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Danielle Hardy — Editor-in-Chief: The Dart Drue Harvey —Content Editor: The Dart Hannah Scharton— Layout and Design Editor: The Dart Catherine Watson — D-TV Producer Ammon Harris—Content Manager: D-TV Dan Harvey—Newscast Editor: D-TV Jeremiah Jones—Broadcast Editor: D-TV Kennedy Spendlove — Managing Editor Kori Barleson — Photo Editor: The Dart


Alex Orchard Alyssa Thompson Brady Webb Brian Milligan Daphne Kelly Emily Richardson Hailee Smith Hillary Brown Jake Pastrana Josh Olsen McKenna Eaton Myrinda Olcott Taylor Rogers Victoria Sandholtz

The Davis Dart and Davis Television (D-TV) will be referred to together as Davis High Media. Both media programs serve the community, faculty and student body of Davis High School as an Open Public Forum for freedom of expression as established by the First Amendment. The adviser and staff members strive to report school news and issues professionally and with a focus on journalistic integrity and credibility while maintaining concordance with the Davis High School Mission Statement. The Dart will be printed 4-6 times throughout the school year, and the D-TV broadcasts will be aired once a week during the advisory/ tutorial class period.

From the Desk of the Editor

I have been an official Dart for the past three years now, and learned early on that going to sports games is a very important thing to do, no matter what the sport is. In fact, it is almost necessary to go to these games, because it really is the talk of the school. I would consider myself to be a pretty regular fan at these games, although I can’t say that I have been to all, unlike some of these super fans, or some of these “Mob” members. I honestly think that The Mob is one of the coolest things that Davis High does. Having the mob at the games makes it that much more fun, and makes the student section have that much more school spirit. There are many cheers and chants that The Mob leads the rest of the student section in, which gives the fans more spirit. There are so many people that go to the boys’ basketball games and cheer their loudest that you usually do not interact with as many people as you would at, say, a football game. Davis doesn’t really have a mob for any other sport other than boys basketball, although there are just as many people that


come to other sporting events. One of the most popular boys basketball games is the Fremont game, where the mob dresses up as hicks. I have gone to this game all three years, and it never ceases to make me laugh at the extent that these mob members, that are mainly boys, will go to to make their point very clear. I don’t know of any other high school that has as much school spirit and school pride as Davis High does, and the mob is the perfect example of how much spirit is in the halls of Davis High. Because Davis has so much school pride, or DHP (Davis High Pride), it is more fun to attend these games and be able to all come together for one cause: a DHS victory. Davis not only has pride with sports, but in academics. Over half of the this year’s graduating seniors have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, which is a lot of kids. Because of all of the spirit that we have, we take pride in what we do and want to measure up to the standard of excellence that has been a tradition at this school for almost 100 years.

n this issue...

Obama re-elected 3 Dreams 4 5 Betsy blossoms as leader Darts publish on iTunes 6 The Mob 8 Sports mini’s 9 Pinterest 10 Cyborg 11 Photo by: Emily Richardson Top left to right: Dan Harvey, Brian Milligan Bottom left to right: Kennedy Spendlove, Jeremiah Jones, Hannah Scharton, Kori Bartleson, Drue Harvey, Catherine Watson, Ammon Harris, Danielle Hardy

Cover photo: Megan Larsen Cover Graphic Illustration: Hannah Scharton


News 3


Obama re


today by Emily Richardson

2008 marked a historical year when the first African American was elected president. In the recent presidential election, President Barack Obama was reelected for his second term in office. The community has had mixed feelings about this reelection. “I was not very thrilled with the outcome of the presidential election. I am a republican but I am not 18 yet and I don’t have the right to vote, so I didn’t really have a say,” said senior Chase Blackwell. “But [Obama] is the leader of our country and I’ve just accepted the outcome and made the best of it.” Utah is a dominantly Republican state. With the president’s Democratic views, some may have been disappointed when he was reelected over Governor and Republican Mitt Romney. “I wasn’t surprised with the outcome of the recent presidential election. I may have

