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DAILYER April 12, 2018

Volume 12, Issue 9

2 Editor’s Note from Nolan Cooney

The incoming DailyER editor-in-chief

CODE OF CONDUCT These are the guidelines outlining the ethical and moral responsibilities and proper practices for staff members of UNL’s Alternative News Source. The DailyER is meant to be a satirical and at times radical news zine, presenting current news in a false or comical light, while simultaneously featuring “serious” entertainment reviews, interviews, etc. Due to the nature of social satire - indefinite in regard to standards of approbation - The DailyER and the Publications Board of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have deemed it necessary to adopt a code of conduct. The following is a list of standards characterizing what is and what is not suitable for publication in The DailyER: - No editing or cleaning up of language shall occur when conducting a true interview (Entertainment Section). We believe that editing one’s language skews the reader’s perception of the interviewee. - The use of profanity in satirical news articles shall not occur unless its usage bears an intended effect on the meaning of the article. - No limits shall be placed on the strength of language used. All words considered profane are on an equal playing field, but none are to be used unless in the situations described above. - Nudity shall be limited to the hind side of an individual; however, photos of individuals wearing clothing that accentuates other areas of the body are acceptable but to be used sparingly and in good taste. - The DailyER shall not be a biased, subjective or partisan newspaper. It will strive at all times to cover all issues and all groups equally. - All university officials, administrators and faculty members are liable to be cited and/or quoted incorrectly in satirical news articles written by members of The DailyER; however, stories must be overtly bogus in order to dispel any beliefs that information within the articles is in any way true. - Being a satirical news zine, The DailyER may, at times, offend target groups and therefore bears the responsibility of being criticized as anti-(insert group here). One goal of The DailyER is to be known as “fair in its offenses,” meaning that no one group shall bear the brunt of the joke. - The DailyER shall follow the AP Style Guide. - The DailyER shall follow all rules set forth by the UniversityWide Student Publications Committee’s Guidelines for the Student Press-Revised Edition.

Greetings, avid DailyER editor’s note reader! As someone who never misses a single installment of this paper’s most exciting feature, you’ve surely noticed that there’s a new face here this month. I’m Nolan Cooney, I’m a broadcast production major here at UNL, and I’ll be taking over as editor-in-chief of The DailyER this fall. As the spring semester wraps up, I thought I’d take a look back at the past year of The DailyER and talk about the future. The past year was a time of change for The DailyER, with several key staff members having graduated after the 2016-17 school year. Fortunately, a group of talented new writers and veteran contributors stepped up to fill our 24 pages with great content each and every month. In many ways I think this was The DailyER’s best year yet, as we covered everything from student housing to the tumultuous football season. Still, there are so many ways we can improve, especially in the ever-changing arena of online journalism. Going forward, a major focus for us will be new media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, so give us a follow (@thedailyer)

if that’s something you find yourself looking at often. Something you might not realize is just how small of an operation The DailyER is. A typical DailyER meeting has around ten people, on a good night, and our total staff is around 25. What I’m saying is, we’re always looking for more writers, designers, artists, etc., so if you have any interest in contributing to this paper, shoot us an email at, or try to catch us at one of our last meetings this month. Finally I want to thank everyone who’s worked on The DailyER this year, and give an extra big thanks to this year’s editor-in-chief Kellie Wasikowski, whose hard work designing and editing the paper over the past four years has been such an important part of making The DailyER what it is today. Enjoy our last issue of the semester and good luck with finals! Nolan Cooney


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All the info you need to ace your finals is right here!

A group of UNL students finds an artistic outlet in slam poetry.

P. 12-13

NCAA BOWLING TOURNAMENT PREVIEW Forget March Madness. We break down the only sports tournament that really matters.

P. 20

DORM FEST Seeds Entertainment previews a new festival happening in the UNL residence halls.

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Mother earth finally turns 2018

Get a $299 pair of Rayban sunglasses for $24.99 at

Opinion: I’m lazy MÉRYL OHIREKA SAHOUET STAFF WRITER I am so lazy. Wow, what a surprise you say? But not at all, I’m exceptionally lazy! I’m a laziness expert, plus a connoisseur. And If you are lucky, just google “lazy,” and you’ll find a little picture of me taking a nap. If it was up to me, I’d be lying on a beach, sipping strong cocktails made of fermented roots,

watching trashy memes while my servants handfeed me with pieces of mango. Alas, that is not my life. I’m sitting here in ecology class. Like so many of you, I’m supposed to breath and naturally undergo a process called cellular respiration, but I am too lazy to go over that. This action clearly interferes with my laziness. To be accurate, I am not happy to breathe, it is too physically demanding. If you are like me — too lazy to breathe — you can join me …

Chancellor debuts new Squirrel Resource Center in Union Plaza Bell Tower to begin playing straight “bangerz” NYADET DOJIOK STAFF WRITER Hoards of students gathered around the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Mueller Tower after news that the tower will no longer play classical music. Effective immediately, the tower will now only play straight “bangerz.” The change came about after complaints emerged of students falling asleep during their short walks to class. Christy Timpson, a junior computer science major, told DailyER correspondents, “It got really bad. I would walk to class and as soon as I heard Mozart in B play, it would send me into a daze of boredom and I would fall over and pass out.” The new playlist has received positive respons-

es from frat boys and sorority girls alike, but has not gone without criticism. The hipster minority at downhill Andrews hall voiced their concerns in the echo-chamber outside of the building entrance. “Miley Cyrus is just junk and radio filth,” said woke sophomore English major, Nathan Crew. “This is an abomination to ‘real music.’” Unfortunately, the University has not figured out how to please every single student, but the US Top 100 is their best start.

Chancellor Green wants to switch to Minecraft-based education system DUNCAN REA MOORE STAFF WRITER “Oh and look, I also crafted a name tag for my dog and named him Herbie, so now whenever I look at him I think of Herbie Husker’s beautiful smile,” said Chancellor Ronnie Green during a press conference Tuesday morning where he announced his plan, over the next few years, to transfer UNL into an all minecraft university. Every student, faculty, and staff member would have their consciousness uploaded into a minecraft realm server run off of Ronnie Green’s macbook pro laptop in his office. Students would pay for tuition in emeralds, acquired by working in the wheat farms, mines, or by trading with the npc villagers outside the campus. Public transit would be replaced by huge sophisticated minecart trains. Later on in his press conference/tech demo/minecraft world showcase, Green confessed that he got the idea when he saw his son Justin (age 28) had made an exact replica of the new College of Business building in his minecraft world. “I was like, wow!” Green exclaimed with a budget saving glint in his eye. “We could make the whole university like this!” He then recanted the story of having Justin explain all the inner workings of minecraft and it’s community, as well as a brief synopsis of their attempt to figure out how to continue Husker football in a minecraft only world. Most majors, especially engineering and computer science, would change rather little in the transition, with engineers making huge cobblestone bridges/aqueducts and comp sci majors working on redstone computers. Although, Green refused to comment on how he planned to deal with potential griefers on the giant UNL server. Despite the large initial cost of buying all UNL students a copy of minecraft (although most of us already have one right? Tell me that’s not just me?), Green believes this monumental change will be a net financial positive for the university. “Even if things don’t go as planned and we have to cut back, it’ll be just fine. We could just make all the humanities buildings out of dirt!” Green said as he swayed the crowd to his idea. Near the end of his presentation, Green also expressed interest in an all roblox public education system for the city of Lincoln.



Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid just big room filled with bags of money EVAN HOYLMAN STAFF WRITER A report released earlier this week regarding an investigation into the inner runnings of the University of Nebraska Lincoln created a shockwave for many members of the university community: The University’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, located in 12 Canfield Administration Building, is actually a large, cavernous room brimming with burlap sacks of cold, hard cash. The initial discovery was made early Tuesday morning by junior global studies major Corey Buchanan. “I was visiting the office to get some help with my FAFSA, because for some reason they weren’t answering my phone calls,” Buchanan explained. “When I opened the door to the office, this huge bag of fifty dollar bills almost fell on my head.” “I didn’t know what to do. I could barely even get the door shut again because there were so many burlap sacks in the way,”

Buchanan added. The DailyER had the opportunity to visit the veritable stash of cash last Friday following the official investigation. “I couldn’t believe it,” reported sophomore economics major and DailyER financial correspondent Katherine Torres. “All this time I thought the office was full of dedicated financial aid employees, working hard to distribute our university’s scholarship funds. That illusion has been shattered.” Although the university has yet to release an official statement regarding the discovery, UNL officials were confident the issue would be addressed promptly. “I’m confident this will be resolved soon,” explained UNL student affairs coordinator Howard Hall. “Even though this secret has been revealed, the cash is still there. At least we know our scholarship funding is safe.” At press time, The DailyER staff was receiving preliminary rumors that the Office of Admissions may just be a big building filled with rejection letters.

