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A Selection of My Most Played Songs of 2018


Be great, go global


New Year’s Traditions


New Year’s Resolutions


New Year, New Me, New Look


Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Red Pepper Curry


DMU Charity Calendar


Beauty Resolutions for 2019


The 19th Year of Centuries in Fashion


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How to successfully achieve your New Year’s Resolution 22 Best New Year’s Resolutions


Most Awaited Film Premiers in 2019 ​


Cover Photo by Ryan Link



1.Thank u, next – Ariana Grande I am never going to deny that I hopped right onto the bandwagon of this song. I admit that it isn’t the greatest song of all time, but it’s catchy and stuck in my head. I am forever walking around thanking my (non-existent) exes.

songs as this type of music is not usually my cup of tea. 6.Fall In Line – Christina Aguilera I found this song because of Demi Lovato, I have been very into her music in the past and I just think her voice is incredible. And, these two together are just amazing. I also like how they are empowering women with the lyrics in this song.

2.Dancing’s Not a Crime – Panic! at the disco What a song! I really didn’t think I would like Panic!’s new album because I heard it was different and this band was my childhood. But, I am proud to say I was wrong. This makes me so happy to listen to, especially now I have tickets to see them in 2019, and I have been listening to it more than the title track ‘High Hopes’.

A Selection of My Most Played Songs of 2018

7.Getaway Car – Taylor Swift Another swift song. I think I went through a bit of a swift phase this year. 8.Higher and Higher – The Blackout This is an oldie. I used to love this band, and I rediscovered this song this year. I just remember me and my sister singing to this when it first came out.

3.James Brown – Black Stone Cherry One of my favourite bands of all time, and an amazing song by them. I just love it!

9.New Man – Ed Sheeran An usual Ed Sheeran pick, but great nonetheless.

4.This is why we can’t have nice things – Taylor Swift I have always been a swiftie. I have owned all of her albums in the past. This one is so different for her, and I must have been listening to it enough for it to end up in my ‘Top Songs’ playlist.

10.Diamond Eyes [Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom] – Shinedown Again, a great band and every song they bring out seems to be a banger. This one especially. I was very sad that I missed out on seeing these this year because I left it too late to book tickets.

5.I like it – Cardi B Again, catchy. I am not going to lie and say I actually know any more of her

11.You’re Welcome – Dwayne Johnson (from Moana) Not ashamed.

My name is Chloe Smart and I am the current Entertainment Editor of this wonderful publication. For this issue, I thought I’d do something different and let you have a peek into my personal listening habits. Music has always been a big thing for me. I am constantly listening to music whenever it is physically possible. I have a very varied listening taste. I used to try and stick to one genre but now I just accept if I like it I will listen to it. So, I have gone through my ‘Top Songs of 2018’ playlist Spotify has kindly compiled for me and am going to share a selection with you. You’re welcome!

Written by Chloe Smart Design by Nathaniel Corns 4


GO GLOBAL, BE GREAT! Written By Emily Fox Design By Nathaniel Corns

Congratulations students, you’ve made it through the first semester! When you came to De Montfort, it’s likely you were focused on your course, sorting out your finances and accommodation. Now it could be time to expand your horizons and culturally experience something new and you can do this through #DMUGlobal! I would like to tell you how it could benefit you and that you may miss out if you don’t have a look!

clinic and the Reichstag, as well as many tourist attractions in the city. Before this trip, I had never been to Germany, so it was great to learn all about a new culture and language. This trip also allowed me to meet others on my course, allowing me to make friends for life and develop skills I never thought of before! Although you could go to these places on your own, you can experience so much more as your academics have the connections and drive to make the experience as eye-opening as possible!

What are you doing at the end of term or over the summer? I’d say consider going on one of these trips abroad; the locations and focus are different for each trip and since #DMUGlobal has started students have visited more than 60 countries worldwide during their three years, such as Paris, New York and Tokyo and you can do so too! From academic trips to volunteering, there’s something for everyone. With the next round of applications opening on Monday 21st January, it’s great to start thinking about these now. You have the chance to participate in an international experience that pushes your boundaries and lets you explore a country you’re interested in, like over 10,000 students have done already.

