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The Rotary Club of Dartmouth September 2016 Chartered 27th October 1950

JUST TAKING STOCK - August opened on a positive note, with the induction of John Hansell, who regaled us with amusing stories of his experiences in the legal world. I can see John being a great source of advice if any member is in the unfortunate and hopefully unlikely position of having their “collar felt” by a member of the local Constabulary! Welcoming John draws attention to the fact that adding to club membership is going to be one of our most important challenges, if not the most important, over the coming years. Ideally, as well as “us of a certain age”, we would like to recruit younger new members, to bring down our average age profile from the current level of around 68. It’s younger new members who will be the leaders of tomorrow. As we know, this challenge is not easy to overcome in a town like Dartmouth, with a high proportion of over 65’s and therefore much more difficult to find and recruit younger candidates. Our Membership Officer Bob Benns, is pursuing some new recruitment possibilities which we hope will be successful in bringing in new members, to replace our recent losses. Life here in rural France continues unchanged, though in conversations, it’s evident that the recent terrorist attacks, particularly those in Nice and the village near Rouen have had a profound effect upon the French sense of their personal safety. However, there is still an insistence that they will not change their way of life in reaction to such outrages. This is not always borne out by events however, as it has been indicated that the number of tourists visiting the Cote d’Azur is sharply down, some say, by as much as 30%. Many of these will likely be nonFrench, the newspapers indicating that they include, Italians, Russians and those from the Middle East. Apparently us Brits along with the Swedes have not been deterred. By the time you read this, holidays and Regatta will be over and Summer is coming to a close. Having worked in France, this is the period that they call the “Rentree”, when schools, places of work and Parliament re-open. The idea is everyone is returning, refreshed, enthused and full of new ideas. I look forward to the Club’s “Rentree” in September, and to be working with you all, through the rest of the year, hoping that by the end of my Club Presidency we will be able to say,” we helped to make a positive difference.”

Bill BIRTHDAYS 8th - Trevor Pollard 16th - David Morehen 18th - Doug Morris 26th - Keith Barker


THE DARTBOARD The monthly bulletin of the Rotary Club of Dartmouth

SEPTEMBER 2016 Club No. 705 Chartered 27 Oct ‘50

Vol. XXI No...3


CALENDAR EDUCATION To add the NEW club calendar to your smart Apple device (iphone/ipod/ipad), copy and paste the following information into your device. Google Calendar ical/ private9aba42b7ac86d7608df254ac971f42c 7/basic.ics To add a calendar feed to your iOS device, start in the Settings menu. Find the menu item labelled “Mail, Contacts and Calendars,” and click “Add Account.” Press and hold in the text field to paste in the iCal feed URL that you previously saved to your clipboard, and click “Next.” If you wish to add this to your Outlook account, simply click the link above and it should offer you the chance to add it to your diary system.

The following appointments to the 2016/17 RIBI Membership Committee have been announced:  Alumni and Retention - Tim Cowling  Visioning - John Brewster  Support to Clubs - Gloria Nichols  Nationally based eClub/Urban Study Pesh Kapasiawala  Change Management - Nigel Danby  Analytics (co-opted) - Jim Sleigh  New Club Formation Officer - Kevin Walsh  Corporate Approaches – TBA Am I missing something ?

THINK ABOUT IT If Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. Presidential election, it would be the first time in history that two U.S. presidents would have slept with each other. On the other hand if Donald Trump wins the U.S. election, it will be the first time in history that a billionaire moves into public housing vacated by a black family!

The “Dictionaries for Life” project is still going strong and as you probably saw in the Dartmouth Chronicle, copies have been presented to pupils at the Academy. If these are helpful, maybe one of them could explain those titles, so that we can understand what is happening in our organisation ?



DID YOU KNOW ? A pregnant goldfish is called a “twit”.


President Bill referred to this in his message last month so some research has been undertaken: Rotary Club Central is an on-line tool to help clubs set goals, track their progress towards those goals and record past and present achievements. The idea apparently, is that goals make us more focused, motivated and successful. It is important that a club knows where its been, where its at currently, and where it wants to go. The end goal is more engaged members, better sustainable service and greater support for the Rotary Foundation. Rotary Club Central is simply a means or vehicle to help clubs think strategically, set realistic goals and work towards them. It can also foster continuity among club leaders, allowing them to see a history of the club’s goals. They can then determine whether the goals they’ve set are realistic and they can make changes if necessary. On top of that it allows District officers, and Rotary International Zone leaders and staff at Central Office in Chicago to see our progress ! It seems that RI is anxious to document the details of all service projects, including the number of volunteers, their hours, and the amount of donations, or donations in kind, made to needy causes. Blimey….. !! And there is a video seminar available—

IT’S AN AGE THING (!) How many times have we told ourselves that we must recruit younger people in order to preserve our ways of service to others ? In a recent magazine there was an article which pointed out that twelve of the last 25 Presidents of Rotary International were under 33 when they joined Rotary. Indeed one of them was only 22. That is a phenomenal level of achievement. Sometimes we turn away young professionals whom we consider to be too young to become Rotarians. If any of those Past Presidents of R.I. had been turned away we would never have had the benefit of their leadership skills.