hoped for something different, but I wasn’t surprised,” said senior Rachel Hogan. Despite the opinions on the outcome of the election, an inauguration for the newly elected president is always held at the beginning of the new year. Obama’s inauguration was held on Jan. 21, after a private swearing-in on Jan. 20. In a speech,President Obama stated, “let’s make sure to work as hard as we can to pass on an America that is worthy not only of our past but also of our future.” The theme for this year’s inauguration was “Faith in America’s Future.” “The theme is a good choice because a lot of people in America have lost faith in our political system when they see what’s happening with congress and the debate over the Fiscal Cliff and now the debt ceiling,” said debate teacher LeeAnn Hyer. “With the idea that we have to work together for America’s future, I hope that’s a thing people pay attention to, especially those in D.C.” “I think the theme is a good outlook. We do have to have that faith, whether it is religiously or just having faith in ourselves as a country. We are the future of this

country being the youth,” said Blackwell. With such a strong theme for the inauguration, it causes speculation as to what Obama can accomplish in the next four years. “I hope he can do something to fix the national debt and refocus his priorities to things that actually matter,” said junior Oliver Schick. Hogan agreed, “I would like to see people work together a little more [in the next four years]. I think a lot of times it is just in stand-still.” While the president does have great power, his power is still limited. “I don’t think there will be much change in the next four years,” said Hyer. “Obama can suggest whatever legislation he wants, but it all depends on Congress and whether or not congress will do anything.” Because Congress has a lot of control, there is question as to whether Obama can make any changes, but Blackwell is optimistic. “Obama is a very driven man and when he has a goal he puts his mind to it,” said Blackwell. “The possibilities are endless for change. Anything can really happen and I think it will be for the better but we will just have to see.”

Parking Privileges Irritate Upper Classmen Juniors and seniors complain about sophomores having the privilege of parking passes not break the rules by by Danielle Hardy Victoria Sandholtz parking in the parking Davis High allowed sophomores to get parking passes for the first time ever this 2012-2013 year. This change has affected every students who drives, making each person fight for a spot. Richard Firmage, Vice Principal of Davis High, said that the reason for sophomores being allowed a parking pass is because it will help students

lot illegally without a pass. Austin Neiderhauser, a sophomore at Davis, thinks that enough

tration changed the rule. Firmage believes that “right now, it’s not a big deal, but as the school year goes on, it will become more of a

...right now, it’s not a big deal, but as the school year goes on, it will become more of a problem.” - Vice Principal Firmage

sophomores started complaining that they weren’t allowed to park, so the adminis-

problem.” This change affects the sophomores that already have their li-


cense, but has no effect on the sophomores that can’t drive yet. Brandt Nye, a sophomore, doesn’t turn 16 until July of next year He won’t be able to drive until his junior year. “I don’t really care about the rule change,” said Nye, “it doesn’t affect me at all.” For the upcoming 2013-2014 school year, the sophomores will not receive the opportunity to get a parking pass.


Events: March 5

ACT test day

March 6

Regional Jazz Festival

March 7

Spring Play opening night

March 15

AP test payment due

March 22

Snow make-up day



I f you dream about this... Falling:

Indicates that the person is either insecure or lacks support in their life. It’s also a way of showing anxieties, insecurities, and instabilities.

Being Chased:

Indicates that the person is stressed. In the dream they feel afraid, attacked, and threatened. Showing that instead of confronting a situation they run from it.

Being Lost/Trapped:

Usually this dream occurs when the person is unsure of how to act in a certain situation happening in their life. It shows the fear or frustration in having to make the right choice.

Teeth Falling Out:

Essentially that they will be viewed as ugly or unattractive. Reflects on their anxiety and how others will perceive them; A fear of being embarrassed or a loss in power.


Strange facts help precious hours of sleep become more effective by Alyssa Thompson

Dartman is running for his life as the armed men chase him down in the large, black van. Gunshots are fired towards him as he rounds the corner. Without warning he collides into President Obama. The President smiles down at Dartman and continues on his way. Startled and a little disconcerted, Dartman jumps back up to face his attackers. But before he can think of a plan, the big muscled men shape-shift into baby penguins. He then awakes from his all too confusing dream. Apart from people with certain brain injuries, it is a biological fact that all humans have dreams, though most people cannot remember them when they wake up, which is because within five minutes of waking, half of the dream are forgotten and 90 percent of it is gone within ten minutes. The average person dreams around four times during the night, which is about 1,460 dreams a year. A person usually dreams every 90 minutes, but the longest dreams are in the morning, which are said to be around 30-45 minutes long. Most people have seen hundreds of thousands of faces in their lives. These strangers fill dreams as the people walking on and off of the stage of the sleeping mind. Though the dreamer may not remember or even know the person, each face belongs to a real person that the dreamer has encountered at some point in their life. 12 percent of people with sight dream completely in black and white while the remaining 88 percent dream in full color. People who become blind after birth can visualize images in their dreams. Those who are born blind don’t see anything, but have dreams just as vivid--their dreams involve their other senses like sound, smell, touch

