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The DarProperty Mar 2014




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5 Cottages in a Compound

All For

$4500 Only




AFFORDABLE SUITABILTIY Suitable for office block and staff quarters, hostel, lodge, resort, rest house and other similar business for commercial or public use. Suitable for local and International Companies,


Non-Government Organisations,Firms and other Agencies or Individulas looking for the best conveient place

The compond is located at Ibanda locality, opposite to Kirumba Commercial Centre, seven (7) minutes drive to the Main City Centre and ten (10) minutes drive to Mwanza Airport, Strategically located at the hilltop of the rocky mountain providing spectacullar views of the lake and has a cool an isolated enviroment for peace of mind

+255 688 810 344 / 0713 966 119 / 0682 966 119 /

complete real estate & property management services for residential & commercial properties sales | lettings | rentals | general maintenance | rent collection | security tenancy agreements | cleaning | operations | generator servicing | luku top up ac servicing | landscaping | refuse collection | management reporting

call us: +255 787 555 292 | +255 22 2666 524 email us: | web: visit us: 5th floor FBME house, 85 kinondoni road

Hotel for Sale outside Ngorongoro Crater Spectacular new property for sale near the Ngorongoro Crater. The hotel is a ďŹ ve star luxury boutique property with six queen sized ensuite rooms. The hotel is located on a small six acre farm on a hill top with panoramic views of the Ngorongoro forest. The hotel is very spacious and boasts a unique high spec design inside and out. The hotel is available for Long Term Lease or For Sale. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a new and outstanding property in a very sought after location.

For more information and details kindly contact: Cell: 0784 650 325 or 0683 858 485

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re you ready to refinance your home? budget in order to figure out how much you Or are you looking for the best can afford. mortgage rate to close on your new house? The lender should be able to compare loan terms with conventional methods of financing You’ve probably been told to shop around so you can make an informed decision on for the best rate, but what exactly does which loan terms best suits you. You want to that entail? With some preparation and jump on the best rate, which mostly involves research, you can save big if you get the good timing. The rate lock is a contract with right mortgage rate. For example, on a the lender that guarantees you a prevailing 15-year mortgage for a $200,000 house, interest rate. a homeowner would pay approximately $1,624 each month at a 8.5 percent rate. You must also agree to buy the loan at that rate within a specific time period, usually in If the homeowner was locked in at a slightly 60 days. If the rate rises, you’re covered. Use higher rate of 9.2 percent, it would increase a mortgage calculator to compute the monthly the monthly mortgage payments to $1,705 payment at different interest rates. If you find which would make a difference of $28,881 a rate that is around or below your limit, lock in 20 years. (Figures were calculated on a into that rate at that time or bow out of the 20 percent down payment.) That’s a lot of game. money! When rates do dip below your maximum .When shopping for a lender, find limit, be as prepared as possible -- clear out if they’re great on service. Get away any obstacles if they arise so you don’t recommendations from family and friends. miss out. Some lenders may offer you the After you’ve narrowed it down to two or three chance to get a lower rate if you’ve already lenders, compare rates, been locked in. This is called a “float down,” One of first things to consider when looking which means the prevailing rates drop, even for the best rate is figuring out your limit. after you have secured a lower rate. Be Decide on the maximum rate by creating a mindful that these specific contracts vary.

10 The DarProperty Mar 2014

Don’t just check out one lender when shopping around for a good mortgage rate. Since interest rates go up and down constantly, different lenders may offer different products. Some may offer the best mortgage rates for homebuyers, but not for those who want to refinance It’s best to try a mix of institutions from a direct lender, credit union or a community bank. After deciding on which lender, inquire about fees associated with the loan. A mortgage at a lower rate may end up costing you more because of the fees that add up in the end. Some lenders combine all of their fees into what’s called a loan preparation fee and others separate them out, so it’s important to ask for the total amount it will cost to close out the loan. Once everything is squared away, decide when you want to close. Discuss your intended target date with the lender and ask about the charges for loan lock periods. You want to lock in the best rate for the right length of time. Sourced from: My bank tracker




"State of the Art Office Suites"

An Ultra Modern Multi Storey Commercial Building located along Living/Market Street Arusha. This Stylish property is an Ideal business address for you with panoramic Arusha City View The Building has an intelligent parking space for tenants & visitors. AMENITIES & FACILITIES Access Control CCTV Camera 24hrs Security Fire Safety Systems Installed Security Back-Up Response Speedy Elevator Standby Generator Ample Underground Water Storage