PUZZLE While walking on the beach at Beesands last month, I noticed a small coin glistening in the sun. On closer examination I could read the date 126BC. Thinking that this coin would obviously be worth something, I popped in to Dartmouth museum to ask their advice. There were very kind to me but informed me that the coin was worthless. Why?



of components that are critical to the operation of any national defence system. And what we have seen so far may just be the tip of the iceberg. For now, I will just leave you with one piece of advice learn to speak Chinese. You are going to need it!

China seems particularly interested in acquiring energy resources in the United States and is actually mining for coal in the mountains of Tennessee. Soon China may want to build entire cities in the United States just like they have been doing in other countries. Right now China is actually building a city larger than Manhattan just outside Minsk, the capital of Belarus. China is on the rise. If you doubt this, just think: when you total up all imports and exports, China is now the number one trading nation on the entire planet. China has more foreign currency reserves than anyone else on the planet;  now has the largest new car market in the entire world;  now produces more than twice as many automobiles as the United States;  is the number one gold producer in the world;  The uniforms for the U.S. Olympic team were made in China;  85% of all artificial Christmas trees in the world are made in China. China now consumes more energy than the United States; China uses more cement than the rest of the world combined. China is now the number one producer of wind and solar power on the entire globe; China produces 3 times as much coal and 11 times as much steel as the United States; China produces more than 90 percent of the global supply of rare earth elements; China is now the number one supplier

OBITUARIES If you browse the entries on the “Obituaries” page in the Telegraph you may occasionally find something educational or just intriguing. Last month there was an entry for Wing Commander Howard Murley, who flew prototype miniature versions of the Vulcan, called the Avro 707, to test the aerodynamics. The notice included a paragraph: “His many years of service to the local Rotary Club was recognised with the award of the Paul Harris Fellowship. He was also a founding member of the Wey Valley Probus Club.” Its not that often that our PHF’s are mentioned in other media, and this was a delight to see.

PERSONAL COLUMN MINT CONDITION: Male, 1932, high mileage, good condition, some hair, many new parts including hip, knee, cornea, valves. Isn´t in running condition, but walks well.


SILVER SUNDAY On 2nd October clubs throughout RIBI are invited to establish a programme of some sort to help people overcome loneliness. We are invited to provide an opportunity for older people to try something new, meet new people and have an uplifting day. It’s also an opportunity to highlight such local services or opportunities that are available all year round. Clubs like ours, or Probus, a record club, a reading club or a choir like ‘Dartmouth Rock’ are worthwhile. A community choir is starting in Stoke Gabriel.

IT HAPPENS AT OUR AGE Jim was telling Harry about his trip to the doctors. After two visits and exhaustive lab tests the doc said Jim was doing "fairly well" for his age. A little concerned about that comment, Jim couldn't resist asking him, "Do you think I'll live to be 80?" He asked me, "Well, do you smoke tobacco or drink beer or wine?" "Oh no," I replied. "I've never done either." Then he asked, "Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?" Jim said, "No, I heard that all red meat is very unhealthy." "Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf / sailing / ballooning / motorcycling / rock climbing?" "No, I don't," Jim said. The doctor said, "Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or sexually fool around?" "No," Jim said. "I have never done any of those things." He looked at me and said, "Then why do you bother whether you live to be 80?"


This photo from this year’s Regatta which appeared on Facebook shows just what can happen when a seagull tries to overtake a Typhoon fighter jet over the river. The new RAF Globemaster also flew past, surprising everyone with its low approach.


Is it alright to use AM radio in the afternoons ? Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle ? Why is ‘bra’ singular and ‘panties’ plural ? What happens to Immediate Past Presidents after fallow year ?

Sometimes we have to pity those Rotarians who come to Dartmouth in Regatta Week, only to find that they cannot do a ‘make-up’ because we do not meet. But the need to do so is disappearing, as there are less reasons to fraternise on holiday, now that the attendance rules have been watered down.




Keen cyclists can help to support those in need of shelter and aid around the world by taking part in the London to Brighton cycle ride on 11th September ! Although it is a challenging ride, this route incorporates many a scenic stop, a pub lunch, lots of camaraderie and a lovely ride along Brighton’s sunny seafront to the finish line. To take part, there's a minimum sponsorship target of just £150. Find out more about what’s involved in taking part in this event and how you can get involved here:

The Official Rotary Club Directory will no longer be published in hard-back. This will obviously save R.I. a lot of money. The front section, detailing the Districts and District Officers will still be printed, spirally bound, for Zone Officers and DG’s. This is of little interest to club members and you will not even notice the change. However, the version on compact disc, previously available to Rotarians, will also disappear. Instead, a version in “pdf” format will be available on-line to members, through the “My Rotary” site. The Editor has access to the RIBI Directory if you need any information about clubs in the British Isles.

