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CONTENTS 3. Welcome 4. Meet the Team 6. Exec Welcome 7. The Campus Revamp You Wanted 8. #LOVEDMU Initiative/ Ex Manchester United Star Chooses DMU 9. Freshers Advice From One Fresher to Another... 10. Multiplay #1 UKMasters Cup 11. Discount with NUS Extra 12. We Are The Angry Mob- Why YouTube Heroes Might Doom the Site 13. A Dutchie at DMU 14. Safety Advice: Halloween at Uni 15. Scary Student Scams 16. Shock Horror, I Have No Style 17. It’s October Face It Already: Autumn Beauty Picks 18. Monster Night at the Ball 20. Kaladesh Game Day 21. Take a Break From Extreme Scares With These 5 Halloween Comedies 22. Horror Movies That Refuse to Die 23. The Zombie Gameplay 24. Halloween Playlist 2016

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Emily: The texture of tea bags, but I love tea. Ben: Not a lot. I’m fearless (except for wasps). Emma: The Great British Bake-Off not being on BBC1.

Hello there! Welcome back to another issue of The Demon, your student magazine. So much has happened since we last saw/spoke/ wrote (you pick which you find less creepy!) to you. During Freshers Week, Demon Media managed to have the largest number of sign-ups ever, with hundreds of you keen beans lining up to join in with all of the exciting projects we have to offer you. Not only that, but 660 of you took copies of the freshers edition of The Demon to read whilst you nursed you weary *ahem* heads from you antics the night before. So, thank you to every one of you, we greatly appreciate the overwhelming support you’ve shown us. We also held our very first Demon Media Open Day during Freshers Week, which again, was extremely successful. In fact, it was so successful that many of the people who came to visit our strand that day will find that their work has been published in this issue of the magazine, and that goes for both writers and designers! We hope you enjoy our Halloween themed issue of The Demon (the one time of the year the magazine is so aptly named) as there are some fantastic articles within. Don’t forget to let us know what you think by tweeting us @thedemondmu!

Emily Frost

Ben Howgill

Emma Piper


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What are you most scared of?



Head of News and Sports

Head of Lifestyle and Health

Head of Entertainment



Food Poisoning



The Zombie Apocalypse



Spiders and their excessive number of eyes


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Moths Copy Editor

What’s beneath the deep ocean Head of The Student Discussion

Only one word... dissertation

Head of Fashion and Beauty

Salad Head of Editorial Design

DSU & NUS Representative

Fashion Events & Correspondence Editor

Live Entertainment Editor

Comedy Editor







Train Tracks






Any kind of insect

Confined Spaces Local News and Events Editor

Spoilers Beauty Editor

Cats Fashion Vlogger

Spiders Digital Entertainment Editor

A world without dogs Health Editor @thedemondmu 5

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Head of Photography



Not making the most of life


Role: Vice President Media and Communications Describe your role in 5 words: Vice President Media and Communications Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun, Crazy, Adventurous. If you could choose one actor to play you in a film about your life, who would it be and why? Emile Hirsch because he reminds me of a friend of mine and I feel like he'd play me well. What’s your favourite joke? I cannot repeat my favourite joke here. If you were a type of vegetable, what would you be? Chilli Which exec would win in a fight between you all? We would never fight, but still definitely not Augustus. He's actually tiny they just blow him up in photos.


Role: Vice President Welfare and Community Describe your role in 5 words: Support, Happiness, Health, Community, Safety Describe yourself in 3 words: Bubbly, Clumsy, Warm-Hearted If you could choose one actor to play you in a film about your life, who would it be and why? Rachel McAdams, just because I think she's fabulous! What's your favourite joke? A young boy enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to his customer: ‘This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it you.’ The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then calls the boy over and asks, ‘Which do you want, son?’, The boy takes the quarters and leaves. ‘What did I tell you?’ said the barber. ‘That kid never learns!’ Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the same young boy coming out of the ice cream store. ‘Hey, son! May I ask you a question? Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?’ The boy licked his cone and replied, ‘Because the day I take the dollar, the game is over!’ If you were a type of vegetable, what would you be? A red pepper Which exec would win in a fight between you all? Augustus


Role: President Describe your role in 5 words: Lead & represent the Student Body Describe yourself in 3 words: Ambitious, Fun, Different If you could choose one actor to play you in a film about your life, who would it be and why? Jason Statham because he is basically a body double of me; Practically twins ... maybe? What’s your favourite joke? UoL (University of Leicester) If you were a type of vegetable, what would you be? A Brussel Sprout Which exec would win in a fight between you all? Keira – She’s scary when she’s angry!!


