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September 11, 2013

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A FIGHT TO THE DEATH Austin breakfast tacos duel for your tastebuds



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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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for those of age. know what the Madrigal diving into the greatness There are so many Whether you’re a culiDinner is, head to page of grub to a few articles, types to try in this city nary master or a take-out 5 to get the scoop on the so head to longhornlialone — from the foreign, champion, this issue of 33rd annual dinner and for more such as Korean barbeque Longhorn Life is for you. improv show; auditions stories, including a and Philly cheesesteak On page 4, we’ve got toŽjoinŽthe cast are going feature on homebrewing Ž Ž trucks, to the more Ausa breakdown of the best on now. your own beer, a Q&A Advertiser tin-esque vegan cuisine food Name: and drink specials And the breakfast Fax/Email: with the campus nutriAdvertiser Name: Fax/Email: Advertiser Name: Advertiser Name: Fax/Email: and ever-coveted breakaround town for each day taco madness is spreadFax/Email: tionist (whom students Contact Rep: Contact Person: Sales Rep: for free) and fast taco. I mean breakofPerson: the week, so you can throughout. Page 6 hasSales can consult Contact Person: Sales Rep: Contact Person: Sales Rep: fast tacos are so good that eat out without draining everything you need to simple tips for dressing a Phone: Phone: University: we dedicated the entire your bank account. know about the his- University: plate and presenting food Phone: University: Phone: University: cover to their majesty. If you’re looking to go tory and variations of like a pro. But Tony Stark would downtown this weekthe breakfast taco, and In the meantime, ssumes responsibility forfor errors notnot indicated on on thisthis form. This isflipyour final proof r assumes responsibility errors indicated form. This is your final proof nothing without Pepend, check page 3 for to find out just why through Longhorn ssumes responsibility forout errors notnot indicated ontheon thisthis form. This isLifeyour final proof rbeassumes responsibility for errors indicated form. This is your final proof per Potts, so weindicated. must not Ad information on Whisler,must Torchy’s construction and deadline imagine the ges areare indicated. corrections be returned by deadline orfresh ad is approved as is. anges Ad corrections must be returned by or ad is approved as is. ges areare indicated. Ad corrections must returned ad is approved as is. anges indicated. Ad corrections must be returned by deadline or ad is approved as is. overlook fodder’s sidea pretty chill place where tacobe blocked everyone by deadline smells of youror favorite Cheers! kick, the drink. There’s bartenders literally hand this summer, all you have food permeating from Food is a glorious wonder.

Student Insider Date: Fall 2013 Student Insider Publication Publication Date: Fall 2013

nothing that’s quite as thirst-quenching on a 100-degree day than a pint of sweet tea for the under-21s or a cold beer

craft personalized drinks for each customer. Whether you’re planning to attend or perform, or you don’t even

to do is look to the right of this note. This issue was so much fun to make that we couldn’t just limit our

the pages. Oh, and pay special attention to the Torchy’s article — free tacos are at stake.

Ali Killian

Special Editions Editor


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Barbie is a Zombie: Women, TV Journalism, 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., BUR 214

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Texas Craft Brewers Festival 2 p.m., Fiesta Gardens


Campus Events + Entertainment Distinguised Speakers Committee presents “Catfish on Campus,� 7 p.m. SAC Ballroom

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Torchy’s Tacos returns, adds local beer to menu

By Samantha Meyer This summer, students had to do without their beloved beacon of breakfast taco goodness: Torchy’s Tacos. Longhorns flocked to its doors on 28th and Guadalupe only to find it boarded up with the lights off, and cranes and construction workers where tacos and full bellies should have been. Upset patrons took to the Internet, exploding Google and social media with the same question: what the hell happened? Torchy’s Tacos Director of Marketing Brittany Platt outlined the timeline for the construction. “Construction for the location started in mid-June with an anticipated completion date of late August,” Platt said. “As we’re into September now, you’ll see