SERVICE—THE HARD WAY Here’s a novel idea from the RC of The Shelterbox response team has just returned from Italy with a long-term programme to support recovery after last week's deadly earthquakes. Phil Duloy, ShelterBox Operations Coordinator, said: ‘Farming and agri-tourism are the lifeblood of this area, and many of the farms and homesteads are isolated and inaccessible. Farmers’ houses may have been damaged or destroyed, yet cattle still have to be attended and harvests gathered in. We are urgently constructing a plan with the Italian authorities that we hope will allow us to aid farmers in recovering from this week’s awful events.’ Shelterbox needs praise as well as contributions.

Dartmouth East in Canada, but one that actually copies a scheme run by the Women’s Institute in Warwickshire. In my previous village the ladies mustered together in the summer to pick litter and weeded the gutters. The village was a pleasant place to live. Nowadays in Stoke Gabriel even the local council expects residents to weed the gutters outside their own homes. Can you imagine Dartmouth residents accepting that ?


RIBI YOUNG WRITER Congratulations to RC of Totnes whose entrant Sienna Harris won a highly commended award. The judges commented that Ella’s piece, which was about going through her grandfather’s effects after he had died, was “a thoughtful and mature précis, showing wisdom beyond her years. Stunning and evocative.”


The RC of Totnes are also holding their annual Raft Race on 9th October. The RC of Dartmouth raft sank during training, and we will not be participating.

President Jenny and members would like to extend an invitation to Rotary wives/partners to a pre-Christmas gettogether. The Venue is Dainton Golf Club, near Newton Abbot on 23rd November, at 12.45 - plus a little shopping or browsing at Fermoys Garden Centre. The menu is a hot buffet at £10 per person; dessert £4.45 and coffee £1.75


Anyone interested in joining us please contact Sonia Keep (01548 580432) or Jenny Mills (01803 834220) or Pam Bennett (01803 722307) as soon as possible please. We do hope the ladies will come and join us. Research from the University of Southampton reveals that not only does volunteering boost mental health and raise levels of happiness, but the benefits do not kick in until after the age of 40. “From that age onwards there is a significant improvement in those who give up their time to help others. It may also be beneficial for those who have been made redundant or who have retired, because regular volunteering helps maintain social networks.” So there you have it — we need more members aged 39 and upwards !

SCATTER WEEK has been moved to the week commencing 30th January 2017, to allow for us to remain at our usual venue for Rotary’s 112th birthday on 23rd February. Peter Shaw is coordinating events for that week, but a mystery visit is also on the cards for three passengers in the Editor’s car. Destination is an unknown Rotary club. A birthday party for Rotary is also on the cards for 23rd February 2017. More details later.




There were 99 new Rotaract clubs and 85 new Interact clubs formed in the Philippines Rotary Districts last year ? There are none in District 1175, but at least there are signs of one starting. One of the promoters is a Rotarian and former Rotaractor who was a helper at the Rotaproj event in Kingsbridge last month, and he has been invited to come and talk to us in the New Year.

Social Secretary David has circulated a proposal to run a trip to France by car, staying with or near our President. You can even have lunch in his garden ! It is proposed to leave overnight on Thursday 27th April and return the following week. Those that want to stay longer have a choice of venues in the Dordogne or the Loire Valley. Reply to David L a.s.a.p.



Rotarian Stephen Lay (PHF) has already been Governor of District 1290 (2013-14) and follows another double DG - young Brian Stoyel, (201516) who also had the distinction of serving as President of RIBI.

In the Sunday Telegraph last month there was a 16-inch column report by David Blair (no relation I hope) who stated that “The war may not be over but the battle has been won against Polio” He described the results thus far as being “one of the world’s great unsung success stories”. He was picking up on the news that there have been two cases notified in Nigeria, and trying to reassure people that this is not a disaster (yet). Pakistan and Afghanistan are still hot spots. But in 1988 (three years after Rotary commenced its campaign) there were 350,000 cases; today we are talking in terms of 21 people in the entire world. He went on to praise people in volunteer teams, some of whom have given their lives to carry out vaccination programmes. Yet nowhere in those 16 column inches is there any mention of Rotary. WHY NOT ?

Stephen was educated at the Camborne School of Mines where he used to teach students how to defuse IED’s. Joking aside, his skills led to a career in industrial mining, and he is the only person I know who has seen it snowing underground ! He was also instrumental in promoting the sale of a brand new Christmas single “Christmas Time (Children Sing)” sung by TV Presenter Shane Solomon to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation. He visits us on 15th September - soon. BE THERE !!