Don’t worry, if going abroad isn’t something you’re interested in at the moment, there’s still programmes you can be involved in right here on campus! From French to Japanese, there’s a range of languages you can begin to learn or practice. With different levels of difficulty, you can start at the level which suits you, whether this is beginner or intermediate. The classes are weekly and each class will develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in your chosen language. These are inexpensive at only a cost of £30 to yourself, and therefore are worthwhile to increase your awareness of other cultures globally.

Every academic year you are entitled to a bursary from #DMUGlobal; this will be £150 if the trip is within Europe and £400 if the trip takes place outside the EU. With specific academic trips, you may get additional funding and though sometimes these trips can look expensive at first, they are great value for money as you cover so much whilst you are exploring a country! For example, when I visited Berlin in February last year, I went to the regional parliament, participating in a Q&A session with local representatives, visited the European Council of Foreign Affairs, a student-led refugee law

I’m just one person who can vouch for this scheme, but there’s many others here at DMU who could too and you could soon be one of them! With many opportunities advertised throughout the year, I’d recommend you take a look on their website and take a step out of your comfort zone! These trips don’t happen at every university, so it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in.



Photography by Ryan Link




Written by: Eli Madden Design by: Nathaniel Corns

New Year’s Eve is internationally celebrated every year in every part of the world. A day that turns into a night to start the coming year in high spirits. Life’s unpredictability, twists and unexpected turns take a toll on everyone, but with one night to round up all the bad, good and everything in-between, we celebrate another passing year, hoping for the next to be better. We all have expectations for the next year, lessons from the past and wishes for the future years that will come. You can bet the screams of ‘Happy New Year’ travel in waves and in that moment, people are wishing out loud. No-one has the same definition of happy, but everyone can feel happy with what they wish for. The harsh reality of life is that we lack full control over what happens, but what we can control is, what and how we celebrate. So, every year we take as much control as we can to wish good luck to have more say on our new beginnings.

South America- Brazil Brazil’s most common tradition is called Reveillon. It’s known to be one of their most important events of the year- a day where the past is reflected upon and resolutions are made for the future. It is a beautiful tradition where they call upon Lemanja, the goddess of the sea, in hope that she will open up paths in their life. They celebrate by wearing a new white outfit in order to be served peace and prohibit bad spirits throughout the next year. The clock strikes, fireworks explode lighting the sky and as the display begins to fizzle into oblivion, Brazilians run to where the sea meets the sand and skip 7 waves for good fortune and with every wave a wish would be granted. White flowers cover the beach to start the coming year with luck, happiness and prosperity. As beautiful as the celebration sounds, traditions come with superstitions so there is one catch. After the ritual of the waves are performed it is forbidden to turn away from the ocean, otherwise the goddess will be angry.

The nations unite with the same ambitions- a better life. But we all walk in different shoes. The magic happens when the clock strikes 12:00.

Asia- China It’s no exaggeration to say China is an extravagant country. Their dedication and passion for celebrations of life are inspiring. It seems they are the definition of celebration. Their dashing energy brings everything to life, their detail and traditions are one of the most sensational atmospheres in existence - it seems like they live by the motto ‘Go big or go home’.

Europe- UK The UK celebrate in a simple but compassionate way, when the clock strikes 12:00 the fireworks explode and wishes of a happy new year are screamed. An affectionate kiss with the one we love most ties up the moment perfectly. We enter the new year in the arms of love, not only with our significant others but with our dearest family and friends.

Every year China’s streets are vibrant and look like the place to be if you need uplifting. It is loud and bright, which comes from the myth of the wild beast that comes every year attacking and killing villagers, so the booming atmosphere and bright lights were used to scare the beast away and Chinese New Year celebrations were born.

