past few years with the craze for Japanese Bento Boxes. Initially, they were just normal lunchboxes, but they have recently become a form of art themselves. Parents and people who are willing to take on the challenge started creating adorable creatures out of food, such as rice and seaweed pandas, sausage octopus and even famous characters like Pikachu and Totoro. These went viral online and have set the expectations on parenting off the charts. Last but not least, the presentation is not the only aspect that makes food art. In fact, the most important is certainly the taste. The combination of flavours and textures, the spices and different temperatures, the sweetness and bitterness. Each piece of food means something different to each of us, like a painting, we all taste something different, have a different experience. That’s the beauty of it, every bite is never the same, but they all make our taste buds tingle and our hearts melt.


Make Self-Care a Priotity! Priority! Okay, so someone has to say it. Enough is Enough. Shift the focus onto yourself and start giving yourself a bit of love. You’re great, and sometimes you need some time out from university, from friends, from life and that’s 100% okay! Not sure where to begin? Here are some ideas: Written by Emily Fox Designed by Léonie Mayer

1 2 3 4 5

Talk to someone. This could be anyone; your family, friends, a tutor, a lecturer. It may seem like an obvious one, but when we’re feeling down we may forget and underestimate how much this could raise our spirits. Even if it’s daunting to start with, you may as well give it a chance and be honest about how you’re feeling. You may find that a friend of yours is feeling the same, and maybe you can help each other, or at least make the situation that bit more bearable. Realising you’re not the only one is a step in the right directions; onwards and upwards as they say!

Do something creative. Was colouring your thing? Or maybe baking or knitting? Whatever it is, tap back into it. Focussing on something completely separate from your studies can really help to clear your mind of worries and put your mind at ease.

Get active! Maybe the last thing you want to do is move from your bed, but I can assure you, you’ll feel refreshed. I’m not saying you’ve got to complete a marathon, but going for a walk in the fresh air is bound to help (and if not, your bed is still there when you get back!) Especially if the word ‘exercise’ feels you with dread, find a new activity or sport to try out, it could be climbing, horse riding, dancing or something entirely different. Appreciate those natural surroundings.

Treat yourself. Maybe you still need some extra motivation? Go grab that coffee or chocolate bar. And if you’re worried about chocolate ruining your lifestyle, try to opt for 70% cocoa dark chocolate in the shops, as it’s been scientifically proven to increase your endorphins. You deserve it!

Try Mindfulness. Yes, we’ve all heard of it, but have we actually tried it? The most common answer is likely to be no. This technique comes from Ancient Buddhism and the art of mediation. It’s a proven method, by neuroscientists, to calm our mind and soul, allowing us to be present in the moment and truly be able to relax. Thinking clearer will help us move forward and strive towards where we want to be. 88

Create a happy list. Was there a holiday you particularly enjoyed or a funny catch up with your friends at university? Jot down all the good things that life has offered you, the things you’ve achieved and the things which have made you laugh, those which have made you proud. To make it that bit more personal, you could add photos and snippets of tickets, to relive the memories when you need something to cheer you up.


Take a step away from social media. Many of us at DMU took part in the Digital Detox, which was part of the #HealthyDMU scheme, as part of a renewed focus on our mental health and wellbeing. For many, it was a success and showed to us that sometimes the life on our phones can be a little toxic and it’s not true that people have a better life than you. Put down that phone of yours and be in the present.


Read something positive. Looking at the news in 2019 can feel a little demotivating, but I can assure you there’s something positive amongst all those stories. If you search #goodnews on Twitter, you’ll find some motivation and some damn cool things about human beings on this planet, which brings back some hope, to what seems a negative world sometimes.

Plan something to look forward to! Making plans can give us some positivity and reminds us that something good is just around the corner. Whether it’s a holiday or going to watch a film, this advance planning can lift our spirits that little bit!

8 9


Learn to Say No. Often it’s like we have a default setting to say yes to any opportunity that comes our way, but this can leave us with a too small amount of time to look after ourselves. Be mindful of this and make sure you put some time aside for you.

Finally, remember that self-care is necessary to your everyday life, so you do not need to feel guilty when you are focussing on you and your ambitions. By taking least 10 minutes a day aside, you’ll start to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders, where you know your limits and priorities. Time to shine a little brighter! 9

My Trip to America: Written by: Gideon Umunna Ever since I was a child, I have loved American culture. Many of the things I love in this world are from American culture. For example, I am a huge of the NBA, NFL, NCAA College Football and NCAA College Basketball. I am also a huge music fan, with US Hip-hop being my favourite genre. I could go on and on talking about all my favourite things that come from American culture. Unfortunately, I had never travelled to America. When I thought about it, I had never really travelled anywhere. I’d only been to two other countries in my entire life, which for someone like me who dreams about travelling all over the world, is kind of bad.

A Life-long dream Designed by: Perpetual Djan Once the transport came to pick me up, that’s when it really hit me that I was actually in New York City. I couldn’t stop taking videos, especially when we crossed the Manhattan Bridge, it was just an amazing sight to see and an amazing feeling. I stayed at my relatives in the Bronx. When I got to the Bronx the first thing, I did was go to a proper American style corner shop, I was in the shop for so long. I had to browse everything, especially because much of the stuff they have here we don’t have back in the UK. My time in New York came to an end as I then had to travel to the Boston area in the coming days. Boston was amazing by the way. It’s such an amazing sports town and I witnessed the passion while I was there. However, the little time I spent in New York was worthwhile as I got to see things that I used to see on my TV screen all the time. That feeling of when you feel you’ve accomplished something is one of the best feelings in the world.

However, this all changed, and my American dream was about to come true. I was told by my relatives that I would be travelling to America. At the moment, I was told I couldn’t believe it.

I feel like I accomplished going to America, a place I had always dreamed of ever since I could imagine.

I travelled to America in early October; this would also be my first time entering an aeroplane in nine years, so this trip gave me a peculiar feeling. My peculiar feeling was emphasised when the plane went through turbulence, as it was a moment I had never experienced before. As the plane was about to land at John F Kennedy International Airport, I looked out my window on the plane. This is where I saw the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The skyline of New York. It was everything I had imagined and with it being night time in New York, I captured the setting even more. It was everything I had imagined. I could not wait to land and take it all in even more. It was well into the evening when I landed in New York. When I landed, so many thoughts were going through my head. My initial thoughts, since I am a New York Giants fan, was am I going to meet Odell Beckham Jr or Eli Manning. Then I was thinking maybe I’d run into A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie or maybe Kristaps Porzingis. These were all long shots, but to be honest I was just happy to be somewhere I’ve dreamed of going ever since I was child listening to 50 Cent and watching Disney Channel. I remember when I got off the plane and was waiting for transport. It was such a hot day in New York. This was very surprising because it was New York, and it was football season. So, I assumed it would be much colder as we were in October.



