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Day Shares ideas about By Rebecca Kellstein and Emma McBride Middle school is a time to figure out who you are as an individual. Although a relationship may not last long, it may helps kids develop better communication skills and it can also help boost middle schoolers self esteem. Some people think dating in middle school is a joke; others see it as a way to feel more grown up.

Valentine’s Day, Adorned With Love By Ricky Whipple Sweet Valentine’s Day, adorned with love. All the beautiful birds above, From peace-bearing doves to serene swans flying in the rosy sky of an uplifting dawn.

Ellie McBride

Does dating help self-esteem? Ellie McBride 7th grade: “I feel like that could be true, but in a way, it seems to me in middle school the self esteem might not be the most positive- thinking you are better than someone because you have a cuter boyfriend or girlfriend. I think it’s better for people to just be friends and not go so far as love.” Would you rather spend time with your bf/gf or with your friends? Jamari Brewster 8th grade: “Not at this age because you

Jamari Brewster don't have the resources, high school is better.” Emma Kellstein 6th grade: “I would rather spend time with my friends because I think my friends are more important than a bf/gf.”

Emma Kellstein

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Photos by Emma McMcBride & Rebecca Kellstein & Anilson Rocha

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February, 2017 Do you feel dating makes people feel older and more mature? Chloe Jean-Pierre, 8th grade: “Sometimes, because I see some people being childish, some being more mature. I think it really depends on their age.”

The time of year when those with a crush constantly try to hide their blush, wishing for memorable fun with their beloved, treasured one. Some relationships are kindled with hearts Others are shattered, broken into parts. Couples dance with elegant twirls: Grinning, laughing boys and girls! They relentlessly pursue their intertwined fates As they embark together on adventurous dates.

Ethan Rensing

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Middle school datinis known to boost your self esteem, what do you think about that? Ethan Rensing 8th grade: “If you get into dating it can boost your self esteem, but if you get rejected it can hurt your self esteem.”

Gigi Hamar 8th grade: “I would be okay with it. Although it would be a little award to hang out with them if their bf or gf is around.”

Gigi Hamar

A popular time for chocolate foods As people transfer to love-struck moods. Even for bonds which have suffered a rift, The sweet taste of truffles makes a lovely gift. It only comes by once a year, So be prepared as the day draws near. Forget all the worry, erase all the fear, For this is a time to spend with the ones you love dear.

Chloe Jean-Pierre

Chris “Lightning” Claflin: 8th grade:

Rosie Fowzie

Chris Claflin Why We Love Emojis page 10

'It kind of, like, makes you feel comfortable, that you can be yourself with someone. You don’t have to worry that you won’t find someone to love.”

Sweet Valentine’s Challenge Crossword Puzzle page 9

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February, 2017

Should the Electoral College cease to exist? Many say“YES” By Editor LIraz Brand “More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than any other losing presidential candidate in US history.” said Gregory Krieg from CNN. The President of the United States of America lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes, causing cries from across America for the abolition of the very thing that got us into this situation, the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate representing their states in the presidential election. The Electors from most states vote for what the majority of the state voted for in the popular vote. If any of the 538 Electors vote for the candidate that their state did not elect they face being fined, or in some cases being charged with felony. Is it fair that the fate of our elections lie on the Electoral College? Or are the cries for the dismantling of our electoral system simply Clinton supporters who refuse to accept our president? . The Electoral College can be

useful to give an equal voice to smaller and larger states. Peter J. Wallison from had this to say, “Each state’s allocation of electoral votes is simply the total of its representation in the House and Senate. This again gave the smaller states some additional power in the important choice of the president.” Those in favor of keeping the Electoral College argue that sometimes certain people are more qualified to make the final decision of who should be our president than regular citizens. Alexander Hamilton, the man responsible for the creation of the Electoral College, in his 68th Federalist Paper said that “[A] small number of persons, selected by their fellow-citizens from the general mass, will be most likely to possess the information and discernment requisite to such complicated investigations.” On the other hand, many people believe the Electoral College is no longer or never

Photo source: was meant to be a part of of our electoral system. First of all, the Electoral College does not give everyone equal power in our elections. Each state’s electoral votes are equivalent to the number of senators (always two) and the number of representatives. This causes each state to have a minimum of three electoral votes per state. Even Washington D.C. has three electoral votes, causing a vote from D.C. to be worth a lot more than one from California. According to Tyler Lewis from the Huffington Post, “By giving smaller states more electoral votes per person than larger

states, disparity was created across the nation in regards to the significance of each citizen’s vote. With the Electoral College, the value of a vote depends on what state a person lives in.” Another reason there are many advocates in favor of abolishing the Electoral College is that the reason that it was created is not what many people would consider American. Alexander Hamilton and other founding fathers stated that they didn’t trust the citizens to elect a ruler, and believed the Electoral College would act as a safety net if the population picked an unqualified ruler. It is the American way to criticize and better our government, and sometimes that means preservation of our constitution. Whereas sometimes it requires deconstruction of our prior knowledge and thoughts to make way for a new ideas. As Americans, it is our responsibility to advocate for a government that works for us. Because while the past has shaped the present, we are the ones changing the future.

What is “conversion therapy” and why does our newly elected vice president support it? By Gavin Cox and Aidin Kamali It might be hard to believe that even today, many parents send their children who have an LBGT identity to camps where they are essentially brainwashed into becoming heterosexual through barbaric methods. Although Newton is generally a very welcoming community to gay people, there are some people in our country, and in other nations, who do not believe being lgbtq is okay. Conversion therapy is the act of attempting to“cure” someone’s homosexuality through techniques including inducing physical pain and performing religious rituals to try to make someone heterosexual. This practice is purportedly backed by our own vice president, Mike Pence. One might think that this custom would be completely illegal in the United States, but it has been banned in only six states and Washington D.C. The United States’ vice president, Mike Pence, has made numerous comments that have been interpreted as homophobic. Pence had this to say on the topic of HIV prevention, “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide

Photo source: assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” To most people this statement was essentially Pence stating that he thought that money should be pumped into changing people’s sexuality. This would be money diverted from underprivileged

people with HIV/AIDS. Librarian Randy Meyers said, “The idea that you should change someone’s sexuality from the way they were born is terrifying. I think it [conversion therapy] is a completely debunked idea by psychiatrists now.”

According to the New York Times, “Mr. Pence’s spokesman, Marc Lotter, denied to The Times over the weekend that the vice president-elect supports the practice...but L.G.B.T. groups remain skeptical, pointing to his record of opposition to gay rights….” Lotter’s statement might have been a little more plausible if it were not for Pence’s many homophobic actions and statements. Many people are shocked that our country has elected a vice president that is so clearly homophobic. Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign stated, “Over the last 18 months, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have intentionally sowed fear and division for cynical political purposes. They now face a decision about whether they will also govern that way.” Many students at Day feel the same way as Griffin. Eighth grader Skyler Bohnert had this to say, “I’m against it [conversion therapy] because everyone is entitled to live the way they want.” Skyler and many students at Day hope that Trump and Pence do not decide to spread a message of homophobia, as well as target other minorities in our diverse nation.


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Celebrating Black History Month this to say: “Because it's important

By Hussain Zaidi and Josh Thompson

to know why things are the way they are.” Ever since 1976, every There have been countless African February has been designated as American achievements so far. One Black History Month by every U.S. recent achievement was that of President. Black History Simone Manuel, an OlymMonth used to be known pian who was the first as “Negro History Week”. African American woman It was purposely placed to win a gold medal in in the second week of individual swimming. February, so that it However, Manuel is not would coincide with the the only African American birthdays of Abraham to win gold in the 2016 Lincoln and Frederick Rio Olympics. Simone Douglass. Negro Histo- Carter Woodson Biles, is a 19 year old ry Week was created by began the tradition. gymnast who received her Carter G. Woodson who 3rd gold medal in Rio. created this celebration to raise She is also a great example of an awareness of the contributions Afathletic achievements. However, ricans Americans have made to the sports are just one of the many community. When asked why they areas African Americans have think Black History Month is so contributed great achievements. important, Ashlin Saint-Preux had Out of many the scientists in the



By Audrey Gagnon It’s February, the month that celebrates love, and there is no better time to read about an inspiring way to share love than in the February edition of The Daytime. Sadly, many children in the United States are losing their hair to horrible diseases like Alopecia which according to, “is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, which is where hair growth begins.” Also, chemotherapy, a highly successful cancer treatment, unfortunately can affect hair follicles. This causes hair loss, which is where Locks of Love comes in. According to, Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that