Student discovered wandering Love Library for two days after trying to find checkout desk MICHAEL BAGAZINSKI STAFF WRITER A University of Nebraska-Lincoln freshman was discovered on the third floor of Love Library last Friday with a copy of “Slaughterhouse V.” The student, Paul Hayward, was found extremely dehydrated and delusional by custodial staff while he was licking a window. “When I found him he wasn’t making any sense,” said Martha W., a library custodian. “‘It’s a paradigm shift, we need more boots on the ground,’ he would say, or ‘That’s the $100,000 dollar question: it’s in the synergy!’ and at first I almost left him alone because I wasn’t sure if he was dehydrated, just another window-licking business student, or both. But something just felt off to me and that’s when I noticed the book.” Martha went on to explain that when she saw the book she knew he wasn’t a business student, and something was seriously wrong since he had a Kurt Vonnegut book and not some business author like Dale Carnegie or Peter Thiel. “It explains some of the strange things we had to clean up. I found a few books with bites in them which I thought at the time was strange, and I also found a globe with a bloody handprint on it but I never got too suspicious.” The university is now taking what they think are the proper steps to ensure that this never happens again by placing emergency stashes of bottled water throughout the library and banning business students from “studying” in the library indefinitely. Hayward is expected to make a full recovery.

Local student makes a couple extra bucks every week donating plasma screen TVs he stole DAMON BARR STAFF WRITER

Life hack alert! A local student who has asked to be unnamed has completely gamed the system! Instead of working a part-time job on the nights and weekends, he has been making money donating plasma screen TVs that he steals! “I never really thought I would make so much money,” said the mystery genius. “It started out as a way to help people in need, and also a way to fulfill my bizarre Robin Hood fetish.” This anonymous hero has been stealing plasma screen TVs from the homes of rich people in South Lincoln for three years now, but only recently thought to make a few bucks off them. For a while he just stored

them in his bedroom and built up quite the collection. “I had every inch of wall covered with unadulterated plasma screen television,” the bright burglar admitted. “Of course, I never used any of them, they were purely for show until I figured out people still buy these things.” And surprisingly enough, people still do buy these things! [Redacted] is one of the mystery mugger’s best clients, and just can’t get enough of these plasma screens, spending upwards of $230 a week on televisions. “I love, love, love taking these TVs off the hands of this young fellow,” said [Redacted] in a follow-up interview with The DailyER. “It’s easy money too, this kid has no idea how little I’m paying him on a weekly basis for something so valuable.”

6 Dining Services to UNL’s new automatic sinks are in fact racist offer free soft drinks NYADET DOJOIK STAFF WRITER to all UNL students (with purchase of $4500 meal plan) EVAN HOYLMAN STAFF WRITER Students, rejoice! The greatest chapter in all of UNL history has finally arrived! University Dining Services has extended a gracious offer to all students on both UNL campuses: free soft drinks will soon be available for any and all UNL students! (With purchase of a $4500 meal plan) Yes, you read that right! Beginning as soon as next week, all UNL undergraduate, graduate, and nontraditional students (with valid five or seven day meal plans) will be allowed to march into any UNL dining hall, scan their NCard, and drink their fill of the soft drink of their choosing. Now, I hear you saying: this is far too good to be true. This can’t be right. There must be a catch, you think. Well, think again! This offer allows any (meal plan-possessing) student to get any (Pepsi-owned) drink at any dining hall (during regular business hours). What was once too good to be true is now a high-calorie, carbonated reality! What brought about this dazzling development, this triumphant transformation, this saccharine switch??? Well I’ll tell you what! It was none other than the generous support of our fearless leader Scott Frost. That’s right: our new Husker Football coach refuses to work on any campus where (debt-crippled) students are denied the (costly) opportunity to enjoy any sweet bubbly beverage at (almost) any hour of the day. No doubt, folks, this is it. This is our time. This new chapter, this advanced age, this sweet spell is the greatest there ever was and ever will be. Gone are the days of parched pupils and sugarless scholars: a new day has dawned, one where any (fee-paying) student can freely quench their thirst (for an empty bank account) in fizzy financial peace. My cup runneth over! This is the greatest offer ever made to UNL students, period. We all owe Coach Frost (and our student loan officers) a debt of gratitude (but mostly money). Our university’s golden, Mountain Dew-hued, era is here. Students will line up outside the admissions office, clamoring for even a chance at attending our caffeine-fueled classes. I hear there’s even a rumor going around that next year the dining halls will offer cereal for free all day long. (With purchase of All Access or Red 440 Meal Packs.)

After this past election, Nazis aren’t the only things thrusting us back to the dreaded early 1900s. UNL’s automatic sinks are also joining the club. It has come to the attention of the thirty black students attending UNL, that the new automatic sinks are actually, in fact, racist. African American student and junior agricultural economics major Jeffrey Doust exclaimed outside the Multicultural Center after rushing from the bathroom, “This is unfair! UNL’s sinks might as well have a whites-only sign plastered above them.” Complaints about the automatic 3-in-1 water, soap and hand dryers have been at a record high since they were implemented three months ago. Nearly 1,230 people have complained about blatant discrimination after using the restroom and the sinks conveniently shut down. UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green issued a statement to students on Wednesday morning, saying “I have seen this happen,

but I do not care.” Various student and faculty heard rumors about the Chancellor’s message, and predictions suggest the University may be replacing the sinks with armed Military agents. It is unsure when the change will begin.

UNL Bursar’s Office to begin accepting Pocket Points EVAN HOYLMAN STAFF WRITER UNL students will soon have a new option for paying their student bill in MyRed. The Office of the UNL Bursar, located in 121 Canfield Administration Building, announced this week that they will begin accepting payment in the form of Pocket Points, referring to a popular app that rewards students for not using their phones in class. When students open their bills on MyRed next months, they will notice that among their bill pay options are credit card, electronic check, and Pocket Point deduction. Students will be able to choose between a 10% discount, which costs fifty points, and a 20% discount, which costs seventy-five points. The university will also be adding a “pay one bill get one 50% off” deal, tentatively scheduled to be available by the fall 2018 semester. “We created this option as a reward for the Huskers on this campus that pay

attention in class and keep their phones put away during lectures,” explained Brett Wilkins, director of the UNL Bursar’s Office. “We hope this will encourage students to stay engaged in class and ultimately may even cause a spike in our university’s average GPA. “I’m working with my colleagues in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to expand the offer,” Wilkins continued. “We’re looking at even offering scholarship packages in the form of Pocket Points.” Wilkins explained that the freshmen coming to campus in 2020 may receive scholarship packages in the form of Pocket Points: for example, the David Distinguished Scholarship will consist of 3,500 pocket points per year. Regents Scholarship recipients will continue to receive full tuition, however, the students are not allowed to unlock their phones for the duration of their time at UNL. No word on whether students will be allowed to use Pocket Points to purchase meal plans.

Mondays & Wednesdays 8:00





Embarrassing: Fortnite devs just now realized their typo DUNCAN REA MOORE STAFF WRITER

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of fortnight is “A period of two weeks.” or to be even more specific: “(preceded by a specified day) used to indicate that something will take place two weeks after that day.” And this, much to my horror and bewilderment, is not what “Fortnite” is. Sadly, most people will probably forget this. It took me about three tries to type “fortnight definition” into Google without it auto-correcting me to “fortnite download” and pointing me to the game’s website. Ugh. Because of the fragrant slenderizing of the English language and my own personal annoyance, I took up the issue personally with the fortnite developers Epic Games (more like epic idiots if you ask me) to see what was the reason for the obvious typo. I mean, how in the lord’s name did this huge glaring error get through what I assume must have been numerous ad campaigns and snapchat stories? With that drive and determination, I marched to Cary North Carolina to fight this problem head on. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, along with “What is the DailyER?” and, “Get the hell out of my office,” asked “what do you mean, typo?” Then, I pointed Tim’s attention to the giant fortnite logo be-



APRIL 2018 Your monthly look at who’s up, who’s down and who’s keeping the pace on UNL’s campus.

1. April Hanson


Fun fact: The Unofficial fourth member of the band “Hanson.”

2. April Ludgate

Fictional character

The Supercomputer is a really big fan of Parks and Rec.

hind him and triumphantly screamed, “How do you think you spell fortnight sir!” at the top of my lungs. “Oh my… it can’t be…” Tim croaked. “Where is your God-damned -ght, you uncultured Cretan!” I yelled, confident in my stunning victory.

3. April Johnson


4. Lance Jimenez


5. April Showers


6. Tyronn Lue

NBA Coach

Get well soon!

7. Kent Oswald

Governor Ricketts eliminates all state taxes, will fund government entirely through lemonade stand he set up outside capitol building

CHRIS GOERING A/V COORDINATOR After an already insane fiscal year for the state of Nebraska, the 2018 state budget just got a whole lot messier. Already kneedeep in budget cuts for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Governor Pete Ricketts has announced a new state tax plan that would eliminate the need for and all future state taxes. Puzzled legislators questioned Ricketts’ move to eliminate taxes, but were assured in a meeting last week that the government would continue to run through a lemonade stand that Ricketts will set


up outside the state capitol building. Ricketts says the new and improved tax plan is designed to benefit residents of Nebraska and help stimulate the economy. “It’s time we give the people what they want,” Governor Ricketts said in an interview with The DailyER. “I’ve found through my own research that there are only two things the people of Nebraska want: no taxes and lots of lemonade. Well, now we can kill two birds with one stone. We eliminate taxes and fund the government through a lemonade stand. It’s a win-win situation.” Because budget cuts are already affecting UNL immensely, university administration were initially concerned about the new tax plan and where funding for the university would come from. “At first, I was angry,” said UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green. “How could Ricketts screw us over again like that? He already cut $11 million from the budget and now this? But I gave it some thought yesterday, and this may be a really smart move. I was also really thirsty yesterday, and could have used a nice, refreshing lemonade.” The new tax plan will go into effect July 1st, 2018, and will eliminate every single tax collected by the state: income tax, property tax, corporate tax, etc. On top of this, Governor Ricketts will man the lemonade stand 24 hours a day and charge 25 cents for his delicious, homemade brew. Future plans to bring in government revenue include a bake sale, a car wash and a kissing booth where you can kiss Pete Ricketts’ shiny, bald head.