P.O. Box 16759, Market/ Livingstone St, Arusha - Tanzania Tel: +255 688 322 311 / 272 546 240 / 0762 965 587

Affordable Rates Flexible Terms

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0715 335 360


Tshs 200M

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Ask the Expert Real Estate Laws

LAND PARTITIONING Q: Hello, I recently had a huge argument with some big shot who bought my father’s house. He claims to have bought my house too since they are in the same plot. Is that possible? Please Help?Joseph,Mwanza A: Hi Joseph, well the basic concept of conveyance is that, it is the right to occupy land that is sold with its unexhausted or exhausted improvements, in your case is the house. That’s why it is called right of occupancy and this is where people get confused. Now if that is the case, it means that if he purchased both, your father’s yours and your house. Hence, this is very possible. However, if you had made an Application for partition at the land offices, then you would have been safe, since the two houses would be separated from each other. Moreover, I urge you to consult a conveyance Lawyer so he can deal help with this matter, of Tanzania with both of his parents being immediately. Zanzibaris or either his father or mother being HURDLES IN OWNING A PROPERTY IN Zanzibari in accordance with (a), (b) or (c).Also once realized that land has been granted to a ZANZIBAR Q: I am from the mainland of Tanzania non-Zanzibari or a grantee of such right has working with the Ministry of Finance in transferred it to another person who is not a Zanzibar Island. Because of my long stay, Zanzibari,such right will be terminated by the I plan to purchase a piece of land for Minister as it is plainly stated under Section 57 residential purposes. With a number of very of the Act. abundant properties available, a friend of mine told me that I cannot buy land on this HELPING A FRIEND IN MORTGAGE TROUBLE part of Tanzanian. I don’t understand this, Q. I am a banker and would like to have what I know is that as a Tanzanian, I have a a lawyers take on the matter. I have a right to settle and own a property anywhere very good friend who is behind on his in the country provided that it’s done mortgage but wants to keep the property. I am considering helping him with money lawfully. Please Clarify. Khasim, Unguja. and taking an ownership interest in the A: Dear Khasim, you should know that although property which does have some equity of Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, one of the main which he would lose, if he lost the house. requirements for grant to the right to occupy Any suggestions? Kayla, Arusha. and use land (right of occupancy) is that the holder of such right is a Zanzibari aged 18 A. Hello Kayla, well there are two things in years and above. For a person who is a non- real estate and in life that occur more often Zanzibari it is impossible to be granted the than people realize. The first is that, people same. Under Section 2 of the Land Tenure Act behind on their mortgages usually lose their of 1992, a Zanzibari means (a) any person properties and second, private investment who is a citizen of Tanzania in accordance with “partnerships”, particularly when one partner the laws relating to citizenship and that he was is saving the other from financial distress, are born or has been residing in Zanzibar before rarely successful for the financially healthy and up to the 12th of January 1964; (b) any partner(in this case You). We understand that person who as from the 26th day of April he is a friend and you want to help, but the 1964 is a citizen of Tanzania and was born road of helping friends in distress is littered in Zanzibar with both of his parents being with damaged friendships and ruined bank Zanzibaris or either his father or mother being accounts. Unless he was a family member of Zanzibari in accordance with the Zanzibari Act a longtime-friend then you could consider of 1985; (c) any person who is a citizen of lending a hand but that is a very risky Tanzania and was born or has been residing investment. Alternatively, you could consider in Zanzibar before the 26th day of April, buying the property and have the mortgage 1964; (d) and any person who is a citizen transferred to you so that you have control, 18 The DarProperty Jan 2014

subject to finalization of the legal paperwork. If you want to pursue it still then consult your attorney and have a legal written agreement between all the parties so everyone knows the arrangement. All the best. Please do send us your question to: a b c a t t o r n ey s t z @ g m a i l . c o m / i n fo @ or mail it to : ABC ATTORNEYS. NBC LTD BUILDING, MNAZI MMOJA BRANCH, 2ND FLOOR, JAMHURI STREET P.O.BOX 105722, DAR-ES-SALAAM TANZANIA (EA) Tel:+255 222136060/ 0713055195 / 0786624901

For more information, you can also read other articles online at

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this post is to educate the public on real estate law matters, and is not intended to render any legal counsel on its use. We, as a firm cannot accept any responsibility for any action based on this post. If you are interested in securing legal advice or need assistance dealing with a dispute, please consult your Attorney.