SNOW DAYS By Maria Toone New England is notorious for it’s snowstorms. Blizzards are commonplace, flurries expected. And at the heart of every brutal winter is an unexpected oasis: snow days. For those who are curious on how the decisions are made, I decided to interview Dr. Jen Price, Superintendent of North Andover. What is your process for deciding a snow day? It honestly depends on when the snow’s supposed to be coming. I try to make the call before I go to bed, but often it’s not clear by then. If it isn’t clear, I get

provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.” The organization’s desig-

impact up at 3:30 am. I check two of the most reliable websites, weather underground and WCVB, which has a radar installed. Then I talk to nearby superintendents. Most superintendents live by what’s called the donut rule. You don’t want to be the one district that hasn’t called a snow day when you’re surrounded by districts that have. Finally I call the Public Works department who oversee the plowing. How stressful is it to make a decision? Snow days are by far my least favorite part of the job. I get very grumpy whenever the weatherman predicts snow on a

February, 2017

world, one of the most recognized one is an African American, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, Simone Manual a successful represented USA with a gold medal in author, and science comthe Olympics municator. This year’s Black History Month is going to be celebrated by events honoring African Americans and their heritage taking place at many colleges and towns. Speakers will talk about African American history and its heroes. Events honoring this month will also be held in Newton. According to, “The New-

ton County NAACP Youth Chapter is hosting its annual Black History Program.” This program will feature Barack Obama, our more than first black president 70 photos of living and dead black inhabitants of Newton who have affected the culture of the community. When asked how he felt about Black history Month, Mr. Meyers, the Day librarian had this to say, “I wish we talked about black History 12 months of the year, and whenever we talk about American history, we should talk about Black History. That history gets overlooked and we need to focus on it.”

nated hairdressers cut off at least ten inches of clean, nonbleached hair and it is sent to children in need of a hairpiece. Luckily, quite a few students here at Day have donated their hair to Locks of Love or a similar organization. Kira Young, a 7th grader on the Fire Team who donated her hair to Locks of Love twice, said, “[The hairdresser] put my hair into two braids then cut them off. It made me feel really good because I was helping people in need. Especially when they sent me a thank you postcard with a picture.” The staff at Locks of Love try

to send thank you postcards to their lovely hair donors with in sixty days, to show that love does not go unnoticed and so this amazing memory will never be forgotten. Another student who donated to Locks of love, Molly Delahunty of the 7th grade Fire team had this to say: “The lady put my hair in a ponytail. After that, she evened it out and styled it. It felt really good to to make other people happy.” Not only do the hairdressers cut donor’s hair, they also take the time to make sure donors leave loving their leftover locks. If someone has hair that is at least ten inches too long for their liking, and not bleached or in dreadlocks they may want to think about donating their hair to Locks of Love. It might make a child in need very happy. Art by Audrey Gagnon

chool year ends. school day. Snow on Saturday is a superintendent's dream! How much snow has to be predicted before you are absolutely sure you are going to call a snow day? I rarely call it for less than inches. Three to five is difficult to call. It depends on how late the snow comes, but 6 plus is usually a snow day. In conclusion, making a snow day decision is hard, but it may leave certain people with a very favorable opinion of you.

Graphic by Mariah Toone Data provided by Carolyn Campo of the Newton Public Schools Education Department

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Day News

February, 2017

GHOStBUSTERS CLUB morphs into a new entity

By Editor Hunter Young and Anthony Wang People have always been intrigued by the paranormal, creating myths and legends. Humans created ghosts and witches to explain the unexplainable. This interest in the paranormal inspired movies, and eventually a comedic take on the genre: the 1984 classic movie Ghostbusters. It is one of the most popular movies ever, and was followed by another movie in 1989, many video games, a Saturday morning cartoon, and, most recently, a 2016 blockbuster, rebooting the franchise, and bringing it back into the public eye. Its fan base has expanded, and it recently reached our school, in the form of an after school club. When questioned about the reason for creating this club, sixth grader Jack Kiernan had this to say: “Well, I had a love for Ghostbusters, and I wanted for it at school, and yeah, I [still] have it now.” The members made props, like proton packs and ghost traps. They also

watched the movies, rewatching their favorite scenes over and over again. Sadly, over time, attendance dwindled. Due to lack of members, the club is changing. Now, the members will hang out after school, doing activities based on what they decided on in the previous session. Then, at the end of each meeting, the club will decide on what to do the next week. This method creates a whole new type of club, one that is not restricted to one activity, or even one fan base. The new club will let students share their interests, and learn about other student’s passions. As of publishing, the club is undecided on a new name. Seventh graderThomas Kisiel, has this to say: “I think it’s a great idea to open up to other people’s interests. It’ll be sick!” The club is acceptant of the fact that there all kinds of people in this school, and that they all have different interests. It allows people who cannot find a club that suits their needs to find something that will enjoy. This club allows all different types of people to join together, doing and sharing the types of things they love, together. As Jacob Harrison, of the seventh grade, had to say:“That would be actually very cool!”

SADD ClUB supports great decisions

and awesome charities: Come join! By Logan Couepel The SADD club, or Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a club that engages in many anti teen-using and anti teen-drinking activities. The SADD club posts colorful posters around the school such as the “SUN SAFETY” signs, and others that promote good decision making and safety. It runs both the Red Ribbon Week program, and the Thanksgiving Can Drive. Howard Landau, the director of the club had this to say about his program: “This year we had about eight students, all seventh and eighth graders, but we’re always looking for more students, hope-

fully some sixth graders.” Landau himself participated in the SADD club of the ‘90s, and has firmly believed in the objective of the national program since. The SADD program was initially conceived of Robert Anastas at Wayland High School in 1981, initially christened “Students Against Drunk Driving”. Anastas enlisted the help of 15 various students picked without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Together, Anastas and the fifteen students wrote the Contract For Life, a pledge signed both by the hypothetical approving parent, and hypothetical interested young person/student. The young student’s pledge is that he or she accepts the fact that

there are many opportunities to participate in an irresponsible, dangerous, or illegal acts, such as drinking and driving, riding with an intoxicated and the like, and promises to not participate in any of them, until such time as they are of age to participate in the activity legally and safely. In 1997, in response to requests by parents, teachers, and students alike changed the name to the broader Students Against Destructive Decisions, now not only encompassing alcohol consumption, but also drug use and other unsafe activities. The SADD club of the F.A Day community repeatedly endorses and funds the Red Ribbon week and the Thanksgiving Food Drive. The Red Ribbon Week is a testament to around half of

what SADD stands for today; eliminating teen drug abuse. Ribbons (yes, they are bright red) are purchased for $1 during this week, as a pledge to not use non prescribed drugs and to not consume alcohol. If a purchased Ribbon is seen pinned to a student, they may or may not get a small piece of candy as a reward. The Thanksgiving Food Drive is exactly what it sounds like; Food for the people who cannot have a Thanksgiving of their own, or even a square meal, at that. When asked what she would like students to know about the SADD club, Natalie Ottaviano of the 7th grade Fire team had this to say: “We do a lot of donations and food drives, and it’s very fun, if you enjoy it.”


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February, 2017

Whenever students and faculty have problems with laptops and other technology, the Tech Support Staff are there to help. The Tech Support Team fixes problems ranging from applications such as Schoology to computers such as Macs. Stephanie Golas and Mohammad “Moe” Hachem, the new Tech Support Staff, sat down with us to share more about them in order to allow students to approach them more comfortably. By Isaac Tang

Stephanie Golas What is your job description? I am the instructional technology specialist for the school. My job is to help all the teachers and students understand how to use technology in the classroom. I support the teachers and the staff with the tools they use like Schoology. I also keep up with new tools and apps that are out for teachers to use and help them teach students better with technology.

Moe Hachem

et e M y’s Da ch t Te por p Su

How did you first get into tech? I have been a tech person for as long as I could remember. I was a kid that liked to take apart the VCR and tinker with technology tools in my house. I’ve had a computer in my house since they were available and I’ve been using them since I was six or seven years old. What are some of your hobbies and activities that you enjoy ? I enjoy reading, I’m a member of three different book clubs outside of school. I love hiking and I run obstacle courses and races. I’m also a crafty person, so I knit and make my own soap sometimes. I also like to bake, so I bake new recipes that I like to try such as cookies. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I would want to be able to teleport from place to place because I hate

What is your tech support role? I am the tech support specialist. I’m supposed to help out all the teachers with any issues that they have with the technology they have in the classroom and make sure that everyone is running perfectly so they can always help the students, which makes it easier for them to teach. When a computer isn’t working or the IPads are broken, it’s my job to fix them. How did you first get into tech? I’ve always been into technology since I was little. I studied tech in College. I got my undergrad at UMass Boston. I got my Bachelor in IT, Systems Administration and now I’m doing grad school at Boston University. I was also an Apple Genius for four years, which made me me like tech even more. sitting in traffic. It would be useful What advice would you give to students interested in tech? to do a Harry Potter sort of thing Technology is something that can go back and forth. Just play a lot with and just leave one place and apit, you’ll understand it more when you’re just using it and playing with pear in another place. it. Don’t be scared to do something because a lot of times, you can just What advice would you give to rewind that step that you took wrong. If that happens, there a lot of videos students interested in tech? online about technology, there are many resources to use. If you are interested, don’t let What is one interesting aspect that you want people to know about anyone tell you otherwise. Just you? tinker with things, play with I love animals. I have a huge obsession with birds, I’ve actually raised two things. It’s a really good time to be hawks. I’ve owned so many different types of birds, you wouldn’t believe a student and be someone young it, probably at least 5 different species. who is interested in technology If you could have one superpower, what would it be? because we have the Internet, I would like to be able to turn invisible. People can’t get to me or find me if there is just some much informaI’m invisible. tion out there. If you are interestWhat is your favorite form of social media? ed in something, pursue it, learn My favorite would be Facebook. It has a lot of good information, but there about it and find ways that you is also a lot of false news, so as long as you know how to sort it out, Facecan learn, even if you don’t have a book has a lot to offer. It’s also one of the biggest social media outlets, so ton of friends that have the same if anyone wants to promote themselves or ideas, then Facebook is defiinterest. nitely the way to go. I also like Twitter because people post a lot of funny things on Twitter. I don’t like Instagram or SnapChat.