8. The Holy Spirit

Lord and Savior

Happy Easter!

9. Claire Fincher

Administrative assistant

Keep on assisting.

10. Chris Paul

NBA Point guard

Keep on assisting.

11. Dr. Nolan Emerson


Don’t ask him to fix your broken fibula!

12. Becky Jackson


Taking her boyfriend to graduate school.

13. May McFarland


Not your month yet. Not ranked: Alex Gordon, Mike Riley, Megan Bird, Frank Gore, Luke Wasika, Patrick O’Brien, Suh, Sally Beeck, Herbie Husker, Jennifer Walsh, Daniel Wendy, John Cook, Ameer Abdullah, Alexis Yenney, Madonna, Bono, Cher, Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, Hank Bounds, Daphne Crane, Jack Palmer Gell, Pete “the Ripper” PRickettes, Joyce Manor, Turkey Mash Potatoes & Gravy, Kaitlyn Mullen.


UNL adds varsity four square and tetherball


Sports at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are about to get even more exciting. For all students tired of boring and unpopular sports like football and basketball, there is excellent news. UNL will be adding varsity sports teams for both tetherball and four square. Disappointment after recent seasons of football and basketball has finally convinced the administration it is time for a change. Students like senior marketing major Sawyer Dettlaff have been calling for this change for ages. “Nobody even likes football,” said Sawyer. “people want real action sports. Sports like tetherball.” The DailyER decided to investigate these claims of more exciting sports, and it would appear that football and basketball fans have been missing out. The thrill of a solid swing at the tetherball or a cold-hearted cherry bomb in four-square is just unparalleled in the current array of varsity sports at this university. When he was asked about the changes, Athletic Director Bill Moos had this to say: “The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is this great state’s flagship university, and therefore deserves flagship sports. Games like tetherball and four-square are the competitions of the future. There is already a huge fan base.” This belief seems to have some solid support as youth all around the country play these games each day at school. This plan also has an added benefit. Memorial Stadium will be converted to house four-square courts and tetherball poles, and UNL will now have the prestigious honor of housing the world’s largest recess sports stadium.

best mixed drinks to make on campus 1. Kool-Aid

1/2 cups Kool-Aid powder 1-1/2 cups cold water 1. Mix Kool-Aid powder in with cold water 2. Stir until powder dissolves 3. Garnish with grapefruit wedge

2. Hot chocolate

3 tbsp Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix 8 oz hot water Milk (optional) Marshmallows (not optional, unless you’re a loser) 1. Pour Swiss Miss mix into cup 2. Slowly pour in hot water and stir 3. Add milk for taste 4. Add marshmallows because who doesn’t love marshmallows?

3. strawberry smootHie 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 cup milk 1/4 cup sugar 1 banana 8-10 ice cubes

1. Put all these ingredients in a blender 2. Oh, you don’t have a blender? Well, that’s too bad 3. Just ingest all the ingredients at one time and hope it tastes good?

4. Pepsi (on the rocks)

1 can/bottle of Pepsi Ice cubes (optional) Ice Cube (rapper, also optional)

1. Pour can/ bottle of Pepsi into glass 2. Add ice cubes, if that’s your thing 3. Turn on some Ice Cube, if that is also your thing

5. Lemonade 1-1/2 cups lemon juice

8 cups water 1-3/4 cups white sugar 1. Pour lemon juice into pitcher with water 2. Snort entire 1-3/4 cups sugar 3. Chug lemon juice/water pitcher 4. Immediately regret the decisions you just made

6. Salt water 1/2 oz salt 1 cup water

1. Mix salt with water 2. Chug entire drink 3. Why did you just drink an entire cup of salt water, what is wrong with you?

7. grande, iced, sugarfree, vanilla latte with soy milk 1 cup vanilla 1 cup soy milk? ???? Uh?


1. Just go to the Union Starbucks 2. You don’t have a blender anyways, just shell out $5 for this drink

8. 11th HOur

1 oz Everclear 1 oz Absinthe 1 oz Bacardi 151 1 oz Jagermeister 1 oz Tequila 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Gin 1 oz Rum 1 oz Whiskey 1 oz Goldschlager 1 oz Hennessy

1. Somehow get enough money to buy all this alcohol 2. Somehow sneak 11 bottles of alcohol into your dorm room 3. Mix these all together and drink 4. Proceed to throw up all over floor or bathroom shower





Joy Division brings me sorrow, not joy

OPINION: Where’s my Dunkin’ Donuts? By a frustrated Duncan

DUNCAN REA MOORE STAFF WRITER At the risk of sounding akin to renowned walking sexual harassment case Casey Affleck, I’d like to say I love Dunkin’ Donuts. But I’d also like to add: What the hell? I’m a hardworking Duncan, been so all my life. I grew up with grit and determination and a respect of freedom and rights. When I wanna get coffee I don’t want any of that hippie

POINT/COUNTERPOINT: POINT: Relax, clowns are just people It’s not cool to judge people by how they express themselves. Clowns are often gauged as threatening or sketchy, but they’re just trying to break through the mold and create their own niche in society. Do you get freaked out when people wear makeup in public? No? Then why let your reaction to clowns turn into a circus? They may look like they were dressed by hallucinogens, sure. At times, their laughs might be a tad unsettling, but don’t act like you’ve never done something awkward or embarrassing in public. They’re out there juggling for a living, while you’re busy juggling your internalized judgments.

nonsense, I just want an honest drink, friend. I just want some burning and poorly mixed coffee to burn my already numb to high hell tongue in the morning. That’s why I go to good ol’ Dunkin’ Donuts, it always delivers on the mediocrity and lack of change I desperately crave. So I’m here to say that I’m a God-fearing, upright working man who just wants what I Goddamn deserve, some discounted ass Dunkin’ Donuts. But no, I get nothing. I tell the Dunkin’ Donuts in Love Library I’m a Duncan and what do I get? A chuckle and the same price as everyone else? This is what I get for serving my country? Some whiny entitled youths telling me off ? What did they do to respect the wars I’ve fought for them? Answer: Jackshit, all they do is sit around on their cell phones all day, Humph. For 18 grueling years I’ve had to respond to people saying “oh like Dunkin’ Donuts?” when I tell them my name. Every time I get Starbucks or Noodles and Co they always label me “Dunkin”. Are you kidding me? Do you not hear the “can” sound in there? There is clearly an A in that. Have none of you stupid youths never read MacBeth? It’s king D-U-N-C-A-N, not Dunkin! That’s not how pronunciation works! Well I’ll tell you this, Dunkin’ Donuts, I am rage incarnate. DUNCAN and DUNWILL sue your ass to high hell if you don’t give me the discounts Duncans like me deserve.


COUNTERPOINT: Relax, serial killers are just people Sure, that clown walking nonchalantly towards you balloon-in-hand seems harmless enough. But will it be all fun and games when you wake up in an abandoned circus tent four states away? Well, don’t worry about it. Clowns are characters you can trust, just like Facebook’s privacy settings. Never mind that they induce a fight-or-flight response from so much as thinking about them. If you’ve ever seen “It,” the documentary that depicts how every single clown is, you’d know that the mild discrepancies Pennywise exuded were a result of lacking friendship in his own life. Some days, it’s important to make the decision to reach out to a clown in need. You won’t regret it, probably because you won’t be able to.

EFREN CORTEZ SEEDS EDITOR The name of this 1970s post-punk band is very misleading. With “joy” in the name, I figured their music would have a more upbeat tempo, but I was very mistaken. Joy Division’s songs feature synths that bring a dark, somber tone. I don’t want to be reminded of the coldness of the winter we just exited. Not only is their sound dark, but so are their lyrics. Let’s talk about their most well-known song. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is definitely not as romantic as it sounds. Lead Singer Ian Curtis is singing about his failing marriage at 23. That’s too young to be dealing with that. God, just thinking about having my heart broken by someone I plan on spending the rest of my life with just a year or two removed from college is soul crushing. Curtis never got to hear the reception of his masterpiece because it released as a single after his suicide, which occurred on the eve of the band’s first North American tour. Imagine the sorrow his bandmates felt. This was like The Beatles going to the United States for the first time, but for punk rock. Joy Division folded and the remaining members formed New Order, one of the best bands of the 1980s. Curtis could have enjoyed the success with his musical brothers. No pun intended, but this really is an unknown pleasure for him. What really drives a dagger to my heart is that New Order will cover “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Joy Division: A great band to get sad to, but definitely would not recommend if you’re looking for something to help with post-seasonal depression.




With March Madness finally over, sports fans across the country can finally start to focus on the tournament that actually matters: the NCAA Bowling Championship. In its 14th year, the annual college bowling tournament will be held in St. Louis, MO, on April 12-14, 2018. Out of 80 teams competing across three divisions, only 10 qualify for the tournament, with two out of 8 spots filled by play-in games. Nebraska, which is the only team in the country to qualify for all 14 NCAA tournaments, secured the #1 overall seed in the 2018 tournament. Having won five national titles, Nebraska will face stiff competition en route to their sixth.




