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Make t-shirts

Personal exploration of image I enjoy the print process With a view to business/sale

Do more illustrative work

Feels like I don’t use my basic drawing skills enough I don’t incorporate it in my work Self expression For fun

Do more personal work

Fill my spare time with personal work rather than a lot of pointless, time wasting activities

(for summer) at least 2 work placements

Enter into a professional work place Feel more comfortable/at ease when it comes to entering the workplace full time after degree

Be more organised with my time

Don’t be such a waster

Learn skills necessary to competently create websites

So I can build, run and keep up to date a body of my work online so I don’t fall behind

Become more familiar with type and layout and with inDesign

For publication work/editorials Not so good with inDesign anymore… forgotten skills

Write a kick ass dissertation

A module of this course I can say confidently I understand and should be excelling in A sense of acheivment

Do the research of my dissertation in summer and have a first draft ready for the start of 3rd year

Less stress when it comes to hand in time To break a habit of a lifetime (leaving things to the last minute) So I can write a kick ass dissertation

Complete at least 3 personally set briefs over summer (not necessarily self written)

To explore/develop creative skills on my own terms

Look more into and develop/apply information graphics

Has a particular structure and form that appeals to the OCD in me

Daily blogging

So I don’t run up a backlog of work To keep me up to date

Go to/build relationship with printers

Interested in the mechanics of

(inside and outside college) and work on large scale print pieces

print/printing To spend time in a printers Gain knowledge of substrates/inks etc

Read more books (cts/theory)

Learning‌to test my knowledge and understanding and keep my mind active

Make a book

To expand on print based skills

On a daily basis look at contemporary graphic design

So I can steal and adapt good ideas Ie. be inspired by To be aware of the current creative market


To explore/develop creative skills on my own terms Complete at least 3 personally set briefs over summer (not necessarily self written) Lear...

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