Smartphones: What age is TOO Young?? By Tia Levi and Editor Dani Kingsley Eighty percent of teens from the ages 12 to 17 own a cell phone, and about half of those are smartphones. Some parents decide to give their child a smartphone because they think it’s the only way for them to be able to communicate from afar. However, they could just give their child a simple flip phone costs less and still allows them to communicate with them. Some reasons parents might purchase their kids a smartphone include: communication with parents, navigation, homework, and photos and videos. One issue parents might consider when making this decision is the cost. Smartphones are expensive, (for example, the iphone 7 costs roughly $900) and they can

easily be dropped or broken or lost, especially by younger kids. In this situation, more money has to be spent to either fix the broken phone or buy a new one altogether. Another downside is that kids have too much access to the internet way too young. They could see things they shouldn’t be seeing and receive false information. The younger they are the more likely they are to grow up addicted to their phones or the internet. According to The Telegraph, as the result of a study, they found out that a number of children start using the internet at the age of three years old. Many parents aren’t even aware about their children’s overuse of the internet. Many parents believe that their kids spend only about up to an hour on the internet per day, when the children themselves ad-

mit to spending up to two hours on average surfing the web. Electronic reading devices, for instance the Kindle, audio books, and books online can affect the way children learn to read. If a student relies on a voice to read for them, or words on a screen, they will not appreciate real literature, or not feel the need to learn to read. Teens who use cellphones often tend to make spelling shortcuts such as “ur” instead of “your”, “u” instead of “you”, “y” instead of “why”, not capitalizing “i” and so on. These shortcuts often affect schoolwork. According to the New York Times, on average, parents are giving their kids smartphones

starting at the age of 10, when back in 2012 the average age was 12. However, there are many children receiving them as early as second grade. Roland Moffitt, History teacher on the Fire team had this to say when asked what age one should get a phone: “Thirteen, because it seems like that would be when they would have to start communicating with their parents on a regular basis. Maybe twelve, you know, kids these days are involved with lots of stuff and we do use them in school a lot now... I think the downside [of getting a phone at a young age] is they might get false information and it might make them believe that that stuff is true but, there is a lot of false information put out there.” image source:

6 the daytime

Gamers Page

Lego Dimensions Year Two: the time has come By Zach Boyd and Jasper Wiborg The ultimate Lego adventure game, Lego Dimensions, has now stepped it up a notch, adding some of gamers favorite elements to the mix. According to Warner, “ All expansion packs provide players with continued capability to use everything from waves 1-9 interchangeably.” Now, gamers can not only explore in their favorite

February, 2017

worlds, but can play against friends with any character in the game, in the new battle arenas. The battle arenas include different modes including, bomb battle mode, capture the flag, base bash, and objective mode. Another fascinating part of the game they’ve added more to is its expansion packs. A new feature is story packs. Story packs come with a new build to put onto the base, instead of a portal. Some of the builds are Ghostbusters, Fantastic Beasts, and the upcoming

Lego Batman Movie. Lastly, this addition of Lego Dimensions of course added new fun and team packs. Some of the new packs are Adventure Time, Gremlins, Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, and more. We asked some Day students what their thoughts on Lego Dimensions Year Two were. One answer we got was from 6th grad-

er Selyan Shrestha, he said, “I think it’s awesome because it has characters that have never been seen before, like Finn, Jake, and Sonic.” 6th grader Jack Kiernan answered, “It’s a fun and wacky way to enjoy legos and video games.” Lego has made the game more enjoyable for all people looking for an aspect of what they love, in a video game. We recommend trying it out, and letting imagination take over.

in Japan in only three days! According to, “3.7 million copies were sold in two weeks in the Americas.” Gamers everywhere flooded stores looking for the new game. Even then, the game’s demo was downloaded a massive 3.5 million times in its first week alone! This time around, the game is set on the beautiful islands of Alola, a new region loosely based off Hawaii. Alola contains four beautiful islands: Melemele, Akala, Ulala and Poni Islands. With the beautiful breeze blowing through the palm trees that calm the soul to the glistening waves of the water soaking the beach. In the middle of it all, there is the uniform, man-made island of

Aether Paradise. The game itself comes in two individual editions, named Sun and Moon. Although incredibly similar, they both have their minor exclusive differences such as exclusive Pokemon, character accessories, and the two versions are 12 hours apart from each other. These differences will force players to study up on which version is better suited for their different tastes. However, Nintendo has changed up the system in a few, unique ways to make the game better than ever. Gyms have been replaced with similar challenges called Island trials. They contain various different activities, such as memory tests

to gathering items. This change to the usual gyms make the game a more refreshing change from the typical series of gym battles. Transport has also been enhanced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, featuring rideable Pokemon, called Ride Pokemon. They allow you to swim, fly, and move faster. Many students at Day play this game, regardless of age or grade. Eighth grader Grayson Snow had this to say: “(The game) is good, the artstyle has changed a lot and has improved overall.” Next, 6th grader Mariah Toone had this to say, “My favorite new feature are the Ride Pokemon.” Out of our interviews the average rating for this game is an 8/10.

Pokemon Sun and Moon takes players to Alola

By Andrew Chin and Benjamin Wong Eighty new Pokemon, four new islands to explore, and an exciting story awaits you in Pokemon Sun and Moon! Released internationally on November 18, the game has been purchased by the millions selling 1,905,107 units


7 the daytime

February, 2017

How do skaters twirl so much and not get DIZZY? By Will Ayinon


As the holiday season slips away, many around the world turn their attention to a new activity; ice skating or figure skating. Ice skating can be done just for fun, however, many people practice it at a more professional level. Many routines in figure skating require the skater to rapidly spin while staying in the same place, for example, a straight spin or a pirouette. In both types of spins, the skater must hold the same position while whirling around, fighting dizziness the whole time. Most of the time, when the spin ends, the skater must begin the next part of their routines. Many people who do not ice skate wonder ‘How do they not become

Everyone is familiar with the uncomfortable feeling following a fast spin. People who have had vertigo can tell you vertigo is not something they would want to go through again. Alex Acuna, a seventh grader on the Cardinal team shared his experience with vertigo, “It was really bad. I almost fell over just trying to walk across the room.” According to, vertigo can be caused by the inflammation of nerves around the vestibular organs. Your brain can not distinguish where you are, and

By Editor Arjun Shatkin and Andrew Jensen POW! There is a rush of excitement among the passengers as a train unlike any other rushes across a wide landscape, heading hundreds of miles an hour. Magnetic levitation or ‘Maglev’ bullet trains are coming into the light of many citizens worldwide. These high-tech trains are currently in China and Japan, but could be coming to the U.S. soon. Maglev trains are the fastest passenger trains in the world. According to, “A Japan Railway maglev train hit 603 kilometers per hour (374 miles per hour).” These bullet trains levitate four inches above the track using the principle of magnetic repulsion to reduce the friction caused by rails. Bullet trains also have aerodynamic designs to help

reduce air drag, a force that slows down moving objects. Kevin Castillo, a 7th grader had this to say, “The future is here with these cool levitating trains.” With all the new technology entering the U.S., It wouldn’t be surprising to see Maglev trains in the U.S. soon. According to, “The U.S. government has granted Maryland $28 million for ‘pre construction and planning costs for the potential development’ of a maglev train

this can lead a person to stumble and fall, which would not gather a very good score for the figure skater. So how do they do it? How do they manage not to fall over after spinning for so long? To understand the answer, you must understand how dizziness occurs. According to Dr Barry Seemungal at London’s Imperial College: “Dizziness, which is the feeling that we are moving when in fact we are still, is a common problem.” The cause of this “common problem” is that when a person stops spin-

ning, the fluids in the vestibular organs, which are fluid filled chambers located in the inner ear, continue to whirl. This sends misleading messages to the part of a human brain responsible for balance and the perception of dizziness, the cerebellum. Ice skaters’ brains are so used to receiving these misleading messages that they have learned to negate them, to an extent. A small feeling of unbalance still occurs after an especially fast spin, however, it would be less intense than it would be for a untrained person’s brain. So next time an ice skater does a routine with spins, the amount work and effort that has been put into each of their spins is in evidence.