Designed by : Emma Piper

Role: Vice President Student Activities Describe your role in 5 words: Life, Social, Exciting, Engagement, Family Describe yourself in 3 words: ambitious, driven, dad-jokes If you could choose one actor to play you in a film about your life, who would it be and why? Hmmm well, I guess it'll obviously have to be Chris Hemsworth, God of Thunder, as he most looks like me. What’s your favourite joke? Augustus If you were a type of vegetable, what would you be? Aubergines as they are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B6 and potassium. Which exec would win in a fight between you all? Keira ' Roundhouse' Rounsley

Role: Deputy President Education Describe your role in 5 words: Demanding, huge remit but rewarding. Describe yourself in 3 words: Smart, intuitive, modest If you could choose one actor to play you in a film about your life, who would it be and why? - Will Smith, his acting skills are great! What’s your favourite joke? - I really don’t know.. there are some great jokes out there! If you were a type of vegetable, what would you be? - A carrot! Which exec would win in a fight between you all? Keira, she’s a sweetheart but fierce. Deep down she can beat all of us up! #ThisGirlCan



The Campus Revamp You Wanted Connor Watson

This new design building will be home to a brand new Arts and Design centre for De Montfort University and will house the faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities. Currently the recent centre piece of this transformation was the Gallery which opened in September for the general public. This is the largest Gallery space in Leicester and will be open to both university members and the public. The Gallery will be housing works from students and staff as well as giving opportunities to the people of Leicester to be involved in a cultural experience. This ranges from everything such as opportunities at volunteering to workshop classes on the subjects and exhibits. At the forefront of this new revamp is the main Arts and Design centre of the building, which is split into three sections. The Arts Tower, Design Wing and Food Court are all housed within this new structure, located at the centre of campus. This revamp has cost the university £136million but has also given a spark of excitement to the campus with the transformation of Mill Lane, creating a more relaxed feel to the centre of De Monfort University. It offers students and local residents a more inviting way into the city centre. Including rain gardens and full predestination this area will run from the River Soar to the city centre end of the campus.

Mr Vijay Patel, for whom the building is named after, gave the university the single largest donation from an alumni it has ever received. Mr Patel, the chief executive officer of Waymade Health Care and his wife gave De Montfort £1million to help financially disadvantaged students and give them a chance at education like he had. The money also went towards paying for an extruder- a specialist machine capable of producing medicine. Mr Patel said: "It was at De Montfort University where I learned many of the skills which have helped define my career.” De Montfort University Vice Chancellor Dominic Shellard recently gave a tour of the new building as it was under construction while shooting a Facebook live video on the behind the scenes of clearing. On top of all of this development in the centre of campus, the university has also invested £4.2 million into the restoration and refurbishment of The Great Hall of Leicester Castle, which is c hanging into the new home for the Leicester Business School. This new school will open in early 2017 and will house a selection of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. The DSU has also taken over the ground floor of the campus centre with a hope of offering a more visible and accessible Student Union. This space will be revealed in early 2017 as well with a completely refurbished space previously taken up by shops. The change is expected to offer more breakout spaces for students and better access to services.


Designed by : Emma Piper

The university campus is currently under going a huge transformation and at the heart of this is the state of the art Vijay Patel Building and Mill Lane renovation.

Launched thanks to DSU Lobbying and VC Investments

Photograph: Abby Smith

Ben Howgill On Monday 3rd October, DMU’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dominic Shellard announced exciting and positive changes to the student experience as part of the #LoveDMU initiative. Standing in front of colleagues and students from the University, Professor Dominic Shellard started the event addressing the student experience and how it is ‘the heart of everything we do at DMU’. ‘If there is one thing we mustn’t do, it’s rest on our laurels. We can always do more. We want to do more as a University. We have also listened to the feedback in the National Student Survey. We want to do even better next year than we did last year.’ President Dan Winney, who, as part of the Students’ Union, has lobbied for many of these changes on behalf of the student body. ‘As an executive team, we have made it our absolute priority to address the hidden-university-costs problem that students have, but also, looking at ways we can enhance the student experience.’

Designed by : Emma Piper & Emily Frost

Ex-Manchester United super star Park Ji Sung chooses De Monfort University to study Sport Management. Park Ji Sung has decided after hanging up his football boots, that he wants to learn the business of football. He has enrolled in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport here at De Montfort University. Sung will start his studies based in Leicester before travelling to Milan, to then continue onto Switzerland for three months. Being a Global Ambassador for Manchester United Park Ji Sung has said he wants to improve his knowledge ‘around the pitch’. Sung decided to choose DMU after one of his former team mates recommended the university and the course. The ex-Manchester United man told Leciester Mercury: “​ One of my colleagues said it had been a great experience and though many players go into coaching or management, I wanted to improve my knowledge of football around the pitch and then perhaps work in the South Korean football league.” I hope we see Sung in a DMU jersey soon!


Significant Investment in the Student Experience: • Opening the Library 24/7 and 365 days of the year other than in exceptional circumstances. • Enhanced IT support for Apple Mac users. • Electronic submissions of all student dissertations. • Up to £1m additional investment in DMUSport. • £615k for #DMUGlobal bursaries for international experiences – £150 for Europe and £400 for International. • £25k for disabled students on #DMUGlobal trips for any additional costs they may incur. The DMUDifference – a range of support measures for those students facing higher, unavoidable costs: • £500k to reduce unavoidable and unique costs in those programme areas where they are greatest. Examples might include, for illustration only, additional materials required for some Art and Design programmes and specialist printing costs. • £40k to support the purchase of equipment, project materials etc and Formula Student costs for Engineering students. • £45k to support placement travel costs for Audiology and Youth and Community Development students. • £200k to support Nursing/Midwifery/Speech and Language Therapy Students for the cost of uniforms and Occupational Health checks. • £100k to support the purchase of workshop materials in Arts, Design and Humanities.

Kai Osborne

#LOVEDMU Initiative

So what does the initiative involve?