A guide to a sustainable wardrobe Refresh for Spring 2019 Written By Hollie Godwin Designed By Léonie Mayer

We’re almost on the brink of Spring time at last, and one of the best things about the changing seasons is an excuse to have a good ol’ reboot of your wardrobe. After a long winter hibernating in chunky knits and giant coats, we can finally start peeling back the layers and reaching out for some chiffon, so there’s never a better time for a cleanse and refresh.

Out with the old

That’s right, we’re Marie Kondo-ing it up with everyone else at the moment. There’s no point attempting to freshen things up with old and unworn items cluttering your space. To ease the dread and avoid drowning in a mass pile of stuff I prefer to work section by section, emptying a drawer to a door at a time but you do you. Now, the difficult part of actually getting rid. Personally, I love a clear out and I’m not particularly sentimental, so I’ll let you into my ruthless rules for getting rid – pep talks included: 1. Does it work for my style? We’ve all had a moment of madness and seen an incredible garish skirt and thought ‘challenge accepted’, but never actually mustered the courage to wear it. If I can’t wear it on at least a semi-regular basis, or realistically won’t miss it when it’s gone, out it goes.

Of course, the great thing about getting rid of clothes is you never need put them in the actual bin. If they’re still in a wearable condition donate them to charity, or if the item failed on account of rule 3, H&M’s sustainability campaign collects and recycles unwanted clothes and textiles in any condition and will give you a £5 voucher (you’re welcome), or you can just hit up your local recycling point!

2. Have I worn it within the last 12 months? Now, don’t kid yourself that you’ll wear it at next year’s Christmas do, even though you didn’t this year because, let’s be real, you’re already eyeing up a new purchase anyway. I also go a pretty lenient 12 months as I tend to work in seasons, so if I know I didn’t wear that winter jumper last year, off with his head.

Build your basics

3. Is it still in wearable condition? I know, you love that sentimental jumper from when you were 17 but it’s more holes and bobbles than actual material, it’s time to let go. 4. Does it fit? Not will it fit in 2/4/6 months’ time. Even more so if it doesn’t pass rule 2. I won’t let my wardrobe make me feel bad about myself because I don’t fit some imposed ideal size. Thank u, next. 5. Do I actually like wearing it? If it’s comfortable or you feel attractive AF in it, that’s fair game. But as with rule 1, mistakes happen. If I shove it on and feel like a pig in a straitjacket then there’s just no reason to keep it, no matter what it cost. Bin pls.

Right, you’ve made some space to organise your current collection properly, let’s start by rebooting the basics. With each season comes a set of core trends that roll around again each year; you know it’s Spring when stores pelt you with the pastel colour palettes, chiffon, florals (groundbreaking) and light layers, such as trench coats and thin jumpers. Building your style takes time and having an entire overhaul of your wardrobe in one session is pretty unrealistic, but if with each year you gradually build a set of seasonal core items you love, you’ll save time, money and get excited about whipping them back out again at the beginning of the new season – I’m already daydreaming about a specific thin pale yellow jumper I bought three years ago (we’ll be together again soon, my love).

Plan your purchases

Alright, so I guess it’s not a real refresh without something new. Is it overkill to plan those purchases or just good sense? I’m going with the latter. In our constantly consuming world, the dangers of fast fashion are becoming all too apparent – we’re buying too much and just being wasteful. But once you’ve got your basics down, it’s easier to see where things are missing or where you can have a simple refresh through your accessories. Throwing pennies away on a trendy item that’s only trendy for about a month is not the smartest move, especially as a student, so I plan ahead and make wishlists on my phone of things I’ve got my eye on – usually well in advance because the fashion industry works a little ahead. If a month or two passes and I’ve happily gone without or even forgotten about it, I’ll probably delete it off the list. The ones that survive earn the right to my pennies and their place in my collection. So, there you have it, a sustainable refresh of your wardrobe for Spring 2019.



‘REVERENCE’ Tour Review Parkway Drive , Killswitch Engage and Thy Art Is Murder Parkway Drive bring an amazing show over to the UK and Europe with their ‘REVERENCE’ tour.


arlier this month I was presented with the opportunity to see Parkway Drive on one of their biggest tours yet. After years of conquering every small venue in the UK they finally reached the point in their careers where they could take on the arenas, and they came prepared. But before I get into their electrifying show I have to give credit to the supporting bands. First up, we had Thy Art Is Murder; a somewhat iconic band on the hardcore scene. Everyone who has ever been through an emo stage, much like myself, knows who they are. They always put on a good show with lots of profanity and “hyping up” the crowd, however as fun as their sets usually are, and as funny as that one guy behind me who was flinging his arms like a windmill (in an attempt to mosh? Crowdkill?? I’m actually not too sure what he was doing) Thy Art’s set paled in comparison to the bands who came on afterwards and sadly left me underwhelmed. Next up, we had Killswitch Engage in their somewhat shocking move of not doing a headline tour in the UK but rather supporting what many see as a smaller band at this moment. Their set was exactly what everyone was expecting of them, it was a perfect old school metal show with the crowd obviously enjoying themselves. However, I as a fan of Killswitch Engage’s older material I couldn’t help but notice the absence of some of their most loved songs such as their cover of Dio’s Holy Diver, a song that was the reason behind why many of their fans found them. Even with this small detail they still put on an amazing show and were definitely a perfect warmup for what was about to come our way. Once Killswitch left the stage, we were finally left waiting for the main event. Now I am no stranger to Parkway Drive, as I saw them last time they were in the UK with

Asking Alexandria supporting. As the stage was being preped for Parkway Drive however, I realized that this was going to be a very different type of gig compared to when I last saw them in Rock City. Suddenly, about ten minutes before they were actually supposed to come on stage the lights dimmed leaving us in the darkness. Suddenly, from all the way in the back the crowd erupting in cheers, as my group was firmly planted at the barrier we had no idea what was going on until we saw the tall torches surrounding what appeared to be a small square of people. That’s when it clicked! They were coming in through the crowd! I was honestly left shocked as I had never seen any band do this before live and as they slowly walked past us and onto the stage. They opened their set with a haunting rendition of Wishing Wells with the crowd chanting along with them. Once the first song had finished, we were faced with an extremely grateful Winston, who was obviously overwhelmed with the massive turnout and the sheer magnitude of the venue. This moment was followed with a string of fan-favorites and new hits which got the crowd in a frenzy. Suddenly, after Writing on the Wall, all the lights went out again, leaving the arena filled with the quiet tones of bass and guitar. After a few minutes the arena was illuminated and a string quartet had appeared along the risers on the stage, leading the band into Shadow Boxing a song which has been one of the bands staples for years. It was almost overwhelming to the people around me who have been watching this band grow.