and emotion. It’s difficult for a sleeing person to comprehend dreams using everything but sight, yet the body’s demand for sleep is so great that it is able to virtually handle all physical situations to make it happen. There is a difference in the ways teenagers and toddlers dream. Toddlers don’t even dream about themselves until they are three years old. They also tend to have more nightmares than teens and adults until the age of seven or eight, whereas adults dream off and on for a total of about an hour and 30 minutes to three hours every night. In Old English, the term mare meant a spirit, witch or goblin. It was thought that a ‘nightmare’ would creep on top of a sleeping person, paralyzing them and causing the person to have terrifying dreams. Dreams don’t just happen by chance, though the dreamer may be able to have a say. If the dreamer were to focus on the dream’s theme they would eventually be able to shape their dreams. There are very few can actually control their dreams while they are still happening. This is called lucid dreaming, where the dreamer knows that they are dreaming and are able to change the dream as they please. The amount of sleep that teens need was thought to be around eight hours, until Brigham Young University’s 2012 study compared consistent test scores with the amount of sleep students had, revealing that seven hours a night is more than enough for teens. It is a proven fact that people have a better nights sleep when all electronics, including cell phones, are turned off. The light that electronics give off can trick your brain into thinking it’s time to be awake. So if the lights are turned off an hour before going to bed, it creates time for people to unwind and fall asleep faster.

feature 5

by Emily Richardson

Davis High is flooded with talented students. It takes a lot to stand out in school, but one student who shines is senior Betsy Stephensen. President of Key Club, one of 56 service clubs at Davis, Stephensen is very involved in, and loves, serving. “When [Sharon] Blair asked me to be President, that was way out of my comfort zone. I didn’t feel like I could be in charge of a group of people and organize them effectively, but my officers help me out a ton and I’ve gained a lot of confidence,” said Stephensen. Blair, secretary in the counseling center and advisor of Key Club, is one of the many people at Davis that admire Stephensen. “Betsy was a very shy person when she first started in Key Club. We didn’t talk to her, we hardly saw her. Last year, she was one of the only officers that was still in it and we begged her to please be our president,” Blair said. “Since then, Betsy has blossomed. She is outgoing, funny, helpful, kind, and she goes out of her way to help other people.” Stephensen has developed a reputation for her love of service. Senior Courtney Mortensen said that Stephensen has great dedication when it comes to service. “She worked on my neighbor’s farm this summer and she was super open to trying new things and listening to the stories my neighbor would tell,” Mortensen said. Stephensen has contributed in several ways to Key Club. “We are more organized because of Betsy. She stands up in front [of the meetings] and tells everyone what we are doing and organizes them into groups,” said Blair. “She is always willing to go to any of the

Army boots and riding boots are often seen accompanied with lace or knitted socks.


Photo by: Hannah Scharton community things we have done and making sure everything is in place. She is my right hand.” The work she puts into it, Stephensen said, is well worth what she has gained from Key Club. “I’ve learned a lot about leadership and I’ve met so many new people. It does take quite a bit of time at our weekly meetings, but it’s worth it. I love serving people on a regular basis,” said Stephensen. Along with Blair, Stephensen’s friends admire her for her hard work. Senior Ellie Barlow said that “a lot of people wouldn’t have the dedication with Key Club and wouldn’t be as willing to make new friends as Betsy is.” Although Stephensen spends much of her time with Key Club, she also loves to spend




FASHION by Catherine Watson

Thick knitted scarves: adds bulk, warmth and style with fringes. Goes well with sweaters, denim tops and a top-knot bun.

