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Da Vinci tt100 Business Innovation Awards Programme


CONTENTS Who are we?


What do we do?


How do we do it?


How your company can benefit from tt100 participation


Collaborative partnership boosts impact of tt100 in 2018




The TIPS Framework


Adjudicator Feedback


Winners Feedback




Roll of Honour




WHO ARE WE? The Da Vinci tt100 Business Innovation Awards

organisations to maintain and improve their competitive

Programme is South Africa’s foremost business Awards

advantage are depicted in the TIPS™ framework, which

programme. tt100 has been recognising innovation

is used to adjudicate entrant companies and is explained

and technological prowess in South African companies

below. In the past 27 years, this process had been refined

for more than 27 years. In going forward, it is focused

to the extent that organisations now use the metrics to

on identifying true managerial leaders who through

manage and lead their operations. It has resulted in the

innovation, tenacity and a belief in people, have been able

development of a new perspective on sustainability and the

to take their organisations to new levels of competitiveness.

identification of key drivers, which could facilitate global

The programme seeks to identify role models within the


management of innovation and technology domains who have demonstrated their excellence in co-creating new

Entrants of the tt100 programme include a wide spectrum

workplace realities.

of operations in diversified industries. They exemplify those who through passion, perseverance and a highly

Since its inception in 1991, tt100 has emerged from being

developed sense of innovation, have defied all odds, and

merely an award function, to one where the adjudication

have become recognised as significant players in the

process has moved towards gaining a quantitative and

global economy. These organisations are recognised as

qualitative assessment of what drives the role models

sustainable, high-performance operations.

who have qualified from the adjudication process. The key drivers which determine the potential for these


WHAT DO WE DO? tt100 uses a unique adjudication process to assess

tt100 is open to emerging, small, medium and large

what drives companies that demonstrate excellence in

enterprises that have been operational for more than

the management of innovation, people and technology

one year. Government agencies and parastatals are also

within a systemic context. This is based on The Da Vinci

welcome to participate.

Institute’s trademarked TIPS framework - referring to the management of Technology, Innovation, People and

“We do not focus on technology companies per se but

Systems Thinking.

on technology-oriented companies, meaning companies who have managed to successfully leverage technology,”

“Over 26 years, TIPS has been refined to the extent that

Anderson says. “tt100 is about recognising that anyone

organisations now use the metrics to manage and lead

can build and manage an innovation capability, whatever

their operations,” Professor Ben Anderson, CEO of The Da

sector you are in and however big or small you are.”

Vinci Institute and Director of the tt100 programme says. “It has resulted in the development of a new perspective on sustainability and the identification of key drivers that could facilitate global competitiveness.” The adjudicators and entrants come from a diversity of industries and sectors, including academia, auditing, mining, banking, energy, retail, telecommunications and technology.


HOW DO WE DO IT? The tt100 programme starts with a call for entries and

As these pledges are tax-deductible, tt100 will provide the

culminates in an awards ceremony held towards the end

necessary receipt.

of the year. In between, there are a number of key steps for participating companies and the adjudicators.

Once proof of payment has been received, entrants are given a link to the tt100 questionnaire (which would

Here is a brief overview of the process.

have captured information already submitted). Most entrants find completing the questionnaire a valuable

First, entrants log onto the tt100 website at www.tt100.

exercise as it takes them through the journey of how they, where they register their entry.

manage innovation, technology, people and systems in a sustainable way.

On receipt of the registration, an assessment is conducted. If accepted, companies are notified and required to make a

When the questionnaire is completed, tt100 arranges for

pledge in the form of a tax-deductible donation towards the

each entrant to participate in an adjudication process. This

establishment of the tt100 research fund:

usually happens during the second half of the year and is either a face-to-face session or, if this is not practical,

EMERGING ORGANISATIONS (turnover below R5 million): Â SMALL ORGANISATIONS (turnover between R5.1 million


In the final stage, the panel of adjudicators select R1 000

(between R35 million and R100 million):

LARGE ORGANISATIONS (turnover above R100 million):


qualifying, finalist and winning organisations, which are announced at the awards function presided over by the

and R35 million):


conducted via video-conference.

Minister of Science and Technology. R1 500 R2 000

HOW YOUR COMPANY CAN BENEFIT FROM tt100 PARTICIPATION tt100 participants receive customised feedback on how

In addition, each participant receives a 30-minute post-

they manage technology, innovation and people within a

awards feedback session with an adjudicator.

systemic context, enabling them to improve the way they operate their organisations.