QM 1600 S 0

00 $180,0

0712 009 666 / 0687 514 545


Connecting Real Estate in East Africa

From Masaki to Muthaiga | From Mbezi Beach to Westlands | From Upanga to Parklands | From Mikocheni to Kileleshwa | From Oysterbay to Upper Hill | From Kijitonyama to Kasarani | From Ubungo to Lang’ata | From Kariakoo to Eastleigh | From Tabata to Embakasi | From Magomeni to Kiambuu | From Tegeta to Makadara | From Manzese to Kariobangi | From Mbagala to Ruiru | From Sinza to Ruaraka | Kinondoni to Pangani |

20 The DarProperty Mar 2014

The DarProperty Mar 2014 21

TANZANIA MORTGAG Highlights The mortgage market continued to grow steadily, recording an annual growth rate of 46% 19 lenders are now offering mortgage products with more due to enter the market Outstanding mortgage debt stood at TZS 156 billion. Average mortgage debt size was TZS 62 million equivalent to around USD 38,000

Increasing Competition as New Lenders Enter the Market As at the end of December 2013, 19 different banking institutions were offering mortgage loans, with the number expected to increase even further as more lenders continue to launch mortgage loan products. The mortgage market was dominated by three top lenders, who amongst themselves command about 67% of the mortgage market. Azania Bank, which has the longest presence in the mortgage market, was a market leader commanding 24% of market share, closely followed by

Stanbic Bank with about 21% of the mortgage market share. The market experienced new entrants and there are prospects that large banking institutions such as NBC and NMB will enter the mortgage market as competition in the traditional banking products continue to intensify Obstacles to Growth of the Mortgage Market Demand for housing and housing loans remains extremely high but is constrained by inadequate supply of affordable housing and high interest rates. Recent rise in the T-Bills rate to 15% (those with a maturity of182 days) will Mortgage Market  Shares  

The ratio of Outstanding mortgage debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stood at 0.36% Mortgage debt advanced by top 3 lenders account for 67% of total outstanding mortgage debt High interest rates and lack of affordable housing remain the major constraints on market growth. Mortgage debt advanced by Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company (TMRC) to mortgage lenders accounted for 11% of the market’s outstanding mortgage debt. Mortgage Market Growth The mortgage market in Tanzania has been growing steadily as the pace of housing investment picks up. As at 31st December 2013 total lending by banking sector for the purposes of residential housing was TZS 156.50 billion, which is equivalent to USD 96.8 million. This represents an annual growth of 46%. Total number of mortgage loans also grew rapidly, from 1,889 at the beginning of 2013 to 2,784 by end of December 2013, being an increase of 47%. Factors attributed to this increase include favorable interest rate environment during the year, increased awareness on mortgage loans among borrowers, public awareness campaign by major banks as well as the launch of mortgage loan product by CRDB Bank Plc, Exim Bank and other TMRC member banks that had no such a product.

22 The DarProperty Jan 2014

3.51% 24.30%

3.74% 4.13% 4.54% 5.35%

20.74% 7.51% 15.10%



have a negative impact on affordability of all forms of long term debt, including mortgages. Typical interest rates offered by lenders vary between 18% and 21%. The absence of affordable housing is another factor that impedes growth of mortgage market. Most lenders offer loans for home purchase but increasingly different products are emerging such as loans for self-construction and for equity withdrawal, which continue to be expensive and beyond the reach of the average Tanzanian. Positive Initiatives to Boost the Mortgage Market The construction of new houses by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) over the next 3 years will have a positive effect on the mortgage market as most of these will most likely be priced at affordable levels. Likewise

new schemes such as the Civil Servants Housing Scheme which is expected to build 50,000 affordable houses in the next 5 years have the potential to boost the mortgage market even further. Most Pensions funds are also actively engaged in advancing mortgage loans to their members, something which will further boost the mortgage market in Tanzania. The Government of Tanzania has also continued to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring the Tanzanian populace has access to affordable housing. The recent launching of a project for construction of 10,000 houses under the Tanzania Building Agency by the Vice President is a clear demonstration of such commitment, and it will boost further growth of mortgage market. Typical loan size is reducing with some lenders targeting lower income market