Celebrities like Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars wear fedoras. This hat works for the “classy hipster.”

her time improving her other talents. “Betsy is unique in that she likes a whole bunch of different things, but you have to get to know her to know that she does. She is very good at the violin and really loves music. She is a people-person,” said Mortensen. “I love trying new things like fishing, even if I fail miserably. I’m trying to learn to accept my failures a little bit better,” said Stephensen, who also loves cooking, gardening and reading. “I have a dream of one day becoming a farmer. Who knows if it’ll happen but why not dream big? Also, [I love] boy bands. I might be a little obsessed.” Enrolled in four AP classes, Stephensen is starting to make plans for her future as she will be graduating in June.

Blazers are a classic fashion staple that can be worn to look profession, to look casual and for formal events.

Tribal patterns, stripes, polka dotas and other finds from thrift stores have made a comeback. Sweaters with wild designs, color blocking and patches on the elbows are in. Whether they’re colored, printed or just plain denim pants, the skinny shape of jeans compliments any outfit for a cute and causal style.

Artist: Jessie Booth

by Danielle Hardy





Jessie Booth, a junior at Davis High, has embedded music into her heart and soul. After taking every opportunity and auditioning for everything that comes her way, Booth has had the rare opportunity to have her music on iTunes. Although she doesn’t feel any different, Booth likes the extra attention that it brings and “being recognized for being talented in [her] area of interest.” Getting onto iTunes isn’t Booth’s first time being published as a singer. She is also going to be on the Latter Day Saints’ 2013 Especially For Youth CD. While this chance was a big step for Booth, she said that the process of getting onto iTunes was much harder. “You record the same track over and over again until you have like forty recordings, and then you mesh them all together to get the best song.” Booth, who has worked on writing songs since she was twelve, said that the transition from just being a live singer to being on iTunes is about the same because music is such a big part of her life. “Music is a part of what I am,” said Booth. “I wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Artist: Madison Haley by Danielle Hardy

Playing the guitar, piano and singing are the three things that senior Madi Mouritson do to create her alternative, folk and “poppy” music. Mouritson, who goes by Madison Haley on iTunes, released her first EP Cover on to iTunes in Jan. 2013. Singing isn’t just one of Mouritson’s passions--it also helped her to come out of her shell and grow as a person. “I used to be really shy, and singing just changed that,” Mouritson said. Mouritson doesn’t make music just for the sheer enjoyment it brings her; she does it to impact the world. “I want to someway bless other’s lives with my music. I feel like it’s something I have to offer; it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished my goal of reaching people through lyrics.”

Artist: Logan Packer by Danielle Hardy

Senior Logan Packer doesn’t produce the normal type of music that is typical of high school students; Packer makes his own genre of music called “techno dream trance” music. Even though Packer creates music without words, he makes sure that his music has a story behind it. “I really like when music has a purpose to it, and when there is a meaning for it.” Packer creates his music with his keyboard, which he says is the hardest part of the entire iTunes process. He admits it is a really long process which takes tons of time, but it is very rewarding and satisfying. “The first response I get when I show people that is how do you make that music, because it’s so different,” said Packer. Because the type of techno music that Packer makes is so different, there aren’t very many people who produce in the same genre as him; he is one of three people in the country that make this type of music--each of the three members are still in high school. “It’s cool to know that I’m part of something that is so little.”

Davis High

Darts Publish Music on iTunes



Students jumpstart music career by publishing albums on iTunes. by Catherine Watson

The most famous artists in the world are featured on iTunes, where millions of people around the world purchase music. Senior Madi Mouritson, senior Logan Packer and junior Jessie Booth are all producing their own music and putting it on iTunes for all the world to listen to. Getting music onto iTunes is a long process. First, the artist has to have a producer and sign a contract. After composing songs and writing lyrics, the artist will spend hours in the studio just recording the music. “It takes up to four hours just to record one song,” said Booth. “They take little sections of the song and you do them over and over again, so you have about twenty passes.” Each pass is a small recording of the song. The producer then has to edit and handle other work. “I’ve been preparing for this for a long time. When you add up the time spent on guitar lessons, piano lessons, and writing songs, it takes up a lot of time, but it’s my favorite part of the whole process,” said Mouritson. These three artists have been developing and showing off their musical abilities for years, preparing to record and produce. “I first picked up a guitar in ninth grade and my grandma told me I needed to learn how to sing too. I really got into it at the beginning of the school year and a few months ago, I decided I wanted to release something on iTunes,” said Mouritson.