Winners and finalists receive the additional benefit of becoming part of the tt100 community and being invited

A special benefit of the tt100 awards programme is the

to participate in tt100 events, including business forums

feedback participants receive from the adjudicators. This

held jointly with government and partners involved

takes the form of the verbal feedback received during each

in promoting business innovation, particularly the

adjudication session as well as an electronic dashboard

Department of Science and Technology.

that each entrant can download after the awards event. The electronic dashboard contains detailed, confidential comments from the adjudicators on where the company concerned is doing well and where it could consider making improvements.


COOPERATIVE PARTNERSHIP BOOSTS IMPACT OF tt100 A powerful cooperative partnership is set to boost

“The tt100 programme is an effective vehicle for

the impact of the tt100 Business Innovation Awards

achieving growth and innovation advancement in South

programme from 2017 onwards.

Africa and Africa at large,” says Prof Bennie Anderson, CEO of The Da Vinci Institute and a Director of the

The partners are The Da Vinci Institute, the Department

tt100 programme. “It further serves to raise awareness

of Science and Technology (DST), Blank Canvas

of the critical need for all organisations to embrace the

International and Innocentrix. For the period 2017

management of technology, innovation and people in

to 2019, they will work closely together to support,

a systemic and sustainable manner. This cooperative

showcase and recognise the role of leadership in the

partnership will advance that.”

management of innovation and technology as it relates to growth, differentiation and sustainable development.



The Da Vinci Institute is a School of Business Leadership

Blank Canvas International and its Sustainability Summit

contributing towards socio-economic development and

are synonymous with enabling resilient business practices

transformation. Each year, it hosts the tt100 Awards

and value chain performances. Blank Canvas runs the

programme to identify role models who have demonstrated

SMME Green Pitch competition and incubator, and hosts

excellence in co-creating new workplace realities.

the African Sustainable Development Association’s Centre of Excellence for South Africa and Africa.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) serves

Innocentrix is an innovation business and technology service

to increase well-being and prosperity through science,

company that serves South Africa’s leading companies

technology and innovation. Its mission is to provide

and has a strong network of international partnerships.

leadership, an enabling environment and resources for

Innocentrix focuses on innovation and technology services,

science, technology and innovation in support of South

with the aim of taking ideas to commercialisation.

Africa’s development.


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: 2018 The sponsorship association with the tt100 programme

• Branding / Positioning on electronic invitations;

provides access to all official tt100 and listed events,

exclusive marketing opportunities, social media exposure

tt100 Business Innovation Awards Programme –Logo (prominent visibility) Front Cover & Back Cover;

and an association with The Da Vinci Institute and tt100

• Page in programme dedicated to sponsor’s messages;

business network.

• Branding on tt100 website and all other Online platforms (including URL link to organisations website

Sponsorship Benefits

for period of 12 months).

Marketing and PR: Mentioned and featured as Sponsor in all Marketing and

For more details on how to become a sponsor,

PR collateral for all events. Prominent visibility on all tt100

contact Sonya Landman 011 579 4445 or email her

and other social media platforms.


Correspondence: • Prominent Logo visibility on correspondence generated by the tt100 Team • Awards Ceremony:Branding / Positioning at the ceremony;


THE TIPS FRAMEWORK The Management of Technology (MOT)

The Management of Systems (MOS)

Here we argue that we are all technologists, every one of

Here we focus on the synthesis of all organisational

us who knows how to do something in a certain way and

activities and performances systemically, in an attempt

uses tools to do it, be they pencils or personal computers,

to solve unique problems. The re-design of a competitive

machine tools or video screens. Teachers, auto designers,

landscape may result in being hyper competitive. It also

builders of factories or financial plans, whether we use

assumes that one perceives reality as a combination of

language labs or lasers in whatever we do, we participate

known, knowable, complex and chaotic dimensions

in the management of technology of our age. In linking and integrating the domains (MOT, MOI, MOP

The Management of Innovation (MOI)

and MOS) with each other, Da Vinci argues that people

This is essentially about how an organisation firstly

should be able to demonstrate the following behaviours:

capitalises on the ideation process to develop an innovative product, service, process or system and as a result to commercialise and implement such innovation.

The Management of People (MOP) This is about the understanding of the human bridge in implementing organisational processes and how the organisational human factor is leveraged, showing how and where people make the real difference in sustaining organisational growth and competence.


