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Trying to market on Craigslist has been a popular topic of discussion every since I started real estate investing back in late May of 2010. Boy was that a rough year (not officially over as I'm typing this). Anyways, many investors say you must use craigslist and that it's a good source of both seller and buyer leads. Well my question is where the heck they from because I need to virtual invest there. I live in sunny (8 months out the year) Tampa Florida which seems to be the central location for wholesaling. Its like that Michael Jordan song. You know.... "Everybody, everybody wants to be like Mike". Just replace "like Mike" with "a wholesaler" and you've got Tampa. Sing it to yourself one time. Ok well I have a few questions for you. Question number 1 When you first started wholesaling, what's the first thing everybody told you to do? Market on Craigslist and other online classifieds sites right? Well have you been on craigslist lately and just took a look around where your ad would end up? Its ridiculous how much competition you have. I mean you can hit the refresh button and literally watch your ad drop pages. Not spots. PAGES!! Question numero dos (2) If your were, lets say rich or well off and had a money to invest, would you sit at a desk all day on a computer looking through hundreds upon hundreds of ads about homes for sale. Not to mention, most are probably not up for sale anymore and are just a wholesaler trying to get your info so they can sell you a house later in the future. LOL. I would rather work with an agent or better yet, work with a human (wholesaler) who's down to earth that knows the business well enough and knows agents and can get me what I want. Basically, I'm working with the man in the mirror. ME. Plus there are countless bandit signs through out the city advertising homes for sale that you could just call up. So after answering those questions myself and posting countless ads and getting no response, I came up with the conclusion that I'm pretty much done trying to market on craigslist. Now eventually I will hire a VA and let them handle that area posting ads over and over but Im not wasting my time anymore. I'm an SEO master in the making and would rather spend my time getting my sites to the top of Google to pick up organic traffic which I feel is a lot better quality traffic.

Before I end Don't let my findings or what I say deter you from trying to market on Craigslist. You must come up with your own conclusion. Here in Tampa, everybody and their mother tries to market on Craigslist and you know they say when every one is doing something run like heck in the opposite direction. I actually had my first property sold by using Craigslist but that was in May of 2010. Its now December 2010. This business changes constantly. You must find better and new ways to market and set yourself apart from the competition or you'll be another sad sap filling the Google pages up with "real estate investing is a scam" links. Trust and believe this is an amazing business to be in. Its hard.. Wait... Its extremely hard to be successful in this business but you have to keep fighting.

Don't wait til tomorrow to learn how to flip homes! It's a lot of money to be made in this real estate business and it's not going to wait on you. Go to my Flip a house website and learn everything there is to learn about flipping homes for FREE.... and just so you know, the gurus are charging 1000's for this info but not me...

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