Star Chooses DMU

To read the full article, go to:

Ex-Manchester United



As a fresher that has recently arrived at DMU, the array of opportunities for both coverage of and participation in sport over the next 3 years seemed daunting. Daunting, but something to embrace; a chance to get back into an environment of competition, camaraderie and opportunities to make memories. The dynamite season that Leicester City enjoyed in the Premier League last season seems to have set the stage for DMU’s own varsity teams to potentially make history, as with the Leicester Falcons storming to victory not too long ago. The opportunities presented are almost mindboggling in scale, as freshers and students in their second and third years, have the chance to make a name for themselves early on, build lasting friendships, and a chance to sign off after 3 years at DMU with the sweet taste of victory, and a sense of accomplishment. De Montfort is the perfect window of opportunity to throw yourself into sport feet first, no holds barred and no second thoughts. To this end, from fresher to fresher, I advise you to take it and run with it. The sky’s the limit.


Designed by : Simon Glennon

Ollie Heppenstall


Multiplay #1 UKMasters Cup Zuzanna “Kotney” Inczewska On Monday 26th- September was the group stage of League of Legends open Cup #1 hosted by Multiplay, a global company dedicated to bringing people together in worlds both physical and virtual. They’ve been working on many UK based events such as Insomnia, a tournament that brings players from all over the globe to enjoy a weekend full of video game-related activities. The teams are competing for the chance to win £20,000 in the upcoming finals. There was a big discussion on Twitter about the size of the prize pool and the amount of teams that have signed up to participate as well as how the event wasn’t properly advertised, and even Ben “Draggles” Forbes, Community Specialist for Riot Games (the company behind League of Legends) shared his opinions on that topic.

Designed by : Emma Piper, Other Sources: Ben/ Draggles @bedraggles Twitter

There’s been 15 teams that have signed up for the tournament, competing against the best of the best amongst the UK eSports scene. In the 15 teams that signed up we could see a lot of familiar faces, even Toaster123 who’s played in the EU LCS for team Origen in the past, as well as many others we’ve seen in and around the UK eSports scene for many years. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an official Multiplay stream where we could follow our favourite players go up against each other, however, there were a few organisation based streams, bringing the games just for their fanbase. Throughout the entire evening there were 10 BO1 and BO3 series (Best of One/Three), in which it was determined which teams have qualified for the UKMasters finals. After the #1 Cup there are 4 teams waiting for the Finals, these teams are TCA eSports, excel eSports, the roster of MnM eSports, and team Distrikt. The next stage of the tournament is the #2 Cup which will be played on Monday 3rd of October.



HALLOWEEN DISCOUNT WITH NUS EXTRA With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to get everything ready whether you're throwing a huge party or just going out trick-or-treating. Getting everything together can be expensive, however your NUS Extra card can save you money. Here's the top seven retailers where you can get your Halloween themed items.


Superdrug, 10% Discount – From make-up to hair products, Superdrug can provide everything you need for Halloween. Items such as dark nail varnish and lipstick along with brightly coloured temporary hair dye are usually popular around this time of year. With products generally at low prices, this is the best place to come for all your beauty needs and a good way to see the products in person and even test them out.

2, 10% Discount – This website offers weird and wonderful things that may not be available on the high street. From homewares to jewellery it is full of wonderful gift ideas alongside some Halloween themed products. Some of the items available include zombie shower gel, zombie slippers and a skull pen pot. Items vary in price however there is something that will suit all budgets.


Fancy Dress Ball, 10% Discount – This online retailer is a great place to start when looking for any kind of fancy dress outfit, especially for Halloween, for all ages. The large variety of outfits on offer include witches, nurses and jokers. They also have themed sections with outfits from films such as the Addams Family and Beetlejuice. As well as costumes you can buy items to finish off outfits such as capes, hats and much more.


Claire's Accessories, 15% Discount – This may seem to be a shop just for younger teenagers however they do have a good range of Halloween products. Black jewellery can often be found in Claire's as well as tins of coloured hair spray. However the range brought out around Halloween time includes wigs, masks, headpieces and spooky looking jewellery.


Spotify Premium, 50% Discount – The premium membership to one of the most recognised music streaming services allows access to millions of tracks, new and old, as well as letting you access friends and celebrity playlists. Any party being held over the Halloween period wouldn't be complete without access to a massive amount of music, without adverts or any disruptions. It's also a great way to create playlists to be downloaded if the music is being played without an internet connection.


Co-op, 10% Discount – Food and drink is essential for any gathering, so it's only right to include the discount on offer from Co-op. Parties are very popular around Halloween time and food is always appreciated so whether you're putting on a full on buffet, getting in a few snacks or just getting in sweets for trick-or-treaters, everything you need can be found here.


New Look, 10% Discount – This popular high street brand may not be considered a place to get clothes or accessories for Halloween, however you may be mistaken. New Look offer a big range of black clothing, slightly gothic accessories (such as jewellery and handbags) as well as shoes for all occasions. So whether it's to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with an outfit or get a last minute clothing item then New Look is the place to go.