Packer relates how time consuming creating even a single song takes in order to make it as enjoyable for the audience as possible. “I hadn’t come out with anything I really liked or thought would be good enough for itunes until now,” said Packer. He had been thinking about putting his music on iTunes, and after three years of producing, he finally did. “It took awhile to get better at producing. Now that I’m better and I’ve been able to come out with professional quality audio, I’ve really thought about putting it on this year.” Whether they want to make it big in the music world or not, Booth, Mouritson and Packer have all had unforgettable learning experiences through making music. “I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to learn about making music because it’ll be something I can enjoy for the rest of my life,” said Packer. “For me, music is my outlet,” said Booth. “I think I can share my feelings through music and other people can feel the same way by listening to the music.” Music can mean a lot to a person, which is what makes producing it for others special to these artists. “The reason I do it is to bless other people’s lives. It’s something I have to offer. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal of touching people through my music,” said Mouritson.

Dear old Davis High School, we’ll fight for you. We’ll fight for Davis, we’re up to snuff we never, ever, ever bluff. Against the Darts of Davis, none can progress. Three cheers for Davis our D-H-S!

iTunes iH o w

1. Write or arrange music 2. Find a producer and sign 3. Record in a studio—over a contract and over again. 4. Edit and handle songs with

producer to get music online.



Photo by: Megan Larsen Members of the Mob drown out the fans of the opposing team, taunting with both new and classic chants to ensure the Dart’s victory on their own court and on enemy turf.

Energetic student fan section brings new level of energy to the court by Danielle Hardy

Davis High’s student section is set apart by the infamous “Mob” which consists of seniors, juniors and sophomore students. This year, the Mob is set apart by their camouflage shirts. “It’s not something I can describe—it’s like going to war,” said senior Jake Sessions. The Mob is known for going to the boys’ basketball games. At these games, the Mob makes lots of noise and cheers on the boys to help the team do their best. At least one member of the Mob attends each game, ensuring that there is school support and school spirit at the game. The Mob likes to keep the energy going, and usually stands throughout the entire game, including the half-time performance. The cheering doesn’t only take place during the game; there are lots of cheers of encouragement to the half-time performers. The mob has come up with their own chants and cheers that are unique to Davis, like the three-point ritual. The fans like to get involved in the games as best they can, and the Mob leads the students into the chaos that comes with the cheers and chants. “It’s fun to have everybody cheering and rooting for the boys—it’s really exhilarating,” said senior Brynlee Bird. The Mob consists of boys and girls, but the boys seem to be more “into it” according to Bird. “Being part of the mob makes you feel like a part of the school more, so it’s fun.”

Photo by: Megan Larsen

SBO Dan Page cheers emphatically for the basketball team amongst his fellow students.

Photo by: Megan Larsen

“[Being in the Mob] is like going to war,” said Mob member Jake Sessions, shown center.


Lady Darts Take Region The Lady Darts took a first place finish in Region one preparing to compete for the State title by Drue Harvey

Photo by: Christopher Manning Seniors Jessica Richardson and Natalie Mecham go for an offensive rebound in a game against Northridge. The lady Darts beat the Knights 52-37 on their home court.

Pre-Season Prepares Hopeful Boys’ Soccer by Taylor Rogers

With soccer being such a popular sport at Davis High, many hopeful future soccer players are in conditioning to prepare for tryouts. “We are in conditioning right now and it’s killer,” said sophomore and 2012 DHS soccer player Matt Brown. Sophomore James Seelos agreed, “conditioning is pretty tough and challenging, but it gets you in shape for the season.” Brown and Seelos were both on the Davis Boys’ Soccer team last year.“It’s a lot of the same [exercises] as last year, but no matter how ready you think you are, you are never really ready for [practice],” Brown said. Seelos is hoping for another championship but has his doubts. “It’s hard to tell this early, but I think that we will have a good season, not necessarily a championship though,” Seelos said.