from Washington D.C. to Baltimore.” Also, according to, “(Boston-New York-Washington) comes in at the top of just about every list of

na. This would create problems for bullet trains in the U.S. Another problem for bullet trains is that in places like China and Japan is that your destination is normally within walking distance. However, in the U.S., the major cities are extremely sprawled out over a large area of land. This means that after one takes a bullet train, they must take multiple forms of transportation to get to their final destination. Although producing a bullet train in the U.S. would be challenging, it can be done. Bullet trains have influenced minds worldwide with their futuristic attributes. There are advances are already being made in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. to make bullet trains possible. With these advances, we could see Maglev trains in the U.S. soon.

potential candidates for high-speed rail.” It’s clear that high-speed trains could be the future of national transportation. In the U.S., the terrain is more rocky and treacherous than in places like Japan and ChiImage

Environmentally friendly HYDROGEN CARS NEED more support By Nic Hart

Image In 2015, the Toyota Mirai was released to the public, with one main difference from other cars. It is special because it is powered by hydrogen. The Mirai is a car that doesn’t pollute; instead, it releases water. The Mirai is

also extremely efficient, at 66 miles per gallon, with a total range of 312 miles. “It’s lit!” said Nicholas Greblick when interviewed on the topic. “It’s nice that they don’t hurt the environment.” A test driver from the Danish TV show Drivers Car said, “We are driving the car of the future,” while driving the Toyota Mirai. He explained many of the benefits of the car and how the market is high in Denmark. He stated that there were nine hy-

drogen fuel stations in Denmark and two more being built. It is one of the first hydrogen cars to be sold commercially and is the most efficient hydrogen car ever made. According to, hydrogen cars work like this, “The gas is passed through a fuel cell stack that mixes the pure hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen to generate electric current. The electricity is then used to power one or more electric motors driving the wheels.” Hydrogen cars are an innovative new technology that doesn’t contribute to global warming, but there are still some problems. For one, they tend to be a little expensive, but not unrealistically so. The Mirai for example, is currently sold at $57,500. Another problem is

that almost all of the hydrogen fuel stations are in California, with one in Connecticut, one in Massachusetts, and one in South Carolina. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, has been interviewed on the topic and had this to say: “If you’re going to pick an energy storage mechanism, hydrogen is an incredibly dumb one to pick. You should just pick methane. That’s much much easier. Or propane.” Even though this may seem like a fair argument, the whole point of a hydrogen car is that it doesn’t pollute the atmosphere like propane or methane; hydrogen only produces water. Hydrogen cars could be our future, but when people with high influence shoot it down like Elon Musk, this clean technology could be muffled too long.


Valentines Day

the daytime


February, 2017 rn Popco e chocolate it olate h c o w h f . hite C 2 ounces o ntil melted l, 1 e’s W u t n r i a t e e il n e bow g r la Vale opcorm.. H double bo into a r use a p Make icrowave o ed popcorn er it. Then nly v p m e o p v e o e e t h p it’s in t cola t s of 8 cup melted cho gently until popcorn ou Place e n e r h h t o , t t c r n d p u e o a o m and p o toss the p olate. Spre parch h t oc ed in ly wit spoon with the ch heet cover inkle even nd s r a p , g d s akin foil. S coate rinkle n minon a b inum e ith sp evenly per, or alum sprinkle w et cool for t ny a a L n wax p of salt, the if wanted. reak into m iner B p ts onta c t ½ tbs ation hear hardened. h airtig rs e conve til chocolat store in an r n o u ! e s it erv ute pet then s on Ap pieces a week. B o t for up

Valentine’s Treats

By Natalie Nankmann and Najma Reza Valentine’s day is just around the corner, love dances from wall to wall dressing our school in many forms. Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day letters are sticking out of lockers, and friends are dancing around in the lovey mood as if everyone was shot with a cupid arrow. Nothing could make students and teachers feel more cheerful- that is, except for a sweet treat that will only take a few minutes to make. Nothing is better than enjoying a mouthful of conversation hearts, or devouring a homemade Valentine themed cake. May your Valentine’s Day be sweet!

Chocolate Strawberry Hearts First, cut off the stem of the strawberry and cut it in half. Alter the shape of the strawberry with a knife so it resembles half a heart. Use a toothpick to attach the strawberry halves together. Melt a bowl of chocolate chips or finely chopped chocolate in the microwave, mixing every 30 seconds. Once the chocolate is a smooth sauce texture, dip the strawberries in quickly so not to let the melted chocolate reharden. Put your finished strawberries on a pan lined with parchment paper in the freezer. Let the strawberries sit in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes until chilled to perfection.

Chocolate-covered Pretzels Place 1 cup chocolate chips or chopped chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave, mixing every 30 seconds until smooth. Take 1 stick shaped pretzel and dip it into the chocolate. Place the pretzels on a baking pan covered with parchment paper. Sprinkle desired valentine sprinkles and/ or conversation hearts. Place the pan in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until chocolate has hardened. .

Great VALENTINE’S DAY Gift Ideas By Robyn Herbert and Adilya Sunyaev Love is in the air, agh! All those costly goodies that cause fat wallets to deflate painfully in your quest to get-and-gift the perfect present. It’s hard but we know you can do it! Here are a few ideas to get the gift giving kicked off, and hopefully cause you to make someone's day. First off, give food, especially that favorite treat - theirs, not yours. As inspiration, we asked 6th grader Anna Huntington, here is what she said: “Cake, or maybe blue pancakes. Yeah!” To find out what their favorite food is you can sneakily text them saying “What is your fave food?” Oooops, maybe ask a friend of your friend to find out. One less used and considered more “mature” Valentine’s day gift is earrings. Earrings can be a good way to express someone's personality and are easy to find. If you are the more creative sort, or just have more time, you can easily make some of your own, there are tons of tutorials on the great and knowledgable interwebs. But

if you can’t make your own, do not fear! A lot of places sell great and creative earrings; some places to get great earrings are Just Next Door, Claire’s, Folklorica, and Rebekah Brooks in Harvard Square. Another really popular (and cute) present is a “stuffie”- also known as a big fluffy stuffed animal. This cute plush friend is good for anyone- friends, “baes”, and if for some reason v-day calls for it, family. When asked what type of stuffed friend she would like for Valentines day Indigo team member Maddie McCarthy responded, “Probably like a classic teddy bear.” If you don’t know which one to get- simple! You definitely do not scroll down their Insta feed (without accidentally liking any posts) to find their favorite animal, you simply ask them, like any normal and sane person would. If you want to go a traditional root, a heart shaped box of chocolates is the way to go! Especially if you are feeling “ romantic” you can buy the traditional heart shaped box of

choco8th grader lates Fahimah (you’ll said: “Ooooh, find I’d love to them get fluffy somesocks!” Fluffy where). socks come Or, if in all colors, you patterns, and don’t sizes- maybe feel up your receivto it, er is more you the type for might a small level just get of fluffiness, Valentine’s Day is a great time for showing friends but with crazy them a they are appreciated. Photo by Elsie Salkever purple stripes small box with and swirls, funky shaped chocolates, or just or maybe they want an extremeregular ones. When buying this ly fluffy sock, with owls on the present, a thing to avoid doing is toes. When shopping for this looking into their refrigerator item, keep in mind their favorite behind their backs and scouring color, animal, pattern and things it for chocolates, or the like. like that. These things you did Instead, go with your instinct, NOT gather from their diary, but and if you feel really uncertain, instead asked someone close to just go for a box with the ultimate them about. mix. Now that you are bursting with When looking for more friendly ideas for great valentines gifts valentines, big, comfy, fluffy socks -and just gifts in general- go buy are the way to go! (after stuffies, someone a gift, and watch their of course, always after stuffies). smiles be too wide for their faces!