Mckendree university

Lit from “my own worst enemy”


They won the title last year, beating Nebraska 4-0. They’re due for an early upset because they beat us last year. Yeah, still salty.

arkansas state university

We beat them at football, so who’s to say we (or another team) won’t beat them at bowling?

Sam houston state university

Sam Houston isn’t even a state. First round upset will send them back to Sam Houston or wherever the hell they come from.

These guys seemed to bowl pretty good in their music video for “My Own Worst Enemy.” Look for Lit to carry their momentum to the tourney.

Average joe’s

They had a pretty good career playing dodgeball and with a new gym, they can probably train their way to an NCAA bowling victory, too!

The big lebowski bowling team

The dude abides! We’ll see if this team can get their rug back and an NCAA title along the way.

I’m pretty much obligated to pick Nebraska.

Itt technical institute

40,000 students strong and plenty of bowling talent!

Golden state warriors

Golden State will probably find themselves in the championship match, like they do every single year.

chunky man

My Mii character named Chunky Man almost bowled a 300 one time in Wii bowling. He’s good.

Jinkies! Scott Frost actually Bo Pelini in a rubber mask ADAM MORTENSEN STAFF WRITER Students, faculty, and fans of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are trying to make sense of what could be the biggest surprise in the history of this state. Last night, senior pre-criminology student Daphne Blake and her dog uncovered a sinister plot being perpetrated by none other than former Husker football coach Bo Pelini. UNL’s new football coach, Scott Frost, was really Bo Pelini in a fairly convincing mask. “It was the gum chomping that really got me thinking. I knew I’d only ever seen a mouth move than angrily once before,” said Blake to a room full of reporters. Blake went on to describe the series of events that led to her discovery. After seeing the angry chomping on TV, Blake wanted to set up a meeting with “Scott Frost.” Upon reaching his office, the clues just kept stacking up. What first caught her eye was the abundance of Youngstown State Penguins memorabil-

ia. “All the penguins seemed strange but, at this point, I still thought the man was Scott Frost. I mean, his last name is Frost, I just assumed he had a weird thing for animals from cold environments. It was the next occurrence that really confirmed something suspicious was going on.” Blake reported that she asked “Frost” what he was most excited for in the coming season. His response sounded familiar. He responded with, “I’d like to develop an ‘us vs. them’ mentality where I can blame my shitty behavior on the fans.” The nail in the coffin came when Blake’s dog found Carl Pelini hiding under the desk. “At that point, I reached for his face and pulled off an incredibly sweaty rubber mask,” said Blake. She had just revealed this man posing to be Scott Frost was, in fact, Bo Pelini coming back for round two. It was at this point that both Pelini brothers combined into a sort of Megazord character and Blake had to run for her life. Chancellor Green had only one thing to say on the situation: “well, shit.”

11 Union Runza Memories... “No Runza is no funza.” “I’m really going to miss those roast beef sandwiches, the curly fries, the horsey sauce…” “If someone said ‘sweaty food,’ I’d think of Runza.”

Union Runza forced to close after Herbie eats every Runza in Nebraska EVAN HOYLMAN STAFF WRITER Tragic news was recently announced from the Nebraska City Campus Union: the beloved Union Runza will be forced to close after Herbie Husker ate every Runza in the entire state of Nebraska. General manager of the location Roger Turner confirmed that the location would in fact be shut down due to the beloved Husker mascot’s exorbitant consumption of hot Runza sandwiches. “It’s unfortunate, but there’s really nothing we can do,” Turner explained. “Runzas are a gift from the Nebraska gods. It’s not like we just make more or anything.” Staff from The DailyER reached out to Herbie Husker for comment. Herbie, UNL’s game day mascot since 1974, apologized for the incident. “I was so stressed over my History of Rock midterm,” Herbie explained with a mouth full of Runza french fries. “I traveled all the way from Omaha to Crawford, stress eating Runza after Runza. I didn’t mean to cause such a tragedy.” Many UNL students were saddened by the incident. “I don’t know what I’m going to do to satisfy my Runza cravings now,” explained junior psychology major Rachel Powell. “Now what am I supposed to do? Go to Iowa?” Officials from the UNL Economics Department calculated that Herbie’s mistake cost the state $4.6 million in lost revenue. Though still less costly to the university than the election of Pete Ricketts, department chair Veronica Chavez left no room for confusion regarding the consequences of the mascot’s actions. “This was a careless and costly mistake on Herbie’s part. The loss of our cherished Runza will negatively affect the Nebraska economy for years to come.” No word on what will replace the beloved Runza location, although Nebraska Union manager Rick Cummings stressed that there is no chance the new tenant will earn as much of a place in the hearts of Nebraskans as the Runza. “What can we replace it with that could possibly be more Nebraskan? It’s not like there’s a fast food restaurant that sells steak.”

“There was a Runza on campus?”


senior editor

digital reporter


youth correspondent


Our best tips on preparing for finals

features editor


Student Stats People living in Cather Pound


Hours spent “studying” Hours spent studying



Room keys lost 506,789

Plasma donated 9,465 tons

Cigarettes smoked on campus Cigarettes smoked off campus It’s that time again, Huskers! Since finals week is just around the corner, we here at The DailyER wanted to give you a few tips on how to ace those final exams: EVAN HOYLMAN STAFF WRITER Double check the exam time listed on the syllabus. Remember that syllabi were written before daylight savings time started, so the actual exam time is one hour later than listed. Dead week have you exhausted? Skip the review session and get some extra sleep to help you concentrate on test day! Beat the rush and sell your textbooks back early so that you have some extra money to help you pay off your professors. Spend some extra time at the Learning Commons to really make sure you’re prepared. Be sure to bring plenty

of crossword puzzles to keep yourself busy! Talk to friends who took the class before you. They’ll be able to tell you which bribes your professor is most likely to accept. Form a study group with your friends! Some of our favorite places to meet are Love Library, the Nebraska Union, and Barry’s Rooftop. Give yourself enough time to prepare for your exams. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to cram all of the information you need ten minutes before the exam starts, so be sure to start studying the night before. Be sure to have some healthy brain food handy while you study, like carrot sticks or four Swiss Mushroom Runzas.

0 1,985,745

Runzas Runza-d before Runza is Dunza


Husker football games left after halftime

Most of them

Weeks before dead week now “Dying Month”

EVAN HOYLMAN STAFF WRITER UNL students will soon be noticing a major change in their 2018 academic calendar. This week, Chancellor Ronnie Green announced that a new event known as Dying Month would be added to the spring 2018 academic calendar. The event will span April 2 through April 27, the four weeks preceding what is already known as “dead week”. The chancellor explained the move in a press release:

“This is a major step toward a more honest, aware campus community. Due to the stress and busyness of the weeks leading into dead week, it is only appropriate for us to give the period its rightful name: dying month.” UNL students explained their support for the decision. “It totally makes sense,” senior broadcasting major Olivia Carson told reporters. “We’re dying from the number of papers, tests, and projects we’re all stressing over. There’s no point in mincing words.” Freshman mechanical engineering student Clark Nelson agreed. “Each day until my last final is basically a struggle to survive. It’s time we made people more aware of this.” “I didn’t even know it was going to be this bad last semester,” Clark said, referring to his very first semester of college. “We have to give our freshman at least a warning about the dangers of these few upcoming weeks.” UNL students can expect to see the change made on campus calendars by the end of the week. Professors have been encouraged to add the dates to official syllabi. Green’s statement finished by “wish[ing] our students the best of luck on this very first Dying Month.” The statement further clarified that “Dying Month” is not to be confused with “UNL Dyeing month”, which refers to the month of spring dedicated to the dyeing of Easter eggs.

Canvas now sends a photo of angry Mike Riley to your professors when you fail an exam

DUNCAN REA MOORE STAFF WRITER The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is always trying tirelessly to improve student life and achievement, to make the huge and sometimes intimidating world of higher academia as accessible as possible to help students succeed and make a difference in their communities. In the spirit of this noble mission, UNL adopted the online software Canvas a few years ago in order to help students and professors collaborate in a more modern and accessible way. But UNL is anything but stagnant or unambitious, and just having Canvas wasn’t quite enough. There needed to be something more, something really revolutionary in order

to thrust UNL students into the leading roles they deserve. There’s no place like Nebraska and UNL is determined to prove that. Ever felt like the primal desperation and rage you feel after failing a test was similar to your frustration at Nebraska’s 2017 football season (the worst since 1961)? Well UNL felt your frustration and now you will be able to send that feeling to your professors and administrators in seconds. Starting in the 2018-2019 academic year, students can now easily send a personally customized and perfected photograph of enraged former Cornhuskers coach Mike Riley yelling at their professors and faculty to do better when they fail an exam through Canvas. “I saw Mike Riley’s quite visible and real frustration on the sidelines whenever the Huskers lost another narrow defeat and suddenly came up with the idea,” Chancellor Ronnie Green stated, “I was like, man, all of my students have that feeling all the time!” The photo customization options will be comprehensive and include such features as: an anger meter ranging from lackluster punt to Tanner Lee interception, control of how much spit is flying out of Riley’s mouth, and decisions on what angle Riley’s headset will hit the target's face at. Students will also be able to decide if Scott Frost is in on the furious action as well depending on how bad the 2018 season goes.