The pride and excitement of the illustrious feat could be seen on the faces of everyone at the game-the Davis High School Girls’ Basketball team had won Regions for the first time in six years. Guard Sarah Beecher said that she “loved proving that [they’re] a good team.” Post Natalie Mecham said she feels confident in her team and what they can accomplish when working together. “I love the team. I’m excited that we made it to State and I think we have a good chance of winning,” she said. Mecham said that the team’s success can be attributed to the

sense of family within the team. “We just have a lot of team chemistry,” Mecham said. “It’s been fun. I wish that we all hung out more.” The friendship between teammates isn’t just fun for those on the team, the close tie also helps communication on the court. Elizabeth Quinn for said that researcher Tim Rees reported that “ongoing support of friends and family may be one of the most important factors influencing sports performance.” Rees added that “the encouragement and support of friends and family is a key factor in building confidence in an athlete, and it’s

this confidence that can lead to success in a high-pressure sporting event.” The basketball team’s triumph proved this to be true. “We did better than people expected,” said Mecham. Guard Emily Bott said that one of the best parts about basketball is being with the other members of the team. “I get to do something I love with people I like being around. I love the friendships that we have.” The Lady Darts competed for the State title after taking Region The girls made it to the quarter-finals, winning the first game and losing the second to Riverton High.

Swim Team Wraps Up Season

by Brady Webb

The swim season came to a close with the regional meet for DHS athletes not going to the State Championship. The 2012-13 season went well for the students. “I saw many of us improve throughout the year,” senior Ryan Berghout said. “The year turned out fantastic--part of me is glad all that work is over but another part of me already misses it.” The swim team has come a long way this season. Swim

Photo by: Davis High Photography club Davis High’s swimming team finishes up the year with a great record.

members said this year was a great year of improvement. “I saw my times drop off seconds as well as other swimmers improving a lot,” said

junior Blake Johnson. “If there was one thing I’d say about the swim team it’s that you can’t join swim team and expect it to be all fun and games. They

will work you really hard. But if you give it your all, you will be amazed to see that can do what you never thought you could,” Johnson said.


Virtual Corkboard Encourages New Trends Reporter

by Danielle Hardy Alyssa Thompson

Pinterest is a social media website that millions of people use in their daily lives. Its focus is more towards the discoveries, creations and special events in the lives of others around the world, whereas other social media sites emphasise connecting with others instead of inspiring the inner creator that is in each person. Pinterest is seen as a virtual bulletin board where users can create wishlists, plan trips, organize events, start collections and so much more. The possibilities are endless when there is such a large range of categories to search on a single website. Pinterest users use what are called “pins” and “boards.” A board is what is used to create a place for

each person to place their pin into a category where they can make a specific group. Pinterest goes by the motto, “No matter what you are interested in, there is a place for it here.” On each pin, there is a “repin” button, which simply means that if the user likes the information, picture or whatever is on that, then the user can bookmark and share it with their followers. Users follow each other so they can see what others are pinning and have the opportunity to repin what their followers have pinned. There was a recent change made with this social media site. There is now the option to make three private boards per account. These boards are only seen to the user, unlike the regular boards which anybody that follows the user has access to.

Pinned onto the board

Davis High School from Daphne Kelly

Davis High School

Dart Staff

Davis High


Bachelor r

by Emily Richardson



With a variety of reality television shows on air ranging from American Idol and Dancing with the Stars to Survivor and America’s Next Top Model, it is a tough competition for viewers. However, there is one reality TV show that grabs teenage girls’ attention: The Bachelor. The Bachelor is a reality television dating game show that involves one man, known as the bachelor, who gets to know 25 women to try to find a wife. This year is the 17 season, which first aired Jan. 7. The bachelor for this season is Sean Lowe, a 28-year-old businessman and entrepreneur from Dallas. “Sean is a good guy. He is not like the other bachelors because he is more real. Chris Harrison, the host, said he is the most sincere bachelor they’ve ever had,” said senior Michaela Luedtke, who is an avid viewer of the show. Luedtke said that The Bachelor is “entertaining— people may think it’s stupid because the relationships never work out but I think it’s fun. And if they work out they work out.” The Bachelor has millions of viewers every week, partly due to a man that women find attractive as the bachelor and other various reasons. “Girls like watching romantic shows and they always have an attractive person as the bachelor, so people like it,” said senior Kayli Edgington. “Sean is hot and I want to date him but he’s taken. But he is hot and that makes me want to watch it every week.” Edgington said that “it’s fun to see how into it the girls [on the show] get and how dramatic