Our tradition is to celebrate our happiness. Some spend the night in London, surrounding Big Ben, counting the seconds to the New Year, while some prefer to spend a quiet night at home with their loved ones - simplistic but content. It doesn’t matter where or how we celebrate- we all unite with the same hopes and dreams just as midnight arrives.

In China, dragons represent prosperity, good luck and fortune, so you can find yourself walking along Chinese streets in the company of dragons.

We spend the last hours of the night dancing and singing in high spirits with incredible atmosphere and round up the new day with a New Year’s dinner to have a good end to the first day of our future.



NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS again, the possibilities are endless. They can be made into furniture or built into the foundations of a building and you can do this in your own home alongside your normal recycling. This is a great way to do your bit to help reduce plastic pollution. Have a look at their website to get more details:

It’s that time now where everyone starts thinking about setting a New Year’s resolution and promising they won’t give up within the first month like last year! There’s lots of common resolutions that people go for, these could include:

Socialising: My new year’s resolution for 2019 is going to be to socialise more. I do really like a night in all cosy and watching a film, I just don’t fancy going back out again and will sometimes turn down offers from friends to do something because I am quite happy relaxing on my own. But this year I want to set the resolution to say yes to my friends ideas, dinner, cinema, night out even a social trip to the library, I want to make to most of my final few months of University and spend as much time with my friends as possible before we all enter the real world. It is important to get the work life balance correct and I think this will really help with my mental health.

Dry January: All that Christmas partying includes lots of food and drink to usually be consumed and so January is a good time to take a break from that. The idea is that you give up drinking for the entire month and let yourself recover. This doesn’t have to stop you from going out and socialising it’s just a nice way for some people to feel refreshed and start the year off. Join the gym: You always hear people say they are going to join the gym after Christmas, you don’t need a resolution to start the gym but it’s a good time to start as there will most likely be offers on to encourage those people that want to lose the ‘Christmas food baby’ that has appeared. There are so many benefits of going to the gym at any time of year. Once you start going, get a routine sorted and stick to it. You will really enjoy it, the first month is hard but once you do something repeatedly for that length of time it no longer feels like a chore! It’s all about keeping yourself fit and healthy, don’t need to become the next best bodybuilder just go to the gym for yourself, or maybe partner up with someone else, just get active you will soon notice a lot of difference.

There are a few other things I like to do at the start of the year just to get me set up. Get a diary. A diary will get you organised for the up and coming exam season, plan your revision time, schedule your exams and feel prepared. Most importantly make sure you make space for ‘me time’ in the busy schedule, do things that make you happy and that you enjoy as it’s important to keep a balance.

Eco bricks: This is something slightly different but has been reaching the media recently and would be a very beneficial resolution. There is still a lot of plastic that cannot be recycled like the wrappers off plastic bottles for example. The idea is that you put those bits of plastic inside one bottle, compacted into a set density that then can be used a building block over and over again, the possibilities are endless. They can be made into furniture or built into the foundations

Have a wardrobe sort out. There is nothing more I find therapeutic than a sort out of all my clothes. There’s lots of ways to get rid of your clothes, you can either try and sell them and make some extra money, take them to a charity shop or take them to a clothes bank where they will be used to help people who aren’t as fortunate to have lots of clothes.

Written By Kirsty Blackwell

Design by Nathaniel Corns 12


NEW YEAR, NEW ME, NEW LOOK Written and Designed by Francisca Quadrio

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect about the past and set goals for the coming one. Setting realistic goals is a very important process of a new beginning. You need to create a vision that will guide you throughout the year, keeping you motivated and focused. It is vital to remember about challenging yourself and embracing change. Changing something about your appearance will revitalize your look and the way you and others perceive you. It can bring you good energies and provide you with information about yourself you did not know before. Below are some ideas on how to enhance your looks or try something different in the new year.

Dye your hair a different colour! University is a great time to experiment with different looks and dying your hair is one of the easiest ways to change your appearance. If you are not brave enough to go for a permanent colour, there are a lot of brands that have beautiful shades in semi-permanent or temporary formulas. Even just lighter highlights will give you a fresh, new style.