13 UNL accidentally scheduled May 2018 commencement during Life in Color paint party

CHRIS GOERING A/V COORDINATOR The semester is finally in the home stretch and for some students, this is their last semester of college ever. On the first Saturday of May, graduating seniors and graduate students will receive their diplomas from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Reflecting years of hard work and diligent studying, graduation is a worthy cause for celebration for anyone. However, this year, the celebration will start very early thanks to a blunder by UNL administration, who accidentally scheduled the May 2018 commencement ceremony during the Life in Color paint party. Life in Color is a touring concert rave that douses concertgoers in several gallons of paint. Those who attend have the chance to see artists of the likes of Steve Aoki, Big Sean and Diplo, all while having paint rain down from cannons mounted on stage. Those lucky enough to attend this year in Lincoln will get to see headliners Zedd, 21 Savage and UNL's very own Ronnie Green. "This is a disaster," said UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green, in a statement about the graduation mishap. "I heard several different students talking about some paint rave they were getting excited to see at Pinnacle Bank Arena on the Saturday after finals week. I thought surely they were getting the day mixed up. However, when I looked at the Pinnacle Bank Arena schedule online, my worst fears became a reality." "There's no better way to end my college career than to have a party!" exclaimed senior architecture major Sally Westerfield, who will graduate this coming semester. "I went to my sister's commencement a few years ago and it was the most boring thing in my life. Way to make this year's graduation more exciting, UNL!" UNL officials said that they are unable to cancel the commencement ceremony and switch to a new day, so graduation will go on as planned. Graduating students will be forced to buy general admission floor passes to receive their diplomas and any family members in the audience will be forced to purchase assigned seating tickets to the event.


The DailyER Celebrates

Earth Month

BREAKING: Earth round, moon flat DAMON BARR STAFF WRITER Flat-earthers be warned, all theories have been debunked and thrown out the window. A group of scientists who prefer to remain anonymous revealed shocking new results in a private interview with The DailyER. Their studies suggest that the earth is in fact round, but surprisingly show that the moon is actually flat. “We weren’t expecting this to happen,” said the lead scientist of the anonymous group. “We went to the moon to take pictures and when we got there it was just flat.” A shocking revelation indeed! The group told The DailyER that they did, in fact, see that the earth was round from their standing point on the flat moon, but they had trouble taking any photos. Apparently, every time they shifted to one side of the moon it kept flipping over and over itself until they went back to the middle. “We thought the moon was just painted onto the sky before we went up there,” admitted multiple scientists in the group. “It might as well be with how flush the surface is.” The team was so baffled with their discovery that they plan to return to the moon in a few months to discover why it looks different all the time.

POINT: The Great Outdoors


Fresh air, a cool breeze, incredible views, what could be better than the great outdoors? There are few things more therapeutic than climbing up a tree or feeling the soft grass on your feet. In addition to nature’s calming powers, the great outdoors presents views and vistas beyond our wildest dreams. No matter where you live, there are beautiful things to see. In Colorado you have mountains, in Nebraska you have the rolling sand hills, in Kansas you have feed lots. The point is, there is beauty everywhere. In celebration of Earth Day, I implore each person to spend more time outside than just the walk to class. Ride a bike, read a book outside, or hug a tree. Do something to explore this incredible planet before the likes of Donald Trump and Pete Ricketts make it too late.

The great outdoors? More like the great outsnores. Outside is trash. If you have ever felt the sheer terror of seeing a bee fly into your grape soda, you know that ever leaving the safety of inside is an act of lunacy. Who knows if that bee came out or not? If you sip will you get stung? If you get stung, will you die? These are impossible questions to answer, and far too dangerous to every try out. Bees aren’t even the worst of it. You also have ticks, centipedes, millipedes, pill bugs, ants, and spookiest of all, the evil cousin, the spider. The spider never stops plotting. The spider never stops hating you. These creatures are out to get you. The walls of our buildings are our only protection. Never, and I mean never go out into their domain unless absolutely necessary.


15 Hey, “Flat Earthers:”

We just disproved the Flat Earth Theory with one picture

11 eco-friendly things to do with this DailyER issue when you’re done enjoying it

CHRIS GOERING A/V COORDINATOR Listen up, conspiracy theorists! For any of you who believe in that ridiculous “Flat Earth Theory,” buckle your seatbelts because you’re about to go on a crazy ride. Everything you thought you knew about our home planet of Earth is about to be tossed out the window! And the craziest part about this whole thing is we don’t even need that much proof to show that Earth is in fact ROUND! Our expert scientists at The DailyER did about five minutes TOTAL of research to finally put the Flat Earth Theory to rest, thanks to this one picture:


1. Fold it into a cup and plant flowers in it 2. Bury it somewhere on campus 3. Sew the pages into drapery 4. Use it to wash your dishes 5. Just eat off of it instead 6. Make a paper mache horse piñata 7. Make a life-size Pete Ricketts piñata 8. Fold it into a cone for “Bring your own cone day” at Ivanna Cone 9. Wallpaper your house with it 10. Tear it up and make it into a fibrous omelette 11. Whatever you do, just make sure it doesn’t end up in a landfill!

Yeah, you’re seeing that right. This picture shows Earth, the planet we LIVE ON, as a ROUND shape. Not a FLAT shape. This image clearly depicts Earth as the abdomen of an extremely buff jean-wearing skeleton man. Yeah, basically think about it as Ghost Rider with a globe stomach. You still think the Earth is flat? What person in the history of forever has had a completely FLAT stomach? Yeah sure, some people are skinnier than others, but no one is entirely flat-stomached. Revel in the awesomeness of this image. This is about to win like five Nobel Peace Prizes. The Earth is round. End of story.

16 Reddit renamed to Sad Boys Club NYADET DOJIOK STAFF WRITER Reddit: a home for copious amounts of sad boys to rally in celebration over the news. But America’s sad boys can finally rejoice, in a breaking press release, Reddit CEO Chaz Chumlee announced that Reddit will be renamed to Sad Boys Club. The team announced the name change late Sunday evening to honor the many people who were about to experience the weekly onset of Sunday sadboy syndrome. Before the advent of Reddit, hoards of sad boys around the globe could be found

in one of three locations: Mom’s basement, flowering on the walls of parties and smoking cigarettes off school grounds across the street. Now, Reddit has made it possible for Sad Boys to connect to Sad Boys with only one click. Longtime Reddit user and loving husband Mark Sall expressed his delight about the name change to The DailyER, saying, “this is a radical decision. It’s time that men of all kinds - but mostly white men - reclaim our identities” The name change will take effect in the next following weeks.

OPINION: I saw one “Jesus, I Trust in You” billboard on the interstate and I am now a devout Christian Elephant in room shocked that no one’s addressed it RYLEY HUBBARD STAFF WRITER A local elephant named Stompy Joe was bewildered on Saturday after an entire coffeehouse somehow managed to overlook his obvious presence. “I feel like such an outsider sometimes,” the gargantuan said as he inconspicuously used his trunk to sip drinks at a neighboring table. “This is almost as bad as the time I got invited to a peanut gallery; not what you’d expect. Not at all.” Stompy Joe found himself wandering around the lounge, listening to espresso-fueled customers debate philosophical, political and sociological issues that became heated gridlock at times. When he tried to point out something that should’ve been obvious in each argument, no one seemed to listen, or even notice, him. “All I want to do is make things more apparent!” the trying tusker exclaimed. “People want to avoid really important issues because they don’t want to upset others, but it’s important to get these kinds of things out in the open.” He later grumbled: “At least humans can have a discussion. All my friends do is stampede off which never resolves anything! Now, elephant society is dealing with mammoth-sized problems.” The closest he came to being noticed occurred during our interview, when I asked nearby coffee consumer Abigail Sutter how she could ignore the giant piles of shit everywhere, frequent trumpeting and the multitude of chairs and tables that had crumpled under Stompy Joe’s weight. “Meh, doesn’t interest me that much,” she said while staring into her cup. “But I am trying to find where the rest of my latte went.”

CHRIS GOERING A/V COORDINATOR All my life, I would never have considered myself a super religious guy. Yeah, I went to church a lot when I was young, but I went less often in high school and virtually not at all in college. And when I would go, I would just stare at my watch during the what seemed like hours-long sermon message, waiting for the service to end. Sure, I’ve thanked God a few times along the way for passing exams and whatnot, but I’ve never been all that religious. However, that all changed last weekend on my way back from Kansas City. I was on my way back to Lincoln from a weekend getaway in KC, driving down I-29, when the most incredible thing happened to me. Normally, whenever I drive down any interstate or highway, I tend to ignore the billboards on the side of the road because I don’t have time to read them, and honestly, I don’t really care about them. I’m focused on the road and getting to my destination, that’s it. But on one rare occasion, I glanced up from the road and my eyes drifted to the shoulders of the road. What I saw next changed my entire outlook on life forever. I saw a billboard with a painting of Jesus Christ with open hands extended out. Next to Jesus, there was a quote that said “Jesus, I Trust in You.” I was absolutely transfixed on this billboard. I drifted halfway into the other lane, locked in a trance. It was as if, in that moment, Jesus was sitting in the

passenger seat of my Ford Taurus. My entire religious view was transformed in that moment I locked eyes with Jesus on that billboard. I felt a sense of regret for not going to church very much recently, and felt I had a lot of sins to repent. But I know now that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and he will forgive me and all others of their sins. From now on, I’m going to every church service I can get to. I picked up a copy of the Bible at Wal-Mart on that same trip home, and read it front to back two times before getting home. I pray that one day, I will be reunited in heaven with the Holy God and His son, Jesus Christ.