9 the daytime

Valentine’s Day

February, 2017

Bella and Lilah “Tell it like it is”: Valentine’s Perspectives By Art Director Lilah Gentry

Valentine’s Day... that time of the year where people show their appreciation for their loved ones, and celebrate with candy hearts and flowers. (although I prefer chocolate.) This holiday is a day to celebrate the people one cares for, whether or not they’re in a relationship. Get ready to show appreciation and bond with friends and eat some candy. Even just a small candy gram with a sweet note can make someone’s day. For the people in a relationship, it’s time to get things together and get a gift. This gesture makes the significant other Photo by Toscana Urbano feel cared for and valued. The gift can be big or small; it should and all the pink and just show thought and effort. red chocolates and Avoid the awkward one person candy will be on sale. getting a gift and the other person This day might not standing there empty handed by be for everyone, and I can see why checking in and deciding to get many might think this holiday is each other presents or not. Either just another excuse to spend monway a box of chocolates or a cute ey on people, but it’s also a day to card is a safe bet for success. celebrate each other and show apEven better than receiving gifts preciation. Valentine’s Day is not and goodies on Valentine's Day is the time to reflect on loneliness, giving them. Yes, a little money but rather the time to reflect on all might be spent, but it’s worth it the amazing people in life, whether to see a friend smile or be happy. it be a special someone or just a Being the cause of someone's hapfriend who’s always there. Send a piness is an amazing feeling and card, give a gift, spread the love, is worth the money. Also, wait a it’s Valentine’s Day! couple of days after the big day

By Senior Editor Bella Lecona Valentine’s Day: It’s the holiday where people can really take the time to reflect on just how lonely they are. I find that this activity is best done with mass amounts of overpriced chocolate. Valentine’s Day is also a day that encourages materialism over love. While the rest of the world celebrates this holiday with romance, merriment, and jubilation, companies are making enormous profit by way of candy, cards, and flowers alike. According to History. com, Americans spend around 20 billion dollars on this fateful day each year. Not to mention, the

majority of popular candy companies, such as Hershey’s and Nestle use child labor to produce their chocolate. Not to put a damper on that Hershey’s Kiss that you were looking forward to or anything…. Besides that, Valentine’s day has a pretty sketchy origin in my opinion. According to, the idea of Valentine’s day came from an ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia. During this somewhat grotesque festival, a dog and a goat would be sacrificed, and the skin of the goat would be stripped from its body. From there, women would be slapped with blood-soaked goatskin, which was supposed to make them more fertile. Ah! It makes one tingly all over! While my perspective is slightly more pessimistic than that of my co-author, that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy Valentine’s day. I mean, on the bright side, at least we aren’t forced to make a card for everyone in our class anymore. There was always one person in the class that I disliked, and being the petty person that I am, their card would basically just say, “Dear Ned: Nice pants”. But, at the end of the day, the best part of Valentine’s Day is the day after Valentine’s Day, when I can go to CVS and buy chocolate 50% off.

SWEET Valentine’s Challenge Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. Most people feel this emotion towards their family 4. The turtle from “Finding Nemo” 7. Love and hate are part of this category 8. The city of love 11. The mother of a flying naked baby 12. Flies in the sky and on your bar of soap 13. The month of love 16. Dabbing is part of this activity 17. ”Will you accept this _______?”


1. Put this on your lips to make yourself more attractive 2. “Will you be my _________?” 3. Flying naked baby that shoots you on Valentine's day 4. This sweet is rich and creamy 5. ”Your music station _____ 108!” 6. To hold close 9. The color of Valentine's Day 10. The stuffed animal of Valentine’s Day 14. The sound of a door bell 15. A body spray men THINK attract swomen 16. A dried fruit that

rhymes with hate by Nico Cochran & Vincent Mastroianni


10 the daytime

Why we

By Allison Lee and Thea Koss An emoji is worth a thousand words. With the click of one icon, you can have a whole conversation. From emojis in emojis to Oxford’s word of the year, “The Face with Tears of Joy emoji”, the obsession with emojis is real. Hannah Hodge a 6th grade girl had this to say, “My favorite emoji is the smiling winking emoji.” Andrew Riebe, a 6th grader, had this to say about emojis, “I kind of like emojis, I use them sometimes. . .we have a love-hate relationship, you

know?”According to, “Shigetaka Kurita is the designer of the first emojis for cellphones. Kurita first created emoji while he was a member of a team that, at the time, was preparing for the debut of NTT Docomo’s i-mode, the world’s first mobile Internet system. The debut was set for February 1999. Inspired by manga, Chinese characters and street signs, Kurita wanted to convey emotions and thoughts without having the symbols polarize those who would see them. Eventually, Kurita came up with 176 12×12 images that would eventually be

February, 2017

the foundation for emoji everywhere.” There is a lot of things that we don’t know or notice about emojis, according to, “These hands are not praying. They are pressed together in a Japanese gesture of apology.” Also, according to, “The crying emoji has a reason to shed some tears-he has no bottom teeth and the salsa dancing emoji doesn’t have hands or facial features.” Yes, now would be the perfect time to use the Screaming in Fear or ‘Home Alone’ emoji. According to iemoji.

com,“The top 10 most liked emojis are the Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye emoji, Person with Folded hands emoji, Full moon with face emoji, Face throwing a Kiss emoji, Thumbs up sign emoji, Pile of Poo emoji, Face with Tears of Joy emoji, New Moon with Face emoji, and the Roasted Sweet potato emoji. There are a total of 1,851 emoji characters supported on current platforms. Now, let us all use the Astonished emoji. There are still a lot of things that are unknown about emojis, and we might never figure them out, but many love and use emojis anyway!

According to, “The on pollution-belching vehicles.” drones can only carry cargo up Amazon itself would save money to 5 pounds.” This limits the by not having to hire drivers to amount of packages they can deliver packages. The biggest bendeliver. Drones also have to deal efit though is to the customers, with FAA(federal aviation who are able to quickly administration) regureceive their packaglators, who can ban es, depending on drones from being where they live. used to deliver cargo. Amazon has been Weather plays a big testing its drones role in the success of without a human drones as well. It may pilot, instead relying Photo from be difficult to deliver packon GPS navigation. It ages to customers who live in uses a sense and avoid snowy or rainy places. technology that lets it avoid obstacles. According to, “AmaAlthough Amazon Prime Air still zon's drones fly autonomously and has a lot to be desired, the end outside a human's line of sight.” result could worth the trouble. According to, “Drones United states residents shouldn’t could also have environmental be expecting to see drone delivery benefits, by reducing reliance soon though. US regulators have

been more cautious about drone delivery than their British counterparts, explaining why the drone tests have taken place in the UK. However the FAA has made new rules to allow drones to be used to deliver packages. One of these rules is that the drone must be pilot operated.This contradicts one of the drone’s main functions, flying without a pilot. Amazon isn’t the only one who is toying with the prospect of drone delivery. In New Zealand, Domino’s pizza is testing drone delivery. Google has also been preparing to make its first delivery using drones. However, Amazon, with its technological expertise and resources, seems to be the one to help drone delivery officially “take off”.

Amazon makes its first drone delivery in the U.K.

By Editor Ruchik Trivedi

Three years ago Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, claimed that Amazon wanted to use drones to deliver packages. Now that claim has become a reality. On December 7th 2016, Amazon delivered an Amazon Fire streaming device and popcorn to a man identified as Richard B using a drone. The flight was two miles long and it lasted 13 minutes. Amazon is currently testing their drones in Cambridge, UK. If the tests are successful, then Amazon will deliver to more customers. This new drone delivery system will be known as Amazon Prime Air. However, one successful drone delivery doesn’t mean that drones are ready for commercial use.

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Pet of the Month/Review

11 the daytime

Why I

February, 2017

my slow-but-spectacular RUSSIAN TORTOISE

for mid- winter. According to Dr. Joe Heinen of russiantortoise. net, “Russian Tortoises are most active in the early morning and early evening, retreating to burrows during the hottest portion of the day. Russian tortoises are most active when the temperatures range 20-32°C.” They love spring because dandeliA well cared for tortoise is a happy one. “Spike” has ons, their favorplenty of fresh veggies and things to keep him occuite food, start to pied in his enclosure. grow. They love the outdoors, they practically By Avery Griffith depend on it, so owners should make sure to let them outside Many people have pets like every once in awhile. Also, owndogs, cats, fish and hamsters. ers should make sure to keep an But there is one pet that stands eye on these curious creatures so out from the others. It is the Rusthat they don’t get hurt or lost. sian Tortoise. These lovable torIt is important to clean these toises are found in the grasslands animals and the enclosure just and deserts of southern Russia. about once a month, or the torThey are great pets because of toise will get sick or dirty. their calm, soundless state, and However, tortoises can’t catch their long lives. They are acclihuman illnesses, so you can take mated almost all seasons except

care of them even if you have a cold. If someone puts their tortoise on a table or counter you might see that the animal is looking off the edge, trying to figure out where he is in the world and how he got there. It is really heartwarming to watch. Russian tortoises have a varied diet. According to and Petco, they are herbivores so they don’t eat meat, they don’t eat bugs either. They prefer raw fruits, veggies and plants like dandelions, broccoli, bok-choy, and brussel sprouts. These creatures need an indoor home as well as humans to care for them. Try going to a local pet store or animal shelter to find these creatures desert or grassland themed items, as well as an enclosure like the one shown Spike stays warm on below.