we didn’t exactly meet that date.” Unfortunately, construction was delayed and the renovation did not follow the initial timeline. “We expanded into an existing structure, so any time you remove walls and improve the main structure you always find things you never anticipated,” Platt said. This time without Torchy’s felt like the longest for students who stayed in Austin over the summer. Many braved the heat in pursuit of a taco oasis, only to find that like a mirage in the desert, it had disappeared. “I stayed on 28 ½ [street] and I would walk by Torchy’s Tacos every day on the way to campus, and I would see it, and it would make my heart hurt a little bit,” sophomore Connor Hughes said. “Each day I died a little

bit inside because it wasn’t open. …When it was gone, it was heart wrenching.” Students at home in Torchy-less towns that came to The Drag hoping to enjoy a campus favorite, quickly discovered that their wait was only beginning. “When I came to visit Austin in the first week of July, I was on my way to go get food,” sophomore and Torchy’s aficionado Lee Alford said. “I was walking towards Torchy’s, [thinking] that was an option, but it was closed. I had to change my plans. It was upsetting.” Despite their struggle through a long taco-less summer, the consensus seems to be that there was definitely room for improvement at this Torchy’s location. “It wasn’t as nice,” sophomore Diva Gulati said. “The one by my house in Plano is

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definitely a lot brighter and bigger.” A consistent criticism of the old Torchy’s was the small size of the location. “It definitely wasn’t big enough,” Hughes said. “I feel like I went with my friends multiple times and we’d always have to pull up chairs from other places, and it was just awkward because there wasn’t enough space, so you could never go with a big group.” When asked what we could expect from the renovated Torchy’s, Platt expressed that space was definitely on the list of improvements coming to the location on Guadalupe. “Anyone who was familiar

with the original storefront would know that if you weren’t one of the first five people in line, you were most likely waiting outside in the heat of the parking lot,” Platt said. “This larger plan will provide more seating plus local draft beers from brewers like 512 Brewery and Austin Beerworks. Also, thank heavens, new restrooms!” Platt hoped that the renovations would create a more comfortable dining experience. “We’d like to see this location become more of a hangout for students,” Platt said. “We won’t offer WiFi or anything, but we will offer a unique place to grab a bite

and a pint with a buddy.” So when can you feast on your favorite tacos again? Thankfully, the wait is almost over. “Grand Opening Day on Thursday, Sept. 19 features free breakfast tacos from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m: one per customer, dine in or to go, plus a raffle to win prizes from local businesses and eateries in the area,” Platt said. Platt seemed optimistic about the outcome of the renovations. “In all honesty, that location was pretty beat,” she said. “I think customers will be excited to enjoy their standard favorites at a place that’s shiny and new.”

Upon further inspection, the myth is just a creative twist to impeccable service. “It’s a way to get [the patron] to relax,” elaborates Carly Dunavant, one of Whisler’s finest. “A cocktail bar doesn’t have to be uptight.” Dunavant is a featured contestant of GQ Magazine’s Most Inspired Bartender Competition in Las Vegas, and it’s easy to see why — Dunavant looks comfortable and happy in her bar. Even when it’s packed, she’ll ask, “How are you today?” instead of a point-and-nod. If you don’t find what you like on her menu, Dunavant will probe for your favorites. “Well, what do you like? Vodka? Gin?” she’ll ask.

Here’s the real kicker, though. Before turning to mix, Dunavant might say, “So, what’s your dog’s name?” or “What’s your favorite color?” leaving everyone laughing and curious. “I asked a lady that once and she replied so happily and hyper,” Dunavant laughed. “I thought, ‘Oh man, you’re getting some champagne in your wine.’ Later she was like, ‘Did you put champagne in my wine?! That’s my favorite!’ Bubbly woman? You’re getting bubbly wine.” It’s the down to earth service that’s stirring buzz for Whisler’s and these supposedly telepathic bartenders. The effort’s also bound to raise the bar, if you will, for