Designed by : Luke Flynn

Holly Aston


We Are The Angry Mob Why Youtube Heroes might doom the site. Jake Baugh Youtube has not been renowned for their excellent decisions in their business model. Well that’s an understatement. Youtube is mocked worldwide for their attempts to update their site which usually result in tumultuous uproar. Every time a new update is released a tidal wave of complaints, anger, and general indignation follows it. But this time that wave might just drown the site. Simply put YouTube, and YouTubers, make their money from adverts put at the start of videos. If the content of the videos is unlawfully used the actual owner can flag it, which stops the original video from making money. So far so good, even though there has constantly been problems with the system, it still has worked! Mostly! However, with their new ‘YouTube Heroes’ update, Youtube have made a massive misstep. This update will allow anyone to become a ‘Hero’, someone who starts off by captioning videos, each successful caption earns you points. This is good! This is encouraging! This is a positive change, great for the deaf community!

Designed by : Emma Piper


And then, true to tradition, everything suddenly goes horribly wrong. At one hundred points these anonymous ‘Heroes’ are suddenly able to mass flag videos. That means that anyone who captions a ton of videos, could suddenly cut a youtuber’s income in short. They could mass flag an entire channel into oblivion. People who’ve spent a decade building up their independant business ruined by some troll with a god complex. Apologies for the melodrama, but am I the only one seeing a problem here? It’s not even in their interest. Youtube rely on content creators to make them money from adverts at the start of their videos. Without content creators this platform will die. ‘Youtube Heroes’ is like giving people at ITV or Channel 4 the opportunity to remove BBC shows from the air. It’s like the Great British Bake Off all over again. Except Youtube’s soggy bottom could do worse than not impress Mary Berry. It could kill the site completely.


Janice Kusters

Apart from time, there are other differences I could sum up: In the Netherlands, when I meet with friends, we always have a set thing to do. Go to the

cinema, go out for dinner, or anything else of the sorts, but in the past week I discovered that in other cultures meeting up with friends doesn’t exactly have to mean going to do anything specific. The Netherlands is a country of bicycles, we cycle everywhere. I am used to cycling 10 minutes to the supermarket, 20 minutes to school, or 30 minutes to visit a friend. It is made easy because there are cycling lanes everywhere and your bike can be stored anywhere and everywhere. Here, the university tries to accommodate to cyclist and I certainly have seen a few cycle lanes or routes around, but it is quite different from what I am used to. I think that this is one of the big advantages of studying at such an International orientated university, because this will not be the only cultural differences I will come across.


Designed by : Emma Piper

As a Dutch person, I am used to being on time - meaning being there 10 minutes early. At the International Welcome Week, I discovered that not everyone shares this definition of being on time. With activities, I found that some students appeared right on the dot, while other students would consider turning up 10 minutes after the start as being on time. Dinnertime is another difference timewise, I am used to eating around six, but I have met people who cannot eat dinner before eight, or past five. This can be difficult if you want to meet up with international friends for dinner and it has resulted in a lot of snacking. It certainly took a few days for me to get used to it, but in the end it did help me to loosen up on the concept of time.


Is Halloween your favourite time of the year? We bet you’re not alone! Loads of us DMU students look forward to the end of October and the spooktacular events it brings! From themed house/flat parties to the Halloween ball, you don’t necessarily have to go trick-or-treating to have a great time. But whether you’re stuffing your face with sweets, showing off your costume or walking around outside be sure to stay safe (before things get too creepy) with these 10 Halloween Night Tips:

Even as a fully-fledged adult, you should be watchful about your sweet treats and drinks. Don’t drink something you didn’t order or if you’ve left your drink unattended for a while. Also never eat sweets that has been unwrapped. If you have food allergies, carry an epinephrine pen or other medication just in case!

Like most people, you probably rely on a debit or credit card to pay for everything. However, on Halloween, bring along some emergency cash enough for that surprise late entry at Mosh or a taxi home.

Designed by : Emma Piper

You’ve got an awesome costume, but can you walk in those heels? Can you see through that mask? Do your accessories look or could be labelled as a weapon? Before you go out, show your friends and see if it causes any red flags.


If you’re not staying in to binge watch Stranger Things and plan on going out, take a pal or travel in a group. If you leave a party or club early, wait until someone you know or trust is ready to leave with you so you don’t have to take the spooky path alone.

Having friends or new people over for pre-drinks or a party? Stash away your laptop and put your treasures in a safe place only you know. Whilst you hate to think anything would happen, that’s usually the time it does.

If you’re out or at a party with people you don’t know (or don’t know well), be sure to be aware of your surroundings. Making new friends is great, but don’t leave with them or get stuck alone. Exchange numbers and meet up another day.

Before you head out, let a flatmate or friend know where you are with a note or text. Give them details such as the name of the host, address, the friends you are with, or the places you plan on visiting. If anything should happen, this will keep them in the know.

Don’t take the shortcut a friend told you on Halloween. Stick to familiar walking paths and well-lit streets. It may be tempting, but it’s better to be overly safe than to risk being hurt.

Planning on going to Wilko and buying anything and everything with a skeletonon? Be careful about where you hang and display everything as radiators and light bulbs are important to look out for and shouldn’t be covered! Candles are a no go, (unless you’re planning a satanic ritual then that’s fine.) You and your mates will have a right fright if you set your flat on fire.

Only you can know your limits. No one wants to see a passed out Harley Quinn on the floor or Spiderman being carried out by his mates. Have Fun and Stay Spooky!