T Tools/Metrics to Achieve Differentiation Workplace Integration







Performance and Value Returns

S Organisation System

I Ideation - to Create Value

P Human Interface

ENGAGEMENT Performance Output


upskills (by acquisition or development) the appropriate

Integrating the dynamics of the management of technology

human capabilities to match and ideally exceed the

and the management of innovation such that as the

technological needs at any one time.

organisation develops, improves and adapts its technology needs, appropriate amounts of innovation are applied to

Being engaged

generate real market value and profitability.








management of innovation by way of evaluating the

Being aligned

commitment and motivation of people at the workplace.

Integrating the management of technology and the

It is measured in terms of the total incentive cost within

management of people by ensuring that the organisation

the organisation.


ADJUDICATOR FEEDBACK “Winning organisations consider speed to market, they

“I love working with entrepreneurs and believe we should

respond to change and have an ability to cope with new

do everything we can to help more entrepreneurs grow

world flexibility. Agile, aligned and engaged organisations

and thrive… People need to know and sense that you care

create the future and demonstrate that intentional,

about what they are doing, and that means sharing what

repeatable innovation success is not only possible, but that

you think they do well and where they could improve. It’s

it is a leadership responsibility that leads to relevance and

not always easy to give feedback but if I don’t, then who will?

growth. The tt100 Business Innovation awards programme

It could help someone.”

rewards and recognises those organisations and their

Mmbodi Rambau-Nesengani, Senior Development Impact

leaders that excel at this.”

Specialist at the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)

Henra Mayer: CEO Innocentrix and Head of Faculty: Innovation at The Da Vinci Institute “Driving technology is the basis for businesses to innovate in the global landscape. This awards programme drives South African businesses to get better, gives them a platform to profile themselves in the market, and encourages them to look at how they can use technology and innovate to make the best of their business.” Marlize Schwar of Absa Corporate and Investment Bank



SSG Consulting

The Department of Science & Technology Ministers

Grant Smith, General Manager of projects at SSG Consulting

Award for Overall Excellence - Large Enterprise, went

said, “What sets us apart as a technology company is the

to electronics company, PFK Electronics. PFK Electronics

way we approach innovation; we are a young group of

was established in 1985 and specialises in innovative

people and we play hard and work hard.”

automotive solutions for manufacturers, the aftermarket, major fleet and freight companies, and the public

“For SSG Consulting, as well as our software product,

transport sector.

Key360, we are moving towards a more global expansion. Winning an award like this one will definitely impact our

PFK Electronics offers tailored solutions which are

company. It is legitimacy to a lot of our hard-working people

produced in-house under two brands, namely Autowatch

behind the scenes,” said Smith.

and PFK Shurlok. Finance executive, Craig Hilary said, "The drive for what we do sets us apart. We focus on innovation, team work and on making sure that we love what we do. We make sure that we always satisfy our customers' needs." Speaking about their plans for the future, Craig said: "PFK electronics is on a global drive, we are going into an excess of 23 countries as we grow our market share and penetrate new markets.”




AWARDS The tt100 award for excellence in the Management of Technology The tt100 adjudication probes deeply into the processes

have a healthy mix of Emerging, Pacing, Key, and Base

that an organisation deploys in the Management of

Technologies. Fundamental to the effective Management

Technology. Of key interest are the processes that

of Technology are the tools deployed to maintain and

are deployed to develop, implement and monitor the

enhance the competitive advantage. tt100 winners


focus on improvement of quality and productivity, higher






attention to the technology life cycle ensuring that they


flexibility, cost leadership and new market exploitation.

The tt100 award for excellence in the Management of Innovation Measuring the innovative capacity of the organisation

innovation process gives a good indication of the methods

embraces a spectrum of quantitative and qualitative

used to monitor it. Innovation is linked to knowledge

metrics. The adjudication process interrogates the

management and how the organisation manages the

innovative capacity in three areas: Product, Process and

dissemination of information. Winning organisations

Organisation. An important indicator is the percentage

are concerned with integration, and they leverage their

of revenue generated from products that are less than 3

effectiveness through strategic alliances, joint ventures,

years old. Furthermore, the Return on Investment from the

outsourcing, and partnerships.