graphic by Bailey Sullivan

Whisler’s mixed-drink magic By Nick Delisi There’s a new spot to get an excellent cocktail, and chances are it’s not what you’re expecting. With a décor reminiscent of old Tuscany mixed with industrial Brooklyn, Whisler’s at Sixth and Chicon streets has an atmosphere stocked with ingenuity. On a slow afternoon, classics from Jerry Lewis might be bouncing off stone walls to the wood floors below. Finely printed menus are neatly stacked on the bar, and if a draft beer doesn’t catch your fancy, a cocktail will. One of several cheery bartenders then craft (yes, craft) your drink and hand it over to be relished. That’s when you’ll understand the Yelp reviews; Whisler’s drinks are delicious. They’ll make anyone feel fancy and casual, a hard

combo for most bars to claim. Nine months ago, Sixth and Chicon didn’t look this way. The corner was host to Rabbit’s, a 10-year-old hole in the wall. Since the switch, Whisler’s has added a second bar and outdoor patio to contend its East Side neighbors. But Creator and Operator Scranton Twohey says the building has a history that precedes Rabbit’s. “It was a masonry shop first, in 1917,” he said, “then used for a lot different things, like a pizza joint.” Before Whisler’s, Twohey worked with Bridget Dunlap, his friend and can-do creator behind Rainey Street’s “Renaissance.” His leadership in design and operation can be seen in bars all along the street, such as the Lustre Pearl, Bar 96 and Clive. Eventually Twohey shifted

his work with Dunlap to start something of his own. Not long after, he found the Rabbit’s building while on a walk with his kids and had an idea. “I’ve always wanted a bar that’s felt like it’s been there forever, so I tried to keep it how it was in the ‘20s,” he smiles. The vintage look works. Original stone enhances the new Pecan bar and antique fixtures. Pastel tiles merge old Mediterranean to the urban aesthetic. A montage of black and white, 1930’s portraits fill the men’s restroom. And in the women’s? No mirror — just the scribbled words “You’re beautiful.” But the most interesting thing about Whisler’s isn’t the dog-friendly interior; it’s the bartenders. According to recent legend, these bartenders mix drinks to match personality.

competing cocktail crafters. A former bartender himself, Twohey is proud and and supportive of his staff. “The computers behind the bar were designed for full bartender freedom,” he explained. “We wanted to remove the pretentiousness in this quick atmosphere. It’s all about creating.” Whisler’s is a great spot to take a date or friend, and maybe the cool boss you’d like to casually impress. So next time you’re on the east side, stop in to try a cocktail; you’ll understand the true meaning behind “hand crafted.”


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Seven days of specials by Natalie Bograd photo by Elizabeth de Regt