Rose Godfrey

Phishing Emails Fraudulent emails, used to ‘fish’ for the receiver’s personal details. The email usually contains a link, which takes the receiver to a web page where they are encouraged to enter information such as passwords, account IDs and card details. Although you might think they sound easy to avoid, the emails are commonly disguised as being sent from familiar and trustworthy companies, such as PayPal, making them easy to fall for. Worst of all, this type of scam has been specifically directed at students, as this summer many UK students received emails appearing to be from their university’s finance department, informing them that they were entitled to a grant. For any student deep into their overdraft, an email like this would seem like pretty good news, and many responded with their bank details before realising it was a hoax. Ghost Listings Looking for a new place to rent is exciting, but scammers play on the idea that for many students, this is their first experience of looking for a new home. A common online scam when it comes to rental properties is known as ‘ghost-listing’. This is when the property advertised – often at bargain prices – doesn’t actually exist. The ‘landlord’ will pressure anyone showing interest into parting with cash in the form of a holding deposit, usually under the pretence that the property is in high demand.

Of course, with no actual property, this can result in parting with potentially hundreds of pounds for absolutely nothing One of the best ways to avoid being caught out by rental scams is to use a trusted letting agent. DMU’s Sulets is a non-profit, student specific letting agents that prides itself in being completely transparent and fair with its customers. Remember to avoid feeling pressured into settling on the first place you see; there are always plenty of other properties to choose from. Even if you think you’ve found an amazing deal, sometimes properties really can be too good to be true! Contactless Card Scams It can be easy to misplace the card to your shiny new student bank account. Whether it’s after a night out, or just mysteriously disappeared, it’s usually no big deal to cancel the card and order a new one. But according to a recent article on, contactless cards are still able to be used, even after being cancelled. This is down to ‘offline’ payments, where the bank isn’t immediately notified after the card is used, meaning that someone else could get away with using your card to make fraudulent transactions. If you have had to cancel your card, keep an eye on your account for any small, contactless payments you haven’t made. If you suspect someone is still using your card, contact your bank straight away. Of course, scams are everywhere, and anyone can get caught out. The best way to avoid it being you is by using common sense. Should you really be typing all your bank details in reply to that shady looking email? Probably not. Fifty quid a week rent? Sounds a bit dodgy. Stay aware, be sensible and stay safe!


Designed and Photography by : Emma Piper

As a student this Halloween, you may find the scariest things are words like ‘deadlines’, ‘loans’ and ‘responsibility’. Trying to wing it as an adult is a big part of the student lifestyle, but also means students can make vulnerable targets for scams. To avoid getting tricked this Halloween (or anytime!), here are a few to look out for.



In this blissful fashion, where even the largest student loan will not cover the latest seasonal trends are constantly thrown at us - it is tough for the stylishly undecided to make choices that are truly their own. But do not despair, poor creatures! The time has come for us to expose the dark side of this fairytale - a devilish guide, previously untold. I present to you the one and only handbook for souls that are lost and broken, desperately searching for personal style tips and fashion consciousness. With our useful advice and vivid Halloween themed examples, you can make the first step on the styleseeking quest, become more confident in your clothes and make an astonishing monster party entrance.

DO IT LIKE A WITCH Finding the style that’s tailored to your personality would not be a challenge without necessary experiments – think of them as good and bad charms. Some will make the prince charming drool, some will accidentally kill the whole village, but risks are there to be taken, even when they might turn out harmful. You need to ride your broomstick bad and boldly, whether it’s Chanel haute couture, vintage or inherited from your coven sisters. If it works for you, be sure of it and don’t let anyone tell you it’s passé. Venomous looks from other b/witches will only make you certain your experiment paid off – you cast your spell of joined Praise and Jealousy and everyone is totally enchanted.

THE WEREWOLF HOUR If you usually play the role of a casual, plain puppy by day, nights out are your time to howl – it doesn’t matter what brand your clothing is, a black suit or LBD with the right hair and impressive makeup will cause a deadly jaw drop upon your entrance. Night is the time to put your paws up, expose the claws and let them shine in the eerie moonlight, only to return to the daily denim+hoodie uniform on Monday. It might just be an evening with a couple of Bloody Marys, but you will be remembered. Having two faces is not always a bad thing – it’s mysterious, it’s unexpected, it’s sexy. Transform yourself and let your nature go wild. You were bitten like that, baby.

Let’s shed some light on fashion issues – Lumos! DON’T GO ZOMBYING AROUND


Designed by : Emma Piper

Internet is like the throbbing artery of the fashion world, so if you’ve never scrolled through Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest style feeds before, equip your mouth in a sharp pair of fangs and bite into it. Hunt for the main flow online, suck the hell out of fashion magazines and look around you, when walking down the high street– tasty male and female ‘refreshments’ are up for grabs wherever you go. Don’t get me wrong – this is not about copying. Take bites and pieces from models, bloggers, and ordinary mortals and blend it all into your own special concoction. After all, no one else can twinkle the way you vampires do – you are extraordinary, let your clothes reflect that.


Not having a developed fashion brain is not the end of the world, but eating those of other people’s is a rather lousy solution. Dressing in a certain way or pretending to be someone you are not only to impress, shock or become a member of a group, will send a very clear signal to those around you. In everything that you put on, you’ll look as though you’ve been infected with something that your body is trying to fight off. You’ll end up even more confused than when you did not think of style at all, and you will continue this useless existence, always feeling majorly uncomfortable and sorry for yourself.