17 EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Pete Ricketts fails female reproductive system quiz

COB rolls out Raising Cansian Economics Program DUNCAN REA MOORE STAFF WRITER

Student spends entire lecture packing things up CHRIS GOERING A/V COORDINATOR

Last Monday was like any other Monday morning for University of Nebraska-Lincoln accounting professor Gene Little. His 8:30 a.m. section of Accounting II was about half full, with less than half of students present actually paying attention. Little’s students are usually ready to leave five minutes early, with the sounds of folders being stuffed into backpacks and zippers being zipped up filling the lecture hall at 9:15 a.m. However, this class period saw one student, freshman accounting major Sheldon Rivera, was ready to go right from the beginning, spending the entire lecture packing his things up. Professor Little said in his five years of teaching, he had never seen something like this before. “At this point in my career, I’m used to students packing up near the end of class,” said Little. “But I heard someone packing up while I was taking attendance. Really? We had 50 minutes left! For the love of God. I can’t wait until the

day I finally have tenure and I can finally ignore stuff like this.” Sally Brown, a freshman actuarial science major, was in the front row of the classroom at 8:30 when Rivera sat down next to her and started pulling several notebooks and pencils out of his backpack. Just minutes later, he began putting everything away. “I could hardly focus,” said Brown. “Like, for real, how much stuff did he bring to class? All I could hear was zippers in the background. Do people not have respect for class time anymore?” The DailyER was able to sit down with Rivera for an interview regarding this lecture. “I had a meeting at 9:30 on the other side of campus and had to be ready to book it,” said Rivera, on why he spent the whole lecture packing his things up. “Also, we were just going over the homework assignment today. I should have skipped, but I really need those attendance points. Hey, is there any way we can wrap up this interview now? I have class in 10 minutes.”

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a place like no other academically and socially. UNL students are some of the nation’s and, dare I say it, the world’s leading innovators and pioneers. You can’t walk ten feet on campus without seeing the world change before your very eyes as bold young students create their own paths. In the spirit of this amazing, one of a kind, inventive culture at UNL, the College of Business has announced an exciting new addition to their curriculum: Raising Cansian Economics. Raising Cansian Economics (#one$love) is going to be so amazing that it’ll be as good as the four-strip chicken basket. It’ll be so amazing that it will even rival the mouth-watering delicious Texas Toast. Entering the program will be as if you have submerged yourself into a 99-piece tailgate chicken strip package. Upon earning a degree in Raising Cansian Economics you will literally turn into pure grease. Raising Cansian Economics is all about the demand, baby, the violent, almost cannibalistic urge of all Nebraskans to get their hands on some sweet sweet Canes. My mouth is literally open all the way to the floor just from writing this article. Supply? We good there too. The main thrust of the plan is to turn all Canes employees into godlike, tireless AI robots that can produce a Canes four chicken strip basket in five nanoseconds so they can keep funneling endless Canes right down all of our throats. Eventually, we can conquer the whole nation and forge it into a glorious Raising Cansian Economics based economy. I swear to the Raising Cane’s dog (my God) as my witness that I will not stop until I see a Raising Canes on every goddamn block of America. COB? Nah, let’s name that thing CANE, ‘cause that’s all I’m gonna be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner all day, every day!



April 12, 2018 Photo by Efren Cortez

Seeds FEST

Event to bring intimate acoustic performances to UNL residence halls EFREN CORTEZ SEEDS EDITOR As the semester draws to its end, lounging on the futon or lofted bed sounds like paradise. After opening your residence hall door via NCard and taking the elevator up seven floors, the only thing blocking paradise is the locked dorm door. As you reach for your key card, the sound of guitar strings ring from around the corner. Down the hall, people are gathered for an acoustic performance in a packed dorm room, squeezed up to the furniture on either side. Between songs, the musician tells jokes as he tunes his guitar. After the courageous bard strums the final notes of an unknown song, the audience applauds. The crowd and musician get up and move out to the elevator for another performance three floors up. After following the crowd to

different dorm rooms, sharing sets on a futon and eating microwave ramen, the acoustic guitar serves as a fitting backdrop to an ideal college experience. This is the expected scene for the debut Dorm Fest, a two-day music festival created by two UNL students. There’s a mixed relationship between students playing music in public spaces on campus, but what if there was an entire festival dedicated to those bards? One that does not involve the college acoustic guitar player stereotype, but with performers playing their original material crafted for months, not the works of Oasis or Green Day. Announced on Feb. 27 via Facebook, the maiden Dorm Fest will be held in various residence halls in the northern reach of the University Nebraska-Lincoln’s city campus. Since residence halls do not permit the use of amplifiers in rooms, they will feature all but one unplugged acoustic performance over its debut on April 13-14.

The idea for the event was conceived last fall when Mark Champion, 19, and Sean McArdle, 21, both active members of the Nebraska music scene, wanted to host a fun event in a strange place. “Honestly, it’s such a crazy idea that implementing it makes it worthwhile,” Champion said. College is the time and place to try out wacky ideas. Conceived in the midst of a depression funk in the fall 2017 semester, Dorm Fest will blossom as spring appears to stick around after multiple winter spells. Champion sought to create a bill made up of UNL student acts, such as Death Cow and Histrionic, as well as bands from surrounding areas. Kansas band Kill Vargas is playing Dorm Fest’s sole electric set in Harper Hall’s music room. Champion and McArdle want Dorm Fest to be a place for people to come together, craft friendships and enjoy

Seeds quesadillas, which McArdle is going to make to start off the second night. Sets are all staggered with no overlap so attendees can enjoy the music and not worry about conflicting set times. While song covers are welcome for the acoustic sets, Champion and McArdle both agreed about the importance of original material. “If there’s more than 10 covers of ‘Wonderwall,’ we’re shutting this down,” Champion joked. McArdle’s



birthday falls on the first night of Dorm Fest, so maybe a few covers of “Happy Birthday” will be appreciated. The hosts are set to perform in addition to serving as hosts. Champion will play with his band Farklezaar and McArdle is performing a solo set, a first for him. “Normally I would play with my band Altura, but I’m excited to be playing solo,” McArdle said. He plans to showcase original solo material along with a few covers. Dorm Fest is not an official UNL-sanctioned event, but the two did receive permission from their residence hall assistants. There is no known rule on not allowing acoustic performances in the residence halls, as amplifiers will not be used and the sets will finish before residence hall quiet hours. To promote Dorm Fest, Champion and McArdle went to social media and posted flyers around campus and downtown Lincoln near music venues. The low-maintenance, DIY music festival is available to all ages for free, but donations are welcome to help pay the traveling acts. Attendees can just show up, but McArdle suggests those looking to attend RSVP via the Dorm Fest Facebook event page to help give them an idea of what the crowd size will be to ensure there will be enough space. This will also be helpful for McArdle on getting ingredients for his quesadillas. “I don’t want to make five sets of quesadillas and have 50 people show up,” McArdle said. With two nights of college students brought together for simple performances and singing along as if they were around a campfire, Dorm Fest promises to be a free, fun and safe time to spend a weekend as the spring semester closes.




Finding place in the Nebraska music scene KELLIE WASIKOWSKI DAILYER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dwight Miller is a long way from his home in Modesto, CA. He’s a long way from touring along the West Coast in bars and basements, a long way from playing shows in warm backyards year round and a long way from his band’s most permanent membership--a bunch of guys who are almost ten years older than him. But that long way away has influenced a new era of his band Otos, one that a lot of new freshmen might be able to relate to: the feeling of being on your own for the first time in life. While many students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have always called this state home, others don’t share the same security blanket a few hours away. Miller, a freshman sociology major, put it jokingly, “the best emo music has to come out of some type of sadness, and so the best thing to do was just put me in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden I had all this new stuff to write about.” The wave of independent emotions is like a double-edged sword. While the loneliness can be pretty intense in the beginning, that energy can be channeled into new creativity and projects. “I’ve been writing a lot more acoustic stuff this year,” Miller said. “Being out here with everything being so different has kind of allowed me to introvert myself, and my songwriting now is a lot more personal. I’m more comfortable expressing stuff here than I am at home.“ Going solo is a big change for Miller, someone who has always tried to include anyone interested in his musical projects. His first band, Cuddle Party, was with another friend back in sophomore year of high school in California. But like most good things in high school, Cuddle Party ended after one recorded EP and a dispute that arose among the two members. Then Miller started playing as Otos, a solo project which soon took on new members in the far-away city of Los Angeles, including his sister’s ex-boyfriend and a few of his friends who were all almost ten years older than Miller. Quite the unconventional project with an experimental punk sound, Otos had a serious run for a year on the West Coast as they toured across the North and Southwest. They went through bars, house parties and other Do-It-Yourself venues, and once, they even hit up a college tour at the University of Arizona during Miller’s senior year before playing two different shows that night. Venue variety in California’s music scene is likely unmatched anywhere else. Unlike the mostly-bar scene in Lincoln, the vastness of California showcases a variety of DIY spaces that Miller takes pride in because they don’t exclude minors or charge them additional fees at the door. After playing a handful of short-week tours around the

Photo by Michael Bagazinski

western U.S. in the past few years, Miller is finding a new, solo sound in Nebraska. A sound that will push him as a musician to become more involved with a DIY scene in a different place. “What’s great about Otos is that I’ve got a bunch of different influences, so in the past we’ve played with metal bands and acoustic projects of all different styles,” Miller said. And finding the community that transcends specific genres is what makes music projects successful in DIY scenes around the country and across the globe. Otos has yet to play a set other than Open Mic nights at the Crescent Moon, but Miller is making his scheduled acoustic debut at Dorm Fest, April 13-14 in the Harper/Schramm/Smith residence hall complex. Even for the DIY scene, this event pushes boundaries because it will be held in people’s dorm rooms of all places. And if that isn’t a place to find new confidence in a bold acoustic performance all in the familiarity of a freshman dorm room, the first-year experience in college wouldn’t be so meaningful. Otos performs at Dorm Fest Friday, April 13 at 8:20 pm in Smith Hall room 1002.