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The goal of many UT students is to experience Austin’s expansive food scene without breaking the bank. Most students already know about happy hour specials throughout the city, but there are also hidden gems to discover: dinner specials, extended happy hours and even the occasional free The Local at at Guadalupe and 27th serves up “happy minutes� specials. beer. sandwich which comes prices. with five meats: turkey, Monday: ham, roast beef, pepperoni RED’S Porch Hut’s Hamburgers and bacon, as well as your 3508 S. Lamar Blvd. 807 West Sixth St. choice of three cheeses. Red’s porch has $3 special Hut’s Hamburgers serves tap beers and $4 Sangria two-for-one veggie burgers Th e Local Pub and Patio Ritas along with daily drink from 6 to 10 p.m. They also 2610 Guadalupe St. specials during their exhave blue-plate specials for One of the more unique tended happy hour from 11 $8.25, which include two drink specials in the campus a.m. to 7 p.m. sides, Texas toast and either area is at the Local Pub and coffee or iced tea. Patio. During “happy minSaturday: utes� from 3 to 3:15 p.m. all Maudie’s Vegan Nom draft beers are $1. Various locations 120 E. North Loop Blvd. From 3:30 to 10 p.m. at While not exactly a special, Maudie’s, house margaritas the Vegan Nom taco truck Thursday: are $3.50 and bottled beers on North Loop has one of Mandola’s Italian Market are 50 cents off. the cheapest lunches in the Various locations Hyde Park area. With $2 At Mandola’s Italian Market you can get a soup and salad you’ll get a delicious and Tuesday: filling breakfast taco with lunch for $6 or a personal Quality Seafood Market unique ingredients like 6-inch pizza with your 5621 Airport Blvd. tempeh bacon and vegan choice of soup or salad for In honor of Taco Tuesdays, chorizo. $7. Quality Seafood Market offers $2 seafood tacos in their The Common Interest Icenhauer’s restaurant from 6 to 9 p.m. 8440 Burnet Rd. 83 Rainey St. The Common Interest Thursday nights are Pint I Luv Video karaoke bar and grill has Nights at Icenhauer’s. Drafts 2915 Guadalupe St. are $3 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. $2.50 Lonestars and Coors 4803 Airport Blvd. For $5, you can get any beer tallboys and $2.75 Jell-O What’s a better deal than shots. in a specialty Icenhauer’s free? Both I Luv Video locapint glass. tions offer free beer from 6 p.m. to midnight. The Sunday: Guadalupe location serves Friday: Eddie V’s bottled Lonestar Bock and Uchi 301 E. Fifth St. the Airport location serves Eddie V’s has $1 oysters 801 S. Lamar Blvd. rotating beers from kegs. Uchiko during their all night happy 4200 N. Lamar Blvd. hour in the “V Lounge.� Uchi and Uchiko, two of Wednesday: Austin’s most popular sushi Kung Fu Saloon Which Wich 510 Rio Grande St. spots, feature their “Sake Various locations Social� from 5 to 6:30 p.m. At the Kung Fu Saloon the For the true meat-lovers, This is a great opportunity to intrepid gamer can play all Which Wich presents sample their unique menu games free while enjoying $1 Wicked Wednesdays. With without paying dinner mimosas from 2 to 5 p.m. $5 you’ll get the Wicked


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Annual Madrigal Dinner feeds and entertains by Priyanka Deshpande

Imagine being whisked away to a time of knights, castles and jousting. In a dimly lit lounge, you listen to verses spoken in Middle English while nibbling away at your scrumptious bread pudding. This experience may not be so far removed in time and place as you might think. The 33rd Annual Madrigal Dinner, set to be held in the Texas Union Ballroom from Thursday, Nov. 21 through Saturday, Nov. 23, might lend you this medieval experience, and auditions to join the cast are already underway. The annual Madrigal Dinner is a Renaissance-themed dinner and theatre performance held on campus every year. The event provides ample, interactive entertainment for guests, featuring a

fusion of an original play, a choir concert and an improv skit. In addition, attendees are treated to a four-course meal with common medieval vegetarian and meat menu items, such as distinctive drinks from the time period, salads, side dishes and desserts, including the traditional chocolate chip bread pudding. The show is organized and presented by the Creative Arts and Theatre committee of Campus Events + Entertainment, formerly the Student Events Center. With a budget of approximately $16,000, students from the committee organize everything from scheduling play and choir practices and booking venues to decorations and the final performances. According to leaders within the committee, plan-

ning begins almost seven months prior to the event. Through a series of interviews, producers and directors are selected before the summer break begins, and an original script is identified shortly thereafter. Much of the fall semester is spent on rehearsals and marketing for the event, and tickets go on sale in October. “Each year, we throw in a song performance into the Madrigal Play, just for the sake of showmanship,” said Matt Hill, a radio-televisionfilm junior who will serve as the producer for this year’s event. “I hope attendees this year gain an increased appreciation for the art of Dinner Theatre, which is a very interesting and entertaining medium. Experiencing the Madrigal Dinner is very culturally gratifying.” Auditions for this year’s Madrigal Dinner run from

Sept. 10 to 12 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the Texas Union Sinclair Suite and Texas Union Governor’s Room. Preparation for play auditions is not needed, as cold reads will be provided for actors, and those trying

out for the choir must sing 30 seconds of any song. Any current UT student, regardless of year, major or experience is encouraged to audition. The Creative Arts and Theatre committee gener-