Any look is better than a Zombie, so get a vaccine while you still can – follow your instincts, inhale inspiration and don’t get spooked to easily. Fashion was never meant to be scary anyway.

It’s October –


face it already: Autumn Beauty Picks

Leanne Faben With summer already far behind us, the season of blankets, hot chocolate and Halloween is finally here. There is a whole range of products available to help you transition from summery to autumnal beauty. What’s more, they are cruelty-free!

range of shades, particularly a gorgeous dark purple to get you Halloween ready. For a more casual feel, finish the lip look with a lip balm. Lush Cosmetics also stock some vegan liquid lipsticks, which look absolutely beautiful.

Time to break in that student loan and update your makeup collection with these essential Autumn Beauty Picks.

Healthy glow

The Makeup Revolution New-trals VS Neutrals (£6.99) is the perfect palette to ease you into the cold Autumn months. There are some gorgeous warm toned shades for the daytime and cooler, blue shimmers for when you want to dance the night away. The Collection Eyes Uncovered palette (£2.99) is also great for the upcoming season. It includes a gold shimmer shade, which can work with any eye look. Smudgy eyelid If you’re heading to a lecture and don’t quite have the time to spend ten minutes blending your eye shadow, using an eyeliner pencil and smudging it with a blending brush can make you look effortless. Smokey eye? No problem. The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (£5.00) is great for this and comes in a range of colours and finishes to suit your preferred look. Sharp line So many drugstore brands have felt-tip eyeliner pens available in their collection, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find your perfect one. My personal favourite is the Supercat Liner from Soap & Glory (£6.00). They also have a chunkier one for when you want to draw a thicker line. I go for eyeliner pens, as they are much easier to hold and control when lining your eye. Matte lips Every year, it is guaranteed that matte lips in deep, berry tones will be absolutely everywhere. The Sleek Matte Me lip cream (£4.99) comes in a

Dark nails Barry M have some gorgeous autumnal colours available at the minute. Especially their colour ‘Raspberry’ (£2.99) suits the season very well and is the ideal shade to take you through it. Barry M do about every nail colour you could ever want to wear on your nails, so knock yourself out! Plump skin Superdrug skincare has a new Vitamin E range, offering a great moisturiser and day cream to keep your skin feeling soft and healthy when it gets colder outside. You can also get 10% off if you have an NUS card, which is always a bonus! Lasting finish NYX Cosmetics offer a setting spray (£7.00) for when you want your makeup to last through the day or night. It comes in both a dewy and matte finish, however in autumn months I definitely prefer the latter. Urban Decay are always raved about with their setting sprays too, so they might be worth a try if your budget allows. These are all of my Autumn Beauty Picks for you this season. Let us know your essentials, as well the staple look you’ll be creating in the upcoming months by tweeting us at @thedemondmu.


Designed by : Emma Piper

Warm tones

If you are still all about the summer glow, why not carry it through to October? The Soap & Glory Highlight and Cheek stick (£8.00) is a brilliant and quick way to look instantly brighter. The MUA Strobe & Glow Highlight Kit (£5.00) is also great for beginners. Apply the cream using your fingers, then brush over with the powder for a flawless finish.

FASHION AND BEAUTY Fresher’s week has been and gone and every student is starting to settle in, with lessons and essays on your mind, you may think the fun has ended. Well, not quite. With October 31st around the corner, the Halloween Ball is sure to spark everyone up again with a few party vibes. One thing that will be on most of our minds though is ‘What do I wear?’. Even though Halloween generally means dressing as your scariest, it does not mean you have to look any less glamorous, after all you are going to a ball.

Monster’s Nig NEWLOOK

Headband: £7.99

So why not play with colours and styles to ensure you look your best monster for the big night.


Top: £14.99

Top: £28.00

Skirt: £17.99

Bag: £17.99

Skirt: £18.00

Bag: £18.00

Shoes: £27.99

Shoes: £20.00

Voodoo Doll: Pumpkin Outfit: Designed by : Emma Piper

Anything orange is always a good choice when attending a Halloween party. Orange is a bright, fun colour that is worth experimenting with, although it is not a very safe colour, styled simply with blacks or whites makes it less loud. A green accessory can help keep the colours toned down but shouts out ‘Halloween!’ more with the orange, symbolising the pumpkin.


A much more toned down outfit with darker colours is one to consider for any of you good at doing the Day of the Dead styled make-up. A black tulle skirt paired with a black crop top or bralet and accessorised with dark shades such a burgundies, purples or even green, can look sexy as well as complimenting to a scary doll or Day of the Dead face paint. A floral headband adds to the innocent look, but works really well to intensify the creepiness of the make-up worn with it.

ht at the Ball


Abby Smith

Shirt: £38.00

H&M Blazer: £14.99

Trousers: £25.00

SELECT Jumpsuit: £7.99

Shoes: £65.00

The Clown:

Beetlejuice Inspired Outfit: A much more casual look to go for is a jumpsuit paired with a pair of heels. A black and white stripe jumpsuit resolves any issues of what to put with it and can easily be accessorised with, for example, a white bag. Depending on which road you take it, the jumpsuit can be styled with skulls and a skeleton face or just topped off with a velvet choker and a classic, black blazer.

