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May 17, 2012

May 3, 2012 - Issue 1

SPORTS: Cotswold Olimpicks MUSIC: Musician/Comedian PHIL JOHNSON

Issue #2


MACHINIMA: “Clown Dolls Forever” – Ambrosia Lanley DONNA SUMMER: Queen of Disco dies at age 63 SWAMP PEOPLE: Mitchell Guist Passes Away

DINKI DI DESIGNS takes the Bahiyaa Challenge

Contents In Studio Shots …………………………………………………………………………………….. 4 - 5 Fashion (Formanails) ……….…………………………………………………………………….. 6 - 7

Quirky Fashion (Intimacy 2.0) ……………………………………………………………….. 6 - 7 Movies (The Avengers) …………………………………………………………………..…………….... 12 Machinima (The Avengers) …………………………………………………………………..………. 13 Sports (Cotswold Olimpicks) …………………………………………………………………..…. 14 - 15

Phil Johnson (Musician/Comedian) ………………………………………………….. 20 - 22

Donna Summer (1948-2012) ……………………………………………………………… 23 - 25


Editor-In-Chief Fashion Editor Movies Editor Sports Editor Music Editor

Bahiyaa Jummah Tori “Trish” Carlucci X93 Xevion Vince Atlass Bahiyaa Jummah Season 1 - Issue 2

To Inquire about Advertising & Rates, email the CEO, Bahiyaa Jummah at or call us at (323) 391-DATA


Vince Atlass

X93 Xevion

Tori “Trish” Carlucci


Well ladies we all know how much we love our nails , how absolutely fabulous we feel when we have them manicured and looking divine. Well look no more for those gorgeous nails and matching jewellery. Formanails is my new love and I am never without them. I guarantee you won’t be either. Every nail you can image can be found in Ivi Bings’ store. All shapes, short, long, stiletto, square, round and even a men's range. Ivi has pulled out all the stops and leaves nothing to chance. You will find instructions on how to make the nails fit your shape with easy to follow signage around the store. She has a lucky chair section in the store where you can score amazing nail sets and let me tell you they are not the least favourable sets either they are in most cases the popular ones. For those photographers out there that love to show us all what they can do she has a monthly competition that anyone can enter – the prize is definitely worth your effort. For every style and nail look you can imagine you will find at FORMANAILS. Fashion Editor: Tori “Trish” Carlucci

Ladies get down there as soon as you can I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Style Guide: • NAILS: – Nail Formanails Form Long - Design CLOCK (ring/bracelet included) • Nail colour: /17nail5, Ring colour: /ruby • ms/199/147/22 • • TOP: – N-core *KiKi Blouse* Garnet • • • NECKLACE: – +:+WTG+:+ **GNR-ROSE-R** necklace • • • HAIR: – • 2 • • MAKEUP: • – Mystique Mainstore: - Ultra Gloss Eyes 7 Lips Pack_3 • • – *NOYA* designs VAMP Eyelashes (ONLY ON MARKETPLACE) • • – ::KK:: - ::KK:: Swirl Eyeliner (ONLY ON MARKETPLACE) 50% OFF RIGHT NOW!! • • – ::KK:: -::KK:: Special Lover Set (ONLY ON MARKETPLACE) • • EYES: – MAYFLY – Deep Sky Eyes – Deep majorelle •


WHO IS CRANE DESIGN? Crane Design uses creative problem-solving to produce the most creative, memorable, and effective communications possible for our clients. We are a small strategic design agency with big project experience that fuses a passion for creative communication with clients who make a difference. We collaborate with you to visually charge your message with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice that will help you stand out from the crowd. At Crane Design Studio, We believe in creating a relationship between designer and client that will sustain longevity. We believe that the design process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths with our client’s in-depth understanding to produce communications that sing. We are a creative logo design studio offering services without limits – We are an Australian Company with an International Presence. Our Clients stretch as far as the US, UK and Europe. Our Designers also span the globe and take your brand strategy to the next level.