Overall, Parkway Drive put on an amazing show and didn’t disappoint as per usual and you can definitely tell that a lot of money was put onto their stage design and overall production.

Written and Designed by Alex Velikova 14


Life as a dancer at DMU There is often a stigma surrounding the relevancy of, and likelihood of employment from performative arts courses. The common perception that they are an ‘easy way out’ suggests they don’t require as much dedication as, say, a biochemistry degree. However, the requirements of a performing arts course can be equally demanding and physically challenging.

What are the requirements of a dance course that people aren’t generally aware of? Emmi: ‘A lot of self-reflection is included in the process, in order to improve we have to do a lot of reflection and improve our weaker areas outside of lessons.’

Emma: ‘Well, it’s something that isn’t just a hobby to me. It’s a lot more than that, it’s a way that I can express myself without words. It’s like a different kind of adrenaline rush, but when you get something right, you just want to keep doing it over and over again’.

Emma: ‘People think that dance is just moving around and that’s a dance course. When you involve cameras, and learn about screen dance it opens you up to a completely new world. By learning about all aspects of dance, not just performing, it prepares you for the future’

Emmi: ‘It’s a chance to escape from everything, so you don’t have to worry about everything else that’s going on outside of a dance class, your focus is purely on the dance you are doing. It allows you to have a sense of achievement and feel good about yourself.’

‘As cheesy as it is, I don’t think you can get enough dancing’

I spoke to two DMU dance students, Emma Savage (19) and Emmi Hart (19), to hear their side of the debate.

What does dance mean to you?

What would you say to people who want to do a performing arts course but are not sure if it will help them with employment? Emma: ‘The employability rate for the dance course at DMU is 96%, by looking at that statistic it shows there are a lot of jobs in the dance sector, as long as people don’t think they’re just going to be a professional dancer, and are open to other options.’ Emmi: ‘I think it would really help with employment because you don’t just learn about the performing side, you learn about the sector as a whole.’ ‘A degree can offer you a lot more than an exam board’

‘It’s a chance to escape from everything’ What does a standard week look like for a dance student? Emma: ‘It consists of a technique class everyday which will include fitness with cardio and learning new techniques, and strength. There’s a chance throughout the week to do creative engagement classes which stimulate the brain in a creative way, rather than just learning the material step by step.’ Emmi: ‘That includes choreography sessions where we create choreography for live performance and the screen. Then we have to learn about the body in anatomy, the dance profession and the dance sector, and then the technical side to dance, lighting and sound.’ ‘People assume it’s just prancing around the stage without taking into consideration all the work that’s gone into it’ 16

How do the physical requirements compare to the amount of study you have to do?

How important do you feel it is for there to be qualified dancers with degrees?

Emma: ‘There’s definitely more dance on the course than theory, about 80/20. As cheesy as it is, I don’t think you can get enough dancing though.’ Emmi: ‘We have a lot of physical work, but we have a lot of theory as well. We have practical technique sessions, but then we have to go away and follow up with our own reading and writing about the styles and classes.’

Emma: ‘A degree can offer you a lot more than an exam board. If you want to be a qualified teacher in that exam board, then that would be more beneficial, but doing a degree course can give you different opportunities.’ Emmi: ‘I am currently on a degree course for dance, but I’m also qualified to teach ballet and tap through an exam board. I want to go into teaching, so it gives me experience in both.’

‘The employability rate for the dance course at DMU is 96%’


Written by Isobel Rix Photography and Design by Kirsty Blackwell

NBA Rumour Round Up Written by Oliver Taylor & Designed by Francisca Quadrio

The influence of art

Houston looking to dump Brandon Knight’s salary? The Houston Rockets have talked to multiple teams about trading Brandon Knight, according to multiple sources. The Rockets would be willing to offer a future first-round pick to unload the salaries of Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss, per Zach Lowe. Lowe also reported that the Rockets had discussed trading Knight and a draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Alec Burks. Kevin O’Connor echoed Lowe’s report of the Rockets willingness to surround a first-round pick in order to move Knight’s contract, while also adding that the Memphis Grizzlies were a possible trade partner. Since signing a five-year, $70,000,000 million contract with the Phoenix Suns in 2015, Knight has been plagued by injuries. He featured in only 106 out of 246 regular season games in the three seasons after signing his contract extension with the Suns, and was traded to the Rockets over the summer. Knight has barely featured for the Rockets this season. Lost behind Chris Paul, James Harden, Eric Gordon and the recently signed Austin Rivers on the Rockets’ depth chart, Knight’s biggest action came in a December loss against the Miami Heat, where he played 17 minutes and scored 3 points.

Magic Johnson continues to lowball offers for superstars. The Los Angeles Lakers initial trade offers for Anthony Davis have been “underwhelming,” per Adrian Wojnarowski. Despite the Lakers being Davis’ preferred destination, also reported by Wojnarowski, it would appear that there has been minimal traction on such a deal. One trade proposal that Wojnarowski included was Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley and a first-round pick. This seemingly corroborates Brad Turner’s report from earlier in the week, which said that the Pelicans’ minimum asking price would be Ball, Kuzma, Ivica Zubac and a first-round pick. Wojnarowski reported that the Lakers have limited their trade offers to two young players and one first-around pick. A strategy that is eerily reminiscent of the Lakers’ prior pursuits of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Both of whom the Lakers were unsuccessful in acquiring via trade.

Lonzo Ball prefers Knicks, Bulls or Suns to possible Pelicans trade. Should Lonzo Ball be included in a trade for Anthony Davis, he would reportedly prefer to get moved to a third team such as the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls or Phoenix Suns, per Tania Ganguli. Ball is reportedly fearful of the Pelicans’ bloated backcourt, whereas the Pelicans are reportedly prepared to give Ball extensively playing time to ensure that he “would fit” with the Pelicans. After acquiring Dennis Smith Jr. in the Kristaps Porzingis trade, the Knicks become an unlikely landing spot for Ball. The Bulls and Suns, however, are much more feasible. Zach Lowe reported that the Bulls are willing to listen to trade offers for current starting guards Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine, suggesting that the team aren’t exactly enamoured with either of the two. Dunn is an impending restricted free agent, while LaVine signed a four-year, $78 million contract over the summer.