Rtn Charlie King (RC of Annapolis) has made an Eagle on a par three, par four and par five. That is some accomplishment! A hole in one on a par three, - a score of two on a par four and a score of three on a par five. I just hope they don’t send a team over here to play against us.

The weather was glorious for this year’s event, and it encouraged two visitors to come by paragliders to say ‘hello’. Both declined an invitation to membership. The NZ team lost at cricket, but our new member’s wife won at croquet. Don Campbell sat on the top table (the biggest one there)

FISHING TRIP Details of yesterday’s trip will be in the bulletin next month. So instead—a Dartmouth doctor was famous for always catching large fish. One day while he was on one of his frequent fishing trips, he got a call that a woman at a neighbouring farm was giving birth. He rushed back to shore and went to her aid and delivered a healthy baby boy. The farmer had nothing appropriate to weigh the baby with so the doctor used his fishing scales. Apparently the baby weighed 32 pounds and 10 oz.

The RC of Chudleigh & Bovey Tracey has folded, with two Rotarians joining RC of Dartmoor Vale, one joining RC of Newton Abbot and two leaving Rotary altogether. That’s sad.

ANSWER TO PUZZLE An old coin cannot have a date of 126BC - 126 years Before Christ. It is therefore a modern fake, worth nothing to the museum.



Left: PP John Burt

Right: PP David Sharpe

Brixham Rotarians have opened up a pop-up shop in Brixham town centre. Selling bric -a-brac, books, household goods, toys, puzzles and PAT-tested electrical goods and clothes, the shop has been kindly offered to Brixham Rotary Club for a short period. The shop, located in 23 Fore Street, Brixham, opposite Tesco Express, has already proved to be popular with both visitors and locals. Staffed by volunteers from the RC of Brixham and their partners, together with Friends of Rotary and members of the Brixham Inner Wheel club, the shop is open daily from 10 am to 3.00 pm. David Sharpe, Chairman of RC of Brixham’s Fundraising committee is the main organiser of the shop and says: “We have had so many generous offers of goods to stock the shop and we welcome more. Just pop into the shop and let us know. We can arrange collection.” “Money collected will go into our fundraising account and will be distributed to local charities.” John Burt, Past President of Brixham Rotary, said: “Thanks to the owner, we have been given the use of this shop for a temporary period. Once again, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Brixham people and visitors. “I’d like to pay tribute to all our volunteers and in particular, David Sharpe, our fundraiser. It has proved to be a full-time job for David and his wife, Marilyn.” Donations of good quality items are welcome, crockery, kitchenware, books, clothing and toys are all required. (Ack Brixham News) In May of this year Rtn David Sharpe became a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow with the award of a sapphire pin.


THE ON-LINE CALENDAR is updated regularly and is available at our club web-site Date

What’s On

1 Sept @ 1pm

Speaker: Ray Bridges “Dartmouth & District Indoor Pool update” (Petanque in the evening at Stoke Fleming))

4 Sept @ 1pm

Social BBQ lunch or Paella at Ferry Boat Inn, Dittisham

8 Sept @ 1pm

Fellowship & visit by RC of Torbay Sunrise (Council & Cttees in evening)

15 Sept @ 1pm

Business Meeting

16 Sept @: 7.30pm

RC of Torquay Fun Quiz at St Matthias Church , Babbacombe Road £10pp

19 Sept @ 7pm

Social dine-out at the Maltsters, Tuckenhay

22 Sept @ 1pm

Businessperson’s Lunch

29 Sept @ 7.30pm

Evening Meeting with ladies at Stoke Lodge Hotel Speaker: Kevin Dentith “12 Hours that Saved the Grand Western Canal”

29 Sept @ 7pm

District Council Meeting at Roadford Lake, Lifton

1st Oct @ 11.30am

Social walk from Hope Cove to Bolberry Down

1st Oct @ 7pm

RC of Torquay talk by Arthur Welshman, broadcaster, at Redcliffe Hotel

2 Oct

Silver Sunday throughout RIBI

6 Oct @ 1pm

Fellowship & visit by RC of Preston

13 Oct @ 1pm


19 Oct @ 7pm

Social dine-out at the Dolphin Inn

20 Oct @ 1pm

66th Anniversary lunch & visit by RC of Lymington

20 Oct @ 3pm

“Young Chef” competition

20 Oct @ 6pm

Bay Sports Target Golf at Dainton

27 Oct @ 1pm

Business Meeting

28 Oct @ 7pm

Casino Night and Auction of Promises at the Guildhall

3—5 March

District Conference at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay

(Council & Cttees in evening)

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Monthly bulletin of the Rotary Club of Dartmouth


Monthly bulletin of the Rotary Club of Dartmouth