Try new make-up looks! The coming year will be rich in colour, so it is the perfect time to go bold. Runway looks have impressed fashion fans around the world. The graphic cat-eye has been a fan favourite due to the many shapes and colours it can take. Glitter, gloss and shimmer have also shinned within the community. A much simpler approach would be using pink or blue mascara to give your face a pop of colour. If you are not a big fan of bright pigments, don’t worry, natural beauty will have a huge comeback in 2019.

Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Red Pepper Curry At new years, it’s easy to set yourself new resolutions. A lot of people make resolutions like “this year I’ll be healthier” or “this year I will become vegetarian” but it’s quite hard to know where to start. That’s why I thought I’d share one of my favourite dishes, so I can help guide you in the right direction. It’s healthy, vegan, lactose free, and gluten free so no one gets left out. Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1 tablespoon of oil 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric 1 teaspoon of ground coriander 1 teaspoon of ground ginger 1 teaspoon of salt (to taste) 1 medium chopped onion 2 minced garlic cloves 1 chopped red pepper 1 medium/large sweet potato (peeled and cut into cubes) 1 can of chickpeas (drained and rinsed) 1 can of chopped tomatoes (with juices) 1 can of coconut oil 1 cup of rice

Instructions: Experiment with different nail designs! I am personally not keen on nail polish, however, I admit that when I do paint my nails or get them done, it provides me with a whole different feeling of femininity and personal expression. Nail art is an easy and subtle way of expressing how you feel, your individual style and to play with different colours and textures. 2019 nails are all about that. We will experience new ways of combining textures and tones and including unusual beads and embellishments. A personal favourite is tortoiseshell nails since it is a very versatile look and suits most skin tones and outfits.

Wear prints and patterns! Embrace your wild side and try rocking an animal print for instance. They are one of the biggest trends in the coming year, especially when worn from head to toe. Designers consider this an armour, channelling all expressions of femininity. From spots and stripes to leopard and zebra, there are endless prints to try. For all the animal lovers like me, don’t stress, most shops nowadays only sell faux clothing, so no animals will be hurt in the process. These patterns will give you power, independence and confidence to start the new year in a more fashionable and challenging way.


1. Heat up your oil in a pan 2. Once the oil is heated add in your cumin seeds. Cook them until they are slightly darkened (be careful not to burn them) 3. Add in the chopped onion and salt and cook until the onion is soft and translucent 4. Add the garlic, ginger, turmeric, and coriander (stir to combine) 5. Add the chopped red pepper, sweet potato, and chickpeas (make sure the chickpeas are drained and rinsed) 6. Add the tomatoes and their juices and finally the coconut oil 7. Stir all the ingredients and then cover the pan with a lid. Leave to simmer (occasionally stirring) for about 20 to 30 minutes (or until all the liquid in the pan is no longer visible) 8. At this point you should start cooking your rice in a separate pan, so that both pans are ready at roughly the same time. 9. Optional step: season the curry with salt 10. Serve and enjoy!


DMU Equestrian Charity Naked Calendar Written, designed and photographed by Kirsty Blackwell Some very brave students from the DMU Equestrian Society took their kit off to raise money for their annual naked charity calendar. This shoot was done in the middle of November and was freezing cold for everyone to bare all, the calendar was then released early December ready for the new year. This is not the first time the society has stripped down because this is the fourth year running they have created the calendar. Henry Johnson who organised this year’s calendar said “we do this every year, we get our kit off to raise money for charity”. It is a very brave thing to do especially for the first year students to be semi-naked in front of other people and a camera but the girls who had done it before helped them along and it was a great relaxed shoot. The images were tasteful with fun themes relating to Valentine’s day, Halloween and Christmas. Every year all of the money collected from the calendar is raising money for the chosen charity, Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), an amazing charity that allows their horses to provide therapy and enjoyment to people with disabilities all over the country. The charity relies solely on volunteers and donations to run the events at over 500 different groups. There are lots of different activities that are put on by the volunteers including riding, themed rides, carriage driving, vaulting, showjumping and Hippotherapy depending on the facilities. Girls from the equestrian society volunteer at the local RDA group in Ashby Parva, Lutterworth, part of the Arden RDA group giving something back to the charity. Alex Tyler who volunteers most weeks said “I volunteer at RDA as I’ve had horses from a very young age so it’s always been a hobby of mine. Having done a placement in a special needs school it was amazing to see how much RDA impacts the children and is often the highlight of their week, so it’s really rewarding to volunteer each week and see how much the children enjoy it.” The organisation is always looking for volunteers whether you have experience or not and there are lots of benefits like learning Makaton to enhance your’s and the students experience.