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Just by walking around Leicester, it’s easy to see the importance of art, and its prevalence in our day to day lives. Parades of pink worms decorate the streets, and murals mask the walls from DMU campus to Phoenix cinema. The many graffiti tags and styles adorning the city walls and streets add a personality and attitude, a trait Leicester proudly presents. But what does this art truly add to the city? For one, it adds an exciting energy. New pieces introduce new ideas and concepts to already existing streets and sidewalks. Even the repetition of patterns such as the tags and worms offer variation, both in style and location. Art is meant to be free and expressive, and so the city’s vibrant urban art demonstrates these ideas. Art will always find means and method of being present in our lives, and as Henri Matisse, an 18th century French artist muses “Creativity Takes Courage”. One aspect I have found particularly endearing regarding the graffiti influence within Leicester, is the courage these artists have, especially considering the City Council has often stated their intention to paint over and persecute these artists’ forms of expression. Art gives people a way to express themselves, that can be appreciated, enjoyed (and hopefully understood) by the general public. Of course, art should not just be limited to the streets. Art galleries and exhibitions, cinema and theatre, musicians and poets. We live in an age where we can truly find any avenue of art to express what’s on our mind, and as we

move forward towards a future, that handles mental and personal issues in a more accepting manner. This is another feature, that makes art so important, and why it is a necessary feature of our modern culture: art can be used to discuss (or open discussion on) more difficult issues. Discussions and exhibits, that focus on hard-to-define topics such as sex and sexuality, religion and race, or even mental health and the idea of the self, can all be made more approachable through the accomplice of an artistic medium to introduce the topic. Art opens the door for people to talk honestly about their feelings regarding these topics, and for the artist to demonstrate their own opinions and feelings, be this through powerful spoken word poetry, or perhaps through a painting. However, a further use of art it to break monotony, break away from what is standard and expected in life. It’s not normal to walk down the canal and see a 6-foot silver worm, but that’s what art can do. It can add something new, something interesting, something different, to the monotonous action of going about your daily life. Art adds a new dimension to everyday life, and with that, improves our lives by making it just a little more colourful, even if just in passing. To conclude, the importance of art is like asking what the importance of technology or media is. Art is something crucial to our modern-day lives, and presents new and different ways in which humans can express themselves not just in the language of logic and words, but also in the language of thoughts and emotions.

Written and designed by Oliver Asbury


All You Need to Know

About Spring This Year

Written and Designed by Francisca Quádrio

Spring Events in the UK:

Spring Traditions Around the World:

St Patrick’s Day – Belfast

1. White House Easter Egg Roll – USA Since April 1878, children have been privileged to attend this event in Washington D.C. on Easter Monday every year. The doors of the White House open to welcome this fun tradition and let the kids roll eggs across the grass with wooden spoons. Whoever crosses the finishing line first wins the main prize, so the spirit of competition is sky-high, especially when they are being overlooked by the US President and their family as well as a giant Easter bunny!

2. Holi – Northern India

‘Belfast will mark St Patrick’s Day with a vibrant carnival parade and a free concert on Sunday 17 March 2019. Bring your friends and family into Belfast and enjoy a welcoming spectacle of colour and music.’

Vegan Festival – Leicester ‘More than eighty fantastic stalls, world food caterers, exciting cookery demos, inspirational talks, interactive workshops, yoga and children’s activities running throughout the day!’

Sunday 17th March 2019 from 12:30 to 16:00.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019 from 10:30 to 16:30.

Holi is a Hindu Spring festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, in March. It is also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’ due to the colourful powder people sprinkle themselves in resulting in a beautiful rainbow cloud. It is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna. This festival is a symbol of the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It also represents a time to reencounter others, to play and laugh, to forget and forgive and repair broken relationships.

3. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake – England During the second bank holiday weekend, something particularly interesting happens in Gloucester. A wheel of cheese is thrown down Cooper’s Hill - a very steep hill - and a few seconds later the competitors run down after it. This may sound fun on paper, but in real life, you could end up severely hurt. Nonetheless, it is a 200-year-old Spring tradition, which I am sure the community in Gloucester is very proud of.

4. Cimburijada – Bosnia If you are an egg lover, you would be delighted by this Spring tradition in Bosnia. Cimburijada translates to ‘Festival of Scrambled Eggs’ and it celebrates the first day of spring in the town of Zenica. Early in the morning the community gathers near Bosna river and prepare a communal meal of scrambled eggs. Together, they all eat this humble breakfast whilst drinking and listening to music. 5. Spring Equinox in Teotihuacán – Mexico Every year, thousands of people in Mexico gather at the Teotihuacán Pyramid to celebrate the spring equinox. Many people, traditionally dressed in white, climb the 360 steps to the top of the Pyramid, raising their arms to the sky to soak up all the energy for the year. Some come in order to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.


Hay Festival of Literature & Arts - Hay-on-Wye ‘Nobel Prize-winners and novelists, scientists and politicians, historians and musicians talk with audiences in a dynamic exchange of ideas. Hay Festival’s global conversation shares the latest thinking in the arts and sciences with curious audiences live, in print and digitally. Hay Festival also runs wide programmes of education work supporting coming generations of writers and culturally hungry audiences of all ages.’

‘The 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon Running Show will run from Wednesday 24 April to Saturday 27 April. It’s the perfect place for visitors to soak up the inspiring atmosphere of the greatest running event on the planet.’

From Thursday, 23rd May 2019 to Sunday, 2nd June 2019

Sunday, 28th April 2019

Marathon – London


On November 2 nd , 2018, James Charles uploaded a YouTube video revealing that he had been working with Morphe, a very successful makeup brand, to create an eye-shadow palette. This video has now almost 10 million views. In it, James showed us a few looks we can create using his palette. However, he claimed that the number of looks you can create with it are limitless if you would only ‘unleash your inner artist’. As soon as I saw this video I knew I had to get my hands on the palette, being both a viewer of James Charles and a fan of Morphe products - I am a proud owner of some of their other eye-shadow palettes. Due to being a student and my funds being low, I popped it on my Christmas list and waited. I had seen that every time the palette was stocked on Morphe sites it had sold out in a number of hours, so I wasn’t sure if my mum really knew what she was dealing with when I had asked for this.

cheeks and foreheads, truly ‘unleashing their inner artist’. My palette arrived, and I couldn’t wait to start playing and experimenting, at first I was slightly cautious with some of the brighter colours, such as the yellows and greens, but as soon as I started following some of the tutorials from James himself and other artists on YouTube and Instagram, I dived right in. The palette itself has thirty-nine different shades ranging from nude shimmers to bright pinks and blues, something the makeup industry hasn’t seen so pigmented until this palette. He wanted the palette to be geared up for make-up artists and makeup lovers alike, and to reflect this he also released a thirty-four-piece brush set to really improve the application of the palette. How can I get hold of all of this? I know that is the question on your lips, until last month it was only available online for UK ‘sisters’ - James Charles refers to his viewers as sisters. Until last month there were no Morphe stores in the UK, James Charles was due to open the first one on Saturday 25 th January in the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham. Fans could enter a competition to win the chance to meet James Charles as well as being able to purchase his palette from the new store.