WHAT CAN CRANE DESIGN DO FOR YOU? Crane Design has extensive creative management experience and works with some of the top people in the creative fields . . . photographers, illustrators, and printers . . . to make your project a cut above the competition. We can take your communications problems from initial concept to finished execution. Our capabilities include: • Communication strategy • Logo creation or revamp • Identity design and brand standards systems design; • Website and interactive media design; • Print collateral design including: annual reports, brochures, corporate communications, advertising campaigns, posters

CONTACT: Trish Melilli EMAIL:

Quirky Fashion Finds INTIMACY 2.0 See Through Dress Lets Men Know When Women Are Aroused

Fashion Editor: Tori “Trish” Carlucci

Well the description of this quirky fashion find says it all ..... Guys the guess work has been removed when it comes to knowing whether you ... uhhhmmmm .... turn your lady on. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has come up with this new high-tech garment that becomes see through as the ladies heart rate rises. The dress is made from a combination of leather and e-foils (the part that becomes see through) and ladies you have a choice of either black or white. Hmmmm not sure how many women would actually wear this dress as pretty as it is in the fear that all your bits become exposed as you get hotter. Lol I would hate to be the woman that heats up at the drop of a hat for no reason at all. Imagine standing at the club nervous as all hell, your body temperature rising and this dress becoming more transparent as the night goes on …. Ahahahaha….. every man in the club will be thinking they have a chance. WOW.

Having said all that the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Rhianna have sported the dress and of course they can pull it off without anyone evening batting an eyelid. Thought I would share this one with all of you out there. You can find a picture and link below. Would love to hear your thoughts drop me an email

ShadowWind Syndicate Pictures has been creating some of the most inventive Machinima for the past two years. We handle everything from weddings to video shorts.

​ ShadowWind Syndicate Pictures also participated in this year's 48 Hour Film Project as head of filming. ​ As an affiliate of D.A.T.A we also work creatively with their talents to create original content for their, as well as our own, clients. ​


ShadowWind Syndicate Pictures is embarking on the creation of a brand new Steampunk video short.


The Avengers This week we talked about the Avengers movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansen , Robert Downey Jr. and more. This was a movie that took it's time to be made but the build up and ride to finish was worth it. Two Iron Man movies, The Hulk, Thor, Capt. America....all the stars of these movies , fill out an entire cast of stars both new and old. Movie Editor: X93 Xevion

MACHINIMA • This weeks Machinima Spotlight was (once again ironically) tied in to a degree with the theme of movie which was SuperHeroes. My friend , Ambrosia Lanley did a film called "Clown Dolls Forever" which brought Slave Traffiking of women to the forefront. It's a film about a girl who needs help and the stars of a traveling circus by day, become the heroines of the night as the Clown Dolls. The link below can show you the film and applause all around for bringing this issue to the light, as so many of us were unaware it was still going on. Movie Editor: X93 Xevion

SPORTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Cotswold Olimpicks - Started by Robert Dover in 1612. This year is the 400th anniversary of the Cotswold Olimpicks and the event will run from 2pm to Midnight on June 1st, 2012. Typical events of these games are: Shin-Kicking Contest, Tug-of-War, Champion of the Hill & 5 Mile Race. They also have such events as Shuffle Board Race, Straw Bale Race, Slipping & Sliding Race as well as the ever popular, Dwile Flonking. The DATA Stream team were all quite unaware of such activities and when we asked our Sports expert, Vince Atlass, about Dwile Flonking we were told that it consists of two teams, each taking a turn to dance around the other while attempting to avoid a beer-soaked dwile (cloth) being flung at them by the non-dancing team. When I did a search on Google for this sport, I found out even more! A 'dull witted person' is chosen as the referee or 'jobanowl' and the two teams decide who flonks first by tossing a sugar beet. The game begins when the jobanowl shots "Here y'go t'gither!" The nonflonking team joins hands and dances in a circle around a member of the flonking team, a practice known as 'girting'. The flonker dips his dwile-tipped 'driveller' (a pole 2-3 ft. long and made from hazel or yew) into a bucket of beer, then spins around in the opposite direction tot he girters and flonks his dwile at them. Sports Editor: Vince Atlass

If the dwile misses completely it is known as a 'swadger' or a 'swage'. When this happens the flonker must drink the contents of an ale-filled 'gazunder' (chamber pot ('goes-under the bed)) before the wet dwile has passed from hand to hand along the line of now non-girting girters chanting the ancient ceremonial mantra of "pot pot pot".