find and most cheap ones are full of toxins that destroy the nails and seep into our skin as well. That’s why this New Year, one of the resolutions I advise you to take is to start using toxin-free nail polishes. They are easy to find online and they have the range of colours just like any other polish. They might be a bit more expensive but isn’t it worth to pay that extra pound or two for your health? Look up 7-Free Nail Polish, Piggy Paint - which is the perfect No matter what you choose, I for children as well - or Ella+Mila would advise you to find something online and paint away. that is doable, do not try to expect something of yourself that you’re just going to fail at or something that you don’t really want to do. I came up with a list of beauty resolutions Many girls feel self-conscious to that are easy to keep and will surely go out onto the street without any make-up and I understand that. I benefit you in the long run: remember when I would put on concealer even if I only ran to the corner shop and I remember how bad my skin was back then. Believe Keeping our skin healthy is so it or not, even the foundation that’s important, yet people – especially said to be best for your skin fills up when they’re young – tend to forget your pores. You need to give them about it completely. Sure enough, ample time to breathe properly, when your skin looks shiny and otherwise, it’s just going to lead perfect as a child you don’t need to more spots and imperfections, to worry about it, but when you which you will want to cover up with become an adult you should always foundation and it’s one big endless remember that you must take care of cycle you’re stuck in. Allow yourself your body. In the wintertime when days off from make-up. Even if we go out into the cold winds our it means you switch your usual face and skin suffer a lot and we foundation-eyeshadow-mascarashould give it that little bit of extra bronzer make-up - which I would attention and love by moisturising call a heavy make-up - to a much every morning. Believe me, after a lighter one where you only use the few weeks you will feel and see the essentials, like a bit of mascara and difference. Having baby soft cheeks some powder. is the best feeling ever! New Year – new me! That’s the idea most people have on - or around the 1st of January. This is the perfect time to get rid of most hated habits or take on challenges to improve ourselves as the new year should come with new beginnings. Some people swear they won’t go out so often, others promise to lose weight and a few people make special resolutions like taking at least three trips abroad or reading 50 books.

Less is more


Use natural products Let it flow My mother keeps telling me off What I’m talking about here is your because I use any nail polish I can hair, especially long or medium

length hair. On an average week, I wear my hair either in a ponytail or a bun, it’s easier to handle when I have things to do and it’s not in my eyes. However, I noticed that much more of my hair falls if I always keep it in an up-do because, despite my best efforts to make my bun loose, it still tugs at my roots. Give your hair a chance to just hang freely, even if it’s at night when you’re at home. It’s also good to vary your hairstyles so you have some days when you don’t put your hair up. Your roots will thank you!

I’m so pretty Lastly, every day you look in the mirror find something on yourself that you like. Everyone has days when they feel terrible when they just got up on the wrong side of the bed and feel like no matter what clothes they choose or what makeup they put on, they look like a worn sock. On days like that, and on any other day, it can mean so much if you are able to find one tiny detail on you that, despite everything, still looks fabulous. It can be your eyes, your hair, your favourite shoes or the way you applied your lipstick. Small or big, whatever you chose, it’ll give you energy and confidence for the day. Granted, you will have a better day than walking around thinking you’re ugly.

Beauty Resolutions for 2019

Whether or not you are one for resolutions, these are things that I consider worth living by, from the New Year or from any average day onwards. You don’t have to change major things, the New You can start simply by feeling good about yourself!