‘My mission as an artist since I joined the community has always been...

It got to Christmas day and I opened up my gifts, including a James Charles x Morphe palette, which I was obviously delighted with, however, on further inspection, it was clear this was a fake one. James Charles had asked viewers to beware of a number of different fake versions which were available to purchase. Mum then admitted she had struggled and didn’t really understand how to get it and asked if she could transfer the money instead, of course, I said yes and waited until it was restocked. Straight away I was on the site and ordered one of my own (Mum did get her money back from the fake, don’t worry! Phew!). By this time, it was January 4 th and the looks people were creating with their palette were incredible, you just need to look up the hashtag James Charles on Instagram to see how talented people are, and how make-up truly is a form of art. It was not limited to the eyelids; some make-up artists, beauty gurus and other influencers were painting intricate designs on their

When that day arrived over eight thousand of James’ UK viewers and fans turned up at the Bullring Shopping Centre, which brought the whole city centre to a standstill, and was clearly unexpected as the media portrayed it very negatively and it seemed as though it was rather understaffed, and no-one was anticipating that many people to show up. Overall, James Charles and his palette are quite a sensation. With over fourteen million subscribers looks as though it is only going up for James Charles and I wouldn’t be surprised if he releases more makeup products in the near future if not a whole range. Either way, I am excited to see what he produces next.

Written By Amy Morgan Photograph by Kirsty Blackwell Designed by Francisca Quadrio



Insight into Varsity: Hockey

Written by Jacob Woods Design by Jack Sims

Hockey is one of the biggest societies at DMU, with many students turning out for both the Men’s and Women’s sides and attending socials too. With Varsity, just around the corner, we wanted to gain an insight into how their season is going so far and what their hopes for the future are...

Womens Team:

Mens Team: How's the season going so far?

As well as on the pitch, we wanted to look at you guys as well and get across some of the Personalities in the team. So firstly, who is the one person from the Men’s team who needs looking after on a night out?

“It’s going alright so far, unfortunately two of the games against weaker sides have been postponed so we are probably lower in the league than we feel we should be. But there have also been some tough games, like UEA away where injuries stopped us from getting what we wanted out of the game, and Oxford Brookes at “Probably Vee (Veerpal). He likes to lose control of his hands, or ‘flippers’ as he likes to call them once he has home where we should have won.” a had a drink. Probably a lot of the freshers as well. If we win, it might be an early night for a lot of them!”

What have been the positives of the season so Longest in the Showers? far?

“Jengels, even if he doesn’t play he’s the first one in and last one out!”

How’s the season going so far? “It’s going really well so far. We have secured our place in the league next year with 2 games to go, whilst last year we only won once all year, so we have definitely improved. We have had some issues with other teams being hostile towards us, but we have shown maturity and resilience to overcome these challenges.”

What have been the positives of the season so far? “Same as the lads, we have had a really good fresher intake this year, with them all attending practice and fitness regularly. This has shown as we can see how they have improved through the season, like not only skill wise but in how they’ve embedded themselves into the team socially. We’ve had some new girls join our socials midway through the season and they said how welcome they felt which is what we want to see. It’s the best team dynamic in the 3 years I’ve been here.”

How do you think that team dynamic is going to work in Varsity? “Hopefully it will work well like it has worked well all year. But as well as that, if freshers don’t get picked for the team, not only do they have other chances in the coming years, but more importantly we need as many people down to support us as possible. When team members and supporters get together it’s a completely different atmosphere and one that helps us so much. But it will be exciting to see them all play to the best they can.”

One thing to watch out for? “Just hopefully us getting some revenge against UOL and playing as well as we can!”


“We’ve definitely improved as the season has gone along, working as a team. The turnover of outgoing oldies and fresher coming into the side made it more Biggest Diva? difficult at the beginning of the season but game by game we have improved and gelled as a team. Having “Maybe Ben or Harry? He (Harry) doesn’t like it when so many freshers in the side as well will hopefully mean things aren’t going his way, tends to hit the floor with that they’re all up for Varsity too!” his stick. He sometimes will take a bad touch and it takes him about 5 minutes to shout at himself and get “This year as well we have some really clinical finishers. over it.” In previous years, we were creating chances but not taking them, whilst now we have players who can hit it from anywhere. Creating chances left us open to Most different on the pitch compared to off counter attacks like in Varsity last year where UOL t? broke on the counter and scored 2 quick goals.” “I would say Sam; he is a tough tackler on the pitch but very shy off it. Quiet but a beast in games.”

So, will the frustration of last year’s unlucky One thing to watch out for? defeat motivate you this year? “Yeah definitely. We know now as well that they have the ability to counter, so we are wary of that. It helps that a lot of the players in defence played last year so they will be hoping to get some revenge this year. And obviously, the freshers who weren’t playing last year will have a bit more freedom as its their first time.”