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ally auditions more than 60 students for the play or choir, and the final play cast usually consists of 15 to 25 people, while the choir features 20 to 30 students. “Several of our members help produce the Madrigal Dinner, beyond the size of the cast and choir,” Hill said. “Between our technicians, food servers, production staff members and our officers, generally at least 50 people come together to help make the Madrigal Dinner a reality.” According to the Creative Arts and Theatre committee, “roughly 850 people attended the 32nd Annual Madrigal Dinner over three nights of performances.” AttenCurtis McOsker, playing the Jester, and Chris Tacderas, playing Jasper, dance for this year’s event lead a rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” while surrounded by an ensemble of Villainous Thoughts. is expected to match, if not photo submitted by Campus Events + Entertainment exceed, this figure.

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The Austin breakfast taco boom by Katey Psencik

New Yorkers have bagels, the Belgians have waffles, but in Austin? We’ve got breakfast tacos. This morning staple has become one of Austin’s biggest claims to fame in the United States — earning blogs, Twitter accounts, books and even New York Times articles about the delicious, cheesy, spicy goodness that is the breakfast taco. According to the book “Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day” by Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, the road to what we now know as the breakfast taco began in Austin in the 1870s, when the first Mexican immigrants took up residence near what is now Republic Square Park. Several Mexicanowned businesses popped up around the city, including early versions of what is now the taco trailer. The book dates the breakfast taco boom back to sometime in the 1980s, when taco trailers went to war battling it out over who could sell the most — and the most delicious — tacos. However, some subjects interviewed in the book, including Carmen Valera of Tamale House East, said her family has been making and selling breakfast tacos since as early as 1961, but that they may even date back to Tony’s Café in Austin in 1912. There are countless ways to eat a breakfast taco — add

some avocado and hot sauce or keep it simple with a classic bacon, egg and cheese recipe. But there are a ton of really unique ways that different restaurants around Austin construct this morning delicacy. Order anything on the menu at Torchy’s Tacos, and with one bite you’ll be catapulted into spicy, cheesy heaven. But it’s no secret that Torchy’s “secret menu” is the way to go. Looking for a unique morning treat? Go for the Jack of Clubs: a fried

together and wrapping it up in a flour or corn tortilla, the Donut Taco Palace in Austin is famous for changing up the outer layer of a taco — the tortilla itself. The donut shop’s three locations in Austin (cleverly named Donut Taco Palace I, II and III) throw together a classic breakfast taco wrapped up in a donut instead of a tortilla. Sound gross? Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. It’s everything you didn’t know you always wanted. Another interesting varia-

sized variation on an Austin tradition that you don’t want to miss. Breakfast tacos wouldn’t be truly “Austin” if there weren’t vegan options. Head north of campus to the Vegan Nom food trailer to expand into the delicious horizon that is the vegan taco. Enjoy tempeh bacon and organic tofu in your tacos, or opt for something simple like black bean and avocado. They even throw in nontraditional breakfast taco items like spinach or

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The best breakfast tacos around campus TacoDeli: 4200 N. Lamar Blvd. Taco to try: “The Vaquero” ($2.75) Made with scrambled eggs, grilled corn, roasted poblano & red peppers, and Monterrey Jack cheese

Taco Joint: 2807 San Jacinto Blvd. Taco to try: “Benedicto Taco” ($3.50) Made with ham or steak strips, scrambled eggs,avocado slices & spicy Hollandaise – only catch is that it’s only availabile on Saturdays

Fuzzy’s Tacos: 2522 Guadalupe St. Taco to try: “Shrimp, egg and cheese taco” ($1.99) Made with shrimp, egg and cheese served on a flour tortilla