UNL Slam Poets:

The warrior souls of Nebraska

DUNCAN REA MOORE STAFF WRITER According to UNL’s slam poetry team, poetry is a person's soul. “It’s getting up there and just talking about feelings you’re supposed to hold back in normal conversation,” said Jax Lindstrom, a sophomore alternate for the team. And they’re an excellent authoritative source for that definition, considering the team competed at the prestigious CUPSI (College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational) national competition for the third time in a row, and in their history,

this year. I was lucky enough to attend a feature of the team at the Union Crib last Wednesday, which showcased the whole team's talent intensely for all to see. No topics were danced away from and no emotion was left untouched as incredibly vivid stories of oppression and hardship in UNL’s midwestern conservative atmosphere were told. Like stated earlier, the poems really were stuff one would normally hold back in conversation, especially if that conversation was with relative strangers, but in the end as an audience member on the outside it truly felt like a massive outpouring of fierce but refined emotion. At points it was uncomfortable, brutal, even confrontational, but that was the point. The poets were warriors. Coach Stacey Waite runs a tight ship, and was actively but fairly pushing every poet to their fullest potential as an artist and performer, even during their poems. My interview discussed below was cut short by a team meeting called by Waite, which honestly from my perspective could have been

mistaken as a war room council. Seeds sat down with Lindstrom quickly after the feature before the team went off to nationals. Lindstrom is an engineering student at UNL hailing from far flung Seattle. One of the first things that came to light was the dedication of all the poets on the team: “We all have so many other things going on but we’re still making time for this art form because it’s important to us.” Many of the team members have a huge amount of other high-stress commitments like multiple jobs or intense academics. What was also notable was the importance of the Nebraskan youth poetry tournament Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB), which has spawned many slam poetry teams around it all across high schools in the state. LTAB teams have funneled many great poets into UNL. Lindstrom commented about the significant coping factor sharing poetry can have, and also the accepting artistic community it creates. “You can’t go into that environment with hateful views,” she said. “How can you judge someone when they’re up there pouring their heart out?” I think this truly does get to the heart of the appeal of this community and art form. Unlike some other large swaths of UNL and Nebraska in general, the voices of people of all different races and sexual orientations are intensely expressed and heard at these poetry slams at UNL. To many it seems it serves as a stark reprieve from the current close-minded American abyss.

Homerathon to display re-enactment of epic proportions ELSA KNIGHT STAFF WRITER From grisly death scenes to unforgettable divine-mortal dynamics, epic poem “Iliad” has been a staple in Western literature since being attributed to poet Homer around the eighth century B.C. The exciting poem is being brought to life on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus for a 24-hour long reading on April 19 on the Green Space/Meier Commons. Starting right at 7:00 a.m., the department of Classics and Religious studies has planned a fun and interactive way to enjoy the ancient epic. In order to pace the reading so that it lasts for the entire 24 hours, entertainment will be provided in between the different books (equivalent to a modern day chapter) of the Iliad. Skits and musical acts pertaining to themes of the Iliad have been promised, including more risky after-dark (both literally and figuratively) fun. Reining in multiple local businesses, free food will be provided during the entirety of the day. Brooke Mott, a junior Classics major, has been the main organizer of the “Homerathon” as her UCARE project. She has asked fellow students to work with her and head

several committees she created to be in charge of various tasks, like reaching out to volunteer readers or organizing the food and entertainment throughout the day. When asked what her most anticipated part of the 24 hours that the Homerathon will be occurred, Mott responded, “I’m most excited just to see this whole event come together for the big day. I and the other students and faculty have been trying to organize this event for months and I want to see all of our hard work pay off. I want to see not just Classics students enjoy the Homerathon, but also the high schools students and vets were bringing in as well as the greater Lincoln community. We have put in a lot of hours to make sure that this is one of the best events UNL has had in a while and it allows us to keep creating projects like this.” “Many people think of the Great War between the

ancient Greeks and Trojans, but it’s about a lot more than that. It’s about the wrath of Achilles and how to deal when you feel like the world is working against you. It’s not just good versus evil... It’s a way to look at how two opposing sides can communicate and deal with their differences. (We can even use) the Iliad to talk about the character of the soldier and how to deal with PTSD. There’s a reason it has been prevalent for so many generations.” The Homerathon is free and open to the public.

21 A low bar of entry into a hazy, wonderful dread: Low fi/chill hop DUNCAN MOORE STAFF WRITER Sometimes, I think this kind of music works so well it hurts. I always feel sort of tricked after listening, like the emotion it created wasn’t mine. However, music is simply the pursuit to create an emotion in the listener and to convey a message. So, even if the emotion isn’t mine, if I’m feeling it, it’s working. That kind of music is the new wave of lo-fi, minimalist hip-hop chill beats music. If you’ve ever looked up anything as general as “study music,” you’d probably have a sense of what I’m talking about. Slowed down, bass-laden psychedelic tunes dominate. Especially if they contain a clever sampling of famous philosophy lectures or popular movies and anime. With lo-fi, like most study-aid music, I have a hard time staying focused while listening to it. Somehow, it leads me astray, drawing me toward existential dread and to ponder my experiences during intense academic stress. Many of my friends have reported similar experiences. And if YouTube and Soundcloud comments are anything to judge by, we’re not an unusual case. The kicker is how simple some of this stuff is to make. During my senior year of high school, I was making amateur but understandable (I hope) lo-fi music in the best and worst audio mixing program ever: Audacity. All it took was some intense use of wave stretching on jazz and electronica songs along with some sampling of “Ferris

Bueller’s Day Off ” and “Animal House.” If only I had a better software kit and some bare-bones drum beats, I could be writing about this trend from the inside. With such a low financial and physical bar of entry, you would think lo-fi would be plagued with sub-par entries. In some sense, it is, but a surprisingly high amount of it just works. There is something unique about stretching bass lines and songs so far they sound like something completely different. You can feel the very essence of the sound: You can hear chords in all of their deeply layered glory and haunting piano runs can guide you into places you weren’t expecting to ever go. This kind of music hurts to listen to (and to make) in some of the best ways possible. If you’re looking for a way to dive into the deep music end of complex and emotional but don’t have a lot of skill with traditional instruments, this may be for you.

Nintendo: A story of successful innovation DAMON BARR STAFF WRITER

Nintendo has been a powerhouse in the video game industry since the 1980s and is still growing its empire. Its franchises such as Pokémon, Mario, The Legend of Zelda and many others have become household names and pop culture icons. With consoles unlike any other on the market, Nintendo has always captured the attention of its

audiences through family-friendly innovation. Since the debut of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1983, Nintendo continued to push the envelope in terms of being different from their competition. The Mario Bros., Metroid and Zelda series were born with the NES console, and new entries have been added with each generation of consoles since.

The Game Boy was the first of its kind as a long lasting, handheld video game console, selling over 100 million units in its lifetime. Pokémon was introduced with the Game Boy and enormously grew the console’s popularity as nearly every kid in the world knew about and wanted to play Pokémon. With clever advertising and enjoyable characters, Nintendo ensured they would find their way into as many families’ homes as possible. The DS served as the perfect successor to the Game Boy, introducing touch-screen capability as another milestone in innovation. Nintendo continued to conquer the handheld market with the 3D ability of the aptly named 3DS. Over the years as Call of Duty and co. became increasingly popular, the market shifted hugely into a focus on mature games. Nintendo swooped in and captured the E for everyone market with the release of the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo found its way into over 100 million homes once again, proving that they truly know how to market to families. Despite their successes, Nintendo suffered from some flops as they attempted to create new technologies. The 1995 Virtual Boy was meant to be a premier virtual reality gaming headset, almost 20 years ahead of its time. However, the console gave its players headaches and was a complete failure. Recently, the Wii’s sequel, cleverly given the title of Wii U, failed to meet the market’s expectations, selling only 13 million units, compared to the PlayStation 4’s 70 million. Nintendo is currently recovering from the disaster of the Wii U with the Nintendo Switch, which has already surpassed its counterpart in sales after one year. With the detachable Joy Con controllers and completely portable game tablet, Nintendo once again found a new way to innovate in the current game market and give its most notable franchises ways to survive another year.