Written By Regina Tóth | Design By Jack Sims 18


The 19 year of the Century in Fashion. th

Fashion changes year by year, but it changes so gradually that many of us don’t notice until we look back. In twenty years time, we might be looking back at old selfies and pull up our noses at what we are wearing now, or might admire and miss the pieces of clothing we take for granted. One prime example of this is my mother, she kept her leather jackets, cowboy boats and point-toed heels. Telling me time and time again that eventually they would come back in fashion and she could wear them again. They did, but only briefly. Now we have just freshly entered the year 2019, I thought it to be neat to look back at the nineteenth year of past centuries. What did people wear then? What would we have been wearing had we been born exactly 200 (or 300, or 400 etc.) years earlier?

1419: The fashion of this time can be summarized in two words: Extreme and hats. Extreme, because everything had to be bigger, larger and more extravagant. Hats, because this was the time they really came into fashion. Said hats and headpieces were just as extravagant as the clothes, often bejewelled or feathered. For women, think gowns with floor-length sleeves. For men, this existed out of extremely fitted jackets (called doublets) which could sometimes be seen as quite revealing. Their sleeves were full, sometimes quite puffy and the general attire was quite colourful.

1519: In the early sixteenth century, fashion can simply be summarised in one word; Layers. All outfits existed out

of lots and lots of layers. This perhaps because the climate was cooler than it had been a century before, due to the little ice age taking place. Contrasting fabrics, trims, embroidery and general surface ornaments were in fashion. The silhouette was wide and accentuated desirable features. For women, this meant hips, for men it was shoulders.

Women wore long gowns over an undergown. Hoopskirts were slowly coming into fashion and the first corsets were worn. Men wore layer upon layer: a shirt, a doublet, a jerkin, nether-hose, hose and an overgrown. Shoulders were accentuated, but the man’s silhouette was long and narrow.

was adopted. Buttons were left undone, collars left open and appearances were generally dishevelled to the standards back then (Although looking at the images now, I can’t really pinpoint what exactly is considered dishevelled or casual about these looks.)

women had already been wearing. In my opinion these looks are some of the most beautiful, as they were richly decorated, but surely must also have been quite uncomfortable to wear day after day. Her waist is cinched in by her corset, her legs are surrounded by a wire cage to keep her many skirts in shape, and she’s lugging layers of fabric around. Certainly can’t have been an easy feat for women back then. For men, frills and heels were all the fashion, layers upon layers of decorated and patterned fabrics were considered a must. Wigs were worn by every respectable man. All of this stands in stark contrast of men’s fashion today.

1819: This century certainly stands in contrast to the last when we consider women’s fashion. Gone were the wide hooped skirts which had to give an illusion to impossibly large hips. Instead, women were pictured as long and narrow, their bust accentuated instead. The contrasting patterned fabrics made room for softer colours.

Men too lost their frills, embroidery and other embellishments. Their clothing grew more serious, with the focus mainly on the cut and tailoring, enhancing the natural form of the body. Shoulder pads were done for as well, at least for now. For the year 1919, I would advise checking out issue 23 on the Demon website, as Regina wrote a fascinating article regarding wartime fashion for the first world war.

2019: Now we will have to see what Fashion will have to bring in this 19th year of the century. Will it be as iconic and defined as it has been the last centuries? Looking at runway shows predicting the fashion of 2019, we can make some guesses.

When comparing it to modern fashion, I could only think about the ‘just out of bed look’ where people get out of bed early in the morning in order to spend 30 minutes styling their hair to look as if they just came out of bed.

For women, it will likely be all about empowerment and liberation. No longer will they dress to appeal to a man. Corsets and hoopskirts are long out of fashion.

For women, the upper body was kept narrow, while the waist was even further accentuated than 100 years previous. Men still seemed to favour busy contrasting patterns.

For men, we can expect bold suits with even bolder prints!