Average loan size as at 31st December 2013 was TZS 62million, which is equivalent to USD 38, 000. The average loan size for 2013 compares unfavorably with that of 2012 which was TZS 73 million. The average loan size across mortgage lenders varied greatly, reflecting different strategies and customer bases. Akiba, EFC and DCB who target lower income customers had much lower average mortgage loan sizes than Stanbic Bank whose average loan size was TZS300 million. This is excerpt from Report; Tanzania Mortgage Update by the Bank of Tanzania: Courtesy: Mr. Oscar Mgaya. Chief Executive Officer. Tanzania Mortgage Refinancing Company (TMRC)

24 The DarProperty Jan 2014

The Count Down Has Begun




FOR RENT Call now +255 713 31 72 85 +255 767 14 07 27 We Build Your Future 26 The DarProperty Mar 2014






Call now +255 713 31 72 85 +255 767 14 07 27


We Build Your Future The DarProperty Mar 2014 27

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REAL ESTATE The ABCs of REAL ESTATE MARKET LETTER OF COMMITMENT official notification to a borrower of the lender’s intent to grant a loan. Generally specifics the terms of the loan and sets a date for the closing. Example: Four weeks after applying for a mortgage loan, the longs received a letter of commitment stating that the loan was approved and that the interest rate would be 18% and the term 20 years. HOME PRICE INDEX a measure of the relative level of prices in a specific housing market at a specific time. Values of the index are pegged to same starting value and indicate change over time rather than an average or median price in dollars. Example: Last year, the home price index for the local market stood at 110. This year, it is at 120, indicating that homes, on average increased in value by 9% over the year in conjunction with adjustable rate mortgages, the interest rate indicated by the sum of the current value of the index and margin applied to the loan. Adjustable rates:This rate is the interest rate that is used to calculate monthly payments in the absence of constraints imposed by the initial rate or caps. Example: An adjustable rate mortgage is indexed to the one –year treasury bill rate. The current value of the index is 6%. A margin of 2.5 percentage points is applied to the loan. The fully indexed rate is 8.5%. However, the loan has an initial rate of 7.5% which determine the interest rate of the first year. When the rate is adjusted, the fully indexed rate rises to 10%. A cap of 2 percentage points limits the adjustment in the rate to only 9.5%.If there had been no cap, the interest rate would have risen to 10%. FLOATING RATE an interest rate that is not fixed over the term of a loan, bond, or other fixed-income security, but is allowed to vary according to the change in a specified index. Example: Financial Securities Company created a floating –rate mutual

These spectacular plots are located only 3.5km from the bagamoyo main road Price. Tsh.10,000,000 per acre

fund based on a portfolio of adjustable –rate mortgage. The yield on the fund varies from year to year, depending on the interest rates charged on the ARMs in portfolio. FALSE ADVERTISING describing property in a misleading fashion. Example: Examples of false advertising might include: • representing a property as not being in a floodplain when, in fact, it is

+255 713 278 229 +255 783 299 127 28 The DarProperty Mar 2014

• stating, without caveat, that a property will appreciate in value • denying structural flaws that are known to exist

The DarProperty Mar 2014 29



Forbo Flooring Systems is the global market leader in linoleum floor coverings, owning a market share of over 60%, are now in Tanzania. In addition to linoleum products, Forbo develops, manufactures and markets a diversity of high quality project vinyl and textile floor coverings and entrance system solutions. Forbo also offers a full range of professional service products. All Forbo products combine high levels of functionality and durability.

Durable, Slip-resistant, Acoustic, Indentation-resistance, Antistatic. Forbo Flooring System Arusha:Box 10079, Oryx Building, Suit# 1 Boma Rd. Dar es salaam: WDC Building Box 78753 4th Floor,Lumumba/Uhuru Road. Tel/fax 0272503159, Cell 0787 805566, 0766076666. / France: 63 rue Gosset ¦ BP 2717 ¦ 51055 Reims,

Tshs 35m 597sqm

1/2 KM TO THE BEACH IT HAS TITLE DEED 0715 266 516 30 The DarProperty Mar 2014

Now in Tanzania!