“When you watch us play, we are a good team, but Harry is the standout player. He dictates the game from central midfield and obviously has a lot of experience having been captain for the previous 2 years and scored the winner in the Varsity win last year (Mixed Hockey varsity). Look out for him to create something from nothing”


Ariana Grande: From It is safe to say that Ariana Grande is definitely one of the biggest celebrities to bless this generation. She has achieved so much in her career so far – appearances on television, five studio albums, a wide discography of hit songs – not to mention garnering awards for her work.

version of the album. The singles released were ‘The Way’, ‘Baby I’ and ‘Right There’, and Ariana collaborated with European artist MIKA on ‘Popular Song’, which samples a song off the Broadway musical Wicked. Overall, the album was influenced by Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, and Ariana described the album in two parts – the first being Ariana Grande was born in Florida on 26th a throwback to 1990s R&B, and the second being June 1993, to a family of New York and Italian different to anything that she had done before. origins. Before her musical career, she appeared in As well as collaborating with MIKA on ‘Popular the Nickelodeon Series Victorious and its spinSong’, she appeared on ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ off series Sam and Cat as Cat Valentine, a sweet with The Wanted member Nathan Sykes, which teenage girl who adores anything and everything featured on the soundtrack for the film The pink and cute. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. To promote Ariana made her first musical appearance in the the album, Ariana went on The Listening Sessions musical soundtrack for Victorious, which led to Tour, where she performed 11 shows. In the UK, her being signed to Republic Records in 2011, ‘Yours Truly’ was 7 on the album chart, and number after the musical executive Monte Lipman came 1 on the US Billboard 200. Metacritic gave a score across her covers on YouTube. of 81/100, and Matt Collar from AllMusic gave Ever since the beginning of her music career the album four stars out of five, describing the and even before that, Ariana has had a loyal legion album as ‘sophisticated and unique’. The album of fans who have supported her every endeavour, explores various messages, for example in the especially her most recent studio album, ‘Thank U, opener ‘Honeymoon Avenue’ Ariana uses several Next’ (2019). metaphors to explore being driven by a romantic In this article, we will be studying Ariana’s partner, but they are stuck on the same path and musical career, and how she has become a star might crash. ‘Baby I’ is about admitting a special over the past few years – beginning with her first love for someone and how the singer cannot put single, and debut album ‘Yours Truly’ (2013). So, her feelings into sentences. The album took three if you are a die-hard Ariana fan or if you want to years of work, and it definitely shows as it is a learn more about her music, read on! great starter for Ariana’s discography. Prior to releasing her debut album, ‘Yours Truly’, Ariana’s second studio album, ‘My Everything’, in September 2013, Ariana released her debut was released in August 2014. Acting as an studio single, ‘Put Your Hearts Up’, which was evolution from her first album which it adheres released on 12th December 2011. It was described to, it explores more mature themes and genres. In as a "50s, 60s doo-wop-inspired" bubble-gum pop September 2013 Grande stated, in an interview song which talks about making the world a better with Rolling Stone magazine that she had begun place, evidenced through the lyrics. working on her second album, having already The chorus samples ‘What’s Up?’ by 4 Noncompleted two songs. Discussing the background Blondes, and was meant to act as the first single of the album’s themes, Grande stated that ‘It's of her debut album, but Ariana expressed her an album that I want to do a little bit different. I dislike for the song in various interviews. ‘Put don't want it to sound like an extension of Yours Your Hearts Up’ was not included in the final Truly. 26

to ThAnk U, NExT 2017, and performed 77 shows, one of which occurred on 22nd May 2017 at Manchester Arena. Unfortunately, it ended in tragedy after a bomb exploded in the main concourse, killing 22 of the concertgoers. The tour was halted; however, Ariana performed a benefit concert titled One Love Manchester to raise money for emergency funds. ‘One Last Time’ from her previous album was re-released, along with a cover version of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. Ariana did not release any music until 2018, which is what will be discussed next. ‘Sweetener’, Ariana’s fourth studio album, was released in August 2018, and was her comeback era after the tragedy of 2017. Her lead single from that album, ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ was released in April, and was described as making ‘you wanna dance and live ya best life!’, however Grande also wanted the song to bring comfort. The music video featured a Manchester bee at the end, to represent the resilience of Manchester. Other singles that were featured on ‘Sweetener’ were ‘The Light is Coming’, ‘God is a Woman’ and ‘breathin’. ‘Sweetener’ won Best Vocal Album at the Grammys 2019. Within the same year of ‘Sweetener’, Ariana Grande released her lead single for her fifth studio album ‘Thank U, Next’ within the same year, as a result of her breakup with Pete Davidson. Singles released for that album so far are ‘thank u, next’, ‘7 rings’ and ‘break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored’ which all have music videos. Ariana Grande’s discography is far from over – she has more to bring, and no doubt will still be one of the most iconic figures in popular culture ever, especially with her loyal fans (old or new) behind her, supporting her. Personally, I cannot wait to see what she does next – the future looks bright!

I want it to sound like an evolution.’ Ariana released five singles for the album (four of them being collaborations), which were ‘Problem’ featuring Iggy Azalea, ‘Break Free’ featuring Zedd, ‘Bang Bang’ featuring Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, ‘Love Me Harder’ featuring The Weeknd and ‘One Last Time’, which was a solo song, and re-released in 2017. ‘My Everything’ looks at the same retro genre Ariana’s debut album did, but also explored EDM, hip hop and ballads. For example, ‘Break Free’ is Ariana’s first attempt at EDM, which she describes as an ‘eye-opening experience’. To promote the album and to perform for more fans in different countries, she embarked on The Honeymoon Tour, which ran from February until October 2015, where she did 88 shows. ‘My Everything’ charted higher on the UK album charts than its predecessor, but it was rated lower on Metacritic. A few months later, Ariana started work on her third album, ‘Dangerous Woman’. ‘Dangerous Woman’ was released in May 2016, spawning four singles ‘Dangerous Woman’, ‘Into You’, ‘Side to Side’ featuring Nicki Minaj and ‘Everyday’ featuring Future. Months after her second album was released, on Twitter Ariana announced that she had started working on her third album and that it could be called ‘Moonlight’. She announced her title single ‘Focus’ from the album, but sadly the visual changed and the name was changed to ‘Dangerous Woman’. Ariana stated that it had to do with showing herself as a stronger person and empowering fans, stating that "'Moonlight' is a lovely song, and it's a lovely title. It's really romantic, and it definitely ties together the old music and the new music, but 'Dangerous Woman' is a lot stronger. ... To me, a dangerous woman is someone who's not afraid to take a stand, be herself and to be honest."

