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IMAGE. Drawing As Practice

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BRIEF TITLE: Type As Image The Brief


Visually develop text-based responses to 7 quotes sourced from peoples’ conversations in public spaces.

The context of a quote depends upon who said it, who it was said to (even if there was no one there), the environment in which is said and the tone in which it was spoken.

Considerations What is the scale/format? Where will it appear/ what environment will it be placed in? How will that affect the frame/scale/colour etc. What typefaces will be used? Will there be more than one? Will an existing typeface be altered? What substrate will be used?

The quotes exist in the context in which they were spoken, but when taken out of that context they can become ambiguous. Will the quotes be used to communicate the original context they were in? Do they need to? Or will they exist independently? What do they communicate singularily? How can they be re-interpreted?

Target Audience The general public Mandatory Requirements 7 quotes visually communicated in A2 format Visual investigation and development work supporting final pieces

Tone of Voice


Playful/ entertaining/ thoughtful/ interesting/

7 A2 posters

Studio Deadline

19 April

This brief should be read in conjunction with the module brief. Please refer to module handbook for module brief, submission deadline, graded outcomes and further reading.


19 April Visual investigation and development work supporting final pieces LEVEL Mandatory Requirements The context of a quote depends upon...

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