Mikocheni, Dar es salaam warehouse for sale $2,500,000

Mikocheni, Dar es salaam offices space for rent | USD 16

kiwangwa bagamoyo Farm for sale

yard with a godown of 770 sqm in mikocheni industrial area

office space charged per sqm at Josam house,Ground floor, Along coca-cola road near Mwenge bus station

Farm for sale at kiwangwa, 8 acres, no title deed it has 4 bedrooms house 3 km from the main road

fully air conditioned with glass front parking facilities also available, 24hr security backup generator, independent block available one month free rent

0714 981 159 / 0786 264 985

0754 26 65 16

0784 84 47 04 / 0784 73 13 15

0754 377 098 / 0714 987 1159 Mikocheni, Dar es salaam plot for sale TZS 650,000,000/=

plot for sale opposite to clouds fm, also with a house

0755 881 465 / 0655 881 465 Mbezi beach, Dar es salaam house for rent USD 2,500

7 bedrooms, semi furnished, parking space (4cars)

+255 754 778 844

masaki, dar es salaam chole road, house for rent usd 2,500

fully furnished rooms,master bedroom and two bed rooms, sitting room, big kitchen, vast parking area( 5 car)

0715 040 411 / 0787 264 900 bahari beach plot for sale, usd 850,000 negotiable.

Plot Size : 4,900 Sq meters ( 1 Acre ) Perimeter wall all round the plot with a gate already in position. +255 758 536 581 / +255 684 601 567

miwani, zanzibar farm for sale usd 140,000 negotiable.

kinyerezi, dar es salaam plot for sale, $55,000

Plot Size : 9 Acres, Available vegetation / Trees Mango Trees, Coconut Trees , Spices Banana Trees ,Lemon, Passion fruit trees Cassava , Pineapples, Rice , Orange trees etc..

1531 square meters title no: 97263, land office no: 482670, plot no: 1926, block b kinyerezi área dsm - 7 km from dar es salaam international airport. near main road

+255 758 536 581 / +255 684 601 567

0656 21 68 99 / 0684 79 70 86

4 Bdrm House 2nd Raw of Beach for sale in Zanzibar This House need some finishing work. Plot size : 4,800 Sq meters ( 80 m by 60 m ) New 4 Bedrooms self contained rooms. Second Raw beach plot with nice Sea view.

0758 536 581

msasani, dar es salaam house for rent usd 2,000

two houses with four bedroom each, large parking space, garden behind the msasan road.

0713-457 696 / 0713-328 274

fully air conditioned with glass front parking facilities also available, 24hr security backup generator, independent block available one month free rent

0754 377 098 / 0714 987 1159 Kibaha,Kongowe house for sale tshs 150,000,000

Coastal Region (Kongowe - kibaha) 2 Acres House, few meters from the main road 0716 73 14 86 / 0658 34 73 73

white sand dar es salaam, house for sale

mbezi, dar es salaam (mboma road- salasala) house for sale USD 54,000

1/2 acre plot having a bangalow near white sands opp. new parkland hotel

mbezi, dar es salaam (mboma road - salasala) 3 bedrooms house with enough space for car parking, with trees.

+255 717 539 850

makongo, dar es salaam (makongo juu - kk) house for sale | usd 180,000

kigamboni, dar es salaam, house for rent | $750

this property has 3 bedroom and an auxiliary building, with mature garden.

makongo juu, kk street 1600.0 sqm 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms enough parking space

3 bedroom house, fully furnished, air condition, bore hole & nature garden

0712 009 666 / 0687 514 545

2nd raw beach,zanzibar house for sale $175,000 negotiable.

arusha (arumeru district) house for sale | tzs 150,000,000


Pugu road, dar es salaam office block for rent

0752 911 423

0715 737 245 mbezi beach africana, dar es salaam plot for sale | $130,000

plot number 2150 block “l” title deed is available. lease on title deed is for 99 yrs starting 2011. 2475 sq metres.