Please feel free to skip this part as I understand it might be upsetting for some readers, but as well as

being one of Ariana’s most visually iconic eras, it was also one of the saddest. Ariana embarked on her Dangerous Woman Tour in February

Written by Honor Waterfield Designed by Charlie Merrell 27

In Honour of International Women’s Day Written By Beatriz Abreu Ferreira

Designed By Alice Arnold

On the 8th of March, the world comes together to their rights for almost 200 years.

honour women, who have been fighting for

Now, more than ever, the word feminist has acquired a negative connotation. It seems to suggest a preferential treatment of the feminine over the masculine because it has ‘feminine’ in the word. However, regardless of how misleading the word can be, that is a completely wrong interpretation of the term. Feminists are not just some radical and angry women, who want to attack men. Being a feminist is about striving for equality and not perpetuating inequality amongst ourselves. Being a feminist is ultimately being a human rights defender. For those reasons, the next episode of our DemonFM podcast, Amongst Other Things, will be about feminism, and the achievements made by women who wanted to be part of the conversation and positively contribute to our political and legal system. Finding examples to include in the conversation was, luckily, a very easy task. Both the news and social media showcase several real-life heroines, who we should all be talking about. However, as women ourselves, we want to prove what a wonderful time it is to be a woman, as now we have more and better ways to continue the fight for women’s rights than women involved in first-wave feminism had, in the 19th Century. The recent case of how Twitter helped save the life of Rahaf al-Qunun, the young Saudi Arabian woman seeking asylum, is a really good example of this, and of how the modern age allows us all to contribute without necessarily needing to hit the streets and protest (which was one of the few options available in the past). Also, the amazing story of Gina Martin, the woman who, within only 18 months, managed to put up an incredible campaign to fight the law and made up-skirting illegal in the UK, an amazing step to improve the rights of every woman. We have recently been to the New Walk Museum exposition-Alice Hawkins and Votes For Women, which you will get a chance to know all about, in case you missed it. Every two weeks, me and Izzi will share with you our favourite read or movies about the topic. Please feel free to get involved in the discussion and engage with us through our social media. We would love to read your opinions and suggestions. If you are interested in this topic make sure that you listen to the episode, which will be out on Friday the 8th of March on the DemonFM Soundcloud. As well as our first episode about LGBT history month, which is already available to you.

Creative Dilution Written and designed by Jake Baugh

The brain is a fantastic thing. It can feed you a constant stream of ideas, plans, stories and innovative ways to create and make things happen. But sometimes that can be too much. It’s like mixing some blue paint with a dash of red then some splashes of green, some yellow here and a touch of pink there but instead of having the vibrant colours you started out with you just have a brown mess.

Earlier this month I decided to sort my degree out by writing all of my deadlines and the things I need to do to complete them down on a flowchart which now takes pride of place on my pinboard, sat just above my computer to remind me what work still needs doing. Everyone has their own revision techniques, this is just my way of guilt tripping myself into working.

At current I want to learn to draw, to learn how to play piano better, to write a few novels, to film a TV series. I’ve got plans for dozens of creative projects, but no real one that stands as the main focus. Sure, I might feel passionately about a project, everyone’s got passion for something, but in a world where its possible to learn or do anything it’s difficult to pick just the one.

Once I’d finished this and put it up, I had an epiphany. Now there’s two flowcharts sat above my computer, one labelling all my degree plans, whilst the other is filled with skills I want to learn, with the steps I need to take to achieve them clearly labelled. Already I’ve noticed a more focused shift to the times when I’m not working. Instead of sitting around unmotivated I’m writing chapters, learning how to draw proportions, writing down a list of all the songs I plan to learn on the piano as soon as I can actually get hold of one (at least the problem with the last one doesn’t lie with my motivations.)

Everyone of us has probably said at some point ‘I’d love to be a painter/writer/actor/musician, but I just don’t have the skills.’ And then we’ve tried to learn that skill, made a small amount of progress towards it, before the next fad has come along and swept us away. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, after all we’re only human but being a ‘Jack of all trades’ simply means that you’re master of none.

I’m not saying that utilising work strategies with hobbies is a miracle cure. But maybe it can simply help to focus the mind on projects, to break them down and tackle them in a way that you’re already familiar with. It’s taking the hobby on with terms you know from years of experience applying the same strategies to your student experience. And if you can do that… maybe all those years learning were worth it after all.

This is what I’ve tentatively termed ‘Creative Dilution.’ And it’s something I’ve dealt with a lot.

Photography By Kirsty Blackwell



Design by Francisca Quรกdrio

ST U D Submis



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The Phoenix Written by Hollie Godwin & Designed by Francisca Quadrio

The boy who hunted the phoenix, built a nest beside her and admired her delicate wings. injecting his poison until she caved in. nothing, but empty words and a thirst snapped when his tongue spliced up she erupted in flames and reduced she ascends with the same blue against the cloudless skies. her memory of the boy her tenacious new scatter through the phoenix

for her to die in, when he wormed his way For six long years he jabbed at her wings, He crippled her spirits and left her with for him. Her burning yearning finally her wings. As he tightened his grip, the boy to dust. From the embers eyes, but her plumage is ablaze Soaring through the breeze, fades with each thrash of wings. While her ashes the trees below moves on.

The Kiss I succumb to fall into your arms. You are all power and gold. I kneel to your desires, to your charms.

My sight blurs within the flower farms. You are my God; am I being too bold? Yet, I fall into your arms. The kiss of a blossom leaves scars. I am your Goddess; or so I was told. Still, I kneel to your desires, to your charms. Thanks to you I can see the stars. With you by my side the universe unfolds. Now I shall kneel to your charms. No longer will I feel behind bars. Always will I succumb to fall in your arms? Forever will I kneel to your desires, to your charms?

Comme elle est belle! a wisp of her scent, I am under a spell; such a delicate crook, my nose years to nozzle in; she sways, my blood boils; to entangle myself in her luscious curls I so wish, the bloody bonnet keeps me at bay. i long to smooch as i subtly glance at those tempting lips. i will linger lost in this stance. Comme elle est belle!

Lovers Written by Antoaneta Blagoeva Designed by Francisca Quadrio

Comme elle est belle! (French) means ‘How beautiful she is!