So, do you feel any more inspired and prepared for the big night? Whatever you decide, you can see how easy it is to makeshift an outfit, without having to pay too much for a ready made costume, as well as stay stylish and fit right for a Halloween themed ball. The fun never stops when you are at DMU, let the nightmares commence! Tweet us your spooky Halloween fashion inspirations or your costume dilemmas #halloweenfashion @thedemondmu


Designed by : Emma Piper

H&M Shoes: £19.99

A style that can be worn by a woman or tailored to a man’s outfit is the clown. Bright, colourful trousers worn with a shirt and a pair a trendy shoes is a way of slipping into something more comfortable but still stylish for the ball. A pair of braces and/or a big, patterned bow tie will work a treat. Put on some make up, making sure to add the red nose and you are ready for the night.


Game Day By Matthew Baldwin The popular card game Magic: The Gathering is preparing its players for the upcoming Kaladesh game day. Following the prerelease for the set Kaladesh, Wizards offer a special event for people/players to win special promotional cards and for the winner, a Nissa, vital force play mat. The release of Kaladesh is Wizards biggest of the year as it calls for a rotation of standard play, which means some cards will be unavailable in magic competitions causing big changes in the format and styles of the game. The game day will hope to be a showing of what Kaladesh is going to do for the game and will be a start for players looking for spots at the upcoming pro tour.

Designed by : Emma Piper


Game day will run from 22-23 of October and is a standard tournament event meaning that only cards from the latest 3 blocks can be used to form player’s decks. The tournament follows a swiss-system style, so will have a set number of games and the the one who comes out on top is the winner. Players were also hyped for the London GP which was held from the 7-8 of October and used the limited format meaning that you could make a deck when you get there rather than beforehand. With a growing fan base Wizards are also pushing the story of the game and getting players involved with the in depth lore and complex story structure that allows players to go to their local friday night magic and discover that the world of Magic: The Gathering is more that just a game.


Take a Break From Extreme Scares With These 5 Halloween Comedies

By Harry Emson

What We Do In The Shadows (2014) This mockumentary is about a group of Vampires who live together came out of New Zealand in 2014 when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. With 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and 76% on metacritic, this film is a must see. One of the directors for this film, Taika Waititi is even directing the new Thor: Ragnorok (which looks awesome!) So, let’s just forget about him directing the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie - ew. With some seriously spooky moments and a few jump scares along the way, What We Do In The Shadows is a great combination of scary and funny without compromise. Scary Movie’s 1-5 (2000-2013) You must have seen one of these at some point. To put it simply, the Scary Movies are parodies of horror flicks. Ridiculous ones. Silly is an understatement, but it can be nice to switch off your brain after all that drinking... I mean studying, and just enjoy something mind-numbingly stupid. Don’t worry, they’re still funny though. Stars such as the Wayan Brothers, Charlie Sheen, Pamela Anderson and Leslie Nielson make an appearance, so it’s safe to say you’ll have a few good chuckles... well, spooky ones. It is Halloween after all.

Shaun of The Dead (2004) So the zombie apocalypse has finally happened. Your home isn’t safe and you need to find a place for you and your friends to stay. What do you do? Well Shaun (Simon Pegg) goes to the pub, has a pint, and waits for it all to blow over. Shaun of The Dead is a cult classic and the first film in Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright’s Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy (also known as the Cornetto trilogy) so when Halloween is over, give the rest of the trilogy a watch, you won’t regret it. This film has lots of blood, guts, gore and gags, perfect for a laugh at Halloween. Zombieland (2009) You can never have too many zombie films. Zombieland is a great mix of fright and slapstick which sees Jesse Eisenberg team up with Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin as they try to make their way across the US in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. There’s some handy rules to follow just in case you find yourself in a similar situation, and some awesome action sequences. Keep an eye out for the brilliant surprise cameo, in fact, you might want to start watching before someone spoils it for you. Ghostbusters (1984) That’s right readers. Bill Murray, proton packs, the stay puft marshmallow man, and lots of slime. I’m not going to explain this one to you, because if you haven’t seen it after getting this far in life, well, that’s scarier than anything Halloween could conjure up. I’m not just talking about the original here, watch the 2016 Ghostbusters too. If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood this Halloween, you know who to call. You may want to get out and stretch your legs after watching all these films, so why not head out and watch some live comedy? There is a staggering number of great comics coming to Leicester over the coming months, and the Leicester Comedy Festival in February doesn’t seem all that far away now, so be sure to get your tickets ready.


Designed by : Alex Rhodes

Halloween is supposed to be a time for spooks and scares, but we can laugh too, right? Here’s some ideas for having a little humour with your horror, because all that crying and recoiling can take its toll, but you can never have too much comedy. So drag your flat mates out of bed, invite your friends round and break out the popcorn, because here are some Halloween film’s you can have a laugh with.


Horror Movies That Refuse To Die With the upcoming date of Halloween and the looming release of Resident Evil and Underworld, we’ll be looking at some of the horror franchises that have decided to cling onto their waning lives by the tips of their claws.

Resident Evil Resident Evil is popular all over the world for its video game saga and its movie franchise starring Milla Jovovich. The first film in 2002 became a zombie apocalypse revelation that paved the way for our insatiable virus outbreak fantasies. Of course, studios seeing this response jumped onto the bandwagon and soon we had movies like these popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, Resident Evil didn’t stay a solo film and 2017 will see the release of the 6th film Resident Evil: The Last Chapter. And whilst Afterlife had an impressive opening sequence in Tokyo, this is a franchise that desperately needs a cure.

