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Prepared and Presented by: Theddy Ladislaus Bsc. Information Communication Technology with Business Mzumbe University By Theddy Ladislaus

MAIN AGENDA • Good Governance • Characteristics of Good Governance • Role of Youths in the Sustainable Development • ICT and Good Governance • Way Forward

By Theddy Ladislaus

Good Governance The term governance is wider than government State

Market Civil Society

The way these actors organise themselves and make decisions according to a set of informal and formal rules is what shows practicability of Governance By Theddy Ladislaus

Measure of GG 1. State capability. 2. Accountability:


1. The ability to get things done, to formulate and implement policies effectively 2. Accountability: a set of institutionalised relationships between different actors that might help bring about responsiveness. 3. When a government or some other public authority act on identified needs and wants of the governed(Citizen). By Theddy Ladislaus

Characteristics of Good Governance Democracy RoadMap Effectiveness Equity

Transparency Participation



Good Governance By Theddy Ladislaus

Cont. • Democracy is a mode of governance and there exists a symbiotic relationship between the concepts democracy and good governance. • Good governance can therefore be seen as an umbrella term for a functioning democratic system where freedom of expression and a sound juridical system is in place By Theddy Ladislaus

Role of Youths In Development

By Theddy Ladislaus

Problem Statement • Over the Past Ten years, Technology is thought to open up for a deepened democracy through citizen participation and insight into state affairs, through influencing the political decision making process, and helping in holding governments accountable. Is this the case in our Student Organisations?

By Theddy Ladislaus

Cont.. East African government institutions have adopted the idea of using technology as a tool for service delivery and a way to communicate with the governed. This presentation paper describes a few interesting cases and pilots, focusing on East Africa (mainly Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) where technology have been used for improving governance, either independently or as a compliment to other methods and strategies By Theddy Ladislaus

Statistical Evidence

Source Of Data (TCRA, CCK, MTN, UCC, Stroke by 2008)

By Theddy Ladislaus

Information Communication Technology Use of Technology and technological devices

ICT as a tool to improve good governance By Theddy Ladislaus

Applicability of ICT Egovernance


Websites Media

SMS Solution

• Application of information and communication technologies (ICTs) aimed performance oftraditional government functions and services

to enhance the

• strategy and its implementation involving the utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technology, services, applications and devices for improving benefits to the parties involved in e-government including citizens, businesses and all government units

• Use of internet in reaching out to the governed by airing news, documentations, papers and letting the world know what initiatives what are taking

• Use of mobile sms bundle to send messages to the students on ongoing issues with regard to their category(Filter)

By Theddy Ladislaus

WHY ICT? • • • • • • • • •

Helps improve efficiency in government Enhanced quality of service more effective outcomes Cost Saving Security and Standards Forward the reform agenda; modernization goals Facilitates openness Transparency Creates a freer flow of information between departments, institutions and layers within government. • opens up for opportunities for citizens to participate more directly in influencing decisions that effect them. By Theddy Ladislaus

Responsibility Accountability Efficiency

Transparency Patriotism Use ICT

By Theddy Ladislaus

Personal Reflection Moment. Can I now Go practice Good Governance?

ICT for Good governance  

My first paper presentation on ICT for Good Governance during the EASCU Conference at The East African Community HQ

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