It is the Time: Being an Egoist Written by Zuzanna Romanska & Designed by Francisca Quadrio I have that one friend, who, I believe, is the academic example of from what the real friend should consist of. She’s always there, telling me the truth whether I like it or not. She can be the great motivator but also the shoulder to cry on or the companion to sipping drinks in the fan pool during hot, summer days. She always has time for me even if she has no time for herself. But she always kept telling me this one thing, with which I never could agree. You see, for a couple of years, she was saying that I should be an egoist. Self-centred, healthy egoist. As I associate this word with negativity, selfishness and greed, I didn’t want to be one and I couldn’t understand why she sees herself as an egoist. “Zuz”, she used to say “you should always put yourself in the first place. You will be the only one, who will need to stand you till the end of time. Do not let anyone tell you that you are loved for this and not loved for that. Start to love yourself first.” Well, I didn’t listen when I should. Years were passing by and I was busy with being a top student, top volunteer, top writer, top friend and girlfriend. I was engaged in a relationship after relationship, walking around with my heart on a plate and, as a result, end up crying and with beginnings of eating disorders, because how could I eat if nobody loved me? Including me. I came to the point at the beginning of my twenties, when I realised, that I always relayed on somebody’s opinion about me. I couldn’t say if I am pretty if somebody didn’t tell me that. I couldn’t say if I am smart enough (even though I ended my High School with honours and now I am studying in the UK, doing pretty damn good) if somebody didn’t tell me that I am intelligent. I couldn’t say if I am a kind person, if... and so on and so forth. I had a zero opinion about me. I saw myself in the mirror, not seeing myself at all. Until some boy creature didn’t tell me that I am not enough. That my intelligence and my kindness are nothing, because I am missing one factor (as turned out, loving somebody isn’t everything ladies). I was forced to branding myself over and over again, spending days and nights in fear, that the next morning I will be in my life alone (for the reference, now I am smarter, and I am glad to play solo). Something cracked inside of me then. I am not able to tell you when exactly: was it then, when I was in denial, when I was crying my eyes out or when I lost any hope, that things will turn out all right. I guess it doesn’t matter so much when, but that it happened at all. I needed to be completely, overwhelmingly hurt, embarrassed and devastated to finally understand what my friend meant all this time, telling me about being an egoist. I just stopped thinking about man as a key to acceptance of myself. I refused thinking that I am valuable only in the eyes of others. I finally saw that taking care of everyone around is a way to not taking care of me because let’s face it, that is a hell of a work to do. But after all, what happened, I stood affront of the mirror finally recognising those eyes framed by thick brows, forever rosy chicks, freckled nose and plump lips with corners towards down. Hi, it is nice to meet you. I truly, honestly see my shape now, my expression, being aware not of my body only but of what seats inside of me. It probably took more pain and swollen from tears face than it was needed, but turned out, that my friend was right. It t is time to be a huge, fat egoist.


A Stroll Through the Woods… Written and Designed by Janice Kusters


e hadn’t intended to remain in the woods as long as he did, but he had lost track of time and the quickly falling darkness escaped his notice until he found himself surrounded by it. He didn’t worry much at first, convinced that he would be able to find his way back, but everything began to look more and more alike as he walked. It didn’t take long before he felt truly and utterly lost. If only his phone hadn’t been dead, he could have used his data to find his way back. There was no point in staying where he was because it was not as if anyone would come looking for him anytime soon. He just had to keep walking in hope of coming across something which wasn’t more of the same.

More than an hour passed before he could spot a lighter patch between the trees. As he neared, he found it to be a clearing in the woods. As the fabric of his jeans snagged on a piece of barbed wire, he realized that this must be someone’s land. He could only hope that the dark silhouette in the distance was a large building as he expected it to be and that its residents would allow him to stay the night. The overgrown land instilled doubt in him though, surely if someone lived in the building they would keep up the surrounding grounds. He became even more doubtful as he headed closer. The building was bigger than expected, but clearly in a state of disrepair. The stones were weathered and cracked and from what he could see in the low light of the moon the roof had caved in on the far end. He climbed the steps to the door, the stone practically crumbling beneath his feet. He could feel himself slip but only just managed to keep his balance. The front door wasn’t much better, the once intricately carved door had not fared well when not taken care of properly, he could feel the fragility as he put his hand up against it, wincing as it creaked dangerously when he attempted an experimental push. He did not want to return to the darkness of the woods, knowing that it was unlikely he would manage to find his way out anytime soon. So he had no choice but to give the door another push. The door opened this time around, the wood scraping over the floor as it did. The gap was just enough for him to squeeze through. Once in, he wrinkled his nose at the stale air, before feeling around the walls near the entrance. Was this house young enough to know the joys of electricity? And if so, would it still work? His question was answered as he felt his fingers graze past what unmistakably felt like a switch. He flicked it hopefully. The lamps in the chandelier above him began to flicker, before bathing the entrance hall in a soft glow. The hall was grand and majestic, with a set of staircases on either side leading up to the first floor. There was a multitude of paintings on the walls on either side of him. Their varnish yellowed and their painting cracked. Still, the figures in them looked eerily lifelike. One, in particular, caught his attention, it was of a young man who must have been roughly around his own age, his skin pale-looking even under the layer of yellowed varnish. His eyes stood out the most, their green colour captivating, and if it wasn’t for the fact that this was very much a painting then he would have been convinced the young man was staring at him. He knew that it was best to remain here until the sun rose again because at least he was protected from the elements here, but as he moved to a door near him, he could feel the eyes of the painting prickle the back of his neck. He glanced back, but nothing had changed. He pushed down the door handle, this one swinging open with ease. Dust swivelled up and prickled his nose, resulting in a sneeze. “Bless you.” He heard from his right, which made his heart stop. 35 35

cbakl Music Spotlight: the highs and lofi’s designed by Charlie Merrell

Coming from a lofi/hip-hop background, Irish-born, Leicester-based producer cbakl (cee-back-el) has racked up over 5 million streams across his Spotify catalogue. He’s also a third-year Music Technology student studying here at DMU! Give his songs a listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music today.

Some recommendations: 1. By the seaside 2. japan 3. i promised myself i wouldn’t cry in the club rn 4. ur smile 5. forever waiting 4 u With a new album around the corner, keep an eye on cbakl!

Wild Hare Beckie Clarke Instagram @sorryforbeingawkward 36

Check out his spotify by scanning this! 37

Mens Basketball

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rlie Me a h C y b d e sign

Ladies Lacross

Rugby Men’s 1st at Welford Road 38 38

Photos by Kirsty Blackwell 39 39

DMU Swimming

DMU Equestrian

Photo by Jesse Ison

Photos by Kirsy Blackwell

Men’s Backetball

DMU Netball

Photo by Kirsty Blackwell

Photo by Ryan Link

Men’s Football 1st

DMU Men’s Squash

Photo by Ryan Link

Photo by Shannon McKinley

40 40

41 41

DMU Swimming Photo by Ryan Link

Men’s Rugby

Photo by Kirsty Blackwell

Women’s Basketball Photo by Jess Ison

DMU Equestrian Photo by Kirsy Blackwell



It’s that time of year we’ve all been waiting for, the age old battle between the two Leicester universities; DMU vs. UOL. Whatever sports you play for, this is the perfect playlist to motivate your team. This is Varsity 2019. As played on DemonFM - brought to you by the @DemonSport Team.


The Demon: Issue 27 - March 2019

Profile for The Demon Magazine

Issue 27: Varsity 2019  

Issue 27: Varsity 2019