they can be about it. It’s funny to watch. It’s very over the top,” Luedtke agreed, stating, “[the drama on the show] is hilarious. On the beginning episode, the commercial looked like it was going to be filled with all this drama. This one girl fell down the stairs but was just faking it because she wanted Sean, the bachelor, to notice her. The show makes things seem bigger than what they really are.” The Bachelor is veered toward women viewers, particularly teenage girls. “As teenage girls, you love seeing other people work through a relationship and date each other romantically. It is addictive because it’s romantic and cute,” said Edgington. Senior Jake Van Leeuwen said, “it shows how narcissistic society is. I think you have to judge people on the inside and not the outside, which is basically what The Bachelor is about.” There is controversy as to whether the girls on the show are there to find love or to just go on dates and get famous. Sophomore Ryan Soelberg said, “all the girls are fake. It is just a competition to get a guy, a n d they

don’t care about anyone else.” The show has a very dynamic set up, with extravagant dates, such as helicopter rides and repelling down skyscrapers. “The dates are crazy and it bothers me because it could not be a date in real life with all the helicopters and everything,” said Luedtke.



Cyb rg by Chase Webb

As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, there will be people that follow suit. From technology like Siri, and handsfree bluetooth, to the indestructible phone, it seems as if technology is being used as a crutch. Siri is a voice recognition software that assists consumers with tasks like calling a friend, gives information on local restaurants, and gives directions. Siri is so adaptable in its ability to identify the way people speak that it provides hands-free services in the car. The internet’s wide variety of information is feeding this new front. “I’d bet more than a half of the school has internet on their phone,” said junior, Jessica Talbot. “It’s killing our communication skills. Now it’s a message on Facebook or a text message.” New technologies will constantly be providing hands free options, This new tech does not enable drivers to be less focused on the road, however. Being distracted is being unable to concentrate because one’s mind is preoccupied. People don’t even have to clean their own houses anymore. The new iRobot vacuum cleans the home and doesn’t need someone there. Settings allow the buyer to set a time that it starts and stops its cleaning cycle. On the review page for the iRobot, reviewer “hardworkingmomwithpets” said, “I don’t know how much of my life I waisted vacuuming my house. But not anymore ... I can cook or just relax and the floors look clean.” As humans take advantage of these new technologies it’s almost as if they are synthesising with them, creating a cyborglike life. “Instead of taking the time to learn and know the steps, we’re taking the shortcut to the answer,” said Talbot.




by Brian Milligan

When it comes to movie content, there seems to follow a lot of controversy, especially in the comfortable town of Kaysville where unwritten social standards seem to rule what people watch. MPAA ratings are the ratings given to films to give you a brief description of their content, such as PG-13 which means parental guidance suggested for children 13 years and younger. The ratings are meant to give the public an easy way to understand the content in a film so that each person can make an individual decision on what they can personally handle. The ratings let you know if there is any violence, sexual content, drug use, and/ or profanity. Each person has their own opinion on what may be appropriate to watch. “I don’t watch rated R, and you have to be careful with some PG-13’s too.” Said Shayli Quass, while Jake McMasters feels a little differently, “There are some [rated] R’s that I would feel totally okay with seeing, and there are some

PG-13 that I wouldn’t feel good seeing.” At times there may be a difference between an R rated comedy movie and a R rated drama film. The comedy might have more sexual references while the drama may be rated so due to serious context of situations, yet both are shifted into the same category. Many feel that there is some information in films that can be very beneficial and hold great life lessons. McMasters said, “I look at the content and I look at the message. There are some movies, like Schindler’s List, that I think everybody should see because it really kind of opens our eyes to what the world is really like, but I think a lot of people shy away from those because of the ratings.” What may be important here is that each individual makes a confident decision in what may be right for them when watching a movie, and a recommendation to visit the website which gives a depth description of thousands of movies to help the public have a better understanding of a film’s content that one may be interested in seeing.


Does your movie the test?

1. Is there swearing?

a) none at all! b) some profanity, but nothing serious c) They dropped the F-bomb once d) There were so many F-bombs it might as well have been a nuclear war

2. Is there any violence?

a) very little, and if there is it’s small b) some depictions of violence c) There was violence, but it wasn’t extreme d) Intense violence

3. Is there any nudity?

a) none at all! b) Briefly c) More than briefly d) Sexually oriented nudity

4. Is there any drug usage?

a) no drugs mentioned b) no drug usage c) some drug usage d) Has alcohol, drugs, and smoking throughout the entire movie

The Dart  

March issue

The Dart  

March issue