Rooster Teeth reaches15 years

Out of the closet and into the mainstream: LGBT+ film in the 2010s


Video Game Insight

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

ELSA KNIGHT STAFF WRITER Throughout the many years of the Internet, it’s hard to dispute that Austin-based production company Rooster Teeth consistently leads the pack when it comes to innovation, creation and content. While many similar companies have gone under in the past couple of years, such as GameTrailers and SourceFed, Rooster Teeth has not only kept afloat in a tough and limited field but learned how to swim by pushing the creative envelope. From its humble beginnings in creating the Halo machinima series Red vs Blue, to 2 feature-length movies, 45 million combined subscribers and approximately 350 full-time employees spanning over 3 different locations in the continental United States, Rooster Teeth’s 15 years of existence (from April 1st) has proved that the limit does not exist. In addition to the success of Red vs Blue (which has its sixteenth season set to premiere April 15th), Rooster Teeth’s other series have also been renowned. Fantasy animated show “RWBY” has been professionally dubbed into Japanese, and the four main characters are guest characters in the upcoming fighting game “BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle”. 2D animated shows such as “Camp Camp” and “Nomad of Nowhere” consistently gain millions of views on YouTube. The company has a full-time staff to create documentaries and liveaction productions, such as the apocalyptic drama “Day 5” and a professional wrestling behind-thescenes tell-all in “Haus of Pain.” All this content goes without mentioning probably the biggest part of Rooster Teeth’s content, which is let’s plays and video game news. With divisions such as The Know, Funhaus, Achievement Hunter and Kinda Funny, Rooster Teeth lays an easy claim to a large part of the gaming section of Youtube. Rooster Teeth shows no signs of slowing down. Its 15-year anniversary signals a new exclusive documentary titled “Why We’re Here” which will explore the history of the company. Along with that, Rooster Teeth has several unnamed series and movies in the works, all of which are sure to be better than the last. It seems as if Rooster Teeth will be around for another 15 years.

Tomboy (2011)

EFREN CORTEZ SEEDS EDITOR After a day of work and classes, a trip to the movie theater sounds like a fun idea. After purchasing a ticket and sneaking in some snacks bought from the dollar store a few blocks away, the only obstacle to escaping reality are advertisements and trailers. The film starts and the stress and worries of life seep to the depths of the subconscious. In the film, two characters grow close, forming a romance. As a viewer, one of the characters does not match a personal preference, creating dissonance. This is what members of the LGBT communities experience through most films made by major production companies. In the beginning of film history, there were no regulations on censoring LGBT+ themes in film until the 1930s when Indiana head of production code Will Hays made such a proposal. This did not stop filmmakers from sneaking in LGBT themes, pushing for creative inserts. When the proposal was lifted in 1954, filmmakers were allowed to incorporate LGBT+ themes and characters, but many narratives had the LGBT+ lead die or suffer, such as Love Simon (2018) William Wyler’s 1961 film “The Children’s Hour” and Ang Lee’s 2005 film “Brokeback Mountain,” which had their homosexual leads killed off. Both films received nominations at the Academy Awards, but for the LGBT+ communities who longed for representation on the silver screen, watching characters they could relate to discarded was disheartening. A chance for a happy ending was

The Kids Are All Right (2010) minimal. Many films that do incorporate a non-cisgendered or nonheterosexual character often have the character play a minor role, serve as the butt of a joke or portray the negative stereotypes. Bisexual characters will often be seen as unfaithful or monsters and transgender characters are reduced to drag. When the United States Supreme Court ruled for samesex marriage to be legal in all 50 states on June 26, 2015, discrimination did not vanish. There are still people who are fired for their sexuality and children who get beaten or kicked out of their homes for not being straight. In the years since the Supreme Court ruling, there have been more LGBT+ films entering the mainstream by winning major awards. “Moonlight” won the Academy Award for Best Picture, the first LGBT-themed film to win Best Picture, in 2017 and “A Fantastic Woman” won Best Foreign Language Film this year. Other LGBT+ films to be nominated for Academy Awards this decade include “The Kids Are All Right” and “The Danish Girl.” LGBT+ films are still in the minority and can use more spotlight. According to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), 18.4 percent of the film industry’s top 125 films featured a LGBT+ character. Film is one accessible avenue members of the LGBT+ communities can go to for inspiration and reassurance as filmmakers have the power to create universes where homosexuality, gender fluidity and other aspects are normalized. Representation matters for any member of the LGBT+ community, no matter age and race. University of Nebraska-Lincoln film studies professor Continued on page 23

Seeds Gwendolyn Foster is teaching a course on LGBT film this semester. Foster has seen the increased inclusivity and visibility of LGBT+ characters in film, TV shows and popular culture over the past few decades. “There have been highly significant waves and surges in the past few decades, but it mustn’t be taken for granted that the current wave of visibility will be sustained,” Foster said. “I fully believe that LGBTQ+’s need to be a bigger part of mainstream pop culture, not just in terms of changing hearts and minds. I wish to see more stories about less economically privileged queer folks, for example, and more stories that challenge middle-class white hetero-normativity.” The increase of LGBT+ films and their critical success appears to be a minor but swaying victory for the LGBT communities, but there can still be more racial diversity in these films. “Cultural attitudes are rapidly changing. Instead of seeing ‘A Fantastic Woman’ as a great trans film, or a niche film, most see it as a really great international film,” Foster said. “We want to see more intersectional queer reflections, such as the work of Dee Rees, whose film “Pariah” is a not only a triumph in black lesbian filmmaking, but a great indie film, full stop,” Foster said. “’Moonlight’ fulfills intersectional with having an all-black cast. Films such as ‘Pariah’ are gaining positive reviews from critics, but most LGBT+ films are independent and don’t reach a mass audience. “People say Hollywood is so progressive, but I don’t think that’s true,” Foster said. “I think the gatekeepers need to catch up with audiences. It is in their interest financially and it makes for better filmmaking, to be more inclusive and intersectional.” “Love, Simon” made history with its release in March 2018 by becoming the first LGBT Hollywood film. As the film received critical acclaim, audiences are sure to be wanting more. Having more positive LGBT coming of age films arrive in theaters is ideal, but “Love, Simon” has not been at the top of the box office. UNL film professor Dr. Wheeler Dixon, who has taught and worked with film for over 40 years, does not see a major shift for the LGBT+ communities when it comes to representation through film. “The marginalization of LGBTQ characters in film, as well as racism and sexism, is an ongoing problem within the film industry, particularly in Hollywood, and isn’t going to be stopped anytime soon,” Dixon said. “Studios will continue to lean on well-worn franchises to bring in audiences at the box office, and as movies cost more to make, they will take even fewer risks.” Even with LGBT-themed films gaining recognition and esteemed awards in the past few years, they are still a minority in the mass multitude of films being released. A movie theater might have just one, maybe two films screening that feature a diverse cast and themes along with ten others that are hetero-normative. “You have to know the past to change the present, and the future. That’s the only way to move forward,” Dixon said. Representation matters and LGBT-themed films are still fighting to be integrated into mainstream film. Like in “Love, Simon,” why is straight the default? “People will point to films such as ‘A Fantastic Woman’ and shows like ‘Transparent’ and say ‘look, you have your film already; let’s move on,’” Foster said. “We’re not done yet. This is just the beginning.”





Since 1996, video game developer Game Freak has provided fun on-theEFREN CORTEZ go adventures to hundreds of millions of people with their “Pokémon” franchise. With over 300 million copies sold, “Pokémon” is the second-highest selling video game franchise in history. With an expansive world of seven regions filled with over 800 of pocket monsters to battle and catch, there is plenty to do either alone or with friends. The main series entries are released on Nintendo’s handheld systems, but the games are available to play on console and mobile. Almost everyone whose childhood occurred in between the mid-1990s to the early-2000s has played a “Pokémon” game or knows someone who has. With “Pokémon Go” released on mobile in summer 2016, it was impossible to not know about the game series. Whether you’ve been a lifelong fan, have grown out of it or never gave it a chance, “Pokémon” is one video game everyone should try out. You’re never too old to embark on an adventure with the whole world and its creatures to explore.

I strongly believe "Nights Out" is some of the best driving music you can DUNCAN MOORE play on your car stereo. Released by the English electronic/indie pop band Metronomy back in 2008, "Nights Out" never soared to popularity like some of Metronomy's bigger hits like "The Bay," which probably is due to the record's very unique and strange sound. It doesn't really work until you're cruising down empty suburban streets with it, then suddenly, you have listened to the record on loop three times straight. With a highly inventive mix of simple drum beats, complex bass lines, hypnotic but hard line guitar, and even some saxophones, "Nights Out" lulls listeners into an intense focus on the strange, almost spiritual aspect of driving with no destination ahead.



It's my last staff pick ever as a Seeds Entertainment writer, and I saved the best pick for last: Weezer's Blue Album. Released in 1994, Weezer's debut album has sold over 4 million copies. Often regarded as the best Weezer album, Blue Album has plenty of head-banging tunes to rock out to for any occasion. Some of the best songs off the album include the funky "Buddy Holly," the slow and relaxing "Undone - The Sweater Song," and Guitar Hero's very own "Say It Ain't So." If you're looking for a great alternative rock album, give the Blue Album a listen!

April is one of the greatest months of the KELLIE WASIKOWSKI year when the blooming season produces beautiful new colors on the landscape, and relieves us from the dreary end of winter. We’re lucky that the most fruitful month and season also happens to host Earth Day, which includes a variety of celebrations over the month and efforts to improve environmental stewardship. Earthstock is a studentorganized month-long celebration of Earth Day to promote sustainability and culture at the University of NebraskaLincoln. Now in it’s fifth year, Earthstock hosts events such as an Earth Day block party, community engagement panels, documentary screenings and many other events.





The DailyER - April 12, 2018  

The DailyER's final issue of the spring semester commemorates Earth Month, previews finals week, and more.

The DailyER - April 12, 2018  

The DailyER's final issue of the spring semester commemorates Earth Month, previews finals week, and more.