R.I.P. Mitchell Guist Michael Guist – featured on the History Channel’s show “Swamp People” passed

A full game comprises four 'snurds', each snurd being one team taking a turn at girting. The jobanowl adds interest and difficulty to the game by randomly switching the direciton of rotation, and will levy drinking penalties on any player found not taking the game seriously enough. Points are awarded as follows: * +3: a 'wanton' - a direct hit on a girter's head * +2: a 'morther' or 'marther' - a body hit * +1: a 'ripple' or 'ripper' - a leg hit * -1: per sober person at the end of the game At the end of the game, the team with the most number of points wins, and will be awarded a ceremonial pewter gazunder.

away Monday, May 14, 2012 of natural causes. Mitchell was building a boat with his brother, Glenn, when he suffered an apparent seizure and later died at the Teche Regional Medical Center in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Swamp People is currently into it’s 3rd season SHIN KICKING CHAMPION 2011 = Ben Corfield this year on History Channel. Runner Up: Fesse Hunt

Pictured: Mitchell Guist & his brother, Glenn


“BAHIYAA CHALLENGE” Fashion Editor: Tori “Trish” Carlucci

As we mentioned in episode 3 we put Dinki Di Designs to the test and challenged Tink Marksman owner, to the BAHIYAA CHALLENGE. The challenge was to colour match Bahiyaa Jumanya’s skin tone which is an unusual one based on her real life skin. Matching shoes to her skin has been a drama from the get go and wanted to see how easy it was to get the much sought after result. Well let me just begin by saying Tink accepted the challenge with relish and came through with flying colours. Pardon the pun. She

mentioned that it would take 30 – 60 mins to complete the colour match resulting with your very own personalised hud that replaces all other huds in her store with any of her shoes. It only took Tink 10mins to colour match and a total of 20mins to complete the personalised hud. Amazing effort and one that has definitely saved many hours of anguish for Bahiyaa. Ladies you definitely need to get down to the store get some of those amazingly feminine shoes and your very own personalised hud.

The “BAHIYAA CHALLENGE” (cont). I have taken a photo diary of the challenge here. Have fun and enjoy those Dinki Di Shoe’s.

Stage 1: Initial stage of colour matching

Stage 2: Fine tuning colour matching


Stage 3: Skin has been matched and placed in personalized hud

Stage 4: Shoes attached with default skin


Stage 5: Slight adjustments made to initial colour matching.

Stage 6: BINGO! Skin matched and Bahiyaa now has her personalized HUD.

Musician / Comedian – Phil Johnson talks to The DATA Stream Being human is a constant struggle between defining ourselves as individuals and trying to fit in with “the group”... Phil Johnson, who has appeared at the Sundance Film Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, uses comedy and music to dissect that dilemma in both his own life and others. Roadside Attraction comes from leader Phil Johnson's twin careers in music and comedy. "The idea here is songs and comedy material that are interesting and challenging, but also funny, and understandable by a casual listener," says Johnson. It's more eclectic than Stephen Lynch, funnier than Prince, and more palatable than Frank Zappa, though influences of all three abound. Music Editor: Bahiyaa Jummah