Taco Shack: egg with grilled potatoes, black beans, tortilla strips, cheese, cilantro, sour cream and Torchy’s devilishly good Diablo sauce (but make sure to drink lots of water — that sauce is hot, hot, hot). Another good Torchy’s breakfast option (if you don’t mind brisket for breakfast) is the Ace of Spades: jalapeno sausage and grilled brisket with a fried egg, green chile queso, cotija cheese, sour cream and, of course, Diablo sauce. While Torchy’s is famous for throwing unique combinations of delicious grub

photo courtesy of Creative Commons tion on the breakfast taco is at Juan in a Million. Known nationwide as the place to get a gigantic taco, Juan in a Million was even featured on “Man vs. Food” as Adam Richman attempted to take on the Don Juan, an unbelievably huge breakfast taco (spoiler alert: Adam tries to break the Don Juan eating record, which is seven and a half tacos, and lost — seriously, they’re huge). Bring a friend and share a Don Juan or, if you’re feeling ambitious, take it on solo. Either way, this is a Texas-

mushrooms and boast a tasty vegan chorizo. Add in vegan country sausage, vegan cheese or vegan chili con queso. Their lunch tacos are pretty good, too — if you’re not craving breakfast, go for the grilled avocado reale taco. It’s clear that there are many, many, many ways to eat a breakfast taco, but there’s no wrong way. Venture on down to your nearest taco trailer and satisfy that craving.

2825 Guadalupe St. Taco to try: “The ‘Shack’ Taco” ($2.79) Their famous house taco — made with eggs, chorizo, potatoes and cheese on a flour tortilla

The Vegan Nom: 120 E. North Loop Blvd. Taco to try: “Vegan-chorizo and refried black bean” ($2) Served on your choice of a flour or corn tortilla

Wednesday, Septemeber 11, 2013




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Celebrating the faculty and staff at The University of Texas at Austin

things I’ve learned…

compiled by Mariana Munoz photos by Elizabeth de Regt

Brent Iverson

Chemistry At UT [22 years]

Kathy Davis

Mathematics At UT [35 years]

Lisa Moore

English At UT [22 years]

1. The staff are the backbone of this university. Treat them, as Tim Gunn would say, “very thoughtfully.” 2. You are never the only one of anything at UT. 3. It’s 100 degrees outside. Bring a sweater! 4. Your reimbursement check will be late. Plan on it. 5. To quote the late, great Molly Ivins, “The secret to happiness in Austin is staying off I-35.”

1. From our community: A family or a community who sends a student to UTAustin feels pride. We have to continually earn that pride. 2. From Paul Woodruff : Reverence begins in a deep awe of human limitation … it brings with it the capacity for respecting fellow human beings. 3. From Jiro Ono: You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That is the key to being regarded honorably. 4. From Anthony Knapp: Don’t measure yourself by what you understand; the true measure is in what you do when you don’t understand. 5. From Uri Treisman: When you see a problem, don’t complain or tell someone else: be a leader in finding a solution. We are all leaders.

1. Patience is the most important element of being a great teacher. 2. A class’ enthusiasm and attitude about the subject matter is a mirror of those being projected by the teacher. 3. Being able to combine the creation of important new knowledge with teaching state-of-the-art knowledge — the essence of what it means to be a scholar at a great public research university — is a concept worth defending with every ounce of my energy. 4. University PTS workers do not share my sense of humor about parking violations no matter how hard I try to make them laugh (or how creatively I park). 5. No matter how old you are, don’t take your health for granted. Run every chance you get. 6. Do not let newspaper writers limit you to saying only five things. 7. I am honored to work with UT students for a living. 8. I am doubly honored to be surrounded by such phenomenal colleagues, both faculty and staff.

Don Winget

Astronomy At UT [32 years]

1. Even with classes of 200 to 400+ students, each class is surprisingly different; they have different strengths and weaknesses. 2. The more you challenge students, the higher they rise. 3. Everybody loves to look through a telescope and see the universe in a way they never did before. 4. Non-science majors are as excited as science majors to learn something about the universe that no one who has ever lived before has ever known. 5. Running into former students — even after 30 years — they always surprise me, in that they recall a lot about astronomy, about scientists and how scientists think. Often they are applying this in their daily lives. That keeps me motivated!


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