Written and Designed by Janice Kusters

1619: While much thought was given to fashion in the seventeenth century, an air of casual dishevelment

1719: This was when corsets really came into fashion for women, added to the hoopskirt

How To Successfully Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution Written by Suzanna Thomas Design By Jack Sims

Compromise. You don’t have to eat the whole bar. Even as we declare our New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, most of us know that by the end of the month we will probably have given in and given up. Ever since I started making resolutions as a teenager, they have been unrealistic and overambitious. That’s why this year, I will be choosing to live my life with compromise. Do I need to give up the food I enjoy? No. Do I need to enjoy them in moderation? Probably, yes. Compromise provides a realistic healthy balance. By choosing to make little changes over time instead of the grand gesture of a resolution we can make sustainable differences to ourselves and help others around us. Be honest with yourself, you’re working


towards a degree, you have a social life, family and friends. What can you realistically do to make a difference? Grand gestures are all well and good; when done right, they can have a positive impact. But let’s all be honest, we’re not all going to wake up on the 1st January 2019 and instantly change the world or ourselves. Change is a process not an event. By setting yourself attainable goals you can make sustainable changes to the way you live your life. For instance, going hard in the gym for the first five days of January is a definite way to put you off going for the rest of the year. Why not compromise? Breakdown your resolution into smaller realistic goals instead of trying to achieve change overnight. As the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start off by assessing


and identifying what you realistically envision yourself achieving by 2020. Maybe it’s losing weight or getting a 1st in one of your modules. Whatever your goal may be, make a list of things that you will need to do and set yourself targets that you want to achieve throughout the year. Yes, it will still be hard work even with more manageable goals but all things in life that are worth doing are difficult before they are easy. As you see the positive results from achieving your smaller targets you will feel continually motivated to work towards your end goal. Find a balance that suits your lifestyle by compromising with little changes. Yes, you can eat the chocolate bar. No, you don’t need to consume it all in one sitting.

Best New Year’s Resolutions Written by Shaira Ghoorun Design By Jack Sims

It’s that time of year again. The seasonal decorations are all lit up in town, your bank account is crying out in pain because of the large volumes of Christmas shopping you know you’ve not quite finished, you’re about to submit that last assignment of the year (so close, but still yet so far away), and all in all, you’re just about ready for three weeks off.

you; perhaps it wasn’t the best. Maybe it flew by in what seemed like two or three days, or maybe it dragged on even more than that assignment you’re still struggling to finish. Maybe this year started off really well and then hasn’t ended brilliantly, or perhaps it was the other way round. One thing’s for sure though – ringing in the New Year always seems to be associated with new beginnings, and new With 2019 just around the corner, resolutions. the end of the year tends to bring out a lot of reflective feelings The important thing to remember in the vast majority of people. about New Year’s resolutions is Maybe 2018 was a great year for to seriously consider what you


would actually stick to. The most common New Year’s resolutions tend to revolve around keeping diaries year-round, quitting habits such as excessive smoking and drinking, losing weight and getting into shape. If the resolution is a rather drastic lifestyle change, it is hard to stick to it. It’s important not to get disheartened and give up altogether if you happen to fall off the wagon a few times along the way – as long as you’ve achieved what you set out to at the beginning of the year, then that’s the main thing!

If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a list of common New Year’s resolutions to think about. • Stop procrastinating (as much) – trust me, it will come in handy when the deadlines start up again… Indulge in a self-care day every now and again • Start exercising more • Go on more days out • Save a certain amount of money • Meet new people • Try a new sport or activity • If you haven’t already, learn to be happier with yourself than you were last year • Work harder at uni • Spend less time on social media • Be more creative • Get more organised • Try to cut any toxic influences out of your life • Drink/smoke in moderation • Try to have a more positive outlook on life • Find a hobby to keep you occupied • Spend quality time with friends and family • Explore a new place that you’ve never travelled to before • Sign up for volunteering or charity work • Improve your cooking skills • Go to a festival • Make more effort to stay healthy – both physically and mentally • Try to change your favourite pastimes into a career • Move on from a situation that previously caused you a lot of pain • Become more financially stable • Take more responsibility for your actions • Look after your emotional and spiritual wellbeing more • Take steps in order to stand up to any insecurities or worries you may have • Do something that scares you every day, however big or small this may seem to you. • Work harder in general • Push yourself more – whether this is in terms of uni, career, mental health, emotions, creativity or anything else