Underworld The first Underworld film premiered in 2003 to positive reviews, Kate Beckinsale played Selene, a warrior caught in a supernatural war between lycans and vampires. Along the way she falls in love with an ‘enemy’ and becomes entrenched in the war. Selene became every gothic man’s dream, a cross between PS2 Oni and an actual vampire queen; Beckinsale’s portrayal of the protagonist is what initially sold the film. Underworld hasn’t been treated too harshly at the box office or by fans but as we approach the premiere the fifth instalment ‘Blood Wars’, it begs the question: did we even need a third one?

Paranormal Activity There have been six of these ‘drag me to the bedroom kicking and screaming’ films, each one gradually disintegrating in entertainment and horror. The first film was genuinely scary, was that woman really being thrown about like a ragdoll or was it just wires? The main sell for this franchise is its format, filmed as if it were an inhouse camera as opposed to an actual cinematic format in which clean edits and angles would be

Designed by : Emma Piper


the way to go. Once you realise that the real scares have steadily passed you by, you’ll be wishing that Hollywood dragged this franchise to the bin.

Scream In the case of the movies, in which there have been four, this formula has been overplayed. But I actually want to stress that the TV reboot (2015) is actually pretty good. The show recently wrapped up its second season, following the formula of a killer at large in a town full of teenagers. The show is actually quite smart and is very self aware, occasionally mocking itself and telling the audience the obvious. However, it can be critiqued for being TOO obvious, often hinting at the finale killer too soon and leaving the audience to become bored. That being said, a Season 3 would be particularly interesting after the Season 2 cliffhanger. Scream is one horror franchise that I hope drags itself to the ambulance van and keeps on living. Abigail Remmer


DEAD RISING 4 Christmas may be coming early for all you Dead Rising fans as the fourth instalment to the survival horror, beat em up video game is due to be released worldwide on the 6th of December this year. The release date for the game developed by Capcorn Vancouver, to be published for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One was announced at Microsofts E3 2016 press conference. The game will feature the return of the photojournalist, Frank West, and will be set in a Christmas-themed Colorado, which has been overwhelmed by yet another zombie outbreak. It will also feature over-thetop weapons – including vehicles and body mods. Unlike its predecessors, the fourth instalment will not feature a timer system and can be played in single-player and multiplayer due to the ability to be able to co-op for up to four players in an open world setting like the other three instalments. DEAD ISLAND 2 Following the success of the first game which was released back in 2011, the sequel to the franchise has been delayed for release later this year, despite being scheduled for a spring 2015 release. The upcoming open world survival horror action role-playing video game, developed by Sumo Digital is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and continues the journey from the first game in which the United States Armed Forces have put California under a quarantine restricted zone due to a new zombie outbreak. Players may also get the chance to even kill zombies in Hollywood (Please let there be a zombie Megan Fox). Fans who have played the

first game are hoping that Dead Island 2 does not turn out to be an enhanced version of the original, with prettier graphics. However, there are rumours that the sequel will feature different combat mechanics than its predecessors, but its original gameplay will return. LEFT 4 DEAD 3 The Left 4 Dead franchise has made it into many peoples top 10 horror games, and reports have surfaced, claiming that the gaming developer Valve have prioritised working on the new Left 4 Dead title, which is rumoured to be released next year. Dont get too excited though, it hasnt been 100% confirmed! But with the previous game being released back in 2009, a sequel is long overdue. However, sources such as Express have also claimed that the names of the characters included in the games story have been revealed, with three male characters and a female character known as Katherine. If the rumours are true, the game is most likely to have the same gameplay in which the first two games had; with a small team of four, a wide range of melee weapons to choose from in order to fight the zombies, and the ability to communicate with your fellow players. These are features of the game in which players would be familiar with. However, the third instalment is most likely to have new characters and all new stages, and will be updated to match the modern graphics that you get on the PS4, Xbox One and on PC. Siobhan Doyle


Designed by : Luke Flynn and Holly Bot

Halloween is just around the corner, and what could be more trendy than dressing up as Margot Robbies Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad? Putting on some gory make-up and white eye contact lenses and becoming a zombie for the night. However, to all the gamers out there who would rather stay indoors, here are some of the upcoming zombie filled sequels coming out later this year and the next, to keep you in the festive mood.

Halloween Playlist 2016 Mollie Mansfield

Need to add some horror to your Halloween pre-drinks without using the same playlist your mum’s used every year since you were 4? Well here’s what we’re going to be listening to:

Arctic Monkeys – If You Were There, Beware Jamie T – Zombie Michael Jackson – Thriller (Well, it would be rude not to) Beyoncé – Haunted Dirty Pretty Things – Bang, Bang, You’re Dead The Wytches - Gravedweller The Vaccines – Ghost Town Talking Heads – Pyscho Killer The Smiths – Death of a Disco Dancer Cage the Elephant – Spiderhead

Designed by : Emma Piper, Photography by: Abby Smith


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Designed by : Emma Piper

Halloween '16 | The Demon Magazine  

The Demon Magazine returns with the spooky, themed Halloween issue. Find out about De Montfort University's campus revamp, some advice for F...

Halloween '16 | The Demon Magazine  

The Demon Magazine returns with the spooky, themed Halloween issue. Find out about De Montfort University's campus revamp, some advice for F...