My Russian Tortoise named Spike for his spiky claws. He loves to sleep under my armpit (I have no idea why?). He likes it when I feed him, and he loves to go outside. We enjoy exploring the world together (within a two block radius.) People should consider getting these Russian reptiles as pets. These retiles maybe slow but they are full of curiosity, fun, kindness and care.

his special blanket. Photos by Avery Griffith

And Then There Were None: imperfect but compelling By Editors Maddie Antonellis and Amy Xue And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is a literary masterpiece, and considered to be one of the best mysteries ever written. Her work has sold millions of copies worldwide, and almost every mystery fan has either heard of it or read it. This year, the eighth grade students have been reading the novel. It is undeniable that this classic will remain a great favorite, but not all readers know about the movie. There was a mini-series produced by BBC. There has not been another adaptation so far that topped this one. The basic plot of both the movie and book is that ten people are invited to Solider Island, an island off the coast of Devon, England. They were all invited by the mysterious Owens, their hosts, but all for different reasons. When they arrive at the island, they come to find that the Owens are not there. Once they sit down for dinner, a record started to play. All ten residents are accused of a crime that they were not convicted of. They all suddenly realize that they were not invited to this island for a getaway, but to be hunted. The three episode special is super addictive, and viewers could not stop watching. The plot is fast paced and suspenseful, so much

that it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. There are many twists and turns that viewers would never expect, and it leaves the audience wondering what will happen next. Each character has more to them than meets the eye, and the actors in these roles portrayed that very well. The producers also added little details that the book didn’t have, but instead of ruining the plot, it turned out perfect. The gong was a really nice addition. It might not have seemed significant, but the dinner gong was used repeatedly as a symbol of foreshadowing The actors in this movie include celebrities such as Aidan Turner and Miranda Richardson. For example, Vera Claythorne (portrayed by Maeve Dermody) may seem like a no-nonsense schoolteacher, but she conceals more than her fair share of secrets. She acts still and

silent throughout the first half, but soon reveals her crazy and animalistic side later in the series. Alexa Kwon, an 8th grader on the Emerald team said, “I loved Vera Claythorne’s character. She had a strong presence, and stood her ground. She's very empowering.” The way the actors worked together to portray the setting, relationships, and emotions were amazing. It made viewers feel as if they were living this for themselves. Dana Siano, an 8th grader on the Evergreen team had this to say: “Even though the movie wasn't exactly like the book, I thought the characters and events were all portrayed very well and I enjoyed watching the movie.” However, every movie has it’s

faults. The death scenes, albeit being scary, were poorly done with obvious fake blood and wounds. The directors also tried making it overtly gory, which resulted a mess of guts and organs. Also, in the movie adaptation, there was a slight romance added between characters Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard. This romance distracted viewers from the suspense of the main plot, and made for an unneeded addition to the series. Overall, this makes for a great psychological horror movie. The plot stayed close to the book, and made former readers feel as if they were reading the story again. The characters were portrayed very well, and very closely fit the descriptions of the book. The acting was superb, and really added to the relationships and dynamics of the characters. The pacing was fast but suspenseful, and left the audience guessing. Skyler Bohnert, an 8th grader on the Evergreen team said, “Even from the opening I could tell it was going to be a great, well crafted movie. The movie really captured the suspense, distrust, and dread of the book. Even though I had already read the amazing novel, the movie still managed to surprise me." It was a great adaptation of the book with few faults, and is definitely the recommended version to watch.

12 the daytime

Advice & Poetry

Ask Todd the Broski Useful & Sensitive

Relationship Advice What if your friend stops hanging out with a different group and stops talking to you and it gets to the point of where it is awkward when you see them? - -Fretful Friend Ask them what’s wrong. Usually when a friend stops talking to you out of the blue there’s a supportive reason behind it. Don’t jump to conclusions, they may just be going through a hard time and need a break. Talk to them and comfort them, be there for your friend in his/her time of need. What if you have a crush on someone and are afraid to ask (them out)? --Teen Trepidation Asking someone out on a date is a big step, you may think you’re ready, but you should sit on it for a while and make sure that you really are prepared. Get to know them better and see if they possibly do have feelings for you back. Have fun, put yourself out there. S/he might not be the one but have fun with the relationship, it’s a learning experience and we are all learning about life. Teenagers are in an especially awkward time. Anything is better than not asking them out because the regret will build up, and bottling up your emotions will only make you feel worse. Additionally when you are older you will look back it and laugh :). Nothings funnier than the cringe-y yet caring kids that make up the teen aged group. Why is everyone falling in “love” in school? Isn’t school is a place for learning, not relationships? -- Negative Nate School is full of confused teens that hang out with peers that are there age. Most likely they are the only similarly aged people they know outside of their family. They are the people you know the best. Friends that appreciate you can start taking more of a liking towards you, if you show that you admire them.

February, 2017


by LIam Keblin

A lonely birdhouse with icicles hanging off, waiting for the birds to come back. slushy snow on the ground sloshing every time someones steps on it. Cars honking and rumbling from far away, Wet grass looking like a middy swamp Moldy leaves that died two months ago. Cold wind blowing against my face, making me feel like an iceberg. My cold fingers feel numb trying to stay warm inside my gloves. I know that winter is here.

Monster Plows by Luke LeBrun

Plows scraping the road, like monsters screechingup the roads as the night goes on, compacting icy snow into mountains, sounds of wind howling through the snowy trees, the bangs when the blow drops to scrape the streets clean.

13 the daytime

Just a Typical Wintry Day

Fiction and Poetry Page

February, 2017

By Anilson Rocha

Warm steam rushes out of the sewers on this sub zero day, fellow citizens racing to work, smooth snow sprinkling all over the Common, skyscrapers piercing the cool blue sky Like hands reaching up to touch the gods, frigid breezes waft around the tall buildings of downtown Boston.

A Harsh Winter By Simon Ball

Cold snow, white like soap from my last bath, dark green trees swaying back and forth, strong as a roller coaster. My sister and I come out and make sure the neighbors hear us, screeching and yelling at each other as we push each other into the snowbanks, back and forth, My mom poking her head out of the window, “Stop it, you two!” Winter feels like punch in the face, Harsh winds, loud as a blow horn, blasting into my ear. I open my mouth to catch a snowflake which melts as fast as Usain Bolt running his fastest race. My gloves get wet and cold as I get ready to throw a snowball as hard a rock, at my sister. It’s going to be a harsh winter.

Next Generation America: A survival story in the ruins of the U.S. By Elsie Salkever

Part I

A cool breeze drifted through the cavern. I looked out over the barren land. The fires had wiped out most of the plant life, leaving dried earth as far as the eye could see. “Anything out there?” Maria asked wistfully and looked back at Maria, her red hair cascading around her shoulders. It looked almost as bright as the fires that had nearly wiped out mankind, but less harmful and feared. The lapping, hungry walls of flames had been so unnatural, so deadly, so destructive. “Same as usual. Nothing.” She got up for a look of her own. “We’ll never find anyone else,” she said, slumping against the cave wall. “Always the optimist.” I sat down beside her. She hung her head. I couldn't blame her. It was hard, after three days of living off canned food and bottled water, our supplies almost out. Snow Day “You okay?” I asked carefully. By Kiran George She glared at me. “I’m fine,” she snapped. Maria had built up walls around Snow drifting from the sky like powdered sugar her emotions, which had helped her in the past, against bullies, when her parWater dripping from the ice cicles of houses. ents fought. She barely ever let anyone see when she was hurt, she tried not to The cold outside that cools me to the core. show it. Soft squeaks of squirrels chattering to each other, When I was not awake wishing that hamburgers grew on trees, I was asleep the soft purring like a river as the snow falls to the ground, having nightmares. They were always the same. Maria and I were doing homework together at my The exhilarating feeling of the snow as it slowly falls kitchen table. Being next door neighbors, we did that a lot. into the palm of my hand. “Ha! Math homework is done. In your face, loser!” Maria shouted as she stood Mushing and sloshing of the dirty snow, up. We always had those competitions. I smiled. doors slamming and garages opening, “Whatever, I bet I got more right than you.” I finished up the last problem, to gather the shovels scribbling the answer as fast as I could. That’s when I heard something interand clean it all up. esting in the news. “The fires have spread. They have taken over the entire middle east.” Pond Hockey “What the…?” I said. Maria looked over at the TV too. By Chris “Lightning” Claflin The reporter continued. “Nothing will stop them. These are unnatural fires. Every winter I skate They are expected to reach the eastern coast by midnight. Get out while you on the frozen pond in my backyard, can. These fires are only along the U.S border. As you can see behind me- ” I frigid winds against my skin slammed the remote to turn off the TV. feel like diving into ice cold water. I looked at my watch frantically. “We need to go now.” Every step is like quicksand sinking I always woke up there. Here we are now. Our parents were at work when the my foot deeper into the snow fire struck. We have not seen them since. We have not seen anyone but each Stepping on the ice not knowing other since. how deep it goes down. The news report seemed to imply that it only was across the United States of America, following the exact border. Then it just stopped. Out of nowhere. It My skate blades scrape was a wall of flame that spread across the US, terrorizing everybody, then just like sharp shiny knives stopping, leaving dry land, with ruins in places that were once great cities. Maacross dull thick ice, ria and I had taken refuge in the shallow waters of a nearby lake as the flames hitting little bumps as I go, tore down our home. trying to keep control of the puck “Brad. Brad. Brad! BRAD!” Maria screamed in my ear. “Did you hear me?” She while it's bouncing up and down, asked once she noticed she had gotten my attention. winding up to take a shot “Uh, what? No sorry,” I stammered. while trying to aim at the net, She looked worried. “We have to leave. We can’t stay here much longer. We’re slapping the puck almost out of supplies and I DO NOT want to draw straws to see who get’s as hard as I would throw eaten first. We have to leave. Find civilization or go to Canada.” Her words were a snowball at my friends. followed by an eerie silence. We both knew we would have to go eventually, but The puck hitting the the post we had hoped we could stay here longer. I nodded solemnly. dings like a bell She looked at me with, worry in her brown eyes. “Let’s pack then. We leave I drift over, disappointed tomorrow.” to find the puck be continued in the upcoming March edition buried in a snowbank.

