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How many people have heard about Craigslist? Compared to Google, I don't think the numbers of those who know are quite high, but the record of how many page views it receives with every passing year shows that Craigslist is climbing up the ranks of popularity. For a quick introduction, Craigslist is the brain child of Craig Newmark who created Craigslist as a centralized network connecting online communities offering free online classified advertisement from jobs, to internships to erotic services to housing and real estate and personals, community happening, gigs, pets and entertainments. Being a free community network service provider, Craigslist is a lucrative and sensible place to market a wide variety of products, especially if it's new products. Craigslist provides a successful marketing strategy through ad posting and user tracking on different advertisements. Craigslist is a marketing tool that needs to be considered by online marketers. There are several tips that you need to abide to when marketing you products on Craigslist. First of all, identify your market. If you have a service or product, determine who your target audience is and where are they located. A little bit of strategy and research will definitely take you a long way. Also, learn the rules on posting on Craigslist as you do not want to be flagged by either Craigslist or its users. Next you would need to do it to build you ads. It can be as simple as writing a few words and explaining the nature of your service or product or you can add in html texts and flash banners to your ad. Your ultimate goal here is to make a one liner that is catchy and hits the right target group. Other things to abide to are tracking results - to see how many people have viewed your ads as well as community commitment and selling safely.

Craigslist has been one of the most popular website that receives millions of pageviews on monthly basis. You can piggyback on their popularity using ethical Internet marketing strategies [] and posting Craigslist advertisements on their site for Internet advertising [] without being ghosted.

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==== ==== No Ghosting No Flagging Run Unlimited Ads On Craigs List CLICK HERE ==== ====

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