In stand-up pieces like “Vertical Eyebrows”, “Gangsta Pooh”, and “State Hats” Phil discusses the challenges and rewards of being different and proud of it. Though sometimes people misplace their self-worth into meaningless objects like in “Truck Nuts”. But we also have to be concerned with how we relate to the thoughts and feelings of others around us. From dealing with new social issues (“Robots” and “Gay Children’s Books”) to keeping the relationship fire alive (“Bad Porno Sex” and “Geeks Don’t Care”). "Afrodizzyac" is the band’s take on Blaxploitation film themes. This one about an international super spy (Afrodizzyac) saving the women of the world from his arch enemy, Left Nut. "Brown Ring Around The Collar" is a happy tirade about the stupid people we meet every day. And "Hella Good Day" is Phil Johnson's own musing on what would make his perfect day. "I wrote it during a really bad day and it helped cheer me up. I don't expect people to personally relate to each lyric. But I hope it will make them think about what would make them happier." Phil Johnson, like everyone else, sometimes gets it and sometimes wonders what the heck people are thinking. On stage his playful humor and likeable, endearing manner allow him to shake things up without antagonizing the audience. In the end we can only be who we are, try to understand others, and hope they understand us.

Phil Johnson Tour Dates 05.23.2012 08.00 Show 7 Cedars Casino 7 Cedars Casino Sequim WA Comedy Show

05.25.2012 - 05.26.2012 08.00 Show Chadwick's Pub Chadwick's Pub at Rogue Regency Medford OR Comedy Show

06.20.2012 08.00 Show Gold Country Casino Gold Country Casino Oroville CA Comedy Show

06.21.2012 - 06.23.2012 08.00 Show Laughs Unlimited Laughs Unlimited Sacramento CA Comedy Show

05.30.2012 08.00 Show The Romane Event Makeout Room San Francisco CA Comedy Show 07.17.2012 09.00 Show Santa Cruz Fringe Festival Center Stage 06.06.2012 - 06.10.2012 Theatre Santa Cruz CA Comedy Show 08.00 Show Big Al's Comedy Club Big Al's Comedy Club at Orleans Casino Las Vegas NV Comedy Show

06.14.2012 - 06.16.2012 08.00 Show Wits End Comedy Club Wits End Comedy Club Westminster CO Comedy Show 06.19.2012 08.00 Show Lincoln, CA Venue TBA - - - Comedy Show

08.16.2012 - 08.18.2012 08.00 Show The Laugh Shop The Laugh Shop Sherwood Park Sherwood Park AB Comedy Show

Phil Johnson can be contacted at:

QUEEN OF DISCO DIES AT AGE 63 LaDonna Adrian Gaines (December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012), known by the stage name Donna Summer, was an American singer-songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of the late 1970s. She had a mezzo-soprano vocal range, and was a five-time Grammy Award winner. Summer was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums reach number one on the U.S. Billboard chart, and she also charted four number-one singles in the United States within a 13-month period. Born into a devoutly Christian lower middle class AfricanAmerican family in Boston, Massachusetts, she first became involved with singing through church choir groups before joining a number of bands influenced by the Motown Sound. Influenced by the counterculture of the 1960s, she became the front singer of a psychedelic rock band named Crow and moved to New York City. Joining a touring version of the musical Hair, she spent several years living in West Germany, where she married Helmut Sommer, whose surname she adopted as her stage name. Music Editor: Bahiyaa Jummah

Returning to the U.S., Summer co-wrote the song "Love to Love You Baby" with Pete Bellotte; music producer Giorgio Moroder convinced her to sing it herself, and it was released to mass commercial success in 1975, particularly on the disco scene. Over the following years, Summer followed this success with a string of other disco hits, such as "I Feel Love", "MacArthur Park", "Hot Stuff" and "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)". Becoming known as the "Queen of Disco", she regularly appeared at the Studio 54 club in New York City, while her music gained a particularly large following within the gay community, for whom she became a gay icon. Struggling with drug addiction and depression, she subsequently became a born-again Christian. Diagnosed with lung cancer, Summer died on the morning of May 17, 2012, at her home in Florida after a battle with the disease.

She was posthumously described as the "undisputed queen of the Seventies disco boom" who reached the status of "one of the world's leading female singers.“ Her work with Moroder, particularly "I Feel Love", has also been described as "really the start of electronic dance" music.

Personal life LaDonna Gaines was one of seven children born and raised in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, living on the first floor of a three-decker home. Following her move to Austria in 1971, she met and fell in love with actor Helmuth Sommer while the two were acting in Godspell. In 1973, the couple married and that year Gaines gave birth to her first child, daughter Mimi Sommer. In 1975, the couple divorced. Gaines took her husband's last name, translated to English, as her stage name.