Hopefully the above list will give you a helping hand if you’re thinking of making some New Year’s resolutions that you’d like

to stick to in the coming year. Remember not to feel embarrassed if you lose sight of a resolution once in a while - take it all one


day at a time. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Most Awaited Film Premiers in 2019 2019 is going to be a year full of new remakes of well-known films and animations, some sequels will also appear as well as a couple of entirely new productions.

Aladdin is the next animation which there will be a remake of. This time Aladdin’s story will be presented as a feature film, starring the well-known Will Smith as Genie, Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Mena Massoud as Aladdin. The hopes and expectations exerted on the film are even bigger when we consider that it was directed by Guy Ritchie who also directed Sherlock Holmes: A Man from Shadow, The Man from U.N.C.L.E and Snatch. The premier of Aladdin is expected to be on May 24th 2019. I hope it will be a relevant remake which will not disrupt the original format of the story we love.

Everybody knows the story of young Simba who, after being accused of causing his father’s, King Mufasa, death was exiled on the Savannah. With accompany of Timon and Pumba he decides to spend there the rest of his life without any concerns and troubles preoccupying his mind. However, inevitably his past is chasing him all the time so ultimately the young prince must face many obstacles and struggle for getting his kingdom back from the cruel govern of his uncle, Scar. In July next year there is going to be a premiere of the remake of the classical Lion King from 1994. It will be reincarnated into the computeranimated musical in which we will be able to hear the voice of Beyonce as Nala and David Glover dubbing Simba. Director Jon Favreau decided to make the worldwide known classic more contemporary by using new digital techniques. Cooperation with Disney makes the production look more reliable and sticking to the original version. This is going to be a huge hit next year.

The time has come for the 4th part of a very popular franchise; Toy Story. This time new toy, ‘Forky’ will join the group of toy friends. In this film we are going to explore how difficult the life of the toys is and be watching their adventures and everyday struggles. The animation is filled with acclaimed names such as Patricia Arquette, Tom Hanks, and Keanu Reeves. The director role this time is held by Josh Cooley. This is his third directing experience, which makes the whole anticipation even more interesting. However he can count on John Lasseter’s help, who is the story writer, the director of the first two films, and executive producer of all the films. We will see if this film is going to keep the high standard of the previous parts or maybe this one will surpass them?

The next part of the animation that captivated our hearts and depicted an unusual friendship between the human, Stolick, and the dragon, Hiccup. This time Hiccup’s dream of creating a dragons’ utopia finally comes true. Again, dragons have to face danger associated with their home land as well as a huge burden being on Hiccup as he is the head of dragons group. Dean DeBlois, the director of the other films, is also directing this one. Previous parts turned out to be absolute hits and embraced people’s hearts. He has a quite an impressive past connected with animations, as he was the co-writer of the Mulan’s script and also wrote the script for two previous How to Train Your Dragon Films. We can expect the premiere of How to train the Dragon: Hidden world 1st February 2019, so better get ready - it’s quite soon.

And the last film I want to mention is dedicated to Marvel fans. While the war between two alien races is on Carol Danvers, the most powerful female superhero in the universe, is being caught in the middle of it. Carol Danvers is an Air Force Pilot whose DNA is combined with aliens one day during an accident and that gave her extraordinary powers and strengths. Great names in the cast such as Brie Larsson (Carol Danvers), Jude Law and Samuel L. Jackson, aim to lure the audience to come to the cinemas. Director duet Anne Boden and Ryan Fleck are also responsible for producing the script for the movie. They were cooperating in the past and hopefully this mutual work will be successful this time too.

Written By Marta Franka | Design By Jack Sims 26



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