Romantic Reads / Movie Review

14 the daytime By Editor Gwen Brass Paper Towns is an adventurous modern-day romance novel filled with wit, high school humor, and points of wonder. Quentin Jacobsen has lived all of his life next door to his secret love, Margo Roth Spiegelman, an overly adventurous girl who grows up to be the popular girl at their high school. Margo is full of quirks, like her irregular CaPitAliZatiOn, and her constant running away from home, leaving cryptic clues to her location. Quentin has always watched Margo from afar, until one night, when she appears in

By Editor Naomi Grusby

By Editors Maddie Antonellis and Rory Sexton On November 18th, the prequel of the world famous series Harry Potter came out swinging. The enticing and magical story of Newt Scamander in the new film, Fantastic Beasts and Where To

his window, inviting him on a quest for revenge. While they are sabotaging cars, parent-child relationships, and friendships, Quentin’s admiration for Margo grows. After a fun filled night, Margo disappears from school, and home. After finding a few vague clues, he and his friends embark on an adventure to find Margo. Along the way, they come to understand her quirky obsession over “paper towns”, fake towns that cartographers add to their maps. John Green, yet again, draws readers into a whirlwind of a romance novel, and helps readers understand that love is in the details.

By Editor Abby Caputo Eleanor and Park is a heart wrenching and heartbreaking love story of two troubled sixteen year olds fighting to keep their newfound connection, when it seems as if the whole world is trying to tear them apart. Rainbow Rowell’s detailed description of the troubles both Eleanor and Park face at home will have readers empathizing with their situations. Over their daily bus rides, Eleanor and Park develop a deep love for each other. The author paints a colorful picture of their new and fragile relationship that soon turns into something bigger. When Eleanor’s stepfather makes her fear for her safety, Rainbow Rowell has the reader holding their breath and hoping for a happy ending. Ultimately, Park comes to realize that loving someone unconditionally sometimes means letting them go.

By Editor Lillian Ranalli

The Girl From Everywhere, written by Heidi Heilig, tells the story of a girl exploring both the past and present. As the daughter of a time traveler, Nix has spent sixteen years aboard a ship sailing around the world and through centuries. As long as he has a map to guide him, Nix’s father (Slate) can travel to any place, any time, both real

and mythical. However, Slate is only interested in one place and time: 1868 Honolulu, even though going there puts Nix’s very existence in danger. Nix must decide whether she values her own existence over her father's happiness. Heidi Heilig said, “Sometimes a person has to let go of something to take hold of something else. You always have to choose what’s more important.”

Fangirl is a story about a girl who has spent all of her life behind a screen, and how she finds herself. Fangirl is filled with intense scenes that keep readers hooked till the end. The protagonist’s lovelife is one of the strongest plot lines of Fangirl, which tells the story of quiet young girl who is trying to become a writer at college and has to deal with her complicated love life and family problems. The relationship between Levi and Cath is sweet and innocent and readers who enjoy Each character has a distinct personality, some serious, like Slate, while others are hilarious. The main character, Nix, is funny and goofy, but manages to be extremely thoughtful as well. Heilig is also great at creating visuals, making the book seem all the more real. Overall the book was a quick read, and the setting was very descriptive. The amount of his-

Find Them, takes place in the early twentieth century, long before the reign of Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise known today. Even without the cherished characters of the modern age, this tale was superb and will surely be referred to as a classic to the coming generations. Dana Siano, an 8th grader on the Evergreen team said, “I loved the characters, and the creatures, and how it connected to parts of the Harry Potter stories, like how Grindelwald is a part of the plot. It was really cool to see magic in a different era.” Newt Scamander is a wizard from England whose life’s work is to find, capture, and learn about the magical beasts of the wizarding world. He finds himself in New

York City, where magical beasts are not allowed to be bred or owned. He meets a human named Jacob, who mistakes Newt’s case, which is full of beasts, to be his own. This results in Newt to be taken in by an officer named Tina, who works for the Magical Congress of the United States of America. Some of Newt’s beasts break free from the case, and start wreaking havoc in the city. This could mean war between the wizards and humans, and Newt has to try and stop it. The cinematography and effects created the magical charisma of the film. The graphics left feelings of awe in their wake. The viewer felt as though they were transported to the world of magic themselves, experiencing the fantas-

tic beasts in person. This is especially apparent when this film is seen in 3D where it is as if the magical beasts aren’t just near, but almost touching the viewer. Hannah Langenfeld, an 8th grader on the Evergreen team said, “The effects were so realistic. The magic almost felt as if it were real, and the CG [Computer Graphics] beasts looked like they were really flying.” It was often difficult to believe that all of the thematic events were creations of a computer and not actually taking place in real life. The Harry Potter franchise is no stranger to engaging and brilliantly shot scenes of magic duels and mythical creatures, but the new technology that has dominated the cinema industry of late has

February, 2017 romance novels would feel their hearts start to melt. When the plot suddenly turns from sweet to sour, most readers will feel deep empathy for Cath. Only the most immovable readers won’t feel as though someone is ripping their heart out of their body. Rainbow Rowell really does an exemplary job of putting the readers in the shoes of the character. She includes readers and makes them feel like they are in the story. Readers of any age can relate to Cath’s feeling of anxiety and uncertainty. Fangirl is so captivating, readers will have a hard time putting it down. torical fact and myth research Heidi Heilig must have done to create this story seems incredible, and the amount of effort she must have put into creating every place the characters visited is admirable. With surprising twists, this book keeps your attention until the end. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading action and adventure books, with a bit of romance. successfully taken it to a new level. Overall, the movie was impeccable. Not only in effect quality, but also in the rich story and character development. The storyline was well executed, and flowed well throughout the movie. Emma Pinch, an 8th grader on the Emerald team had this to say: “I really liked the characters. They were comedic but not to an unrealistic extent. It also felt a lot more like a canon Harry Potter installment unlike Cursed Child.” Fantastic Beasts has received many grand reviews in its short time in theaters so far. It is almost certain that any viewer will adore it and will be considered one of the best films of 2016.


the daytime

DAY TRIPS to By Toscana Urbano


February, 2017

February Break: venturing LOCAL but still exciting vacation. There are things for the foodies, the artists, and those in between.

Massachusetts locals know how to preQuattro pare for the winter is one of weather, and aspire the best to escape it. Caty locaHamel-Sellman on tions for Team Evergreen some had this to say: of the “People would want most to travel in winter aubecause February thentic can be a dangerous Italian month and it’s fun pizza to take a trip to MMM...Pizza! Image source:Eatlocalcom Ameriplaces with your family.” Tropcans can get without traveling. ical destinations remain the Located in the North End, it is ultimate stress-relieving luxury a popular spot with a modern vacation for February Break. interior. However, tables are set However, many people do not up without regards to spacioushave the opportunity to travel ness. Sticking just to the pizza during this week. Therefore, is is the smart thing to order as these itineraries were made to many lower ratings come from reflect on the best of Massachuordering different menu items. setts and give a not-so-tropical According to a reviewer from “I dropped in here for a

late lunch and ordered a prosciutto pizza. I was amazed. It was the best pizza I have had since my trip to Italy six years ago.“ The delicious pizza is highly praised as having the most true Italian flavor Lowell Winterfest is a festival of endless activities to fill up one’s day. And “fill” as in fill up with the all-youcan-eat chocolate festival or north soup bowl competition. First, one can ice skate for free in the rink or take on the amusement rides. Watch the Human Dog Sled Competition later in the day. In the evening one can gaze at the spectacular light shows they host. Visit at 12pm-8pm on February 24-25. No matter where one is for break, there should always be an opportunity to do something memorable. Whether it’s eating delicious food, taking on an amusement park ride, or observing art, locals should

Image source: likelolowellcom have an activity to enjoy. Claire Deng on Team Evergreen said, “I think that it’s a good idea to plan a day trip with friends or family because sometimes there is nothing to do during break. They don’t take too much planning or time. Vacations are costly so you can still have fun being close to home.”