In 1978, while working on the hit track, "Heaven Knows" which featured Brooklyn Dreams member Joe "Bean" Esposito on vocals, Summer met fellow member Bruce Sudano. Within a few months, Summer and Sudano became a couple. They married on July 16, 1980. A year later, Summer gave birth to another daughter (her first child with Sudano), Brooklyn Sudano, named after Sudano's group. (Brooklyn would grow up to star in the hit ABC production My Wife and Kids.) A year after that, Summer and Sudano had their second child, Amanda. In 1994, Summer and her family moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, where she took time out from show business to focus on painting, a hobby she began in 1985. In 1995, Summer's mother died. Death Summer died on the morning of May 17, 2012, at her home in Naples, Florida at the age of 63. She had been diagnosed as having lung cancer, despite reportedly being a non-smoker, and the cancer was unrelated to smoking. Summer is survived by her husband Bruce Sudano, their daughters Brooklyn and Amanda, as well as her daughter Mimi from a previous marriage.

D.A.T.A offers an opportunity for Musicians, Machinimatographers, Cinematographers & Artists a way to do their art and leave the business to us! MUSICIANS D.A.T.A Musician Management & Marketing assists companies and musicians on numerous projects that reflect our

services. Our goal is to provide you with the best we can offer. Please see some of our services below. You may also inquire about custom packages to fit your needs. Our philosophy focuses around building an artist and their brand. We are experts in branding and can get you the exposure you require.

Music Mgmt & Mktg Services:​

Tour & Local Promotions:

Bio Writing/Press Kit Services – $100/page Database Development & Maintenance - $125/month Artist/Brand/Label Development - $500/month Graphic Design - $150+ Advertisement (Audio) - $50+ Advertisement (Video) - $150+ Seasonal Promotions - $150/month Album Budgeting & Release Planning - $300/month Design & Project Management - $350/month Marketing Plans - $500/month Career Development (Inquire Within) Business Consulting (Inquire Within) Product/Event Marketing Consultation (Inquire Within) Music Placement (Inquire Within) Product Placement (Inquire Within)

Advanced & VIP Ticketing - $300/event Local Marketing Strategy - $450 Publicity & Media Relations - $250/event Radio Promotions - $150/event Road Management - $500/event Startup Booking - $250/event Street Team Management - $250/event

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We've worked with many renowned Film and Machinima Artists - Let Us Add You To Our List.

Cinematographer Mgmt & Mktg Services Include: ​ • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bio Writing/Press Kit Services – $100/page Database Development & Management - $125/month Artist/Brand Development - $500/month Graphic Design - $150+ Seasonal Promotions - $150/month Advertisement (Audio) - $50+ Advertisement (Video) Production - $150+ Project Management - $350/month Marketing & Design - $400/month Business Consulting (Inquire Within) Email Marketing (Inquire Within) Product/Event Marketing Consultation (Inquire Within) Video Placement (Inquire Within) Product Placement (Inquire Within)

Artist Mgmt & Mktg Services Include: Bio Writing/Press Kit Services – $100/page Database Development & Management - $125/month Artist/Brand Development - $500/month Graphic Design - $150+ Seasonal Promotions - $150/month Advertisement (Audio) - $50+ Advertisement (Video) Production - $150+ Project Management - $350/month Marketing & Design - $400/month Business Consulting (Inquire Within) Email Marketing (Inquire Within) Product/Event Marketing Consultation (Inquire Within) Video Placement (Inquire Within) Product Placement (Inquire Within)

Our Artists have had their work shown on multiple platforms. Where would you like yours to be seen next?

To Order or Inquire about Services: Contact CEO Bahiyaa Jummah, directly via email or Phone. Please state which services you are interested in and we will contact you within 24 hours* regarding your request. ​ *1 Business day


PHONE: 323-391-DATA (3282)

The DATA Stream e-Magazine - Issue 2  

The DATA Stream e-Magazine - Season 1 - Issue 2

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