0715 335 360

The DarProperty Mar 2014 31

Real Estate Agents Directory

DAR ES SALAAM ABLA ESTATE DEVELOPERS & AGENCY CO.LTD Mikocheni Opposite Shoppers Plaza P.O BOX 3810, Dar es Salaam Tel +255 22 2772506 E-mail: AMBASSADOR REAL ESTATE AGENCY Sinza Palestina - CCM bldgs P.O. Box 62067 Dar es Salaam Mob: +255 784 252741 GIMCO ESTATE AGENCY LTD Samora Ave, NIC Investment Hse, P.O BOX 8382 Dar es salaam Tel +255 22 2120988 Mob +255-784 900041 GOLDBERG COMPANY LTD Real Estate & Mining Trade P.O. Box 22159 Dar es Salaam Old Bagamoyo Rd, Mikocheni B, 0715 270 517 / 0754 270 517 www. HAMPTONS PROPERTIES TZ Haidery plaza - 1st floor upanga/kisutu street P.O.BOX 6547 DARESSALAAM, 0654 204083/ 0784 323133 KATIGA HOUSING EXPERTS P. O. Box 65490 Dar es Salaam Tel:+255 2270 1915 Cell: +255 764 763 186/ +255 658 763 186 Email: Website: KEY REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS Regent Chwaku North Ursino Tel: +255 22 2701674 0715 053 803, 0786 053 803, 0754 28 46 84

32 The DarProperty Mar 2014

ARUSHA MY BEACH Old Bagamoyo Rd. opp Yuasa auto impex P.O BOX 105200. Dar es Salaam Tel; +255 22 2701710 NIKUZE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Morogoro Road P.O Box 10032 Dar Es Salaam Tel: +255 789/754/715/ 363 800 Email: PHOTO & CO.ESTATE Kahama Road/Msasani peninsula P.O BOX 105121 Dar es Salaam. 0786 962 444 Email; PROPERTY CONSULTANCY & SERVICES LTD 2nd Floor Kevin House - Samora Avenue P.O BOX.7152 - Dar Es Salaam +255 22 2120402, +255 713 690 220 PRESTIGE PROPERTIES Phone: +255-713-764-447/ 0767471293 Tel:+255-22-266-4373 SKYMARK REALITIES LTD Zanaki st. - Alimanga bldg Tel: +255 22 2 134422/33 Tanzania Realtors & Advisors Ltd. Village Walk, close to Sea Cliff Hotel +255 717 032 633 TRELD COMPANY LTD P.O BOX 7656 Dar es Salaam Location Msasani Peninsular off toure drive +255 732 222 888, +255 716 777 999

EL-SHADAI INVESTMENT LTD P.O BOX 17021 Arusha +255 782 677 068 +255 754 421 958 HOMES & PROPERTY AGENCIES LTD Land Surveyors & Property Managers P. O.Box 10079 Arusha Boma Rd. Arusha 0787 805566

Tanzania Realtors & Advisor Ltd Shoprite Complex, +255 785 984 467 ZIPO HOMES

Rivergardens Business Park, Rm 4 P.O Box 20 Usa River, Arusha +255 787 474 580/+ 255 754 320 513

MWANZA MWANZAESTATE +255 714 245 779

ZANZIBAR Zanzibar - Tel: +255 774 44 19 07 Hotel Marine - Malindi Zanzibar

Enhance your Visibilty & Credibility Get listed here for Only Tshs. 29,500/= per Insertion OR Tshs. 300,000/= Annually +255 784 23 89 62, 0688 75 18 68

c hok ol e

investment limited T h e Ult i m at e O u t d o or S ol u t i on s

Mikocheni, Garden Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. +255 786 924373, +255 658 924 373

PROFESSIONAL Designers & Installers of: Car Shades, Gazebo Electrical Gates & Umbrellas

Worry Free - Money Back


The DarProperty Mar 2014 33



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PATRON PAGE NO “You seldom get what you go after Unless you know in advance what you want.

ALAN LEMA...................................................21

Indesion has often given an advantage to the other fellow because

BANK OF AFRICA...........................................1

he did his thinking before hand”


Maurice Switzer

CHOKOLE......................................................33 ENSOL...........................................................36

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FORBO ..........................................................30 HALIC CONSTRUCTION................................3

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KIKI.................................................................19 LION...............................................................15 MAISHA ESTATE............................................20 MEGA COMPLEX..........................................11 MWANZA........................................................8 MWANZA ESTATE........................................29 NSSF...............................................................26 PAMELA LUPEMBE..........................................8 PROPERTY PLUS..............................................9 ROOTS............................................................35




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34 The DarProperty Mar 2014

SECURE SEVEN................................................7 TANZANIA BUREAU OF STANDARDS ........2 YAP....................................................................8 YOUTH ACTION PLAN................................13

36 The DarProperty Mar 2014

Darproperty march 2014small  

The DarProperty March 2014 The Ultimate Property Guide.

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