AWARDS THE tt100 award for excellence in Systemic Thinking In a growing world of complexity, managing an organisation

discounting. The culture that pervades the organisation is

using a Systems approach is no longer a luxury, but an

one of constructive engagement and recognition that every

essential element if an organisation wishes to be in the race.

person in the organisation, irrespective of their position, has

Emphasis is placed on testing the validity of the strategic

an important contribution to make. It is evident that these

intent, and applying basic Systems Thinking principles.

organisations are better prepared to solve problems in a

These organisations spend quality time upfront, debating

more elegant way and find that they have fewer fallouts due

the merits of new processes, products, and systems before

to reactive decision-making.

making an investment, changing the product mix, or


The tt100 award for excellence in the Management of People Winning organisations recognise the critical role people

mentoring and coaching, issues relating to staff retention,

play in enhancing their competitive advantage. The

training and development and, most importantly, how

adjudication process probes a number of variables in

staff are incentivised and encouraged to become part

an attempt to gain insight into how organisations are

of the innovation process. They do not pay lip service to

able to maximise the effectiveness of their employees,

their staff – they are measured in terms of staff turnover,

whilst creating a harmonious working environment.

growth in the number of employees, and the percentage of

tt100 organisations are appraised on their value system

revenue spent on training and development.

and organisational climate, with the emphasis placed on


AWARDS The tt100 award for Sustainability For this award, the organisation and its management

to manage its impact on the environment. The package

are evaluated on the overall contribution within their

includes evidence of the organisation’s ability to contribute

chosen marketplace, and to the South African society as

to organisational ecology.

a whole. The essence of this award is the value that the


organisation contributes to both its internal and external

These companies demonstrate a holistic approach to

communities. Such an organisation demonstrates not

managing their operations, and are a role model that all

only a unique ability to manage the TIPS™ elements

companies, in both the private and public sectors, should

within its own operations, but also demonstrates its ability

strive to emulate.

tt100 award for the best Innovation Concept The Da Vinci tt100 business innovation awards programme

product (good or service), or process, a new marketing

looks at recognizing innovation efforts by leading local

method, or a new organizational method in business

organizations. Entries refer to specific innovation (product,

practices, workplace organization or external relations.

process, service and/or system related innovation) which

The minimum requirement for an innovation is that the

have been in the market for at least one year.

product, process, marketing method or organizational method must be new (or significantly improved) to

We define innovation as stated by the Oslo Manual –

the firm�.

“the implementation of a new or significantly improved


AWARDS The Department of Science and Technology The Minister award for Overall Excellence – Medium and Large Enterprises The ultimate accolade for any organisation is to be conferred

organisation displays an important attribute in the form

these awards. This organisation does not only deliver

of a ‘fractal quality’. As such, irrespective of where you

superior financial results, but displays all round excellence.

engage with the organisation, the same professionalism

From the development of their strategy, to the way they

and commitment to their stakeholders will pervade.

interact with their internal and external environment, the


The Department of Science and Technology Director General award for Overall Excellence – Emerging and Small Enterprises


Altech Netstar

Allied Electronics Corporation Limited

Brucol Global Development (Pty) Ltd


Cura Risk Management Software (Pty) Ltd


FetchThem GlobalTrack

Intense Technologies

I Am Emerge

Smoke Customer Care Solutions

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X/procure Software SA (Pty) Ltd

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African Oxygen

Passion4Performance International (Pty) Ltd PFK Electronics (Pty) Ltd


Space Advisory Company

African Oxygen

SSG Consulting

Allied Electronics Corporation Limited


Altech Multimedia

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Altron TMT Holdings

Vuleka from I Am Emerge

Campus Labs

Pundutso Musha (PDC) from Tabula Rasa Investments (Pty) Ltd

De Beers Technologies

Gecko Imager from Space Advisory Company


Rural Credit Facilities to the Unbanked from Nelito Systems Ltd


Accsys (Pty) Ltd Allied Electronics Corporation Limited


Globaltrack Itemate Solutions (Pty) Ltd



HearX Group (Pty) Ltd


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Merlynn Intelligence Systems

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Datafusion Systems Denel Swartklip Products DPI Plastics (Pty) Ltd Electronic Cost Systems GEC Alsthom Electrical Machines Instrotech National Instrumentation Services Plessey Corporation Reumech OMC Sasol Limited Steffen Robertson & Kirsten Cons. Engineers UEC Commercial


For more information on the Da Vinci tt100 Business Innovation Awards Programme, call Sonya Landman 011 579 4445 or email her at

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