EIGHT AMAZING WAYS TO ENJOY SNOW DAYS and try to score goals. 2.Ice MosaicsFreeze a mixture of water and food coloring in an ice cube tray, and put in the freezer for a few hours. Toilet paper bowling offers indoor excitement. They can be used as bricks to build By Naomi Goldstein a fort or a wall, to decorate snowmen/women, and, more Every New England winter, importantly, they’re even pretthere is at least one day when ty just to look at! snow falls in thick swaths 3.Soap Clouds- Put a bar of white, covering buildings, of ivory soap in the microwave homes, and bus stops. A whole for a couple minutes, and day, where, instead of being watch. (No, standing next to cooped up in a full school with a microwave does not expose a temperamental heating sysyou to major radiation.) The tem, students occupy homes, soap can still be used after swaddled in blankets, sipping this experiment, and it will be hot cocoa or dozing by the a fun experience to wash your TV. While you may have your hands after! heart set on doing that one 4.Toilet Paper Bowlingsnow day activity, there are Stack up a pyramid of toilet many more options for you to paper rolls, and get a playdiscover and enjoy. ground ball. Start throwing, 1.Mini Hockey Rink- In and see which of your friends a 9”x13” pan, freeze water. is best at this crazy sport. You When it comes out of the can also hide something in freezer (or, of course, the outthe bottom rolls, and whoever doors), connect two rectanknocks them over first gets gular containers (with rubber the prize. bands), one on each side 5.Baking- Although a comof the pan. Get two spoons mon non-snow day activity, (sticks), a bottle cap (puck), baking is one of the most fun and a partner (opponent). You activities you can do when the can now hit the puck around

heat is turned up, and the snow is blanketing the outside world. Remember- if your wi-fi is down, take out those dusty old cookbooks. You may find something more decadent and delicious than what you would find on allrecipes or epicurious! 6.Snow Paint- Like many snow-decorating crafts, this is so, so simple. All you need to do is put some food coloring and water in a spray bottle, and spray the snow. Your Cozy blankjets and movies and mugs snowmen will be the most of cocoa can make snow days cozy and original on the street- you memorable. Photos by Elsie Salkever could make an avatar, a slitheen, or even a murder crime scene! relaxation. Waking up late, 7.Maple Syrup Candy- Inwatching your shovel-enstead of going on a long trek slaved parents from your bedto the nearest candy shop, room window, inviting friends Maple Syrup Snow Candy is over (in their pajamas, of an easy, tasty alternative. 1. course), having warm drinks Boil maple syrup, then put a and freshly baked cookies, candy thermometer in until and watching TV shows or it reaches 235-240 degrees movies together. fahrenheit. 2. Remove syrup However you spend from heat, and pour on snow. your snow day- inside, by the 3. Press a popsicle stick into fire with a mug of hot chocthe maple candy before it olate, or outside, sledding cools. The syrup should bend down frosty, white hills, savor around the stick, creating a the blissful time that you lollipop shape. 4. Enjoy! If you have away from school. Just cannot stand the wait before remember, you will have to the candy cools, you can eat make it up when the weather some snow along with it. gets warm, so think careful8.Relaxing- Although it ly next time when you put a sounds cliche, some of the spoon under your pillow or best snow days are rememwear your pajamas inside out bered as a cozy day of and backwards.


16 the daytime

Girls playing football? YES An Editorial By Shannon McCarthy and Sophie Keohane When a girl turns on the TV to watch football, most of the time, all players are men. There may be leagues for women, but when girls watch a professional football game, there is no woman in sight, except for cheerleaders. Women have been told to support the men, and to look good while doing it. In a classic game, you can only see them cheering for the men in revealing outfits. Not only does this discourage girls playing any type of sport, but it also shows boys that sports should only have boys. If a girl wants to try out for football, she might shy away and decide not to because it’s only a ‘boys’ sport. A girl could love playing a certain sport but not want to due to this discrimination. Instead of scaring young women into hiding from sports, people should start encouraging female participation in them. Dante Atwood, an 8th grade football player, had this to say when asked about girls playing on the team: “I think

girls are not meant to play contact sports.” However, others have different opnions on this topic. Day has its own football team, the Day Dragons, and one of the football team’s coaches, Ty Wachtelhausen, had this to say about how he feels when girls join the team: “Great, I feel Photo of great. We have had many girls participate in football over the years.” However, boys have greatly outnumbered the girls joining over the years. Football is a contact sport, but it should not stop a girl

February, 2017

may think that they need to look

Gwen Bankmann By Lilah Gentry from getting out on the field. It may be dangerous, but it’s never stopped a boy from playing. So a middle school girl doesn’t have to be fearful of joining, as boys the same age aren’t afraid. While a girl

pretty, they can also believe that they can be tough, even ruthless. Though there are less girls than boys, this may just be a way to challenge women on the field. The small handful of girls that joined most likely had big goals to set an example for others. According to Kamryn Vasselin, a sixth grader on Cobalt who is anticipating joining the football team next year, had this to say, “I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t think of a girl playing on a football with all boys. And when I told my friends I wanted to play on the Day football team, they all doubted me. But I think I knew that was coming. Even though they all doubted me, I still want to play on the team. I think it will set a good example for other girls and encourage them.” Any girl should be able to join the football team. They should be able to get out there and try something new, because it doesn’t matter what gender-biased thoughts people have. Gender stereotypes can lead to put downs and more inequality. Change is in the air, and girls (and boys) can do anything they put their minds to.

Olympic Sports that failed (what were they thinking?) By Claire Holland and Renee Rogers

Last year’s impressive Olympics got people even more excited for the next year’s winter Olympics. As people continue to be amazed of the present events, like snowboarding, and skating, does anyone ever think about the past events that failed? Some sports that failed include: solo synchronized swimming, pigeon racing, and Kabaddi. 6th grader Elsie Salkever had this to say:“I would never want to try them because they all sound really dangerous and weird, and I would be scared for my life and reputation.” Even though some of these sports are not still played in the Olympics, their weirdness and history might interest many. One of these sports was solo synchronized swimming. This strange sport was only in the Olympics from 1984 to 1992. According to, “The question of how, exactly, to judge how well one person can synchronize with himself was never really an-

swered. While many other events on this list can be forgiven for being a one-time mistake, this oxymoronic stinker bored people for three consecutive Olympics.” Lauren Hathaway, a sixth grader that had already heard of this weird sport said, “It sounds super goofy but fun to watch!”

[on the sport of Kabbadi]

Another one is pigeon racing. This sport was only in the 1900 winter Olympics, and it’s obvious why it was in only one. There is a common race for horses, maybe even dogs, but pigeons is a whole other story. According to, “Never mind how you’re supposed to get a pigeon to go around a racecourse, what about the inherent hazards of letting a flock of pigeons fly over crowds of people?” This does not involve any actual physical activity for humans, so pigeon racing does not actually qualify as a sport. According to, “Pigeon racing was an unofficial sport in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.” Mr. Comings, the assistant coach of the girl’s soccer team had this to say about whether Pigeon Racing is actually a

‘...If that doesn’t sound weird enough already, the players have to hold their breath the whole time.’

Christina Schmidt-Hong said this about Kabaddi, “First of all, I don’t believe in wrestling or tackling in life as a sport. Second of all, it could lead to serious brain and head injury when your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. Honestly, what’s the point of it even? I get other sports, but not Did this pigeon even know it was racing? this one.” I mage source: Gym teacher, sport, “I find it difficult to have Steve Powell said, something to do with animals be “I think any sport that gets peoa sport, but I guess it could be a ple to be active or brings people sport.” together to compete in the OlymAnother sport that failed pics and represent their country was Kabaddi, a violent and is a positive thing.” literally a breathtaking sport, These crazy sports were a failinvolving two teams on either ure to the International Olympic side of the field. The teams send Committee, but should these one person to tackle, wrestle, have really gone? We interviewed and beat up the other team. If three people and they said that that doesn’t sound weird enough they would want pigeon racing already, the players have to hold to come back. Julia Kezer said, their breath the whole time. But “I would want pigeon racing to watching a bunch of red-faced come back because it seems men wasn’t entertaining enough [like it would be] fun and interto make it past the 1936 winter esting to watch.” Olympics.

Daytime February 2017  
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